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^^ aSefltanb most ^pulat of Ige iSlelotitts, 








Bt tlie completion of this volume, the comprehensivA Edition of the Songs 
of Charlea Dibdin first published in 1842, under the Patronise of His Royal 
Highness Prince Albert, is republished, with the important addition of the 
Music of 60 Songs, with Piano-Forte Accompaniments, — thus extending 
the Songs pvtn with the Music to 185 ; and an improred arrangement has 
been adopted^ by which the Music of each Sung is placed as near to the 
Entertfunment for which it was written, as circumstances hare permitted. 

From its first appearance, independently of its being the only collection 
of Dibdin's Songs having any just pretensions to completeness, this work 
contained the Music of a greater number of them than any Music Publisher 
had previously thought it prudent or necessary to issue. With the numerous 
additions now made to this department, it is trusted that the admirers of 
Dibdin will find every thing in these volumes that they can consider of im- 
portance ; although, as Dib^n composed Music to every Song which he wrote, 
there is much of bis Music extant which might have been introduced, had 
it been considered desirable further to eartend the work. Therefore, some 
Songs, which were scarcely attractive enough to justiiy thai republication 
at the present day, with Pianoforte Accompaniments, hare been transferred 
to the pages of " Davidson's Universal Melodist; " a work got up as a Com- 
panion to this, and printed and bound in all respects uniformly with it; and 
that Subscribers to the two works may not have anything in duplicate, the 
Songs of Charles Dibdin which have been ^ven in the one have not been 
allowed to appear in the other. 

The Publisher has been fortunate enough to possess himself of the 
Manuscripts of some Songs of Charles Dibdin which have never been 
published, either in his own time or since; and these, with a few of his 
choice humorous effusions, will appear, from time to time, in "The Mu- 
sical Treasury." 

Digitized byGOOgIC 




re iD Nublbui, 35 

Tba Wm o' the WIep. G9 

Chrlitmu Qusbola, 101 

The Oesenl Election, 114 

The Spblni, 143 

A Tour to the I^nd'e End, I 

The King and Obbcd, ElO 

Tom Willing. 228 

The Cftke-HotiM, 2N 

The Priek. 967 

Moet Votci, 276 

Britoni I itrike Home I 301 

I V(Ientine'iD*T.311 

I New Year'e Gifts. S3% 

I Hendi 01 Tnlla. 336 

! FrofeMiDne] Valnoteeis. 391 
Tie B«nUDaT ; at, the Ysoi 

Ode in Honanr of the Naptiali of the Prlace and 

Prlnceu of Wales, 270 
Ditchet Heul ; or, The Fdry Court. Written In 

Uonont of the Nnptiaia of the then Princeas 

Rojal nnd the Ueredltarj Prijice of Wir- 

temberg:, 374 
A ThaokiglvlDg fOi the NaUoul Jubilee, 37S 


f the Author'! Sojooni in 

Britith War Songi. 333 

Song! written for Bann 

diet, 392 
Songa pDbllahed bi SabieHption, (or the Benefit 
of the Author'a Widow and Daughter, 394 

Soagi written for n 



Tha Lut SbllUng 

IlMThraihsr; or, A Jog of 1 

I ETcrr Han'i Friand 

The WirltDiei...^... 

I The Spectre ................ 

' Tha Veterau 

Captain Wattle 

Tie Shipwreck'd Tar...._. 

- Ned that died at See 

< The Beat Bower Anchor . 

Can an; king be half ao great 

Coma, all joUt topera ! the traut aa jt paai G. 

Cone, come, hit tada I the war is o'er C. 

CosmeUa the fair, of the lirtues the core H. 

Dick Dock, a tar at Oreenwich moor'd H. 

Did yon erer hear of Captsin Wattle ? F, 

Escap'd with life in laltert H. 

Give ear to me. both bifch aod lo^ C. 

- ■ - •<■ - • thing... H, 

, d'joi 

,' cried Lum) 

leipalr G, 

.. I went to aea all ao fearle9)l<r.... 

I The Sallar'i Defence ..... 
Ufa's Weather-Quage .. 

The Sapling 

Variety in One 

„ If erer a sailor wu food of good sport G. 

.. If hibberlT laodemen, to giatitnds Stranger " 

.. If tare of their mooe; are lailib 

.. I'm forTomTUIer'a golden maxim 

.. Id etthet eje a ling'riog tear 

.. In oneahonidat flnd TvletT 

.. It blew great gnna, when gallant Tom. 

I'tb heard,' cried ontoa 


Chnnge for a Gnlne* .,..,.. 

The Nautical Anatiimiat '" 
Moanaeei Nongtongpaw . 

1 he Lull's Diarj 

Nstore and NancT 

The Irish Wake 

.. Jack Binnacle met with an old ahipmate.... 

.. Jack come home, hi* packet* lln'd 

.. Jack Jigger, a cnriona and whimslcBl tar . 

.. John Bull, for paatime, took a praore 

,. Lectni'd by Faoad Ma o'er night 

.. Let swabs, vith their lOws, their palaver, i 
.. Life's as like as can be to an Irish Woke . 

West. R.A...Z9C 

Hogarth 138 

Hogarth .379 

Hogarth .312 

F. Furday ...SiW 
West, K.A...2e5 
West, R.A... 42 
LancelDtt ...161 
West, R.A...3I7 
F. Pnrday ...108 
West, R.A...3&» 

Hogarth 66 

Lancelott ...39B 
West, R.A...1S1 

Hogarth 139 

Hogarth 4 ' 

Lancelott ... 70 
F. Purday ...410 . 
West, S.A..JK1 
West, R.A...E90 
West, R.A... 63 
Weet, R.A...36U 

Lancelott ...Sie 

Laacclott ...141 

Digitized byGOOgIC 



.. Like EtDH's dread volcano, sec Ihc lunple forge.. 
.. Long hj some fair one HKi I Irick'd 

Arnngir^ Nunc. Pufe 
.. F. LaaeelDtC ...181 
.. G. Hogarth .222 

.. Mno, poer fnrk'd animal, why stt tbou tun ? .. 
.. Mayhap *ou have heard that as dear ai their live 

.. U. West, R.A...232 
* H. West, R,4...M5 


Mri. RaaDlDglon'g Wig .... 
Adni, Anne, Nfin, Nance, ' 

or Nancy 

lV>iii Tough; or, Yo heave ho I 

. Miatreis RuaulDgtoa i 

I.WeM, B.A...246 

The Flowing Bowl Of all Hea 

! Bottnm; 

The Sailor's Maxli 

Thi Look-out 


Nancy'i the Name 
The Sheepaheareri 

.. or all the lives that e'er wa* U< 

id again 

Old Cunwell, the pilot, fui many a year 

Old Hary. her poor huibaad dead 

One Shakepeare, a bard and a poet of fame 

Our ■heepibearing over, inrround the gay board ■ 

Poor Negrn lay one ting, — you no tnke offence.... 

.......... Say, soldier, wbich of glory's cbarms ,....,,.. 

Ld Suke Says my father, says he, one day, to 1 ._ 

Jack, r' ■ ■ 

I. West, R.A...24 

H. n 


ever get raclhii* . 

Father, ud Mother. 
I The Sailor's Lesson. 

The Adnntages of Toping Some say toper 

The Irish Weilding Sure won't you near wuai loanng cnnr 

j Lotdy Nan Sweet Is the ship, that, under sail 

I Jack's Atite Sweet Nancy Nouee and Jack Jibboom 

! Fhiluithri^y _...... Tellmenotof men's follies, theirwhlmsandcapriee 

Pope Joan The board it drese'd, come deal sway 

. ITie Tohea The breeie was fresh, the ship in stays 

'■ Mad Peg The gloomy night stalk'd (low away 

Tlie Solder's Funeral The martial pomp, the moornful train 

The Sailor's Will The network stow'd with hammock* all 

TbeLabourer'sWelcomeHome The ploughman whiitlet o'er tha furrow 

Smiles and Tears The weather, the land, and all those that dwell iu it 

! No Good without an EioeptloaThewDrld'saeoodthingj ahl howsweetwiddcliciou 

Tack and Half-Tack The Yarmoa^ Roads are right a-bead 

' Jacky and the Cow ...., There were Farmer Tbrasher, and he bad a cow .. 

Life like a troubled Sea This Ufa is like a troubled sea .... 

"^^it^^L^Z^LTt } ■'^K" ""^ ^ "^' "'*'"'' "" ■"•■ 

The Veteran In Retiiement .. Tliough laid np lo port, (ud not ontward bonad .. 

All's one to Jack Though mountains high the billows roll 

Love's Probation 'Ill said, that kiie, the more 'Us tried 

Torn Tackle Tom Taikla wu noble, was true lo his word 

Tom Tnielove'S Knell Tom TraelOTC woo'd the sweetest fair 

Heg of Wapi^Dg 'Twas Landlady Meg that made such ra 

Jack Junk 'Twas one day at Wapplug, hli dangers 

Grlule 'Twas one morning In May, the weather but 

llie Sailor'* Jonrnal 'Twas post meridian half-past four 

' The Barber'a Shop "Twas Saturday night ; six went th 

Broken Gold Two real lovers, wTth one heart...... 

One - UptheMedlli 

The Wig Gallery Walk in, 

flip .. 

.. Weu 

Vhat If the Sailor baldly goes . 

VheD from the glowing bloah of 

' Love at Fifty Wheoltoldyoayonreheeluworetbebliuhaftberate 

Magnanimity When once the din of war'* begVB 

' The Tear of Sensibility When to man the diatingalshing form 

Three Cheers When to weigh the boaUwaln'* calling 

, The Can of Grog While ap the shrouds the sailor goe* 

I The Cornijh Miners ..._ Why, measter, damn thai whoa beeet Uwc ? 

' Nancy dear Why should the tailor take a wife 

' Jack's Advice to bis Friend ... Why, Tom, thou'rt a seaman ; and may ev'r^ wind 

F. Laneelott 
H. West, R.A,..181 
H. West, R.A...3a3 
H. West, R.A..357 

O. Hogarth 110 

H. West, R.A... « 

G. Hogarth 27 

K.West, R,A...431 
O. Hogarth IM 

F. LanoeloU ...ILi 

G. Hogarth 39 

G. Hogarth .386 

H. West, R.A... bH 
H. West, R.A...12<t 

G. Hogarth 2 

O. Hogarth 97 

G. Hogarth T 

F. Laneelott ...334 
H. We*t, R.A...156 

G. Hogarth llMi 

P- Lancelot! ... 18 

O. Hogarth 10 

H. West, R.A...I04 
H. West, R.A...433 
C. F. Pnrday ... 93 
H. West, R.A...442 
G. Hogarth ...... I4B 

H. West, R.A...1S9 

O. Hogarth 30 

F. Laneelott ... 59 
F. LuceloU . .I3d 

F. Laneelott .-. 52 
H. West, B.A...2U 
C. F. Purday ... 74 
H. West, R.A...294 
H. West. R.A...429 

G. Hognrlh 279 

G. Hogarth 178 

6. Hogarth .2&3 

H. West, R.A...439 

F. Laneelott ...260 

G. Hogarth 100 

H. West, R.A...1SB 
H.West,R.A... SI 
H. Wast, R.A...286 
H. West, R.A. ..427 
H. West, R.A...I99 
H. West, R.A...122 
H. West, R.A...40I 
F. Laneelott ...202 
H. West, R.A...2a8 
F. Laneelott .. 135 
H. West, R.A...119 
H. West, R.A...20S 

Digitized byGOOgIC 



[Thil ladci coDtuni the flnt Udc of enry Sang In thi> Tolumc ; but when ths Songi hsTe other TtUei 
tbu the Bnt linei, they nnj ■](□ be referred to by mefmi of the ladtx to Iht Tilla, by whieh this It 

,a the pKgiiig erf the wordi of tl 


AiUaorulpej»ul»nU'd Nonlocb 

1 Undid, ud'» 

!tt Df Oeuber reconled . . . 

iiuuaf itat pDil Ml 

By Toguny, >Ui uut, lapnl*i»|»ir .. 

Cane, all jolly ui 

Coine,]DlDfT'ryhc>illl>llb(*lrloudlyt!iij 21 

CDm'^r«tTi%> Jl^/n'•'dlur^^^^^^^' '■'-'""'" M 
; ™mT?I'"''.?'.'..". ;.™/.°'!..."'',r!ii 

' Coiiwn><iiidiii*.y*l*B«i»dltiidii»*iiMr.... II 

C<i>ii>elia (he the VkKua Ihe an 3t*,M 

CiilchtUn w illdoM 41 

BKip'dvlthllh Id UIW'i "'.'.'.'!" 
Bietpt the tulke thtC* (ut utaep. . . 

Farewell, Ihao fair dly, Ihou cnto (irth, md yeilrht 383 
Fuuiir Sod but ibrH diughur*— Bel, NiDcy. ud 

Frem tbi gridlr'n at lore I'm come ol 
From Ihk Ivk'i playmi lUitH la (he I 

■OmLmt toplDf And tDpert Ihoie wlte ' 

Gey HKCbnai iMIof en tJitni 

OenIleODdofloKl leadneenry u 

OlTi (uMme, both hlihud low log, lOD 

OlTeineleaiii,Mr.PneldeBI,BntIopreeei» U7 

OlTiiTieiheheragmllybnM Ml 

GWe round Ihi word-- blimouM I dlemounl!' 41!l 


. US 

Hark I Hvk T ^tU Ooodmu HMrly'i kOflL.. 
HukT with whet flee yon mtrry cIowd 

il mrffitod meatermi myoune'iTeddyCJlM 
aphhoiopher hue wing end breee. p.... 

I ;«■ up by the trow uf Ihe cocli MS 

1 In Uu)c dillghltd e'er iln' I could ipeik 117 

■1 aeireraEell lurrlTe II,' ctM Umliln. In'dH'pid'r,' H, W 

inn I why, bert'i yim 
Jeck • iht> b(Te leal be 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


, ^j _ 

lr;c>uii(uiclciitBrlL<>i» apeak W7 

ir yox-ll gnly Jiiai pramlie tdu'II nnne of jan laufh SB 



O to baud, rref. and alee., 1. tk. Iblus ..llur. 




Ortha Tailoua paailoai auehjoya that Impart. 


lalbecbaimlDgBeBlliarUaT 2,-8 



j IoaoDaa>ooale,Ma«l»,lDHComeJeFlDnata.... SW 
lat my CHUB try you'd know? I'maa Ihabnail born. . 7S 

l-nbrougtatilitpEUlaaf'anM..... S74 

; •I'Hkcanl,'crie(roidona,-tbatygiita>alacka»l 



1-ntliinvblandITauldllaln'lM.tabOT « 



Sam 8pllDt. Dick Doiut.Ban Brace, Tom Tow 

JackJiner.acarlDuaandwblmil^lar. SiS, SIS 

Jack TDi>'d.gldKDKlaiid>lt behind M* 

Jabs Bull (or paatlma took a piaoca. 141. 14S 

, Lawyn* pa| you wtlb -nnla, aod fin* ladlet •rllh 

... m 

... M» 

1 j: Si p™o ^'^p^1.?S™J 'bi;',!;!;: 


Leclurd by F* ud Ha o'er Dlgii'l 170,171 

' Let anba, •rllh Ibeir Ton. UKlrpalayat, and Ilea 237,»1 
1 Lai Umaewbanotd nail to bear rMMB 42S 

!S.W.SS£,S'.K,™ii,...,iV.-. 1! 

LlfVaaaUkaaaeaDbetsaulrlabwake 77,78 

Uka Xua-a dre«l Tolcaoo. aee Iha anple forn 177, 184 
Like otbar liifaban,alnusk«lik dread....- )U 

Bee, Ibebaule nweahtch sTo 

•Sbow'emupl'-'Howd',. do'bui.d'Tcdo!'..,, »1 

' LeubiaomafaltoiMwaalulek'd 321, US 

Lo^ ah onr tlia worM, touad and aquare, and 

: Lo^AfrlrallibamHidanniDd. 41( 

Since mM of •allaraboulynrtee 

«d' Wt 

Sine. u»lt«l w. .«. aue and all, band B«l be* 

Lord labat be all ttieilcb and (real? 17 

Since Zcph'nu Ortt tailed Iba duime of niy V 

SiudlDS omJumme.'. day uu the Tower Sl^ 

2sl)uZ.'rb':'..'rn*ofo'iV«^Jn""'"'''' UI 

Uayhap you kaTi heard thai a> dearaa their llTea, 144,I4S 

■ MiaaSirlTel. UlaaOabble,andprait> Mlu Prim... «l 
WlaaWl^eyharlo»£alr 418 

finrt en'i I the dnmmer that toea to tka Sgbt 
dure woD'1 you bear wkalroarloa ebaer 


Sweet KancyNooM and Jack JIDboom 

UydwUalnWa^a.'wbatlaltTaD'reaRet't."'.'. 4U 
My(.».r,BdH™pli«TH™i«r.Ukebr..h.r... m 

Tell me not of mcn'a tolllea, their wUma and 


Hrlyrelonceantntbtaadoola 419 

Mj DHie, d'ya aea, 'a T<.m TDu(^ I'tc KCd a IHUe 


Nayl ne>er upbraid h that Mae wat aack oatli... . 114 

The boardla dreaa'd ;-MBt, deal awa) 


NeU Nelly Ihe milkmaid. In ■borl.iraia'led (owD"- MS 

Now iel Ihe Joyiourhearta expand 3«4 

Nawnc'ri all met here toaether IS4 


Ttt dotb waa la'en away; tbejorlal band 

ne eanclnaloa la thia r— who la NnMbaa Iread 


tIi "sim ™d?" rT's^S' " '^*'' ■'""" 

■■■ JJJ 

0,aoiTla«elClo.y!nof.lrlallkaCI<..yl WB 

[ 0. did yon nnn Iwai ol Nauy Wall) Waiter }.... 'JJi 

S! "iTiSsSSif :/••■■• ■'■■'■ 



Till mlenil l)i«nki UiM Brltoni pi 

Ttw pionffhuaa maJiB ibm . 

■■*■- -■—-*- ^'--'fflitV Uk ftirrow... 

nc ••■( fldMtr muam ud rttiulal 1 

TlittlwpbBdvhMaoii bbwiT 

Tht Hiuind, IbuJIuNi Iht bilb InUl t^ 


Tli> ullgr'i tail dtiigtam or oar m lom. . 
Tb« Tltui m coDflDCT'd 1 btr Vlrliit, Uul 
Tbt Ttlligt ni JdiU, Dw noDtb wu H>|. 


Tbt hIIoc !■ tbt uldlti' 


1 1 Hut 

Tbt world'taiavftU 

■4t> A pnUT Jidy., . 

ThM <■ tbt ttn vllltteari 

TUt IlfC li t louny. irina irt Uh prii 
Tlwu know'ii.iiiTdiuLiuaklB.Byoii 

I iBTllt JU 

v.','.'.'!! 274 

»<f, IDJ,1M 

lit lEa taldlt/l IX 

Tbiu Dtx b* aU obuMft riiiif . 
Tdbi, ar lidii *« HUltn Un. 

Illtiulipnijict m 
• •ra(d...."gi],U 

-m ludladi I(>t thiln 

Tna ono d»y itW^ipl of t bLi 

Tvu pott niFildun hal/-pi 
Tint SlUnnUT olflll, lU vi 


Wtkomt r wdcoiDt I Usui oil 

Wbkt iglorlDn ilihl! wbr » (Uda ml old btuti 
WhU btut ut Ibuur mj |ood MtDd Hinlplilt !. 

. Cham odd* iwttttat met u> btjujtr K . , . , 


WbUprrlnd of glnrr ihall BniLlibmen ilnf! 389 

WhtBOTTdtownlOiUd FucceU luiif .'.'. SIl 

WbEn FrwloBi kniH nol >b>ra U lOTt l«l 

WbtnOoDUitilawlDcbliubBriBarii U7, MO 

WbtD I loJd roB ;«* chcaki nn Ibt'bfiBb oT Ihi 

[ wu ■iprfibUrUlulPDiTle™ 2*7 

Lnptll'd brmTfOrtmot ottvoridi to tipJon 433 
. — ^ '-^— -wbidfulrlTt ■-- ■•' 

Wbll* iiunilabaitiii ^ii?from ytiir bAd Vlft ^ 



.. iEB,in 

plMn ud dddlui, wbllt Robin ud 

««.. 4Wi 

WbT.liWT'*t|(itltMlul,Iur> Jub, hipipd iblita 4M 
Whr.Tooi.lboB'itmituiu Itod miyer'ry wind, 4M, 407 
Wbywhtl'i lb*t to ran, ir BT tfti I'oi ■ wlpliif > ISl, »; 

WldovldrAoglalileomt oirtriin'Tiii^'.'.',.U7, UM 
WJdow Wilnuloy.xarEcbtrbtubudcokl M( 

WauLdTt bt tnu^btt, yi fMthn-M ihroDgo .,*> ISA, IS7 i 

Woatd you know irbtn PrtedomdwoLttf 4J^ 

Waoldal kuHF, my kd, vby tf'ry ur 117, 118 

Tt Britou, r^olct 1 Itt thiuilngtTlDg pmll tOI 







■nei Df ineh Sonn R9 han Title! vhidi an not expreucd by tbeir 
firtt Worda.] 

Drram, Ihe Sallor-i tK 

A l).ii.i.ii.rSk.iH for ih. L«B«i. i» 
TbeDriicB-beadiOr.B.a»ty'al>o- ^ 

Dhn \n, 181 

5f»ft»'l^P»'*» W 


AOteihHu, lb* Hirooiir 


of the., ire 

TheCspeofSiKldilajie 421 

Duet hetffeea a Tar and a Own SU 
D„IUo«.pl«.,¥S,d,„-, 41S 


... S47.37" 

Chu|e for t Ouloei 218, Ut»,U..ltold1ertQ 

AnchoMhi b«i Bomr 
T>» AnchsnniLIlu 

■tkaf.. W3 


KngUnd'a Tree or UtitrlT lOl 

ChuniotKlUT, ar.'-ra; b;^ 

eI^ «"'J'Frtj;!d^''^.'.'.'.'*l2, ?1« 




Pan.llT,tlieC..».le.l S9S 

CL»kt. Un., Well done .^^ 

Arrlnlaf NrUun'i CorpH.'. 403 

*l Sa : or, The S»llof » Defence 

■n,.A™U™,er *"*'»' 

Farewell M n dRemrn , the 8oldler'.92,»3 

C1<.<^h, t£ vilhVe; or. The Le. 
dnuK.'.Welwin. Home IM. 1M 

F;Un,udUoIh^.MdSni;;.VJB, 27 

The Claim Inrnrd Seimin I»4 



Comell^Ncdi Of, NbJ lh.l died ^^ 

The Cooiltal PmiUt SKI 

The Bu ud Ihe UaneT 


Wr..'T«.v.:::;:;.:::: ■;; 

TI.'Birher-iahop.. .. 


Concert, IbeF.mllT 249 

The Concert of N.lure M9 

Cootentlon. the Ludibli ARa 

■ndHockitel KM 

PrtNch. a Welcome to th. SOB 

The P-ench Calendar m 

French CruellT and BntMi Ge. 


f 4a 


The CurnUb Ulnen 1113, IBS 

Friend, e.ery Mao'a «li,llA 

Frlendibt,. put lo Ihe Te.1 W4 

B.tloniL or, Toldentl 
Howe..AnrhoM»i» be« 
n.ial.ihe Flowing 


TheCrtei 100 

Cruelty. Fnneb, ud Biillita G*. 

1 Br.n. UeUghtot'th^i 
BniTe, IlH uiilH if tiie 

tlon of 



(ial1ery..heWl( IF*. 178 ' 

D>leb*lMe*d|or.71ieFali7Caiut 374 

Geor^lheTbltdaBdVlclorj.... »11 1 

The Delight of liie' BciTe; or. 

Sisi'"*'*'^ : S»^ 


Dtuloa J10 


Olory, Lov.and *» 

Glori.True 150 





l)l«ipline 3M 

UIIIT, aSeaaun-a It» 





.8». 87 TheUudiMiConunUoB... 

... H« 

TbeM^tie Bud ib. Vint... 

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Jberty. England'! Tih at. 
LMe.'tii Symbol 01.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. 





318, X» 


118, IW 

Uhl WMtncr Gusg. 

Tbe Lion, (li« PuppT, ud 

3)11, aftt 

Tbc HuBsnr of Ihl ifteUou.. 278 


TtaNl'iitu Jurtil^tai::;. 


... joe 

Lloid'i, the SuhKriptlilil 11 


IW, 108 

N^n.Ui. l>«lhof. 

N.l»n1 Conu, AitItbI of. 

N.1.0I. ud W«T,B 

N«*r PUT mui Plr* 


^'V. 401 



 V«.S. QlfS" SM 11 

No Good wlihoBt u EinpUon IMS 

Hbdodt uaa» TW»»«« . . ^ , 

HBHonr, tb. Call of. 



I*« .■■■■,ii■ 

Lon, tiHsimUor'."!.'.! 



1 dooH Mlm ■ Word onl 

... 4M 

0-BluntT. nddy 

flH-( S8> 

■.::■: ^ 


Lonir F>D (Dd Haul! B*i> 


The lnfl>IM< Fl( 



The H(b Wedding. 

The II^Md Hoile-Huuf.. 


Old AniuianWncie 


.... us 





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ob";i?.?:!^.v.:::: :::.:: 







The OrlglMl iBd tbt Pkun. . . . K» 

Juki CUM W PoU. 








UulT Btn, L«nlr Pu ud 

.... MB 

PM*lDo.<l»Nobletl »7 

PUL SlintlDO; or. Uu Soldls'l 

.... ta 

Jou !• ■• (sod M mj LMdf 


w i!i 


M^SST^UOB. th. PoppT.-nd M4 

U>il», lb. Sailed l!si,\X 

JiibUn,a ThukiglTl'iic ft 

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KlIlT. ChunlBii or, Tha 


.... M,ta 

KdcU, Ton 'niHoR-i M, 38 

KnlChl brmnUy. Um D*UcbW of 4(13 



."....' 301 

Tht Idbourn'.WtKom^BoiHlU.lM 



Tti. Udle.' DlifT 

Udiu, > Drlnkliu 8oi« Ito 
TtafUdiof ih*6l«i?... 


. 170, 171 

Tho Miul»l Lonn 


A Pl>; upon W«di 





t » 

'^■"°'""' '1 


:■:::. i\ 

Th. Soldier-. Fnnenl 7, !• 

ThcSoldttrlOulhurAllriUiice .18.1 
Song, Ihe World > <»« 



The Poel'e Pnyer 


The Vldim'dM of Glory 

The Specuclei !io 

1%e apartoniB In Style ta 

au.i.'pyuiyut SM 

Bu«er1i>E<,P»((<ir,The Soldler-i 

The Viime Clock, or. Ui 





The Pride otOwOcwii . 





T.r udtCloim, lh.«h.t™n. net 
•nTh(n,initaiii*udLan.. 4(M 


Wtle^ Ode on the tfvrl 
th* Prince and Prlnteaa 
Wi]miley>i, Widow, HhlM 



TheTelctnph M 

taT..^TrF.o in 

e>i,meDdihlppqtCotbe .... WJ 




Th1e<e>. Honoarunong tn 

The Thine, iht Kick, ud the 

On 3» 

Thooihta, dteond, u< b«l ..M, ap 

Wault, CipUlo, and Ulae K( 

.Zi;, 33! 

We«dlii|. tha Iriih 

Weddlnc, tbe Village 

Wadlock. Iht I,al(ery of ... 



';::: «t 


*"■■ ii9 

Thni weSoidlenLlnj or, How. 



III, .w 

The TleVlg Volaotiir. IM 

.... 42* 




Widow Walaidey-aShtoeta 


IVIg. Ure.UuDuln(toi>>(.., 

Sr a*i'i"'Ji uJK'" 




A Touch U the Iron Cron .... 40» 

TrUil|u. the VMny of 403 

Tn>elIer,lbeFliiMi*d 321 

Tny I7J 

a^'C.'.^.r':::;;: 'S 
iSs^a:,"-?.-.-. ;;:: S? 

wnir/itiort ■.■;:.■;;::; 

Wllllui and Jeter 

Wlsdetowrt, thi Ltki of . 


mS—i or.Tb* aiil'iH'e De 

.. . W4 


WolTir, tht Sheep and tht. 
TtaWor'ldryuKb « ihi; 

"" SM 



TmeDellihl tm 

TrueGlorr IM 

Tht Trunpeti eound 1* Duile; 
or, Ttit Vldullwlei of Glory. . iST 

The Union !« 

Tht Union o( Lore ond Wine ., MO 
UnlledUrlUniiar,Thtln>ulan iW 

V.lenUne;.D.y M2 

8lop1uH??[Me «..",■-■."' 
SIngeMbe Good 


.... US 


VeohetTt ho! l>a 

Tht Vouni Man'. Guldt... 

Tt* Soldier^ FuenU utd 


.... tit 

.... IM 





^mt €nttts tx t|* flit. 

Thi bnem mi frnh, ths ihlp in (tayi, 
Eadi bmluT biuli'il, &a ilwn >h«i«, 
Vbea Jtck, bo more on datf eali'd, 
nil tne.lon'a toktot oraliwil'd i 
The bnkan gold, the bnldad hair, 
n« tend*r Botto, writ to Mr, 
Vpoa Ui 'bM»o-toi he Tkwi,- 
Nwqr the port, Loi* tka nw* t 
' If ron lore* 1 u I bimi }o«, 
Ho pair 10 happr m w« two,' 

Hm itam-Hlwt Hk« ■ dupeloi wrack 
Bid ibew'd iflth riahig rU the deck, 
nat tan for ibark* had gfr'n a ftaet 

A^d left the tbtf • hulk had eaaa'd : 

When Jack, ■■ wtOi hie TFi».p..^ t,i, deal 
Ha ihai'd the gn«, tbdr heaita to diMr, 
Took bom hli 'bandi.boi a qold. 
And ipdt, for oomfbrt, on the lid, 
' If jrou Inea I aa I loTca jvo. 
No pair 10 baifi]r aawa two,' 

ne battla— that wfth horoc grim 
BmI madlr iraac'd UCb aad Hub, 
Had acqpara dnndi'd wltb hnman fna, 
And widoVd maiqr a wife — wia o'er i 
^ni«a Jack to Ut eampaaloM dear 
Fbrt paid tfaa trfbota e( a twr, 
Than, aa Ua nMooo-boz te hdd, 
Baator'd U* eimlbrt, aa ha ipdl'd 
' If joa lona I a* I torca jroo, 
Mo pato to bqipT ■• *• two.' 
Tbe TCTaga— tkU hadheaa In^i md bud, 
Bat Oat had jWded fU mard i 
nat Imslit each lalkiT to Ua Mw^ 

When Juk, hb tcAli and potli o'er, 
BeUd Uc NaacT OB th* iluM » 
Be tlwn the 'baeoo-bm dia^^d, 
And crled,-~aiid •db'd tbe wOUng mil 
■If jonlona I aa 1 la*«« foo. 
No pair M> htpi7 aa we two.' 

tr ever a aaUor wai fond of good iport 

'Mongit the glili, why tliat nilor wu I ; 
Of all ebca and KRte^rd ■ wife at each port [ 

Bat, when Hiat I eaw'd P<^ Plf, 
I haii'd her mj kmlj, and gor'd her a Uei, 

And iwrav to bring np once for all; 
Aadfromthat time Mack BinahfiiJtB'il in, tathu, 

I'ts been eooitant and trqe to mj Poll. 

And tin now all tot 

For I iftcTwardi aaii'd nmnd tlw w<^, 
And a qaeai eat we WW of the dnil'i own brood, 

Wbersrei an ttUt were nnAirl'd ; 
SoBM with fuxa like charcoal, eAdothera Hkc chalk, 

AH reodr one'i heart to o'erhaal ; [• walk,— 
' Don't TOO go to fane me, mj good giri,' uU 1 1 

'Fie twcm to be conitant W PolL' 
I mrt with a aqoaw out at India bejond. 

All in glau and tobaeco.plpea dreii'd ;— 
What a dear pntt; monrtar ! ao kind and u fbn i, 

That I ne'er waa a aunneut at rMt. 
Wlthber bobaat ha noM.and licrqnaw,qaaw,<iiiaw, 

AD tbe world like a Bartlemf doll ; 
6aTiI, 'YonBfll>Coppenkln,jwthaIdTOiir)aw, 

' I'tb fwom to bf ooutaot to PoD,' 

Thcttooenear Snmatxa, Jut nnder the tbe, 

Ai fond ae a witch in a play ; 
' I lore* fon,' aaja ohe, ' and jnit onlf be mine, 

' Or bj pcriaon m taka you awny,' 
'QUM jour kindaeai,' earil) 'but joa can't 
Ughtcn ma, 

If I do take four ntabane, whj than, do joa lee, 
I iball die true and eonetant to Poll.' 

'B« I 'ac^i'd fkom them all, tawny, tUy, and tdaek, 
And menilT weather'd each itorm i [back,— 

And, my nrigfabouB to deaae. tailed wmdoi came 
Bat, wfaafi better, Fm grawn pnttr warm. 

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^^^f. ^-f. J^^ J ^J 

■.K r I ' I ' l ^rrfJ- i rrrrrn^^i 



Tk««, — Ni^i^g po - . M,Loi«tke ruuc: •Jlyoalont I - • M I 1 — '- 





r y\j \\ M r -c 





ti of temptaUoiii Via atoodi 

A>d tUl now bD H 

For I ■ftimrd 
And a qacer tet wc u« of the dnll'i own bcood, 

WhmTer onr ««!« were unfnrl'd ; 
Some vith fates like charcoal, and others like chalk, 

All ready one'a faeart to o'erhaul; 
• Don't you g. 

I met with a squaw out at India bcyaod, 
All la glnss and tobaco-ptp(3 drFt>'ri ; 
What a dear pi-ctt; momter I lo kind and » fond. 

All the world like a Bartlemy dolf; 
Sayi I, ' Tod Mix Copperakla, jutt hold yoar Jaw, — 
• I'tb sworn to be conitant to PolL' 

Then one near Sumatra, jnat nnder the One, 

As tond as i witch in a plaj ; 
' I long yon,' uyt ifae. ' and joat only bt mine, 

' Or b} polion I'll take you avay.' 
• Cone your kioJoeie,' layi I ; ' bnt you can't (rlghtcD m 

Yon don't catch a gud^on thli haul ; 
If I do take your raubaoe. why then, do yon Me, 

I shall die tnie and conalaut to Foil.' 

Bnt I 'acap'd from them all, tawny, lily, and black. 

And memly weathcr'd each gtorni ; 
And, my neiclibonr* to pleeie, fall of wondera came back^ 

But, what'a better, I'm grown pretty warm. 

Digitized byGOOgIC 




gtm: TtuMi . m IcDdl loimda low lad Ietiii Tct ccsm, n 


■ad Ism I Tct ubm, tb 





Her iatm It hud, ye thw«htJ*«»ij,— 
Sb»t'i Dun'i kngtrt earUdy itayi 
Oar Uttk hoar of Ufa ws try, 
Amd then d«p«rt t— w«'i« bqm to die. 

Digitized byGOOgIC 





9 I ADd 

|,^ J^r LJ-rj I [Zl.' llLJ I {gj T7^ 



^d=^ 4^]\ - fzzf^^E ^ 




Tta( next tack va nn out to lea, 

OM Sngluil loraa tppcuin^ ; 
Again ve taek, and Jadt with glu 

8lnp out. a* land *B'ie nearing, 
Bj th« dip elcTcn I 
And M tkar nams wme Iwintj dear, 

Totanof bliH ths innunit. 
Jack Jolu th» jest, the gibe, the j«cr. 

And bwa the pond'roni plonnet ; 
By the mvk (ctcd I 

And now, while daog'rone bruA«n ro 

Jack eriu, leit we ran bnmp taban. 

Quarter lea four [ 

AboQt ibip, laiti, S 
Tbm twa at lea, like iwaba at hone. 

By (a<k end tack an biu'd,— 
ne fartheet nj about mt roam. 

To btiag OS home the Digheit ; 
Bf the dip eloen 1 
For one tack more, aod Tare the wind 

Then heave the leu[, mj tail, once ui 
Soon ehall we gaily liead the ihor*. 

And a hair four i 

About *Up, liidi. 

DigmzcdbyGoOgle ' 


Tbi manU pomp, tliB nouDfal tnln, 
B<ap<nk Munc houMo'd hem lUln ; 
The ohMqnlet dBnoM Mm brave ; 
Hufc I the Tollej o'er hli gnn : 
"tba avfol kaell ■onndi biv and km t 
Yet ecus, js kindradbimTe, to mmxa. 
The ptalutlire He toi mnffled dram 
The man luf inmiaon to lit JiBai hoa« I 
The eoUler lite* l^ili dmdi to tnee. 
Behold Qie tenfb Qlorf pUo* 
An erer-Uriiig Unml nrand hb nmd ton) 
No deem It hwd, ;■ thongfatlBw gwr,— 
Short 'e luii'e longert ntthlr itaf ; 
Onr Bttle hmr of lib ve tzy. 
And Uho depart :— we'n born to do. 
Thai hMe do sunneot den to Ihuc, — 
Tber longcft Hn who Ihe In DUN. 

The pUnttrc Ub, dn. 

Tbk Tannonth Bottle are right akwl. 
The onr with Bidovr baniliv ) 


Thmtan at Ma, like ivabt athoui 
B]r tack and tach an bUi'd,— 

Th« futheat wa; abootwe roam, 
To bring n* borne the nlgheet; 

Bf thenttfc wnml 
Then heave ttio lead, nrlad, oBoOBon 
Soon iball we nQT bead the Oon, 


mwarid'aagood tUagH-aht bownveetaad 

The UIm aad dellfU It coatalu 1 
DnllBpleaiate bstjo; Fortua oam* 




Laeh'd In the ***^"*j the Hw* h^ eoOa, 
Thoa roiad hb bead 'lit *«ln|ing I 
And due to make fltt k^ ho tdlt. 


Abostaldp, Udi— tnmbleiythwe om'tyoi 
Stand br, well ; hi^ haik [ hdm'e a-let r 
Sax the oomca, np tada and ibaati, had i 

V<Mh Aq^ aa tho a«n tw taria, 
Bej fcr a* lUdko tad Oa gUi I 

Aa next tack we ran ovt to Ma, 
Ud Eiq^ud acaiee appearing ) 

TofaM atW^ the mmmtt, 
jHkJ<4Ba the ieat, Oo SUM, Oe JMT, 
And haaret tin pond'rfu) ptnmnet I 
By the mark Km 1 

Vhsn eocb tapei eaA ean aweetir drowna, 
Vhen oor Menda «• to cbalik, n hive, tod da- 

ExMBt lAen wCia eneUog thdr trawm. 
Gfaw diddaroo whwk, take tho good irtth Hw bad. 

So pnt nnnd A* eltiM and Am()| 
V fltt anna (If tUa wDrid «d Mt maka aa ao tf^ 

' Twoold b* «••; «*o<i|^ to b« nenr. 

'FUt I • wMi'e a ggod ting, nn, to efeatm and con- 
tent ye) 
To ehsriab and Ion yos ib* '• ban | 
Shrn'ringJofiDnyonrtatow, Ilka the goddeaa of 

Anah,lUtt the dear lawaniot good ting to tnat la, 

Jatt joaralltoita mmj derola i 
Tot's bo awa t» get bed, board, aai doOdng ftW 

Elo^iwh^ Ae alHpaoCfoof ooaL 

En't • flaea a good Obig? n 

So naotlT an banded febont I 
Vba« fOlt tan iridl* ytM'n in tfll yim grt OH 

And BO d^B fbtth Oa iMdt of tiw hare I 
nothing Undera ttdr IM^ hag, gnat, • 

Bicept «^ a«T'n nng k Um gnto I 

DigmzcdbyGoOgle _ 


1 good tlsg i' 

hi h 

And mAqu each can of jota life : 
And Dotblng, kind kii)1| in ntiuti ever borroira, 

Except jojt yodi- pone or joai wife. 
Bj GomporiMiD, than, rinee each good dng** ■ trea. 

Aa the ftoU «llowi Ui» diamond'! Inu ^are. 
Let n* in tlii* tUe eheriih only the pleamjra, 
Ezeqit wha we'ia taittng the em. 

Kng didderoo, he. 

Oa>i awaf, Ifaen, at mj call. 
High, low, rich, poor, fat, lean, ibort, tan i 

A puueea to eani eare. 
Wonld the old renew their Tonth, 
Wonld PalHbood lewn to eharm like TraUi, 
Wonld RoDODT In Ufe '* gams be winner. 
Or modest Merit find ■ dinner, 

To Hope itlU tnmiog: black Dcapolr, 

Come bond cattjci In the air. 
Here the dt, through dondi of amoke. 
In coflta-lionH who cracki hli Joke, 
Vhom, at hi* dsik, th* cobweba eboke, 

Stin imitate! the aplder-i ewe ; 
Of ton the Tarr tth and KMil, 
Near aoma Haddar-tn-tke-Hde, 
To an the gnttling dty beaitee 
8haU give aoeh motiitrogi lomptiunu laaatea, 

GenteeLai an; doodng-bear. 

In hla eaitle bnUt of air. 

Would ipaidQirifti ne'er pat down their gigi, 
Wonld aeedf eniatee oonnt tltbe-piga, 
Woold Ooot diuoe ilgadoona md jiga. 

Would Greek! plaji onlr on the square ; 
Wonld gnllt a waking consdenn bibid, 
Woold tabUea handMime hnabaadi Ind, 
WonU lawyer* fight poor onihuu' battle!, 
Fnaerrlng them their good! end chattel), 

Wonld plgeona 'ac^e a well-laid auait, 

Coma, bnild eaatlea in the air. 
Wonld connbTT bieka beenme p<dta, 
Wonld AVrfoe ^re, would cowatd* fight. 
Would Envy pralae, would dnncea write, 

Wonld Rand ftdr Hononr'a TsitaeatB wear, 
Wonld mlien know when they'd enongh, 
Wonld ^ttoDi root! and water itnll, 
Wonld gnmbling ceaae to be olannlng, 
Wirth to be prii'd, or Beanty charming, 

Wonld loTcra ceaae to lie and awear. 

Come, bnlld eaatlea lu the air. 
In ahort. alt thoaa who Nature fbree. 
Who pat life'a cart beCore the horae. 
Turn tlmea and aeaaona from Qudr counc, 

Bnild hopea by Folly*a rale and aqnare — 

That any here were Told of candonr. 
My hopea oogfat ^ to be deapalr. 
And all ny caaClBa built in air. 


Lord, what be an the rich and gnat, 

He pride of ooutta and dtlei ? 
Tbdr ftiaa, and rant, and pomp, and atat*, 

loti 1 how a body pitta*. 
The gouty 'aqnlre, in ooaoh and alx, 

Uy tady with bet phthi^ 
Hla worahip with the rbeumatica, 

AU lick from aloth and phyiie, — 

Throng bog, o'er brier, and thiatla. 
Who work with health, and atnngtta, and ^ae, 
And o'er the hnow whlatls. 


Yon 'd (or a doU miatake It, 
Set on a ahdf, like China ware. 

For fear the maldi alMnU bnak it. 
Then Mtaa Iotes acsndal, cheat! at play, 

Qeta tonnlih, bold, and aponky, 
Hatca naaty man, then mna away. 

To prove It with a moakey. 
How dlff'rent from theie Imp* ao epnee, 

With pride [hat soetl and briaOe, 

Who o'er the (arrow whiatla. 

A nabob, dreat'd in atara, cornea down, 

T* our villige, worth a million ; 
Hla TDla 'a here, hi* honaa In town. 

By the ■** aide hla pariUDn. 
Poor man, he'd thank hla itan to aelie. 

For Ua, my humble station ; 
Why, be 'a dying of a new dlaeaae ' 

liiey ealb a compUcatian. 
With dckneaa, then, what 'a high degrM ? 

What Gaiter. Bath, and Thlatle ■ 
O I that the nabob could, like me. 

Blithe o'er the hiTow wbiatl* 1— 

Thua honeat Chm^s aerere, tiiongh kind, 

IM wit with pl^ aeaaon ; 
Blaaa'd wtth that manly alicngth of mind, 

Tan^t by content and reaaon. 
In artleaa wit, nnBDnadoua aeDaa, 

He pitied ImperAction ! 
Not ranconr, but beneficence, 

Inspiring each reficctiiMi. 
My wlah 'gainst haughty pomp, cried he. 

At the poor who pnlT and briaOe, 
Ia~May they laate aoch joya aa we, 

Who o'er the farrow whiallal 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


tiliui Dnn a pUa-iora but lor Fnr-taUW mu a mr dtah-n. Ex. 



^■. J J i f r r r- f Mg g g r : i 

' irtutck, take tlu sood wHli tba bad, So 

'"fCf 'I ^ -^ i f It I 



To eWiih ud lore jm ghe'a bom ; 
ShoWriag >aji oa toot bn-vr, like tbt goddess of 

So Jireet, jut eieepttng tkn bom. 
Airah.Wtl tbadrarUnankcroodtinrtotnutli, 

J D*t joor ftU to its DieniT derotc ; 
Yaa'llbeinrc togctbed, board, uid dathlnit froiD 

ExMpt vbeo ihe itripi off jam coat. 

So DotlT wa Ltnded about i 
Wben jon turn while joa're in tUljon g«t (II four 
Except irhaD ther're tuning TOO ont. [wlshe?. 

IiDOtfUu agoodthinf? Ah I her tramp wundi 
so gkaions, 
And w ilDEs forth the deeds of the bme I 
Nothing hladen their ttringhjog, great, and nota- 

Then n friend's a good ting ;— ah I he soothes «1I 

And softens each cnrt of your life ; 
And nothing, kind son], in return eier berrows, 

Except JDst joor puise or tout vife. 
Bj compirison, then, since eseh good ting's a trra- 

A« the'lbil shows the dinmond'e tne glue, 
Let us in this tlft cherish odIj the pleunre. 
Except when we're testing the cne. 

Digitized byGOOgIC 





|^^^^ ^=^=j^ 





Tc who Natara hare learn'd to mbdne 
Who TOar tieaita '^mt compMiion 

Who know not the joya of the few, 
Who m happy becaBH they can tte], 

Lcam that bliis to tha bnsom lo ilew 
lis the hii'ry siiiirime -f llir loiil 
To InJalRt^ Suiisihiiity". tiat. 

Digitized byGOOgIC 



— flnt hmingr aod 

la widitfiw with — Ladies ind gcmmai. 
Permit ma to nuke onthia Mia afevacrietiins, — 
wcludee allagtnical [detniM, 
Lot One, ia ■ portnlt of Truth t— bid any ! 
For Tfntli, la'as and gentlemau, what ihill we aaj i 
[Suppoaa wB My twenty tluTiisBiid ponnda Ibr 
IVnfl) : ten thonamd : Are ; one : Sn hnadred : 
10 hoadrsd : twenty gnliieu : one pdnea. No- 
body put in Ibr nnth ? No kna nor lawyer hi 
oompany ataiid in need of a Uttta Tnth? Any 
tiling to begin wl&. Stxjwnea I 'Andalulf- 
pennyt' Thank yon, dr. 

t, Ud OB I 

9 tlw Baotlamaa in the lagged 

Lot Two ii Rngality, modeat and meek t 
HDd oontent In her eye, the fresh rose on hcrdkedc; 
The oflapring of Prudence, the parent of Heahli, 
It wishes, Anda Cneioa'f 

What d'ye say fOr PrngiUty, ladies 7 Be 1 
What nobody bid i Nobody 1 1— John, put Rngal. 

[Lot Three; Diulpatlon. That '■ engaged : I 
eonld linTe sold them if I Iwd had a thonaand. 
Lot Four : Crim. Con. O Lord I that la dlapowd 
of by prirata contnct. Lot FItb : Paahioii. 
Come,' ladiea, what ahaD w« aay for Faahlon } 
' Twenty thonaand ponnda.'— Thank yon, Ha'am. 
— ' Twentj-flT*,'— ' Thirty.'— 
A gidug, a going, a going— oome, spirit, Ud on — 
What Dobady Ud mOK ? 

' Mr. Sadler, to aara trouble, yon may Bend 
Paalilmlo myhonseapoayonrownterms.' Hoeh 
ob^ged to yonr Ladyship. 

Going— gone. 

aet down Fashion to Lady Kitty Cockaboop.] 

Next lot la the Cardinal Tirtnea :~Why, Jobn. 
Some strange metamorphose they've all imdergdnei 
WbyFortitnde trembka, and looks like a sheep 1 
'Je Temp'nnee ia Upay I and JasUoe asleep I 
1 ai tor Ha'am Pradeoee,ahe'a qnite in beraira t 
Here, Jabn, kick the Cardinal Virtues down ttdn. 
[Letme«ea,whBttUTaweelaei Conadaice. Oh, 
Lord 1 Hanoar. Wotae and wnte I A psioel of 
aoUqiikted stnff . What'athls? Anarchy I Why, 
Jobn, what business has Anarchy here ? I tliongtal 
yon knew that It was sold, kmg enough ago, fin' ex- 
portation. And nowyon talk of eiportstioD,yaa 
know this poctrait of Popnlaitty is to be sent, aa 
a pnbhe gift, to the Royal Brothcra, upon the Coa- 
tinent,~-Loyalty I A hoadred thousand ponnda — 
two hundred tbonaaod— three — fonr—fiTe — six — 

A gidng, agoing, a gUng— oume, oourage, bid on : 
A going, a gUng — ' 

Ten million 1^ fl*e hundred places I O t I knew 
It waa utterly impoeaible era- to find a ringli pur. 
diaaer for Loyalty. 

Oodng— gone. 

Set down Loyalty to the whole nation.] 

What rsmaina there la little occasloa to heed ; 
Of Honour and Worth yon iinre none of you need g 
Good-huniaur,and Pndic, and Lan^ter, so plni^, 
V-rt sold yon again and again, hi a lump. 
Tha laat lot 's Content, of (wcEt Plmanre the twin ; 
CDme,pnrehaaeContsnt,and]1l throw I'leaaore in. 
[Coma, hidlea and gentlonen, what shall we ny 
tar Cmtcnt ? It ia your Interest to buy Content. 
WliBt beanty eao smile, wliBt alderman guttle, 
without Content t I had once on idea of buying 
it In, bnt my content reedras bH Ita Talue from 
the reflection of yours. Come, HI take nods and 
amilet Ibr money. Mndi obUged to you, star i — 
partknlarly fhroured. ma'am;— h' " ' 

Set down Content to the present company,] 


And the I 

m the distinguishing form 
atnre of nngels w er e glv'n, 
tus mind waa imbued with a charm 

That mark'd him Uie hT'rIte of Hcut'd 
Twas smQIng Benignity' a grace. 

To the warm throbbiag bosom ao dear, 
That celealially beam'd hi his fhce, 
A* he ahed SenstUUty'a tee<. 

Ye who Natitre have leani'd to subdue, 
Who your hearts 'galnat compasdon can s 

Who know not the joys of the fEW, 

Who are happy becauae tbey can fcel, — 

In loi'ty and ease as ye roll. 
Learn that hUaa to the bosom so dear, 

'Tiathe lui'ry anpremeof the soul 


Thi Tillage was jortal, the month waa May, 

The Urds were sweetly sLnfing ; 
Of Nnmps and Madge 'twas the wedding-day. 

The bells were merrily ringing. 
The bridegroom came In hla holiday clothca. 
The bitde with ribands as red as a rose: 
Nerer did rerelry so abound. 
The drums bat, and the joke went round . 

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An muukcr of Isstnunniti londlT play'd, — 
The hanttiOT •qQcok'd, mai the busoon biaj'd. 
Thim to ice them til foot it, and jig It, uul pnoee. 
Stump, fidget, and reel, la the muy dance : 
Thtu, from vlicn tike ^aA roM, till the atockinK 

vu thrown. 
The Am, and the friak, and the pastbiu went on. 
Bodk nUm tnd nich frolic, rare, oerer wu »ui ; 

1111, mnd'Tlug M long thef hud (nrried. 
Young EUlph of tha TUlage, and Sac at the green, 

Crr_WI^ anre thing to ba mairled I 

SHU Nnmp* (nd Uidge are ringing ; 
Bnt not axacUr the aame tone, 

For the beUa her dapper 'a ringing. 
The 'Sqnlie atepi la, — Nompa smelli a mt ) 
Lore and dear are chnng'dto dog andeat; 
TlidT lon'i tam'd hate, and grlrf thdr jori ; 
Contentment 'a itrUi, and pleaanre noiae i 
'Say a eiooked word, and I'll kill yoal' cilea he: 
' Ranu' tumi. If I die tor'tl' cries out ahe. 
Nigitt and da; thai, at > 


. Tezatlon, and mla'ry they dwell, 
that iLCBTcn, called nmrringe, to hdl, — 
The ndgfaboars malidonalT vlewiag the scene ; 
WhUe.diann'dthnt so long they had tarried, 
Tonng Ralph of the Tillage, and Sue of the gnen, 
Oy — What a queer thing to be mairfcd 1 

At length, to 

« aport of the brldegrMm nd 

Whoac }an In droll dttty they'ie ringing, 
The waga of thf Tillage now ddnunlogtoD rid*. 

While backward the bdla they are linglng. 
The tadUa, the ■Ununai, the broomalicka they 

The porringer helmet, the potUd ahidd. 
The ample ram'* bonu that Bo grace the parade, 
And the petticoat rampuit >o gaily diaplay'd. 
Denote jan domeaUc and AunOy attife, 
Whare the dolt takes the diataff, the cudgel the 

Thai Uiring, and hoottaig, and granting of bogt. 
And aqualUi^ cf children, and barking of doga. 
And slirin penny-tnunpeta, aalt-boies, and belli, 
And dmma, and cow-homa, and a hundred tUnga 

Compose of confiudoni the draDeat e'er acen ; 

WhDe, chann'd that ao long they had tarried, 
Tdnng Ralph of the village, and Sue of the green. 

Cry — What adanin'd thing to be married 1 

SiTa my tather, lays he, one day, to I, 

Thon know'st by false friends we an nndone : 
Should my lawinlt belost, then thy good fortune try 

Hve 'a Sukey, flie poCT orphan chiU of friend Griat, 

Who once ki^t thy faOai from starring. 
When thy fortune thou 'at made, thou ahalt *~i^ 

Porn wiffe,— (or ahe 'a good and daaBrlng. 
But mind tiwe In Iteart fhls one maxim, our JaA ( 

Aa thou 'st read thy good bte ta a book,— 
Uake honoor thy gidde, or dae nerer coma bad 

To FUhn, and mother, and Snks. 
So I bnaa'd Sokaand notha,aDd,giMtly coneeni*^ 

Of I set, with my btfccr'a 1 

To 01 

1, the 


Aboot midng, and brewing, and preaaiug. 
But the sh>e>jDlee, and ntabana, and all that In* 

Was so<m in my itomabb a-iii3ng : 

I thought jou sold wine, and not polaoo. 
Tmr place, my dear cousin, won't do, for you lack. 

To make your bmUi, another guesa cook ; 
Beridei, without lionour, 1 cannot go back 

To Father, and mother, and Snke.' 
To my uncle, tin doctor, I neat went my w«y* : 

He teach'd me the myatery, quickly. 
Of those that ware dying to shorten the days. 

And they In good health to make sickly. 
■Oh, themaiioofgToanal'etlcdmyande, 'dear boy; 

V^>ours set an my qirita n-9oiring ; 
A fit of the gout makes me '<«"'"g ftir jof t 

At an ague I'm all in a glowing 1' 
>Why,thea,mydearimde,'nIaI, ' you're nqnadc ; 

Pot SDDther asristant go look ; 
For, you ice, without honour, I monna go taw± 

To bther, and inotber, and Suke.' 
Piwn my cousin, the parson, I soon eom'd awsy. 

Without either waiting or warning g 
Forhepreach'dnpoii soberness tliree times ime day. 

And then com'd home drunk the nort morning. 

I found Uiem as great as a hfag on bli thnae, — 

The lawsuit had banlsh'd bH sorrow i 
Tm eome,' slid I, 'father, my hononr'amjowni' 

' Then tbou aholt hafe Bukey to-morrow. 
But how about LondonP' — "Twon'tdoforadowni 

Tbeto Vice ridea with Folly bdilod It t 
Not, yon see, that I says there's no honour In town, 

I only sap I con'd not find It r 
It you sent me to atarre, you ftnmd out the right 




r r p Mg F J' cynJ'j'J-j J4 

VD - dons: ShoaUmf law>«ilt b* lort, than tkj good far-tune trf, A* 

K'Tjr ^ ir -^ r ^ i r^-p^ 




Birtlb*ilat-M»,udniubui«,iBd*JlttuUfliK]Bki, H t nlnllos. Ill* uthM, uola • 

Wu Km fn BT ■looKh a-rldiu : Ht loala, tb* twokwltor, ag 

• Whr, dam III' out I, ' mild ;« till Iht piwr folk t Mj plou aid innt ftwKl Id Idi 

lUuBihtTn MM i>tH,(iid aolpolioii. And ««U Tlrtna blaib u ili 

w 1 J 1. ..j_ # i.-k 8(Llh«pToip«l«tim»diM<iiill«dlmnl«iidbto« 

ScaKil|p kiMWIiif on which dd* to Imik, 
I ]n>t H/d nr hOBMD, iBd UwB I cobM hHk 

*»> Bikt nv bnOi, uothB (ana cook i 
' Bnldaa, wllboal bonaor, 1 tanaoti* back 
Ta bikai, ad bkUmt, aad Bnk*.' 
To Bf aiuM, Ihe doctor, I sat mat bt mi 

Ha laacfa-d b* th* BiniarT, qakklt , 
Of tboaa Uulnra dfliif ts •bortca Ibt dqi. 
And lh«r Id good baalui to make lickl?^ 

* Ofa, IbcBBilcof frgaiul' cried njuckt' 

V^oon *R ill mT apWta a-AovlDg, 
ABtofitwiODtmakcaau dudai tmiof\ 
Ataa atual'B all la ■alDwhifl' 

• WkT, lh«, «Td«r naeli,' cita 1, ■ jn'ra 

Ar TOB aa*. wllhooi bODoar, 

Ta Ikthar, and Bolbcr, aDd Bake.' 

To Ikihtr, Bad mthar, aad Snlia. 
[ foDDd than aa iraat ■■ a hlag od fall lhnui*t^ 
The Umsll kd baalih'd ail aam* : 

Nol, |ou ace, thai 1 aara then- 

qaacki If wq aoDl 

tha WToag method yo 









1^ TuiU au BoUCt wu bat to hii word,— 
U merit boigU Utlea, Ton aisU be BT lord i 
How siBr UtbaikOMMsblWioecu VDoU unt 
Tratb fbniidi'd Iha rigglDC, ud Hononi te gala. 
T«t ToB bad ■ Wlbc. If cnt salt had, 
Tka^ (ood M ^ mil Badi Urn aU tbat mi bad I 
Ha ma palBj hxI ptUfid, leiirTT and meu, 
Aad Uw niT%icart WHudcd tbat ■nrmi aera I 
Ptar ao aald the ^rla, and tlwlandlorda 'long ihoce ) 
WoaUTODknDwwbathlihnltw?— TomTaeUa 

Tod a trip ttxdi: to gaol, an old mcannatc to fnc, 
Aad (bur tbankfol pntUen «oon nt oo U* knea : 
T^n Ti^ ma an angel, down-rigfat ftom Iubt'ii 

WMin tbcT'd handa, he hli goodness tiumld oner 

Retoni'd from itfxt Tojage, he bemOBn'd Us ud 

To Snd U) dear Mend ihnt tba door in hli taee ! 
'Whr ^"J* wonfcr?' CTled one; ' jon're Scrr'd 

Tight, to be me,'— 
Onoe Tom TmUs ma itth^now Tom Tackle la 

I han't, jm «ee, Tew'd in high iwglmi and aiteh; 
Bat don't tUssBBUihoiioaT eoncenpoorandrieh? 
If it don't oime from good hearts, I can' t Ke where 

Yet, 1008 how or 'nother. Tarn nerer lUd right : 
Hone knew better U« Ume when to ipspe or to light ; 
He, by finding ■ leak, once prsserr'd crew and ship, 
fin'd the CoDUDDdan'i life— then he made sndi 

01 might hall land, 
Tho MW that Us heart s^'d too fast (or his hand. 
In lb Tiding ol Comfiirt a DWiring to find, 
Rsrf'd the lalls of Ton's fortune, that shook in 

the wind: 
He gOTB Ub> BMmgb thiongh life's ocean to iteer, 
RU pUtanea la dafly, and yat Tom impait* 
mat liB Ban to Us Maads^and ma; all booeat 

Ukc Ton Taekk, hava ^wt kaepa tbs wolf frosa 
the door. 


LiKi'ii in Pleasnre'i tweet •ommnnioi 

Pot aronnd the aporkllDg wine.-— 

Glnrj's Isard, ch a rmin g nnlon, 

mth Love'a mTitle ihaU intwtne i 
Spread aiiHind tb 

Olra ttie toast Its doe,— a brimmer ; 
Let DO rar of da^Ugfat dimmer,— 
The King 1 and ma; each Briton aim 

To hit (all DUj's loyal mark t 
Our spcct's a type of tUe's andtUoa ; 

True ardwrs are the supple bow. 
That takes Truth's ««n, nmnd posUoa, 

Bat bands to nothing mean ami low : 
Then bsid ths bow— that merit tdslm 

ImpcQ'd by Hontmr'a terid spark ; 
Again the toast — eoow, flii a brimmer [ 
Let DO my of daylight dimmer,— 
Uay knaTCS, tlut woaU at Virtue aim, 

Diigrac'd, Ut Shame'a i^raachfU mar 

The bowitring <s that doe snbjectlan 
Which our nrioos passions rtans, 

And gnldea the beat of our afftetlon. 
Till Worth the prixe ol Virtne gains. 

Draw the itring— the bowman's feme 
Aeqalre, through Emuladon's apaik ; 

Cire the toast Its daa, — a brimmer ; 

Let no ny of daylight gUnuner, — 

May Hlrth at Hcmoor's target aim, 


Roand wltb the toast,— flU up a brimmer ; 
Let no rsf erf daylight dimmer,- 
Hay Indoatrr at Honooi aim. 

And Ut Air Foitnne'i golden mart 1 

Then cerefnl brace the bow, and bend it; 

Prudent di«w the string, and wise ; 
ne aim* pds'd, Uks li^iAnlng send It 

lot HoDonr's laaA, aad gain Life's prine. 

Odch th' entfeariaatie spark ; 
Gits the toeet Its due,— abrloiDer ; 
Let no ray of daylight dimmer,- 
The Pair 1 and may each bowman aim 

To hit, in lore, fUr Hononr'a mark I 

As daleet sonnd on etlier OeatJ^ 

In loft melo^oos msasoic, 
SsHiotUy glide the eren notes 
That hill the soul to pleasure. 
Ptuig'd In Care, beset with Pslu, 
Hnnlcd by Misery's Ml train. 

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sun vlth MdkTUflng pBidoD Sound ihiO tbUow. 

tag go 
llmni^ aD the vide vldadttidei of Joy and Woe: 

Slull Iragh iritk MIrtli, vlUi Aogei dan ; 


Tkra, wUle &■ axlnma of Jot md 
OaA nudljr, Uka u igittM mm, 
(Va be imoath •oue* ihdl ihs ihc 

Tba poomt putloa gnnri deUgfat : 
Wine la oat mirth, the lyre nnatroDg ; 
BoBtj- 'a not heaotjr, if nnsimg. 
Harlcl 1k>w tlte organ'a eoknm att 
Add* ^tt; to pray'i I 

Wlttont the aid of irilHng aonnd, 
Joy t* ikot pleaaore — pomp not atkU, 
Lcrra tender, noi smfaltlaD gnat : 

WUhoat tt, vhat Kcre lieroc* taaoA, 
Who welt (or glory, and meet Bite t 
What eoueerMu Attl deedl and name, 
BatMnalo'*trainpet,laLt to Famei 
Nor «ffl tlw meantat hero Cght, 
It Muie land not her ddlgtat 

Let bat the dnin andeikaetftil fife 

lie aoond inqicea Urn with oew Ufe : 
Wi vHh the *^i|^tiy martial baud, 
Tlka toe lui eharga band to band ; 

And takea thoae t ^i>">f 

Doe to Uiat nknir Hniic had iiu^d. 
Sweet Mnutc I take ma to thy can ; 
Breathe in my Kml thy Tital air ; 
Tliat, when nnndy Ihoaghta tranafani 
Hy Bind wtdi Faaaioa'a awiIHng itonn ; 
CndUct on Bonllet as they Iwdl, 
And malie my tottoi'd mbid a heH — 


A WLTcauAti I am, mi I kaowi aD the nond, 

The booaekevcni the atnyi, and the lodgen ; 
Where low deriii, ridi dou, and td^ tlpa, may 

Odd dickka, <|DeeT Uda, ■■« rwn eodgeta I 
Of Mooe) and of property Pmbe that tde* the eaic, 
And a>ea, when 1 aee lognea go by,— ' Bey I what 

arc yon dcdng Oece ?' 

Then to my bM I creep, 

?aat oae o'doA, and a doody monliv! 

Then, nnind aa the lunr I nunily ais*, 

Anotlitr Ine meaa I dlaaarer; 
For a eniioaa rc^e-ladder I atraiglitway ei|dea( 

And Hlai Forward expectiDg her lorcrp 
Then to eaeh oUier'a anna they By— 

UyUfel myaimll_*Ahl *bl 
Fine woA, Hiaa Hot-npon't,' cifee I,— 
< FH knock 19 your papa.' 
[' Ho, DO, yon won't* ' I ahaU ; worthy old 
tnil, ta be tteated ta thia manntr.* ' Here, here 
take tliii.' ■ Ofat yon TiUain, want to bribe ai 
honMt watdimaa r— «nd with auh a triOe, tool 
' Wen, wdl, here ii man.' 'Moni ycMaeanli 
its a iplrtted lad— now, do yo« make ber a gooi 
tauband-I an ^ad yon trioked the old hnnka- 
good idght — I wiah yon aafk at Gretna Oitcn I] 
Then to my box I creep, 
And then lUl bat aileep. 
Saint Paol'a attiliea two: 
The loTcn off, what doea I do. 
Bat giiei tits bthn warning, 

Andloodlybawla, &e. 

"Dientawarda the iqnaie,thimmyboiaa 1 iooka, 

I bean lodi a renting and tewing ; — 
'naPhafaoh*a«lukhaet,andtlie pigeonaaodrotAs 

Are Itnghlng, and tinging, and iwearing. 
Hun toeh a hobbab and a lUn, 

flow they Uaipheme and enrae I 
• Tligt tUtf ha* Btole my diamond ^t 

Wsbch, watdi. Pre kat my panel' 

[■Wald,iure, I ilargeyaa;' 'AndldiBtti 

yoa Icnow, ii an ta tte way of liBlneaB I Imt wUdi 

TiMDtii my bos lereqi. 

Tho* from an logoery 1 get* tree. 
By luring people wandng. 

And loudly tmwla. &e. 

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I beat op fOc rcovita, in the name of the Ciii ; — 
j BritalD'a bIr,who, to bcmtjtoadils luw chum, 
I Sendgoodirlshet.BiidBiiia^tiaiiiildienkmrM. 

At the sound of the tte, Ukd the roll of the drum. 

Coma amy, my l«ds, come ; 
I At the nreet c>U of Bcmty to duty repair, 
I Aadworthiljnerittbea^aftbe&iT: 
! What but Ttet'17 ccn^lBte can ratuU from thon 

I When tke eeatot id Venu endrdea each Hart 1 


a, bf apcH or by diarm, 

"Ha ■Dow'd thm^ the inaU, tia tUi natkm'a 

Tiat the BemtJee of Bth^D an beauty exceed I 
H<nT, BwB, mnit that beaaty tach Brltoo BUlan, 

*" talaflneiiee toraecoarthebraTc! 

At the found of the tfe, Sec 

lie work : for the bran and tlHrbald 
Lot u Mr fai tUa laud her astlrtance vJthhoM ; 
What pcnr'r to attadt BiWsh eoUiers shall dare. 
Who are arm'd, eap-a-ple, by a geaerons fair ? 

M«u sound of the llle, &c 

Aire mv bduR eome to your bar to be tried, 
'Ttathe^lah at my heart, my ambition, my prtde. 
By your aeiitenee, as jury aod judge, to decide ; 

To yon, then, my case la inbmitted. 
The hidictanit rwia thn—If tt iilahily appean, 
That s^ Dibdin, of criOo desplilng aO ttm. 
Hath comptod ytmr hearts, Khile he ttekled yoar 

He ntaoda guilty— if sot, ha *a acquitted. 

In till bolls dull my Irishman htander good •enaa, 

Nor be eveu by pIougluuD omitted ; 
Tom Tackle bnntinity's duty shall teaich i 
My Soldier youi Iwaits throutli compassion rtal 

Tbeertdance 1 
Jf hsTing diao 
Yon IncBne oi 


If, In short, on yoqi (mndrODT stiH ohana'd to rdy, 
I hare ahown myaslf aiuiaaa neii whim to sa|^y. 
Or at men and at maoaera as lUr gams to Ity, 

Yonsrejast and I moat be aogultted. 

[A* alnady itatBl, 7%t OmJiHsk •ad ITshir* im 

Kch ilwr w 


£iciPT ttft Iblka flurif s fM asleep, 

AD nature nowta wAIng; 
Annua at the world ■ peep 
la in lier ul^iteap t<Hng. 
Hark I d the rory-tory boys 
Making a dcnll of a ndlae. 
To cure the bead'adu at lalt nlgfat. 
The peaeeahia King's adt^eela Aight, 



BS of the chase. 

How Bwwt to be, as on ira n 

Ily the pigtail entaiiglteg, 
Amidst a loTcly thorny bush, 

Or on the tree left dangHn; 

ral tl 


The joy of hunting's 

Can either Capld or the bowl 

Snch pleaiurea ^tc i— Ah, by my soul 1 

Let muddy dMchea waah your ftce, 

SUlli great's the pleasure of the chaae. 

Then, when our mettle'§ at ita jutch, 

WUle tdly-ho we're bmrB^,' 
Sale iBBdBd la amOddy dtWh 

To be genteelly apiawtlng I 
Ah, Huaha gni Ifean winesr Una 
Thajoy of hunting's ht abore: 
Cm aOa Cupid or the bowl 
Bach plesBiue gire f Ah, bymyaoBlt 
Let muddy dltehea wash ymr face, 
BtiB grtaf s the pleaaure of the chase. 

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We're too lUlgned to drink It 
AkI boddMDOt ofkiTC ud«*r,-- 
Tte }0T of huting'i gnater ftr : 

WUk atnj B bnkm •eonee isd ftce 

Tn» wo— ft)r, oh 1 then «H > tin 

TIb Hdlat nne I ning in Atbo, 
Whan filling podt do BUdc : 

K DOT rhTDU on l^eue ; 

The pridn of laogfalng Natnrti itood 
In tetfie heatbi conftu'd, 

WhsD Ur& in jon imporloiu mmd 
Vlth Phcebe n« me bka'd. 

To than fleice Sol'i mnidlM hut. 

Upon }(m TCtdnnt greai 
flaw cA, at eloM irf «n, Fd maet 

Gvwt Phoba, bentr'i qosen I 
Bvt, ■o.^tfeaMniUnoofbcrdikraia, 

lia Tcnhmt green '• lU browBt 
Aad I, "fUk DotUng In 107 wmi, 


B, iwcet fUr, end lean bddhd 

TbeUrd* ihaU ndle, uid thu north wU 

LikB Boreu gmtlf blow : 
So ibaO the dnlif -nuwtling gnea. 

The EOiml^-itviMed biook, 
Is Mble nAn >11 olruoD aeen. 

Tair tdl at Tm mud— that in edb o« itnw 

1b mr mck-bniB'd eoBdltkm ' tweraflttert to lie ; 
Thni, lUad' OM i^orte Bt caA minota or 

Vh J, Tlcei Uke tbeaa in kd eoBUHu diMMten, 
Deoeed to ti; pattence bf viie NBton'a law 1 

Cone, )ain, than, the thrang,— 'tb ■ mad vnk 
On domieoiiieaiefrantic, Badioaunpoaitni 

Fw tka lonea and the Atbaa etantUr erarioK, 

He would fnrtantlT aik if It WBB not Uooi&lda. 

Ii It madnen to*!}, then, that theae are the easton 

On which the earth rcdli fay inunntable law? 

On down I 
See that mil 

ime are (huUc, and aoma upon ■ 
r,wha, deaf tothaaoftcaniof ni 

ThcoghthebriflewerelUetoa poor Ulow cmtnre, 
To bnuh that *Ug hoard ha wanti Bpiitt to use ; 
Not grisr'd for bia MbI, bnt hia caah, tee him 
And then ua hii hdr Bt hilarity'i board, — 
The onnniulgeoa lie* aafa, while hia gnjneaa ore 
For apendthrtft* to laiiih and mlien to hoard. 
Why, Tieea Hke theae, Sco. 


T'oTBiB aide of the gutter, when aweetly bnnm 


Bore al)ab,iu)ne e'er ehiTCy' d ao blltheaomeaa n^ 

Ebe (ung lbUderaUtU,aadIlltlbaderidl, 

And youTtiiOa and your qnavera were nothing to 

Bat ahc 'a gone 1 and I dqw ainga a aolo alone ; 

No longer I ahahea with a grace and a liaii j 
Bvt, ^Mt'^'i of cantaUlea, tips 'em a groan, 

BacBvae I'm deprii'd of brown Polly the &dr. 

aa my aong, and ' Waft Care to tka 

I'd a friaad I betray'd, and a aiiatnaa 1 lilghlad , 
I had pow'r, and I made my depandenta my loola; 

la the mia'ry of othera I dally delighted ;— 
And thli tter eafl madnaae— poor ignorant foola I 

' Happy Hoara' w 

And 'Merrily, merrily, ahall we Ura now;' 
And > Ohv me the taaa that la tender and kind ;' 
And 'Hy heart dauc'dwith Joy, bnt I woo't 
taH yon how.' 
Now, < Death and the Lady,' and ' Uatgaret'a 

■a why!— Pm deplt'd ef bcowD PoUj tka 

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The; mlglit ' Dntt ho r 'Old clothe* r or ' C%tln 
to mend I' call! 
Vbaa I nug wia b; TM, josM I 

Htdfim be»rdhowcoaplct()T 1 dialuie'd Qwm ill. 
Now 'Ruontogilsdl' 'SwMpKiot hoi' ind 
BMti lU hoQow,— and lo mj tai Kms I'D all 



LxwTiu par TOO with wotdi, and fliu ladiM wUi 

Tom panona with praaeUog, and daacara with 

Soldiei* par Ton with eonragg, and Mme with thdr 

II mcD with theb fbctoiMa, and loauwlththdr 

Orow both In; 
PhTslduu with Latin, ar d great men vlth DOtUng t 
1, not to be linpilar In snch a tonrng, 
FM TOOT Idndoeaa pa; jm, with the cndof a long. 

And fightinB, and hcct'ring. and dancing, and 

And pnaeUog, and iwnrlng, and banjing, pre- 

A mi eoaxiBg,and wheedling, md tMng.and briUog, 
Apd ef'tj protciriiHial ait of hmn-dnunming, 
la clearir in aome sort a ipede* of hmnming ; 
Hommlsgl — Nay. take mc with joo, the tenn'i 

Bat I only meant honunlng the md of a long. 
To all who Hiia er'nlng have paid nu attention, 
I woold I had language of Bome new Inrention 
Hf *>iHwW* to ntnm ; for when^a the Apiwioa 
Oan deeeribe of yoar iHniin>«« the gratefol im- 

Harer'rr deiiceof TOnrheartibepTopltionsI 
fie laating aneceu tjie Tcsnlt rf jonr wlili« I 
Dnlmptfa'd be jam Joyi,— jonr llTca happ; and 

And now 1 am ooina to the end of nj lODg. 

^toni Onot Metes, 

CoMaibajmjMrew, andrnginTOnawDgi 

I dont uj aqr ioug an^r entire eontalna, — 
I don't lay It tooebea on pbyiie or law, 


1 don't any the man who dUai 


Throngii alandi the woild'awonda, ridmaoa- 
P'khu, and brsTE, 
That pcDteetion afford* to bia children and wUh, 

T don't vy the thief, who yonr pone eteala away. 

Is more hane*t than t'otlwr, who doea yon fovl 

DBderfirlendaUp'afalrTliardi the MoiMt I a«y, 
U, Dny my itnw, and I'll give yon a aong^ 

I doo't a«y, yoang gentlemeD, 'eanae 'tia tha i^a 
To tke rendad, notoriona by poliltc edat, 

WhUe poor beanty and yonth loae their pinr'r to 
Are WToag, to tteal off with some tpinee gnnd- 

'Gidnitmonkeya and apeal don't meantolnreigfaj 
Nor do 1 aaaert tikat their tMinga an wrong. 

Who wi*b worth at the derlt; tike utmoit I «ay. 
Is, Bay my*tnw, and I'llglTe yoaaioDg. 

I doo't aay that hononr, bii dealing, and trath. 
Ate better than fraud, and cUean'ry, and Be*, — 

Ttmt Uie mutlfli of age, and the papplei of yonth, 
Howe'er ne may pity, we itUl miut dtapiae. 

^'ay,did one whip FcJly, even thongfa one ahonldlny 
Her own hack for oMerlals to hmiah the 

Be*iich yon, woold ye, gentle folki. 

Dame Fortone'i ^fts reveal ; 
I em at wiU turn all the ipoke* 

That gnlde her fickle wheel : 
Hor dieg* of tea, nor coffee-gronnda, — 

That myiUc apparatD), 
Need t, to ihow lUe's aps and down* 

To er'iy Fortunatni ; 
The emiUng road to human hliai 
Wonld yon pniBui,~UK myit'ry 'a thia— 
Ha that'eeopteutliath Fortune (bond; 
Chasriy with htu her wheel gaca RMmd. 

C3nttOu blame Fortune for that gout 
They from Intcmp'ranee feel, 

EoJojB Ua aeaoty meal : 
Tba tadolent poor Fortnne cone, 

WhUe 1^ indaitiloua Ibid tlte pwM 

And cap of Foitiinatn*. 



Thnxooitiyonritepa,— tha mjit'i;'* thit— 

Hethmt'acODUnt, &c 
Tlun, cndDB'i Idkiti, do not i^ 

Fbrtane ram hUniS} an ; 
If to her bat jon odu the nay. 

'Ta jon are hllnd,— not her. 
The even path beTore ni lici 

To libera bn gUte await as ; 
And he, contcatment bath nude iriar, 

Ii Ibe tnu Pcstanatni. 
The ""ffl"c road to hnmaa bUii 
Come, then, and tread,— the myit'rj '« this— 
He that 'a coatent, Eic. 

■"t jron au that ai how Pm a aportniUiiin at;^, 
Jl ao Uddah, io dim, and h taU ; 
Why, r<ra aBUcb'd after game, and that maujr'a tba 

Aad leed no Ut of nothing at all ; 
My Baenae I pocketa, my poney I atridea. 

And I pdta throng^ the wind and the rain, 
And if likaly to &11, iticks the ipon tn the lidea, 

LcBTEa the bridle, and holdi by the mane i 
To be rare, dad at home iifkt up no UtUe ilrifB ; 
Bat, dabby I irtiat'a that ! es't it faablon and lib i 

At aportfiig I never wu know'd for to lag, 

~ waa ahnyt In danger the Brat ; 
Vhes at Epaom lut Eaater Utsy tnin'd out tha 

Tm the lad that waa roU'd in tha dnit ; 
ThenlfaeyealUineaHlneom: iriiyi orer the ftelda 

Tboe, a Uttle beyond Dnhricb Common, 

And two modlaib besidaa an old woman : 
Then let mlurly dad kick up aorrow and atrife ; 
I'm the lad that'a genteel, and knowa faahion and 

Bnt don't go for to think I ueglecti namber one i 

ftUai, when my ctHnpaMong with ardonr 
Are hunting abont with the dog and the gvn, 

I goca and I hnnti in the larder ; 
There I iprioga ma a woDdcock, or flnshei a qnall, 

Or llnda pnaa, as she aita under cottr, — 
Then ao ho I to the barrel, to start me lome ale ; 

And when I have din'd and fed Rover, 
Pay* my kmdlord hli shot ai I ogles hl> wife, 
Whila thsdai^hlercrieaout, 'Lonll wbat&ahiuu 
and life.' 

Then I boyi tpe tame game, aO aa hameward w« Jog ; 

.nd iriien ttie folka ax bow I got 'em, 
Though lahootedbat once, and then Un'd the pnor 

aweara, and then itandi to 't, t ahot 'em. 

AH Myiiih and anttk^ a Haahr- 
Whan your piece won't kiQ game, aha 
povdei and alnt. 

To biing 'cm down, down with yonr e 
Why, dabby I layi you, eo't it laahbn oi 

8itl uel to]olnCiei«Tdnml^ 

All hopping, iftlp^^, (MndBg, 
With aqonk and aquaU, and ahiiek and dB«t, 

All aorta and aliea prandng. 
Aa old ai polea and Ug aa toni 

Three graees lead the mall ; 
Then derUa tame aa kmba, and ocma 

Aa impndent at derUa. 
['Do you knour Be ?■— 'Ohl fe*, Ma«IlMI 
wen — you art a Bahmonget;'— ' No, I mti fam 

m boosst a nun.*] 
Tina leavlngev'ry etrt beUnA, 

The paek, atale resaon acomlng', 
Qiaae pleaanrea of flie al^t to ind 

The bead-ache of tha morning. 

And lawyvn wlthoat nappera. 
{'Do yon know me?'— 'Oh! yea, *efr wrt— 
you are Venua.'— • Wll yon be my Mara ?*— ' WMi 
an my aonl.* — ' Come, nnmask, and let me behotd 
the beautlea of the Cyprfam qnaen/- ■ Let m nn- 
maik together.'— 'Agioed.'—' Oh I plv "^ 
miifertane, my hmbandl'— ' Ofat bell and tha 
derO, my wife I'} 

Thai leaving every care bchiad, &o> 

Aa flnia to Ifala tfct-np. 
From the aupper-nxim they lane tOrlfc, 

And roar, and rant, and hiccup; 
'My angel 1' — ' Whan — nmndil pallttt Mtae,'— 

' %, do yon mean to bam me V 
'I'TakHt mywlg.'— >He'a aptril'd my dottea'-- 

[■ An old clothea-man to call the grand Turk ■ 
acoandrell— Satlahetioor— 'A tlngl' 'Dabby 1 1 
nerer bout.' ' Kkh him ooL' 'Yea, IwiU.' 
' 1 waa nerer aee any thing >o drcdl tn ray Ufe.' 
■ Ah I then'n b* mDrdv.' ' Amdi, bit that'a 
light— excbwc* addtaaaea.* ' I'll eat him op 
alive— I'll nunl the tDIbSd.' ' Hark Ibrward— 
Oh I it's a fine row— dabby 1 1 Ion B row.''] 
The padi thni leaving care beUad, &c. 






lOTEir RAH. 

The needle time maT nut, — ■ aquQ 
Capilie the binmLcIa nnd all, 

Let (ramwihip do >11 It esn : 
Mt lore in votth itull higher riw I 
Nor Ume (ball n»t, nor aqtuUi etpiSi 

Mr (alth and trnth to lordT Nu. 
When In the bUboet I mat penn'd, 
For itntag of ■ wortUeu Mend, 

No <hEp paformiag qnamntide 
Wu ner lo dewited uen,— 

NonehaU'diiw, voDBD, eUld, norm 
But thoogfa lUie tilendiUp'i uUi «et« 
TboDgh cut adrift by all the world, 

I'd all the world la lonlr Nan. 
1 tore my dnty, love tny trteod, 
Lore tretb tnd Bierit to defend,— 

To moan their low who baiard no ; 
I loTe to take an honeet [wt,— 
LoTc beanty, with a epotlen bmt,— 

By nunnen Idts to ahow the man ; 
To uii through lifts by honoir'e brme ;' 
Tina all along of hMDg tbew 

Fltit nade me doit on lorely Nan. 

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t'o-tLer,irlica jm lu ■■«af?"Bat hold jon, Dick, tha Booc nbI hu 





Old Hulbtl, h woidi u gnm, ' If ttet'i th* eva, tkn 

For )h, like IMek, had got Mi dow, Vk«B boudsd by the h 

To trr Bbont Htwras^liigt qolcklj took •■peU; Yini,atnuEiigUililIiiii, (natdi'dme&oiithcgTnt, 

' I( I'm > lobitcr, mMter cnb, Cry'd— " Cowudi, da Oia num no hum ; 

By the blbnMtioa oa jena nab, Dui'nw I don't joa ••• hs'< lent his wm 1 

lnNnuacrinBug«oratk«r,wkjtheTamok'd jov HlsfurtonD nar daim'd thsidlf of thebtars." 

AndthuwhrdOTMbobbUaSgo • Then broach a can bdh™ wa part,— 

On that Jan-Duut, toot tlabar tot 7 * friendly one, with all my heart i 

AnieeoDetoCndbnlt, with OM feat tethafiaral ind»awepntthelk»gTOgabont,w«'ll*he«riydBf, 

Bat frfift, M Haalbal, halt, halt 1 ^^ **^ *'i ■>■ '°^J Biittat Sgfat, 

DUnm «u Dcrer yet a bntt t The world', etamjit and delight, 

HWortanaCTerdaln'dthepityottbabnTi.' Aad eonqner er-ry enemy of Oeoife ow Kinj i 
111 he that i«OTH tlie hen'a frind I 

'irB«nibnl**yimrnama,d'y*tM, Hli baonty v*itt ui to nu end, 

Ai ran H Uiey Dick Dock call me noagh erippUd and Ud up with oos fixit in tbt 

ioneaildldUloat,Iow'dBTUfktaToai P^y, 

Split ftom my hom, once, when 'twai daikt Itaa, Ian and Mldlen, never bar,— 

And nearly iwallow'd by a ahark, \anr.' Ton ihall not want c«npaiaton'B tear i 

Tan baldly plang'd in, aa*'d me, and piau'dlD Ua Uiafartnae erei slMm'd the pity e( ths tnva. 

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Imiib'd by 10 gntehl > dntr, 

Id tcrmi iboogat ait can derUe, 
Barb ban vrittas thow i^itnTM m Iwautj, 

That loKcra ban wafted qd tlgha : 

WUk the haart M 

Coatenplatea, with joy tlw era apeak ; 
On tha Bp qoinr* miit* utidictioa, 

And a gtow of ddlgtit painU tha (^eek. 
BUn perradea ti'rf fcature axspletdf , 

Ad^ng btantr to beantr the wUk ; 

Cwin la the aUp, Uiat, niidar Mfl. 
Spreads her wUte boaom to the gala I 

Sweet, oil I iweet 'i lie SowlBg aaa ; 
BwBCt to poise lbs lab'riiig oar, 
That tngi ns to oar aallTB shon. 

When tba boatnr^ ptpea tlu barge to m 
Bweet, aaDbig witb a &T'rtng breen ; 

Is Jadi'B deB^t-tals lovelT Nan. 
The nae^ Wtbhl to Iba Docth, 

Uf km la worth ahaU UghCT riae I 
Noe tlma iball mat, mr •qnaDs eapii: 

Kj Uth and tretb to lordT Nan. 
When \a the bUboea I was penn'd, 

I lore aj dntr> kin ny Mend, 

To moaa thdi loss, who buard ran ; 
I Ine to take aa hooMt part,— 
Lore baantr, with a ipotkss heait,— 

By auimeTa love to show the man ; 
To saU Ihnni^ lUe by honoitr's breece ;— 
'TNraa all alon( of lorJng tbeae 

Flist made ma doat on kiTCly Nan. 


Dice Dock, a tar at Gnenwich moor'd. 
One day bad got bla beet on board, 
When he a poor maini'd [■*■"**""" ttota Cbetaca 

And all to bate hta jeer and float — 
For the gng once in, the wit's soon oat— 
Cited — ' How, good nuiter lobster, ^d you lose 

Waa't that tliae in a drunken Eny? 
Or t'other, when yoa iso away ?' 
' Bat hold, yon Dtek, tlie poor aoul hai one loot in 

'Fbi* slander's wind too tait yon By ; 
D'ye think It tan P—yon swah, yon Ue I 
daln'd th« ^ty of the bfwre.' 

Old Hanlbal, U word* aa gmai. 
Fa* he, like Diidt, had got bis dose, 
To try a bont at wisn^Ing, qalckly took a speUj 

And then why do yon hobbUng go 
On that jniy-puisti your timber toe ? 
nice one to find Guilt, with one fbot in 
Bat halt, old Hanlbal, halt, halt I 
Diatreas wm nenr yet a fhult ; 

cUim'dtheidty of the brave.' 

As son as they Dick Dock ei 
Aa ooee it <Bd Ian ont, I ow^ d uy Ufk to yon ) 
Spilt fMm my hoae, once, when 'twoa d..r''. 
And neady swallow'd by n shark. 
You b^dly piniig;'d In, saT'd nw, and pleas'd aU 

■ If that's the caie, then cease our Jeen : 

VbB hoarded by the same Hoauess, 

Yon. a tme Fjigllsfr lion, snatch'd me ttota the 


Oyd— " Cowarda, do tbc man no harm ; 

Dam'mel don't yon sc« he'i loet bii arm ? 

Mi^Ktnne era daim'd the pity o( the braie." 

• Then broach a can befbre we part, — 
A ftiendly oae, with aQ my bewt i 
Aad ai wa put tiie grog iboat, we'll cheerio 
At land and sea may Britons flgfat, 
The wmid'i ■"t'* and delist. 
And oonqner er'rr enemy of Qeorge onr King i 
'Ti* ha that porei the hero's (kiend t 
His bonnty walla ni to oor end, 
Tbcngb ciipplsd and laid ap with one foot to the 
Then tan, and sidiUers, never ftar, — 
Yon shall not want eompaadon's tear ; 
r erer dalm'd flie pity of Che brave. 



Sat, •oldlir, vUdi of ^ory'i diainu. 

That hiroci' soula jaUiunc, 
Gln« brl^teat huUe to thdr *nii>, 

Or beat insuna thdr fame ? 
Ii it her llan-mettkd rage, 

Let looK from Hrdonr't den, 
LegioD witli kpoa to engage. 

And nuka nen ■laughter men ? 
Utt to k dafeneeleaa foe 

Pomnoat la ^rj'a raa; 
To dry the itartlng tear, and Mend 
The hero with the mu. 

Tbeo on the wreteh bll doaUa ihame. 

Who, In fbnl alander hn^d, 
Knowa war alone by murder'i name, 

The icddler bf the iword : 
Aa bloalng* oat of erila eome, 

Let onea the conflict eeue, 
The ei^ brings the balejron home, 

War coDiti the amOta of peace : 
Yet be to hl^ier merit lanlta, 

Who glorr't track haUi trod ; 
Oieat gen'rona merit, that eialU 

A mortal to a god. 
'Tfa demencT, pale roia'rj'a friend, 

ErtT In gloTj'* Tan, 
To drr the itattljig taw, an4 blend 


A«A»ioK telU Bi, that mortali, mcra doib. 
By the drink they k>ve beat are exalted to god* ; 
And,&ltl Uieie'a no lie In the truth on't ;— don't 

Though aa bcaatly aa dnll*, make toper* dhdne ? 
nnee flireada in a trice makea ■ god of poor Sbtp I 
Tm an er'ry om neptnaea whene'er they drink 


To be Jots, or ApoDo, or Uar*, would ye diooae, 
[ to do but get dmk with 

Bach strtring in Lethe to bnry Ui eart. 
The aeduoar forget* when ha rain'd the bit ; 
Greek* the pill'rr forget the; so rieUf iiMi n ; 
The oa'rcr forget* when he let Hie man itarre ; 
The peij'rer forget! that he died hi hi* ahoe* ;— 
Bnt let ni all tnch laieal* forget in Rambooie. 

And thoo^ In my preaenca he ahnyi wDl Msj, 
For em the waotcm ynosg (ogM'a led away. 
I'm dead, and I'm kilt, and ahaU nner rKorer ; 
HeaT'n take me I or glre me that heareii, my Ln«r: 
Teadi me bow to be mail, or my lenaei to loae : [ 
■"" • 'eriedl, •JutgetdnukwIHi I 

In aeaidi of Eorevaa, he ridea apon bqlb j 
or Uqaor* Urge IflMttoM Italian* toree awall 
But er'ry SqaalUni beeeina* an Apollo ; 
TbeaeachlUroDe'iBgoddaaa, — don't eray: 
Like aa angel talk ecandd whene'er ibe drink* tea ? 
Yon Buut Helicon alp, woold yoa tura to a m 
And if you'd be Bacdma, get dmnk with Ram. 

Bat did I aat atop I ahoaU Mtar ban taM I 
la ma an the daltiaa ceaAe in oki 
I'm aa valiant aa Mara, and a* ml^ty a* Jore ; 
Aa cBBuing a* Moe'ry, i* am'roi* a* Lore [ 
I'm ApoDo and Hgouv. together for wit. 
And I hoaet an Olympn* my godaUp to flt i 
For what better be«*'B iqpn eaztb can I chooa% 
Than good haritk, • Und wlfii, a haa frind, and 

Waai a learned phydeian, who write* ft)r alt iDi, 

Or eompell'd to eiunlDe mort^flty'a bills, 
Forhli ownan 

At a* mom 

AdTertla'd lh«t bev hai b aa d ' began to ww OTW i— 
Both ttme woold be flah oat irf.vabK; 
Odd lah, (laev flih, itoanse Ut, taA U— 
In ahnrt, they'd be ■ah-oot oCmtar. 

Did a methodlat prevlcr le«T« flwdng hlf flad ; 
Did wtraap Mbi ocmimoB aeaae,ahaald aheknodc; 
Did a topar Nd iMMwaida b«<o*e thane o'doA ; 

Were a rook by • fl8«0Bdw«B*d oatof UabMty I 
Did awiA,kinda*d handaoBM, andtjaalohardaty, 
Meet a bnta, imattiacled by goodnaea or beaa^, 
AB theae wosld be flth a«t tiwata; 


Shonld traa Umba e( the law, addle Bztotdlng Udr 

gnnr pnident, era* 

" mla a broomatlek lutnd of the lady, 
tbeae wonld be l*h out of water ) 

OddOih, Ac. 

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Did a l>r, or in frtratB or pnUle iMb, 
Few hU Usg, ar hk MBBd, toi to nntuB Ui Bfc i 
Did ■ jalmaii, troai Ireland, In Mueh •£% wifa. 
Expect brtniMi, uid mMt wttk her dti^tor ; 

WIthovt fcu of pMiliiK Ibr vltdi or Ite wlmd. 
One migU eea twmdd eo eoxtitj iliek in speh 
ThU tbey'd ill vpnr flik out ef vAer t' 

Tn iqidinl, tkat JlaClaa Ui Mb In Ui e^e, 

fa the trpe of that bUjr ud iMft, 
CaU'd tl« beUoB, tU t««, or the kkfc, ar ttef^B, 

That ndua V tlu bnatk of mg : 
On thaiAed «f D>M FiMtnia,MwU|h, aad Bow 

A> thif amble, aod^Ilop, aad paaa, 
WhOa b aeac^ of Oat pkantttn aaU'd pleamrt, 

C^ Mitvea to be <nt b flw disie 1 

SoTomid, raaw 


8tSl tfernli( aboit tod aboot i 
And^bes ttr*dirith bU Joanar raoaintlBthe plaee, 


flat Od' bner eondaeta him to 



m enw a>d doiM Mi« the Btght «r tU «!«, 
frtr rrfntihilT'i itij tti dr^rr 

So mud, ftc 

llw MTk* loee *n«4 b MMh «r • M«^ 
T» Aata boa Ida kaaitaaid hbpdf ; 

TM, hMUid ndlb'd wlttlb t«r«lth6iA«id, 
Ha at laat MiikM a biMd (< UMdf . 

Om daeriT'd Ua, and kai|ft>d la Ue <MB ; 

OM te ahow'd to hta iriabaaa, aooi etola hw amr; 

The reat Mng W itaaae aad dtegraae ; 

VUk a pane of nd^banratOf eaib diff* nut eiUbig, 

Okd— ' OglrbntheBrl what a marreaoua nan-.' 

' AIvBBl 1' <rlad oat Jack, ' what'i there raarreUou 

IT tlma'a come, the al 

[' Why, BOW, jmi raaater Talhnr-chaadler 
war of throwing a little light Vfou the nl^eet, 
don't yoB think 'tie better to be extingnhhnd 
when one's ighttng in deftnca of □ne'e king and 
conatrr, than to ttaj at home, lingering, and gi 
oat Hke the annff of a candle ?'] 
Than Ukanen do jinir duty ; we harealloarminiiln, 
^nd at een, er aAore, we ^all Hn tm we die, 
Hana I h«a 4 ham I boya, lat'a lin till «e die. 

' WSfi-now, yoB maatar Plumber, that marrds at 

J AaU fanadar at am, and Too'll die tn rov bed] 
Whatof^batr aosu ham aoda, aodaamewa 
te ttidT ^nowa. 

And 'tla Bkeljr caDagfa we may both die of lead. 
Aad u far the odd), all the dlff 'tance that'* In It, 

I ihall pop off at onoe, and yon'll lingering lie.' 

[' Why, (mite my crooked llmben I who know* 
bi^ muter Snip, th«n, m^ lUp hla cabk, and 
br^Ua back wlOi tdiag the ninth part of a bll 
erf the ehep-beartiteto Ma owa tea I'l 

'jy.fiv yot, nuter SUiUtytr, to nuike nt jamt 

A Httte Ike mine, ea't a autter tiiat'a hard : 
PiaTimayn'tyonfrom a ladder or acnfloldbs faUtog, 

Al eaay ia I fan* a rattHag or yard ? 
n*Bftr ic« »• coBBiBriM a tfb a^ bring ta It, 

I, not to know how to go there eoatsntnlly 

Aid wlm Captiln D«a a 

At the nry flratbtnadaldethebr B TBat mu at atrlke. 
Aadwben yon h«n •^dailyaa aaii,wbBf ■ therein It* 
but a lobber would 






If i irntr i ^f f ^ i ^r ffTfr 

j^^^i rr . ^F ^ r ^, 




^^=^^ ^^^g 

WhBntfbttwtbwrlMhlaamp^tntli . . 

tan, [jtraunn. . FniDi Fltita'i tmat 'itatd of Biking Uh 

TMd (oma *U]Bia ■eeomplMi'd her i>litac>t «ila Sbould hBroildowatbetoneatof Wudd! 

A»d In Uwt abyn plangs that do raf of kope In Ui loa* to uelttj pitj t. tod. 

Th«,/hu.««e.litU,jJ«.'ghjdta^d«^^^^ . For.dSl'S'a.«»kl»d«.p.r,lththdrd««.n. 
(iilH,doiM>tHi>na«dc- ^ Frein«oeui'd«iid »«c»w,11»Bl«fMl iKimII^ 
Soon JnaUea would wrtck on eiitaatrft (hdlt 
Thei hj^oaius fltj, the lalat UdM a daacri 

, Oftlicpoat1iDjn(uiiCDic,ttaimuiiant>«dlDnsri 

ibpuatiUrgonmahmnnHiided, Thai, loSM wboe'cr niT, MSllihill Tanbta wl>- 
tnct and tahnta, dUtlaguktb'd aad ner. 

Tor in pltriDg Mbn jn hwoarTomMU. 

Uouta lUlu m'b to i< 
rida her. 

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Wan I Int «cnt to iduol, tt «a dt Bj M%H 
T» con HuetUnc or other tm» aonbg tOl id^t t 

Hb bar la tka ■Aoal «M Ml pat at A aM. 
fliaiiiij illiTTiiiBiiiilimIn, iiiiaiimi In >iimr, 
DM a ib^va inditactloB I diBlA'd Ibr in I 
Ipraeeadad wMtami woold pnfon^ fad pnitMti 

FmoBt'd-ilA (ounlafti, old ftkndt to pninb ; 

Aad nnh'd dt nazt boBo Aoald not ba a utn. 
Wn ptSflBg oa wttiM, aad nact(*d to get rleh, 
I Iwn'd tlun mn tom-kat tfcsn knr te iod 

FsrtHtM wna to te Balib'4 1 (bond cnt »o* and 

Aad katw HartUni «f whn, bat leaaUnot 

8«an* aa It bad fona'd hope, iriun ■ bnt ftodno'd 

ftn[ . 

TlMiiiliiaaiiblinuiillhiirt ImfiiiWatniTilfliwnr 
TB betirixl Md brtwMBtUi aad that,«eBdmr, t, 
la nank or the lAmtea, loat dgfat ol tin 1^. 
Ihu liqiBB Oa (haagaa «a life** wovt; «ar, 
I fonid Oi ihwtaaBhcr Mdatad ta twt 
And bf pnAneafamra'd MIt'i iop totebMi, 
8MB dU I dl BOaaeaM iMMke lad ftnwMT. 
Km tte wnM, far iDdatT, teUaid t* B*«, 
V^a br ay oaa wnag'd, 1 ftrgft od Itai^t 
Kri> Of fcrtaaa ia potto fer hoa'rabk ndi, 
Ant wngh tenridf; and Ow natftr Bf fttedt. 

Tkll ne not of naafa ftiBki, thiir nUaa and ca> 

m tUiiaf to Acat, to e^eta, and tr 

TMd aone ftD^ armmpHih'd hei iMne'a i 

Aad b Oat f^brat plnga that no nj of bcfa 
VhDa jva grin* that riu|ilUtj'i Abtm m 

Uaae, UMt, M I look thiongb &■ iratld, an my 

Di In pitjinc otho* 7°" ^(''■■v Ji 

Tom TiaJiiii woo'd the awBdat tail 

That •>« Id tH nt kind : 
Her taca «aa of a biaatr rare, ~ 

■a itaii, iriifia irilti4(S|^ 

Dtr grW bli km had dM) 

' Htet I,* ettad he, ■ thoM dnuDM Raip, 

I kn'd w diar, to nO i 
Wodd Oey h^ toQ'd, lutsnd of tUoa, 

Ttaon an Uat hor'n could gix :— 
Bat hold I-l hare ■ noUa Hend,- 

Tat, T«t fcr hfaa PS Bta.' 
Foctnna, vho all bar faalrfol aplta 

Nor jtt on Tom had triad. 
Scat nawi, one roogh tempeatncm ni 

That hta dear frkad bad died. 

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• AiU Una. too I HOt I Om nrigB, 

Whan kMMW loyj M «dl ? 
TmU tlHf h^ toB'd, lutMd of aiu, 
Tom Traalttn'* knelL 

' Tbtpka 1 ge&'nm bkod,' he cried i 

He UM'd UiloTC uA (UmL 
Tba Mia, in wtMnM M 

m Odd^ Md rra nld tt, ri>> I wm ■ bttr. 
Tkat ^wt tbiki get too mr flwT uw cnjof. 
Why, I «u tba MM*,— tf «kst'* hnmclr I'd Koff I 
"hit bcnr fliu I If It eom'd ■ good muf nlln of. 
b Ug «ith tUi hner, tbragh bat ■ poor dWra, 
I hied mc Mmr^ to oM tha pMt towo, 
Whmlherpiuli'dnMud lhnB«>dne*l«HH 

' Why, bampUii, dldit o'er no meh b'ry i 



Yon'd Tnu Joke, muter Boxeomb, and bow m 

hare mine; 
rte Mod pMcoekj uid goldfinehet ten tlmei u ftaa, ' 

1 1(A mutei Whiffle, tod vhlitled along, 
Then honmi'd to mjael/the fh|[-ead of aung. 
The good that wBvtilL for DUjn'tmatchvbatwe'im 

Their mlsdi are thdrkingdoa, whu'ra pleoa'd aifli 

And to vhatBTW place dluonteated Iblhi roam, 
At laat they'll be fore'd to nj thli of their home : 
Our (Hendi are ai troe , and our wires are ai eomelj, 
And, damn It 1 hue 'a h)»u, be It onr ao boBaly. 
Bo efnee, for rtnmge right*, T te town took m; range, 
Iiaedtolkirollln rlehei, vhopleunRne'tTkiltw; 
I teed honeit povertr rich ae a Jev; 
"nme and oft dreM'd lamb-baUoo IieedaaOldewc; 

td madan'i monkey ai amait u her bean ; 

I laed rognea of thdr knanrr maldag Oeir bra|* ; 
And 1 leed b»la In i mhm. and merit la raga t 
And ms throag^ the cnnrd aa I wUatled along. 

J, one day la the PiH^ 

qoeer-kioklBg epaA 

ae and atnC with tlidr ha* ud 

,' mUI, 'Ohi 

that yon laidr 
Why Ihey Sie for a TiGtocy, and yoa hsra yowefectea 
To go hoow, or with all houeM anl^eGt* r^olca i' 
'Mighty wdl,* cried myipark, 'bnt a wotd layoBTCv, 
The aihlr* of the natuNi ai* nnedly qoes i 
Nay, 'Hi true we're done ap, 'twill baasoiby ud by.' 
* Hinr nrnch did they glTa yon to eateh ma,' mid I : 
' The coBntty** a good one, all good mm penatoa It, 
Andtheythatdon'tlikelt,why,damn't[ IM them 

So I loft my queer *paA, and went iriilatUng alfi^, 
Then I hnmm'd to myaeUI &e. 

Now yon ah«n ace what yon ihaH i 


Vat make Jew ChriitiaD, ChiiatUn J«W| 

Uske good eome out of erll | 
Vat make a derll of a aalnt, 
[' Peep tnra dat little hide, Blr— Vat ygs aaa 
there > Eb t* — ' What do yon ley, muter Sbew- 
man. It wlU make black while ?— The derll'a In It 
if It wont l-ftliy, it la ■ htga puH et money r] 
Come, g ent leaien and lady, aee my Rene Gbow. 
Now ym •has ece lat yoo ahal] lee, — 

Fl«Ma to look in there; 
Ou Ten >"■* enrtoalty, 
Vit Make tka peo^ itare ; 



Before yonr hc« I go to bring 
One horrible pradOEllon — 
Look qolck, and yon ahaQ be (unmnd 
Vid death, and Tid deatmction. 
[' Vele, Saar, vat you tee now? Eh I' 'J 
maeter ^lewman, yon be a wag— Death and de- 
(trnetion with the derll to'tl— Why, It be a 
Poticary'* chop.'] Now yon aholl tee, &e. 

Now yon aball tee TSt yon than tee, — 

Pkat* to pot yonr eyea : 
One very great cniloiity. 

Vat giro yon great enrpriie 
Here ihocking at the toder tight, 
Yon nerer have tee tuch ] 
Come look, make hute, don't yon be frl^t,— 

Yon ehall ece one place tpadoue, 
AH lU np vld great many mnch 



Now jroiL Aill 1*1, Ik. 

«U |(m TDB Bsn la>^ ind |)m 

A* tfl Tov «M bdbr« ) 
OrMt jBeuaTB md gnmt hHn vit gtn 

Tit libM&l( MB I^Mt, 

Vat nta the Mtlte In m AM hM, 

MarOftv In joor Ufe— Why, Locd lOM Urn, 'U* 
UMKbw'lBflMTl'] Now TOa «hd MB, ate. 


wt or Ui. powdv b KK%Ei«n. N aar t» w(U M 
■Mu bn«, Ant (b* vnctk* o(i*MMf It M* aalnr- 
_. ^_^ . — ■ . __,__ ^ ,1, p^^ j^ 

Hivi I<m bcaid of tfas tn, thtf MUi iMnga eon. 

m ipnaA (hnMig]i OU K)|Und, ttU poor b^ 

'Hak^-powdsr, ohl dowufklldfgtfiualeubeuu, 
WhOiSdein^d, wOldlloilklLIU aonkBTCTOw*. 
■ Kirii 1' tii« flfanm Eidalra, m dUtnetod Ontf 

'Moogit lllll^llllllll iJlti»M^iiii, 'fliin 

fliiH mil 1 1 J. Ill I «iiil da|. ■fciibiili'ii ■■iriii. 

Sbt* to HMoa Doldnei, *lI)rUM *re dl gi^, 
Solaatbitix'd;* alMtUirreB, 'Naf, ur, 
NatiIlcnT--aeT*raUirUut:*— 'Xkl jaadm 

VeO, PI poRhM* a OcoUe, indpaj tvJTa giiDca.'* 

Sing and crj, Ac. 
Then ttie KB%Ui of tlw Ralabilw— ' I tay, njr 

On bair-powdaa tkl I— Uu f&c acwi tkoc, and 

I fiMfot, jwi out r^aJ Itw tffienlodi ftui i 
WbTi wbat are aadi Mlai ai gdaeai to vi? 
Hankrpsri IbrwelMttraea— rD iportaipraea aab, 
AadUdQaIhw«omedinnfor*t,or, iIsbdhIIU 

hU.' Sag and er;, && 

DMk thi haaiU niriHM tow Hftoctad Iteteir ; 
Waakdaadiiia: - - - 


Ifaat ftptti wIte B fffl titajttalrfrth: 
To ioft gi^tMBam ^dlT Moe,— 
S(A,barkI iat mutj Btt MaA droml 
And, ai bar itnJiu rMT Ddndi lubaDd, 

To pdat out BCnl tntb to <rii«, 
Tlanalwa and nHooal utj wit,— 

So I04 BUT TOS KT lap PCTBlt, 

So 1ei« aur I thoaa l^i m^. 
Tke boAblc mcdlBiB (tf ro*! )^ I 
If* ows and jcm *rtit nUk to riag, 
WlS pMeM baart-Looc Ut« th> Kios I 

Fdr foOj vAtfaa MdM Btf ■ciaa w^in, 
Hho, If 1 dof, rapport tta trta,— 
WiDdwpaSrronftiiDoiitltB mrii, 
StBEBB ft, «d bid ft ewMot pa**,— 

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r 1 y 












pif.. n.. 



— ti 

- ™ - li 


. ri 

• e-tr, 











1 •'j •'1 


1 ''-^rrrTN^'it/HT' 

•ii r r r ^r ■' i -^ i- 

— r 













Who tin each worthy dttat fkmci — 
Who loTs to pnJK, ind giicvc to blame, — 
Long DWT you ev'ry blBMing meet 1 
Long may your vithflB be eomplet* I 
Long Euy yon, wltb becoming ml, 
Britooi, the piide of Britou bal I 
Long, long, tbU beA of bartheai ling, 
With gntcfnl hewti— Loog lira the King I 

Ai > plain c«M In point '■ the bait moda et ex- 

make mj poalUoa to each Jodgnient deaTi 
WiUiinit brther a tip-toe your putieace det^nlof , 
hall ton at Antipodea ahow, and ton here : 
Hera eODideDce for gold 
Ne'er mi known to be lold t 
Tbm to aale they expoae it. 
And ev'ry one knowa it. 
For tiie matter to mince might a good malliet ipall I 
Thna.what 'i meant by repoita,wliieh an yaiivnaly 

TiM we the &et itaikd on, and they on the head, 
.mil tarn oat to be tUa, wlthont c»ll or coil, 
Wa 'le the gem, and tba Antlpodeana the f(HL 
a treaty of marriage oh bot ?—tba dear lady 
HeM nerer to tnlk of her int'reit li heard ; 
Pan of lore, ihe ne'er atki if tba wridnga are ready, 
Hortiiinkiiif aucoDdaponie, maehleaaathird: 
I* a eonniellor leam'd 
In a law-mlt conceia'd, 
He ^m yon hia tronble 
For nothing ; to double 
Ki fte ironld that lutant tlie whole boa'neaa apoOi 
Than atUl topay-torry we dilTrent modea iaa,— 
tsTe obeyi the beat bidder, and law the beet tea | 
thoj, clear a* day, wlthont cbtU oi ctril, 
re the gem, and the Antipodeaai the fcdL 
Would yon wiah fartliar proirf? aa • promjneat 

Take thia, tbov^ 'twin : 
At Antipodea they hsre a beantlfal ereatnre, 
A Aue stateiy Mid yery like oor game-eod i 
InOBinlng Ita bliMd, 
They mix dnga in Ita food, 
And arm it for ngUlng i 
Than Itand roand delighting, 
While theae birda e£ their plunage e«^ odui 

Ton wonder and gaie, yet tia trath t r^ort i 
Bat dnee England d^T^*'"' h onmaDty a apoit, 
eflectioa on na from theli vice can recoil,— 
We're Uka gem, and the AnUpodeana the tdU. 
Bat to bring the caaa boma, let w (peak of Ihdr 

Wbo, baring aitsh food tbc thidr froUcaome Maae, 
An in eatlce and rldioale tcnlhle btten, 

ad though none thej pobt ont, all the eap 

Bat wai I e'er ao free, 
, In my eilly lelwun. 

To laagh at my nelghboura ? 
No: tWr wholesome moral' ■ thejetof my tcdl: 
Bcildea, here no fault could thej find, did they try; 
No 1 rd have them to know Uiat my aodlenee and I, 
Whate'er, a«C of eaTj, their cavil and coi , 
Are the gem, and the Antipodeaoa tlu toiL 

' la one abooldU find Tnriety,' 

Cried Dick, ' woulOat thoa on wedlock flx i' 
< I rather thoald expect,' cried I, ' 

' Variety in fita or ^ ; 
fiat nerer waa thy connael Hght : 

I'll do't, my Mend'—ao laid, hi done | 
I'm nooa'd lor lUe, and Dick waa il^t,^ 

I Sod Taclety in one. 
Ber tone haa mote tartety 

Than mnslc'i ayatem can embrace ; 
She modulatcfl through er'ry key, 

Sqaeaka treble, and growli donble-baai. 
DMdona, mna, and brilli, and ihakea. 

Enough the nirisjr ipherta to aton I 
Thna, aa hanh diacord mnale makea, 

I lUd nrtety In DUB. 
Her dreai boarti inch *ailrty. 

Now 'tie a feather, now a tone ; 

Now ahe 'a a glpeyi now a nnn ; 
To change Bke the chameleon prone 1 — 

En't thli ™4ety in one ? 
In wedlMk'i wide Tariety, 

Thoaght, word, and deed, we both coacor; 
If ahe 'a a thnnder.Morm to me. 

So Fm an April day to ber. 
Dnil and angel I black and white t 

Thua, as we Hymen'a ganatlet ran. 
And kiaa, and aeold, and knc, and Bght, 

Each Hilda Taitety in one, 
Tlun cherlih loye'a variety. 

In (pite oC er'ry ancering elf,— 
We 'le Nature's ehUdrcD ; and en't (ba, 

la change, Tariety itself ? 
Her clouda and atomu are will'd by Fata 

More bright to show hn radiant lun i 
Hall,thea,bleBa'dwedk>AI in wbOM stats 

Uen find nclety in om. 

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- — ' « yd' — 



^^^A^^-^^^^M^^^^^B ^^k^ 





tmsKlttf afte«>tt4«,mdJnB7orthcnBI, And fat, cm meotleetta, rouf VmllR, ftam ' 

And boonj Snka, ud aparlgfatlf P*nT ^Ti pl<***i 

AndFu, uidNu,udPall,udDoll,lkn<nririU IlgrdlBptaibia,hn' hilr,*iid«paul[Bn(>y*;— 

Uj thdT (kin, NmT IMU ii Uka CaU> u mc «m two pmi 

Trirk'd out in tn Odr bvMtr, Hm iQ thow danu that was sat 

To hva na fRm bj ditf: WoaU aba tika fttr ob m*7 

Bst I ou tdl them Uar'i* deeati'd— I'D dia t Bat, Lord, afea'd M*ar tfalak tt aa-m dUI 

neaa glrU «ni aU be ui^lnsi WUli lidpiaaiidfcnaanJugBBg, 

Twm't do I Ibr dui^lnf, d>a|^in|, I'll dugUae, diBgUaf , '"t't. 

AUfcrkrraPlldte, AU tor Cdia dIa. 

lowmlkMKlttj'aaTalMiMacaMb^aratBk'a rrNbrtUngbg aad 'twlxt MiriM^atm JodA. 

b«ui Ad «Uak to ahooa*, 

SvkBhukaTBMa,udFatkaripaASBceTai Ai Lomkin poa'd, «>n« IMIs trippbg 1 

Both Fib udNaa bar A^laa, and Poll and IMl • Oda wowda I ' ariadhai '«oaldMtkoa« 

hvhdri ta tl« tka otkcr Dooaa ?■ 

Bat tbna ahali *J1 ba lUslitMli 8ha imika. • Oood bf, pon CxUa,- 

For CMlla'i abumi nnitad 1 g4 to maiwj Dalia,— 

Not ^ her an naiUn'd cu boaai— I'U dia i Not In a h^ta, bot bar anu, lo diei 

Then let tbaai all be maagllDi:, Better tn wadloek wraB(flaf , 

And pulUng cape, ii>i danfllng TbaadaBgllni:, dBa| 

Thn >l>«lt MtiHdla. Oiatiaetalia. 

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iBUT^tUafiBora dodc ofuBBdmtudi 
Bmt which, Uka tba DOM OB TOUT (ux, will be drar, 
~ M «• hma, M *M<1, faapKn'd on than here. 
Ohllhadahbhn la Mt'rinwOl grow rich u Jem: 
"Stead of Iflit of plfMNU, to brinB them Um newi, 
Thej*llataleBraphpl«caB|Mn01d Omond Qoer; 
Pnt aoothet 'board ifaip, la the midit of tb* leai 
Aod HI OB to town BBch to tell tbrongh the nnk, 
The Irit thontaad.pannd 

drewB I blentt 


d tWMpitlkH, who lOM Ud 

id bow, aftM mwelBg, end ioitllng, head heat, 
nat Btaek Leg* and Hooka wm bf Beltebidi beat ; 
Ah I Joit let them atoat : by Hf MOl , there') DO Hear, 

M telegi^hen. 
Ahl thea,wbatan»giiM«wUI the tdegr^ih prom 
To pfoourtatlMir deelfaa who are djlng for lore? 
If 10 dM nanlod ladj Aoold eont • jomg nan, 

Can't the Index point thai, and the wateh-word be 
'tl tell T0« I'd Bake It appear, [boo? 
Twill be mightr coBrenleat, LBproT'd,ap«o here. 
Adleo, peaoT-potti I malli and eaiehM, adien ; 
Toot occapatioD*' foaa, 'tia tU orer wU jon i 
In jaa place, telegiaphi on oar bowa we'll eee. 
To teU tine, Madoct Ughtning, di} aUrta, and aead 
newa. [ii™t, 

Then, while aSgnale nnd lagi itraam on top of each 
The town to a bird wiU appear a grand Aeet i 

ace England'! grand fleet to the Fiench 

Sore, ahaa'l 

re iD^roTB on the tdegrapfc itnl 


She'e gone, and I shall enr wall and erj I 
I'tb hMt BT <)>a'^OB t^*''*i ^* '*''*'*'''*''" ""^ 
Will BO one confort tend ne i 
VhT then theae handi aball and ne^- 
nnng hj that gwter on tUi tree I'D dlit 
Let aone mf foae ba nBagUBf, 
WhUe dangling, daoi^tag, dancing. 
On fon tree to die. 

Yonng KIttj of the oottogs, and Jenny oflhe bUH, 

And bonnj Snke, and iprigfatly Peggy Stj, 
And Pan, and Nan, and PiJl, and Doll, IksowwUl 
tir their akllt, 

Trick'd oBt In lU their batntr, 
To Inre ma tMm aj datj : 
Bat I can ten tbem they're decetr'd— Pll dte I 
Tbeae glrla wlQ all be anting : 
'Twoo't do t Ibr daagUng, dao^tng, 
All liw iDTB I'U dia. 

I own that Klttj'a ejabnwa ima tialt of Qdb 

Bnt theae ahall all be dltfiladi 

Not bU her aax comUn'd can boaet— Pll die I 
Then tat 111 

And poDhig cape, fin di 


Kay, DieUa li HI 

Hai all thoae eharmi that won a 

Would the take pity on me I 

Bot, krd, ehe'd nanr think tf no— FD 

WhUe hope* and tean an ^angUng, 

AU tor CKUa die. 
'Twizt haogbg and 'twlit maitlage, atHI doobt- 
fnl which to diooie, 
Aa Lnmkin pani'd, came Dwtia tiiptdng by > 
' Odi mnind* 1' etied be ; ■ wonldft than coneei 
to tie the other noowi i' 
Sbeamlka.' ' Good by, poor CbUb, — 
I go to many Didla, 
Not in a halter, bat her armi, to die : 
Better Id wedlock wrangling, 

On a tree to die.' 


Ow OEympna' Una aammlt, ae load Taeant mlrl 

Shook with laughter the ddei of the goda, 
' Were Bot nectar,' cried Beedini, ■ ftwMd aona 

Bay, aball tlky a nectar poaeeai iJ thdr own. 
That Bke osn with ddi^t ahali be rlfc P 

Pn Ut it v^ct Pnnch, by my Aat, ba known, 
A Hqaor tbe Symbol of Ule. 

C( the paMlon* of nun ahaD partake I 

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rhlta (Or KhK, wtr*, ud Mad. bi"* tbraafli nortUnf 

Wlih dot* auD nnud to an^j; 

■ h* dn* W ibt l»M «f OU Boclud ■ dnUliif, 

Wbr lliu, dWMl UJachcnwhT- 
*«d lh«^ ■>■ ywdfOrtmi hn cnwn'd U> ndc* 

Aad b> bbhIob* •rUh ibiixn «1on, 
Wdl. vbu if w b* ha (bsuld IitMi^ fHsan 

Oe tViy piHT gUBt Isu ihan? 
Mae* aan^^ tb* SHdl* tui poliila to (ood BUan 

wdirdHa,duuwl U, 
Dob*! too Makoir (bb* dl9*ctiuiUiit««T oh"! I vIhIdi 

Tb Mkt Uw OMUuad 0(1 
1«w in 111 (or Ibi bnHt-n 
Awl HB* (K tb* an o( bnrUb I 

bnHt-woik. nd «■ fH lb* ricflDb 

Whr ttan, dumr I ITJxkn 
Aod thn ftir fe brlBf-np, d'n bh, BbvBl djlag, 

Wlist aiiBln If lB>chDRh-ruil;iis>n Ifiag, 

Or flnd ODl jnar inirv Lb tbc deep I 
Of onclhlnf m*rB«rtBln,— vbimer BBr ciltlDf 

DhUI Vlll briH HB BU Bp -BOd wtlBl thtn > 
WllTUm.dUBaBi if Jick CBTO Wk*B. 

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Tha awcet that from godUke buwridQicc flowt 

Shall cornet the ihwp add of itrih, 
VUla tbe ipirit of nga trnperwce' mcui dull 

80 BuU Punch be the Symbol or Ufc. 
'Punch ihall be ttie lint fiddle la Sfa'i motierband, 

But when ■cnTW*d to lU |ritdi by a raacteriy band. 

Pineb, nnmadB, will a < 

Rtlde «buii «ltli stom U itrlfe i 
BntwUdi.temper' d,to beantrand lynunctif gram: 

Tluu i» Punch the trae Brmbol of Lift. 
' Whes In ilolh, Bft'a witm water, iBMilrind are 

And aweet Inxary 'a amjjit from afkr, 
Ilage,and NnTbeart-banilagi, bjr Indolence omri'd, 

BUM )■ ^ tbe dread hiT oT wNj 
Bill ■1wliiia|i'fatinTilrrt1iintalrnnilitln*'"""''>^, 

Cnad war ta dlaarm'd <tf bk knlft, 

And thm PonA la Oe Srmbol ol lift. 
' Aa idewne 00 pleaaiire Id wedlock tob DMt, 

If, thnigbtlaaa, you nrfrlt and fuid, 
Bnllni, acRtr diaconteot ihill cnttMle CY'ry awaet, 

And Inkewaim lodUrrcnee eiicceed : 
Bat when wedlock'a Ingtedlaiti, in meui true and 

Are blended In buiband and wife, 
8«eh a p^, w well mated, m earth flnd a beaTca, 

And thaa PnaA it the Sfmbol of LlTe. 
'Una, in an Aeirctnieenu,a1iall thia liquor dtrtne 

Sonie moral laatractloa impart. 
That the medlnoi oT truth may correct aad rcfloe 

Each emde Ceding that aiiriagt from the heart : 
a jirar Uvea, then, nor mawkieh, itniog, kht 

Bat a miitnre of all, to ebun atrife 1 
D men's Joya ahall be next to eeleatia)> complete, 
$0 (ban Pundi be the Bymhai of Life.' 

Ir lobberiy landpnfTi, ta graUtode etra^^eia, 

Slill Eorae their anfbrtnnate itara, 
Vh|, what woold they tay, did they trr bat the 

rnconntcr'd by tme-lieaited taia ? 
UHb'i TCxel Iheypat 'ton thewlnd , or they tack her. 

Or whether bound here, or bound there, 
Give 'en, good fellawahlp, grog, and 
ell then, damme I If Jack carea where. 

The deiU can't tell yon what for, 
Tlioiigb tbeydDo'tknowagimfromB mariinipHv, 

VhUe fbr King, wlft, and friend, he'i throng er'ry 
thing mbUng, 
«lth duty (dU proud to oomply ; 
So ha glTEi bat the fbea (rf Old England a dnbtatof, 
"Why then, damme I If Jack earea why. 

And then, when good-fortue haa a 


And he eeoea hoaa with Alnera gain*, 
TeQ, what if an be he rikooU laTidi hia fhToui 
On n'cy pooc otject 'long ahore ! 

Mend, enemy, blae or Irve, 
So It goea to reHere a diatiea^'d (eUaw-creatnra, 

Wen tbok, danuoal UJ^t care* who. 
Don't you aee how ■ 

M dir rest thing n'ly one'i 


Soaoe are all lir tha breaat-woi^ tod ao 

:cflMr ja>t 


Tbosj^ poor, aeiH 

And agabk, aone are an tbr the ridi ; 

Why then, dammel if Jack carta wUdi. 
Why now, if they go for to talk ahoot Hrlng, 

Hy eyu— why a little will eerre ; 
I^ each a amall part at hb pittance be giving, 

And ¥tlka hi thli nation can atana ? 
Content 'a all the thing — toagh or eaha b« flit 

The wind OB the beam or the bow ; 
60| honeetty, be can iidlee both enda together, 

Why then, dammal if Jack cana how. 
And then for • bilng-iip, dy'e eee, about dying. 

On wlilch each a racket they keep ; 
Wliat argufiaa if in a chnrch-yard you'n lying. 

Or find out your grave In the deep ? 
Of one thingwe'ic certain,— iriiateTer onrcalUng, 

DeaUi will bring na all up — and what Hien ? 
So hia conadeace'i tackle wUl bear OTdhaaUng, 

Why then, dammel If Jack earn when. 

'TwAa a hundred yenra ago. 
Or there-aboat, I iMlieTC, 

Ur'd a wlft, yoa nut know, 

Aa I quickly ihall ritow, * 

A tme-bred daughter of Era : 
For Hda wift, tboogh apouse waa dtil. 
For ao the itory ran, 

Was tempted to erO, 

But not by the devil. 
But a devlllah bandaome yoang man. 
Thla young man was an olBcer gBJ, 
With a mien u mllitain, 

An enjiign on haH -pay j 

TtMTOgk no colonel, lamB eay, 



Nov Oe hwlMnd hod bat one cj« i 
And (brihb hb amttj brid* 
dtoM him oat, b<r tha by. 

Ow tifck'd oat «■ 
Nov th« (dBccr 

Criod Uw wtft, ' 1 ban Ut on It, m 
Com*, eoDo, 'Ua no Ume to Undil 

Wi'ie frdm iuiget ■dean,-.- 

TTH nnrer Ml «lft M m phtdi :' 
Then the bnibwd Ornc la 4^1 
Cried tbc, Id 

DoM TOOT p ram 
Dear hmbwid, I di 


Pnj heaven It pnrc not a lit 1 

1 dream'd In that chair, — 

*Tli ■• tnu ai yon'ra than, — 

That fita bad realor'd jonr bHnd eje.* 

Oned be, ' What a roat nod a pother I' 

' Vtj, nar, at my hopei do not aeoff j 

The Uisd ere'g Hka Its brother, 

ThI* daiag, the kntr itolo off. 
Het Man ufe retreated, ibe cried, 
' Well, lore, i* tbe ri^t irhaUr loM i' 

' Yta, wife, tout dream Ued ; 

Thongb tlU doomedar fan tritd, 
1 ■honld jtXteema more thaa a poet.' 
• Thao tbe derfl take dieau, I wf , 
For I'm more disappointed tbu jon.' 

Qootb the hDibaod, ' Naj, oa;. 

When salt I'm away. 
Let ai bope all jota dreanu nta j come tr 

Wnrta miisie lends Ita heaT'niT ait, 

And basDcrs lire anfarl'd. 
Hail, hail tbe first eomraerdal mart 

Thnraghont tbe peopled vorid i 
Ser Its chief msglatrate, to grace 

London ia pomp and tbow ; 
Hic source of iti great riches tcace 

To sll tbe winds that blow. 
Tbe Cumpaoles to lilier Tbomes 

Move on In slow parade. 
Each bearing, as its banner names, 

A pt-gCBot of its tjade i 

Ttei, wbD* sweet mvslc lebds it* art. 

And banners are nnfnri'd, 
HaB, ^^^l tbe ftiat onnmeieial mart 

Thnra^ont the peopled worid. 
Flnt, minatrelar and loud acdaim, 

Tlwt sweet mnskjans bAag, 

WUIe nea'rj telb Ibe patriot mind, 


Then, while sweet mode, 
Nor let (he SUpwrigbte bj as sUp, 

InUgb eommadal tfeBM 
First in the tank, for Ihim a ib^ 

lUr Lsodon took ita name : 

That Joy Bod ase (Bpplka 
Haifct where tbe uass]r an*ll snoods, 

See I wbcn the diattle Use: 

Then, while sweet mo^, fa 
TbBtt It with art the em Joint, 

Those dress tbe eniqrie sUa, 
Others tb' indnstrions needle poiat, 

Ot decorative (du- 
Some ^g of EUaze, and drees the WMd ; 

Same sh^w the wheels of time ; 
The erer-lcDgtbeDliig flK some pull ; 

l^en, while sweet mosie, Su 
Those, friendship's emblem, bring tbe sqi 

These bear tbe Gordbm ring ; 
And now, while tnunpeta rend the sir. 

Htste to tbe feaat, when, while the 1 

The soda] bonr prolong, 
Tbe loral toast tWim plenty's band 

RsUeree tbe loya] song: 

lien, while sweet mn^ 
Last, at flie ben-room see the Iblr, 

Eacb Mr a British toast, 
Lontf la charms, la lirtoe mt, 

Bkea'd Engiaad's pride sad boast: 
Bat did I to my tbeme gira way. 

By tbncy led along. 
Soon were tbe poet's taemlng lay 

A hist'ry, not a song : 

ls'» myce— t r y yoa'd know ? I'm an Iriibman bora, 

And tbey diristoi'd me Pnddy O' Blareey t 
In bayraaldng time I stepp'd aver one mom, 

AH the way from the Lakes of KUluney ; 
Tnm'd my hand to jnst whatever came in my vrav: 
To be sure, while the sanahio'd, Idid notmakehsy. 

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[Wen, Uio, Tou kbow the wirea aitd dugfater^ 
of the fumen won't— well, they woa't— ] 
Hnve pIcDtr of caiue to reioeniber the da;. 

Tin Hkti dM* I do tbe next eOl^ I M(ki,— 

Ab I tbe KOTld liv the Lokee <rf KUlaniey 1 
[ eriei muk'rel iliTa tk&t wen canght foi Xbnt 

Ah I let alone Paddy CBlaner. 
Then freeh.gathec'd etrawberrlee, eo Mand and K 

VUh Jnrt l»lt.«.^aMk a-top flt to eat— 

[' Ah t Badam, yon need not examine ttmn ; 

bleu yonr two good-IooUng eyii, they an fall to 

the bottom, paper and aU.' ' Well, I'n tnut to 

jou— I dan aay yon won't cheat mc.'] 

So t coaxeahcT apiandhendf makeilHrebeat, 

Ah 1 'bit, let aloDf Paddy O'BlarnBy. 

NcKt I tnm'dtoaehalman,andgotBgaod}Dl>r— 

Ah t th« world tor th* Lakai t/ KlUanwy 1 
I barangu'd at a Ouooiu eleetjoa the taab,—- 

Ah I kt alone Paddy O'Blarner. 
Then to tee how Ue UDBonr and I did cajole, — 

'd down hb flat* with wordi, and I adne 

BattUanotkMiafgnatDeiawunDneofthewon^ — 

Ofal the world for the Lakei of Killarnay I 
Hvringplay' d loeond Sddle.tthanght Pd playlln^— 

Caa't yon let alone Paddy O' Blarney I 
So, nreaiing to pfcindei, and naira' to iqnMk, 
I my qnaMcaUon took oat, and tnrn'd Qnek. 

[Ah I lo be enie, we did not make a pretty date- 
boaie of onr Pharanh Bank. Let me en, we 
plgemi'd, — ay, bit I ud phiek'd them oompletely. 


Via yon let akne Paddy O'BlatMy? 
A big man la all cjrelea eo gay and polite, — 

Ah 1 Uh wnid tar ttu Lake* at Killarney I 
I Ibnnd one who lamt gmwn-np Jolmen to write, 

Jnat to flnich gay Paddy O'Blamey ; 
I fint lust my name, till eo fond of It gnnrn, — 
I don't eay I'd better haie let It alone-^ 

[Bnt, by my *ool and eonidenee. It had Uke to 
han flniah'dme In goodeamot, for yoniec, Ijott 

Another }olmaB*i elgnaban'itaadof my own, — 
What a deiq of a Paddy O'Blamey 1 
Bnt rinee Fate did not ehoow for to nooee ne that 

Ah [ the worid for the Luee of Kfllarney 1 
Tith a Venne of ninety I next nn anay,— 
What a Sdc duhing Paddy O'Blameyt 

[So that. If any Jolmaa haa an occaeioB ft 
Mend, or a lady tor a loier,— or, in ehort, if any 
body ihiHild viib to be diKnnunbcnd of the u. 
eaaineMofawKfe, or a danghtcr, orapnrae, or any 
■neh Und and drfl •errico that can be perftvmed] 

n ... . [^1^ Uj^ ji^ BOUling to<h>, 

' Paddy O'Ulamey. 

'TwiB poat merldiau half-part Ibor, 

By eignai 1 from Nauy parted ; 
At lix, ihe Hnger'd oo the ihne. 

With npUft haadi, and bRdwn-hearted : 
At eev'n, while langht'nlng Um foreataj, 

I nw her flint, or elie 'twu baej [ 
At eight we aU got under wdgh. 

And bode a Igog adieu to Nancy I 
Night oame, and m 

On the mid watch lo Jorial enng. 


I, little to (heir mirth Indhi'd, 

While tender thonghti nuh'd on my thney. 
And my warm dgfae tnireaa'd tbe wind, 

Locrii'd on the moon, and thoo^t gf NaiKy I 
And now arriT'd that jorlal night. 

When ev'ry trae-bred tar earoiuea [ 
When, o'o the gnig, all baodi delight 

To toad their aweethearts and their apoqeei ; 
Ronnd went the can, the Jeit, tte glee, 

While tender wiihca flll'd each bocy i 

Ihear'dail^ and t 

Next man a atom cam 


: on attbori 

FJnnt'd ma, and three poor eaUon mer^ 

Hndlong wltliin tlie loMllng ocean : 
Poor wretctkea 1 they aoon fbnnd their gi*Tea ; 

For me,— It ma) be mly Ihuey, — 
Bnt lore lean'd to fbibld the wavea 

To anat'h me ftom the aima of Nanoj I 
Scarce tlie (onl hmrricane wu dear'd. 

Scarce winda and warea had eeai'd to rattle, 
When a bold enemy appear'd, 

And, danatleu, we prepar'd tbr battle : 
Aud BOW, while aimie lor'd friend or wife, 

Like lightning, : ab'i on er'ry (Ucy, 
To Proiidenca 1 tnuted life. 

Pot np a pray'r, and thongfat of Naacj I 
At lut,— 'twu in tha month <rf Hay, 

The crew, it being tovtly weather, 
At Oa^i..u. diicovei'd day, 

And England'* chalky cliffi tOgetber| 

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At •ar'a, np Chutul how in bore, 
While hop«a uid feui ruih'd on mf batj ; 

At trelTC I (bU J jnmp'd Mhon, 
And to mj UuobUag heut prtai'd Huefl 

Lin*! *■ like u on be ta tn (riih w«k«, 

Wtacra tiiBlr t^icn the^ U|^t, 

And tluf lit tqt lU nlgbt, 
Wld thdr— Why woald JOB tame jow Poor P«ddf 

Acnlil how eonldTOO ba loclim Mke? 


UHt. iniT, UDj.UkioI 

Oil hone I 

'Pail, we'n Itft all together alone t 
But when the plrf tba liqiior pat> out, 

Tha ftu 1> all ehang'd In a crack ; 
Amy Uke isioka goca the vblakey abont. 
And they foot It, cnaa OTBr, and baek to back. 

With thdt tiptdaiy wha^ 

Poor nin, bolted aale wld a good lock and key. 

Like Thiibe, may eaJl 

Throngfa the bole In '<du wall, 
Howhard'a ny Dlifortiuie — I'm left herelSBdaol 

WDl no one take pity on >ie i 

Hniha, what wHl I do p 

LIDy, lilly, Ully, ta loo I 

Oh hone I 

I ibag be after Irlng alone. 
But when the rope ladder affords her relkf. 

And ahs turn* on her mother her ba^, 
'Mong her Mendi and tclatlDu ihe leaTOa all her 

And away to Eleotland they trip in a eraek, 
With their tiptelary whack. 

The ti^ei, next morning, low, ^xk, and In poln, 
The glMttai all bieafci, . 

When the kner If taken back. 

When the patriot autei a pliea d 

Away ta the devil goei cue in a 

And 'U* Hptdary irtiack. 

No msi* of wavei and wlnda tha apcct. 
Out Tend Is Brrtv'd In port | 
At uidior, tea, ahe ufdy lidea. 
And gay red ropea adgm ber liiai s 
the Mill are fori'd, the ahaeU betoy'd ; 

■e may to polaon be grown, 
If e'er he get* tlpiy again : 
With hli-What will I do I 
LOly, miy, ttUy, la lool 


Fhm tU* nonmnt Ftl drinking dlMwn i 
Bnt wbea, in a poaa t , come Baednu'a tnop. 

He ehangei hii tone in a erack ; 
They drink, tnd tbey dng, and they baUoo, and 

And ao 'Ha through 

Dylnf- awaina In dlfgiace, 
pBtrloti tnni'd ont at |rinoe, 

Don't they, coniiig their itan, 

widow* left in the nick. 



nsdeai ahninda. 
And ¥teDchea come n-board in enwda. 
Than cobm, my Uda I the Up pnt round i 
While nfely moor'd on En^iih gronnd, 
With a jomni of diddle, 

Ne'er ahall care in the heart of a tar be (baud: 
And while npoo the hollow deck 

To the ^rightlyjlg onr ftet riiaU bonnd, 
Take each l<J> ohnmer round the neck. 

And Um in time to the merry aoond. 

Beu hear* the death of hooert Jack, 

Who awore he'd eofe and mmd oums haok) ' 

She cailfl falm aourry lying swab. 

And then ibe kindly take* to Bob I , 

Ben aska tha nnn of bonny Kate, 

Who uld ahe'd prore a constant mate : 

But wind! and gtHa are Uh j fnr aha 

TtxA. Ned the mom Ben went to •«. 

Weloome 1 jnyi Ben ; the Up put ronnd : 

Whlk aaldy moor'd, Ik. 
By wU nd pow'r, wiian laat aahora, 
Hti rhino Tom to Poll made o'er ; 
Poll tonch'd the ptlie-money and pay, 
And with the agent ran away. 
And Jenny," jnat aa 'cnte a trick, 
Hli hack once tnm'd, play'd whIitBng Dkk I 
Diek left her clothe* to ent a 9a«h,— 
She wild 'em bH, and ipent the cash. 
'BntcMDc,' aayi Dick, 'the flip pnt round, . 

While aafely moor'd, Ac 
While feet and toDgnea like lightning go, 
With—' Whatcbeer, Soke?'— and ■ How do, Joe." 
IHsk Lanyscd choaaaa Peg ao i^nce, 
And buom Ndl takat Kit Ckbooae. 
Tbni, 'moDgit the gIrU th^ left bAin^ 
A lot ol tnu and blia thay And ) 
WUle theaa bewail Ihoaa that or drown'd, 
And welcome hone the aafe and aoand : 
SOI thankful, lAlle the flip goea ttnuilt, 

They're aaftiy nuMr'd. &a. 


hd.df to mourir-nhl bmr cmU ytn to tach a ek&a? Huha, 




into-pUw ■ - - Iom; Bot *kw OitrMthi H^qMrpala 


te-5 ^:^pg p^^^^^=j 





3 s 


5 ^ 


rf\-l f^ZlZ t^ 


B«i hnn ttaa dnth of bonot Jick, 
Wlko nnm Ika'd Ufa and teuui cant back ) 
Sho calb kLfm senrTj lylDg swrnb. 
And then ibe klndlr Uke* to Bob; 
B«a uka tha niwi of bonaf KUa, 
Who old «b«'d pnm ■ conitut nute t 
Bat wladi tut girU *rc Mm i for tba 
Took Nod flie mora Bco went to an. 
WalcOBBlULT* Ben; tha flip pot roand: 

WMIa iklcl} moor'd, &c. 
Bt will and paw'r, when lait uhore. 
Mil ihino Tota to Poll tnada o'er; 
'■oil tnoeh'd tha prUe-BOnaT and pay, 
Aad with tha affaDt ran awa^. 
And Jaanf, Jnat h 'ante a tnck. 


Sha add 'em all, and apant the eaih. 
' But come,' aaji I^ck, * tha flip pnt to 
While aafal J aaoor*d 
WhQa ftat and ton^nea like llsbtnlas r 
With ■ Whatehaer, Saka?'— «Bd ' How i 
Dick tianjard ebcnaes Ptf ao iprBee, 


'DDDgit the ririi they Mt h 
of trna ud falia the} Had { 

While th 

And Welcoma home tboae tate aad ac 

Still thaokfal, while the flip goa roo 

TheT'ra aafelT no( 

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ilDD'tToa>'ialdJack;< Han rani «i - Uc-kle, tlien, and ru tcU ;<><>>— ^u r«>r 

Ti^f ^i-'j^i iJ J4^rl±j± 

beta . U . fill grown, And, in tjlta of her pnp'i ud In - floe . !>(■,■ 

J^; ! i>"'^'i 'nr 




• Id Hh'i TOTigs ihonld jon tnut m fat** Moid mtt Ua 

Tha top-Um ot Ui heart all a-tdmbo, 
A tampeat at tnacli'iT ymu bark wlU o'srwIidB, 

And yonr Bumringa wlU aooa bs In Umbo : 
Bntlf bla Iwart'i Umben bear np agaloit pelf. 

And ha'i jnat ia hia reck'niosa and Koringa, 
He'll roTTon keep ■ look-mt tbc aune aa lumaelf. 

And joall fiad In Ui (rlatidahlp aafe momlni*, 

' 1/ fradlock'i jonr porti and joai mate, true aod kindr 

In all ireathen^vill atlek to bet datj, 
A calm of conteBtment ihall beam In jont mind. 

Sate moor'd in the baren of beauty : 
Bnt If KHns Miky aklff, crank at erery joSot, 

That batcna to Tom and adorioga, 
Shape your coone how yon will, atUl you'll Diake CDckold'i 

To lay np like a beacoa at moorlDga. 

' A ghittan'a aaA moor'd, bead and atetD, by tha (Ont ; 

A drankard'a moor'd under tba table ; 
In atrawai drowning men will Hope'a anchor And out ; 

Whlleahalr'aBphiloaaphBr'a cable: 
lima maoklad are a aUp, Ufa a birfateroiia main, 

0( Fau'a billowa where all bear tba roarlnga, 
Wbera for oae calm i^ pleaanre wa've tan atormt ol pals, 

Till deatb btioga na all to mir mootingi.' 




I *■ OM of thcue pMrttJ towdih BMrti, M^ good 

Tbo QBda krra'i nreet coBtribottoa la; ill the 



Of idag MBC TkUbK (UT lixi^tcr, or wifc, 
Bcg^Dg, and imirioriDC at mj ftet: 
~IaT> lir t— how often did joa ay rc° taA tlita 

' NcTCT, In tha vhole eoorw of my Vk, 
mUi a Tan, dan, dan O.' 

Wby, wcrnld yoa bellere Uwtwltli the loTdy Myrtma 
It cbanc'd to h^, my good old man, 
Who aocBi'd ai If all tJu powei* of viitae mada 
hor thdr care O, 

That I ibonld cootiiTa, vhila tbOw pretty watchfiil 

Wlthanm, dan,'!^ — 
To kDBd,pant,aiitt«it,iBiploni,heaTa ligliiitaitteai, 
And addioa, with aU tha force of doqaenea and 

ig Is my aniu, at laft ihe— CA dear 1 
' Well, what dU eha do?' 
' Why, gare me a tlMp la the ttee 1 
With a ran, dan, dare O,' 

Anothitr Ume, lAea I waa Satly nfoi'd, my good 

Oh, 'til a tnulneu that wlD make yon itare G 1 
Enry inte of the family nnmd I Wcly aboa'd. 

With a ran, dan, dan— 
Hamitnuig the^^ga, pull'd the aplggot oat of theale, 
Polwa'd the lapdog, kUl'd the eanary-Uida, put 
>1^ in the tea. 
Threw the cat ont <rf the wtaulow, est off the 

With a ran, dan, dare O.' 

Tm beard,' cried mt one, 'tlu 

And at hb what itiangs hi 
Bat 1 don't know lAat'i moorings.' — 'WhatI 
don't you ?' aald Jack ; 

' Han yom eor-tackk then, and m tell yon : — 
Soppoee you'd a danghter quite beantlfnl grown. 

And, in ipita of her pray'n 

Why, d'ye we, he'd be lafe at hla mootlagi. 
' In Ufe'i Toyage dumld yon tnut a blae Mead 
with the helm. 

The top-Ufta of Ui heart ell a-Umbo, 
AtcmpettoftRadi'ry yooi bark win o'erwhelm, 

And yonr mooringa wQl k>od be in Umbo : 
Bnt If his hearf i timben bear np agaloat pcBV 

Andhe'ajnit Inhiirech'niogiandaeoilnga, 
BeH hr yon keep a took-ont the aaom ai hlnwalf. 

And you'll Had In hie tMandihlp laA mooriog*. 

lor'd, head and stem, by the 

or port, and yonr mate, trw ■ 
In an weaUien wfl] stick to her duty, 
A calm of couteatmeat shall beam In your ndnd 

Safe mooc'd In the haven trf beauty : 
Bnt if some (Hsky skllT, crank at erery Joint, 

That listen! to Towi and adoiings, 
Sh^ie your coarse how yon will, still yon'il mi 
Cookidd's Point, 
To lay np like a 1 
> A ^tton's safD a 

A dmnkard 's moor'd noder the table ; 
In itnws, diowniag men wlU Hope's andicr 

And out; 
WUleahair'saphUmopher'a cable: 

Of Pats'i billowa wiicre all hear the roatingi. 
Where for one calm of pleasnre we're ten storm* 

Tin death bingt ns all to oar mooii^.' 

Look all ofor tbe woiid, nrand and eqaara, and 

We bQ know that best we know nothing ahoBt i 
Doo't IgBonudgipaies prstend to teach Fata ? 
And piny -wba now like cobblers can tinker the 

Kind as miU-poeta a 

Becaaaewhyl— 'tis more easy to And (holt thin 

If rd tUs num's (ortone, or t'other man's wft, 
UmuUe'd d'ye think I'd so quietly dt ? 

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Ho 1 mr cuh ihinlil do good, ami idt irrltiiigs 

■hcmld be, — 
Ah 1 'hit, SlukipcUB Unuelf ihonld Iw noUdng 

Thni wc all to mend merit of otlien ue prone, 
And bow nobly ve ipcnd tlint tlut'i none oT our own i 
Who the irini hu not got, alirep fariooBlr driica, 
And Qnu none are mnnag'd tike bachelora wlTCSi 

That battle that made inch a dsrU of a rant, 
Whydon't you and I know they were all (rf them ant? 
Had tUi gen'ral adrasc'd, and that troop oome in 

Ah t ^Ts me a bia*a battle fought ma the glau t 
Thnaten'd people lire bmg, and the tUTied man 

Jnat aa none Kn to manag'd aa bachelan' vfTei. 

What ire han we don't mnt, because wbj that 

Tour tnie etyle of eqlojment '• to baie rtat yon'n 


Or a* fruit in the blcnaom, or chicken not hateh'dJ 
'Teo't the dinaer to-day, 'di the pleaaare I borroir 
While I think on the dinner I'm eating to-morrow ; 
Wbat'a Che preient, my Boul, till the fOburc anfrea 3 
Anah I gt<e me for management bactaelora' wive*. 
To do what we're able '» a UUng n ab*iird, 
Anah 1 who'd walk OD foot that eonid By Uke a Urd ? 
Don't we aee CY'ry moment that lordly thing, man, 
~~ Bach nonaenaa hi nature except what ha can ? 
hort, oar deiires, look from Ireland to Rome, 
the haneat that 'a grawing, the doth In the 


Iflkonght rdiamemakU,bnt I madeamiitake,— 
"Te a rich liq'rleh old wife for any poor rake ; 

TO a plaice for a cottitler, fcvjokci* I'Tsgiigt ; 

<K gvdgeons for quacks, and I '-n fianndert tor 

Coming, coming I — yon'Q aee that I'n told yon 

Thti way, if yoa please, genunen, dinner's on table. 

I aome Una deril'd lawyers, some dnnen dia- 
le patriot! (tew'd, and Kmiegen'ralasarprli'di 

llien, a eaynuie yon loTB, and wonld wish bobm- 

Lord, I '11 roast yon a nabob, dear air, in a trioe. 
Then for fope, who to make themselTCi fools take 

Buch pains, 
1 're a fine thick calf's head, with the tonffue 

the brains ; 
I 'ft mnshroonu for npitatti, for Welslunen 1 

And then the deuert — I hare all lorta of cakes ; 

1 'tc a fig for m-DBtun, 1 'ye raliins In gints ; 
And then, (Or all those fond of secrets, I 'te nati 
Sndk as throng baUon'a mate paas thdr Htcs in 

Hay sickoi on Mies, snd ice, and *^pt>«re«m ; 
Vain ooxcombs on flnauD'ry nmy feast tin tluy bnrst; 
Then I ' TB got, for yoor tn 

Yoohaire heard of the man who snch ilrtoet poa- 

nat he wtsh'd a gjass window wi 

B plae'd at his 

To the world all his actions as plain to diqilay 
As the nose la yonr hee, m the son at noon-d^. 
So 1 pot on my spectacles, look mighty wise. 
And read in a liiee people's hearts thio' thdr eyea ; 
While the catalogue taqe of their irtdms I ran orer. 
And of Ufe'a motley crew the deceptjoni dlscorcr. 
Though my queatloos are mal-^iropoi and ODConth, 
I, In «|dte of thdr teeth, make thdr tongues to teO 

ffires him rivals she hates, appeals Tu'd when 

she's giad, 
Forthe dear harmleaapleaiure of maklagbim mad,— 
I pot on my Bpectaeles, look mighty wise. 
Read her whlmdcal heait thn' her beaatlfol eyn i 
' As you hope to be married, loa'am, quick an. 

Do yon hate this nan?' ' Lord, what « c re a te re 1' 

cries she: 
' Mnst I, then, be dncere f Well, I lore the sweet 

As dear as my lUe, rir ( and now you've the troth.' 

To follow up next the eoqnette with the prade. 
Who pretends eT'ry man that regards her is mde i 
Who can't aUde flirts ; ibUs at eudi am'rous ell 
Who llirta nerer, except in the comer, herself; 
I put on my spectadn, look mighty wite. 
Read her warm yielding heart thnnigh her cold 


iStertainments sans sofci. 

I eoold iiutancefttiMnuuid thingi,viri(nu and tnu 
When one tUng mCD UTi fi uotliBr thing do : 
,1 ecnild dlapel all idt mni amicnu rear, 
then li no occanon fOT ipecticla ban ; 
, wen I to ireai them, to locric e'er k> wke, 
I eonld then, bat aa now, nad joi 


And, whUa yo«r wit 'i hanaleu, and yon make na 

Yon ma; banlib each tar ftvn jtni mlDd, (br, In 

We ahaU lulling ap^od TOO, and that U the tmth. ■ 

Tsa Poet njt that lore 'i Hhe fln, 

WUch kindly beat and joy hnpaita 
For ci'rj porpoae and deain 

Tliat wanna and that expanda mr heaiti: 
But, trqat thla (Ire, where i* the bound 

That ihall iti deraitadoa atay ? 

And horror marka its trackleaa wa; : 
Thaa both we dread, and both admin ; 
Thna poeta uy that Idtb '■ like Are. 
The toper eajB that lore 'a Bks wine, 

Aad tbMi Ita poVr, "bore homau ken. 
Can lift the aonl, and ao relne 

Oar jaja, that goda ndgfat attj man i 
Bat, tram thla elenUion lonk. 

The momcDt reason learei the fcait, 
Bla godahip Snda a god, when drunk, 

la Uttle better thaa a beaat : 
Thus both an beaatlf , both dlrina ; 
Thna topers aajr that love 'a like wine. 
Your aportamen aay, km 'i like the chase. 

That leada oa maof a weary mile, 
Through many a rude and dKOg'rons placx, 

O'er moand, and hedge, and ditch, and itlh 
Bvt when hla pleaanrea with hia toll 

Are fairiy counted, what 'a the gain ? 
Fatlgaed and tir'd, he niakei a coQ, 

And pnta np game not worth the poln : 
ThVM lore'a wlthont a goal a race; 
Thus sportamen lay, loie 's like ths chase. 
TVoe loven ny, love 'a like the devil, 

Wbo torua a hundred deviovs ways, 
mth aamt-like race, and heart of etU, 

And amlles the moit when he belnyi ; 
Does not the derO take ei'ry hue. 

And in an fonns and taUona more i 

la not be Uack, and white, and blue. 

And hot, and cold > — and ao la ton) : 
And thna to lors are hnen dvil. 
As Indiana court from fear Hut devD. 

Let carping [dlota itlll condemn. 

Where reason bids them most njidce ; 
For if they err, the Iknlt'a hi them. 

And Id the ol^ects ctf their cbiriee : 
The lover thM shall aD ereel, 

Let him but choose a faitUess tUr, 
Hli lore shall prove a very heQ, — 

No Lethe to reUeve Ui can : 
Let bin of leaaon take advice, 
And love shall be a paiadlse. 


When to-day, falrfy hunted, to us othen yield. 

And to-moROW we'n hunted by others : 
Through calling, prohauan, aad trade, to get ridi. 

All wrBng>, and squabble, and scramble ; 
Through wood, dale, and bottom, o'er hedge, atHe, 
and ditch, 
Through bnah, and through brier, and tlirough 
Then come round me, all huntera — in Life's harlc- 

And the heir out of cash, who can start no nMt* 
Is at laat hunted down by hla tailor : 

Then eome round me, &c. 
Coontry 'squirea daah away, nor thsir noddlss coa> 

'Boat the Iroiid, Or Ita joatllngs and eroases ; 

im, at length, to die bottom, Actaona they tara. 
Eaten up by their dogs and their hones 1 

Indiscriminate pleasorcs who chaaea in view. 
Will to pleasure In time (all a martyr ; 

And the bold fortnne-hnnter, who ran downaihrcw. 
Will find he was caught by a Tartar: 

Then come round ue, &C 

The hunk, wbo hunts ilcbea, la hunted by care ; 

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FifflT kmita Am •MrniMBtknipa daw at On hedi, 

I» thi HOWBt of fidlT ba '> (coOBg t 
And tfm Am ifatt Iwattr, la coOu irto di^ 

PMitoU hont Air tha g«od of tU utko i 
HangiT ^otton* hunt bulk, p' ' ' 
Aad us diu'd, in ntura. bj t< 

im br tloM «« >n hnntad to torac : 
Then come nntnd m« 

A B*ui In TondCT eraner Ma : 
There '1 WPWOiliig In tUi mu, myi he,— 
111 tne, be cannot wilte like ma, 
Hb wit won't bear inapeetlcn,— 
•To hit the faoltdi Ume* wu rf^t, 
Vbes men Beglected gmiu ili^t,— 
Ht j^Ji fn inftaneCj damn'd fiivt nlghtj— 
The munara want ecnvetloa 1' 
[Cartalotr thej do i and, thsrefcve, ao fU tbi* 
aun'a attempt ii medtorlou, to be son. If I had 
baodliid tlu ntiject, it would haTC bsen done in a 
dlfleroit acvt of a ■w*wwf* ; Init hia bnnj^lD^ urit 
oalf proTc* that iia own poalllon li tmtb — ] 
For when he tahei each foollib SCi, 
To ran and Koff at woold-lic wita, 
He proTSB, ai linid lilmHlf he hlta. 
That be'a not aU peitetloD. 

tfl onr pvtection.' 
1 Uk'd to hear him laogta at fbpa. 
And waiila eat ahoit, and Uits, and cn^, 

a oogfat to be eaooDnt(;ed.] 
But when he nila at hoerdMl pdf, 
And tnrtla-fnaU— the itopid elf I 
He't wrong: hot then he owu, Uoiadf, 
Va oao't be aU perfictlan. 
HIM Twinkle erica to diter Tab, 
' I'm plsu'd ha '* ^t'd jm prndea a dab i 
Bat ofooqaettlah air* to blab, 
. 'Twaa doae witlioat lEllectltm ;' 
^WeO, now,' cciei Tab, 'then I prataat. 

[' WeBtbn, nov.tyt and tiodi I' aaid n UA- 

■nan, ' 'tia all mi^Ujr well «1& Ua nixtuK, ■ 

Ui hope, hia good raical, hii liiaiirt tttttnr, ai 

themtofit. CMil ttiaaniUrgaaa.'] 

But when ha tdlka, Oa daad'niaa logne. 

That card* and dice an all the TOgne, 

Fait t tia too mneh upon the brogna, — 

mneh ottJiiotiDn. 
Whan I <« b the aalbUBg It, 
Bad with BT nal kept paoe bj wit, 
B-ea ahalapeta'a mU had aoOtef 'wtit 

and pradacad a perfieet cnt< 


Thodob hard the valiut aotdler'i tUt, 

Thaj aoma awaat monnta know ; 
Jo]P ne'er waa yet unlx'd with ttrife, 

Hot lupplneaa with woe. 
•TIi hard, whs Mend, when cUldra, wift, 

Relnetant from him part) 
WhUe bnEf painta the mnflsd dmm. 

Tet calau their fcan 
mth amDea, white honor '■ in hia hsttt 1 

To bring him lunaa at lut. 

And U UMir didteg arma to And aauodi 

For aO U* nlTringa pait. 
'Til hard, when, deaolatioB apread, 

Death wblrii the i^d car, 
And tiioae invaded hear and drebl 

The thnnder of the mr: 
Ah t then, Indead, fiiEnd, children, wifo, 

>, alai I the mnfled dron. 

The moonfnl lifto, 
the load ToDar o'er the gts*e, 
1 nnnd and reqsieaa to the b(«n, 

While Ooae alin, 

blead hope'a auBa wlfli pUya tear 1 

■ DigmzcdbyGoOglC 






d: JikN2 i ^:^ i J^ ^ 

jli^. j'lu. ] \ rpmi^F? \ - 


TbB Umndn of tke wu : 
Aht thea, iUutd, Mud, cUldna, wife. 

Hate ym tnie tuMMt to haz, — 
Too Mun, alu I ths mnlBod dram. 

The monrnfDl It*, 
And tbn land ToUer o'ar tha rnn. 
Shall tmi ud reqalaa* to tk* bran. 

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;•. J-. 1 

U. short 


bj It tl»:n'J, 

- 1 

niT Ui ghaet u 
1 J^T 1 B 1- 














— — p — 1- 






: 5 



-t-- — 

i ^ 

-> — "^-i- 



mm ^ mij'^-i-^-^r^ 



Turn gkNHiiT night italk'd ilow kwj, 
The twUlglit take the doabthl d*]r, 
Vnum oa m rock poor Pegrtdiii'd, 
Mad m the mvn, wild u tbawtnd. 
' Gin me my love I' ihc Ihuitic leretm 
■Inw hiifl^iHt u brit (^eam'd;— 
111 dlTC, I'll aearch the brlDT gloom, 

And ninr the tempeit dlmi &e Aj, — 
How mBUT w>n poor atSkm die I 
Sm, teel the itagg'iliig mad *plit> I 
She '■ liMt, like Peg '■ poor ihlpwrecfc'd frib ■. 
No, tww in l»ttle th»t he died ; 
Would DO pow'rtnm the ball aMtJ 
I uw it w it rent hia hent i 
1 heard him cry—' And moit we pari ! 
For Peggy, ah I thew rdlci save, — 
Troe iuren abmld ind oat one grvn.' 
Where on the de^ the airem yawn'd, 
Now, aa the pnrple moralng dnwn'd. 
The iorge, in bnaker* land and hoane. 
Her lava eait ap & llfeleu eonei 
She tsrei I ihe lereaiiiiel bErhaudiiba wrings! 
Tlu ihock retnming reaaon bringe ; 
ReaioD retnnu, deal too late,— 
She daapa Iwr km, and ]4dda to fate I 
~ ' 'lug fticnda their rcUca UTe, 

u kiren And am grave. 

Tm wc»ld atiii jodgei by the mien ; 

And, throng tikat Jaimdie'd ta 

Shall V^adun'a adf IM FUty 

Tla not becaoM JOB n^ ami 

*Tla t^''' he'* one of FaahloD'i fooU. 
Tbt topcf, o'er tlie bowl, Ida joke 

Who TCDt* against hia deareat frieodi, 
Nert mocn would fain the Ijosrt were broke. 

And he'd Ixcn damh, to make amendi : 
For hononrwell liis heart cmh touch ; 

He well know! golden FiiendaUp'i r«ka ; 
ma tanlt in that he drinka too modi,- 
And thna he's one of Faahion'a taola. 
Tbe bouncer awean that brown la Iihic, 

And moulds U will dame Nature** law | 
And taiki of Joys he never knew. 

And ffendea diarmi h« never *aw : 
'Til not thathewonld fain renounce 

Fair Trtith, and all her >aci«d rale* i 

Bat 'tta that it 'a genteel to bounce,— 

And thosbe'aoDeof Pashlon'sfixi)*. 

If merit |Jae away, fljrgot. 

If nke* at aacred bononr aneer. 

If wedlock prove no Qordlan knot, 
And lovers dread to be eevere : 

'Tla not that men so mnch delight 
To deviate beat Honoor'a nitei ; 

Bat that it '• vulgar to be right,— 
And Uma they all are Fashion's foola. 

Say, what conctosion *s to be drawn ? 
Are we to fancy or to feel. 

To live awake or in a yawn. 
To be eon^lent or genteel ? 

Soon the election may be made- 
Let'* sqniTe onr lives by Rcason'i rales ; 

So fU be Fashion's modei obey'd. 
But let u not be Fashion's fooli. 

Oyeal Oyeal Oyesi 
Lost, or mislaid, 
Or atolen, or stray'd, 
Tbe charvoter, Oie decency, the duty trf a yooth. 
Who waa fam'd, UU this Md accident, for proluty 

and truth; 
Wboaaanag'dhisiiaiciita' aorraws, aHerlatcd thdr 

And who, wKh ipotleas hone 

[Thii yonng man, aa he came oat of hia hther'a 
banker'*, was bcckoaed by a lady in a hackncy- 
floaeh.— He drove to a jewdler'*, Trtieie be boBght 
a «aaaond neddaae. He dined with ■ roaring 
partyatatavna; wi, la tiwnening, was heard 
to talk very load at the Opera. He waa next 
Introdnced to a boue, not a hundred mOe* from 
St. Jaaua'*, where it I* nppoaed he could get no 
eni^er, for he waa aeen at three o'clock In the 
'morning vorsdonily to iwallow dice and eat card*.] 
Who to hia wretched parents this miagnlded youth 
will bring, 

Of doiog a good ac 
^uJl receive a sum &v mo 

conld e'er atfbrd ; — 
They shall see the peace and comfort of a (audly 

Oodaave the King 1 

Oyesi Oyeal Oyeal 

Lost, ormiilaid. 

Or stolen, or stray'd, 
he tears of a widow, young, wealthy, and f^, 
'ho nora'd a rich old huiband half a year with 

Who lov'd him not fer dther her oonvenieoct Of 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Commona to prore hli will, trtien mMUng with a 
Toy hancboiiu tdbd;; proctor, It ii npposcd the 
Ate of ki ftluora abaDriliBd and dried up tlw tears 
of tiu* (UscooMlatB widow ; for abe has narer been 
leen to ciy tlnee bat onoa, and then aha wu 
detectadwithaii ouoB in lier pocket-baudkvehlet.] 
Vbo to thli wretchod moonier these same predoiu 
diops wifi bring, 

Beatdei the satlsftusHoD 
Of dotnj a good aetioa, 

bfl proCFar*df 
Foi thej'Dbc died nonumttioTacigMateTrnTaTd 

Gad aare Che King] 
Oyeal Ofeal Oja\ 
Loat, or mialald, 
Or Btden, or itraj'd, 
Hu kidh and Ibrk of an alderman, a ooniisellor'a 

The dice-boK ti a Gredan, a psnon's tithe-pig, 
Tba bn of a besnty, liet Wh tootb also, 
And B hair-pnwdu' Uceuae belonging to a bean. 

[As tliBae poor mlbRTi arc rnined anddeprbred 
of their llveHhood by the loss of these TopectiTe 
artkksithBr bdng their woiUng. tool*, the charlta. 
bk and humane an hnmbly reqneatad to take Into 
GOnddsratioo tbsii foriom oonAtkm.] 
And, whoenr to theae poor |^ple these artlclca 

Fte they're <£ Ttry Bttle use to anibedj but the 

^na fftifihtu 6«ibiili. 

Tbiki ware ^nner' Thiaiher, and he had a cow, 

And Gammer were my fond on 'on ; 
And fiiey'd a son Jaeky that made a Une bow. 

So tiwf Knt 'nn n prantioe to Lonnon. 
Jacky** master a baiber and halr-dreaser were, 
Than aome 'iqnlm, 'cod 1 he thon^t hlnuetf 
In the day throngh the town he would drau and 
cnt hair, 
.nd, drvu'd out at night— cnt a figure. 

To ^s JadtT** maitci -mre all hia delist, 
TLe aoap-snda and isxoi both scOTning ; 

He's been tookt by the nose by the same tap at 
Itat Ite tooirt by die note in Out morning. 

ow to see Uie cow moan 

would have made a eat 


Her milk were his food 

ate and early 1 

Bd BTen if Jsckj hsd been her own cslf. 

She conld not ha' lov'd 


he moan'd, snd she groi 

m'd, nor knew irtwt Aa 

To lieart so she took this lUsasler ; 
At last, roaming aboDt^some rogue* cut olTher tail. 
And than sent ber back to her maater. 

'Here's the ld«w come hoiae,QBmmei^ come bring 

oat tbe pall.— 

Poor creature, I'le glad we Iksn fbund her i* 

Crkd Dame, ■ Ten't onr Uaw,— she's got net« • 


Hen, Roger, goo take hv and poond tier.' 

' 'Tla onr kisw, bat you ife alu's becm maba'd by 

Vhy, dame, tho'rt a Tool— gtrs me patkoce V 
So to aqnaUllag ther went ; when, to end tba 

Came home Jackj to aee Us rslatiaDS. 
His spencer be sported. Us hat round he twM'd 

As whistling a tone he eame bott-ln. 
All tiedack'd and belopp'd, — sounds I Im look'd 
aD the world 

Like trlmm'd bontnma, or nmgplea a monltlnf* 
'Ofadeorl titoiirJaclqr;eomebringanttli«(lel' 

80 f!»inm*»- tail sldpptng around nn 1 
■ Our Jacky t why, dam't, he's got nerer a taU— 

Here, Roger, goo take on and pound on.' 

"Tie tbe kick, I say, old one, so Ibroo^t It down, 

Won by jemmies ao neat and so qnuiky.' 
' Ah, Jad^ I thos wanf st i^> a puppy to town, 

Ctamer storm'd, Oahr awore, Jacky whiiflsl 

'Twas agreed, wllbout any more paarfoo, 

To take Jacky in ftnonr a* well aa tlw cow. 

BecMse they were both in the fkaUon. 

Vhih Rwdom knew not where to tore. 

From ccmqner'd Qraeca and groaning Rome 
At random drlv'n, Kke Kosh'a dove, 

Withoot a shelter or a home, 
Th' expanded woiid she Ttew'd, wltere Desi 

Slks might repose hv weary foot; 
Saw this oai isle, set up her rest. 

And bade the ipreading uk take root i 
Bade It adom the land, ai.d be 
Fsir England's Tree of Liberty. 
Thus spoke the goddess— This bir tree. 

The tow'riug forest's kln^y bOMtt,— 
LM uy behasts kq>t sacred be,— 

This tree shall gnard youi ssa.gbt ooatt I 

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Fncdom'* bAe«t« an tluae— To know 

Vo (hdlon, DO olwl, no cuuc. 
From whole pcsUf roni breath inaj grow 
Angfat 'galnaC Uu DUnurch, or the lam ; 
Keep aacced tliae, the oak shall be 
Fair EutiBnd'i Tree of Ubeitf. 

Ita friendtj aimi, that, on thdr my, 
Tboae aocconr vho ita aid implore, 

A faithful portrait thall dlapla; 
Of EnglaodU liosf^table ahore : 

A great example to impart. 
To ncconr lav and Iflxrtj, 

Shall make a rampart of Ita heart : 
Hail, f acred oak I then ; deign to be 
Fair England'! Tree of Liberty. 

Hall Fieuiom'a tree tn ftrrent hjnuii, 

That freely, on the a-wfol main, 

Lanacbea in Biitsin'a caoac ita Hmba 
That might; wall) and btilvariu forma, 

Thence En^iud'a thunder ihall be httri'd ; 
And, apite of battle* and of atOTnu, 

That bfwn oar conuDeree through the world : 
Hail, Fieedom'i ihrine I atill deign lo be 
Fair England'a Tree of Ijbertj. 


WuKH I told 7on jmur chedi won the bhiah o 
That the aprins waa the trpa of your Touth, 
That no lilT a tint like ronr neck eonld diadoae, 

I made love In the langnage of tmth : 
Yet tlie lovelleit rose, once the anmmer awajr, 

( ita bloom leaves no vesUgc behind ; 
Bnt foar Uoom, when the aummer of lite aball 

Fmh aa ever ahaU ^ow in your mind. 

See the bee, aa from Bower to flower ha rores, 

The iweeta of the garden explore. 
And, In winter to f^aat on the banqnet he lores. 

Lay in his indostrioiu store : 
Sn all your employment, through life's hnij day, 
' the sweets drawn tram goodness to find ; 
son's feaat to anpply, and cheat winter away, 
rom that aouree of peifteUon, your mind. 

And thos, aa the Beasons of lUa paas away, 

We enjoy ■I'ry tbiIoui scene i 
like spring all expanding, the summer bH gay. 

You are yet in your si 

) but, when on your 

Vhile from nil admlratioB yon And, 
Slrer winter its hoDonra shall sacredly shed 
Still ■ommer abaU bloom in your mind. 

Coitt here, oome here, my pretty dear, 

Leare bna'neaa, eare, and labour i 
Cbriatmaa cornea bnt once a ycer, — 
CoDu, lads and laua, conM, and hcsr 

My metTj pipe and tabor : 
I sell all aorta of cntioui wares. 

Tapes, garters, ribands, iaeei ; 
That i^-n the form enchanting airs. 

And set off pretty fteei. 
And then I'ti philters, drugs, and i-ii'i™- ! 

That, when the nymph's deserted. 
Shall hue the shephenl to her anna. 

And make him tender-hearted. 

This wonderftU lore-powder tee ; 

Thou^ erer ao hord-featur'd. 
To a Vemu that tonretts each she, 

By making her good-Datur'd ; 
Thii eye-water can pow'r lUspense 

To curt each Jealma blfndneaa. 
And turn, by gen'rout confidenee. 

All jarrtng strife to kindoesa. 

Come here, come here, &c. 
When eloada shsll wedlock's >ky defhce. 

And dim that brilliant hsaTen, 
Dpra your lips thla padloek place, 

By wary prudence given : 
Bnt when, from storms and tempeata free, 

Th' horlxon kxiks propltioua. 
From Idndneea* hand take pleasare'a key. 

And open seenea deUeiaus. 

Come here, come here, &o. 

Stavoiko one summer's day on the Tower SBp, 

Careleea how I my time ahonld employ. 
It popp'd in my head that I'd talce a trip 

Aboard of a Margate hoy : 
1 took a few ilope, such aa shirti and a coat. 

For of prcf 1 luiew well they'd be stor'd ; 
Then Ibail'dapair of nan, shov'doff my boat, 

And away I dash'd aboard. 

['Ah, my dear Commodore I who thought of 
seeing yon ?' ' What, Ura. Oarliage 1 How is tl 
Alderman ?' ' There ia my buaband, air.' ' 'Pc 
my word ; and Dicky, I declare.' ' Give me 
leave, Commndoie, to Introduce yon to my filendi : 
Mr. Shadiack, Commodore Kelson— Commodon 
Kelaon, Mr. Shadrack.' ' Very much at yoor 
aharvlce, air.' 'Miia Minnlkin, Commodore 
Keleon —Commodore Kelson, hfias Afinnlkln.' 
* Very happy to have the pleaaore of linowing yon, 
air.' ' Dr. Qnibns, Commodore Kelaon— (^mmo- 
dote Kelaon, Dr. Qtdbas ; Captain Squash, Com- 
modore Kelson — CommodoR Kelson, Captain 
Squashi Sir I>tac1im O'Orogheda. rnrnmnl 

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w U« lemn In torrei 

For oomd; Ned Uiat died at 
Hli sifter Peg her brother loi'd, 

For ■ rl^t tender heart had ahi ; 
Aad often to •trong gtiet «w aiov'd. 

For CwbbIt Ned that died at sea. 
nil ncetheart, Qiace, oace blithe Kud g^j, 

That M tha da>ce npon the lea. 
Now wntei la ttait the HH'rlng ilaT, 

For cmnel; Ned that died at *ea. 
Hti IHeada, iriio Im'd Us jauHj worth, — 

For none more fideadi conld bout than hc,- 
atlde their mlrtb. 

comelT Ned th 

Come, theo, Bad jotn, wttfa friendly tear, 
The lOBg that, 'midst of all our glee, 

We from anr hnrts cbannt once a year, 
For eomelr Ned that lUed ataea. 




mu - n, BOT dna. Tbn duiee, amd then ling, tnd Uu btn-Jer Uimm tbnun, Hs , 




One mMM, ■»■ ibTc, Ugh lad low, all dcf^nei, 

Oat dne b* OB* BMaii, be good, hoBMt, bnre i 
Onamuia, bad, wickad, b« wdtm Hub one ilani 
IT Toor hcait taD ron good, to* aUbappy, all well i 
If bad, ba plagna Tcx TOO, wsraa and a bell : 
Let jaai beait make jtm mtnj, tben, honeat and tme. 
And yon no can no fartUng te Slokaraboo. 

One gwna me aaa mataa him play, him call chm. 

King kin knigbt, qoew Uibop, men cattle throw dowK, 
like caid>aoldlaB Um acMtar, all lia oa a groiuid. 
Andirtiea the giae orer, kiogi Uebop, tag, rag, 
Qaeea, knigbt, all togetber Um go In a bag :— 
So In Hte'a game atcbaaii irben no noreire can do, 
Haaaa DetUi bring one bag, and we Klckaraboo. 

Tban be goad, «hat yen an^ neber mind de degree [ 
LilfBow'r goodfbi nmewhat at welloa great treei 
Yon one ilaTe be no nte to be inlkT and ely ; 
Wocfcr, iRirky, perhapt yon one maun by'm by. 
Sane good and be poor moke yon act better part, 
rban be iloh in a pocket and poor in a heari ; 
Though erer lo low, do your duty for tme, 
All Tont (Hend drop one tear vbea yon KLckarabou 



A BdCoo, era Ini'ir Imported Uic gout, [rocki, 
In the field, 1b the biU-TOOni, or tcunp'rlog o'er 
Could g^reeliMe to thefba, or the hlr, or the fox i 
A band of (boi« friend i. Uthe loiind of hit horn, 
Sallied forth, blithe and boiom , to hail the fltlr moret 
AU Inatr, and uoUe, and tne and tried sien, 
A>d eall'd, for diatlnetlaD, the Lad* of the Olei. 
Shall I teU Toa their nameai Tbn waa bold 

Alfred Howe, [cow ; 

Spnug from OnT E*ri of Warwick, who hnnled a 
And then, on UsconrMT, came TaHut Sir Hngb, 
Bamfrom that London 'prentice two Hone that (lew: 
Next that there deril, Hengiit, with target and 

gorp, [Geoigei 

Won, hia aneeatora write, bjr the migfatT 8L 
Then Owen ap Bice, who again and afain 
Had been In at the death with the Lndi of the Gleo. 

TbD Oraon, the jaUj, a bold dulsg elf, 
SproDgtyoia Arthur— n«T,Hounj, from Ntmrod 
UoKlfi [S'm'' 

Edwla, GlaaTfl]e,BBdHamtingdaB, WMndBeaaad 
The laat the great-gnodioD of bold RoUn Hood : 
To tbeaa add m; aneeitor, making Joat ten, 
11* writ la fair eharaeteii, now, In the hall. 
What a duae ther were led the el; fax to Isthnll 
H* ran '«m at length, and then hard at a pnih. 
And BOW thej're aiiin from him, and aow at hit 

TU the dogtareaowBary, that, panting ftir breath, 
Thejo'ertake him, but eannot aeeomi^tb hit death. 
BrItoDt tparn praatrata foe*,— to thej looa'd him 

To aSbrdfatore aport (or the Lad* of the Glon. 
Thna, latianal pleaitue wat all thdr deUght : 
Thefi hnnt In the morning, and rerel at night i 
Ttir tnth aad pure honour dwelt prood in each 
And kind boaptulitr aet np her rtat ; [braaat. 
And (Tom their gay board ncTer yet wat the day 
When the poor and the hnagrr wtnt empty awaj. 
Briton* all hare tme heart* ; jet 'tla hard to uj 

Weahane'o'KethellkeaftluLadaof thcGlen. 
Then charge high joor bnmpcn ,-"io chom* loud 

■Ingi [King! 

Like tne tabjeett, left alt drink a health to the 
Ha'i B^oitaman himself, and long, long UB]r Um 

Glre him health to bebiAd bit lUutrioni race i 
And wonld Tt, je Briton*, joiir honour iuure. 
At Inn aa your MOrage, your rectitnde pore. 
Hit Tirtoea bat emulate ; toon thaU, again. 
Return the good timet of the Ladi of the Glea. 

No. 36. ) 


, ye lataei, and lend 
lyi, ninety-six i* leap-year. 
* Leap-year,* criea oui Margery, < well, Bumiknll, 

what then >' 
*Why,woiuid*,don't the women gocoortingtbemen? ' 
And they H make tlm beat o'nt, and not *tnnd hum , 

Forthey won'tgctanotherfln'dghtyearatocome^ ! 
Come, ladiea, a tmee to each maidenleh fEar,— 

Kli* thefellawt,aDdwith themabqipynewyeu'.' i 

See the aly Httle toadi, how they ogle and grin,-^ ; 

■That'* right, iqneeie hia hnnd, chock nn onder ' 

the chin;' 

See th^ thilmp with that giant there prattle and i 

'Cod, these leap-yeara be nice time* lor theladiet. 
Thnt't right — how they tnigger, and timper, and 

Kit* 'em np, girla, and wiab 'em a happy neur year. 
Then as there'* no Jack but he flnds ont hit jm. 
Who knowi, heh 1 but I may of loie get my liU. 
Let 'en> coma— who 't afraid 1 wouuda, at atout aa 

they be, 
1 ehoold Hke for to ealch then a courting of me. 
Sie that ehooaea me out a* a penon of taate, 
I can tell her, will And me not Tery aham'd-fac'd, — 
'Whatdoatldlme?'iaya[,— 'thatthoah>T'*tae, 

Ge 't a bua*, then, and wtah me a bqipy new year.' 
Bat, wound* 1 while I Joke* to in this merry fit, 
1 maunt let ny tongue, d'ye an, run 'foiemywlt; 
For, bowe'et one may Uo^ lioat the girla and be 

They hate more Mmee by hnU in theae matter* 

Oive a woman her way, and Til wager vfm her. 
She lean* It^p'ry and nonienie, to choose truth 

And he may well brag, and hi* head high up rear, 
Wliam *he kitie*, and wishet a happy new year. 
Then at each Britiih beauty be conitaut and loyal ; 
So much do they dote on U* Majesty royal. 
That now they got IcBTC for to do nhat they pleasea, 
'Cod1If'twerenotfCirahame,theT'dBllkls«mita i 

So, H kiyalty, truth, and each generous duty, 
Beleamttowemen-lblktbyiweetaetsaad bcanty, 
Let na not ba out-done In our own proper epbere, 
But let ktre mertt lore, and each year be leap-year. 

Pooa negro aay one ting— yon no take oAoce, 
Blnc^ and wMtebe one coloar a hundred year* hence; 
For when massa Death kick him Into the graTC, 
He DO ipare n«ro, bockia, nor matta, nor thnt. 



He foOU^ to tlnk wbtt to-mORiw mar come ; 
Ulf laogli and be fU, de beat tlog yon can do, — 
Time enough to be lad when 

One >I>ve be one nwem, be good, boneet, bnre ; 

naiu, bad, wlckod, be wane than one ilwm : 
If four beut tell ]roQ good,)roa ■Qban'Ti lUlnd!; 
If bad, he pla^ne vex yon, irorve and a bell ' 

jour heart make jou menj, then, hcocat and 

JOD no can no fartiiing lot Kli^anboo. 
One game me tee mkHB him play, him eall dun, 
King, queen, Uahoii, knight, eaitle, all In a mew ; 
King km knlgfat, qoeen Uthop, nen caatle thraw 

Like card-wldkn bim aeatter, all Ve on a giannd. 
And whea the game orer, Ung, Uihop, tag, tag, 
Qoeen, knight, all tosetber blm go hi a bag :— 
So In Bte'igamaatcbeai.irhennomoceirecaniki, 
n Death bring one bag, and m Klekuaboo. 
Then be good, what you am nenr mhid de degree ; 
Uly flow't good forMmewbaLaawellBignattice : 
Yon oce ilaTe be no ue to be aulky and ily j 
Worky, worky, perhapa joa one maaw by'ni by. 
Sane good and be poor make yon act better part. 
Than be rich In a poeket and poor In a heart ; 
Though erer lo low, do yoor doty (or true. 
All Ttmr Mend drap one tear when yoa KlekaraboD. 


G»ia, an iriiD love 

Through pleasure'* gum 
To take yooi roerry lamblei, — 

WItfae heart! 10 Ate 

Confirm yoor f^ee,-*' 
Join In onr ChrUtmaa gamboli. 
Sea the lad* and laatei wind 

Tha gen'ral joy enhandng. 
The wocU'a tidialtBdei thay trace, 

Ai they the Bgoce meaenre ; 
Variety and dwnge of ^aee 

Stni living leat to pleaenre. 

Come all who love, Ste- 
ele merry hunter* and the hxan 

That oft haTC wak'd Aoroia, 
T' imtock the treuorea of the mom 

Thnmgh tbe domain of Flora ; 
Ifeit In qnalnt form, and Testmeate gay, 

Comee many a monia-dancei t 
ynOx belh thai rug, and flute* that play, 

In awny eaonce amwer. 

The pipe and tahor's apriihtly tioB. 

The organ's eonnd eanoroiu. 
The comic bagpipe, and the drooe. 

Shall join the swelling chonit. 
The piercing fife and deafening dnun. 

For hDucet hearts recmitlng. 
To jdn the mIngHng soond shall come, 

Come, then, who Ion, Jkc 
At length the trumpet's cheerfnl eall 

Sonnd* to the (test of pleaanre. 
When hi tha hnapllable ball 

Plen^ unlades her treatnre. 
See Fattier Christmoi pleas'd appear, 

To crown oor InathaUosi ; 

In sportiie revolution. 

Come, thai, who lore, &c 

yma 4* Qnural CUdimi. 

of tb* prtmlsH nUOt Dlbdhi h 
— rled In Iht BKaad, were IM u ■ -•• 
inbet benel* and ccUbrhb wm » 
■n urnDTEOE*, Ihal, ttOt I ' ~ 
tlKtrU by IndMl^lMwl 

hItfacrtD occupied In ll 

Nay, nerer upbraid ma that &lse was each oaO, 

Yon say I meant neither ; — I tay I meant bott ; 

So our qnarrel'e the sense of a word, noUiing more. 
On a moment's reflection, yon'd rarely have (bund 

That lore's flame ta but lambent, and pnff'doot 
Nay, ttie great i^obe Itadf, that to long baa tan'd 

That his lore shall, ye gods, to eternity la«t ; 

And In one tttUe month lore's eternity '■ past. 
Tahe heed, then, when Unen tdl tales in yonrear. 
Not who's npt'roua ib irdest, but who is slaeem. 

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To be hoDot, i'm diang'd, liaee tha trnth I mut 

Wbat vtu pudoo '* now pnikiice ; what frenzy, 
What tiaiisient, win sow liM til nnw ii DO more; 
And an thois iweet clwriiu la joiu D^nd which 

id that ouee I Imt ardently IotM, I adore. 
Ye hit 1 would yc piiae. then, thU knoo ye hew, 
Bcllere no ptotatalioiu bnt what are riucere. 


Svaa, won't yon heai 

What roaring cheei -^ 
Waa ipread at Paddy's wedffing, ! 

And how M gay 

Tbey ipeat the day, 
ytom the churching to the bedding, O t 
Fint, book In hand, came Father Quipea, 

With tliebiUe'adadda, the baQcy, Ot 
While all the way to durch the pipe* 

Stnick np a iitt «o gayly, Ol 

And meiry Hargan Mwphy, Ol 

And Unrdocli Mags, 

And TMogfa Skaggs, 
llf uloelao, and IMck Dnrfey, O I 
And then the giils, diess'd out In wipes, 

Led on by Tad O'RelUy, O 1 
All jigS^ng, as tha merry pipa 

SIrnck op a lilt so gayly, O 1 

When Pat was aek'd 

Wonldhli lore last? 
The diaoeel echoed wld longliter, 1 

'ArtBh,*Bltl' cried Pat, 

' Yo« may aay dit. 
To the <sd ot the world and after, O I' 

• Tlier who low ta tna ' !»»■» VT^'JS. 
oat DblKl to the iBHrlloD lo «"• I''»'»_^J',™5t 
beuiUtat uea. ' Oh, no t doI (^b when nnt we lora, 
la wbleh ibrUo emboiJW In tbete wo lul rrnm h 

What was bol puilOB'a il^ Mbn, 

Su fine* bMB tani'd lo f««aB>> n 

And ttaoBfh 1 then might lore Ui« m. 

• Tn»lm*,Ilo™Uie«brtt«rnow, 

AlUiMBb mi bMit, In wrHer^TYntt. 

Hlitat kindli with more wUd aenra 

t ipukled oa my brow : 
tta'i la lore tbM mvn. 

Then tenderly her hand he gripe*, 

Now a roaiiag set 

So froUduome and so frisky, O I 
Pomtoea galore, 
A skinaig DT mote. 
And a flowing madder of whisky, 1 
To the bride's dear health round went tha iwipei, 
Thkt her joyi might be nightly and dally, O! 
And still, as they guttled, the merry i^pes 
Btnek np a Hit so gayly, 1 

And then, at night, 
O what delight 
To aee them bU footing and prancing O I 
An opera or ball 
Went nothing at all, 
Compar'd to the style of their dandng, 1 
And then to see old thther Qnipes 
Bent time with Us shelaly, O t 
While the chanter wid his merry ^pes 
Struck np a lilt so gayly, Ol 

And now tlie knot 
So Upsy are got 
They'll all go to sleep without rocking, O' 
So the brldenuids fair 
Now gravely prepare 
Foe throwing ot the stocking, 01 
And round, to be snre, didn't go the swipe* 

At the brlde'a expense so frnly, O I 
While to wish them good night the nuiry ^pea 
Strock np a lilt so gayly, O ! 

WouLBR know, my lad, why er'ry tar 

Plnds with his last soch cheer? 
'Tt* an becanae he nobly goes, 

And bratea each bolsfrans gale that Uowt, 
To Mdk. from cUmatea near and tar, 

le worU sails Jack, 

Ftar this around th 

While love his bosom warms ; 
For this, when ssft and sound come haek, 

Poll lakes him to her anna. 

Ere Poll an make the kettle bdl 

For breakbat, oat at in 
Two TOyages bug her Jock must sail, 

Bnconnt'rlng many a boist'rons gale.— 
For the sugar to some wcaten iile. 

To China tbr the tea. 
To please her tnate, thna filthhil Joek 

BraTes dangrra and alarmi i 
Whn* grattfiil, safe and s^nnd come back, 

PoQ takes blm to her aims. 



Morocco thou Iwr Jack proildca. 

To •« her UghtlT tiead ; 
Her petticoat, of orient hoe, 

And moir-vhlte gown, in India grew; 
Her boaom Barccloos Udea, 

Le^torn adorns her iuad. 
Thaa roimd the world aalla MthM Jack, 

To*deek hit Mr one'i eharau ; 
Tbn* grateful, laft and Hand eome hUk, 

Poll take* him to her airni. 

Tht shoold the lallar lake a wift, 

Btna he vai bom to mam. 
And lead at lea a wand'ringr life, 

^r from his frienda and home ? 
When fate comei riding In the gale. 
And dreadful hnrricanea uaaU 

The tw's attoniih'd ear ; 
Hdw could he reraludon form. 
How, whlitlinf , mock the roaring atorm. 

Bat lor hli Nnne<r dear ? 

For battle ahonld the lUp be deu'd, 

A> death when aU la itUl, 
Save from •ome tar a mnrm'ilng'a beard, 

Who algha and makea hia wID. 
'My wateh, my 'bacco-poach, I pyo 
To Tom for her, ahoald I not live, 

To my fond heart ao near.' 
Nor conld he amite, the flght grown hot, 
And, wUatnng, mock the flying (hot, 

Bat tor hia Nancy dear. 

When hla^g Barnes now reach the aky, 

Now hi Uk ocea> dip, 
And, aa to climb the ihronda they fly, 

Oratp the deroted abip ; 
How, while a yawning wat'ry graTe, 
Sole chance from fire the crew to eaie. 

Threats, could he calm appear ; 
How quit Uie tcsscI acarc« adoat, 
Hdw, whistling, board the crowded boat, 

Bat for hia Nancy dear? 

When ■hipwreck'd, many kagnn tram home. 

The remnant oC the crew 
BewaQ aome Diek, or Jack, or Tom, 

Vho well tbey loT'd and knew; 
And while by atiangers kindly fed. 
Who, aa they hear the atory, apread 

Their hoi^table dieer,— 
How conld he on anch mls'ry think. 
Yet, whistling, pat about the drink, 

Bnt for hia Nancy dear ? 

And last, when hangry, faint, and sore. 

Through danger and delay, 
Forc'd, hard eitrcoK. ftom door to door 

To beg fail TBgraut way : — 

She alaga the anlfiBct of her pain,— 
He, whlatling, echoes back the stnd 
Be taught hit Nancy dear. 


' OtKTLi echo, I'd fain have jon to ebant wid me.' 
'Well, miater stranger, and what do yon waatwid 

' WiU the glri that I marry haTe ^enty of rhino ?' 
' Fait and troth, now, my aoul 1 how the dnil do j 

' Oh, le ! atnptd edio 1 yon're greatly to blame. 

To let me go back jut as wise as I came. 

' Will ynv give me an anawer ? 

■One by one, all together, mysanll were tha« 

* I ahaO tempt her, d'ye see, wld my parson, my 

'Dim't yon thhik that 'twere better to tempt her 

■ If I marry, d'ye think rn wear boms on my raai- 

' 'Fait nod troth I Paddy Whack, now, and that's 

'Indecdl stapldcchol yoa're graatly to blame. 
To let me go back just as wiw as 1 came. 

take me>' 
'Sialllwed, ordo WDrsc! come, once more will 

' F*it 1 that 'a jalt u joa pleaae, bat do worse I 

' If adevil, shall I quickly to t'other world drive ber?* 
' Why, shell die before yoa. If yon chance to anr- 

■Whota tacf otooediol yon're greatly toblame, 

StIQ to let me go back just as wise aa I came. 

> YoD're a deril of an echo 1' ■ Yon're a trooble- 

' Conld I find jou, I'd beat yon.' * Arrab, &ltl 

there'* no danger.' 
' Why, yon'fe giv'n me no answer.' ■ Yea, tan 

' Phoo I phoo I yon'te quite stupid.' ' I s 

From whom yoa would learn, did you rcas 

Not to trust to a soond, bnt rely on yonr m 
• Thanks, thanks, gcnClc echo 1 vod'tc ao' 

For now I go badt mnch more wise than I c 




thli a . roond the world (all* Jtok, While Ion hli bo - ma wmu, WUIe 

lora bli bo - lomiraniui Far tbli ■-roand tba worid uiU Jack, While 



Ere PoQ Mn make tha kettle boti 

For breaktut, ont at aca 
Two Toyagn long her Jack moat ull, 

Eacoaat'ilng many ■ boltt'roiu gale, — 
For the ngai lo lome yitMOB lile, 

To Chloi Ibr the tea. 
To pleaee ha taate, thoa Mthfnl Jack 

Biatee daonn and alarms ; 
•While graUfnl, ufe aad toaad coma back, 

Poll take* him to ha arme. 

Mnroceo ehou her Jack proTida, 

TateeherllghUy tread; 
Her petticoat, of orteat hoe. 

And (Bow.whlte gavn. la India grew ; 
Her boaom Baredooa Ude*, 

Lahore adorni her head. 
Thai roond the world i^li hilhful Jack, 

To deck hli blr Dne'i cbarraa ; 
Ttins entetdl, Mfe and aooad come back, 

roU take* Um to bo armi. 

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For battia ihonld the Mf be desi'd, 

Ai death whm lU U itlU, 
Sate (ram Miiit tar a marrn'riiiK 'i heard, 

Who ifgha and maka hla *iU. 
' Mr Titch, ny HiaeGa -pouch, I gin 
To Tom for her, ahonld I not Uve, 

To mj fond hurt » near.' 
Nor eonld he unUe, th* flght grown hot, 
And, whiitUaKi nock the fljing ihot. 

But for hi* NancT dear ? 
When hluiag Oamea now itach the ikj> 

Now in the ocsan dip, 
And, u to ellmb the ihroadi Ibef Bfi 

Qraip the deroted ihip ; 
How, while a yawaiDgvafry gran. 
Sole cbanea from fire the crew to htc 

"niTeati, could he calm app^BT; 
flow qnll the Teaeel icares afloat, 

When ehlpwrack'd, many leagaeifrom hi 

Bewail Bome Dick, or Jack, ot Tom, 

Who well they loe'd and knew ; 
And while by atnngera kindly (ed. 

Who, aa they hear the etory, ipread 

Their hoapltabk ehear,— 
Mow could be oa ioch mia'ry think, 
Yet, whlatling, put about the driok. 

But for hie Nancy dear? 
■ And lait, whaa hnngry, tnlnt, and aore, 

Throng danger and delay, 
Forc'd, hard extreme, from dooi to door 

To b^ hij Tagmot way : — 
Bataeel UatoUaare aUfiirgoti 
Hnrkiharki within her hnmble cot 

In aeccBts aweet and dear, 
Sbeiingt theav)4°^ of her pain,- 

it hii Nancy it 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Would ye be UngiitBiji ta-th(f'dttiniige,Iakm'iiwNtDatt« to gnca yimr Knig, To 

ehanne the hirte Im Uulll - bf Uy, lia-tm to m; Anne HtOie-t-ynjv: Sha 





H Buuk deB^tHl a'er dn' I could ipeik : 

Dtd a butboT bat hnit, oi i SddlB bat •qnrak, 

1 wu all. u I bodj ma; wri In >lsrnu ;_ 
Bat when th( lond tm^et to otir town com'd, 
And 1^ aolAen all much'd, ud the; Vd and 
Uie, dronun'd. 
And the *bii ihone k woaadttj brl^t on thdr 

Odd> nlntffil IkowgnndaudhowgloiiinutliBrigbtJ 
wu desttn'dud itimu'd with Uw tot dell^ : 
Rot dov wint tlie dnuo, the trampet erisd toot, 
I tlicn tbey'd make readf, aad Sre, and ihaot. 
Bnt more it does out Hotj suit 
To hsv the murm'rtng doie, 
Or cka the note* of the charming Hate, 
So nakei a body tUak of Ion. 

Then ftor nproan and Jewi-haip* I'm *]1 In a 
Tlica I Ukei, trhen with trompeti, salt-boiee, and 

So droll ud lo 'enle Mister HeiTTmaD come*, 

nd the moantcbank doctor appeara on the 

When to call baek the beoa, they the ftytng-pana 
he bella knd proclaim that the 'aqidrc'* joit 


Tbe miule of Urdi call* me ap to Uie mom ; 
Then icarcelj the orgast at (drarch oeaae to plaf , 
When a hngeon* ciack'd tranqiet, and dnun hard 

8bj> the (how.fbike, and dioll Uaitn Ponch and 
hie wife, 
For, three-pence a-i^ece art ]ii5t ihowinc tanj i 
In ^oit, I be noCUng bnt mule aH a'a ^ 
From a [rig Id a gate, to the cicak al a door, 
Or a threc-pennf iriilitle, or bladder and itring. 
So 'tl* moile, I alvBTi am bleu'd ■> a Ung. 
n, &«. 

LiitcntomiF Anae Hatlwcwaje: 

Bbe bathe a war ^ *'■(* *^ deare. 
PhiBbtu might woad'iiog Mop and bear i 
"To melt the nd, make blithe the gajr. 
And natare tJiann, Anne Haths a wajv. 

She hathe a waja, 
Anns Hatheawaye i 
breathe dely^t Aane Hathe a ware. 

To bcate all griefa, to enra aU care, 
Tnme rcnileeta night to faiiaat dafe : 
Thou know'it, tondo haite, Anne Hathe a wap^ 
She liaths awaya, 
Anne Hatha** ja ■ 
To make gtiefbUH Anne Hatha a waje. 

TaOc not of gemmei the orient Hii, 
The diamond, topai, amethytte. 
The emeralde milde, the nibie gna,~- 
Talke at mye genune, Anne Hatheawaye • 
She hathe a vaye, with her bright eye, 
llieir TBriona hutrei todde; 
The jewel the, and the fWle lltey, 
So ewnla to k>du Aane Hatlie a waye [ 

I ibame bryf^te gemmei Anne Hathe a waye. 

Bat to my fuuie were it glTOi 

To rate her chaimi, I'd caD them heairen t 

For, thoogtia a mortal mayde of day*, 

Angcli might love Anne Hatluawaya i 

She hathe a waye bo to conbnnle, 

To rapture the ImprUon'd eonle, 

And (WBBteite heaven on earth diiplaye, 

That to be beans Anna bathe a waye | 

She hathe a waye, 

To be heaven'* eelf Anne Hathe a waye. 

An BngUihmaa'* cvnrage, hli honour, hli bme, 

Are in health so robnit, ud (O apt to iofluw, 

We quack*, to prerent bvolutlon. 
Claim a piiTUege hnmonre to thin and deterge 

By a ooatrnm yclept botheraUoo, 
And ttaii ^ethoiie haUt to bring to deat^'i nrga, 

And aD br the good of the nation. 

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Tbea our motraln ud rot bother oicn ind ihecp, 

Amd, that pkntj ma} lui'a kne dnntlan, . 
T« hATt bothering itoRU tbMt link ihlpt In the 

And ill for the (ood of tiie utioB. 
In dnle* domeitie, l«t bllu and content 

We tttwk theft o^ntou, eudenger thdr wlti. 
And bj Unt, ibras, ud progn oi Uea t ton, 

Ta bother old woauu, throw ehildreo In fiU. 
And eU f» the piod of flw nation. 

on 'eaoM he Ugbta ns : 
le thni bother on, till eoinetinia, do fOD. aee, 
Ve make for onr hsI expiation ; 
Vky, itr, one 'Squire Ketch my near bothei'd me, 
jjid an foi'tt>e good ofthe nation. 

The board lidrea'd; come, dealawtr: 
The tron^'i • dnb ; eome, itho'a to pla)> ! 
'Yon'reeldeAhiad, Hln Grlikin T— ■ fitnr, 
rUplaT, ^, la a minute; 



The king of tnuapa,'-let'i lee 

I take up fmr ; 
And now the knare )— well, I declare, 

That'ijnitten more; 
m win the church, or kne the iteeple.' 
[' WeQ, now, did ]ron erer aee inrtUngHke Ud! ? 
Ten npon the knaTet' ■ Lord, Uiaa, did tob ever 
low a knan that ma not rich ?' > Oh, wdl, ft 

IHpIay the deuce, and that '■•■topi 
■me tmi and Ave, and aii and pop, — 

Tm oatt and eo pay the people.' 
• Now let me try if I can win ; 
The tmmp 'a a heart, — yoa'te to begin ; — * 
' The fonr and Stc,'— ' I can't come In, 

'Tla really proroklng ) 
I'not a alngle thing can play ; 
1 aball hare for all my hand to payj 
Henr wai any thing eo hard,— 
I han not e'en a leading card t' 
■ Nay, 'Ha no time for joUng.' 
' WeD, I ahould Hke to change my ptaoc,— 

1 '*o not play'd one ; 
Bght earda, and er'ry card an ac« I 

I ahaU be a banknpt, I know.' 

[' Wen, then, I have not a single card fn my 
hand I' ' Lord, Hadam, yon hnTcaa many earda aa 
any body elie.' ' How can yon joke lo, lUdyoaeTer 
aee anch tnck fn yonr lift ?' ' Well, my lave, bad 
tuck at earda, good hick In a huaband.* ' Ob, now 
you talk of hnabanda, who did you any, Uadam, 
waa the bappfeat eouple in the nation ?'] 

' The King and Qneen, and that 'e a atop ; 
Hw aee, and dence, and tray, aod pop,~ 
rmoot! ao band the rhino.' 
' Come, don't deapalr, bat try again ; 
The tmmp'* a ipade, — the nine and ten, — 
Yon'lleome in lODn.'— • The Lord know* when 1' 
' Tliat Tentnre waa a bcdd one I 

'TTi now my tnm, — the two, the tliree.' 

■Well, that 'a a farming thing At me : 
The four, Are, afi, and aeven, and eight.' 
< You'll be out quickly at tbl* rate,'— 
' Oh, ahe deala, air, with the Old One!' 
' 'nia game, In aplte of aE I try, 

6o tnm'd about, 
That I ean tee, with half an eye. 

That to be out 
1 nerer ahaU be able.' 

[' WeU, I had matrfmooy lut time,— I ahaU hare 
Intrfgne next, I iu[q)oae.' 'The natnraJ coaae- 
quenee, na'am.' ' I beg yonr pardon, but what 
nnlbrtimate old genUewoman were yon talking 

' The Pope, ma'am, and that 'a a atop ; 
And now the two, and three, and pop, — 

What if 


what If, in pain. 

What if my tiara, like acalding rain. 

Count ey'ry pang I feel ; 
Hadat than foll'n viettm to the art 

Ofaome blae kiTCly ahe, 
Heat'n fn her ftee, hdl fn ber heart, 

Thou hndat bean mad Uka me. 


m JStaa now,- my bow( 
Dbnona the Infu blow ; 

my bowda burn,— 

Fool I why dost laugh i where I* the wK 

With torture that makea bet i 
It hapleaa love thy brain bad apBt, 

Thoa'dat freeM and bum Uke nM. 
0» death'* diead lergc what thoogfa I ataod. 

Yet hold my hated Ufe ; 
To daih me down no pitying band, 

No poiaon, card, or knife ;— 
Strike to my beartl ah, treacb'roai friend, 

TbatwHt aotaetme ftec; 
IHdat thou thna linger near thy end, 

Tkon'dat long to die Uke me. 

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Uaf oftnunpi,— M'l w*, .iriiftt'* tk«n?— I Uk« op 

Digitized byGOOgIC 




llkathli? TnvpoBtha Z 
kuTcl' 'Lord, Ml**, - 
did TOO cvf know a _ 
•Oh, w(U,lf tk^'*th» 

( ^T..f niJ TrW 

[For the wmalodcr a( Vtnei n* ptp 188.] 

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Dax'T I d>c of thg Inrrtn in peMUM bond. 

•SMd o( itntchlac of nedU, to rat OriMte ? 

DDB't JOD kwn> tti^ ktn thrown o< th« «% ud 


And muftaUr pot onnd «wt*I 

ttng bodtrat oUte, ud Uk wigiirifli Sum Wit, 

sun wlbin udbitt'ir'i tte in*d| 
PoorUBdJutinthnitrt iwiDdkdaat tf her 

Nov thej'Ta iwlndM br iMt of tCT (iratd. 

If tta Bon miti T<" ^i*^ t^ ■'"^ ■*^^ T°" "^ 
Ndib'd at Ibw, ud jmt Ion Ifaoo^ jaa «lai 

flho«U k UwTtr bat onca atlt a prto'MT of ««> 
nip« of ptldunMit lia'd inaka of hli lUn. 

Bfa«bod((nmMUtB,ud He wlgi with thno talk, 

Thn (n riikt, 'Mt 1 thederaadU'rMMlqFri 

ott tn taloi'd to «^ at tha lag t 
To bo aai«, a good baUat war kno^ oat nn aj«, 

ad Ut I ao MT a (Odd addlad «n I 
Sat bodtmm addta. lad big wlga wttOraa tdk, 
Wn pappMns and pdHog 'i Am ««td : 

Pon daar Jutlce, te. 
Aad tliaa wlMt a gkvlou ttq, If tbaaa aim. 
Bant OB acrtke, bajoad aca ihaold nam I 
Thar 'd oat obIj, to* know, ba tnnqvtad ttam- 

Tkta beat q ItarntnU* in lUi bon'ialila onp*,— 
Lot » tall TIM BBOB at it Aoald toMTi 

Oar ptopaitT wm ba aacara men tad Bum, 
Aa tha hnrroa, my mbI, ara kU'd oA 

ang bodtmrn aAlta, and U« wig* wttb ttirsatatta, 
MB aetlaB and batt'TT '• tha word I 

Hot eontentad with awtadUng poor Jhutka** aeaka, 

I, Kowthar'TaawlndladlHroataf htrcwHd, 


On Nagra com fron JoBT la 

Backra nr ha bay «M, 
Gtra twwtr Jo* da ownar baa4 

No Maud, BO Und raiatloaa, 

So hard ba fin and Jttk fa, 
IJka paaoa dramhead maka joe d 
Yob ao workf, worfcr. 

IfaHB one Ut of graaad baatov. 

rete'd to go widoat It. 
Nothlag to do bat Us dtm Itti 

WUIb anraeaT ha ^ ya I 
No paaco, no alaap, no thb, ^M, 

And after workf, woAjr. 

Oadgo Ibr wH> Toaag QaaAr taka, 

Whwa oTCiaaan noiark TO, 

Hart akair Qaad?, vada Tom, 

Nor Moca to woricr, mriqr. 


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Ob wbonawolT brow osTcmt &tindUc? 
Of At lUr bora pnteetor, how Tfrtoe ofltad ? 
To ■ Ida bow be cnud ! how ndn ■ Mend ? 

or li ufe, thoDgh ba *ntara U« tub i 

Bat to pal it rt wont t ftan tdr tnth cooU he 

Aad hetnT the kind tdentf he pretnded to Km, 
Whik Mum Ud with craft hli tUr baamr trapu, 
Hu betrtf him to onir, Usuelf bat > man, — 
Shoidd npentuoaud ihuu to hli add oome tooMe, 
Woadn not it hi bettla ha raih on hit lUe t 

I wiBi bat in DOT Tmiga ■ wantfy down, 

A lout for tlie lidki ill to mock at ; 
So 1 raim'd Kwwj, and I con'd to tows 

With B pdacB that bom'd In m^'poeket. 

Ther bBTe gnineBe ao life and u plartf. 

That ha that wen canidiig caaUmakeaaBlaaed, 
m OBt of ODB he batdk'd twentj. 

Witb oea In the itnet I went lialraa to b *if , 
So mj goiBea I gi>T*d to hare all ant i 

I thiMfht at leaat tra puiuda 'twould bring, 
Bat ttej wDntd not gin nothing at all oa't. 

' Hm'iToargainea,' laid 0B«. ■ Farirtat :■ cried I- 
Wonld TC think it? the reprobMa dnaer 

Said, it I wonld b« gnDtj of petjiiry, 
That pdncB abonld bnj ma ■ dlnna'. 

And then fiv to est me to eating.' 
Another eom'd by,— 'tl« tnw, oa i^ 1Kb,— 

Thm'rt angne bimIbSmI, ai 
Where the dlekena thf n 
TliOBd'at gira B>e a gidnea to dicat thy friend 
. Of a wonun tliat en't worth a Tarden.' 

One would giiv nte a guinea for ^pptng a eard. 

To be mgniih w much all tlidr boait it ) 
And one fellow lald 1 man rob • chnreb-nrd,— 
inda 1 1 tnnbled Ibr ftar of the ghostea. 

to the more one leea the mora ana mar 

[Dod folka that the wlelied make hin on ; 
And, I'eod 1 tea't for notUngthat pcopk dn nqr,— 

So at lB«t I eoBie back.oad I know^d Oer'd an taagh: 
■ Good Iblha,' Mid t, ' tfaOBgh bat B nlBBT, 

'TwAi LanAtdr Meg that made audi ni« mp^ 

Pun BWBf , pun awBT. hMrtiea 1 
At Wi^plng iba liT'd, at the dgn of the Oip, 

When tan uaet IB aoeii JoUj partka. 
She'd lUne at the plaj, BBd alie'd Jig at tlw lal^ 

AH rigg'd <nt ao gar and ao topping ; 
For abe married atx Iwibanda, and buried Umm aO, 
PoU BWBf , puU Bwar, pan away t 

What d're tUak of Btr Id^ of Wapidnc } 


PbD bwb;, p«I1 tmf, JoOr bofa ! 
He waa east awBf ;— a^d Heg, ' Who carea a eurae r 

Tbt aecoDd hi oomBuad «m Uear^d Ned | 

WhUa the aorgeoB Ua limh waa a hippmg, 
A nine-pounder cam*, and amMk went hie hn^— 
Pall awar, pull aw*;, poll aw*r I 

Rare newi Ibr ur Bfeg of W^tdii^ I 

Hwb the BBrrlad to Sua, Bad Sam lov* d B M* ; 

Pun aw^, pun ttwar, bnther 1 
^ gi^iBST Sam got, and the thlp blew op. 

And Ucg had to look for another : 
The fourth wu bold Ben.who atdugerwouldaMila, 

Tni hit courage n crocodile atopping. 
Made hia hreaUu t on Ben on the bankaoftfaa mt,— 

Pun away, pan away, poll aiimr I 

What a fbrtunata Ueff of Wappingl 

Stay,— who waa the filth? Oh, 'twaaDUwMatt 

Poll awBTi poll away, ao aerrj I 
And the wTuget Dki both kiU'd and ot. 

And poor Meg the waa forc'd to talw Jerty I 
Death again atood her Mend ; for.kiU'diBafti^, 

He aim the giBT* chauc'd to pop in ; 
So now with mjr long I ahaU ioob belBT,— 

Pull away, pull away, pun away I 

The rix hmbondi of Meg of Wappiog. 

Bnt 1 did not teU TDU bow Oat ihe nurriad tev'a. 

Pun BWBT, pnU away, ao aatij t 
'TwBibootat Tom Trip, and he ■entho'tolHBT'a, 

And her ittong.hox ruounag'd tweetl; : 
Vvt Ueg, growing old, ■ fond dotard pror'd, 

And mutt after ■ boy naedt be hoppLi^ ) 
So dkt pqrp'd off— and Ton, with tlw girt Uut ba 

PdU away, poll away, pan my I 

Speatthc ahinara o( Hq ol Wnpping. 


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1*^ PoD ».w»y, PoD a-TTij, hMr.tlei I At WK»-pii>K A» IIt"i1. rt t 

M Wv^ing Ac Ht'iI, rt tba 

^ dm of flu S^Wliere Un mttt la mdi Jd-ly pu . On. She'd 



Of u tm 'tis n - port^ s - fala wtd ■- 


^33g^ ^ . i.j' l J j O l J^jJ ^ 

II mud the world iwl know notUig tf 





Om wboM aMoly bnnr bsvbt lat a foni tte? 

Of the fair bora protector, how Tirtna offend ? 

To ■ fbt how be cruel ? bow tithi > friend ; 

It danger he rtak in p n rfM i lonel itrift, 

Then Ui hooonr U iib, though ho Tentui Ui lift ; 

Bat to put it at worit i &om hit tjnth eonld he iwene. 
And betmr the Uml fticad he pretended to eerre, 
While tnaree laid with naft his hit hoBonr trepan, 
Bfan betia; him to error, hlnedf bnt a num, — 
Should repntanoe and ahaane to Ui aid coow too lata, 
Woader not If In battle he niah on hit hte ) 

Ofthatmaabn, Ac 

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txt I ir P I fi^-^^-^ 

1 ^^444^-141- 

r^^nfif l l 


n^ b«n n>B«« N lUa ud to pkntj, 

Tin oat of Dn* bt hUA'd twratr. 
With OM In th« itcMt I west twlTM la m ilaCt 

So Bj rdBCB I S<f>'i to I"™ ^ "'■'* I 
I tboosht >t IcHt tea fonaiM 'tvoold brin^. 

But Umt "■"■■d x^ e*" nathtng Bt »tl on't. 
•B«n'iri>vVBlii«>'i^<IoB«. 'Far«b>L"sladI. 

WmMt* tUak tt; th* Kpnilntenniier 
SM, It 1 waold b* fultr of pajorr, 

TkM r«lBn ibodd bur "» ■ diuur. 
• Ton'n B Bka oae,' i^d I, ' (od tlut I 4a bit | 

Whr It onlj Bpelf wonid ba tkuUnt t 
y« da w»Bt ftir to t«kB mr Btomwh bw»t, 

And then br to iM m> to catlag.' 
iMtkn oom'd by,— 'tl» tnu, on mjr Bfe,— 
■IdboBOVi DSironcHrsobeOtr, 

Tako Sd< (■!■«, ud gOTV ber a 
'noa'itarogMaDdafocd. aadM 

Wlun tb dlckni 'tbreoDKdcnM Adrtbudsa? 
noad'it glTB m« a gnloM to chatty Msad 

Of a woDiiD tbBt m't mttb a nidoa.' 
One wonM gin mc a gulDca for >llppiB( a card, 

To be Tognuh w> mncli all tbdr boait i* ) 
And ON hlkm (aid I miiiTob a ebonh-rard,— 

'WoBBdil I trambledfaifisuoftbegtortaa. 
Bo th« mora ooe net the Bore od« but 

Of good folk* that tbe widud uak* tBB OB ] 
ABdil'sod t teo'tbr nothing that people do *Br, — 

'Ainre a* the derll'a la Lanann,' 

■GoodfOlhi,' laldl, 'thoaghbataniHT, 
Betlar come home a fOol than kksare b; luU,— 

Uj axpetiawe haieort bat a fnlBaa.' 

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Joaa Bdll fo pMtlac took > piukca, 
SoDw time igo, to peep at Fnuwa t 
' To talk of KloDee* auil uti. 
And knowladgB galn'd In tmrig^ pnto. . 

And ■nnrar'd John In hetthen Onek ; 
To lU ba uk'd, "bo^t lU 1h am, 
'Tim, M tMi n r, Jt wcmi n'mttaitfai. 
John to tba PiUb Roral aBU,— 


What Nongtongpnr a^iln I ok* Jahs,— 

TUi tcDow i* «OBW mighty Don | 

Ho doubt, b'uplaatj fix thamnri 

111 brukbtf with tUi NongiaigFMr. 

John WW Ten^Ba ftom Had'i hdgU. 

And cried, utoiddi'd it tba aigfat, 

Wboae fine eatati U that than here ? 

Slat I J* vmt n'nUwnib pai, Mvntitw ,• 

nil? Whatt the land and hooaea too? 

Tha fiUiiw 'b ikhn than a Jaw ; 

On er'rr thing he lap hUclaw: 

I ■hmld Uka lo dine vith IIoagtaoCpnr> 

Next tripping eanie s comtJT fUr i 

John died, endinnted with her air, 

Whatknetf wench la Quit there here * 

r<a(«A / Jt tmu n'lilaiit pu, MMufM* ' 

What 1 he again ? Upon my Hfii I 

A palace, landa, and ttien a wlAi 

Sir ioihDa might ddigfat ta draw : 

I aboold like to (np with Nongtongpaw. 

Bat hold,— whoae ftan'ial '■ that ? erin John t 

Jt MM ■'en/mji poi I What I ii he gone > 

Wealtb, fame, and beantj ooald >ot ac*a 

Poor Nongtongpaw, than, from the gMit i 

Hla raer la nm, hia game U np t 

Good nigbt t're, Moimito Hoagbmgftm. 

^tm tM tiHim. 

War. Jack, my ftae lUlow, hna'a ^anooa aewa 

Lord, I could bare told 'an aa mwh i 
That the deril blmadf dniat aot ataad la OA 

If DDDcaa f*n In with the Doteh I 
What heart la the klagdom oan bow fM dlaauy i 

Nina MB of Ifae llae I— art amlaa i 
WbDe ther )hng ^ ttib ahooUan Md Dofl 1 

[Q I while EngUali b»a«M baait E^Bab ^Ula, ' 

We'll bn^ the %wbid8, 


And.UaA op a^ ^Mgh at tte FNBrik 

Now Ihe VrtaA, whOe In haAow w nag ind 


■Bont Odr c«D«g«'(heT make ft line nmt I 

If they'd bare the whole woiU not hi3iun It a Be. 

Then, damms 1 .why doB't they eoaic oat ? 

Becaaae, thongfallieybi«gtl»tio boldly tbeylM, 

' They an all of Oem b«mbllng (or fear, 

Lcatfron firidport they get inch anothei aatt 

At bim Dnaean pc^ai'd ftr Uynheer. 

No, «U1«, ate 

Let Ftand^ SpitfA, WMt Datdi ky tagaOv tbiir 

And htiat on the Toww Uidr Sag : 
" 1 Signor,' i^ tba 

Hynbear ■mokea hla plpa and tife*, ' Taw [' 
Batwheo Jerrii, or DaaeaitiOrBridpert oomoM, 
llkey an damnably lidi in the eraw. 

No, while, &e. 

When yoor pnperty, ^Ubaa, your wUa, ai 
your Mend, 
An tha «an of thdl BAar tbe klag I 

DdBTTea, while be ainfc* in dligrace, 
Ndtber Ung to jpntnet him, to lore him a wUto, 
Nor ddkfao) to amOe In Ida face* 

No, while, ke. 

Aoanr tie wnHng trnrnp odtuna 



Arovnd glad Natnn'a aona to call, 

And waka wWi wondn- the IwreatHd ban t 

Strike ebndd'ring Fnnee, and hamw'd Spain, 

October the elercntb, at nine, 

Neptnue btbeld the BriUib linei 
And l«t hli hoDcnm, ao long won. 
Should from our e*er-conqDeilag lag be ton, 
I^imay to France, borror to Spain, 


10 eor'rdgn c^ the m 



Droop, ttariU Fhbm*, rink, tao^Ung 8f«lB, 
Dkboh in anaiMt gnat Brituula'i nign 
■ov'nlga (rf the BKin. 


Totkar mleomM ma borne wko 1^ diDfw 1j o'w; 
Bott imootUBg Um op* *iid the do«u of tUi Ufc, 
For nr ih^'i calTd the Nai)er> aad Nuej 'i mjr 

• hir, tegot an Oifr 
Awl on (ieu'd that ihe'i ediM, thOBgfc thej «Ui 

Ai ftr ITuej, mj Tcud, but ■>• Ut in trim, 
She inmi thmck the ooeaa to If, ■>« Bot nrim I 
'Ft«e the wild, Hk* a do^iUB, *ha merrilr pbp,— 
She |a«e an; how wdl, bat ihs looki beet in ■taj*. 
Seaddlng, trring, ra taeUnc, 'tie all ou to aha, 
UoOBtam t>gti,«' aimh low in tha tnngji of the tMi 
She haeaava me from maay hard tqtuaJu far mr 

So 1 call' d bar the Nancj, '«aii*e KaacT '• mf wifB, 

When to fwaet ia tha iliani cardaaa ^daa aj 

baBVa nneaa, 
Sba arta out, nd Beta in, (hr tka beat on tite greea I 
Se, of aU tha grand Bast BIT 1*7 mead 'a Oe low-r. 
She ODiaalli tb iriicdi tata b; a loot in an how. 
Than tber both aaU ao dMrfnl ttran^ Hb'a 

Tarring bnem, 
AH haarta with a<^ fOot* mnat ba at theb eaaa | 
Tbna Ptc two kind ftoteetna to witebma thnngk 

Uy geod aUp the Hancr, and Hancj m; wtlb. 

Tb«B Uiae* bnda ihMB fcolai 

IVw IngMtttada laA'd In Oa b«Kt (< I 

Vbr, •r'rrttiing female from peril to 
la tha noUaat ^tiitftli 
WhDenrag, (vatimbi 

_ ' iiriKdnbcMtt 
MID gntcM to both to tha end of mr Ilb,~ 
Uf good ih^ the Maner, and Naner my wifc 

CevB, port, aooe, thj aoag rAMn*) 

By tta Plarian qaira, 
mth an thdr Mgic pow^ of lara^ 

Ddlght me,poetl atagawaj i 

Nor, in thT ardoor, heed 
Vbethar thy amg be grare or gay [ 

Yat, wouldit than boaat mf owed. 
Sea that Oj thsma fair bvtha li^art. 

To iaered honou dtar g 
Ob* me the aoDg that Bnda tha haMt 

Lara, trae aa trath on lie ; 
Lore, aweetaat fiianee of ^ndDd, 

Or 'til no long fat me. 
Lethww-nljfW ■■ 


That man unite 
Vbata'el thj <1» 

1, dng of wtna, — lU up the bowl i 
r itlDtad, not eonln'd, 
ina aihllarata the lanl 
I hnmanlae tha mfauL 
And ling of imr I paint the nd Udd 
li UU the dnat. 

And let ma Inngbter round au trace. 
Cara'i menace to bapiile ; 

Cakatlal, like a imik. 
Kay, Bure Uia paaaloni I io not tear, 

Uw^portl laagbi brtratlnqr*rt 

Tratte to (Ur bouoor dear: 
Tba lOBg br ma unit win Ibe btHi 

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doH till tbtj dls; Aad who ■ c'm wiiiti to kooii it, 111 tdl 'en for 

^^ Pr=^ ^^ ^^^^ 





Wh«B ytaej, mj wUt, o'er the lawn Hsadi ao not 

Aad to Ikbt, tks scoad gnu lovcBlf jlaldi to hur Act; 

So rtn'd ont nd wl liiTBlf, t'ent tatj to trace 

nica li ndjeit— bar top-knot, her ika«, or ber Auc i 

WUk tbc nilBhlKnn, ta m her, flirget all thdr cbtm. 

And mn pleH'd that iha'a ■!■», tbongb tbn wlah ihe wh the 

Marvel M^ then, to think of thli joy of my Uft— 

I mf ihip calli the Nbbcjt, tor Nancr'i my wife. 

Ai far Ksncy, ay raid, but **e her b trim. 
She Item* thtouh the ocean to fly, and aot tirin; 
'Fore the wind, ukes dolphin, the menily playi, — 
She ««■ any how well, bat ahe looki bMt ta itayi, 
SeniMing, trying, or tacking, 'Ui aU one to ahe, 
Honnting hlrii, or mnk low In the trofe^ OlVte MB: 
She bu MT^ me from mmry hard loseaka fof my lift;— 
So I call'd her the Nancy, 'caoae Nancy'i my wtfe. 

When ao aweet in the danae eanlcH gUdea my heart'a qoeca., 

Sba acta out, and aeti In, f*t btat on the green J 

Bo, of lit the nand lect mj gsy naael'l the flow'r, 

Bha ontaalli the vM* toH 1^ a btot in an hour. 

Then they both *ail ao dietrftd ttTOogh Ufe'a varybig bnsK, 

All baaita with «neh ptloti mnst W at their eaH ; 

Thni I'tb two kind proteetora to watch me thmogh life, 

Hj good ahip the Nancy, ud Nancy my wife. 

Ne'er insratitiu] 

I* at noHbat AitiBcUdn that hononn the btave 1 
While a rag. or a timlxr, or compaM, I boaat. 
I'll protect the dear oeatDici acalnit a whole hoi 

Hy good >h^ thn Nancy, Md Nancy my wib. 

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■dw *ad Blaiitli 

n«t bnrd ToM'i bomiT KiUr plna. 
' Ob, whkl anila,* orM ika, 'n* painf 
Ba*! ■wkllow'd la th* greedy nuo : 
Ab, PBTer ituD 1 voJcoae honwi 
With tudct jof, my hoaait Tod I' 
Now Ugb upon tba Mtbfal ibrond, 
TliB Iu3, awUla thM utai'd ■ cloud, 
WU1« otJMti bma th« ni*t vfie, 
A fcait pnMDli Tom'* IobkIdb tjat. 
A. tdMnd nmr Ui hwit wlikh Uf 
Now ua Un OB Ui hit dUpby— 
The (Itcd ilfn to ihow tfaU htf 
Had taroaifat hbn Mfa to Boonj Kata. 

Naar to • dU, whoia hdcUi eouand 
Apniant of Ihg ahellT atlMd, 
wills Kitty bta ud fbrtua blaa'd. 
Saddea with iqitua aha txelala'd, 
' Bat aet, oh, Iimt'ii I • aUp la tUw, — 
U| Tom ^psan aBOnv the er«« ; 
The pledn he iwoce to sting eafe hoBe 
Stnsanu la hi* hat— 'tla haaaat Tna I> 
What now mailDi war* aaa« told i 
Tom eoawi.hU pnduta Uo'd with pM; 
Now rich caOB|h bo laora to mm. 
To •am U> kiaf . he *ta*a at hono ; 
Roeonat* aaA toll, oad abow* «Mk eeUf 
While Ktttr and her boneat tar 
With nr'maa toA to bleaa tfaeir htee 

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WuAila^orr? whMiilhma? 
Tiat a ibade*, thli a ouBt, 

Are thflj nnown'd, can they be gnat, 

Who hul their ftlknr-a 
ThAtmothen, c1 

Aak mdHng honov 

Woat Ii t^Tii wbat !■ tune ; 
Hark [ the glad mandate etriksi the BM'nlag a 
' Tbe mint ^orf to the boaom dear 
Ii when tits aDiil Mart* loft oompaadoD'a tear.' 

What BIB rlchaa, ponqi, and pow'i ? 

Otnrgan that eadoie thtdr hoar, 
WretBhad mortala to aihin; 

Can greatneu naiJi the Uly rain, 

IadaV>8 ^ Oh prlocdr (ute, 
Deaf to Uia mli'ries ik the poor ? 

Ask imDlng naeon to prodalni 

WhatU i^orr, *hat li fUne ; 
HiAl tlwneel mandate rtrikca Hie Hat'otnt a 
' Tha tratit gimj to the bomn 
bwhen thaaool 

Taonaa movnteln* high Uh UDow* 100, 

And anger oeeau '■ In a ftem, 
The mior gal); illnga ttie bowl. 

Aril thinki oa hs he Wt at hone. 
Kind love hh gnardiBB tfiiit ttiH, 

HI* mind '■ laade up, eodM vfaat okm wU 
Tempest! maf maeti to gpHntan tear, 

Sg^ and rigging go to nek. 
So ihe lore* him he loret M dear, 

"Hs all oae to Jaek. 

His fcdeod in Umbo should he Bod, 

His nVe and children b rou g h t to iliati. 
To Ei'rythlng but Uadness bUnd, 

Jack signs his nila with Ui name. 
FrieodsUp the worthy motiTe sQll, 

His mind >■ made ap, come wbat come wiU 
The time come nrand, by heQ-hcnrndi praa'^ 

Qoods, clothes, and person, go to mek ; 
Bnt, atocc he nccosr'd the dlstaais'd, 

"Ha aU ODS to Jack. 

Where horrcr grim marks the attack I 
So he can UTC a dravnlng lb*, 
■Til all one to Jack. 


Whisijiiai iMit'alii H ia h altw i iii ' ^iitaiipileiii 
Ye Toang people who post to the '■^'*-~'"' han 

Aad, the hooerMooD arm, jmr tbOj Itn* «m, 
U Om fettera el HToea he Ibig'd yoa'd Un dnf, 
Cone to SmlfliSeld, n; son], and well soon knoA 

What.'i the tan of that pleanue to erer Ort'a 
Sn% i^m, Wa On araadsr, thejr 'd bsttw ba 

"no' roar neck 'i lB.thB halter, jaB^gctaT 
Bee oU Gifau and Bia)ka iajtogtt^cr their pates i 
Let's nf^ oar ehJUnii,— I meap oar estates ; 
These the; call Smlthlldd '"t*'"' ; and shall I b* 

natiAav aafthla^s boo^ it m^notl^b* 

Thea, If tkli and aboT* bpard tbe sale we GaiBh<c M» 
En't it bBtUr than sell it by eontract in printa ? 
Come, then, wiree, aad ba soldj great 's tlie joj 

And SmhhSsU imn Uek out a bOlla tba Lenl*. 
Let them afl "boat eilm. con, god tbetr damsgM 

Smithield's sure the bna place (or the sale of 

CoBe, Oica, wina, and be iald,--gR«t 's the )07 

Tb»' ]roa'*« aumatsd ths ladder, to get a rcpria^ 

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ys*. PS-- ta 





TUil'isDOtUiigtodawUki laatjambmA 
U lU* IralBo of oucUMi tntt Mja, we oogU 
That at SnltUdd to mU that at SMHUdl m 

If iamdkidi yon 'n pIcMon wd odatot pOMna- 

Ai dear aa toot Tttala, ah, elwilah tha UaidDg' I 
If a halter ahaia can rtiar mli'tlaa nlln«, 
CoiM to SmUtlaU, my mmI, wd yoa 'U get b re. 

[nil woat h MnMbBH caa-d-' W^ H^ aa van*.-] 
I mat to aik all ao ftariaaalf, 
Braadh' d mr gTof an M eardgaal]: ] 
Bf and bji ia a braah, I loat bj anSa 
Tol da nil, de ml da il I 

"TwaaweU'tvainowonahana, — 
Uaa '■ but man, and than *■ an aad | 

And riace 'tie ao, 

I w'er ihall lift It 'gafaut a Mead.' 
Nevt, a tqnall a tsa^eat led off, 
EncHigli to Uo« the deril'a head eff [ 
I ggt a^t, and that way loat mr leg : 


So wjn I,- 
< I mnit BOW be foro'd to beg i 
Tfdl, man '■ bnl min,— <hat 'a all I aay j 

Bo, In thd pUg^t, 

If lean't fight, 
FiK oertain I csn't ran away.' 
So, B> If CHd Nlch na la It, 
Sontcthlng happen'd bt'ij mlnate | 
nil, at lut, pane 1 ! they dooa'd uf gUma ) 

Tal de roL de nil da ri 1 

That 1 mayD't aM 
The tnaeh'rr of tUa wtdud wmld.' 
Thlagagrew wacas BtlII,andiroraDrt 
Portana, I had eaaae to emaa her -, 
ComlaghoniB, IIoBsd Pd hiet my irih i 



If sobe ihe'i gone, 
1 oe'ei again ihall haai hv tOoM.' 
Now laid nf In Oreenwldi qvartar. 
Ckalham ^«*t ay nght. br ehattw 
Being old, Pn rfiat all bu ist toagi 

T<d da ml, da nd de n I 

So lay* I,— 
'Twaa MM «o WDCB I iiai jmagi 


FMoeT'iT tar,— 


Whara'er tha aazkna aye can mtm, 
Oreai recdre thejocand pltaanw, 

Hyiiada of bdnga throagbig HoA, 

Of Natan'a eoBg to >in Oa naMwa I 

Tm, to kaep tima, the lUtage doA 

6omda aweet the laVnr'B mbana hoiM. 

The heaiUi awept daan, hU pwtoel andUng, 

The bngal meal i while, Unie bcgnlBnt, 

The ale the harmliiaa Jeat pHwAee i 
Ye iamatea of tha Mty dome. 
Admire hie lot— hia cUklren, playing, 

To ahara Ua amlka arannd hin flock i 

And blthftii Tiay, aincc mom, that (tnying, 

Tndg'd with him, tm the Tillage dock 

The eheerlag tagot faimit to embcn, 
WhDe taiea ronnd tbdr rlgfli ka^. 
That Pnw'r that poor aod rich rameiaben. 

And now the laik cUmbi hcaVn's high dome, 
Fteah from npoae, toQ'i Idnd reliever g 

Aed (ttmlih'd with hli daily atock,— 
Hli dog, U* etoff, hie keg, hi* beaTci,— 

He tiarele, till the Tillage clock 

Dm yoa erer hear of Captain Wattle i 
He waa bU for kire, end a little br the bottla. 
We know not, thmgfa paina we hare taken to In- 

If gnnpowder he bventad, or the Thamea let onftie; 
U to him waa the oentn of giBTlty known, 
Tha loogltada, or (he philoeopber'e atone ) 
Or whether he atndled from Baoin or Boyle, 
Coprankni, Locke, Katerfelto, or Hoyle ;~ 
Bnt thiiwehaTc leam'd, with great laboor and pain. 
That he lor'd Ulu Roe, and iha loVd hUa agd 
Hum iweet Miaa Roa none e'er look'd floeer : 
She had bat one eye, but that WB* a piercer. 
We know not, fbr ccitalnty, her education,— 
II ahe wrote, mended atockingi, or aettled t 



To bopc in nla, In lala to tigk. 

Deep lOrTDii to dliunible, 
To ibvdder at eiich low'rfcziff aky^ 

At tj'rj bretie to trmbTe, 
WUla odther «)()i«, prn'ra, Dor tem. 

To eu* hct mind inll her, — 
TbcMt dnadfal titalj apnk her lean 

Wbo lo*ei a gallaot mUot. 
A ad DOW ber mia^riea to rcAne, 

To Fate ihc'i (bn'd to jield Mm ; 
For, «ltb twoll'n ayea, ahe anella the Una 

Wban newtpapcnhaTekUl'dUaiT 
Tbb ii the U»t (^ bcr alarm* ; 

Ceaw, loTcn, to bew^ htr;— 
Haeomeal tod In her trenbllnB trmi 

She hold* her gaUtat tailor. 

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[FormialDder of Ve»M Mep. 154.] 

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fnu KHiB nfln to tb* B 

■buic F(b. 1, iTte, br 

4 4>llr>- 

mh BoauiMfi In ( 
a ftBd tmdvavT. 


Qudnuiil* ariha fiicbiiii(*i« iBo pnipgw ef ncvlr- 
lunliKilstlaiu. BctBCUBltn-R(qriUil.lhaB(pnb. 
llOfli of t^l Air luiicli rtdhnilcd Ua ttl. «• «> ■ 

, lUd bi'. Ita, tnuoltlwl Irata 
It Britlib SiBluuaota to Uh But ud Waat Indlaa, 

Alt. who of Britona bar tha name. 

And lofe the eonititiLtloD, 
Rank fonnid in tiie IM of (ame, 

Round vith tha f^aat I let er'rf health 

Show ftautic France bar error, 
Kov, nhSla oni coniage and our wealth 

Her tbreata convert to terror. 
Hariti nnloD'a drim, with cbeerfttl lound, 

Criea, ' Join tJie contribution I 
Let er'Tf Biitan nllj round 

The King and Cooititatioa.* 

Health to the King, the Ix>rdi, and thotc 

Piopoction in each feature : 

True aa the elamenti, that awaj 

Tlia (DTtrnment of nature. 

Hark 1 union'a dmm, &c. 

To the armr health E their paji wta jleld, 

Id tbla their country'! qnarral. 
To pnrchaaa notdr. in tiis Sdd, 

A nerer-ftding laureL 
Health to our tare I who gnTa ao free 

Their mite, — wUle the; defj 'em, — 
To drire the FMndi Into the ua. 

And ail that nut; atand by 'em. 

Hark I Bnion'a drum, &e. 

Who to their faith haTS added wtirk*. 
And joln'd the contrilnition. 

Health to eacb lawyer who beatowa 
Hla tea with wtiibctlan. 

Forcible entry to oppoaa 
mtb battery and action I 

Then, Britona 1 Jirin with hand and heart,— - 

Come, trample on oppmatoa \ 
To aeTB the whole, beetow a part 

Of each man'i fair poaieaaion: 
nil rlct'ry ample jiutice bring), 

And loTely peace, with lilken wings, 

Retunu with ci'ry pleoiure. 

NoriD for Iniiri kind and awtat, 

The ndg^'iing hamkta na'd to name oa t 
And then, good-natnr'd, trim, and neat, 

Out Uttla town for loda were bmoua. 
All went on quietly and well ; 

We dresi'd on holydnyi and Ugbdaya, 
And lUea'd corefU to chnrch-bell. 

On Snndayi, Solnti' days, and Oood FHday* ; 
Till, OD a andden, come ftom town — 

I wonder* how we ga*e nm harbonr — 
Two toadi, to torn n* npaide down,— 

Ui*) Uu the milliner, and Bob the barber, 
Away theaa derlla went to work : 

The men tUa Ane Milt H 01 run arter t 
And aa fiir Bob, the terrible Tnrk J 

He eourted er'ry mother'a dartnr. 
For Mia* were dreas'd, ftam head to feet. 

So white, and eUm, and flne, and amtrUiv, 
Znmmnt, d'ye lea, Uk* t irtkite iheat. 

That I hare teed vm itand at kill in. 
Tlien ha 'd n dreae, >Jld ting, and play. 

That e*'ry crMtore gor'd nm harbonr ; 
Till tbrougfa the town 'twna who bat they, 

Miu Mm the milliner, and Bob the bariier. 

The cliuiuy llmbi of ev 'ry bamphln, 

While a towel fonu'd about the neak 

^ double chin, juat like a pumpkin t 



I've heard of dondug-doga fOr aoiea. 

But we haTB ilanring alowna irith pigtaDa, 

Saeh itoff might make the deril dck t 
1 wooden how they gor'd nm bnrbonr i 

But all the tippy and the kick 
Were Uiea Mm the mllli oer, and Bobthe baibv. 


Instead of ringlets, e 
The pretty st 

Wen hun'd to poaiea d 

m'd gnaw'd by rat*. 



tllfh flmiglgi, beflcmnc'd ind twlrt'd, 

See, vhila In crowds tluii fona thej dandle*, 
Bo white, ther l«>k for >n the wotld 

Jut Uke a wiUdng pound of candle*. 
And then to see each bompkln gape, 

Apig nch iCnpId rtuff to huboni ; 
Deat 1 dear I 'tis so genteel to ^m 

UIh Uni the milUnei, and Bub the barber. 
At lait we fbond that lU thli pride, 

Theee Oappets, trinketa, beads, and locketi, 
Were not lit spivt fat downe ;—bcaid«. 

It Urff emptied all oar poekeU. 
And BO the ploDgb that had itood itm. 

The wheat In bam that wanted thrashing, 
Tbe laiT tMm, the idle mill. 

We took to as a better taiUon. 
Tbe nine daji' wonder o'er, each elown 

Rs(ot*'d no mon reproach to haibonr : 
And so we hooted ont (rftown 

■Twixt natni* and hononr, thateaoses radi stiil) 
Lett joor bliss it destroy, or insure it for Uh ; 
As reason yon hold, or from prudence depart, 
For, ramembcr, a kiss li the seal «f Uie haul. 

Whose motlrea no ftrm bond of hmonr seeore*, — 
A reproach to their own hi, who tIU^ jours. 
OftblspredpleenideshonldToa stand on the brink. 
Lest jon '■"Mf" ]af fbrwaid, ah I tremUe and 

Bat when dcBeite pasabm, attenHrelr kind. 
AUre in the heart, and eanlinn'd In the adnd — 
When, open a* dnj, manly lore stand* rercal'd. 
Yon gain In conoesslon, and triumph to jleld ; 
~B*itBtlan were prudery, — yonr b^pbiess dgn ; 
Dooar aaaetlotts tbe tone, and the eontiwt 's 
WhUe Ospld trie* slyty, still to|i^i« hit part, 
' Add a taiaraw kUa-'Us the seal cf the h«wt' 

Ta nilda and ye baehdors, oobo In a ring, — 

Hy Atty to yon Fni eiUressins i 
Anah I joto me ta raptaroas ehonu, and dng 

That Uffe yam have foaad such a blessing ; 

Of wcdlach, my sool, to keep imt of the snares, 

Ob, ye deiils, yoa'ie getting a tteasue ; 
For ihiee staying ahigle gets rid of the eaics, 

Nerer keem to be minding the pleasnre : 
lien (si from yonr bosoms may sorrow be hnrl'd 1 

What though in yonr Tiews you're miscarried ?— 
A ringlc lift '■ the best life in the world. 

When the people won't 1st yon grt married. 

Howcharmlng, In search ofdeli^t while yon roai 

On othen' dehgfat to be pood'ilng g 
For you're pleasure enough, and are always at : 

Except that yon're wretched and wi 
Then yon know dere 'e no enry nor rnaHi** i^gt < 
To give-yonr kind nelghbanrs a handle ; 

idhis woAs 
Hay defy to aceoH them of scandal : 

Hien (or from yonr pillmn may sorrow be huri'd ; 
For thou^ In yonr tIcws you'Tc miscarried, 

A dnf^ life '* the beet life in the world, 
Wlien the people won't let yon get married. 

iz him to whisper aloud 

There '* • bachelor ,- 

With the ladies R 
Thi* wa* poor, that was n^,Benceltcd, and proud; ' 

And fbr t'other, he could not come at her. i 

And than he'U be talking of fbxe* and gn^es, I 

And then ef the devil end the water; | 

Fait I each olbpring of Adam his grandiiic ^lea, I 

Andeachwoman'thergnndmother'sdanghta': < 
Wd, than, (kr IhKn your plllaw* may m 

What thon^ in yodr views yon're oieoarTied ? — 
A sln^ Hfb 's the beat Ufk in the worid. 

When It Is not your tUe to get married. 

That eadi man 's an ape, and a bear, i 

Aod into the bargain a daril : 
And that being tbe ease, my adrloe ie to you. 

With hopes and wilh tiars WhUe you tlu|^. 
If you've tried to be married, and Ind It won't do, 

Sure, had not ye better live eingle i 
Arrahl brlhrni yonr pillows mnysmnnnr be huri'd; 

Never ndnd that yonrviews have miflouiied ; — 
A ringle lifto 'e the best lift in the world. 

If they'd only jtut let yon get Darried. 

Then don't be attanpting your icasons to bring, 

In this caae to prove me a ninny) 
Fait and troth 1 BOW, a ihHUng 's a very good tUng, 

To sat steaks when he cannot get turtle. 
Than tti iKa yoar pOknrs may somnt be huri'd. 

Even though In your view* yau've miscarried i~- 
A dn^ lift '* the beat Ufa In Oie world. 

If von'n onhr cacest belnc married. 



Thiii ridUe mnidn In actkn to knp, 

At bowU el i]Dh nectar tbtj qoaf d, 
LMtUufamtsof the liquor shonid toll them uleep, 

Ttie CelesUuls form'd Momoa, ud laogh'd ; 
Sanely ont of U» egg-ihell, he act them In gtcc, 

While boD-mota, jette, and qnibblea, he hurl'd ; 
Not BHirtal, nor god, Iram hia ridicDk fm. 

He took ■ fUr Inugh at the world. 
So beneeferwud will I, irhen old Gripe I behold, 

Brooding, gtiact to gidnea to add ; 
ru eseoorage Ua lielr to purhriB all h<i gold, 

And laugh aa the miaR growa mad : 
Snee Tlme'a leaden dart, ftom vfateh none ahall 

We knon not how bood may he hnil'd ; 
No DMNnent to loae, while tlie worid IM^ at me, 

I'll menily laogh at the world. 
At the pooTrain'd apendthilft, SDveak and ahmird, 

ni laugh aa I aee Idm deapand ; 
m laagh at the idiot who took hii fiiend'e word, 

When he ooght to h«T« taken hia bond : 
At each age, au, eondidoo, at ei^ry dsgree, 

Shall my arrows aucoatic be hurl'd ; 
And atiU, ai the Uttering world langha at me. 

Will 1 merrily langh at the world. 

A eAu'aia I be, and that is my trade : 
I adia all aorta of Tegeblea ready made,— 
Rare garden attdf, yatba, flowers, and fruit, 
EVry taate, and (hncy, and palate, to anit ; 
Aa throngfa the streets with my cart I go, 
Qse np, gee ho I 

' 1 aay,' eriea one, 'ymiMow, hlpl* 
I twiga m qoidtly fin a anip. 
'What d'ye sen? my Uend,' eriea ha i 
■ Cnt out and nMke np, to At me, 
Somalhing to salt my palate.' ' Why, 
Let's aee what 1 ha' got,' aaya I : 
[I don't know, Haiter Tidlor ;] 
< Vn eabb^ea ho I for a gard'ner be I, 
And phages I cry.' 

I adIa yon fine poslea to set ont the abopa i 
Vyv eockscomba for ladies, and daises for fops ; 
Foe IimUob's gay train I'ts the Bow'r of a day. 
And fiv both, ae^perriram, that ne'er abail decay : 

With mj gee 1^ gee bo 1 

A eoDnadkr eonei, and be looks so Ug, 

1 twigs u qolekly by his wig 1 




SooBtUng that soits na I 'd bin boy.' 
'SometUag that BDitsyoa,dr." sayal. 
[Why, 1 snppows yoB means irtien yov get yovr 

'r*ede*lls-hi-tbe.bubl tor a gard'aer b« I, 
And poaiea I ay.* 

Then for all sorts of diahn. In all aorta of (arba, 

To deck out the table, I'tc plenty of yaibs : 

I're saT'ry Ear aldennen, aage for their wives, 

Balm (or inis'ry,andthyme to amend all your livM. 

Come bny, aa through the atreets I go, 

With my gee up, gee ho I 

Tlie 'poticary cornea, with a simpering phii ) 

By hia Ug wig and his cane I Iibow the quli ; 

He ibakea his head, hii ahoulden ahmga : 

' I wanta some yarba to nix with drugs. 

Some new eipcilnent to try.' 

' Why, doctor, I'to nothing new,' aaya I -. 

[Only the old story over again.] 
' Deadly nightihede, ho I for a gard'ner be t. 
And nightshade I cry.' 

Than I've every fruit, aa In season It cornea : 

1 'n applea for Etcs, and fOr citiieni pluou ; 

For blae Mends I have medlus, a Gg for disgrace, 

And sour grapn for patriota tom'd out of place. 

Come bay, as tliroogh the stiteta I go. 

Gee np, gee ho I 

Then round me they come as blithe as grigl,— 

What anits 'em aU I qnlckly tvrigs i 

For eberriea, lovers crowd my cBit i 

I've black-heatt, white-heart, blceding-heait. 

Thsnhete'aan article to buy 1 

The ^cture of his lil^caty,— 

^xaat at Cent te Ht ftanh's Znk. 

[Thlsphca was the ranll of ■ Irnir nAlcb the ■nthnr 
took, pvtly for pleuur*, and iiartly te popiUarlie bla 
•onta IB ibe prnvliuH. While DiMlD'i KUvt alnd 
ptbcnd matnlala (Bi ■ new cntarUlaaitBI, the trip 


.-^. I, IT^Bod 

Warren, otf Toty laland 
- - ■- ]7*. The 

[Tha batllM rehned to In tUa aang wnt, (hat of (be 
NUAbii^I, IT^Bod^t^ttenibtJ^Slr JshaBorlaH 

eaptnnd. Hie two ifaipe which rt- 
e of Um Milt, WHe Iht Otoernu, at 
OulUanew TiU, at 88 gsiii. Both si 
nrdi taken Is lb* lledlUTTantui ; 
S, IMM, and the other on the 31il of 
by ponloaa at tbe Bhi which HaLaui 

I SAT, my heart, why, here'a your works I 

The French hare It now with the gravy ; 
Why, what between the English and Tnrks, 

TbeyH lose both their army and Hvy, 
Bdd Nelson went out with dctcrmlDBte view 

To k(f p np onr national ^ory ; 
So of thirteen large ablps be left Mounseer two 

Jwt to tell the Dliect'ry the etory. 

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Then of Kngluid, and Eagbnd'i bmo t*n, let n* 

As true as the keel to the kcbon ; 
Let '■ be loTBl to honour, to (ruth, lad the king, 

And diiiilE to the Navy and Nelson. 
To deatiOT, born, ud sink, Ua onler* wen ; 

And bj heart he so peifectlr got 'em. 
That aome he took, some blov d np In tha air. 

And lome he sent to the bottom : 
So you eee the despatebes na eoallr itov'd, — 

'Twaa DO lua with a biat'rr to chai^ 'cm ; 
He'd occBrion lor only the old-faihlon mode, — 

Taken, bomt, and deitroy'd, aa per nuajtuu. 

So ' SUp to ablp' waa oeit the word ; 

Maater Brueya, how aweet they did siTTe him I 
For tthea a bold Briton alti down to hSi blid, 

He prettf well know* bow to cane him : 
Thos with (me of his preciDiu limbi ahot awar. 

Bold NelHin know'd well how to nick 'em; 
So ■■ for the French, 'tia la much aa to a*y, — 
We can tie np one hand, and then Udc 'em. 
Then of England, &C. 
But with Pruce 'tii all up,— thsy ai-e meeting their 
They've thrown down their bmket of crock'ry ; 
Andieogeance like this will o'ertake, loqn or late. 

All who make of religion a mock'ry. 
Then of England, that woDdeifol country, ging ; 
Where we'ie tbooaaadi of joy, if we need 'em; 
tlild lava that protect ni, a Protestant King, 
Lovely women, grog, btseoit, and freedom. 
Then of England, Sk. 
But wbUe we're abont It, let 'a loudly blend 
The namea of bold Nelson and Warren ; 
And be thankful to Heav'u thore mnat soon be ao end 

'o wara, both domcatic and foreign. 
While Fame sbnll ling ont thef^lnd newi witb aamlle. 

Let Che thundering roar of oar cannon 
SpeakoaiTaiorousacts,ftom the mouth of the Nile 
U thfi way to the banks of the Slunnon, 
Then of England, Ac 

SiHcx lore ia the hero's beat dnty, 

And the brave fi^t to merit the lUr, 
Row sweet, whoi comnuuded by Iwanty, 
He flies, ev'ry danger to darvi 
Hark I hark i the loud drum 
Criea, — Come, come, come, come [ 
Another Britannia appeara ; 
And while England's bannera she gracefully nan. 

And sweetly addreasea the bond. 
And beauty and bnv'ry salute, 

~ the flute mocks the tmmpct— the trumpet tha 

The heroes recelvB the dear pledge from her hai 
And swear that they'll well 
Hostile boasters npel, 
mi honour and safety ^ve peace to the land. 
Thns the hero may weD wear his annonr. 

And, patient, coont over his scars ; 
Venus' ^mplea, aasoming the charmer, 
Shall smooth the rough foirowa of Mara. 
Hark I harkl &c 
Then ronnd with the health of the donor, 
While angels ml^t look and approve ; 
Soee love is the hera'i beat honour. 
Let each hero do honour to lore. 

Harkl harkl tm. 

LiOTUa'D by Pa and Ha o'er night ; 

Monday, at ten, quite vei'd and jeaknu ; 
Reaoli'd in future to be right. 

And never Uaten to the tCllowa : 
Btitch'd half a wristband, read the text, 

Receiv'd a note Irom Mrs. Racket : 
I hate thatwomani— she sat next. 

All church-Hme, to sweet Captain Clackct. 
Tuesday, got scolded, did not care ; 

Tlie toast was cold, 'twas put eleren ; 
I dieam'd the captain through the air 

On Cu|dd'a wlnga bore me to heSTen : 
Ponted and dln'd, dtesa'd, look'd divine, 

Uade an eicnse, got Ma to back It j 
Went to the play,— what joy was mine 1 

Talked -kind, and laugh'd with Captidn Oackat. 
Wednesday, came down, no InA u gay,— 

' The girl's quite alter' d,' said cay mother i 
Cried Dad, ' I recoUact the day 

When, dearee, thou wmt anch another :' 
Dane'd, drew a landicape, aklmm'd a play ; 

In the p^>eT read that widow Flaeket 
To Oretna Qreen Jtad run away, 

The forward mini 1 with Captain Oaeket 
Thursday, fell sick—' Poor aoul, abell die 1' 

Rve doctors came, with lengthen'd fhce* ; 
Eaeh tut my pulse ; ■ Ah me T cried I, 

' Are these my promla'd lores and gracea f 
Friday, gnw worae : cried Ma, in pain, 

■Our day waa fair— Heav'nl donottdaAit; 
Wbsre'syonrcomplidnt, loia?'~<Ij] mybrdn.' 

'What shall 1 give yon?'— ' Obtain Oacket.' 

Sunday, for fear id more delays, 
Of a tew clothes I made a packet. 

And, Monday mom, stepp'd in a chaise, 
And ran away with Captain Qacket. 

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Ihpwl lit aym. 



Mr Dime, d'j^etM'iTomTini^, — I'Te iced ■ lit - tie lar-iiM, Wmts 



r> to put I flnt wfigh'd anchor, 
A«d iha «M (nlTllDg wed on the be«li bdair, 
I 'd Ulu to ent^'d my ejn ■oWUng too, t'jt ice, 
to thuk her, 
BntI braachtBynrrowitqiiritha — Yohetrghal 
Par uikH*, thauli they hwn their Jokra, 
And Ion ud bel like other folki, 
tiuir dnty to otrlart nut not ooma lor to go j 
So I idi'd the etpitu bar, 
Liki a true honeit tar, 
And, in aptte of (eue end dghi, mng ont — To 

heBTC hoi 
Bat the wont on't wai that time vheo the Httk 

And ir they'd Utc or dit the doctor d<d Dot know i 

The word «u gm'd to weigh, id ladden aid to 

quickly, [bcaya bo I 

1 thonght u> heart waold break M I Mng — Yo 

a Proiidenee I 

ForyDniM,whatmultbemaitg [hsa' 

Form; il^i I gnva the wind*, and nng out — Yo 

And now at lait laid up In a drcentlik com 

For r« only loet en eye ud got a tlnbei 

Botoldihlpi miut expect In time to be 

Nor agidn the anchor weigh with — Yo heire ko I 
So I iDDke my pipe and (lug old Kinge : 
My boya ahiU well avenge my wrong*. 
And my glrb thall breed yoaog lalton nobly for to 
race tkc (toe; 
Then to eonntry ud Ung 
Fat* no danger can bring, 
Tklktbetan ef OldEnglnnd ring Dot— Yo htaTcbol 

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d*rc«M't Tun Tough, I'n nd ■Uttl 

When mlghtT billow* roll ud kind tcmpntabloi 
Tta (all'd with (dkat Howe, I've Hll'd with nob 

And is nSiMat Diuwu'i fleet I'to nag oat- 
Yd hean ho I 
Yet mora je ihall be hoowiDg [ 

And eren with bni 

Then prntrc 

So we're th«t ud oar pro{r. 

We'll iMgh In Cnn'i tnce, «nd ^g— To henTe ho I 

When btm my lore to part I flnt wdgk'd anchor, 

And aha we* inh'Ung (Bed on the beeeh below, 

I'dBka to Botch'd mf ejai inlT'llng too, d'je «ea. 

Bat I brongb t mj eomw np with ■— Yo heate ho! 
For lallari, thoa^ the; have thrir Johci, 
And lore and tbd Uke other Iblke, 
Thdr daty to negleet mvtt not con* (tor to go ; 
Bo I idi'd the eapataa bar, 
Uke a true honeat tw, {ho t 

AndiniplteirfteanandBlgtat, rangont — Yd bean 
Bat the wont on't «U that Unu when the Bttk 
OM* werarieklr, 
AndifUuT'dUnordle the doctor did not know ; 
Thewordwaigoi'd to«eIgh,*o andden and loqnlekly, 
I thonght my heart would break a* I aong — Yo 
For Poll'* eo like her mother, [hean ho I 
And ai ft>r Jack her brother, 
The hoy, when he.gTow* np, will nobly bee the foe ; 
But In Proridenee I tnut, 
For yoD tee, what mnit be mnit t 
So my alghi I gar* the wind*, and nng out — Yo 

And now at lait laid np in a docentiih eonditlon. 

For I're only loat an eye ud got a tln:iber toe i 
Bnt old iblpa mnat expect in time to be out o( 


Noi again the andur weigh erith a — Tobeave hol 
So I •moke my pipe and ilng old looge : 
Hy boy* (hall well menge my wrong*. 
And my glrli ihall breed yonng latkirB nobly for to 
Then to eoantry and Idlg 
Fnta no danger oao bring, 
VUletbe taretrfOUBnglnnd ringoat— Yohekrehol 

ViLi Id, walk In, eaeh bean and beQe ; 
Hem wladoa, ^rtoe, troth, wc*eii; 
Kay, tUnk not I a Iktoehood tdl,— 

I dral not, lir, la niDery ; 
I deal in wigt, a enriou ware. 

latUi onr gay wlgga 

The wig'* the tUDg,— the wig I the wig I 
When portly paraoni dalm thdr pig, 

Or guttling aldonnen look big, 
I do not My they are not wile, — 
I only any, in vnlgar eye*, 

The wiadon 'i is Uke wig. 
See In thi* iaiy what a twiri,— 
'Twill mit a yonng m andent girl ; 
Sly Cuj^ hukln er ery emit 

The riband Venue' aoae la : 
Roaie then, idd man, throw by your ataff I 
Regard not bow your nel^ihoun imigh. 
When bnt a guinea and a half 

Can make yon an Adonla. 
The wiff'e the thing,— the wig I the wig 1 
Be of the ton a natty ipiig, 

The thing, the tippy, and the twig, 
Nor heed iriio an the truly wiee i 
For, alter all, in Tolgai eyea. 

The wiedom 'e In the wig. 
Criea Te^nlce, podatlng at the play, 
' I* that you wife Intriguing, {oay !' 
' Oh no I my lorey'e hair 1* gnj, — 

Then aay, who wonld not be a yrUt, 

To lead an nncoipeeted Hfe, 

And cnn all fOnl and }ealoni (trlft. 

By wearing t/a eaien > 
The vig'a the thing,— the «rlg1 the w1(I 
Then hey ftor tan, and tig, and gig ,— 

Who tot dnll mcmla can* a flg ? 
'Hi nseleaa to be tnly wiae, 
For, after all, la Tnlpv eyea, 

The wiadom '* In the wig. 
Thna arm'd, yoor lorera do not ipare ' 
At will a t—^g**^ or a bear, 

The lawjer'e flaw* ahall flsd a patch, 
A bob ^ knowing bead 'h»ii thatch, 

The wig '1 the I 
Who'd In the n 

Or HeUcontan potlona ewlg. 
Or itady to be truly wiae ? 
When, after all, la nlgar eyea, 

Hw wiadom '* In tiie wig. 

Oia Hary, her poor hnaband dead. 

And bmled bnt a week, 
TIr'd of her fata, with hobbling gait 

The panonweot to leek. 
' I'll taQ yon, dr,' aap ahe, ' the truth : 

UTpoormaa'adrad andgonei 
Our eerrant Joba 'a a comely youth, — 

Ought I to marry John i' 



Tlic patnon cried, wbo qnlcklT knew 

Sha'd hdI hU coniiMl bear, 
■ Tlw prorerb tdla jou wlmt to do, 

Thii knotty point to dear. 
> As the fool thloki, 

So, vhen tbe belli ihaH ring anon, 
TiXe care yon don't BJitake Ui< »iiiid ; 
They'll tell you, u the peal goei round. 

If yoa ihonld mBirj John.' 
Kov Hary Uiteat to each bell : 

' Hey t that'i ■ knell that toll'd ; 
'Ha not for me, thank Huv'al— Well, wi 

I'm not yet quite u old. 
Bnt of a burying nl>'*T<H you think. 

They wy a weddlng'i near : 
1 hope the belli will tveetly »nk 

That I «honId wed my dear.' 
At length the ringen ronae her hapeii, 

And all her venaea ehann ; 
a they ilngly puU the ropes. 

I ' ai the fool thlnki, 

And now the iprig^itly peal conei on, 
VUle Maiy, aa they tug away, 
Criei, ' Lovely bells I how pluiLtbey sly. 

Do, Uary, marry John.' 
Now at both and* the candle '■ bam'd ; 

She '■ beggar'd to a sooie ; 
Each thing la toptj-tanj tum'd, 

Out of the window goa the hooie. 
' I cannot thia distieu mriye ; 

What iCBDdal and,<Uagreea I 
Would my Orst htubaod wen aUra, 

Ol I wna in Ui place 1 
A cnne apon tlu fatal day 

I Biteo'd to the bells, 
That took my reaioa quite awsf, 

Just Uke to many spells ; 
Bnt ' a* the fool thinka, 
80 the bell tinki ;■ 

Why, what must I be thinking on. 
To fancy, aa they rug away. 
The bells so atapld were, to aay 

Tliat I ahonld marry John 1' 
Straight to the paiun Mary goea. 

And thickly Uys It on : 
< You are the causa of all my woea,— 

Yoa manied me to John.' 
' Nay, nay, to lay the blams on me. 

Good Harj, it unkind ; 
I nerer yet advla'd the sea, 

A woman, or the wind. 
Hark, hark, the bells an ringing now I 

They sound with might and main ; 
I what they say can hear— Cauat thoal' 

< I hear 'em, rir, too plain : 
But ' as the fool thinka. 

Intent upon my fboUsh &eak ; — 
They cry, as plain as they can speak. 
Don't, Mary, many John.' 

LiEi £tna'* dread Toleano see the ample forge 
Large he^w upon large heaps (tf jetty fnel gorge, 
WbUe, aBlBmender-Uke, the pond'roui anehoc Ilea, 
Glutted with Tivid fire through all ila pores that flies I 
The dlngyanchorsmltht, to renonte thdr strength, 
Strttch'd oat In death-like sleep, arc anoring at 

thtdr length. 

Waiting the master's algnal when the tackle's fbiee 
Shall, like spUt rocks, the anchor from the Are 

And into symmetry the mass ioeongruona beat, 
To saTa from adverse winda and waves the faUaut 

British fleet. 
Now, aa more vMd and intense each splinter Blea, 
The temper of the fire the skUftd nuuter tries ; 
And, ai Hw cUngy hue aasnmea a brilUant red. 
The hated anchor leeda that fire on which it fed. 
The huge sledge-hammen round in order they ar> 

And waking aochorsmithi await the look'd-fbr 
Longing with aB their force the ardent maas to 


To make in oouceit rude tlidrpond'roiis luunmsrs 

So the misshapea lamp to tymmdry they beat. 
To save from adverse winda and wavea the gallant 

British Beet. 

The preparations thicken 1 with forks the Are they 

And now twelve •nchorsmith* the heaving bellows 

WhQe, arm'd from ev'rj danger, and In grim array, 
Aniioss as howUng demons waiting fbr their prey. 
The forge the anchor yields from out its flerymair. 
Which, on the anvil prone, the cavern shoots — 

And now the scorch'd beholders want the pow'rto 

Fhlnt with It* beat, and daoled with ita pow'rful 

While, aa old Vulcan's Cycliqw did the anvil bang, 

To forge Jove's thunderbolts, their pond'rous ham- 
mers dang: 

And, till its flre't eitlnct, the monatroDi mass tbay 

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^^"-n gir JT A-^J h\ j'rtf 


r p r c i r ? r ct f ^ r rlr : rn 

' If par-aoni "i''" thdi ^, Or gut • tUag al - der - men look Ug, I 

f'^:^uj -i:jLf U'H J-i^Uffff^ 


W}i r ;ir jf ^ip ^^^r I r n 




^M u i i; | - 

^ fr S Mit i ^ Tg^^i^i^fa 



[Forraniainder of Wordi wep. 178-] 

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S K - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 



■ - »i»i 



!i' iii' iii' Uf^^ 




^Vr. 1° 4;:^ 




cr -'■ '^ 




r r'r 




pDa-d'nras bun-men cUng— eluB ding cUng dang dang dug dug cUag dMg 

""■"4^ yifiHiJ i ^ 











rtfi*' : IT ' J^i rrif r J Jr * [ IT ' J^i r i 

j-i!4 — ^U ■! J U 1 [ r *^* 1- — M-l J-J-!-]- 

brar - 


fron tha heut, Tet gin 


bi*T • 'rr 


th> h«rt. 





— ^ 



r— "-^ 





1 V)% 






•■ X^ 











To ptom pfanann but pain, laniB tuve hi 
We'n duller, tlie mirrier we grow ; 
ExbcUt the wms nuueouutable logic, 

For hnmoiu and »tlR, 

I dug, anil 1 rou, and I quaff ; 

Each mude 1 tmitt it,— 

For aince pleaiuie '■ joy's parent, and jo; begeti 

Should the aabtlnt caniiit or loph npon aaitli 
Cootradict me, I'd call hjta an au and a calf ; 

And bcddlr luut, once for nil, 
That the onl; criterion of pleaiure '■ to taugli. 

And liDg toU de roll loU de roll loll. 
V^nlf bonndful Natnn ihall fiU np life'a meuure, 

If we're not to enjOTment awake ; 
Ouula that cantiaailT fllttate and analfie pleanue 
Dcierve not that little thej take. 
For me, who nin jiggiab. 
And ftuinT, and giggish, 
Such joye an too Formal by half: 
I roar and I rerel, 
Driie care to the deri]. 
And hold both my lidea while I langh. 

For aince pleamie 'a, &c. 
I hate all thoae pleuorea we're aogUng, and 
And fitting, and cnttlsg, by mlei ; 
And, damme I — dear me, I beg pardon for 

All that fOUow inch bihiona are foola. 
They may lay what they Bat on't: 

That pleaanre'i the prop andtheataff. 
That acta every i 

In a comical butle, 
ad ticklea one into a langh* 

Dick HoriroL, from an honcit itock 
Bom, hii kind patents' hope* to mock, 
Who ebose him ont a lanly mate. 
But he, reiolT'd to brave his &te, 
Spnm'd at content, and vent to sea i 
• Damme,' eays Dick, ' no wile fbr me t 
'Twere bettor brars the tempeit'a (title i— 
Who'anidk alboltonlueliito?' 

Combin'd, bnt he'd apndoiis share: 

Va shipvicek'd, flnsh'd irith drink, at dght 

He saw a female and a light ; 

'Twaa her who long'd to be his wife)— 

' For once,' aald he, ' I value lift.' 

The thankleu wretch next nore, and racTd, 

Tliat night he'd die, or sbe abonld yield ; 

And now, on force and outrage bent, 

Her window scal'dj bnt mark th'eventi 

He found her on her kneee at pnyer 

That Heav'n mi^t make him still its eve, 

Protert him from the tempest's itrVe, 

And teach him how to ralne iile, 

Confonnded at the scene he law. 

He stxiod immoveable with awe ; 

And he, before who knew not ehaiDe, 

A contrite penitent became. 

Kelt mom he led the nupQal band, 

She yielded up her willing band : 

She's call'd the pattern ofairlfk. 

And Dick knows how to valoe life. 

Thi Titans are eonqner'd : tkir nrtae, that wept. 

Is releaa'd, and foul Vice fled away ; 
' Let a being,' cried Jove, ' be created, yclept 

Mighty Fame, to oommem'rate the day i 
To her let the trumpet of dio be glv'n. 

The glad newi to the world to proclaim t 
On that land that in virtue best emulate* benT'o, 

Be erected the Terai^e ot Fame.' 

With the mandate her car cut throu^ ether Hka 
She proclaiming aland, a* she drove, 
' Stop when wisdom, and goodness, and courage 

To erect the Mr Temple of Fame. 
Greece and Rome had their Templea to Fame in 
their day; 
t their reign, thnt soon came, as soon pass'd ; 
nauoni bom bnt to flonriah, and then to decay, 

Boast not lanes that for ever ahaU last. 
Egypt, India, Chaldea, and other* around. 

That fbr adeuce and aria had a name, 
Oalm'd ari^t, but materiala were not to be found 

To erect the Uii Temsle of fame. 



At length oar fair islaod ({ipear'd to her light, 

As milts grow to Isnd from the sui ; 
She cried, u its bosom she pms'd nitb delight, 

* This beaccfDrward m; direllias ihall be. 
Wisdom, eovmge, and worth, th; iabcritancc giT'n, 

Id > line from the godi hither came ; 
On thli Ule, that la Tlrtne beat emulate! heav'n, 

Be eierted the Temple of P»me.' 

WjfKN ODCe the din of wsr '4 begun. 

That hcTDU ID delight in, 
Armies are coniiuer'd. dtles won. 

By bloodihed and bn-n flghting. 
The trumpet aoundi ! the eolaaiu march ; 

Friends from dear friends are nnder'd ; 
Piepar'd is the triumphal arch, 

And the bll'n foe Is plnuder'd, 
All tUs, I own, deserves a name. 
And truly in the loUi of Fame 

Ponrtrejrs a marhlng feature : 
Yet give me brai'ry from the henrt. 
From self divested, and aput, 

Exceeding mortal nature ; 
That rushes through dcTouring waves. 
And, like a gnardiaa aagel. aavea 

A taking (ellow-cnatuTe. 
In equal bil>ac« to malntafn 

The barriers of each natloa. 
Thus ever did stem Fats ordain 

Slaughter should thin creation. 
The trumpet sounds I his native land 

Kach tries to save troia slav'rjr ; 
While in the eouteat. hand in baud. 

Walk clemency and braT'iy. 
All thill I own, deserves a same, 
And stands in the records of r'ame 

A truly marking feature : 
Vet give me brav'ry from the heart. 
From self divested, and apart, 

Type of celeatiei natore. 

That rushes, &c. 


Thr weather, the land, and all those that dw«U Id It, 

LUcB ooT minds, that are cheqner'd by hopes and 

In jmfii ■uecesdon change every mlDnta, — 

'l constant rotation of smQea and of tears. 
But the smiles and the tears, the same motive ra- 

Tbongh opposHa, similar passiona eidte ; 
One the ofbprinc of bounty, the other oF feeling. 

Take diArent tracks to the road of delight. 
When pants the pareh'd earth, as Its wounds re- 
quire healing, 

For the show't to put forward ftesb blossoms 

And when kindly refreih'd, as new beauties 

And UtesuDln rich smiles glads the gratified sight, 

Thsoikfal birds OD the glistening verdure are singing, 

And the indlesand the tears expand equal delight. 

And so, 'twiit friend and friend ; when a heart. 

woanding sorrow 

Resolution o'ereomes, and sinks deep In the mind, 

FttHa the tears of a biend Satt'riog eomfbct w* 

For the motive 's dnceri, and the action la kind : 
Nor when friendship's wsrm cBbrts o'eicoms the 

Do oor smiles, howe'er gntefal, more pleasure 

For they both have their souree In the sams si 


Whv, mcaster, damn tbnl whoa. beest the*^ 

Doan't titter, sur, but hire ma : 
I wedden't a bin so plain and vm, 

But thy discourse do tire ma. 
Great as thea beest, tha eaust not doine 

At leasts In London sitty, 
Or slobber xaaee, or gaxils wine. 

Till litch u 1 parmitty. 
Then ace me, doant dlspoiie a fHnd, 

AklB» theeist little higher,— 
The oak 'a best kept away from wind, 

lliat'a sheltir'd liy the brier. 
But when tha com'st to London town, 

And art lavishun thy shiners. 
Tell nm sum vartie thee'i left down 

'Mongat sturdy Cornish miners. 
Now who be I, and who becst thee ? 

The coal that 'a dog to warm tha, — 
The tsi that ahippen sends to see, 

That voreign voe may'nt harm tha, — 
The tin that makes thy pots and pans, 

Thy coUlDders and kettles, 
Thy innlTBrB, candlesticks, and cans. 

And Idwers (or Ihy victuals,— 

If thes of sweethearts hast a seoi« 

To pamper up thy felly, 
tfhj 1 'vc a hundred. lur, and more. 

And aal In lovely Mally. 
Bnt, Tilth and saole 1 I be so loath 

To treat thee naulens vaulcns, 
Thced'st knaw else, He that made us boalh 

Mads happiness vor all on's. 



Then hanme, and tell 'em, Taath uiil man, ' 

AIJ thsy that gold bewllchss, 
TluU iBtn be richer, thof they 'm poor, 

Tbaa xam thai raulA In rlchM. 
60 wheD, &e. 

I on tn LondoD iboiit de street, 

Wid mf organ all 10 readj ; 
I look at de vindow where de; meet, 

De gentleman and de ladj. 
Do midaliipmaa vid de pretty g<ri. 

Ha laj for a tnne are jon willing g 
So I pan ont de atop, aad I grind and I twirl. 
And an to get BO odd chilling. 

[Ployt Ihi Sailor'i Journal.'] 
fi» I play de tnne you lee jmt dc. 

To set dem a cooing and billing ; 
So I Ibstc 'am togeder to bill and coo, 

And walk off wid de chilling. 
Den I come and I hear a coraet tdie, 

De hoae all lidl and te derel i 
I Ihid oat some roaiing ranting boys, 

Dat holloa, and hoop, and revel : 
To gire all de nne and de roooer awni, 

For a tune I And 'em to willlnir : 
Bo I pun out de atop, and I chrind, and 1 play, 
Asd an for to get an odd eUUIi«. 

[Tie AiJhnlafi o/I^ptiy. 
So dej cry out ' Brmo, ihanidng, line,' 

And to come down de cash they ao willing ; 
So Into my moose 1 pote do irine. 
And into my pocket de cUUing. 
Den de hoieband 10 ftjnd, and ao Wnd de Tifcs, 

Dey say mine tear and mine torllng ; 
Dm presently turn de fundneas to atrlfes, 

And dry eioeB, and scoldiog, and aaarling. 
I try *at I can some tune to ftsd, 

To set 'em a cooing and Wiling : 
So I pull oat de stop, and I chrind, and I chrlnd, 
And aU for to get an odd chilling. 

[Captim Vattb md UUiSm-I 
80 nil dey hear Captain WatUa Miss Roa, 

It set dem a cocring and Ulllng : 
Den in search of some odir away I g». 
But Aiat 1 pocket de ctdlUng. 


Soaa, don't they call me Strawberry Pat ? 

And don't I cry to gi*e folks plcuore ! 
1 packs them neat, and yon may say dat. 

For a pint of them fllli a pottle neasnre | 
And then, to be sun, I lets pass by 

Tlie winld, and all its cniloaa bobbariea. 
Ah. aee that lorer there so sly I 

[Ab, by my aonl I and it 's one of ay own eWU' 
tryBsni to be aore, tbey doat make loratnal 

manner of sbapel.— Strawberries, my dear Madam t 
dey arc like yoDT own sweet face, the tms maiden's 
blnsb. ' Get along with ymmelf, Sir, will you ?' 
' Amhl It's get along I must I Oh, de tBcf! be 
haa'not aShilUngtopayforthc pottle.' -Wbat'i 
that ^oU are saying, Sir ?"] 

. VHiat am I saying ? ArraL '. strawberries 1 
Rue Btrawberricfc I 
And they 'i« all so round. 
So fine, so sound, 
Tbey 're sU my scarlet strawberries. 
See Pat Mac Farlln, u ha alngi. 

And swears, and tatters, the rogue to neat Is ! 
'Ten't long, fait I ^nce they cUpp'd his wings. 

And dnunm'd him out of the land d poratees. 
BymysDulI and Pat '1 grown no small fool,— 

tie's up tQ the world, and all [ta bobberies. 
See that romp, there, from the boardiDg-school.— 

[Ah,thetaefl hell be after mnning away widge 
her to Gretna Green, The poor baby I and the 
papa will so pity her, and the maiden aunt so abuse 
her I Ah I why the deril would you be taming the 
people's house topsy-turvy ! Had not you better, 
Lorey, go borne to your mamma J' ' What's that 
you are saying. Sir ?'J 

What am I saying ? Arrah 1 ttrawbenies, tee. 
Look at Hnrdock Huiphy, all « gay, 

A daaher am^mgst the host of Pharaoh ; 
Arrah, taiti 'twas only t'other day 

niat be cried-' Live pigeons ell so rare OT 
Bat tinea an alter'd : Uurdock now 

Vith other {dgeana makea fine bohberiea ; 
T« ttet widow hear him swear and tow : 

[Oh, by my soul 1 and he lays it on pntty tkk. 
■Ahl don't now be boddering about your first has> 
band; nro, ent I worth Dineteen of the Ukea of 
him?'— 'Bat, my dear SirUunloekl'^' Sir Unr> 
dock! Oh, thotaefl If he has not benighted him- 
self 1 I'll teU you what it is, my sweet lady : he'll 
be squandering away all the fortune yourftnt bus 
band was to long squcealug up and scraping to 
gather.* 'Take that, you scoundrel I' 'Now, doe 
he mean the blow tbU he gare me, or the guinea 
put I 1 tlnk I may at well take both of them. 
■ What nra yon saying. Sir?' 'Itay, are you tun 

What MB I tayfaig? Arrabi strawbcrricsl ke. 

Wkt what 's that to you if my eyes I'm a wipt»g ? 

A tear li a pleasure, d'ye see. In its way ; 
'Tit nnnsense, fOr trifles, I own, to be pipiop. 
Sat they that ha'n'l pity, why 1 pities they. 
Saya the captain, tayt h«-I ahaU never to^et It- 
' If of coorage you'd know, lada, the true firui 
the sham, 



Then ms bnitUag Bob Bounce, for the old one 

Helter ikelter,towotk,pc[t away, cat ud drive ; 
fiwariug he, (br hi) part, bad no notloa of apuliig, 

And u for ■ foa !— wh; he'd e*t him ilive. 

But wbea that he found an old piu'aec he'd 


Thetoik«'SBT*dhi>1ife,aaiiesr drowning he awun ; 

The lion wee Um'd, and, with [nty confannded, 

He cried orer him Juat all a* one aa a lamb. 

That my friend, Jack or Tom, Iihonld teKuafroni 

Or lay my life dovn fbr each lad In the men, 
b nothing at all) — 'tie the poor nmndedatraiiger; 

And the poorer, the more I ahall gnccoar dlatregi : 
For howcTer their duty bold tar* may delight in. 

And peril defy, aa a bugbear, a flan ; 
Thnngb the lion may feel inriy pleaanre tn fghUng, 

He '11 feet Dion by eompaaidon, vhen tum'd to 

And tbo* 'tit that er'ry tight lad of the ocean 
Shedalus Mood for hUconatiy, hie tun for U* 

If my maxim *■ dlaeaae, 'UidiieaMlalialldieoii, — 
You may enigger and titter, I don't care a damn I 

In me let the foe feel the paw of a Don, 
Bat the battle onoe ended, tbe heart of a lamb. 

You aak bow It eomei that I lEng about Nancy 

For e*er, jet Sad eomething new i — 
Al well may yon ask why delight flila the fancy 

Wbea land flnt appears to the crew. 
When, eefe from the toils of the perDoue ocean , 

In each heart thanki of gradtade spring ; 
Peel tiiit, and you'Q have of my joy a fUnt notion. 

When with rapture of Nancy I ilng. 
You and I Nature's beauties ham scan the world 

et UCTsr knew which to prefer ; 
Then why ahoold you wonder that I am no rorer, 

Since I tet all thoM beaaties In her } 
Why, yon'U And about ships all you'va known and 
been hearing, 
Ob their different bearings to bring g 
Though they all make their ports, they all rary In 

So do I, when of Nancy I sing. 
Could a ihtp Ttnind the world, wind and weather 
A thousand times go and come back, 
Tlie ocean 's so spedous, 'twould never be hitting 
or leagues upon leagnn the noie track : 

So her cbanns are so num'raos. su • Briaus,sode< 
Tbey produce in my mind such a string. 

That, my tongue once let loose, I could sing 
for ever. 
And Tory the oit'ner 1 sing. 

Shflll I tell jou the secret? You'to but to lore 

Own a heut in the right place that's hULg g 
And, Jnst as the prow to the helm anawera do] 

That heart will lend words to the tongue i 
No art do I boast of, no skill I inherit,— 

Then do not of my prsiiea ring ; 
But to love and to Datnre aliow all the merit 

That tonght me of Nancy to sing. 

Lora great Achilles tanght to ww, 

Made Buljy Hercules turn spinner. 
And Proteua Jove a-conrtlng go. 

Who knew ao well tbe way to win hen 
For me, thoagh mad for all tbe fair. 

Not one would pity my condJUon, 
Smile on my fate, or chase my care, 

nil, tsnght by Love, I tnra'd mnsician. 
Now, gods end men anrpaaaing all, 

I tip them pretty well the go-by ; 
Lead yielding ftmalea at tbe call 

Of my flute, my trumpet, bom, or hautboy. 
The blacksmith's daughter's heart I got ; 

For while Love blew tbe flame, to warm bar, 
I tbe 'iron atrack while yet 'twas hot,^ 

On the anvil play'd, and won the charmer. 
With a devotee I fell in love, 

Wth hcav'aly mind, aoA Hce of Gordon ; 
And, while her thoughts wcit plac'd above. 

To win her heart I play'd tbe organ : 
To win Doll Gob, the cook, for Ufe, 

The salt.bai, lord 1 bow 1 did thump It I 
Then tor the tnunpeter, and his wifa, — 

He play'd the hord, and I the trumpet. 


itoo's daughter lov'd ms weU, 
id otl my sm'rous song kept tima 


tr toU'd 

Or set the merry bcUs a dilming. 
Uiss Hop would fbot It, toe and heel. 

And In the ball-room toQ and M>onr ;— 
So, to win her heart, a highland reel 

I Isara'd npon the pipe and tabor. 
Welsh Win to gain, tbe harp I'd strum i 

The bagpipes conquer'd Irish Katty ; 
And 'twas the sprightly tie and drum 

I'hat won the heart of lovely Patty. 
Then, lovers, try no other wit, 

fiuccest in courtship to insure you i 
By the tarantnla, Love, when bit, 

Bweet mwlc shall completely cure you. 

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y ~ni~~" _ . ■ ^ .. *°'' ■''" ^'"""^ rtftmh'il, *• DC* iMoUa ■ 

AmI lluiiin In ricb ■oillH flvl> thr tnUOtd 

™iio^"'^"'' ' ™ '^ 121E^ 


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^ ^i ai^^i^ 


Diaiiizodb, Google 


Uowwhobe I, and who bccit thcc? If thee of aveethFnrta taut « icoTa 

The cm\ that'a dog to sBrm tha, — To pamper up thy (all;, 

The tu that ahtppen zendi to zee. Why I'tc b huadred, lur, ind more. 

That ToreiBD loe mny'nt hand tha,— And ul la lovFly NtXlj. 

The tin that makea thy pota and pans. But, vaithiiDd muIbI I be bo loath 

Thj cnlUndtn sod ketU«, To treat thee Daolena Tauleoa, 

Thy inufferi, eandleatlck', and caoa, Tbeed'st knaw elH, He that made ni boa 

And kinera for thy victoab,— Made happlaeta tot all on's. 

Who diga Tor't, doea thee think, bat I ? Then haume. and tell'm, vaath and luan 

Don't grin— theett not become It I All tbey that gold bewkhea, 

No tanel mite beloH the iky Ttint zum b« richer, thof they'Di poor, 

But dammut'i good for inmmnt. Than turn that ranli in lichei. 

So when, Ike. So vhen, &C. 








He'll Feel more compuiion, nhen turnM to a 

Then wu boiUiDg Bob Bonnet, for tbe old oi 

BeHn ikelter, to work, pelt svay. cut and driii 
8«airiaKbe,[ocbi)|>Bit, b^ naootlouoripulpg 

And ai for ■ foe !— «hy he'd eat Mm alive. 
But nhen that be foupd an old pria'oer he' 
irounded, [awan 

That once iav'd hii life, a> near drowninit I ^^^, 

TV lion was tam'd, and with pHy confounded, j^„^ ^^^^• .^^ (hat ev'ry tight lad of the ocean 

He cried over h.m ju.t all ai ODC tu a lamb. si,td, ^ia hlood for hii coBatrr, hi. tean for hli 

lliat mT friend. Jack or Tom, I ahoold r«eeuefrom friend. 

danger, If mT maxim' idlaeaae, 'tiadiseaie I ehall die on,— 

Or lay my life down for each lad ia the meia, You may aniggeraod titter, Idon'lcare a damn! 

Iinotbingatalli—'tli the poor Hounded »lran(ceri la me let the foe feel the dbt of a lion. 

ADdthepoorer,theiDorelaballauctoardi9tre8*- But Uia battle oooe ended, 

the heart of a Lamb. 



lIlM till tbo huk • qr WlMn laad lliit >p - pan to the crow. Vhea, 



nptnnolilta-cj I ilDg, Whcnwitk rep-ti 

YoD and I Natnre'i bnntln ban kbd the world dtct, 

Yet nCTCr knew wlileh to prefer ; 
Then why ihonld jon waodn tlut I un do rorer, 

SlsM I ■« oil Ihou baistiu la her ? 
Why, jod'11 Hod abont ehlpi ill you'Te known ud been hearing 

Od their different beiring;* to bring ; 
Though thcf all make their porta, thej all itij la atterlng ; — 

So do I, when of Naae; I dog. 

Conid a (Up round tbt world, wind and weathar permitting, 

A thooiand tlmei go and coma back, 
Tbe oeean'i m> ■paeloni, 'twonld nerer be hlt)^ 

For leagnei open leagun the lams track : 
So her charmg arc lo nnm'roiu, to Tariooi, ao etorcT, 

Ther prodnca in m; mind aneh a atrliig, 
That, m; toagne ooee let tooae, I oonld ring on fbr n«r, 

Aod Tacj th« oft'ner I tini;. 

Shall I teD yon tha aecret ? Yon'TS hot to lort tralr,— 

Owa a heart In the right plaee that'i hnng ; 
And. Jnit H the prow to tbe helm uiwen doly. 

That hrort wiU lend wordi to the toagn* : 
No art do I boart of, no akill I laheiit,— 

Then do not of my praiiei ring ; 
Bnt to lora and to natwt allow all the meih 

That taught bm of Nancy to ring. 

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QaiTATDi Fradoidi RkluTd** jonng Newcone'i 

TbF sponion htTcpramti'd that,irlitlelieiaroimg, 
TluT'll leach blm the derll uidhli worki to ahame, 

And| when he grom npi the Tulgar tongnii ; 
And, see I the ptoceuion from ehnreh the street AHi, 
Led on \>j the parson with hli roar giU* ; 
Aad now they're eoDU hoBtiei ud the wit flia nbontt 
Old niggardly Con brOaod-Htimour'ikiek'd ant. 

[■Let me look at the pretty little crentnre— Oh 1 
bleu hi* innocent heut j nuunmy'a eye* and 
daddy'* som to a T. I aerer law mch a aemibie 
Uttkcnatnniumylife.' ' Why, ye* : I tUnk he'll 
make a very good m&tch for my OcorglnA Dm- 
Una Helena Vli^nla Qridelioa Coamopollta 
Maria Mopiy.' ' La 1 Madam, why what a mt 

unbercf cblldnnyoQmnstlia'gDtl' ' Ooth, Van- 
dal, and Hottentot.' 'WhBt'(that?more(rf'em?' 
'Ka, no, NeigUxHir; itiimy wlfe'toDlydan^ter.' 
' What, with all that atilait ? Why, If I wu the 
(irl, and people were to go droo sitdi a catalogue 
with me, I wiah I Duy die, \t I ahoold not think 
they werecalling me names. Liddle, liddle, liddle, 
Uddlel OhI the dear Uttleereatnrel Ohl Iwiih 
I was nurrled, and had such a sweet little child as 

Now the fiddles are toning, and up itand the throng: 
tliss calls a cotiUon, her ma an alemong ; 
In a jig Hadame Lamp wants her Umbs to rereal. 
And Alderman NlDcpfn would bin take a reel ; 
Widow Hobble a minoet begs she may walk : 
Thni they glide, and they bop, and they skip, aod 

they stalk. 
Tin — Silence there I £leaee1 they twenty timosbawi, 
And a eoimtty dance quickly recondlo alL 

['Stay, stay, stay, itayl Dsfoie the dance bs- 
f^na, I mora that all the (entlemen satnta the 
ladea.' ' Lord, now, what a parBil of nonaenie 1 
bow can you be so atnptd I I beg yoa won't eome 
near me.— Wdl, then, better give a fool a kiss 
than be troubled with him.' ■ My dear Hias, shall 
I haTB the inezpresiible and nndescrlbabie plea- 
anre, faononr. lelldty, delight, and satlsbctlon ?*— 
' No, Sir : I desire yon 'U get about your bnslnesi. 
I did not know I came here to be aAtmted.' 
' Lord, Uias, liow can you b« so frnmi^sh .'—the 
Oqitdn only naked yoD for a cirii salute. —I assure 
you I Shall not make such a fhss about it' — 
' llaees I places I'] 

Rgure in, bauds acroas, ligbt and left, and ntnrbey I 
So they skip, and they jump, and they foot It amy. 

, nor to anytbloglia' 
r and so cherry as people at ■ 

Now the fans and fbt bandlcBehieft so 
• rm all la a 

So they ^n her the brandy—' Well, how are you 

[' I more that erery gentleman alts next Ids 
partnBr.-~Come, Miss Ctnck, what shall I help 
yon to ? — Shall I add a Uttle to your abnndance ?' 
' Now, yon think I haTe a great dsai of tongue.' 
' Oh BO, my lore, I nuant biaina.' ' Miss Jaiey, 
thcDoctordrlnks your health.' ' Uird, how eonld 
yon do so?- pulUng me by a* sleoite.- I'n 
thrown the nuatard Into the gooHbeny Inrt' 
' Thank you. Doctor.' ' Piay, Sir, Is there any pub- 
Uc new* }'—' 1 1^ yon it's all aparcel of aonaens* 
and stuff — dghtsen Cioussad killed and wounded I 
— For my part, I have too much charity to bcliere 
it.' ' Well, those ar* eicelleot puffs.' ' Oh, Sii, 
the newspapers are tall of them.' ' Cpon my 
word, Ha'am, yon make c^tal pnnch. I propose 
atoast: Here's Iheyoung Quietlao'sbeaith, and 
may be gite us as good punch as this at Hw 
christening of hi* fint boy.'— 'And as haadtome a 
feel' — 'Thatof course.' 'AndnowDoetorDrench- 
er's health and aong.' ' I'll gin ycm, GentlemeOt 
Death and the Ladyl' And thua the aong and the 
gjaas and the jest go round, — ] 
Till in 'Old Cure begone,' ' Hearts of Oak,' ' Derrj 

Aod 'If Lore's a sweet Pasrion,' tbdr cares tbey all 

Singing, bellowing, and laughing, and nobody Us- 

Who *o merry and *o eheiry at people at a 


Ths Inquest is set; for the tea-things they call ; 

AIlis Crab gate the kind Inrltatioa : 
Hlat Veijulce, Miss Baxor, Ulas Spleen, and Miss 

Hiss Hartsbom, Hiss Scowl, and Hiss Hump, 

and Miss Hilf, 
Miss Cholic, Hiss Note, and Hits Nerret, and Mitt 
As a jury, dellb'rata in grand coneultattou. 
Not OTcr such itull at aihlrt of the nation. 
But orer thdr neighboun' reputation. 
[' Slencel You declare, by yoinr fnnwoman, 
that you will, witboat hesitation, fear, or fhvonr. 



Trad, ten, ipflt, ttttot, fritter, trananngiify, tM- 
tnt, and di«joiDt tlu Rpntatiooi, iodilhraitlf, of 
frkwii, foa, itniagcn, ndgtiboim, TOung, old, 
rich, poor, minted, ain^, handwme, Tffij, short, 
« tan ; ud tlut yoa retoni u aoemuit of mU the 
Ticca, •bmnlitica, Wliag*, eapricca, fbllici, foiblci, 
boltc, vrnkAMKa, atlBchmeata, hobbj-koDca, 
vaadeilBgi, and baduUdlnga, vlthaat heiltktiaa, 
fax, tiTonr, putiBUtf , 
And thto ran, by 

Take the oath, kUi Hut enp, 

Like a torreat M loow, now away go thelt tongnea. 
Swift u wlndi, aod a* Ught ai a bather ; 

N«w biHUMta, the <9era, Bath water*, the boor, 

The aoctiou, the nUioD, the heaita In the Tower ; 

Aad ai, la meeeariaD, they etietoh out their huge. 
The ooonlry, U*ch il>>, ■utadona, and the 

b gbrioni eonfadoB they jomble toaelher. 
And acandal let go to the end of Iti tether. 
['How d'ye Bfce yow te*?' ' VmIIj good— 
where da yni bny It ?' < I buy it at CoDgo'f.* 
Oh, yee, I recollect— the people that broke. Sad 
■ " " r ■ Oh terrible I— ahock- 

for intriguea — I knew her from a girt, 
Bi a oat upon pantilea. — And 
to Had her ont : the h«a aa many 
viae a hlg^wayeun 

Great pdty, pretty girl.' 
-why. Lord, Ha'au,di«'iiat-tootad and 
ho(iper-hlpp«L Sad thing fbr the btber, if yon 
wilL* ' Very tme ; hot Lord, Ma'am, what can 
ym sipeet from inch people,— no fkahiis In life. 
The tdlow wa« porto- to an cdl-ihop,— oaed to 
carry ovt train oil, {dckled herTiDge, toolxUtty 

drenmstance.' 'Nol tne; well, that** deUght- 

fiill ha, ha, ha, bawl' and — 3 

Thtu they dp aod tliey ttf, 
HaTB their frienda on tlie liip. 

WhQe ronnd go the n 

or, de mllle flcnna, flenr-de-li*, tana pa- 

Va tltey get rather wMmaical, foeer, and ca- 

And their tongua, If 't lie poadile, grow nure 

n thimbirfnl tomi me qolte topay-tDrTy.* 
Ladiee, auppoae we go to caidaJ' 'With all ay 
heart ; but I ilinll latlit upon yoar keeping your 
foot in your ihoe. I don't name any body, bnt I 
know people that hold op Iheir fingen behind 
thdrfbiu.' 'Andl.Madnm — for I plainly ice yoa 
mem me I know nf people too, that when they are 

B ipM'- 


' Indulge myself to u 
Improper degree. I have heard of your hnilijba, 
to be cnrs.' ' Yet, Ma'un, and taated it, t 
' Why, yea, I oooe took a tea-apoonliil, Jnat to 
obiigs yoa.' ' Yea, and a bumper jut to oblige 
yonreelf.* ' Well, I dcelare thii la beyond benr- 
anee.— Hnikyba I indeed.' Here ABm Nenea de . 
dwed ahe ahonld go Into hysterica. At laat tl 
company interfered : Mlsa &*b aald theiewaa n< 
thing aooT In her dlapoeitlon ; MIm Gall aald ahe 
did not like WttCT intectivsa; Mlaa ChoMc a< 
gan her pahi that her friends thoold fan ont in 
this manner; at which Mlai Ruor entreated 
IcaTB to notice, that if aha hwl aald anything keen 
or cutting, tike begged pardim, end waa aorry Ibr 
It. TUa wat accepted ea an apology, and tho 
oonpasy reenmed thdr good-bDmoBT.] 
And they tip and they ilp. 
Have their friends on tlie hip. 
And of tolblea, and faoltt, and caprice nekek handle, 
WbUe ronnd goee the room, the tiquar, and the 

lo tone mooeic macatro, }oae come de St. Florvnn : 
Cbe teQ de Fngllnh popla nt, re, ml, fa, aol, la ; 
Che teaah de pretty laty de sbak and de cadenaa, 
Qie mak so moahe astonltch de papBaod4a ■"r"'"Bi 
I teaah all de aort to aurpriie de grand mato, 
L'aria ai dolce, il flnnto obllgato ; 
De redtatiTa accompegnamentl, 
Che kive aothe great tcllght to aQ te oognoaccntl. 
De c^rido ad dbltiun, II penaoroao, 
De presto, and den alia huga doloroao | 
De noisy braTom ao ^*"*t^^'' keeping. 
And den d'adagio che act jon all ■ alecplng. 
L'allcgTO tl gal, le gnnd maeatnoso, 
PastoreUe el gentil, la mad turioao ; 
And good many mure ting Iw lea in de mano, 
ThMgiTegood EngUih caab tot bad not* Italiano. 

And den dey nob and aigh atay. 

And faint any and die avay, 

And ftint and aob and tigl. 

And tnm np de tIIc of de eye, 

[So, Ten he Tcry great rq^ttue look ope tobearen 
can't tec no more, I take the opportanity aquceie 
the young laty by te hand ; I aay, ' Hy tear angel. 



6d dai ttnen coma dg flit, de turtle, and de plet, 

Aad 1x11^ tad hallow. Bad mske vuae noitc j 

The gDOH u>d the mustard, 

Tba bDobui, de cnatard, 

And dsa after dey dias 

ThsT drink all aort da rioa. 

80 tha aldennao wld him jcU; 

He (toff hii gnmi beUf 

We go at it ding doUK ) 

'Honaeiir, I knock jon dowD for mig ;' 

■61 Sigaar.Tstnlllring?' 

' Any ting jou pleaie 1'—' Vat any tag ?' 

' I Ton't kfra T<"> >> lUf Sr,— 1 ihaU lof* miiia 

Deo I tar, < Mine lofe and miae life, conicnt to 

ko wit me, — 
I show jou laa grand tjig W) fine In my caantree, 
Vld mj trlend Itallano, who alwajn laalce a nila 
To apod the Eagliib giunea, aad laugh at Jacky 

Vat 70a tinhtBlitt]adaTiliaj?—Bha won't take 

loch a prance, 
■ Wbersabcmt, San, jXMi contrea, alnoe Itslf gooe 

Beaida, jna cheat, jm leaek ebe trop (^ when yon 

Wh&a En^lih merit ha stay oot da doer. 
[Yaa, to ba anre, Ibr yon tee by dli time I kst 
Tcry goot foot da SunQy. I bring de latter to da 
geotlemaa fnm de Prench danaeoie, and to de 
lady from de flna Aaahy bean t bnt one day yon 
•ee devDlah pad ting, de moakay pick oat my 
pocket In de presence de ibeatelmaii de letter 
addnaa to de laty. Ob dlamlol he kick me oat 

clie arcr compose* Bote J don't mind dla ; T ket 
to anoder family, where I abakc de aheatelman by 
de hsnd, ulnte dc latj, ahoke de abambermald 
viHler de shin, Introdace master Jacky to de 
opera-girL To be aare, it la all ray trae, nary 
body know dii. I make da hose my hooie, I too 
Tat [ pleaae 1 lunr can It be olherwiie ? Becansa 


I, Sec. 

^tom ttr Itfng aaQ <5nmi. 


[Tbt ariiBleaB oftUi mg ira 10 tha thnataatd In. 

rulan or England bj Bamparu. It m In lUllclpuarT 

IsfDE mi nacUd, whlcti wmt THtnUy ■unnouiiuil )■][ 

fictly 1 


French are all coming, for >o they declare ; 

Of thdt Boats andbaUoona all tha p^iera advlia ni : 

They 're to iwim thro' the oceso aad ride on tlie air, 

In some foggy er'idag, to land and aorprise ni. 

Tlitir army's to coma and plant Uberty'a tree, 

Call'd the army of En^^ond, — what tn«t>hl*tt 

prcanmpdoa 1 

Let them come; thoee who meet not with agnea at 

muon Aoreflrat get ferersiaad then aconaomp- 

1, latl 

II who are not uiited. 
o and cliildren report anch atnng* 

The old woa 

Of their grand preparaUons, Ukdr roots, and their 
One army, tliey tdl ns, is ftwnish'd witli wlngi. 

And another's *ceontred,tliey eay,io eork Jacketal 
Well, so mnch the better,— their lock let 'em try t 

CoB» here how they will, we ^lall damnaUy 

Ten't the first time, my lads, we h«Te made the 

French By; 

Andsstothdr Jackata,wa'll enrloasly trim 'em. 

Poor fooli 1 81c. 

Then they 'H Ihiten a n^alhnnthe Land's End to 

On which, when thdrwonderfol protect 'a grown 

They 'U all to the tnne of t}ie earmagnol dance, 

Detcrmln'd to make Jack RosbUF pay the piper. 

BM kit 'em take cai« we don' t come athwart hauae i 

If we should, they 'n Just fhaey the devil hai 


For ttiey "Q get fhim their boiHa ao decent a toes. 

That cqiali'd will soon send them a danoe la 

the bottom. Poor foola I Sic 

TheyhBTc often come here, kill' dni all— in adream, 

And afterwardi els oa all np— in idea. 
And let 'em diean on, that they 're cuttjog onr 

Til), dnoted to danger they 're Uttle aware on. 
They wake troia their sleep, change tlt^ flat-bot- 



Bnt jotlng iput, wc tbetr pridg mmt ctiutbe I 

Tko'm'd no other hold on our beajtiaodotirdatf 
Th«D thdr innteDt bo«Ht that Uwr 'D (rixe, M thdr 

In thitr p<mo "^''g**''' goU— in their anal Eng- 
En^Uh bentr for them 1— The iBftnali acslM 

That Mon huii'd to bte thdr I 

So ahaOtbeTt to thetr hte bi a rlrtuooi from drtren. 

Own tiiat fooule* of Brltabi pDHtu Bittlih dig- 


! vhneUiUT^ionrlngeraw 

An dsluding tbeii own and belflng oi 
Let u, noUe, unanimona, loyal, and true, 

To thdr foUj give pitr. thebr threats bidlgnatkra 
Our heedom '■ not riot, dot uproar ran wlid. 

To hODOor, to lirtua, to dlgoltr treaaoB ; 
A ratknul blening, Juat, temp'rate, and mild ) 

ThO freedom Of Englaod 'a the freokiia of noaon 
Fmvfbotal ftc 


Or an Hcst'd gara to asoftart man. 
And dieer bla diooidng soul. 

Show me a blEadng, ha mho oao, 
To top the flowing bmiL 

When am'Toaa fitrephon, d^lng awafn, 

Hm knaU b>^ to ton, 
Tber monrn awhile. Bum, fbr rtiia^ 

T^ aaok the Bowing bowL 
The tu, whDe awelHng wa*ea deform 

Old Ocean a« tber roll, 
In ipito ol danger and the itonu. 

Put* romd the Sowing boiri. 

The mtncT, who hi* dnhma waj 
Wochi like the pnrbUnd mole, 

Still eomfort fbr the hw o< da; 
Find* In the flowing bowL 

It girea to poet* lyric wit, 
Tojeatoatoba didli 

Mofiteo TOUT da;, then, tan* of ear 

Come on, the Tolnnteoa of mhth. 

And bj the flowing bowl 
Baeone immortal, be ador'd, 

•If ongtt goda yoor name* ennri : 
Oljnqni* be tha ftatira board. 

Nectar th* flowing bowL 

'Twu one momlDglDHar, the weather but queer. 

Rather hazy, a sort of a miiile, 
When with a lore-aoDg I wai *bot through the ear 

By n maid, and ber name it wu Grlnle : 
The Qraeet might danoe to the tone of her long. 

With a bucket of waah ai ahe tripp'd It along, 

Jnit going to feod the pig* — tig, tig, tig : 
Tlten to hear the old aow aah the little pig, 

' My lOTB, hiTt yoo got enonj^ ?' 
And the little pig ciTlDg ont ■ Out, ooi, onl,' 

SpaaUng French, to »how her breeding, d'ye lee: 
Why a beodiot Jodgei might haie ahook their wlga 
To hear the like* of the (On and the rlga, 
WhUe loTdy Orluls waa feeding the piga. 
The next Ume I aaw her wa* at the barn-door, 

Dreai'd la petUcoat, ileeTei, and a boddlce; 
■ What art thou,' said I, ' for I'm not Terj aure,— 

Art a hlry, a witch, or a goddeaa ?' 
The Hum in Tain wonld deaciibe her In aong, 

'Stead of nine had they ierenty pens, 
A* graceful the barley ahe acatter'd along. 

All feeding the cocki and the heni. 
Coop Uddy, eoop biddy, cop I 
Than to aee all UiB chiekena eome tambUDg ap, 
Whila Chantideer cried to hi* hen*, Clook, dook, 

dook, dook, cloak, dook, 
TDiA,took,took,took, took, took, took, took, took. 
Not the hern and the cocka, nor the cocks and the 

Though thdr tail* and their wing* were all made 

into pen*, 
CaaU a'er descrlbo Gtlxils whila feeing the hen*. 
ToOriiiieru married, — *ables*'dne'erwa*maoI 

We hSTe ehildrao the best part (^ twenty ; 
So w* try to maintain 'em u well aa we can. 

While content tana onr pittance to plenty. 
IT the gnat tb^ di^ndents and parasites own. 

So do we ; for the iogi and the cats 
Come flattering ronnd fOr a scrap or a bone, 

WhOs wB'n feeding oiir sweet little biM*. 
Diddle, ttddk, Uddle, eome then in lap; 
Then I awkwardly bDm the child's mouth with the 

It the aweet mniic. Yah, yah, yali,yah, 

r, bow wow,'— Dk I he has let hU *lster taU) 
you little dog, ru knock yonr brains out.] 

ith (hiUren and wife, and my dogs and 



^JSFgJE^E^F^fi ^^t B p ^ 










^ J N MMc F ^ r.r i i J n 

frtt-tf rood nte, A>d n^aill the bcnk.m.a 


V'f f f HJ !L1 ^ir j^ 


If -'f ff -'r'n ^ 

""""f if -■[ If -If ^ 

tar of - ten tnnu out a nin - ayt Fw ww ke Mutt )os, Hti tcSTc' 

i -^''^lU 'I'j ^^ 





[ f^iWi a II 

I ^^^Vf^M- 


B«T iboH in morDCCQ, hH HltJconta b 
Btr vtg'BjoBl cod* htHB* frOD tbe tM 

Htn"! tm dfhwcii pen'DHIu, Uiu'i Snaadii 
Tor* ^vniiJ 1>*ccg-bo>, quite >uu ud ipk 

From tba Iftndlordt lavg thona 

ld>n>iTT<»'r>I<abl, lllitnw Ifami 
Ah ny WDDderoiFpl li wethoald lip off h I 

But no uUor u IsH-pol E'f r jtt iili>'d UBlu,— 

Cunt pul loniul UH fraf, 

So BOW. m; div |lr], ir lou'lTiln Dt ■ kiM 

Vnr°k nllgr'Tuie |7> cinlM*bK'i 

Ho nUiHto Dtllbir billon but wlada at MiU*, 

Wllb'^lrli on ihon, 
AmA (1im>i bU (ha bm of • |b1dh. 

Digitized bvGOOgIC 



ifA&r }FJ'.r^K7i.J'^^h| -bi , g 

did I fkn To Dukg her die— To nuka ber die— die, die, 

J', m il -. I II I I I I Jj J q 

J I ii I ;IJ' ^^ 






IlOT'dtveet HebBhirudTooDEi — Yet, after all, I aa In lore, 

<Bcirf}oniriptun> thrlftf,' Hi4, tipif, allM £r«( 

Cried tatUiog CUmour'* b««y Xoagae, No miDiDn o( the C]i)riu grore 

' Why ibe hu loTcn filtj I' E'er i^'d with pualnn hifher. 

RsDlT'd to try, I quicklT prOT'd Uy head taint ronsd, I'm in a flam 

' Twu blae, by rea*oa* pleat; ; I km like an; dragon : 

For loon I bond ihe deaii; loi'd Say, woald yon know my miatnwa' i 

Bat me — nod Btc and twenty. Ob, 'til a tmlliog Aagan. 

To Mif Jenyiog Delia win, Thu we'wt of tan a atory told, 

I variani preaentt lent her; Of hbnloai prDdaidoa, 

All gold could buy iaint her la, Taiynni liit'nlDg, who, of old, 

Bat nothing wontd eoatent her. Went headlong to deitmctkiD : 

t Mather trinketawkhont end, Tbeaong, alai 1 wai bat a Inie, 

Qena. pearla, to make her dTll ; To make a wave their |dllaw ; 

nU, haiiog nothing more to lend, And tboK Charybdii 'letp'd were ■ 

I aeot her— to the dBril, To tomble— Into Scylla. 

Digitized byGoOgle 



Jack Bimhaci-i m«t with an old lUpmati, 

That uU'd with bim 'board of the Thsadcr ; 
Asd lluj lalk'd of their ptanki at ■ pratty round 

And nudo all tba hcarksien woader f 
For thoD^ brars at aea, iriiED JOB (et him aihor* 

For now ha moat Jog, 
Hli leaTB 'a ont wfth bii grog i 
Hara, btmae, what 'i to pay t come, apoit ni the 

Hand na OTcr tlu ehaoga for a piiDta: 
For a lalkit'i Ufa ia a roaring life- 
He langfai whlk the wlada and tha wavn are at 
So Ufa on ibore 
Ha can pay hli (core, 
And aport the apleodld guinea. 

The landlotd'a awaat daoghtar now eomu la Ui 
Up to tam^eBthay gat Int« haibonr; 

Her wig *a Jnat oome home bma tha barbai i 
Jack atara In h«i bca with a wblmsteal pUi, 
Rerlewa her, and looka like a ninny ; 
^r «ad> chalk on hb acora 

He'i Ix'd on her ayaa, whil 

And ehaati him whlk ehanglng hia gninea t 
For ■ mUot'i Ufa la a carateaa Ufa, - 
He iiiifa while tha wavaa and tha windi are al 
To ba dMatad on abora, 
WUk to pay Ua acore 
He aporta tha aptendld gninea. 

Hert'i two dgfateen p 

I'orthi, that'a five and a 

Three pen'orthi of 'baceo, a ahiUlng ; 
For a aliiienny 'baoco-boi, quite apan and apick, 

HaU-a-cniwn, and a tiaiy the Blling : 
Jack luara not a word, ehncka her under tlie 
Lord, how can you be auch a oinny ? 
Let me reckon your acore, — 
For two dipcn'orlha more, 
Two hoga and three alnuina for what'itoeonwin. 

So then 'a three ihillinga out of a gnlnea : 
For a aailor'a Uie U a roaring life,— 
Ha wUillea while blUowa and wlnda an at alrifa, 
From the landloida 'long ahore, 
For * flta^ahilling aeon, 
To get three aUUInga ont of a guinea. 

' WeOiweD,' criaa rat Jadi, 'yni know Ignraa and 

I dare aay yoa'm right, Uitiaaa Hoggy t 
An my woadaniaBl ia w* AtKli tip otf ao miA 
lathettaw, and yat aarerget groggy t 

Bat no laQoc at toaa-pot e'er yat play'd ainiaB,^ 

Come pnt round tha grog. 
For away we moat Jog g 
So now, my deu girl, if yon'li ^t* ma a Uaai 
Yon may pocket jmir change fur a g-ihl : 

For a 


Bntpaya hia acore 

With aplrlt on abore. 
And that 'a all tha naa of a guinea. 

Ln topna drain tha flowing bowl, 

And tipay gat lor ma ; 
1 na'ar their orglei ahall control, 

Bo Tra a bowl of tea : 
And let them jeit, and drink, and aauke. 

And itir up mirth and ^aa ; 
I'D Btir nf, plaaanra to provoke, 

A amoking cup of tea. 
Thaa round the board tha ok! and young 

Tha pivot of the prattling toogne 
What idla ao wall aa tea ? 

By •orrow Ud, ahonld we take down 
Noyaa, ec mtaOa, 

Vhat can the himaa «o birly drown, 
Aaqoall^lDg taa? 

The type ot Ufis, Ita j«y* and earaa, 

D tha bappy BedlaH maeta 

Then let tha great and ridi glia way, 
Pomp, prlda, and pedigrae ; 

Wa And diatlnetiona ey'ry day 
Leftl'd by death and lea t 

From g^idea undanMath tha hedge, 
To tha grand artaria, 





al'd, by D«vlma Uck'd, 
Ana ea« -a about by Phmia. 

Whaae'er, to tlU my dyii« tale, 
Baaoa Odaa Pd ran aftv, 

'Ha atranga, b«t nanr did I (Ul 

I lor'd rmat Hebe bit and yonng ;— 
■ Ba of you n^tuea thrifty,' 

Cried tattilnc Clamoor'i bvay toogM, 
• Why aba ba« lonra fltty I' 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Rettdr'd to trji I qntcklr proT'd 

■TwM hbe, by reuoiu fdcnty g 
For MMiD I finuid abe dewlj loT'd 

But ma — and fire and tweDtf. 
1h adf-deri;ring DeUa irla, 

I vaiiona presents sent her ; 
AH gold eonld bay I scat her In, 

Bnt nothing woiald content bor. 
I sent bar trlnketn without end, 

Oemi, pearis, to mske her rinil ; 
Till. hsTing noCMng more to send, 

I sent bar-to the devil. 

Yet, aAar all, I am tn km, 

Had, tipsT, all on In ; 
No ndnlaa of the Cfprian grore 

E'er Tog'd with pBSslon higher. 
Hy head turns round, I 'm in ■ flan 

I loTB like any dragon : 
Say, wonld you know my mlitreii' 

Oh 'til a imiling flagon. 
Thus wa 'tb (rf tan a story told, 

Of (abnloDs prodnctlan, 
To Syrens Uit'ning, who, of old. 

Went headlong to destruclion ; 
The song, alas I was but a lore. 

To make a wave their pillow ; 
And those Chaiybdia 'seap'd, were : 

To tninbl«--iDto Sc]41a. 

.^ttM €$m miltlM. 


[It taans Id karsbMn Dlbdtn'i abttet, In Ih* ibUow- 
ktg BOBf, Id ridleale Uh oudMrlia al ihi diy, i»* of 
a* aMt BmalBSBl or wbteb w« Pukifosd's ttsior- 
•nops, wUeh wen thu poMd to u uwni hudly 

ExANn-isaU; 'ttanot that which wa a^. 

Bat that wUeh w« do is the matter) 
And tbo' wisdom her pnmpts may pnaeber'ry day, 

Tbey pass lor ImpotlDcnt chatter : 
fiat those tUngs we do «o tha fancy bcwtttk. 

If hshlon but sanction the pother, 
Uelter skelter we go, orer hedge and o'er dlttfa, 

As sheep foUuw after each other. 

[I'll glre yon an Instauea— Atrlving among 
amoe gentlemen, • Ah I' said I, ' bow are yon, my 
ItiM teOowa i hern, aea how pnnctiial I am to a 
moment.— There *s a watch for youl' ' A Tom- 
pion, I loppose, air. 1 baie a namesake tf his 

I Cnreotstheiant allstopbyltat 
' ' Talk ol a watch I Indeed ; here— 
koiimntBl, c^ped, and Jewelled ; shows mlnutai, 
momantt, daya of flke montb, and plays dhlmei ; 
g«ei like c!ackwoi«r 'WeQ, bat I teU yon, if 

you talk of a watch, hen's the watchr 'Yonr 

watch r ' Watch 1 xonndsl' said I, • IT yon VB 

not qidet, the watch will codm and take yon in a 


So wUle tbe example, Bke magical sound. 

Or qni^ electridty, ratches, 
Soon one after t'other, the company round. 

Instinctively poll ovt their watches. 

Ifbroadsword' S the fashion, and cutaog of throats, 

Tbe English an fidl of them fencers ( 
For a whim if lords ent otf the skirts of their coata, 

Tbey an deck'd out in so many apencen. 
Thiu fashion mankind so completely conunanda, 

Liice hounds when they hear the riew-balloa i 
Andifbnt fire people would walk on their hands. 

Five hundred would instantly Ihllow. 

[One day I had a mind to sec what a length 
this sort of toM woold go. It is an old trick, bnl 
SO much tbe better. ' Blesa my sool,' said I, > I beg 
pardon, I did not know there wate to be any ladies 
hen ; 1 forgot to get sharBd. I oan vary seldom 
so tbonghtlass~I am aore I bate no ocawhni— 1 
have a very Una concan raaor.' ' Raior I that's 
of no constaiusooe at all ) baye yon gut ana of 
PackwDod's strops } takes a notch out of a pen- 
knils.' — ' Oh, damn your strops I I always strop 
my razor upon an old jack-boot.' ■ Well, but I teU 
yon stropping baa nothing la the world to do with 
tt — It entirdy depends npon tbe soap ; get the true 
eeseotial nl, you raior will shaveyoallksateathEr.' 
' Feather I If yon bad been as auny campaigns as 
1 have, you'd b« ^«d to do as the negroaa do, — 
■have yourself vrith a broken ^ass bottle, and 
make use of a bnlk.hsad tbr a looldng-^ass.' 
' Well, but 1 tall yon about the soap, the laior, 
the strop.'] 
So bke magic, when onoe the example bt^lns. 

About so^anda and raxota they 're railng ; 
And all, while they'n talking and stroking thdr 

Instincttvety se 

n to want shaving. 

Thus the rage la Hw rag« ; If it hides or rereaL 

So 'tis jemmy, and natty, and knowing, 
WhetliBr up to the abooldeia or down to tlie heels. 

The way is to set It a going. 
Be't to bam or to hoax, or to queer or to quJi, 

Or, howe'er in the ton yon are flashing, 
Tbe toiB np of a [dn, tt don't mntto- what 'tli, 
Bo 'tts itnptd, and uaeleaa, nnd dasUng, 
[But the strongest instance I know cf the pre- 
valsnee of example, is to set people yawning. One 
ni^tl wanted the company to break up, — ' 'Twas 
a cursed thing of that fellaw. Sir Harry — aw— to 
keip me op till six o'clock~aw~in the momii 
and then there was that sta^d beast the Deputy — 
aw— tbe fellow— aw— was asleep— aw— withou 
aw— paying attenOon to— aw— all those w; 
things that— aw— 1 was uttering with— aw- 
mucb— aw— aprightliiwas.' ' Zounds 1 air, I wlah 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


fun would not jnra w, — jon maka du u bad m 
TDUwlf.* ' Ob, ilr, jamuug 't catcbing, — I can. 
not help it, npoD Df loul.'] 
Thoa one after t'other, tbe company aO, 

Tbla aomnlfennu TOrtei an drawn In, 
Till, teadj to ileip, for their nlghtcspa the; caD, 

And prewntljr all go alt jawning. 

HtH, iHMr forked animal I vBj art tbon t«in 

Of thy form, that, ao matehleu, Uie Deity owna ? 
Wben beauty, proportion, and Bfrnme^ reign. 

Adding graee to diiUnctlon, and iplendiMi' tn 
While by faUy and fashion tMa form lo dirina 

la abiu'd, till all figures fautasde It wens, 
TDI, worn by diaeaaea, and bloated by wins, 

Uen, tbe Deity's imBge.tam monkayi and ban : 

Man, poor fbrked anjcul I why art tboa Tdn i 
Art nin of thy mind ? still the Deity's there ) 

When virtues augeUc tbeir natures imprass, 
PhIs angniih to cbase, smooth the brow of despair, 

Andwith Charity's hand dry the tear of diitresa. 
While this generona mind, on beneficence beat. 

Fair gruitode's height ahall hi nfai sfarb* to 
And thoas InvlBhed ridisa, so Ub'mlly Meant, 

'Stead of tirtni rewarding, shall saikctUy oime. 
While pUlnnthropy glTn dls^^Ktlntment to gain, 
Han, poor readesa animal 1 why art thouT^n? 
Take the rational mean :— If thon'tt prond of thy 

Let health ^ren by lemperance glow ia thy &ce; 
Let sin)[dicity's hand, as it decks ev'iy clmrm. 

To dseoruB add neatneas, to decency graee. 
Then to tamper thy mind neither tower nor atoop. 

Nor with aordldneas gtorel, nor arrogance ride ; 
Be not niggard nor tevi^, a eharl nor a dope, 

Bnt let pnidenoe the handof beaatolence guide. 
Thnsiabcmandinheart ihaH the Ddty reign g 
ThDS rotson shall teach, and thus man shall be rain. 

Lore 'a a Bame— a dgfa exdtea It— 

A flame hearts play Glie molhi about ; 
A breath— a very oothlng lights It, 

A TCTT nothing puts It oat : 
Fiv thia a case In point I 're ready, 

WeQ known, yet with impartaacs lug ; 
'Tie of a dans a little beady. 

Who coek-horss rode on 

Each hanuleaa joy, to her deUdoM, 

Her Uids, her lap-dog,— nay, ha wig, 
Kept Mm on teuterhoolcs snsiddoas ; 

He e'en nispected tha black pig. 

Call'd out, and forc'd to leave this beanty. 

To charge her, on ber boundan duty, 
Nenr to lat the Captain csow: 

John, knowing human nature olaaily, 
The Bonsequenee bcgM to twig. 

She might not lida on the Mfjit pig. 

Wt bua'ness done, and home returning, 

The dame to meet her bnsband toae : 
' What 'i hspp'd P* <Tied he, with pasalon burning; 

' Why, madam, yon hnre broke yoor niise 1' 
' What hepp'd?' Died she I ' yon sea the token. 

Fool] with yam jetlonsatlllcsUgr 
My promise and my nose 1'™ broken 

By riding on Uie great black pig.' 

< Master,' cried John, < I'm to the right on' 
Had I obey'd, sure aa you're there, 

The Captafai hne had made a night on't. 
And sent yoa gadding to Horn Fair.' 

Vow'd ne'er again to run su 
8h« w'« to ride M the bUek {dg. 


Ln awaba, with theli wows, thefr palBTcr, ai 

Ky flatt'ry's aUk aaila atm be trimming. 
Swear their Polls be all angtis dropp'd duwi 

I your angels don't Ufca, — I Isves women. 
And Ilomawarm beaut anda sweet honest 

Good aa tnitli, and as Ibdy as fancy ; 
Aa omalant as honour, as tendemese kind ; 

In short, 1 lore* Nature and Nancy. 

t lead In a song abont Weuna, I thinks. 
All rigg'd out with ba Onpdds sod graces 

And how roses and lilfea, carnations and pin 
Was made peint to dnnb over tlieir ibcei. 

They that lores it may tske all such art (b( 

That paints the sweet bee of my Nancy. 

Why, I went to the pUy, where they talk'd wdl, al 

Aa to act aU their parte they were trylpg t 
Tbsy wen pUylng at soldters, and playing at feait. 

And some they was playing at dying. 



L«t 'em hang, drown, «r ittm, or Uks polwD, 

AH jut fortluir gl^aiid tiidrhner; — 
Vbat to tbBm wu bat jot li rl^t eanieit to me, 
Fot I Hn and rd die for mj Muict- 

Let the gbtii then, like lo mnj Atgerine Tniki, 

Duh mj, a flue gar-palikted galkr, 
ITitb Uulr Jacki, and thdc pemusti, and gleger- 
bcead vorkt, 
All for •how, and jut uiUiliig for nine, — 
Falie eoknm tlinnr oat, deek'd b; laboor and art, 

To take d pert coseon^ the fancT ! 
Iliey're ell for Uib penoa, I'm all for the heart, — 
In ehort, 1*01 for Natare and Naacj- 

Am IrlthmBB'a tonpieii lo long and *o thkk, 

Aad it makei la hi* moatli lacli a poUier, 
That the wordi Unnda oat *o bit and ao qniek, 

Ther are tnmbHng ome otci the other. 
Such a qnarrel thne 1* 'twlxt hi* toogae and hia 

That for erer ther'TC "ti'Mn g aame blaader ; 
For though in the main thej are never apart. 

Fait and DOnadencs 1 thej're aiwaja uonder, 
Then acrah 1 be aeer, joa eondcal rognei — 

~ U eooo be the matter explaining i 
Derll a ball foa'd perceive in mj blimdere or 

If joa'd odIj jnat Had out the maning. 

Like a bone and a dog, cheek by jole aa thB; tmt, 

Though Tray meaanrea ten timei Uie gravel ; 
For when to the end ofthiirjaameytluj'ra got, 

FUt and troth 1 tber've no farther to trard : 
Or two bncketa, iriicn into avell tlieyate tiirown, 

Ai together they llonnder and apatter, 
Thia down t'other up, and thli up t'other down. 

Don't they both of them bring iqi the water ? 
Then arrah I &e. 
See two coianad tt law, wltii their tnngaH ai tbey 

And bother each other lo dvll, 
One provlag white 'a black, and t'other black *■ 

When we apeak of the fisdly myall. 

Don't wa nkcan that we're all of ui loyal? 
Then Birab 1 lie. 

Hun don't. Of yoor ftm and yonr froUe m 
Pretsad at the difienoe to wonder ; 

Forthon^by my ionll er'ry blundet 'i 
'Tla Bot ev'rr baD that 'e a blonder. 


So you ice, once Ibr all, don't audi cnriooe palaa 

To laogh at our Unndeta be taking ; 
ForthoDgfa Paddy, my aonll never tpttkt what 

Sura enongfa, bit I bemeauwhathe'iipeaking. 

Aa penaive, one night, in my garret I eat, 

Uy laat »^<iii"g j^odue'd on the table, 
' That adreat'rer,' cried I, < mig^t a hlet'ry relate, 

If to think and to epeak It were able.' 
Whether Ihncy or magic 'twaa play'd mc thafreak. 

The (ace aeem'd with llTe to be SlBng, 
And cried, inatantly epealdng, or ■— ™'"g to ipeak, 

' Pay attention to me, thy laet ihllling. 
' I wai once the lait eotn ot the law a nd limb. 

Till at length, btongfat to justice, the tew cheated 

And he paid me to buy Urn a halter i 
A Jack Tar, all hie rhino but me at an end, 

With a pleainra u hearty and wllliiig, 
Thoogfa hungry him self, to a poor diatrae'd fkicad 

Wlih'd it hondredi, and gave hia laet etdning : 
"Twaa the wife of bU 

With pleaioTC ran o'er ai ih* vicw'd me | 
She Chang" d me for bread, aa her child the heard cry , 

And at parting with teare (he bedew'd ma, 
Bnt I've other icence known, riot leading the way. 

Pale want their poor bmitlci ehUtlng ; 
Where rakea, In their revele the piper to pay. 

Have epora'd me, their beat Mend and laet 

• Tluni ttiyidf hast been thoaghtlcae,— 

But to-morrow aS tare ahalt thou bury. 
When my little hlef ry thon alTreat fur aalc,— 

In the int'rlm, apend ue and be merry t' 
' Never 1 never 1' cried I : ' thon'rtmyMenlt* I my 

re eoaea fhnn the laat ihiUing.' 

Habi t hark I of war the dreadfnl dangonr 
Oh I that men, who brethere are. 

Bark t what shrieka are heard afar ! 
No quarter anlhr'd fbr the lying,— 
Oh I the horrid trade of war. 

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And (tUT tlw fdl afteti cf ww. 

Soon lonlr p<us> her bilm t4>plylag, 
OfniS'ilDg heart! ■haOdoM cull K 

Tkg ttrlng cbnr, luoaat the dying, 
A kd tU Ika worid (< cnKlni. 


If IM3 uil ISna, ud vtn nlhrr dmrn baUk* Ibu 
Fletorifl. Tb* phru* ' Urnlucr wtdI Io pot' «lLad«« 
ta ilM dMik of Vhi Tmsp, Klui, wkll* ^IuUt ■■!- 

ilt», WW llwl IhnMf h tin h«rt 

It»,103. RIt ■ 

Wsr, I'm ilngiDB of FVoich, Dutch, Rod 8|anlik 

And golag to ^tb jna odi ngnlar date, 
Sfawette yoii that we eouqoer' d tlu Aumnu Arratdt, 

Whidk litpp'dtfteen hnndrad and dgfatyud eight. 
QaeenEllndwth, blen UiB old gkil 1 WM ptac' d ir*dr. 

If they landed, to ibow 'em aoaie troe F.ngHeh 

Bnt thdr vhisken were dog'd by bold Drake, bc«n 

and itody. 

Jut to UTC them a liekjng at TiUmir Fort) 

Then hum for the tan of old England w ftee. 

The pride of (he worid, and the lord* of the Ma I 

That the emeu of the poirdeT made each man a 

Sixteoi hoadnd and aixtr and t«ni, with U 

Van Tramp awon he'd iweep the whale eea, ei 
Bxt Blake baat him twicai and aait year, jut to 

In Bizty and fln, tha Dakh Admiral Opdam 
Swiae, der Tlaple, he'd eat nr the biBTe Daka «f 
Bat hie Mghneaa ao merrily peppcr'd and popp'd 


Bnt 'twutim'd nlnety.twn made the pride of tha 

Don't you know there'* a ^oriou wng aboat 
To ■er'nten himdrad and two in my hiat'ry nMt 

Vben the En|^ and Dntch, nndor bold Sk 
Oeorga Rooke, 
Beat the Spaniardi and French In the harbcnr of 
Pocty-dght aaD, In all, blow'd op, ■■■k,aad toA. 
Then hurra, &c. 

la the year Ibrty-tsw Admtcab Wanen and Anioa 
Beat the Frendi*— ao did Hawke— onlytwn ahipi 
remain' d it 
Boaoawen'e pnmd fleet flfty-flre eaw adTaadag, 
And tn HAydgfat Pococke two irict'riei ob- 
But the year fifty-nine waa the Bobleat then |oln(. 
When an En^h inTsrion wu all the world'* 
Then L> One off the Etraita waa well bang'd by 

bi (dghty bold RMUejr mdl ll<*M I'^BSury : 

^gb^-ona *a« Hyde Parker *o gtarloaaly iUne;f 
Bat next year Connt da Qiaaie, in the Vllly de 

if orihi DofHiItaafe, 
•• In Ike Wmt tadtob 

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*iSj Lord Howe led Uwvky b; a TiMorf tearable. 

Off UthiDt, In the man, ulnetT-foiir, flnt of Jme. 

Than bun*, &c. 

In June, ninety-tlTe, kvTe CornvRlili did wrrice.f 

SadidtBridport,aiideUoa'tnt done in Bwcek; 

§ But Valmtine' • Daj.theneit year, wid gnat Jervls 

No pen ewi dcKribe, nor no lingo on ^wnk. 

Yet October Uie 'lereDth, «nu fear, tor hard 


Ww ttubatbtvihof all; vbenfrom |Campct. 

downU eliora 

Bme Dimcan lo aobljr, Dnteb treaoh'ry requiting, 

Bmugbt thdr fleet to an uchor ell eong at the 

Nore. Then hurra, &c. 

Bnt ai if EngSih tnn, to Suit countrr so hearty, 

Were determin'd ItlQ hoDOur on duty to pile, 

5 Niaety-dght, flnt of Aaguit, did up Boneparty, 

By the oimdeii that Helton perform'd at the NUe. 

Bat, Lord, hoiT I teJJf I am't the naUan butowing 

A )dlUr, to telj about tare nnd thai Uvea ? 
And 'Hi sUnioosly done I (or to them 'tis all owing 
Tbat ve'Tc Inwi, and religion, and children, and 
¥rlTei. Then hum, &c. 

SHoit, hats, and M dotbe* ; 
Rabbit «Ud, 
Come, my pretty nudd, old dotbra. 
■ In eonHquencc af ■ isretty nf gnlo to Prmnec. 
■ fraat BiAlMr of thhIi bad bHB mt Is ABCrita 
fbr ■ npplji a largi lacl of muthuUMii, Imdsn 

dli Isluili, wen tipecled to uiln al the Kin* 
IliM : anii to prauet iMth, IIm Bnal IsM, eaa- 
mndtd by BHr-Admlnl VUUnl, wm onkred lo m. 
Admlnl llowi put to Ki iirly iD the monlh at Hty, 
'M» to iDUrapt tht canTOy, nt hoitUfl fleets ni«t 
BB Ibe 38th, Hid an mcacnniiit t~<k niuv. In whlrk 
no frVAl AdTvtitage wu f alaed on 
■mE Uh b^tlE wu niumcd. uij 

e l?Dk f\^L whl^h thJ En*. 

I* > wmiiy.tour, 1.1 Veopur, thit weal davn dariai 
■be actloa. Thi Im et On EngUih wai SM, and 7\S 

t He ^ iarrlcf* iru mflrtlT rlTtctlnr hti senn, by 

gnu •kill a-' ■— ^-"-t 


nl Comwalli^V^ 

lnwMii(Uinaaf( . _. 

t The PreHh icpoUlc liaTing uedlUtwl u Inn. 

}nDcilaa at tbt PIcMi of Hollud tnd Hpiln vlih that 
of rnon. at Bnt. Sir latia Jccrli wu djneted 
to ciuli* off Cape 81. Vlncvnt, with t fliw to la. 

ternpt the *paDi--- -— "- ■■-- ""■ -' "-■• 

ITT, ]iut u day i 

IhgUa. Tb* akUTal ■ 

Abont the eqiiarci 

When to open the Sndow the tndd begin ; 
Bo dm I f^t. 
At the airy.gate, 

And eoaz 'em, and dinck 'em tmder the ihin. 

[' Vat yon cot fbr me din tine, mine dear I 
Ah, TBtlatiu? Ab, ti» is de coat, de ptack ci 
de plack coat it ferry koot coat t but, len he get 
(hiibby,hegetrerrysbabby. Beaidet, nobodyvear 
de [dack coat bat de parson, and de master ] 
son pye de new coat, and the chnmyman panon 
can't afford to pye any coat at all : I kJIT you 
shilUagfordeidaek coat.'— 'Nonsense, ket oAiy, I 
vant to talk diss laty 'boot de kiihea.stofe.'--' Valt, 
TeU, I kUr yon fife, bnt den yon mosse kiff me 
shoe, dat handkerchief, dat stoekiag. Ah, dat Is 
(er pret girl ! koot morning, my ktfe, I fiah yon 
great lack vid de klshea-stofe.'] 

Bo 1 trick all de flit again and again ; 

TDl by dat time I eome to Roscoiiry Lane, 

Like a snow-ball itiU bigger and bigger 1 krowa. 

While loudly I cry, Shoea, hats, and old clothca. 


To take 'em in ; 
Shoe, atoektog, eT'iy ting make my own. 

As I Hick de flat. 

One, two, three hat, 
I look Uke the pope with my triple crown. 
[■ Ah, Uonsier le valet [ vat you cot tiaa mom< 
Ing ? Ab ) vat is de preechei, de amaU-elotbes, 

who did nod 


It litald lliil D( Winter wu the ODly mo 


Ms eapun, njariiHoR at Km ihlpe of 


« P«n» by lb 

I and (he Eut India Company 



g fellow (tare de laty d< bee, kooek down 
Ja ooH pnll a Utflc umetiiiie ; 
ftin} bad ataln alt over de fine ; ah, notlDg coot 
put ds pocket ; hrrj ooot pocket, eoot aa new : 
nor ket BO BUUT to put la us, and BO anet &re 
uotb Stsr>)etnwlookdeU«coat:TatiitUiF 
Oh, It It de tayler WU, danuae [ eo k>n( ajak mj 
1 Uu ii te by te foiug ■hcBtelmsn aUaT aaU 
hli dtothea •fore he pajr for am. — Vel, I klff jron 
'ipence.' ■ Oh, Hoia, you nut itaBd my 
—I tut a guinea.* 'Aklnnyl' ' Yea, I 
' niaeter fiteh, J take to te lateli'maka, 1 
US yoQ for little peiini. I kot an ^ipointment 
— luiidneklrl,Uo«L> • Fell, fell, I take 

de htch Dam ftxd I n>rte fifty pone I ket all hit 

la e^BB hroiBa again i bi^ pan 
my tholt, yoQ (arry gnat lofoa pan your maitar 
htehl Yon noalia not kaiy ounpaay with man 
■y cbaneter.'l 6a I biebi &c> 

Pot de laat ting of all, 

On de djuhei I call, 
Dat tike genteel ailing npoa the hl^nray i 

Ha fake in a Mgfat, 

I looii aet blra right, 
So df da baa'neaa toectly we talk afhy.' 


B klf I 

itkootbooty?' < Oh, One booty I' 
iaa ?* 'Ah I fill you hate a ei^, 
I ax bar ((« ta 

Imudy, Uoaea— ham 

dd<r iliiiiitiiliaiiii hoaae itld my own ; mak free 
i a Atw tpoon, fUter, candleMlA ; all tiaa la 
Terry ooot ; ta itlian be fill melt done, autke into 
ferry fine tite lonp.' ' Vat yoa ax for, altoketer V 
• Folfe klnoy, Moan.' • Firife kbuy I I kllT dirty 
■UDtDg.' ■ Tarn year dirty ehtUbig I 1 font have 
It.' ■ Ferry lUl, terry fell 1 atoy, be fbna out ; get 
bang.' ■ Oh, ta tarn ahew di^, he fill peaah 1' 
< Tat yon any dare!' ' I lay, Moaea, 1 beUere yoB 
Boaa hare it; tam ahew THUn I' • Ah 1 dat ta 
rigbti GO on and proapar.'] 

Soltritki, &c 


I anow, yOB aae, de ■loight de liaud,— 

No ahMt, all ev'Ty ting (alrt 
Pat money, pat ring. 
Put BTory dng, — 
U«y, paia, pnato, be gone, at eonunand t 

Lode Iwte, look theto, led ercry Tare, 

YoD don't find acting dere. 
The lawyer teU yon be gain yoar anit, 

VU Ml yoa caH iUbo come down ; 
Tke eont 1m mart, da eouMel dlipnte, 

£ta> enry body tooitd; 

lite Judge nun op, bi ymu (inoni he go i 

O vary fine ting deee lawa I 

Yoa atrip yonnelf to da top to de toe, 

Aad to yon get yonr caoae. 

So de lawyer, yon lee, 

SoTtn aa ma, 

Can play de aloigU da hand t 
Pot raoDry, lie. 

Den yon go to de gamtng-boaae, yon caS— 

Be tea timai Torae den da conit. 
Where de knd and de lady, de deril and all, 

Make people mla hli tport ; 
Vhile dey laagh In you ftue, and Tin ei«ry gnnu, 

De dam Oieek he poAet your pdf ; 
Yon Irite dice, aet card, and fbrtuaa oaU namCf 

Joat naif to hang yooradf . 

So de people da feahian, to *ell ta ntt, &c. 

Flay bkk da legerdemain. 
De poet thect yon yaw good acnae, 

De doctra cf yonr UfM, 
Yoar boaom Mend itenl Tay yom penaa. 


Boat, eu't I Om dnmnur that goaa ta Oa igbt i 
Only iiear me with joy, you'll be ttnan'd with de- 

Tlw Uket of my ftne, nue [ no mortal ei^oya. 
For tl^rc 'a nAody mahea anch a deril a wriae, 
With my rab a dnb, imr de dow, rattle away, — 
See flu tnny all drawn oat In battle amy i 
Hew twaetlythayeome to thetoondirfmy dmml 
With my rab a dnb, &G. 

'Hongit beroea that foDow, and haroea that fly, 
If a d*fU of a thaad'rInK y«t hear, why, that-a II 
mtb my mb a dob, &c. 

Then the tUn that yon'd tee, wtd delight and tar- 

If the dnillih amoke did not pat ont yonr eyea. 
In the bnely Dutch concert of liulekt and diaawy i 
Sure, es't it, my aonl ! the fint fiddle 1 play ! 
With my mb a dob, he. 

And our battle* abroad we ate flghtbig at home, 

Hy thare I eentend tor, wid body and breath, — 

Tlioagli I nobody klii'd, feiti 1 atum'd them to 

dMtb. With my rab a dab, ftc 

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ArtTtlaofUiTmiDd; itlUtbe Ddti'lthen: 

Whtre Tlrtoei angelic tluir nBtarei imprcu, 
Pale tngHlth to chus, ■month the bniw of daip*Ir, 

Ajid with CUiUt'i hud dry the tev of diMren. 
WhHB thli gCDeroai mind, on benEfieeoee beat. 

Fair gntJtndB'i htight ihall in laia itriTe to dlaib, 
And thoM liTlihed rlehei,» Ub'nlly meuit, 

'StMd of Tirtaa i«wvdiiig, *luJl Hnctiiy crima. 
While pUlanthropT glica dlaappnlDtmtnt to gala, 
Haa, foot nitku aalmal t why art thou vela 1 

Take the raUonal nean i—il thon'rt pro^ at thy fonn 

Ltt health j^ven fay temperance gloir n th) lice i 
Let limplkity'i haod, m It dedca ei'rj chann, 

To dsconim add nestoeai, to decency graeo. 
Then to temper thy mind neither tower nor (toop, 

Nor with lardidaeU grovel, nor airoganearidei 
Be not nigpird nor Uflih, a chart nor a dope. 

But let prndcDce the hand of beaeioleBee guida. 
Thni la form and In heart >h^ the Deity reign ; 
Thill rcawn ahall teach, and tluu mu (ball be vain. 

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t nad In i ions kboiit Vanni, I thbki, 

All rigt'd cut ""b her Cnpidi ud Onet* ; 
Awl how roKi ndllUn, earutlou ud pink), 

Wu mada paint to dnnb onr tlidt (uaa. 
Ttaej that ki*ti it omj tiika all *aeh art lei tlkdr 

For mine, 'tJi inothir ga*n tUtej i [icln), 

QiT* Be tlie rich hsallli, Rctb and blood, aad bine 

That painti tlia iwect Ihca of bit Nancy. 
WbT' l*'nt to th* play, when thar talk'd well, at 

Aa to act an thdr part* tb«T «En trying : 
And lainc thcf waa plajln) at djioK. 

All Jut tor thdr (icand thairfanerj — 
What to than waa bnt }eat li rl|U eaneat to Ba, 
Foe I Uia and I'd die tor mj Nancy. 

Let the glrli, than, Ifkc ao Mlsy Alccriot Turha, 

Daih away, a floe gay-palnti^ gaDey, 
With thair Jack*, and thdr panaanta, and ^ger- 
bread worka, 

AJI for •how, and jvat nothing tor Tala*. — 
Falwcolonn throw out, deck'd by Ubonr and ait, 

To taki of pert eoieoBba tha haey ; 
They're all be the perton, I'b all lor tha hew 

la ihort, I'm for Natora and Nancy. 

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(ar-nt I ut, &i<r lut iha-Ung pro-doc'd cm tha ta-ble, 'That ■ 






■ I mi ooea the lut coin of tk« Uw m ud Hmb, 

Wbo Ib ebotiiiK n> ne'er kno«D to Adttr -, 
nil M length, bronghl to jutlce, the liw ehciited bim, 

And h« paid me to baj talm k belter : 
A Jaek Tar, ell bl* rhino but ma at ea end, 

Vllb a pleunre lo hearty aad williag, 
Tbongh hnagry hlmialf, to > poor diitreea'd friend 

WUh'd it hnndredt, and gaTa Ua lut thiUiag : 
' Twaa the wife of Ui meamate, wboae glittcDiug tje 

With pleaiure ran o'er ai ihe tiew'd me : 
She efaiBg'd me for bread, ai her child (be heaid cry, 

Aad at partlBg with tean ihe bedew'd me. 
Bot I've othar icenei knowa. riot leadiag the way. 

Pale «ant their poor famHie* oblUiag ; 
Whara rakaa, ta their rerele the piper to pay, 

Haia apnia'd ma, Uudr beat trtend and lait ■hilliiig. 

Than tbyteU bait boen thonghtleu, — tei proUgatei bail ; 

Bnt to-morrow an can ihalt tbos bory. 
When my little bltt'ry thoa oTreit for lalc,— 

la the iat'rim, ipead me and bi merry I' 
' Neierl aeierl' cried I: ' thonVt my Mentor 1 my muie 

And grataftil, thy dleUtaa fOUlllng, 
111 hoard tbealo my heart; (hna man eooBKl rafue, 

Tin the lecture comet from the lait ihilLlng.' 

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Ha'im Yandsrcront, her Wecdi quite n 
ntf , rnni richer than ■ Jew ; 
With Ttriee of raven, end u eye 
UtgU irith the coddle 
Felr u bnU-berf ; tui 
Lonly u porpobc In ■ etoim ; 
A ton of fleah with gnld-hootM bound ; 
Ja*t laar kat Ugh, aai tfac feat nnmd •■ 
nu fonn'd, tkm (tetor'd, end Unu t^i, 
Her penoB md her pone thtu grae'd, 
Ko woader loren iwuis'd aboat 

A lawrer b^g'd U« t» 


■Twfact Hrasn, fain, ud her, thot alfht, 

Be'd draw ladentoie tilputit*. 

■ Come, some,' nlddie, ' my ub of low, 

In yonr ptD«e«dnge tiien** a law. 

Hy goodi and datteli joa'd eoonr ? 

Plaaie to coaTcy yonneU away. 

Yon plead la rain,— the trial '■ pau'd i 

You're DODaaitod, ^eetcd, cait ) 

You're Ifsonmu'd, and Hirown ont ; 

Fhen loe not "-*— Vandsrcront.' 
An Irlih jolman eworc sway 
He'd kne fur erer and a day ; 
And, If ebe'dhlm brhngband haTe, 
H«r knd and muter were her daw, 
' Paddy, yoa'Tc made a buH.' orted tha ; 

YoQ want to make a ilaTe of me : 
I'm Ue wbo tor my peraon Meki ; 
Snre, cn't ym Iriahmen all Greekt } 
Nothing bnt loae with yon I'd gain ; 

John 'a bdl and eociBly ; and beads. 
She knew him ere her husband died. 
And now the hlit'iy '* talriy 01 

te Vandereroot.' 

An aoetioiie«r,— a cunning dog I 

'WKh aman-talk keeidng itlll a <Un, 
Said he alunld Hke to buy her in. 
■ Indaad I' cried ahe, ' by fortnne crou'd, 
Hnat 1 then wed to wbo Ud* moat! 
My penoD to the haTniiMff bron^t. 
And put np Uke a lenrry lot ? 
Be going, ilr I leat, with a frown. 
Without reaerre, I knock yon down. 
"Tb haart for hewt, yon babbling loot I 

II1U1 kirer after kirer came,— 
The fbrinna oonrtlng—aot tho dame ; 
Whldh fortune rather than — *tl*»»T , 
She Tow'd ehe woold not wed at alL 
TUa cODdnel '• gina a hnndred naniet | 
Some aay ihe drinka, aone aay ehe Bamca ; 
But ■tonehave hit the tmth, not one,— 
The (hct b, iha hat inanicd lohn. 

tliNCi, fell dlaconlxnt, and H* mnrmnring train. 

To daibieaa and Errinu hnrl'd. 
That brood over grid, and for misVy and pido 

Shun the taUonal joya of the world- 
ThB brOBant existence to pdn at ita worth. 

Let ioy all our momenta begoUe ; 
And that nothing foUaelou may lalty our nlith. 

Let It Ught up the fooe with a imlle. 
Ths tMer eoaTnU*e may tnn to a tear 

n* grin that diiplaya eren taelb ; 
Tb* gig^ and ilmpar mcb mirlh to tha ear. 

While a heart-aeh ecnodct tudcnieatb : 
Bnt a generona andle aone of these can control, — 

Free frum paaaion, from sorrow, from gaile, 
' Tit a prompt emanation that iprlnga from the aool. 

Whose Joys an beet known by a amlle. 

Ba it onra, then, with emDee to lUumlne the hce,— 

Glnn er'ry delight to enhance. 
And irradiate the mind, as Uu nm, tn Its nee, 

Iiradlates wide nature's eipauea : 
Let the day of foir mHba incceed ent^'g night, 

Er'ry trace of pale cai« to begnlla ; 
And prove, at the sonl the ^ad featnrea shall light, 

Hnmaolty's portrait's a unDe. 

m baids have often tried 

When can, throughout Uw human i« 

HoiB atrict fdtfty be found ? 
The dotr. If needfnl, to hit death, 

ir Us protaetor yhdd* Us bnath, 
And aaTetthattUk wUoh eheilah'd 
M Ban tUt any itigmB Bt, 

Sly iogt, qaeer d^, mankind we m 
Then wlu my thult thaD eondami 

For If their titlea are the same 
"Hey ntatt ape OS, or we ap* them 

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Pog dogf , thit unbls through tha ifa 
To cnp* w< kptly may coaipare ; 

And eVry Amak that yat meet 
C^ tell Ton who the pt^piea an ; 

The dogged cynic ifl a 
A tu '■ the Engligli mutiff dog. 

Nor can, Jl 


rh dashing 

And yet the dog's the wUer bmte, 

For he can iidthEr smoke nor drink 
BulUei are wbelpa that gitml and ina 

And quarrel loud, but oerer flght; 
BIoDgrtli in Envy't aoni, that marl 

And ahow their teeth, bat cannot t> 
The terrier the nndertaker iiita ; 

The Greek 'a a (hi, that lUpa and t 
Comica] dog> are marti and vita, 

And lopen are aS^oUy doga. 


[TMtBmili alio wnwtliHifnUllHl' Tel de BaL') 
Or an the IlTCa that e'sr wsa Mi'd, 

A aailor'i lib tot I ; 
Hap what h^i may, he '* nerer grin'd. 

But worica and buig*fala eye. 
To do hie doty oerer kith. 

In danger's fhce he '11 Sy, 

Td da Uddla Uddle tol tol kil tol diddle llddia 

Thy who ta hand that lall we'd got 

AD ihiiKr<d Iqr the fM, 
Scarce op alcA, a aecond shot 

Maiti, yarda, and all, laid hnr. 
At the risk of ev*ry preclooa neck. 

By the mn oe eom'd, hot 1 
Oaly breke ny ana agaloat the deck, — 
Ted de liddlc, &e. 
Row then, when I loft Pdl aehme. 

Wall ator'd with toga and gold. 
And went to lea to SgU tat BUM, 

A )oBy tar and bold,— 
A woiuidod pria'ncr amn 1 1^ ; 

1b a diamal plight wae [;— 
Csn'd hoDM, 1 faami Pall iow'd away,— 

Tal de Mddk, &e. 
Then when my predooa leg they lopp'd, 

Joat fbr a bit of fan 
I took It I4>, on t'other hon>'d. 

And roniB'd tt In a gon. 
■What's that for >■ cries my mcmnata £4ck g 

'What for? yoafo<dl' sold I; 
* Why, to gtva Monniecr anotheT kfck 1' 

ToldeBddle, 8lc. 

At aea has had tta share ; — 
SUpwreck'd three times, and wooadtd ^M, 

And blow'd iq^ in the air 1 
Bat aooubody most pay tin cost, — 

r*e yet my leg end my eye ; 
The rest I for my coaatry kist, — 

Tol de Uddle, &e. 

[a Pandy oa the critbrsled ■ lll|h-Me((lal Bseer.] 
Sii tha shotc lin'd with gaxers 1 the tide comes in 

The eonfnaian b«t hear I bear a hand tbci* I an 
The bloeks and the wedges the mtikts obey, 
Andtbeahorcsaud the stanchions sre aU eat ai 
While with head Ue a lion, bnllt Ogftt Ave and 
Broad a midshipg, lean bows, and taper abaft. 
In contempt of ail danger from qn iek sanda 

The Pride of the Ocean is UuDch' d froB the stod«. 

Now the signal it dying, and, lest in her eonrae,' 
She chases a sail far snperimr in farce t 
And now the brisk broadnde la merrily poor'd. 
And splinters, cut ropes, and masts, go by the board: 
Neit yard-arm aod yard-arm entangled tbey li^ 
The ton hnidly swearing to coaqner or die ; 
' Till, boU'd and cut IV, getting more than she Qkea, 
To the Pride of tbe Ocean the enemy strikea. 

The pilxe is seat hoow, and alert, b a trice, 
They malce gamete and pidnta, and they knot and 

they spUoe; 
While knowing Jaek-tars o( OiA galtantary telk,— 
Tell who scri'd wsU— Boscawea, and Aason, and 

TQl, allof anddea, a calm, then a scad, 
A teaipeat brings oa, that the (ace of the Cood 
The thunder and li^tning, and wind, so deform, 
Tha Pride of the Oceui scarce IItcb out the storm. 

Aad now, hariDg nobly defended the eanae 
OrUwnation, of frndom, rcHgicm, and laws,— 
Her timbna aQ eruy, oil open her leaias, 
Torn and woanded her plasks, and qalte rotten 

Ta tlw last, hambly fUad hsr eoualry to aid. 
Near thenryaamssUpwheia harked was Irat hid. 
No liace of bsT rale bat bar porta and bar bulk, 
Tlw Pride of the Oceao'i cot down,— a sheer hnfli I 

Surr's Ihna her moflier'i apron string. 

Hiss Pat, the iKeatiee for her dear. 
Vat lore and Gretna Oiccn took wing, 

And pass'd the Lakes of Windcnnere. 



[What ihall we do nov ?] 
Lct'i Me Uu LakM of Wndinnerc.' 
'SmI Mel of LaiKn what * nob I 

And jtMder 't C^toia Thingumbob,— 

Ofcl channiDg Likn of Windonnere I 
mt *r«i tb* grano. *d potted eU^, 

B^ to BT "'^ OfsMwiA HUl it fter- 
[Dpaa BT word I dtab «o,] 
BefODd the Lakei of WUtdecmere.' 
' Samut, dew Bla'am, — ^ I how d'je ds ?' 

Ill lala 'em Mmndlr. — stay jtn here.' 
ne Captain oow, ta Cm'toni <&at, 

Begnilea the time ■* Wiodennefc. 
' Diar Par—' Yoa hxatej t hold jeta Uagat,— 

No BiB^ BfiiMe I'U he^;' 
' Pltj a pair ao tbed aad Tonog, 

And make oi bku'd at Wiadermera.' 
■ What wf> yum moOwr V — 'In my eight 

Btgoae, Tile wretch f— ' Ua'am, In yoni ev : 
By aczident tbia note I ftnmd, 

Hera, B the Ufcei of WfakdenooN :— 
' I've bit K monnt'i tlmo to wiitv- 

That brote, ny luubaad, la an ncu : 
Dear C^Wo, laitant lake you Sight,- 
[Yon HO, Ma'am, yon an diaeomnd,] 

On Cnpld'e wbga, to Wlndermen.' 
' Dear mother, an yon erael itm ?' 

> She pleade her esnee eo welL my dear, 
Lcfi pardon her.'—' WeU, eo we will. 

And eqjoy onnetrei at WIndenaen.' 
Dad tikci liie qnafana away they eaU ; 

Captain and all get g^rioiu cheer ; 

And eqjoy. while Nnnty payi tor dl, 

[I^ eaay emtented dope I] 

Hm pteaanrea of gay Wndermen. 


Shov, pting to teak, to mooile-peok i 
ShoUar yoar mnOlt, H aaler Shack 

AUomao, lor jrmr rodn looh,— 
1^, TBt dam laay tog, dat taekcy I 

Stopld lir, win yoQ IMdi te arp. 
To kief yimr (weet yoag laty > 
Come, tune, now— not too flat, ne aharp. 
[Stay, ttayl Alderman, polae yanr flttlntlek. 
Ehacky, pool your Ante yonr mout — take e 

Aiort. Come, leetle rixl Ahl ta Jolla petite 
Sa*iiy«rde,rereliyovrtrlan|^e> VerywelL Now, 
mine ainchel, your arp — ah, qoe daa graeMI 
Qme, Maitame la mere, pox abont joni tmnbon- 

w kmd UMtavt the tambnnrine, 
While Heater Jacky pob the Ante, 

MlM Btike banga the triangle ; 
While aqneak and aqaal, and Imiri end b 

Come, AUeiman, now play yoAr part,— 

Dnah away, my eoUe fctow; 

Flay oj^ vOB lectel lolo part 

I^on de ttoknwello. 

[Eh t rtt de dafla la ^ ? Oh, lonn T he let 

hU de pntA 'pon hie konty toe. I tlnk da deOe 

waa coming— done yon itoop, Aldersua. Shon, 

pick ope your BiBftar pod. tJDn, h4 de Tik no*. 

Pick ope de pook a de St. Onise mora, ^taao. 

Bleaa ay eool I] To make np, be. 

[Ferry (ell. Indeed. No, meaae, mine life, yoar 
leetle ado lid my Tlee.} 

(Gently dyte the popding itrim 

ViA yonr Image aa it play. 
Tin, Uke tdniin morning trim, 
Dapteaaeoaae eBotob it karite vara?. 
[Oh, 6 - - - - 

Let de note awaeUy preathe ai 

de tnunpet, de penny ftaae). Ah 1 itop all d 

>tla EMkon,— h< tret pon de oat a de kitlen. 1 « 
be bHe m. VeB, nenr mind, 'tie ail da tamOy 
eoaeertj eoaae, brry koot poya and kalaj o 
man, and ten I klf you holyday. 

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Digitized byGOOglC 


Wkf wlMd tabud&ttullwa'd fol Then, wben nTF"^*™* ^'^^ tbtj lopp'd, 
AU ■Urtr'd bjr tka fOe, Jiut for m Ut of fun 

ScBiee up kloft, ■ (ccond ihot I took It op, an t'Dtbar hopp'd, 
Muti, Tirdi, and ill, lud low. Amd rainni'd It In ■ gma. 

At the tWcofeT'rTpredoDJBeGk, < What') tbat for?' erlu my meuiata I>lck4 
B]r tb* run wt caa'd, but I ' What Air ? jon (bol I' Mid 1 1 

OoIt bnika hj im aplDU tbs deck, — ' Whj, to gtra Uomuecr uotber kick !' 
Tol d* IMdle, he Tol da liddk, fee. 

Now lliarc, vbra I left Poll aihMra, I cnru tUi eni) bull of mine 
Well itor'd with togi Bad gold. At lea hu done Iti than i— 

And went to lea to fight fa aors, Sblpwnck'd three timei, and wonoded oiaa, 
A JoUf tar nsdbold,— And Uow'd up In the air ! 

A woonded prU'ner Mian I lay ; Bnl lOEaebodT moat pa; tbs coat,—' 
laadlimal plight wu I ; — I'tc yet mj leg and eyei 

Caa^i bona, 1 fiiud Pell loWd awBr,— Tbo nttHBtmj WMBtrr loat,— 

Toldebddl^&a. Tol da bdAa, &«. 

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Wbm baulag up tfiliut UA'a gilet. 

So well iha atenu ths daiig*raiu trooble, 
I call facr Anu, — u Aa mUi, 

Hac tbm'a «o gnnd, her ludr w> Bobit : 
When o'er tha trsBbliDr wan iha Blsa, 

Hut play* aiMl tpotU a> dig ■dmuo, 
' WtU laid, mT Nao l' I ftndlj akt, 

Ai m]t hll hnrt In eooccrt ducca. 
In atoddlas aan* bafbn Uft'a braen 

So avaatlj gentle la her moUon, 
Sha'a Anin,— tor u aha movea with cue, 

SlMMenu thaqaacBofaUtheoaui 
Bat whcB, oa SoJutaja, rtgg'i n *t*J>> 

Like boaatr gay, aad light aa hiwy, 
Sh« wlna UT heart a thoDaasd waya, 

I thu delist to call her tiuuj. 
Wheo UTiag oa a tack *o neat, 

The brsese htr milk-white boaom mtlag, 
She aklm* tbe TleUing wa*ea ao Beet, 

I call her Nance, ay boaon thrilling. 
Thaa la ihe prtdona to my heart, 

By what'eer Dane cooih o'er my (uey) 
Oncefol or gay, grand, neat, or smart. 

Or Anna, Auiu, Nu, Nanea, or Nancy. 

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[AUum, H Inbt, la the MMayt an tb* UK «f a 
KlDf (Gcarf* 111,} b^ HuAilil ika hiaiHe.] 

Hi Htm I pcopltioiu pmran, ha Una 1 
Wbat tbooch tba tnr 
Vnm bw'tj ejn lavohuktB; itirt I 

iDdulgtnt HeaT'B, eoatlinuIlT thkt girM 

New UndKi to ddigU ttd* tuvpT had, 

Hu nOdt'd than flu i ii^li'i bud 

Ttat Kfc ta tn'Tj Briton dnrt 

Hat anHM frga vhraea Ug •om to trf rj kart 

'■ nftty ia jimt on 


Ofjof tadborTorvhat &*eai«I 
BchoU tha King 
In foitltadc and ilrtiu Had a host I 

HeaTcn beaming comfort on tba ^km Qnetn, 
And ha angsUc progoiT aniqnd ; 
Din nnTder and Ml lna«n to casfauML 
8m Pnnideocc Ukc t[glitidii( iprlnc I 
Bt ebMbh'd la eadk koart flia loyal boart ; 
Mtooi aanlt, Ac 
To Hmtu, tliat (Un pcndat*, 
Formortali' good. 
Now pom we aat our gratcAil hearti In pi«r*r : 
. And ai each Tlrtne, Ugh cothnn'd that dti 
In Ui gnat mind, hai long traiiaeaHled pralM, 
Bo be tha honr, In cskadaia, and by* 
To anbani Brttoni nndertfood. 
That pi«T*d gnat Georga hlf^ Hunm** upedal 


A noble glorion* tndeve drirei 

Nvif eouting bOKunr in aorae tnnch, 
And DOW lome iriOiDg eomelj wen^ ; 
To Ttet'rj knding now the mj. 
Now leading at iobic ball the hey ; 
To the Viir now kneeling for lame boon, 
How at the head of ■ platoon ; 
Ever aqnally daligfaling, 
Now in loTe, and now in igfadeg. 
[Ckarge tba enemr'a right flank I — Hjr dtar 

■ngd, how I adon yont— They flyl fttdaw q 
panait.— Hy lift, nylove, m; m«1I p«l^ 

■w to lay UT lannli at yoar Art.] 


h fmt» the (prightty flft and dnua 
DIfltaBe daHght wbeie's we eome g 
Tha aa^eant Int, neat aa my nail, 
yntk braadtah'd can* aad du^g td. 
Cordate anmnd, aalnlingall 
ma to dl rate Me, aod tol, M, lol, 
VfaOe wonder aHi on er'Tj bee, 
Tbcooglkoat tb' ut(»lih'd mvket-plaec 
'Did JOB enr tee tha like of Chii?' 
To maiama, tn nptnree criei ant mlu ; 
WhDa Oodpole criei, with chixzi'd phli, 
* What a nioe way of walking marching ia E' 
[' I ny, anglnt, if It wan not Ait the woodm 
leg* and arma, I wiih 1 may die 1 if I don't U 
I ahoold Hrt.' ' Wooden l^a and ana* [ my flue 
Mlow; wliat aignifln ntoh trifle* aa tlwee? < 

aahlft a: 


liead. Come, my angel, pcerail upon yaw iweet- 
heart to go with na. Cuba, my lada, it yoa an 
for bononr and (ame, follow a* to the Seld ; wlkei 
yon Shan be aU eonnd with wound* and^ocy 
and wlken. If yon ihoald ehaace to get killed 
damme I yon ihallliTe for erer.' 

Thna, my kde, be. 

■edogf ofwi 


And w* let BUp tl 
Then to ice the deaa and dying. 
Hear bullet* wUitle a* they're flying i 
Oh, what ddlght* io aweet, io gjnrioBi, 
That peondly corer the vktoriosa I 
HaeUng , hewing, catting, ilaahlng. 

While drama, and tta, and cannon* MmI, 
Upon the aatonlih'd aen*e* avwd. 
And strike the tan with hideon* ydl, 
A* tf it were the yawn of hen. 
Of the dying to aonnd ont the IcnelL 
[' Od* wonnd* and Bn I aa^t, irikat osbImI 

thing* yoa Kddier* do lee 1' < See I wliy, ^, I 

once *aw a camum-baU take oflT a 

eight men ringing the beUi.' • Can 

1 do Iwlien that cannon be a gnn. 

droUeit thing I erer *aw in my Ufo, wi 

bead that waa knocked off and plaeed nptm a tal. 

lor*! (hovldat*; rained poor dear alp— tha poo 

darn hat nerer apoken a wad ef bath ainee.'] 
Thm, my Uda, ftc 


Who qnanel thro' poiiOB imldb'd hmi tbdr win*. 
Have never yet taited oar UqiKT dlrlne i 

to tlppl* Tom VHkina' port. 



llni. If beltei iboiild, dowD bahioit'a gay tide u 

OiowtaaniiichofthcaniUiDrtlicDeck or tbe poll; 
If bcMU Id the rage crap tbdr hair to the nntB, 
Or wnr pncker'd ileevniargraU ftibennen's booU, 

p«una the pltj of utlre the iport. 
Send tbem hen br a gtaa of Tom Wllklu' port. 

DS beg onr tpedfle roall pntee to ronr (Hendi, 
r'rr eierili» jmr taionr than court, 
giBtltnde waaon Tom Wittlni' pot. 

CALu.dghteen her next Ura-day, 

Aoeom^Iih'd at her flngen* aula, 
Had md, ««ild dns, and daoec, and play, 

Aod acandaliie her deamt Mendi : 
Saeore ihe dctet thonld grow old, 

For looUag-glaMM all teQ tmth ; 
Aikd ahe had by her glaia been told 

She ihonld a^ Feipetiud Yoalh. 

And Iotb, bat nerer woold aay Yea ; 
For love brings iradlack, vedloek itrlfe,— 

Not alwaTa, bat too oft a tratb ; 
And Cajla tbtnight to be a wUta 

WoKld not iDaore Perpetual Yontb. 

Ber {aithfbl mfaror now grew rada,-' 

Told her her featorei w«re dccaT'd i 

That the uiqaette wonld turn a prade, 

Bhe cora'd tke glaaa, aad eon'd the hoar 
Sba tabalT tbooght it told her tratb i 

* Teadi ma,' ibe cried, ' Mnia pUrhis pow'r, 
How to obt*(B Perpetnal Youth I' 

' Hold !' cried a iprlte abe now aaw pasa, 

' I come to ten yon what '■ amin ; 
Yon had from Vanit; that glaaa. 

And no* Uo» Reaaon'i hand take tUa i 
It telli Toa,bi life'i YafTing day, 

Vaeca ar* frallt mladi fli'd Ua truth ; 
■riuit ohanna an tranaltuit, and deeay ; 

Tbat nreetnesa la Perpetual Youth; 

That nMon'a nvB la baantj'i ere, 
That of the dimpled amllaa aa{iplf \ 

Vben k>s« of teetli the lipi bereaTB, 
With wonei the mind adoraa tbe it*' 

Tbna (emalea ahall the men adote, 
WhUe bleii'd with gentleneea and tautb 

For whether twentj, or Icmriean, 
Good-natore la Pnpetiial Youth.' 


AoeonUag l« gMdnaaa and virtaa Amj raak, 
ThM gtggtiBg thing tbero win tara up a Utf i 

Tbat Hit wlU DO more than « twatr be lonnl ) 
If ot HI Ton wUa, ■« pndnt aad Ortftr,— 

She'll pcm a priia o( Ml tea thoaaaad pooad. 
Then moBdwlIb the irtied; nog^AallTelad— 
Tint wcami of ow lott'tf '■ conln'd to the mind : 
AdTentere then boldly, ill fbrtune deaplic ; 
Tie tlte kitt'ry of wedlock, and woman 'a the priie. 


If Tice bare bo ahara, and the ftlUaga ara tcbU, 
By klndneaa aad mm* be that ticket inav>d : 

Do ngt ercr bj beaaty alone ba Invited, 
Which too tA with nmedt and with miity'* 

Bat be beanty and goodneaa togetbtr nidted, — 
' TIa a cqittal prf», and the ten-thousaad pound. 
ThemtiTimd, tie. * 
HnchUthfbr good lock to odd munbot iaglreni 

But adnnt'reit for tbi« may credulity Oank : 

'Til thetoBiperglvesTalua, and tliat moat b* even, 

Elae 'twere bcttir your ticket had tom'd vf a 


Number three, lacknoiriadge, eompiliea tlkeOiacet, 

But 10 will the Fuilea and Harfdea be tband : 
If the mind ev'ry virtue domeetio emhreca. 
Even or odd, high or low, you 'tc the ten-thon- 
■and pound, Tbenroand ftc. 

Mr lore 'a a vessel tilai and gay, 

Higg'd out with truth, and ■tor'd by bmumr t 
Aa thnmgfa Hfia'i aaa ahe euta her way, 

All eyea with rapture gaie ■Ofoa her : 
Built ev'ry WODd'ring heart to please, — 

The lucky shipwrights Love and Fancy ; 
From stem to stem she mores with ease, 

And at her lanndi tbejr eall'd her Nancy. 

Her lonu 's so grand, hec air so noble : 
When o'er the trembling wave ihe flies, 

Tbat play* and spoils as ahe adrances, 
' Well aaid, my Nanl' I fondly Cries, 

A» ny taH heart in eoncni dancra. 



So nraetly geatla i> her noOoo, 
Bta ■■ Au0.-fei M (IM Mon* wU (Ma, 

8ba (MMi th( 4M*> of aD a* iMMn 1 
BU «bea, OB SbdiUti, ilgg'd in ltaT*t 

Lik« tMUr fj. ud HgW M hner. 

M ha M^k-whitB howw UUbb, 
ShB Mma tia ytdding wnn n flnt, 

II ber Ktm, taj boa— Oiilflair. 
Thiu ii itae pndoni to my heart, 

■■ eoBM o'er ny bncy i 
Omcrfiil or ft*7, graad, aeat, or •■■ft, 
Or Ann*, Anna, N>a, Naoca, or Maaer. 


A voKJkH grovD, iriUk ipaifcliag eyM, 

High health, and oaf carria^, 
Doll Mt her anxions bosom lue. 

Whilst nmrthlaK vUsper'd marriage ; 
Bat, en ihe leap'd, (ooh. to her pr^se, 

TUa maxim from her mother : 
■Ne'ar wsd, dear gM, while reaion wyi 

Oaa tUiVf aad tore aaothar,* 

Thb golden role to guard her heart. 

She went to aee ber eoiulni, 
Where man; a top eame nnind, u imait, 

ini Doa bad counted doieni : 
Bnt ttm the more the Um'niaa m^ 

Wa* teai'd with all this pother, 
She foDDd grsTc reaion one thing lall. 

And iprightly lore anotbcc. 

■ Fn loT'd ytm long,' cried oat a amort ; 

'For week) and montha I'Ta wateh'd y'X'i' 
YoD, Bad yoQ only, hare my heart :' 

Oied Don, ' Pt« fUrly «atch'd yoa ; 
Pre IcA, good Sir, bat Uirae thoit daji 

Uy natlre place and mother. 
Who traty tidd that reaioa aaya 

One tUnj, and lore another. 



By pmdenee aov gro' 

And iriUle 1 tow bo mo< 

Hoatd wiidoaa Hke a 

Id hnneM Ne4. who bma im mU, 

Wi poet*, wUh mon in the bead than the pnrae, 

To rabe hmigcr'l eoppUea wUk we 'ra trattlng, 
Notonly MBit write wbBt we can, but, lAat '( WDraa, 

On whaterer ■■■-*— <«H we're getting : 
Backs oflettan lh>mCettBt,from bookaeller*, dnni| 

Doota tite Snancea an t^cr ; 
And irtioevei '• aagaciona may read, H ha ram. 

»•> . - 

Of my tragedy dasui'd 'twac the play-bUL 
I on Liberty'ajoya winte an ode on s writ. 

For a draft Snip aadOTa'd to Ua di^er i 
Bat 1 anateh'd It, and acrawl'd U, mi btant waa 
my wit. 

That 1 draw priion-bar* oa the pa p er. 
Wen brib'd t'otker day. yleUbg Tirtva to blame. 

While (award bayoad eqntty bore me, 
Chanee, entreated by Pity, ny pnrpoae to ahaau, 


An enigma 1 thought would ]mt hit It : 
The wanta of flu nation were typ'd by my own. 

For I foond on the mUk-acon I'd writ it. 
Then i^TB me a patron, dear Ida'a bir throng, 

That with joy I may once cnt a oapcr i 
' Fay tke bearer,' ihaQ then, the eweet theme of my 

Be repraash'd and dia|p«e'd by the paper. 

■ and mesas to deaeribe, and the 

in iritty bank pa^er. 


Tare baTe It to their hearti In Tiew, 

For thdr Ant good 'a the good at oth«n ; 

Nay, Jack (oeh narrow lore daridea, 
'ftUdat er'ry danger atiU eoutented. 

He Che whole family pioiides 
With eT*iy gmd that HeaVa Initated i 

And, leaving caution to the wind, 

Rieka er'ry chance to lerTe mankind. 



ShonU wbla, Im Um Uaak am}, 

WUh eUUSag ftMti aad wIbiI* •bnn kn, 
J>d pmnts the prow to Hndaon'ft Baj, 

And anntlf tan both deck >Bd want her ; 
And, gallT kning can behind, 
Rmifki tiu vorid to mttv t****^'**Hi 
Voold dti ths ridi TdoptniMU t»t, — 

AmUit tbe boitlB aiHt the hnny. 
To meke the UU o( Cue complete, 

Jick btlngi the tortle and the C11R7. 
He fttdiei tea fm^maldeii sonta, 

Fln'ry and (Uhloii tor oar epcnuee, 
Feed*, doUie* u, and rapplie* mr want*, 

And eren farniihet oar boiuea : 
What thank* &r thoae, then, OuU we fnd, 
Who thni adreotare te mankiad ? 
Theo be the Meadlf tOMt «e pa**, 

A* boneat heart* and natmc'i freemen, — 
ig dayUgfat ftam the ^ai*,— 

Ror other* Buke their lire* « ■laT((7 1 
Tlie Tery wli>e that now goe* rouud 

We owe to theit adTenfrone b ta rery ; — 
Thai drink to thoae, with graMol alad, 
Whi lUk tUr lire* to Mrre mankhkd. 


W1k> ^ea*nn ti 

And Donld at will the fielding eonl, — 
Hope sot tne joys, that ne'er can nij. 

With aU TOUT beantr, all joni Tontb ; 
Unlsit jonc heaiti, wann, ndnutarir, 

CaB aik and aniwer thli great tnith. 
What durm, tke. 

Tain aie thoae beaaUea, nin thoae graeei, 
When leaeon no Und welcome flndi : 

What an *weet bnoa and hndr hoea, 
With ttHMiAtteaa a>d omMbw ndnd* ?' 

Mother* I ihoald jm that meatal beaatj 
Hare known that fllal lore Mcatea, 

Yon ihan, a* parenta, that bleia'd dstf 

FaoM aitrMaou Meaa dnee hiblou dntn, 
Tbey 're adopted br bdnf* that bnathe, but don't 

Tha* (nrolT'd In • tnwietthn 'twizt twUgbt and 

And ewcar faiT,'aad derila, aad ■<■■——, andnmndi. 
In omvaBT farwaid, Ue atory he telle, 
And kaow* er'ry thing betttr than cr'rjr one ebe ; 
Tm at lait, by a hint taogbt good manner* to know. 
He the title obtidne of the Kick and the Qo. 

At random he talks, witbaat fbredglit or tban^t. 
Of woHken bb'd ■eea, and of doeli ne'er fin^t 1 
Aiidwhile(n>«di of companion* loA round wUk- 

Kaowi not dther to be, or to cheriah, a friend t 
The natural prey of the gambling throng, 
Knga away aU hi* Ibitnnc^ and whliflea a xag ; 
And while purse* of rooki bytid* pigeon grow Idg, 
H* I* wound rannd their finger*, and ao call'd the 

Then let all this aji fits a new lieing pnject, 
And exaetfrvmthe world not contempt, batrespeet; 
Let f— ™ kick at dull doth, human nature's war 

And Uke ihnnning a pest, fitr (Tom Tsnity go : 
In short, let them nobly from prudence dartre 
ET'ryiatloual }oy,for which UeaT'n bids them Bre) 
8« *hall they of cilstenee fulfil the beat ends. 
Hot merely beings, but men, husbands, Uhers, 

Wi tan are bU for fu and ^tty— 

A hornpipe was my notion 1 
Ttane was Pd dauee with any he 

That sail* the (Sit eea ooaan-. 
I'd tip Oie roll, the sUdc, the leel, 

Back, forwaid. in Oie ^ddle I 
Aad roaat tha pig, and toe and Leal, 

AH goiv with Ok* fiddle. 
Bat oM day Md a shot to ram. 

To dwaa the (be adnnclng, 
A s^tei qneei'd my larboard gam, 

jljid, damme I ipoil'd my dancing. 

•Wdl, Pm,' say* 1, ■ no Amflih tif,— 
We meaamate* ba all brother* t 

Though I can't haie no ftm asya^, 
I may make fnn for othen 1 

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'"*'''• ' ' f [ r r J^ ' ' "ff ^^ 

I - ^ir i rf^i^-n i ^ ^ 

rcl;r^l ii [f- i -| i | ^ i|ij| I 

" i ? Mji^tr I f]]\^ 

y 'l J 1 1 i|ii Liiii^i^iiiM I II 

^ i....._nin. ... ». nn.tlMi Tlma «u Fd dues irt£ a . n* te Ibt 

bn-^pa mu mr no-tioai Tlnw «■< Td dues vA a • nj 

^]^||ijj I iU4i^ 




'"^'[' ' f [TU^ " f f. " 

[For NMikdra o( Worti K* p. IM.] 

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A flddia Mon I made mr own, 

That gbf* ind tan might caper; 
iMia'A • Rnls Britmnnla,' ' BobUng JoM,' 

And grow'd a decent aenvsr : 
Bat Joat M Fd the knack oa't got. 

And did it prettr middU^, 
I loit BT dbow bf a abot, 

And, damme I tpaU'd my BddUng. 

And then I took to driiklng ! 
One d*r call'd down my gnn to man, 

To t^ It wtth the gniTT, 
1 gaie tbtec chon, and took the earn 

To drink the BritUk NaTT : 

BcAm a dng^ drop Td ripp'd. 

Or got it to mf pnmlD, 

~ my daddk vUpp'd, 
I i^'d the guzile. 

So then I took to taking annff,— 
'Cauae lunr, my aocniwi donbled ; 

And pttttj putinw 'twu enough. 
D'ye ice, -when I wae tronblad t 

Bnt Fortone, that mlachieroa* elf, 

Nut that I mlnda It (or mjadf, 
Bnt jut for Poll and mothec— 

One day, idille lying on a tack, 
To keep two ipanking fbea off. 


u ! Icnocka my noac off. 

So Id miafortona'a acbod gram too^,— 

Id tUa aaiM aoit of lutowledge. 
Thinking, ma^b^ Td not aMogfa, 

Tluy lent me here to eoUt^ : 
And here we tdl old talei, and imoke. 

And langh, while we are drinking ;— 
Sallori, yon know, will hara Uieir joke, 

E'cD tfeon^ the aUp were dnking : 
For I, wbik I get grog to drink 

My wift, or friend, or Ung, in, 
'Twm be no nay tUng, I think. 

Damme 1 to^cdlmyaiaglng. 


SctacK cooie to IJindon, a eonntry lost, 

From faUur'i inng cottage at Ryegate, 
To qoalllV I in the world to act ont, 

1 went to be twom at Hl^igata : 
Bd I took't an oath thu 1 thowt mlgbty qaaar. 

But 1 aald that rd keep't by the letlv, 
That an my Ufe thioag^ ^'^ f^" ■*">■ )>•«» 

Bnloa 1 Bk'd amafl beer better. 

I aaw'd what it meant, thongb I be bat a clown ; 

Tbie oath yott lee meant Kir-deuiid ) 
Aod'tiipropeTeaangh, for when folk come to town, 

Tbaii honeaty '* put to the trial : 
Now, yoa Bee,to be honest 'e the smaU beer of life,— 

'Tta poor, bttt ooe'e conedenee 'twont fetter ; 
So *bo wool may drink itnmg beer, and get into 

I likea qaict and ueaU beer better, 
'Fore now IWe been oStt'i both money and gear. 

My neigtAonr to cheat or bis treaure ; 
Bnt diamond! and gold may be purchas'd toodear, — 

And with pain we often buy pleunie : 
I do like pleaiure too,— but, softly and blr. 

Don't of Htmestj be the fOrgettar ; 
Bat take her adiiee, and o( strong beer beware, 

When she bids yoa like small beer better. 
Go Id this 'tarsal world, yon. do see, er'ty man 

Maont gnule as thoT iie were banting j 
Bnt diink of hit own what he honestly can. 

And not tat another's be thirsting : 
Ods woonds 1 If a man gets a tiiooiand a-year. 

Let on spend er'ry dolt to the letter i 
Bat if more than his own It wonld cost fisr Btron( 

L«tan«gdl«i and Uke amaU be«r better 


ISir ISuBOi, the sexton of onr town, 

Thongh oft a little heady, 
The drink not so Us wits oonld drown. 

Hat sold Oe parson kn'd a sap. 
And eke also the clerk ; 

And then it kept Ut spiriu np, 
'HoDgft i^ti in the dail : 

The TBy bells to ring he taq:ht, 

Aa if tliey >n were mellow : — 
' Hark I hark 1' erlsd be, * In tipey peal. 
Like roaring topers as they reel ; 
Huk I what a drankca pottier 1 
Another cap, and thai— Vhat then ?— Another.' 
For good news Hat got drank for Joy, 

IfheeoQld beg or boiTOw; 
md any thing hia n^nd annoy. 

Ha drunk to drown his sorrow : 
Tims he'd rejoice, or lie'd condole ; 

Cried Mat, ' fie't Joy or gikf, 
Aa the song says, tlie Sowing bowl 

BtUl glTB* the mind relief. 

'Twas all my piedceessar's (salt,' &•. 

8tm glss the foe a logging.' 

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' Your pardaa I mcut hnmblr uk,' 

Cried he, 'but. 'poB my aoul, 
'Turn in m; pndecessor'i &ult,' &c. 
And tbcD DO Hqnor cunc ■miss, 

Wberever be could fonif^ : 
That gan him siririts,— Tiidom, thk,— 

And t'other gaie him eouracc. 
Tbva Tu he msry sod jocose, 

If Fortune inil'd or frovn'd ; 
Asd when he'd ftirlj got hl« doH, 

And an the things tnra'd round. 

Swore 'twM bii predscesioT'i tuH, &e. 

Via mr Lor Anglidi I come orer nn vikt, 
From mf own conntrj to 'scape the gtHtj ; 
Bj'm by, jiow rich, I teach the ballet, 

AU vhQe I play mine flttle. 
A Utile I earn, a Uttle I iheat, 
A little wmetlme I lodge in the Fket, 
A UtUc I roll Id mjr (hariot the itreet. 

And I ogic the giris a Uttle. 
I go de goTemeu de school— 
I waDt to teaeh, yos know, de mle ; 
I And de go wiueis no fool, — 

She Mf, ' Veil, prtng yoiir fltOe ;' 
A Uttle I go and I teach de dance ; 
A little they jompe, a Uttle they pnnce ; 
By end bj, when I took a little entrance, 

~ 1 a Uttle. 

To the dinner they nsk this nun inch merit, — 
I stuff the tortle, the beef, and the carrot j 
And with the ale, the pnneb, and the elnnt, 

I flgura away the firtt Bttle : 
A Uttle give t(H«t,>''boQt poUtlc bawl, 
A Uttle they sing, td lol de rol kd ; 
So my ticket I aeU, while I sing BnuU, 

And pocket de ginnay a little. 

Ef'ry body good-nature, so come to be Seeee, 

WhDc I acrape away de flttle : 
A Uttle they jompe, a little they jig, 
A little de lady sometime loae hi* wig i 
While their head grow empty, my pntie he grow 

And 1 take in the flet a Uttle. 
So den, at last, my sehohir he flock, 
That I get my honker, and pay de stock i 
And thdr bead for good senae in vain fliey may 

I drive It all out with my fitUe: 

A Uttle I flash at de opera — de play. 
In my shariot a little I figure away ; 
And keep, like mineself, on damn'd rogue de valet. 
To langh at the EngUsh a Uttle. 

SiHci fata of sailors honrly varies, 

Lest doabts should wound my aniiaua breast. 
This pretty bird, from the Coaariea, 

Jack brought, to set my heart at rest ; 
* Hli lift is cbaim'd, — and when with sadness,' 

Oled he, ' his notes be monrofil gives. 

Indulge despair 1 

But mreetly, if they thrill with gladness, 

Rtjolce, and kDOW your Idtct Uves : 

Attentive mark I 

Hark I hsjkl 

R^irice, and know your lover Uves.' 

Each hour, while my poor bosom flatten, 

Rdylng on my lover's word. 
Anxious to hear the song he utters, 

I listen to my pretty bird : 
But, thanks to Heav'n I never with sadneii 

(To silence care, 
And chase despair,) 
His sprightly notca, with joy and gladnest; 
And thus I Icnow my lover Uves. 
Attentive mark I 
Hark I barkl 
'Tis thus I know my lover Uvea. 
But see, he's here [ my heart's contented,— 

Sweet warbler, truly didst than speak. 
' Dear tore I' cried Jack, ' 'twas aU inveated, 

Lest thy poor heart my fate might break. 
Love taoght the cheat, to ebeer thy sadness, — 
And cheats of love true love forgives ; 
This anilaus care 
Heal'd thy dcqiair ; 
Rrda always slug with joy and gladneu ; 
Thy love to thee and hononr Uves : 
Attentive mark t 
Harkt hark! 
Thy hne to thee and honour Uvea.' 



n the glowing blnsh of mom 
The sober night's retreating. 
And jocund nature, newly born. 
Her children aU are greeting. 
Ten thousand sounds on ether float, 
And ev'ry bring's grateM note 
Awakens Echo, blithe Echo, bUthe Echo. 

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Repeat Ut Sym. 

A tlttl« I go. ud I teach dc danc 
A little dej Joiopo, n litll* dev prunce i 
Bf aod by, when I took s little enlranc 
De gonniui touch kUttlt. 

1 ituff d« turtle, de beef, and de cMr..l 
And wid de ale, de poneh, and de etare 

[ A^K kway dv tint 6ttle : 
A little rire lout,— 'boat politic baml, 
A UtCle a<T ■Ins- t^l lol. ' 


ny icholar he Snch, 
iHnker, and puy de stotk ; 
Tor good lenae In vaio diT dirt 
ItalUutWlthniTGttle: [knock,' 

A Utile I Hub at de opera-^da piny. 
Id my ihariot a little I Agnreawat ; 
And keep, likemiofieir, un damn'd rogue de ralet, 
To laugh at de EaglUh a Uttl*. 

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J >-nr'^M^- - I ■ 1^^ ^g 

^ r pp ad lib 

- 17 be ' log'* gnte - M note, A • m - - kew E - dko. Bat 

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r"g c c ;ij j'j H 1 J 1 I'l^^ 

W — F— f-f — ' " ^ 1 

'^^ r'rl 



Hm lore-itraek ihcpherd ueks her em, 

When Cielia bids blm lingDiih, 
Asd tan that nDtbins bat the gnn 

Con cue hit hopeleM ■ognlili : 
He TBinly for nUef ma; cail t 
Hb findi his eipecUtloaa bU 
An empty Echo, mere Echo, ud Echo. 
Not so the Bturdy woodm«n'i Miind, 

When oaks and elmi fae't felling. 
The fomt'i pride extended roand, 

To leur •ome lordl; dwelltng: 
While at each stroke hii h&tchet ring*, 
Id BT'ry cheerTul note he sings. 
Joint merrr Echo, SKcet Echo, blithe Echo. 
In ev'rj, &c. 
The miitr, would he hide his iton, 

Seelu ont lor cioaa nctstes, 
Lett any ihonld that hoard eiploro 

Withheld from nutn't diatrtisei : 
HiiDKir, still nccdloE most relief, 
Fean cv'ry breeve, and dreads a tblvf- 
Tn morm'ring Echo, sad Echo, vex'd Echo- 
Not to gsj Baechui' laughing train. 

OtjoT that fill the measnre. 
That sport the jest, and troll the strain. 

And know no end of pleasure : 
They, dull adrlee and care asleep. 
Rome, as their merry rites thej keep. 
The jolly Echo, awcct Echo, blithe Echo. 
Roose, as, tie. 

Out actions Echo then reUccts, 

Wblch, broken, multiply defects, 

Aa well as charms u>d graces. 
On all who are to boooor blind. 
The Biecratlont of mankind 

Shall tire the Echo, harsh Echo, shrill Ecba. 
Bat ye, who, fiitnds to sodnl mirth 

And rational enjoyment. 
Seek ont and nniture prlTnte worth, 

Pnrtoe yonr tweet employment : 
Go on,— of troth redress the wrongs. 
Till bles^gi from a thousand tonKOes 
Shall iwectty Echo, blesi'd Echo, sweet Ehco. 
TIU UeasiDgs, &e. 

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Bnt loodni nouild th< hnstlDg rrew, 

When horn uil bouad an vidoff, 

And man and bone, tbx game in view. 

O'er hedge and ditch an flflDg I 
Then to exhilarate the pack, 
Each jocmid accent li tent back, 
Bt merrr Echo, blithe Echo, blithe Echo. 
Each jocund, &c. 

The kiTe-itrock ahepberd aeeks her caie, 
When CkUk bida him langnigh. 

And fean that nothing but the pave 
Can ease his hopdeaa anguish: 

He Talnlf for relief may call ; 

He finds hii expectatiDni all 

An emptf Echo, nun Echo, lad Echo. 
He finds, &e. 

Not so the stnrdf woodniu'i lonnd, 

The forest's pride extended round. 

To rear some tonUr dwelling : 
White at ndk atroke hU hatchet rings, 
In et'rr eheerfll note he dngi, 
Jeans men; Edw, sweet Edui, bbthe Echo. 

The mlaer would be hide his store, 

Seeks ont for close recesses. 
Lest Uf riionld that board explore. 

Withheld from man's distreuea : 
mmself, still aeeding most rdlef, 
Pears er'rr breeie, and dmds a tUef 
In murm'ring Echo, sad Echo, vex'd Echo 
Fears er'ry, &c. 

Not so gay Bacchus' laughing train. 

They, dull advice and eare asleep. 
Rouse, as tbnt merry rites they keep, 
The Jolly Echo, sweet Echo, hUthe Echo. 
Rouse, as, Sic. 

Our actions Echo then reflects. 

As mirrors show oar &ceB i 
Which, brokm, multiply defects. 

As well as charms and gracei. 


Bat ye, who, fiiecds to sodal mirth 

And ratloiud enjoyment. 
Seek ont and nurtore private worth, 

Ponne yoiu* sweet employment : 
Go en,— of truth redress the wrongs, 
HI) blessliin from a thoosand tongues 


rnu nider will icamlv nnd tiUlB( tlul this sinii 
reftn la ihi UalSB nf Irelud with B ag'.u^ J SB. I , I W n 

CoHi, join er'ry heart, let tiie dr loadif ring, — 
Of a people united and mighty we shlg ; 
To the ends of the earth wtule the tidings ITS heard, 
Be their fiune, like Fate's fiat, qiplanded and fear'd. 
Now that joy er'ry bosom meiTes and fanparts. 
Come, join this bless'dnuiDD ofhaads and of hearts : 
SL George and St. Andrew St. Patrick sbsU jirin, 
The league fii'd as ftte, and the compact divine ; 
While the world's : 

To tec Irelaod, and GcoUaiid, and England united. 

The Tripod tf old had tlw pow^r to ins^ 

The priests with poetic and national fire; 
On the jdTQt tf commerce our tripod '^'}] more, 
Whence we [wopheay plenty and brotherly tove. 
Now that joy ev'iy bosom teeetiei and in^arta. 
Come, Jtdn this bless'd vniOB of hands and of hearts : 
The Thames, and the Tweed, and the Shanara 

shall jc^. 
And myriads of ahipa to ewl other consign ; 
While the world's "J-n'-^tliTn and fear are excited. 
To see Scotland, and England, and Ireland uuited. 

Old Siakspean predicted we notiiing could ne, 
Wblla En^nd resolT-d to hcndf to prove true ; 

Come against us the world, then ; — irbat risk can 

Now that En^and, and Scotland, and Ireland ore 

Now that joy er'ry bosom receives and impsjts, 
Coine, join this bless' d union of hands and of hearts : 
The lOM, thiatlf,aDd shamrock, as giactfil they 

The Mr in a wreath fbr each hen> shall tirfne ; 
While the world's admiration and fear arc eidtad. 
To Me England, and Irdond, and Scotland nnited. 


CoiMiLit the bir. 

Of the virtues the care, 

Lov'd a yonth who her passion rctnm'd ; 
Bnt his dear country's wrongs call'd him forth to tk 

He swore he'd her portrait with lift only yield, 
And the oath on her Upa witb a f e i t eu cy seal'd. 

As witb k>ve and with glory he Inuii'd. 

And I,' eiied the dauu, 
' If I sully my ^me. 
Or <rf love Hat to any advance. 
Or e'er to another my tender lore plight, — 
Of my infomoua nuptials, oh, may the vUe night 
B« d»pair and foil horror Instead rtf delight, 
Wrasc than damsel e'er knew in romanc*. 

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^^^m^ ^^E^^ 



' When tin cock erawt awtj. 
And the moraiDg looks graj, 
Waj tliy Bp«tre come on thy vhite steed, 
Snrroiinded by Urj, hobgoblin, and sprite. 
That to scan and to terrify, totment and fright. 
And to torture felse lorers, take horrid delight. 
Tear my fOim, to requite ths vile deed.' 
Hra love rode awny, — 
Oh 1 omlnons day 1 
As she bade hbn ten thoosand adieus. 
The curfew and the bitten with dissonace fell, 
Throogh cranny, and cavern, and hollow, and cell ; 
From tiie shore to the chnrch-yard re-echo'd the yell 
Of the scrccch-Dwl, that scream'd in the ycH-s. 
A Baron of land, 
Wlio had long HOu^t her hand, 
To troubls her peace Fortone sent : 
Her father she feac'd, as the eagle the dove-- 
He swore no entreaties bis purpose should move : 
Oh 1 pity the conflict 'twiit duly and love 1— 
She wept, and she gave her cousent. 
Now the btol night came,— 
Oh 1 pity the dame I 
She shriek'd and lamented akmd : 
And now, by her dde as her proud husband slept. 
With horror and loathing at distance she crept, 
And she nutanM, and she cried, and she wail'd, 
And wish'd herself laid in her ihrood. 
The codi crew away, — 
The mraning was gray 1 — 
She utter' d a horrible scream. 
And flew to the window, where, onUs whits steed, 
Ko goblin nor ghost, but her lover indeed, 
Sat prepar'd his dear bride to the altar to lead :^ 
' Ob t heaven t' cried she, ' twaa a dream I' 
The bridemaids so gay 
Now to ehnreh lead the my, — 
And now with yon the moral prsy takei 
All jonr vows, oh, ye mtfdeni, reUglously keep. 
Nor heed how ye moan, and ye wail, and y« weep, 
For IiO'rlea and wrongs done to lorers aslc^. 
So you're constant and true when awake. 

Ons, two, tree, ha, 
Ta da dal lal ta [ 
La flgure garde Usti, nu bcUe ) 
Take a time, look me. 
Come one, two, tree,— 
Ha— to— extremely wdl. 
[Easy — mlgnlone — take a 
done hurry— then vaa It I 
ail— ha 13 
Mow, my lofc, de minuet If yon please. 

T«y, law, don't be laiy, 
La prendi blen de place, 

Tl da, lea bras alsy. 
Oh che de grace 1 

La, be DO so heavy. 
Dance ccmme votts £tea et ' 

Le t£te bien lerte, 
Plus charmante de women ', 
Taw law, don't be lazy ; 
Keep de body straight, taw law. 
Daw, law de lu In, oisy. 
. Poai lea teas. 

Ah 1 ma cbere, voul etes charmante. 
[I could Uss you far dis Hilesbuigh PoriHit I 
All dese people noking to you. — Come, now de 
contre-danec.— Where Is all de popsls ?~Jdhn, 
Bob, Dick, Molly, Hlly, everybody eome, conw— 
place an place— taw a dance.] 
Come, listen to de fiddle : 

Nomps, strike hand with Doll ; 
Now lead op de middle. 
And foot It over to PcU. 

Lol de diddle, a diddle, Bu^ 
John, yon stupid luby. 

Now mind strike de hey,— 
Ah ! you chunsy booljy I 
Why don't you foot it away t 
[Very well— right and left— act out— set in.) 
Come, quick ,-'-don't so stump It i 
Now take hands around ; 

Foot it, kick it, and stomp it, 
And lightly trip de ground. 


Tnidothwas ta'aaway; the jovial band 
Prepu'd to toast the King, bumper in hand, 
WUeh given with three times thr«e k>yal and strong. 
My nd^bou Snip waa call'd on for a song. 

Oh dory 1 sweet Oovy 1 no fWr la like Oovy I 
80 tall, BO genteel, so comely, so showy ; — 
You may toik of your CKlias, 
And your Daelias, 
Your Polliea, and your Dollies, 
With their Ups red as chenles, and thrir aUas aU 
■o snowy, 

In the worlile, 
To my taste, is Qovy. 

Oh, bravo 1 btavo 1 — Sir, your toast.' 
Shame to all those vrho Idss and boast 1' 
Now who d'ye call on, Ndghbenr Snip ?' 
I'll beg the favour of Miss dp.' 
I never lings :' ' Nay, Mias ]'— ' 'TIs true ; 
You wants to afhimt me, so you do.' 
Excuse her, Sir,- the tenda thing 
Is ytnuig and frightful— e<Hiie, I'll sing.' 

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What I WM B ipri^tlr min Id hit tttn«, 

To tboM fops who 'numg ddtiea nnk yon, 
TDongh thqr eall'd me ■ hnndnd Crpriui qnmu, 

I ilmyi nid — ' No, I thank rou/ 
By all aorta md dm I've b«n harangn'd, 

Short, tall, bt, crooked, and lanky ; 
And oftm, when ftlriy Fve vlsh'd it hnng'd. 

Have I died out—' No, I thank yon.' 
At last yotmg Stephen, -with freedom and eaae, 

Oied, ■ Since long aa a toast I hare diank yon. 
Will yon be my wife ;■ I cried, ■ Yea,Lf youplniH,' 

And lo kA off—' No, I tbank yon.' 

' Oh, chaimingl ihe'a aa yoong aa evet ; — 

Wben win yon, dan^ter, be so clever ?' 

■ A Mend, Sir, we'n a tout behind ; 

ril glTc the friend ot an mankind :' 

■Indeed! b't any one that Ilumw?' 

'Both yon and bU, 'tig ready ibluo.' 

' firaTO I here, Mr. Money — halt ; 

A gian of water and tome aalt.' 

' No, no, we're nil in liberty-hall here,' 

' Come, Ma'am, a ung, — yon an the cailer.' 

' I'll beg a Bong Ihan Mr. Bawler.' 

Goitle god el lore 1 
Lend me ev'ry ait 

To aoDth, to please, to move, 

To win my Driia'i heart : 

So wUsper In her a 


That ahe, at last, Hke mt, 
May itel lore's ardent pain. 

And grlsre >o long that itit 
Has let me ligh in vain. 

' What a baas ainger 1'—' Thank yon, air.' 

' Come, sir, to gtve oir mirth a ipor, 

A aentiinent.'—' With all my heart : 

May each man meet with Ui desnt' 

' What, you won't ling, Ifiat? — ' Pray don't rt 

' Call on your nrighbonr, Hr. Bnoffier ; 
He'a of am mirth the very fiddle ; 
Come, SnnAler, give ni " High-down diddle I" 

Aa I fraa a walking one moming in Alay, 

Blgh-dowo, diddle dee, 
I met with a damiel eo bniom and gay. 
High-down, diddle diddle,— 

Come, let tu all be in glee. 
■ Yon loTC ir.e,' aald t, ' T cnn see by your eyea, 

With my high-down, diddle dee. 
'Cried she, ' Aak me no qneationa, I'll tellyoii no li 
With my Ugfa-down, diddle diddle,— 

Come, let na all be merry. 

' I've seen yon before,' aaid I ; ' will yon be kind ?' 

With my high-down, diddle dee. 
She, tnndag, died ont, 'Now yon aee me behind/ 
With my high-.down, diddle diddle,— 

Come, let ni all lie jolly. 
So wlkcn I expected to Icadlkn to chnrch. 

With my high-down, diddle dee. 
She, rmnning away, left me quite in the luiih. 
With my high-down, diddle diddle,— 

Come, let ns oil be Funny. 

And now, ottlilB aong, thon^ Pre verses a score. 

With my high-down, diddle dee. 
Since I can't make yon laugh, I ahall sing you no 

' For one more toast, Sii, VO beg leave to press :- 

Here's Uberty without Ucentionsneas.' 

' Bnm> I and now I call on any three 

To oblige the company who can chant a glee.' 

Which Is the noblest paaaion of the mind. 
That beat can captivate the sonl, 
The aensea rule at Its control, 

'na wine, — wfaoae merry clarion's aound 
Such fMiTC mirth titat spreads around j 
Whila Comna' aew peitbrm those litea 
In which gay Bacthujs ao delighta. 
'Us wv, — whoae glorlooa InuDpet's sound 
Such noble ardour spreads aronnd ; 
While sons of Han perfOim those iltes 
In which BeUons so delights. 
'Tie love, — whoae flute's meUifloons sound 
Such melting raptures spreads around ; 
While Cnpd'a vat'riea do those ritei 
In wUch (weet Venus so deUghta. 

TbOuoh tbrward atanda the soldier's name, 

'MIdit prospects lude and alcrile, 
To wh<m Ugh tow'rs the fane of Fame, 

The steps are toil and peril : 
How keen the pang when Menda must part I 

Reree giorj'a Are anspeodlDg, 
An angel wife ponrs out that heart 

Which killlDg teaiB are rending { 

Bnt vain are aympotbetic dghs. 

Uplifted handa, and streaming eyeal 
Bedcon'd by Fate, behold the bands,— 

The dnma at distance rattle ; 
Hark I the charge 1 'tia bonoor command* ; 

The IrampcU sound to battle. 

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Death's Tork '■ begun ; in hononi'i bed 
Proialiouon* tmpa an tying ; 

Aj^all'd the IMog, ud the dead 
Lanunted bj the dying ; 

WUie mem'ry added torton ghee, 
ThM tend'reat thought) nwiken, 

See gronpi of mothen, children, wiiei, 
By feeble hope fbmiken : 
But Ttin an lympathetic lighi, 
ImploilDg hands, and itnoming ejea I 

Again ^ipcar the mnitlBl bunds, 

The liera'i nobleat eafilon ; 
'oy K>j't 'oxl* the dandog honn. 

And mii'ry'a lost In nptnra: 
Beneath bet bam gay Plenty bimdi ; 

Ptoai bards record the quaint ; 
And In tier temple Fame attends 

To place the vetl-eBin'd lannl. 

Yet but Is trust be holds thli mead ; 

For ehoold Ids aid his eonntry need, 
Then shall lie cry, Dn« ont Qie bands, 

Wtien drams at distance rattle, &c. 

Thi gods on Olympns so lilgh, and so hloa, 
Wen making Ubationi the year to renew ; 
Wtien Venus cnehaotlnBty eiied to old Jon, 
' Be it mine to preside o'er the empire of Ion.' ' 
Bila^ I marlc I lioir ttie sparrows bltt, etdrp, ■port, 

and play. 
For the new year is eome, and the old gODB away, 
And young Lore and kind Venns pRi|dtlate the day. 
Cried the thnndaiug god to ttie sweet qneen of 
' 'TIs oidaln'd, with thy limpai, and dimples, and 

Tbon ibalt own e<r'rT sway, and eiot er'ry ehinn ; 

IT what tan in winter like lore keep ns wana ? 

srk the pigs in ttidr straw, tuna tliey gnmt as 
they lay.' Fes tlie new year, Sk. 

Bat see dooblciae'd Janna, half cold and half warm, 
Tho' shrowded wi^ idelea, yield to kive'i dtarm i 
~ IT, whtle on the old jtai he tnnms and kx^ t>hiB, 
Renontiini, tore's spark, makes him smile on tlie 


Now Qiat war has In bnman dbtreiB done Its best, 

NowUMt, l^Med with Bdnchicf, fell slan^^iteT's at 

Now tliat smiling content crowns the pcasanfa 

clean Inanl, 
And th' indosttiovs plooghshan takoi place of 

the sword, — 
In this season what care o'er flietkacT shall brood, 
What sigh press Ihr Tent, ocwhat tear ihsll Intrude? 
Ab I Indulge and reflect on each gioiioos grave I 
A sigh and a tear to the manes of the bnn I 
Now tliat tond acclamations expand throng the tSi, 
And the brows of thebraTC aresdom'd by the Mr, 
Nd» ttmt bands of mnstdaas ao gayty adraDoe 

At one gtateAil Uea ttas tn>nlt shall ud; 
The soft Ihite the aad eadeooe alone shall snapend ; 
And iridle Fancy leads on to the cold haDow'd graic. 
Shall echo a d^ to the manes of the bnTB. 
Fraud award cf Ihoae bmea tat glory who bnn. 
Alike nobly bononr'd tiie ardi and the nrn, 
fiunlTing, or dying, such &ms wtia achtera, 
'lis joy toRgnt, and 'tla pteasnre to griere. 
Thai onr raptnrona boaoms let gratitude swell, 
VUle One sons of nnown, wlu) ao glorioaaly tcU, 
Shan (Mm hesT'n cheer those monrners wIm 

tiirongnear eachgraro, 
And dry Dp their tears Ibr tba mana of the br«T«. 

Hah, antnmn, ev'nlng of Uieytarl 
Friend, mUd, and soba, and sinoere ; 
Like that sevne and aim coabiat 
That contemplatea a lift wdl spent: 
And yet I haU thee with a sigh, 
Thatsnmmer'i gone and winter's nigh; 
For my delist 's the cuckoo, on Its dewy wings, 
Tliatall thefrngrant swecta of batmy snmmabdnga. 
See winter now tha worid luTcst, 

Dogs bay the doob, and fines proiri, 

And wisdom aedu Hlnerra's ovrl, 

Explores new worlds, counts stan that shine, 

And from this owl katns truths dlrlnc : 

Yet my dellgfat'sthe cuckoo, on its dewy wings. 

That ^ the fragrant sweets of lialmy summer brings. 

But, night and winter from ns borne. 

Hail, yonthfol spring, blithe nature's morn ! 

Hdl, sportiie lambs and toider sheep. 

And lilosBOms that begin to peepi 

No Joy r*a found to please me yet. 

For March Is cold, and April's wet;— 

No : my delight 's the cuckoo, on Its dewy wings, 

That all thefragnnt sweeta of l>almy anmmer bringa. 

Hd, sportlTC Uay and te 
Yet sh^ July the pabn d 
Yoai« April's blDMoDS 1 

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R^ lorelT Mlua of tke mind I 

Trpc of odi ^nnrc, ilpc ud Uad ; 

And ImU the nanj eockoa, on Its liewy wingi. 

That in theftagrutiwwti of bahnjninuiw briiigi . 

At Wq^ng I ludMl, and c^'d to tail Hog; 

Ske tad }iut ihl^'d tar tmaat to the jiUj : 
Of two rami lad doe «*t«T I onler'd miiraf , 

And to tfuk her «ioa stood nndcr nj ; 
Bat tbe HarnBiket I Ibr old Dnny mlttook, 
Uk« ■ hdtbo w nw uid ao mA, 
Maun'd tta ratlfau, md went np ■ML 
At I nMMnted to one of tta nppenDoat tlen 

With mwr * Macomb ud Urt, 

I tbraght then 'd 
Bnt tta dsrll ■ bit— 'twu jnmr OQtlanditb T<F« 

Singliis ont with thdi Intem crfjvni 
Ym'd a nror'd jm 'd taan taking of one of ttaj 

'Mongrt tta CMlfr*M or irild Cntatawi 

< Tlu play I 'tti the i^irBar, yon qnli.' 
■Ujtlmbenr oied I, ■ die tight name w't jon'ra 
For Um devil an npraar It li i 
Fm OtBj pipe and they aqueal, now alow, now altA ; 

If It wam't far the petticoat gtai, 
With their •qoeaklag, ao moUrlih, tender, and eoft. 

Oh, ita dafaitUT handled ber fcet r 
But ita hopp'd, and ihe iprawl'd, and ita apon 
round so qneer, 

'Twas, yon see, ntlier oddiih to me j 
And to I nng ont, ' Pray, ta decent, my dear,— 

Tai*t an ^igtUuDanU taste to hare none of ttaae 

8a sway to tta plByhooae I'll Jog, 
Lea^ng aU yew <ne BantoDis and Ha'am Pailaoea, 

For cdd BDly Shaktpeara and Mog. 
80 Inude ttaUmtre, and hail'd my dear sponee; 

She luU'd aa ita nw me approach 1 
And when I ahoofc hands and sainted her bowa, 

We to Wapping set eail In a eoech. 

A TUTDous and a eomelj dame, 

Wia no desire or pattlon 
Butamonr't self ^g^t proudly daim, 
Wat borne away by fashion t 

'Midst crowd itf loven, 01 

Dar'd 'gaintf thli 
And thongh In heart the tald Um deaff 

Wat Nioo dinnisa'd for ever. 

His poitralt she to keep bad swora, 
That ta might tava no qnarter, 

8ta now, with er'ry mark of scorn, 
Ddnff'd to her porter i — 

Okd the, ■ Sr, as yon prize yonr place. 
Or hope to be tbonght clerer. 

Let In tta man ytba owns thli tiee, — 

The lovtr, — ne'er waa one to fOnd, 

Go heait-btoke, to aiUeted, 
Though hope of pardon gone tayond. 

The porter brfb'd ; wide Bew tta gaM,— 

In Tain did ta Implore her ; — 
She lang tta beQ, and, In a nge. 

The porter call'd beftna bar ; — 
' Say, who* '■ tta portrait, drankm ibol ? 

Did I not tdl thee Derer 
To admit this man >'• Dear Ma'am, ta oocd'- 

' Ont of my right fiv erer 1' 

■ They 're DO more like ;--tta pictnie hnki 
Yoong, healthy, foil of gnmtlon, — 

Tbat tidnny gemman > otf tta hooka 
For lore, In 

Snchkm how could 1 sever I 

V&eMly, hence; vain world, adieu ) 

Come to my heart for everl' 


Hit fyna was celestial, her flue wore a tmllt. 
More ipilghtlj than Joy, yet more modest than 

Like some harlrfnger, air-bom, sent down to begnilt 

Ev'ry mortal dlttieta, and spread Joy through 
tta earth: 
Scch perieetion, with hyre Uta its own to eneure, 

Onlore'i altar 1 offer' d, and ftann'dwithmyiigta, 
Each dqen'nta Idea, each ptaaion hnpnie, 

That a phoenix of truth fiom the Bshea might rite. 
Tta form wni con^lete,— I rtjcdt'd 1 was bom ; 

My bllM wat eitatlc,— I dane'd In tta air ; 
How tererely to (Ul, chas'd at ODDS by her scorn, 

Tta Tldont all (led, and I sunk In despair. 



Cupid's bondage piirlok.'d,iililie the ro^oc did but 
Fonn'd Ote paper, blniT'd o'er with mjbopea and 

Then the Ibrce of my Dc'er-eodiiig pss^n to ring, 
j»d thoM pangs that my heart in mj bovom n 

The pen at ooe etbrt I plock'd from hii vliig, 
~>iid the Kiling-VBZ caught ai it Ml ftam hii 

Hi* boir I extended,— like lightning it Sew, 

Aadlilu tlglitnlngeipii'd, fori Ba<rl>eT DO more. 

Then muck not my sighs, nor my angniali repime : 

My cruel disease is not madness, — 'tis tove. 

I'll tear tier to pieces 1 despdl her floe fbrm ; 

And, dlssectlBg her heait, find the witcherr there. 

That ha* pov'T in &iiid bosoms to raise sneb a storm. 
And thus uotatnte tbola shall be drir'n to despair. 



sal I 

A saerifieeof a more pitileas kind j— 
I'makver; young Capid, come, take thy demuuli 

Give thy shrine atom heart and a desperate mind. 
Yes, my meaaniea all most be sober and sane ; — 

Near yon tree, OB vhote fitce Itrac'dher'switha 
Rnnt a stream vhoe fond nretclia may lialsh 

There, there her blse name irill latter, and die; 
And tlms my last sigh shall reloctantly proie 
My cruel disease Is not madness, — 'Us love. 

CoHi, come avayi^ — come, come nway, 

'Tls Hymen greets yon ; — 
See the pleasures in his train. 
With smiles 
And wiles, 
WhllB Cupid meets you. 
Lore and Graces guard the fene. 
The breeie is fhir, the voyage Ibr life. 
The nlkeD sails the wind is kls^ng, 
Nothing but the pilot 's miaalng ; — 
Where 's he whose rare desert 
Deserves a tender heart ? 
Behold me here— a -nillius wife. 
Yet mach the terms on which I yield. 
Such love as tongue ne'er yet rcveal'd ; 
Constant, though boundless as the sea ; 
Expansive, yet coniu'd to me ; 
The heart an em^nre, mine the throne ; — 
Ye WDO ancn love as mine have felt and known — 
Come, come away, 6u. 

Yet, yet m wedlock ponder well ; 
No mean it knows, 'lia heaven or heU: 
Her would yon treat with cold ncf^ect 
You've sworn iA honour and protect? 
Hence t nor our holy rites probne, 
ButletUnd Love bead ReaHin'B train- 
Come, come away. 

Oh I tlie delight td a copious libation, 

WUh spirits like fiie, and a uoiou of hearts. 
Where ev'ry free pulse beats in gen'ious vibration. 

And the toast to the wine higher flavour imparts L 
TiUB toper, regale i in thy bins deeply bnnow. 

Thy enjoyments so godlike, thy orgies divine, 
Yet one single round drop, wip'd from care's aged 

Shall more rapture Impart than an oc 

Trne flportamen, bark forward, let all vermin pinsht 

Rnson sanctions the sport, yetimprovt on thy art 1 
To hunt vlee to tiie tolls, and fidr honDu to cherish, 

la Virtue's tmechsseandthe health (tfthiheart. 
Oh, the delist to accumDlate tnasncc I 

Dear gold, loaded bags, in Large masseathat He; 
That of all human wishes replenish the mensuie, 

And that place, pow'r, and &me, and e'en eon- 
True Muckwoim, gold's tempting; yet, misenhic 

Or thou'lt never taste joy in thy ill-gotten pelf. 
To know true delight Is to know no excesses, 
But to give mutual aid in this worid where we're 

•Tis in morals a theft, while the woiid know dls- 

To withhold othm' due and to lavish onr own. 
Ne'er be toper fi^tmreasonbydninkenaess honied; 

(]untTillainy,eportBmeD,DrtakeleavBof mlith) 
Turn generous, himkB ; for, if gold must-be buried, 

'Twere better ne'radugfromthebowclaofea " 


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Th»t speaks the threat' aiag itona. 
The tow'riDg mast* in gplinttn shiy'ring 1 
The oieleaa Bails la tatten qoii'iinK I 

■under rolUng. lishtpiog flaihiag, 

aves in horrid tnmnlt dashing 
Foam aloDg the ditary shore 1 

m, while tars sit roond so jolly, 
Tht sprightly flute calls care a folly. 
Aloft, aloif, afloat, agronnd, 
Let but the sniiliDg grog go roond, 
And stonoB are heard no more. 
The voyage throtigh life is Taiioos fouDd, 

The wind Is seldom fsir ; — 
Thon^ to the stndts ef pleasure bonnd. 

Too oft «e touch at care. 
Impcrnooi dasgen we explore ; 

False friends, some Mthless she : 
Pirate* and sharks are tbniul on shore 

A low'iing stonn, ftom envy brewlug-. 

I ' 


is'd to sweet domes! 



ir infhat beanty, 
CUngs round bis neck, or climbs his knees, 
Each thorn 's plnck'd ont, pain' 

And stormi are heard no more. 
The sh^ tow'ra gayly on the main. 

To Ight Its eonotry's canw. 
And bids th' obedient world mai n tnin 

Ita bonoun and Ua laws ; 
Not from surrODndlng dangers shiinliB, 

TDI, BBcriflce to lame. 
Death dealing roaad, she nobly sinks 

And so the man— Ua ample measure 
Flll'd with alternate pain and pleasure. 
Till, long in age and honour Uving, 
Life's Btrength wom Oct, a lesson gtrlng 

To those he haves his well-got store. 
Mild hope and resignation greeting. 
The pteyfnl sonl, in drcles fleeting. 
Hake* onward to its natin sliiea ; 
While gasping nature pants and die*. 

And storms ate heard no more. 

[Sia Michael and my Lady, Miss Squash, Mlfs 
Niggle, Captain Spanks, Mr. SUgo.] 

' How d'ye do ? how d'ye do? Servant, Captain, — 

•errant. Miss:' 
' Lady BaSywaggon's rout I bless my soul 1 all in- 

Such bonrs 1 seven o'clock 1 the drawiag-room like 

Keels, waltzes, and strathspeys I so ohUg'd and 
so delighted.' 

'Did you sap?' 
[Sir Jeremiah Ooggle, Lady Qoggle, Mias Gog- 
gle, Master Goggle, and the lap-dog.] 

' Show 'em up.' 
■ How d'ye do > how d'ye do? Oh, the pretty little 

' Wmr, wow, wow 1' 

' How go mulbers is 

' Aaecretl'— 'Don't say sol '—'Why, nmndal they're 
all the Togne.' 
' My Higgle, you're ao angel I'— 'Oh, yonderil ! 
bow you rally.' 

' When does she pop ?' 
[Mr. Fraction, Mr. Cypher, Mr. Knit, Mr. 
Lustent, Messrs Dedmal and Slate.] 
'Show 'em np.' 
[Well, now 1 believe ve ve all pretty weD as- 
sembled.' — <1 don't know what you've got for 
dinner.' — 'Upon my soull and as I hope to 
(kvoured with the bliss of angels In bdug 
favoured with your smiles'—' Hold your n 
seusel'—'What for the loan?'— 'Yes; hot be- 
tween ourselves.'— 'Walked over the conraai I 
keted a cool hundred.'^' Now I hope there's a good 
dinner,'— 'Alameduckl'—' NDr—"'na truel' 
' Oh yes, her ladyship brought me home In her 
ladyship's tnh.' — 'Pray' — (whlspera.) 'No, no I 
1 don't bellen that I damn'd dull day— sti^iid- 
dresoua a* the dEvil. — Sported my eorride.' 
' See any body ?' — ' Ho I' — went a shopping.' — ' Any 
thing pretty?'— 'NotUng at aB.'— ' Tenible head- 
ache.' Dbuer'a on laUe. 
' Dinner's on table, — you're a flue fellow, John. 
YoniUttle finger. Lady Goggle, permit me to lead on; 
So to er'ry Udngln Bfe there most be abeginner, — 
Sans ceremony, ladies, to thedinner, totiiedinDer.' 
[' Captahk Spanks and Mr. SHgo, Al by me and 
Lady Goggle. — Now what shall I send you — lish? 
Have yon got what youUkc? anchovy ? qnin-sance? 
Ivy, loobditty match,— what's that yoa'ie bring- 

With each plenty and variety one can'tbe at a Ids*.' 
• A little of theUver.'— ■ Wife, Ilikestheln^ng.' 

' Take the flsh.' 
[There's Burgundy, and claret, poet, hock, and 
Madeira, perry, cyder, right Nautx.] 

' Bring that disb.' 
■ I lobbbemob,liobbemob,yoarsweetbeart and mine.' 
' Mr. Cypher, cut a flgure,— crack a bottle, Mr, 
' This ragout la delldoua ; lUa rrery's divine.' 
' Sereo thousand t 'tis Impossible, ^ ; I was In 
the action.' 

' Change the dish.' 
[Place the whips and the moonsblDC ; the pyra- 
mids, the jcUles, the comfits.] 

' Have yon ev'ry tUnjr yon wi*h? 



[What ihall I Hnd yon? Come, there'i the 
cream of the jest.' — ' What'a IbUd tot lUi? 
■Brandy, M&'iua — I'll pledge yon.' ' Hiu Sqnaali 
ia going to help you, Captain Spanka ; abe aaya 
yen want a little reaaoQ.' 'Very veil, ^cry well.' 
' Hera are aome heart-cakea hi yon, Mr. Sligo,— 
yon an a kner. — Or what do you think of aome 
iway eomforta ?' — ' The type of yourself, my 
loie 1 for yon are all my comfort, and the delight 
of my Ufe would be to carry you away.' — ' Hal 
1 h> 1 what a delightfiit punster I'—' Red, tlr, 
you please.' — ' Charge, gentlemen. — What'a 
^?' 'Hera cornea Mr. Coliunn.' ■ Hal lit 
down: Iwu just going to give the King.' — 'Imove 
1 amendment.' — ' An amendment! — how can that 
iV' — ' An addition, then.] 
Hm King, tnd God bless Um I may his honoon 

iw oar tongue and our hearts feel the blessings 

Peace J true — a gaiette — preliminaries* ilgn'd. 
[Put abont the bottle.] The King, Ac 

Bo ^ivknu ■ toast suits so pkslifiil ■ diooer. 

Ur from a lobloUy-hoy none was so cnte, — 

Of knowing things moat SOTt 1 foUard; 
Bcu tMtit,wj-i* ^rn^d me to read aod dispute^ 

or Ben was a bit of a seholsrd. 
Of the whole criss-cross row I in time koow'd the 
hit the dear letter N Ibr my bney ; 
' N staoda for nstore, and noble, and north, 
feat, nimble, nine, nineteen, andrv'aacy. 
I aoon was my wife, and 1 sail'd round the world 
1*0 get prixe-money where 1 could fbrage ; 
And fbr krre, whansoever out Jack was nnlhrl'd, 
daunted Ukem all with my courage: 

(nl. Such wu lb« Joy of the En^Lita public on Iba 
resslon, that the Fnnch (enml was dnwn in hli 

and by ■liige majority [n tht Rdbsi ofComiBons, 

ealllne (fa( »■«' glorious,' eoiileiidlii( thili ^arioiu 

(entnl HiDtlstlon wn tturnMiim ciiterRl InlD at 
Amlena, betiaeta England, Fnnn, Spain, and Hoi. 


For I now read in books about heroes and fame. 

And for all sorb of rows got a thacj ; 
Stiddng atill to dear N, for N stands for name. 

Note, Donl, neck, nothing, and Nancy. 
In tlie midst of this bustle I lost my poor friend, 

And each otject aiound me grew hatefol; 
For Iknow'dnotfalselieartwitha&irfacetoblend, 

Nor had laming yet made me ungrateful. 
Ilik'dmyfriendwell, anddeplor'd hlm—whatthen ? 

My witi: was the first in my fancy ; 
For though B stands for buck, brother, bottom. 

leedle and Xancy. 

Yet S stands Id 
Well, I've weather'd life's storms, and till li 
sheer hulk 

Will my ahscnce agidn never shock her ; 
Thanks to Fortune, at sea I've no need to break bulk, 

For I've plenty of shot In the locker. 
Our kids play around ua, and still to pursue 

The letter so dear to my fancy, 
Thoogb nineteen twice told, noons and nigbla but 


m of Nancy. 

ToUasoni died old Oripe, 'Be mytaatwotds obey'd 

Ere I'm gii'n to the grim undertaker ; 
Thou wert, Timothy, bred a rolHer by trade,— 

Tom's a tsnoer, and Robert a baker ; 
Do you three, bound In Dne.likethcbandleofiticks, 

Though various the fortunes yon weather. 
Take my blcs^ng, and swear, lads, whatever your 
tricks, f 

To death that you'll all hang together.' 
Posscss'd of the gran'ry, the oven, and the mDl, 

To profit of this manumission, 
They Tow'd to obey thdr dear father's last will. 

And to cherish Ids kind admoidtion. 
GoodmanI he had tnughttbemthat pmdeocevas 

That no one should lavish a feather ; 
"^ when oni 


And that farothera should still hang togetlier. 
Thus Tim, Tom, and Bob (»i remorse shut the door: 

The baker to trade paid attention ; 
The miller kept grindirvg the lace of the poor ; 

The hrmer sow'd wheat and dlaseusion. 
Each ahnt up bis heart as he ahot op his purse. 

Both made of good sttoug sticking leather; — 
Their large fbrtsnea were branded irith ev'ry man'i 

Who wished they were aU haag'd together. 

In each other still placing reliance, 
To good.fllknrsh^, IMing, religion, and lawa. 
Firm and manlUlyUdding defiance i 



But pcqurj oenr wu one of ttcir erimta ; 

Ik ■ smc qwttr, Oreb Strart Ugbt, 

A tant fram attic itorj 
To kindred godi oft took a flight, 

Wag'd by poMlE glorj. 
On* voir fl^nd had poat Fhg; — 

Bad) eoBun not er'r} da;, — 
Ul km not pomt; eonld flag ; 

Kind Usad J Ui name wai Tn;. 

DnwOBng ta becnoB a dcg 

ITpon a puM W iMultf , 
A Ihnuand wa]Pi Uda bithftd dog 

Hit Mnta* would tender : 
VooUMd Ftg** i^ipcn, mtch bekiw 

Thu BBcAd at Mch call and beck, 

Pkaa'd at ladh imA aOottnd, 
n« tied a bMket mad Ua ne^ 

And Iter Id market toetlad ( 
AaifaNu Ib|o and lontan, 

Ne'er ktat'd by ttiewi7t 
Aad Mnaata woe ai}dii'd to kars 

Flddtj from Tnr> 

F^ lor'd oa ad-plaa to regala ,— 

Dcto^B'd, flun^ ton Bob from Umb, 

T«t what to do I— Oe be kwk'd grim, 
And abeaigtk moat name the winner. 

Time wUk at Ola he nu^'d and gcowr 
The other ada'd flw pny, 

im te flu dlit, dogi, tA-flm nird. 
The baiket, and poor Tttj. 

IV poem Ida, aod people qnota 
The deada of hooeat Traf. 


hear of nattr VMj Waltw? 

Os, did 70a 

Ha wai a dliieu, a Caauna<i.oi]nBdtinau, and a 

And he'd a proAgloQi IhrHnaHfmi after W4i*ltlii» qb 
a Inmdnard imn, hie r~"*'t?i?" to attv [ — 
Oh, the (Weeta td ]an I 
' Foe,' aaji Wattr, hti lu, ' i'Te heard thatawifB 
U the daU^ of a man'e life. 

The eat'a a top of the hooae, and the houe tbiowa 
ontof the irladaw, and people togdUhfoutwqai 
Yet, who"* afraid ? m; IMe erlea do not bhac ) 
And, riaoe deMlar deddta i> tha duke of a wUt 

111 many, andthafiaat,'eriedDtttjWttt7TBlt<r. 

CH^ the iwivta erf Ion I 
Oh, did JOB neiFS bar of prattT KH^ TwiaaUn ? 
Hci Uher k^ a pofcahop, and ahe wne all OYir 

red and white like A peril gitifcia I 
And the lorea and ft* giaoea in har tjt* and her 

Boaa, aad •«} tout btr dlwplw weia pw> 


Oh, Oe Bweete d( kne t 
But poor dMi Kitty began to be horriblf aftaU 
That )ha *ha«ld dk what people gtoeraUj nnds- 

atand by Iha tem an Od Maid I 
60, aftar toning Ihemltlectfai all mannct crfah^ea. 
She eoild not bear the idea of going to the derll 

So «p kat tattna with a Bttk of the right FMimA 

nraga *h* began to be MaUng, 
And eodi'd if her aoae, and act ha of, and waa 

parpetndl} Making I 
For detendn'd to ban a hnebandwai pretty Kitty 


(Hi, tha eweete of lore I 
Oh, did yon neta Ikear that people eat and drink 

And that they ring ungi, and giro toaata, all *• 

emart and u wittj ? 

And Watty aad Kitty happen'dto be Oixn, tUnk. 

tngof noUdng at aD; 
So Cnpid let fly an Mmr, wfaldi hit Tat In • ilgi 

entei'd Kltty'e heart M ihe ' 

waa nrallowlngtiie devQ in the ah^c of a tor. 

key*! gland ; 
And from that mnamt ehc tbooght Ura eo gcn- 

tcd, and he thoa^ her ao witty, 
And dw coold tUnk of notUag but Tatty, and be 


drinking in the dty : — 

Ob,the*weetoof lD<r«l 

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Oh, fid TOO nrrci !>» or > plM« on-d Docton' 

And thoogh ahe alternate gmt pleantre and anurt, 


In mfboaMO Iplae'dher, and nareat my heart:— 

Haif^aea. o«r in love, of no duger .bald. 

huginr, and Unrctt, tbej tame their nun. 

I thought, not remem'bring tiiat raH» would bde, 

That Ibr era now fa'd, I bad done with mj 


But, alas 1 Heanu kixnn, thli diJicate nxe. 


Alai 1 Heaven knows, this delicate rose, 


In Hymen's soft lettm ] seaiBlr had bound, 

Wen, JOB MB WBttTCsU'dnpim on. of the proctora, 

Tliat roae* hare brambles, have hcxnble., bare 

are » set of ijoack-doctors ; 

brambles 1 

And th>t )ie wu a baehditt, and Kittf a maid, ha 

That rosea bare bramblei I 

ronndlT nrore, 

Thus, my pretty Rose, 

And ILat ther vera botb at jraart D( dlacntion,aDd 

When I pat her to myuoae. 

■ srcat deal nun ; 

S<ntch'd my flue with her beaudfnt bnmhles 1 


There was a lady, a ladr, apettylady,— 

Not the same, but anothir; 

The priest confinn'd ttia fiat iwiud out at Doe- 

She eonldeoaut by the other's aide all the way 


backtu Noah— nay, fiirtlier,tall<thuMlabaiid 
Adam,— uid to Eve by the mothn ; 

Oh, <lidyouiu>Terl>euaraem9noi9adl'dtlm>w. 

log the itoddjiV? 

Bnt, as If Hadame Nature, is making her bee. 

Whlcb aoDie people think *o deUdoaa, awl (Ahera 

Had got dnmk, and lo happen'd her charms to 



Wdl, thfi brlden»» and roaida, to wUh the hdde and 

For ihe'd no want of n^, ar %, cr jet t 


Alter «Ueh ther ntnm'd to drink. In poMBti wd 

Bar Up. were the my, Oe mby her Mas. 


Yetkireattcmptaalltblagl,— Insonthit I'd 

Thdr «rithei that Hjrmm'i tordt » thdiiop 


might ererihine; 

And this Hadwne Once, 

An irtdch irilbM proT>4 ao pnqdtkna, that, ai the 



A bride to the sltur I surely hud led. 

Had she not Uew'd > Hnl, who nerer had said 


ttrea-oh no, thnmg^iont the honei-nooB- 

Wh«t a ^ audi a Orwe, 

That a cnrwd of deUghta in their mind* wae per. 


pctwDT flocking. 

Could not w^ to say gnee bdbn «m)er. 

And thei dedar'd then wu nerer bo prettj ■ ce- 

There was a lady, a ladj, >S|mi«hMs. 

Ob,t]i«tw«eUcf WtcI 


And they esll'd h«c «» shortaeM. «») ddl'd bar 



Tnu «M .ladr, a Udr, • prattT Wi, 

SlgMH Hon di Quimany put* de Buatoa, Ptn- 

The pride <]fAnnm 


Swb a itriag of nUUou 1 ■ atring g( Hlattani 1 

Yolante Isabella 1 


So namcmu Oa charms erf tUi heanoty bene. 

Had aha been Oiphena' wUb, he'd iwra fcteh'd 

her from hd. 

And the pud^dMgJito of Fkn t 

Tha%,then>ae, and Uw stars k tba sUea, 

AUe the dcU^d^ the «T«< .nd the noae. 

WereecUps'dbyharl^a, and bar (*«cfcs, snd her 

She Mt-U.d>'d Oe bdlei, and die cbarm'd an the 



No peacock ao stitaly, awte graorfd k> swu : 

And Ui» m »lt oat tM bs Mnu maltoae. 

Tbu (bD gall<^ my ha« and my raptures went on : 



er «h>rmi and htr graeea bo SBiu^ m; nipper. 
Yet my i*«i-mlin; bdle. 
How it pdiu DM to tell, 
H*d ou Bttte blendtk,— » (ort of* ipedi, 
A Idsd of dedactSon, a dn«b«k, ■ check ;— 
My be& had ■ EbppcT, had a dappo', adapperl 
Mt ben had a d^ipo' t 
Oh, the pretty hijie, 
rd haTC lor'd her very well, 
Ifibehadn'tncbBderfl ettiiafpal 


I wAi aailiig to Jadi, a* we tolk'd, t'other day, 

Aboot hiUMT) and nilTdliig etna. 
That If pecqrie Id life did oat ateer-the light way, 

They had nothing to thank but tbeBadtei. 
Kow when a Kan 'i en^ by thnM BHnuaida the 

With their Batt'rtng pal«*cr and ndlBa, 
He ram, widle be *■ Ibfoiiig to tbdr lU-^de-nk, 

Bamp aihoR on the Ihu'd Scdlly blsa. 
Thu, in cteerlng hi Hfe, u in atecring with (u. 

To one courae fa yonr oondnct rewirt, — 
Infiral windi, lesTiug luff and no Dear,l[eBp her thai ; 

Vhe'i trae hi Ua deaUngt, Ufa's wind to de^. 
And the hda hai a tctm and right aeope. 

Not Infflng, but keepdng the ship (all and by. 
Ha laay weather the 'Cape of Oood Hope. 

Bat it he iteen wide hi tenvtatlon'i Ugh tea, 
And to ^eaaore ghrei too moch head-way, 

BM<-ft.peirt goaa Oa bdB, the iUp'aWo^i^br 

In wadloek ao many wnmg eonnes ace made, 

Tbey part eonvoy ao oft and ao btt, 
lU BO ibnd tliey are grown of that lame Gulnea- 
Cape ForBwcll ia their anch'rage at laat. 
Some men, I mnit Own, to be dubb'd may be bmn ( 

But tldi, for the wirea, I will lay, 
"niey addom or erer bear down fbr Cape Horn 
'nn the hiubsnds haTe ahown them the way. 
Thniin, (ke. 
Aa to mntinoui qdiits that thrmgh the world roll, 

If we had 'em aboard. JnA. with we, 
They ahonld make no Man'a Laud, and aknlh thni' 
Lobber'a Hole, 
Aadatlaatbe laid Intbe Red Sea; 
Bat (Be honait (Idlowi, to hoQoitr H> dor, 
ShaH, In tUa wwld by nothing poplu'd. 
Of Mae Bay get to wbdward, biing up tn Cape 
And bespeak a anng balh in the nett. 

Tbnsin, lie. 

CoKt, let the bottle go nmnd I 

A plagna of dnll (Uhiwi that tUak t 

In onr wine will mdiTirtBebe fbnsd. 

Would ye With to drive mls'ry end tare ft«m H 

TUe a trip 19 to hoar'n, and be dnhb'd an imnurtal , 

Yon haie nothing to do but to drink, 
"noae who try In the lotf ry" ttirir AvtBBM to mend, 
Tb fhange money tx blanha, aD they eao rap and 

Who gamble at itarting ten thoncand to one, 
Rich u Cncmi to-day, and tD-momw nndone ; 
gnll'd, w^ thdr pockets bus 

And are tickled by flatt'ry Hke tickling a trout 
Come, let tike bottle round 1 

Let the glaaaes be Ul'd to the brink I 

In oai wine will auch Tiitnebe fbond, 

Wonld advent'ten huure the &II nm of their 

AH OiB o^tal prixea at Pope'a and at Biah'a,t 

They have nothing to do bat to drink 1 
Ya bold aoaa of Bfan, who Jnit Ttngeamee haM 

On the ftiea ef yomr eonnlry all orsr the worid ; 
Wio Tolonteer eourage your right* to d^nd, 
And who war, In a peace that your labonra may end ; 
Aa your country'i tne lat'rest In clnetera who ding. 
From' thia ehaoa of etilfC that Ur order may apring ; 
Come, let the botUa go round. 

And fill ev'ry glaa* to the brbik ; 
In oar irine ahall aoch Ttttne be bnnd, 
Tn Uw Ml of the Dutch wonld ye giorioosly rami, 
- - ~ - Uck an the French to the 

Yoa have nothing to do bat to drink t 

• Tbt Inl piAUc Mlery In Katfud wia disva at 
ttM walilaiwafSt.PBri^CMhednl,i»Ju,lB,|M». 
It conriatad of «JIM liD-ihilllDf leu, and wu br the 
mnett of iniilna a llmt for repalrlat the fbrtiaea- 
ikuuoetbaKB(UiheeM(. laUiceaa *-'- 


the naitr nppllce for cirrvtna OD the oi 
the eoontiT. Wdda the lut thtttv ot 
howenr, tfaey were ttieBfiT oppoKd liy unaj mta- 
ben sf th* Smate, as the (rouadadhflrdriniuxUilni 
Mtdner.aad at kBgtb tfier wire totally abolMwd i 
the Ian atcu touery baTtaa dhd dniTD m tb* ISth 
of Oelobw, 1)M, Bnldn rhc aiud LottciMi, Acta at 
ParUimcDl were o«aBi«n>l1r obulnvd far eibara ot a 
lea pabVe Oanatt. Iliat tm (he Brtdih Hamm 
wv tn >7M| for Caal JmlWrTj ta 1774;^ for iba 

Plclort(,!iil7M| for the Pilot Dl 

BoHMI'a Cellacttoa «# Pletarea ■ , 

lnlM§,the City Mala Limaiy ftr the dlapenl of the 
then nccnttr erected hooaa la Ptckeia Street, Taaule 
Bar.ShfauwlMi^BidSmiwhllL The teal MttM* Of 

•U mm diawBApia 17. 18»,aoil weaor"-— -"• 

Lottery, barlat for in proAiaad eb|n 
bone propeny In Hurt dty. The A 
for ihiB leaoT wn abulnad br atna 
latoK balioB paaaidlt la Ipumaae ol 
t Noud lalteTT-oflce heepc'i. 



Tho tUnk er'ry MIt '■ iMniilttad to Tmlli, 
Who pnpagata Un till jan ttatj them tinth,— 
And yet, *o don pradBoee make Yiitoe it* cor. 
Who an mlT deqto'd bj ths hon'rabla tiir ;— 

Cone, let th( bottle go nnmd, 
A»d fln e*^ gtu« to the brink I 

In ovrviae ahall iQ^ Tlitne be ftnuid, 
Woold ;«« Ibiier (llUioec to nhoai DODKDie Ton'T 


e an sf them 

Yoo here BOlUng to do bat to drink! 
And Uat, ja ynnng Tirglu nboat flftr-thiee, 
Wbu BO luigalah and leer ■* yoa'n rifplag f onr tea i 
Who mFBldlUii the faong men from the girii take 

The' the Snt to oonfim Ton hare bH had Tonr dajr ; 
Who *a (aady ai bntterlliee trip it abcrat; 
Who dnaa naked wHh spaama, and who atrip in 
Corae, let the botUg p> raond I 

Let the glaiie* be ftU'd to the brink ; 
In oar vine vUl eiuh Tiitoe be fbmidt 
Woold ye low at jaai ted aee Adanisea plenty, 
And be ded'd irith the bloetn and the gnwe* of 

Yon hna nothing to do bat to drink I 

MonkB wen dNd, and drter were muiled. 

And Bobodf at home bnt tUher and 1 1 
80 Ittoagbt, before I kngcT tarried. 

To gel a good wife mj fiirtone Td trf; 
Bat I Kwore she the moral alunild beof mjmothor. 
For ne'er wu a bstta wife onder the aky ; 
So we uumnted onr nage la find out each another. 

And we let ont a coortiDg — Father and 1 1 
IkiBcr <%aS harc a dalor that '1 thmon* for 

Bntihe senrwoald talk— ahe were ahrafi a nadlBg 
'Bant rmrUhnieBta, derila, and ghoatea in white. 
'Woooaer BTi I, 'at that ftm jm won't tad me 
a good one; 
To be mine, tfri, te other gve« flih thoo mot 
The wife for my moner not make a good pnddlag j 
80 well wlih joa good moming, FUhei and I.' 

Aa to Lmmsn, to manage Bke other ftdki econlng, 

Th«j aat down to breaktaat whai we went to B^ i 

At midnlgM theydln'd, and they mp^ in the 

And wnt to bedjnat at Qw lime we got op : 

They eoold not afford anj eoy'riag to haj 

fin diieering wiOi edd we tha girii kA In Li 

" imI rmf h«i* to eonntev. gathir and I. 

But, Lerdt bimcn'^rlabeaabndMth^bettcn, 

Poor pradenee and decencj left in the haA : 
They painta pietnre* and fteei, write* Itoiiea au 

» for Oe Ukee of Father and I. 

On to aee 'em we wtnt— Ud* fell out on a Hondl^— 

Nellheritood iblllT ibal)}, kMk'd focAlhoriliT I 

The Ueeaee wne boDgM, and the VKj next Sm 

The; w«n botti (rf Oon nartied to FMbcr and L 

^rm 0toft VttM. 

ta t tsar tlun^ Eogluid ud V 
Kuw to hbpuLlWiid bcxAofia 
tbe niB* of the buihIaIi fur t 


Sine* tbj tongoe, Htda engine t m; venca moat 

That the Int'reat (d trnflk I ma; adn and pT«- 

Tbe abralt-mliteoat of pndnee be aire to pit oo. 
For InaUneai-^goadid bj foal Enrr'B fong, 
BhoeJdmjrhand dbaet (hce to give VtatM a pacig, 

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Should BIT ^"T b* UplMuit, isd •aodl; mg, 
~ r the lentsnec, get tacdj, sod linger, ud iMg, 
TmthetlBtlamjhcealliiptl ~ ~ ~ 

' 1 thd Knwl I iDiUgiiut commit to the Bun. 
Thiu that while 1 deUDcate mnuun ud nen, 
No mwinth J Idaft ma; Ul fra> m; pok. 

In Sne, to th; pow'r dBce I mut In rarign'd, 
~ ij mmA at wSi tha whole itora of 107 ndad t 
SeiaB cadh mrit'rj. Idea, and thovght to be fcond ) 
Of each wUm and eaeb bncr tha diaagca rinc 

Tet, tin naatkn'd by tntoKB, Ibr an tha vorid'i 

Dan aot ^ eiai tke tmee </ ■ 
Pride and hoDoor ontBit, bai* 1 

Bat e*'rythlB( '1 mdtir unda the ran. 

Lota 'a ai good ipnt a* nj, 

BbI ^bc '■ tS^it too mADj ; — 
I hart ODB worth an Bias, and my NancT '< that ODC.' 

Then wc read, for Oaii wlaba, 

The; tnn'd to qaes tilwa. 
To coeka and to biDa, in loiae laiia tlH7 call 

And one BDrts Or^na 
8«aae Ifuj, «ad how, aet tbna eodgo* agog: 
Old Nackioa iwlgg'd off hla aDowanee of gni( 1 

t a deril Oat god waa fer fhU'wlnc the gab I 
what makea the eniieat part of their UTea, 
' were ■IwKT* dnrinc of other men's wlree. 

Whj, tis wicked to ax om; 
Take tiie woild,— Oat'a m; manmr- 
e baleltme,andm7Naiicr thatone. 

Then we'd hot woik between aa, 

'Boat OiaDBs and Wami, 
VUh their Inand and wfatta, and tiuir tjti H 

To be tare, ptetty thee* 

Be wd In thdr plaeea ; 
Bat, jam Ber'nMe, in Jora Om be anak th 

That ttMcala bat nwW(DM,wh]rI aajathen'i 
Bar them !• bat eiM Nancf, tm'O then ao 
For the *> mine, and I'd nU the wsrid 

re wap wlti have tiled the word Toaitto 

IV nimph In tb bath, and the Kit : 
1 deina It a pat Jen-d*eaF(lt of the biain. 

To gtra to ^ wine a new aeat 
Theipiiltiarenpi eodt'dandprtm'dbea^tJHit 

The hn«r till U^ to hU fMomlte laM, 

' Tha Beaotles of Britafai,' with nlaa ; 

See the tariUos^ bowl,— T*t hla rapf tow defi^ 

It la not the grog that tnipirea 1 
'Tfitheiweetheart he drinka, od a Srtttdlfal^ 

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Willis cf proweu be honaUr boaats ; 
And the duty he )iaf a to Ui eonutrr ind King 
b int^d bj ha beauty he toBits. 

Thus, whaterer, Eic. 

LetaJeirt<MattfaemaBeyih,epl«eenun tkeeonit, 

Or whatever men wish to obtaia ; 
Fine elaret and Borgiuidj grow from aoar port, 

And peny ia tnm'd to champagne. 
In ahoit, to the aentimeiit, not to thi drink, 

1m ibe eaaence of tojring confined : 
Aa exactly, in writing, coniey'd by the Ink, 

la the flie and wit of ths mind. 

Una, whatever, &e. 



1 lift 

Come hen, and b<b)ld our iBvtofUe Pig ; 

Vhoae wcodeifBl wit b allow'd, on all b> 

To ba nad} at queatioiu aa wi 

Of |dgs' wUitlea we often have heard people ipeadc. 

And of piga that could gnuit, and of pigi that 

coald aqpeak ; 
The Leaned Pig was an eitnurdtiury tUng, — 
Bat tin now we ne'er heard of a [dg that eould ring. 

Ftom phantaimagorlai, to metalUe tmcton : 
I ittj them all nmnd to ptoduee jtn a rig 
Like ou pig of aD sigt, the InvlalUc Pig. 

Bnt ceaae yooi stupriae, — tha Ascoy'ry 'a not new ; 
EKh trig halda a devn, If yon'a cndtt a Jaw : 
Thoa theT*rt held in ahhansBca, M tiodlMtD nil ; 
n>r Jews have already eonij^ of Uu ^vIL 
Yet they'Te nothing BwBgMBt: Oat piga cm do 

The Bath watera, a 

^liSB aa patriots Miow me the twiboleat WUg, 
That the vtdee of the people admits Hke a pig : 
Pigs are Han^dans and RuaseDa | and Aould there 

For the good of thdr mantry they 're ready to bleed : 
Nay.iriienaey'nDO more, (nflis Mttooal good, 
BtQ our course to roose, Ibr onr tan they make 

fiiod, ' 
And thcjr bodies gha 19 to aid human aflaln ; 
nieh good>«ltl to np«r, Bun eotaub flien in 

thein. 'Du kt ahowmaii Ac 


la the chamlng month of Hay, 

When the Aow'n are springlsg. 

The Uida are ringing, 
And Natnre'a fhee looka gay, 

Upon her head her pail, 

More sweetly, I'll be bail. 

Sings Dolly of the dak. 

At the jolly hancM httae. 
Where the downs, ao merry, 
Drink mom and peny. 

And danee tltl they're all in a Ibam ; 

Were I a man of ar 

And walla and lanpaiti acala, 
For DoUy tj the itab. 
I'D diamonds boy, mi pearls, 


Shall haont Dolly of the dale. 



O'er tow'ring reason'i fenMs, 
Tnth speaks, and from thdc topmast heJgU 

The heart csUs home the aensfa. 
The hawk, thongh hid from moital vgbt, 

Exploring Natnre's commons, 
Scane ahall ths hlcraier's hire Invite, 

Like thought obeyi On aummona : 
So, atray'd aftr on IbDy's tour, 

While pleasure ite pretewMi la, 
The Uonier's heart to nason's Inie 

CaOs home tha ^ddy Bsaan. 

And work Oe good of othm, 

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!rN j:;i j?7 JTT ^?i^^^ 

B>b<nit Ion, aod^ fft\t ilttj ca -rai'dt Smmtbej 

'tt:H ' ^ HW'tr^f^^ 

■* p i r " i ^Ln i P\M i p ^ I 



i^nr^ i j^Vp iijA 


Hwd wa md, for thdr wUbet, 

Tkn tom'd to qiiMr ftihea, , ^ 

Id OB«k* ao/b^ hnBi niM* tbsT Ban WUhtUTaB>ndu>d«Ut«,ud tlwir>}ciftdlsf 

Ovid M«tvuu>nhu, TO b< ran, prettr hat 

And OM UiUr Orpkn. Ba mil la thdi pUcc* : [u tacafti. 

Went tohdlfKhb «Ili>— bat tktf i notUgg at alL Bnt, Toar R«*'nDC«, la Ion then be ntch thlaga 

SoDie Bgorj, each boor, ait that* eodgaia agwi Tli nnmaDlr to «bMtei beUnd people'* baeka, 

"""—'- — -iwta'doffUiillowueairffTOci BotliipKtt} weUknawathal^'tae — ■■■ 

adibtandaaBBdliiafttdenla.— --■■- ..-.---" v__...,._^..- 


Maitar Jora bad _ 

What a dnU that god naa Ibr IbU'iriw tb* aata I 
Bat what makai tba cBileat part of tbefr Urea, 
Thej mra ataBya a (Aadng of ntber nMa't wliM. 

What aoaaeaat and feOj i 

11b qolta netaadiolT, 
Tbat a Mao can't b« bleM'd OD Ua 

WbT, tia nicked to az om ; 

Taketbe woiM,— thafa d; a 
So oae ba left ma, and m; Naaey that 


'Boot Weana, and Orsoea, mi and jnttj tui 

That ruu in joor tiBcj ;— 

Joat to aae bat Uf Nanqr, 
YoaHlsd aU Oeir ebanni apUe'd tog«lb«r tai om. 

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Bt ituta ud tremblsi *t th* Mnod, ' ni} took,' oiad iha, ' nf t«tt bed i 
VUehuiwlilmTd, udainrabttriieted; Th* (tick* tht} Mii'd, Kaj Mdd la pbcM | 

And DOW hli hopa ua ill ■graund, So, to pt m Ut of kooait bnkd, 
A>d Bov tia to Ui car ooodvctod : I trin, Who'll baj mj wt)at-aimii ?' 

* B^I^'^'^ii^'lo^XSt"'' ■ Stm «t tlm. rtab. mj ,lil,' cri.d J.«k , 

Thon'rt tr«, thoo^ ngi ac* on thr tock, 
Aad honoor. Poll, '« ft Bob)« tNH«i«) 

In thk gif tof-thop, rlgt'd ao ant, 
Ill.ldrWBi fnna tUi MomaBt ctim.' 
■ne world fnd* UtUeu u tiie on, Thii uld, h* aattsc'djn Um itntt 

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In MBfdk of Poll, hii only pleunrc, 
To Pickk-Stiin bli eoaxtt ineUn'd, 

In bcir bir lap to poor hit tztuan : 
But Kara aitiT'd at hm'd R^-Falr, 

WlHTe tiw keen Jew Uia da^aU flceca, 
Hta iriMlc tim'd into a alan, 

At ' Cone, vho'n bur nv **t»'-a:taKi )* 

He start! ukd-tnmUei at the Mmd, 
Whldi DOW b heard, Bad DOW obabnctad ; 

Aad DOW Ul bofe* ace an icroBtd, 
And DOW 'ttl to hb HT ooBdoeted : 

'ZooDdil' criedont Jade, 'Iknowthatphbr" 
But then, meh toga— tkr*!* ill to ptecM 1 

Whf, It can't b« t danuDS 1 It t> — 
• 'Tl* Ptfl a-hawHng water- u wa M 1' 

Aad now iha 'i In hla ami, wUk he 

Kdt ho Tdate fbrtone'i lerenea I 
The worid Indi MthbM aa Oe Ma, 

AndUiadalUae fttoada, In troop*, wM nTir wi. 
- ■ llwr took,' cried (ke, 'Bjmrbed; 

The atldci ther ada'd, and sold in {iMM t 
So, to get a bit of hoaeat bread, 

J (riea, Who'n bnj mj mter-aeasei I' 

Thli 1^ ha aeatter'd In the itrert 

Wvair to wdgh Oie bualinaln 'i ealUng, 
The top* all mann'd, 
Thnag'd. with lieaitr Moidi ^peara. 
Then tbe uDar, flungh m dnt;, 
Becki touOi tar aoiiie dlatant beaatr, 
Vhose tidun on Ui hcait he wean ; 
Nor ean hli motrten'd tje withdraw : 
Bat nu'd, hu coniage orartianllng, 
The grog goM reond, 
Hehaik the xTiuid; 
Hie teait— A prnp'roni Tvyage— One ilium I 
Andjidlir tan ring <nt— Hanak I 

WhenDgfatnlng, «lnda,aDdwn«aanJanii^ 

Ab|^ bnt a BritUi acanan'i ban [ 

Then the tar, on dotr Sjlng, 

lleiratda, the iluoDd*, &e panp 1« pljlng— 
Belar, ca«t off tacki, kiOlard*, gear* ; 

Vatdui eadi ciann]: and each fltwi 
But, ceai'd this clenuntal waning, 
The grog goesnnuid. 
He haila the aonnd ) 
The toast— Great Britain' 
And Jtdtr tare ring ont — Hnmb I 
When the wUd tnmnltnan* battle 
With honid raat 
Lana dei^ with goto — 
When ranki the nUng bnadride eli 
The tar, hii eonnbT'i 

And, aa he FMedom'a Mandaid rear*. 
Be gorges Dealh'a faiMdata auw ;— 
But, qnell'd the foe, ecaa'd the kmd latOe, 
The grog goesronnd, 

Hw trmth he In hto dicnni Ibwssw. 
To Arte, thns pateM, tlM* befttawkid, 
Thegrof goearomdl 

And JoUr tan ring oat— Haimk I 

To three rirtae 1 long wiah'd to teadar mj datr. 

Whom tlu woiid I had often beard Dame ; 
Aad ta tnu^iet whose brtsu^ and nurit, aad 

Was adaowledg'd bat jastiee In feme. 

[For the Tonngeat was Matetf and m^eaUe i Oe 
■eeoadwat aJDDTibooncaavanknt andOeeldatt 
was prndsnt, disereet, and dennir*.] 
Bat Orst I sbonld teU TOO, tho* nan^t in a woman 

E'er throng Ufa nr avariw begat, 
Pd n mortal dlriOu to a goose on a comnum, 

A pi^ in a Ugh wind, and a eat. 

The janogest,Hlm On, wbo graecAJlr waddkd, 

laB^ t a pta realn ar mlyadtoas'Ji 
So stately ber fbrm, her head dddledr noddled, 

ma her neefc balf a mile ftWB ho breast. 

[Stnuk with her czbraotdlBarf (ftarma, 'Hy 
dearHlss,'nldI, 'wOlTonbevlne!' 'Thdist^ 
Ckied ! to myself, ■ Whatapl^jU aUsthewaaonl 

What mnrnmerr would she be at ? 

A pig In a Ugh wind, and a eat.' 



Wu PoRinm, the Meovd, nett dalni' d m) Bt 
(Mnl I, ' Could I ooa call Ttra mJtte, 

Td prorlda fon mm dainties tl)«ii TerUls iunntiaii 
To iBUt a Lord Mayor am dlTine.* 
[' Enongh 1 cnoagli I' — ' Eoenigh I m; love \ whj 

1 hmre not told jou half. — ' Enough I 


-'Qui, 01 


'rilTcntonihairaTert ' Mm Tab, osee pendt m* 

My lUth and my be 
Of TnHnJni»i yannD'er ahall haTsreaacBto twitBM, 

[.• Ma kive I— Mih la. la? >*i ><^ I'] 
■ I tbntght Ml 1— Why, what • atnngc hoas bara 
To hit all my irenlDiia wo pat : 
Od the gooae, or the pig, I fobi 

Ml la 


Here they all jwt Uha *> many foiies M on bh 

Ne'er did mortal tastain eocb ahgae ; 
Far I found they'd been langhing and playbtf 

With thdr ak, and &A pig, and their gooai 

['ThnlMl— Eooo^I Ooll— Ha lo*et'— Oh. 
wmsdi 1 how ihill I ^.peaae then 7 ' Uy dear 
Mi» Oea, I am •orry I mistook yon ftir a goose.' 
— 'Thninl'— Miu PorclD«, pardon my nnlbita- 
nate mistake' — 'Enong^I enonghl (Ml miil'— 
' And as te yon, Mlia TsUtha, 1 *m nn'—' Ma 
lore I ma loic I' — ' Oh, damme ! 1 can't stand it 
any Itmger I Ladles, yoa are a heavenly race, and 
If yon vera ndne, I woold gtre the darll ou 

■h the other two.'] 
So said, fbr the ant time 1 e'er sB^ited wooti 

I decamp'd without taking my hat ) 
My Bvtrrion laenaa'd lor a gsoac on a eommos 

A idg b a lu^ wind, and • at. 

AiirBioii'i lute and Orpbsns' lyre 

Pleas'd anutencs oT yore,— 
Oar amatcBiH loud harps ink|dn>, 

And those we besrd no more : 
Hups that sidit eadi fsmak charm, 
He snowy band and nmnded am ; 
llat torn, with more than mortal giaoc 
The stately neck and lorety bee, 
As npldly the lingers trace 

Each nat'ral, Bat, and ahaip: 
Bnt most tbs senses to inanan, 

GiTC me the soft, celestial strain. 

In sounds the ear so amootbly greet, 
Fran the as^iUe, ■df.plny'd, sweet 

The iore-ilc^ maid bar aniiou pain 

Vcnti from yoa tow'r abora. 
And to (he harp pours forth the strain 

Sacred to night and kin ; 
Now, while tbsloTOr Bcalea the gates. 

Disdaining wstch-dogs or qirlug-guns. 
The boor of assignalion waits, 

And into er'ry danger runs,— 

Nor fothcr, brother, husband ahuna, 
Thar we^nus e'er so sharp : 
The open'd tiludov lulls Us fears, 

WUle, softly riding on the breen. 
The well.known stgiuil to Us ears 

b gently wafted through the treea ; 
Soonda the chaim'd ear so smoothly greet, 
Fnim the setaphie, self-play'd, sweet 

JEioBaa harp. 
p.**K belle, thoa holing In iHsdiir 

Apollo and his lyre, 
Thompa, as she harps on tin same strain. 

The catgut and the wire; 
The Irish harp, Scotch harp, Welsh harp, — 

The oords they ransack, strain, and warp, 
Range thim the bottom to the tc^ 
And shift, and torn, and cbangt, and chop 
Each nat'ral, flat, and sharp. 

Yet naught the senses can ensnare 
Like the dear soft, celestial ttnln. 

That grntly floats Dpou the air, 
That all can isd, but none explain ; 

In sounds the ear so smoothly greet, 

I^om the leraphie, sdf-play'd, sweet 

Ham 1 witii what ^«e yon mory down 

Reasons, remarks, and aowa ; 
To pain and care aUke unknown, 

He whistlea aa he goee. 
Prom Nature's lore to reason taught, 

He knows not suMle rules, 
Bat mtures alt some pithy thought 

That ml^t Initruet the schools. 
■Thlsground's just like the wwld,' cries be, 



me—' Why, can'te sea 
As I hfc a sowing o' tares ? 
Taw Inw turn low, de io, de lo : 
Foe drill, ot broadcast, none do know 
Better than Jolt'ring (»e*to lOW : 
Be 't beans, «' wheat, ot whots, or rye, 
Or bariey, you man come to L 
Tnr hill drull, lull drull, U.' 

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Ttliu Jdt'ring Oiln, the Durrj dawD, 

One day tome dwUng (ptlgl ome hj, 

ImpOTt«d ntat torn town; 
Ab tlWT pUi'd on, Olle* heard then erj — 

* I uy, let's q(di the clown I' 
And Jnit ■■ tber tl<^ ''"> t>cg>n. 

An ui WM bevd tobny — 
' Ichnwl' — ' Htre, fellow, dowal' — ' Anon 1 

One nt n Umo, tnr, prmj.' 
■ We re^i the fruit of alt that'i umn 

By fdlowi of joni alamp i* 
' That'i Terr likely, mr, I own, 

Vorlbeaiowin(o' hampT Tnwlaw, &e. 

Hy lahonn all i^ak i 
■Twaa I Ihe boiiey pnt i' the grmnd. 

That brew'd th' exdfeman'i ale ; 
The whtat 1 tow with enn hand 

To tboiuandi dudl gire bread : — 
Why theie'i no king oi 'aqniie o' the land 

Zo auny month* ha' Ted. 
1 xaTca mm lonli, mr ought I know — 

If how thua'dtt wUh to lam — 
The tithe of ev'ry pain I »w 

Con to tlw panon'i ban. Taw law, flic. 

And boMi hli head np high : 
And acMrcely vnll and ripe be't grown, 

Howerer great he be, 
Death witk bit licUe cnti mi down. 

Anil then be an md o' he t 
Zo, wliila a body 'i here below, 

daan hand* be tan to ke^ ; 

Weiart^ntyihallreapl' Taw law, &e. 

In dSta eye a Ung'ring tear, 

nil lore and daty wdl to prarc. 
Jack left his wife and diUdnn dear, 

In^dl'd by hanoor and by loite ; 
And, ai he Idter'd, wr^ip'd In care, 

A n^ing in hli hand he bore, 
Cnriooaty an'i, in letten tUr — 

< Lore me 1 — ah 1 lore ma emaoK 1' 
At Idnie to behold Mi worth, 

Tokms, and rings, and brofcni gold. 
He plong'd the sapling firm In earth. 

And o'c and o'er his bnsnra told; 
Hie letten ipdt, the kindnen tnc'd, 

And all aflaetion's ^edoos atan^ 
Eadi with the bVrlta motto grae'd,— 

* Loramal — ah! loremecvenuiel' 

While on tUs aniiont task employ'd. 

Tender remembrance all hit can, 
Ht> ears are swddenly aonoy'd, — 

The boatswain's whistle clemet the tit i 
*Tti dnty calls, — hit nerret an brae'd ; 

Ha rashes to the (zowdcd shore. 
Leaving tlw S^Sng, in hii haite. 

That bids him Ine loi eramore. 

Hie mag^ branch thus nnnxlaiai'd. 

Far off at tea, do comfort near, 
His thongfatleas haste he loudly Uam'd, 

With many a sigh and many a tear 1 — 
' Yet why act this unmanly part ? 

The words the precicnu relic bore. 
Are they not mark'd npou my heart? — 

Lore mel — ah 1 lore me enrmon 1' 

Eicap'd from tieaeh'rons wniea and winda. 

That three years he had Mt at sea, 
A wondroas miracle he flndi, — 

The sapUng is become a tree] 
A goodly head that graocM rears, 

Hularg'd the trnnk, enlarged the eonl 
And on the rind, enlug'd, sppeara 

WUIb gaiiiig oD the spell-IIke channs 

Of this most wondertU of trees, 
Ills Nancy rashes to his arms, 

His chllditn cling sbonthis knees. 
Increai'd hi lore, Increas'd in alze, - 

Tan^t from the mothet't tender store. 
Each little nrchin, lisping, diet, 

' Lore me! — ahl Ion me erennorel' 
Amaiemontadi'dQie admiring cnnn) ; — 

'My childnn I' cried a Tillage teer, - 
' These slgna, thoogh mute, declare aland 

The hand of proTidcnce Is her^^ 
Whose hidden, yet whose sore decrees. 

For those ila tncconi who implon. 
Can sun a>e tcmpeat, lerel teas. 

'TwAsSatniday night,— ^ wait the clock, 

Spruce was the barber's shop) 
Wigs decorated ey'ry block, 

Prora scratch to Tybnni-top. 
Membilno's hdmet, scooT'd to bright, 

Smil'd to reoelTe the sndi; 
And lab'ren flock'd to shaire o'er nJ^t, 

To grace thcdr Bnuday'i dads ; 
Who each Satniday-night, 
To get decent in pUght, 
Oct ihBT'd, M fbrehnrchon the Sondny, 

Of their tnusgreislana tore 

To pay off the week's score, 
The better to lin oo the Monday. 

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Flnl corns, flnt Krr'il—aaghboiir Eolikin, lit — 
Von^re rajamon'd to the chaSr. ' 
ThB eutonien thicken, while rouiul goei the «tt, 

Abon-boud all, lud fikii : 
' Well, Joe, ud how Son the mnld m^ ? 

How'e irUb, md ckte, ud do^ ?' 
■ Fairly, I thank thee, Maatar %rag.* 
' lliAt'i wen 1 and how gtwi bogi?' — 
Thu tha lAOgfa grcmt lond 
'Uoag the village crowd. 
Who get (hav'd St Ibr chordi db Sunday, 
Of their tranigreuhini aors 
To pay off tha wcek'i aoon. 
The better to dn m ' " 


And the achoolinaalar king to book ; 
And muy k random pcdnt they hit. 

To glTe tludr nlUea birth, 
Aod make np what they want In wit 

By aoiaa and Taeast mirth. 

Thu the lan^ grow* load, &c. 

All natore wu eportiye, KreDe waa the morning, 

The pilgrim aiow from Uj plUow of mou, 
And ndly bewailing the day he wai born In, 

Hli way he ex|ilor'd with big itaff and big erou. 
The atmoaphere thleken'd ; at noon lightning litid 

In laahea and atarta rent tha welkin in twain ; 
Tlic horiion grew angry, the elonda appear'd liiid. 

And at ere londly nttled the wind and tlie rain. 

Alail wretched pllgflml at nndmn lo driven, 
Cold, ildv'ring, and huigry, andwtt to tha eUn, 

The elementa wairing — in idty, kind Heaven, 
For aome liovel, or but, to take ahelter within 1 

See yonder a light— the door opena— a womao 1 
' Whonet thon art, kt me raeeonr obtain I' 

■Come, and welcome I' ibe cried; 'how on thla 

Woi'l thy fiirtnna to itiBy in the wind and the 

' 'Til a type of myitory — mymomwaannclondad; 
Diatlngnlab'd by pleaamr I knsw not to grieve; 

Bnt (canxly came noon, whoi my joy* were all 
And my tean, Uke tbe rain, i 

■ Hail, bioUuT b woe r erledtbtblrooe.aflUctedi 

Uy Mory'e Uke thine — let oi miagle oar pain t 

TbU relief to my aoiTDWi my poor heart predicted. 

When I flnt ia« the* draneh'd in Oe wind asd 

Eadi began to ititii) a long blat'iy of wonder, 
Of paronta eo eroal, and wiihea eo vain, 

nil tlieir ean were no longer alam' dat tlie thnnder, 
Nor amid mule delight like the wind and tha itia. 


[1° thla amc Dlbdin illnda to lU cslfbiBtod pan 
:hnu dtaeml tl If. SanMrln, SapMnlw II, IMH, b« 
IL PaneiH Okartb. Btiof th* DtM nblUlliin of II 

(Indner wKnoMdln En^aad, It ndted public v 

iDWrvir.pnEUMd tha npaiiDmlOB ftnlprRloooi 

ailomlaFrannj ud thli wu bli tUny BrM want 

DiAW oear, I pray ; nor what 1 ling 

To an^ amlaa impnte, — 
"Ha of a moat Ingenloni thing, 

Yckpt a pBjachnta, 
Kindly bnnght ova tate from Fiance, 
In Ihahion whiiit w« apiawl. 

To gaard ^alait a thil. 

From Fianee an aO our Ihahku bnra^ - 

And 'tto bnt hlr to note. 
That thcae who have the pdaon taoght 

Sbonld t«ach tiu antidote ; 
And Icat fai Ihncy'a alr-bailoon 

We tor aaalatanee call, 

'Twaa kind from th' laHaence of tlw ntooi 

To guard na 'gdnat a falL 

Let them our baldona then correct, 

Aa hr ai ftaUIea reach ; 
Bat let them nothing elae expect 

Nor bndty think they mn dlipnt* 
mih na Mr freedom'a ball ; 

To iwid agaloat a OIL 
How to be canHooa In thia aoit. 

We need not to be Ud ; 
And yet we kindly thank them lor't, 

Aj mncb aa if we did i 
For dlaaffeetlan long time, now. 

Thank Haav'nl baa oeau'd to bawt— 

Experience well haa taoght ni how 
To gnaid agalut a lUL 

Then,iykiw-nib]ecta,udgUioQri, b^enda. 

United be and tns : 
Bo abali yoa na'er the prfrate enda 

Of the world'i em|dre me ; 
So, by no fbreign atta inanai'd. 

Your freedom to mthral, 
Shall good old England be ptepar'd 

To gnaid agalMl a ftU. 

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\iS'--^j:j:*j:jj*J7' ^--.y^V ' 4J- ' -V^ ' -i- ' jjiVjJ* ' 




Reoeat lat Bum. 

AIM I wnteh«l pilgrim 1 at Ttndcnd m drina, 
Cold, ihiT'rlng, uid bnogrr, and w«t totlulkln. 

The elcnniU warring— la pICj, kind Hearan, 
For Kline haTCl, or hat, to Uka itaeltcT withli t 

S« joader a llgbt — tha door opeiu — • wanun 1 
• Wbocier thou art, let ma ineeoui obtain ]■ 

■Come and welcome I' (he cried ( 'how on thii 

Wai'ttfa* lb 

rind and tl 

Bat •ouctlx came 
And mj teua, Uke tbe 

iware, I knew not to Brien : 
■•re nil 

• Hill, bmber in woe r cried the fklr one, afllei 
' Mj itorr'i like thin a— let u* olngla oar u 

Thli reHef to nj loiTOWt mj poor beart pR^etn, 
When 1 Bnt law tbec dceDcbed in the wind ud 

Each began to relate alon^blit'ry of wander, 
Of parenti h crael, and wUhet » lain, 

mi theiiean were no longer alann'd at the thoDdtr, 
NorcDuld mule dellfbt like the wind and Iba rain. 

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pAtBCK DM di9 to tbt mill Tcce gone, 

Uotlw vn* omt U the rilbge, 
I by nrsdt mn left an ■lone, 

T« l«gk k'tir the bonas nnd the miagfl : 
Bvt Fra baud, when M how ■ }ouig luii '■ bf Us 
The derU begLu to b* buf— 
TU bnnsni were qniU tandy tb^beld folher'i pcIT, 

And mf head St the dght becom'd dlnr 1 
Bat 1 tbciugbt 'hnnild maha mother to mJ> aad to 
me,' Midi, 'Satan! thy voiki I defy 1' 

Then were Hally Poitolta without nond of aitp. 

For M(U lort her bther and mother ) 
6o being at onr bnua like ehilder brought «p, 
~~e were one u ■ aliter aad brother : 
whenevn one '■ good, b the dnil be hopi — 
It eouaiderlDg on what I wen ddngi 
ii'dber one day to the midit of acopae, 
id were bcDt npon miaehief and mln ; 
Bat Oie poor tbing began ftir to aob and to ligfa— ■ 
~ [one,' aald 1, ' SUu I thy woriu I deft 1' 
To pay landlord bii nt, I tradg'd me to town ; 

"The glrli they were I dnn'oa howlih, 
titit dothea, what they bad, were nqneeriy pnt on, 

~lo naked, and ao idl a aqnowiah i 
Tbea the derii ids old tricka ioon began fbr to play. 

Tor the toada they did look eo deligbcM ; 
Bat they gav'd me no time fbr to make lore to they, 
' Till at iMt I began to be fH^itfal— 
For one of them, 'eod I ibe had moat r«>lih'd 1 1~ 
' B^one,' aald I, ' Satan 1 thy worka I del^ 1' 
I'd now got enoagb, — tor I'm aatnnl good ; 

And alnce thin temptatlan to erll. 
So manly and flim, I'd tlU that I 

tt lait I outwitted the dniL 
Wa be now man and wilk — we'v 
For I tbongbt it were ntateni 
And wliea they praiae hooonr and rational joy, 

Fcdha do talk aboat I and onr Midly. 
To aene frknda and beat foea we be ready to fly ; 
And the Pofc and the Prendi, and the dertl, wi 

Baccrd* and Venna, once, in hear'n, 

Kept np elamoroui war ; 
She wonder'd tor what wine ■»• git'n. 

And he wbht love waa for ; 
lie iwon love'i enemtlng joya 

A toe to wine moat prove ; 
And she, who health by drink dntioya, 

Unfitted ii {or love. 
- Atlength, t' appeave thraeacoldadivisa. 

ji and aboy. 

Snce when, all ao&ga fbr jovial aonia 

Have nothing thought divine, 
im atuTd with bottlea, Cd^ds, bowla. 

And hopci, and fCan, 

And liglu, and teaia, 

Hlgh-bompei'd giaaaca, 

Pretty laiaei, 

And bleeding hearts, — 
Bacdma, Veuoa, love, and wine I 

'TwAsaUhiFw, and aboat, and eoneemlng the war, ' 

And the glory of Britain's bold navy ; 
And the di^rent bnuliea, and wliat 'twaa all for. 

That the whistle of Fame has rang ont aea and 

For when BiitUb bnll-dogB begin tor to roar, 

Fiaocb, and %>aniardi, and Dutch, ety Peccavl. 
For (he war how it bappen'd, and what 'twaa aboat, 

That's nothiBg to we tata most do what 
they're bid( 
So alt I can tell yon, the war once brake out, 

Thej told na to lick 'em, and lick 'em we did. 
As to order and laeli, you don't get that ftom me ; 

I ahall Just, as they come, speak of actions that ') 
So they did ni bat hononr, aa lords of tlie sea. 

It don't matter a damn which came flrst or 

Why, now, there waa Howe and the ^orioas 
fiiatof Jsne; then there was Jarvis, when lie beat 
the Spaniards fifteen to twenty-seroi ; Dnncan, 
with bis hard blowa with the Dnteh ; Nelson, and 
the NUe ; but, lad I 'tis nonsense to tcU yon about 
the grand aftirs. Onr grtat-gnndcliildien and 
tlieir giCat-gnindchildren wiH read aboQt it, yoa 
know, In almnnackaaad things, Jnit aa people read 
of the hard frost and t)w Are of London. It la the 
neat little bmshei that I Intends to talk to yoa 
aboat. TherewssFellewandtlieHBmphln I don't 
yoD remember paging away at tliat sermty-foui, 
jnst for all the world like two scbool-boys Ueklng 
a great balking fellow ? Then there was Fawkener : 
wtia would not have died Uke Favkencr ? And then 
there was Cook, In the East Indies— he fell nobly, 
too ; damme if I would not as aoon be Cooke as 
Fawkener 1 Bat avast 1 avast 1 fbtn waa aooi 
hiavs fellow — Indeed, there was plcnly of bravs 
fellows, ff that vas all,— but I mean Hood, in the 
Hetsi just saw the Hercules strike, and 6 
HoUo t mnnds, I aiwU be swabt^ng my bows if I 
go on at this rate ; atay — what was there else ? 
there was the brash with ttie La Pomoue ; 
then, yon know, Sir Sidney, — ie did some : 
lUngst and then there was TroUopc, in the GI*t- 

'Twaa all hnw, he, 

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ju tome, I eo't leant, for I can't nad or wiiMi 
Bat «bat '■ wiillDg or Teaffing, or an; nwk ait> ? 

To Rod thdr doc praise, for tb^ eouktrr thM BgM 
Wc iDDit read from our mem'rlBi irtwt '■ writ 

Not that beroa t'a tmg, ta for flattery me,— 
Tme bnT'rr vai oerer yet knmni to be vain i 

Andtbe Ibanka and tbe hownn, to mblr tbdr dne. 
Bj deeda, not bj vordi, gallant Britona obtain. 

Whr, what eonld be w f^ariona, yoo know, ■■ 
Pellew,* vben betook Uw Oeapatra, boarded ha, 
and atnek her cqknin ? Than time «ai Sbs- 
marei, off Cherttoivg, took the RenrdoD, killed and 
wonnded a hnndrad and tventf , vithont the loa 
of a single Britlib MamBa I Both kalghted and 
buTOW-knigbted) (bat'irigM: lome Kn« to Agtat 
ftH-aeoantrrUkethli. la ihort, we voriied them ; 
ve took Ngptnne, and Fortnne, and Vietorj ; but, 
for tbe matter of thnt, we liad all thli on oar (Ida 
before. Then we took Ubcrtj-rtliat yn» jut 
bringing conla to Newctutle, Jtra know t Qlorj, 
ditto lepentad ; after thnt, wt took InmoitaUtT, 
bat they did not car« mneh aboot that ; and then, 
t but, we took thdr Cotutltntion,— that was 
ODKUfr— we bad a good eonatitntlon of our own. 
Then *e took Resiitsnce, and Freedom, and 
Fame,BndCoocord:— dammBlwetookalmoaterery 
thing from them bat the palarver, and that they 
weleoneto. Well, then we took ail the Sabta 
(Mm the Spanlardi, and then we took from the 
IMdt—l don't know what the aeril we took from 
Oe Dntdi, with their Eonad baid name*, but— 
'Twaa all bow, and ibont, and concenlng the war. 

And the glory of Britalu'i bold navy; 
And the di&nnt braibea, and what 'two* all for, 
That the whlatle of Fame hai anng ont aea and 

re the booki 1 iet'a aawnlne the itato of the 

• Sir Edwafd PeHnr, In La Mympbe, of at nu. took 
te CiNpaM, of «r (uiu, on Jane 1^ 17»3. nff Port- 
ind I and Sir Jamta Bumani, la lh> Cmcml, of M 

t. 30, 17M. Tbi I 

rere a let of akHfal ■nd Atrpr 
noiii oSan, In whoa the Adnlnll; hi 
Ddaflct, thai thrf wan noatly nfanatfil 
eemBilHlDDi, that thtj nilght ool be cr 
tppAffloDliiia Affend m IniDfInf 4w ai 

Are the toten all stann A ? will tbey all i> 

Are the wlg< and diigniKa aQ manag'd iritk can ? 
Tbe nmleana and the pnnei ? — All ready. 

Babblenm for erer 1 hnxia I hozxn I 
Bobbleum tor erer 1 to the boatingi away t 
Are the cards alldiapatch'd? Is tbe dinner prqiar'dl, 

That onr honnt adherenta may rerel ? 
Are the aqoiba thrown about? Ii nobody apaHd? 

Are our fbea made aa bind aa tbe devU ? 
Are the phalanx tremendoua plac'd timnj^umt tbe 

At erery atreet, lane, and border. 
To riot, break nappoi, and knock people down, 
Jolt to ahowthat we keep peace and order? 
Babhleum for erer, la. 

Thin wUle I bout in tbil election. 

With ipirlta light and heart ao gay, 
Ttuit flnt of joyi, yonr Idnd proteetian, 

Let moat Totea can; the day. 

Tb^ ben will angfat be ftmnd to aavour 

(H brib'ty, I'td no Idle feara ; 
ThoDgh 'ti> but truth, that, for ytnr fhTonr, 

To g^n yonr bearta I biib'd yoor enra. 

Then poll away, — yon're my depeodenee i 
Three nlghla a week yoa'n find me here ; 

And let me beg a foil attendance. 
While on these bmtiiigs 1 appear. 

Still boaaling, wfaik bi thla tlcctimi, &c. 

VrUan« 1 ftcO* ftau. 

[Thla tAter ni wrtUea, ai iu Utle Impota, to kn 
up tbe nlbniltRn m^lan oar Oallk ad|t«K»rB, th 

his pi 

iaion and cooriUation.'] 

CoH>, brother loldien, join the cause I 

At Honour's call yonr aworda diaplay, 
And iwear, ttU Freedom Uda yon paoae, 

Tlie Kabbard aball be thrown »way. 
Bright Glory's ensign streama in airt 

Yet, ere proud QalUa Ute the daat, 
To heav'n prefer a fcrrat pray'i 

To eouqna, as onr eanae li Jnat. 

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In Hoacni'* qvand, O Vnr wwvtt 
To tuta Om jajt that Tkt'rr briup I 

TnoflSag Indiguuit nwlet feet 
TbOMiterei who thnatlo tread cw Vagt. 

Coma, biotlwc loldlcn, ifn tha vord I 
Fttt Inrei them here to flnil their gTATea ; 

The iword is diawn — &lr Freedom'! BwDrd, 
Aikd btal may It fell on ilvrea I 

HariE I bnw, with load ud hnniad rell, 

Bat paBid fear Ibeit din ihaU qneU— 
Wohrca eaaae to bowl when Uou roar. 

tot Fmdunoi tximUa It tt» ^an 1 
Hlfh Hear'n in tUa ma; niia ottc ; 

Come OB I to Cn Feae'i ampk paf e, 

B« TEDgCBDCa on Hieaa miiervaiita hurl'd : 

The daj that glra them to our lage 
ShaU ptaaa natore to all the worid. 

Coma, orotha aoUicn, Mck the tnneh 1 


[At ibipeiM •Tow VBiftrt wHh Fraaci^ I 
tanalaa of thli MDBtr/ hr BoHBait* mi upn 
Itit mltniilMii of Ih* paspM maaltatad IimI 

» of -Mm UnlMd I 

U qoaMloaiUt. Tb* tatd afteiiT* Unfth of Iba 
■ The CKt »f Lnn- 

N CUtet Leodoa Lafil 
la n^Bial of U|bthoi*fc 
tut IndU CompuT, ud 


I oiTi up bjtha ttow of the auk, — 

Ht feU'mn ] flnd ataadr all at thdr piat t 
BatlaBoal attenHool 'tia paat fear o'dodi ) 

To the rigU feee abont, aad qniek marA to the 
coaat FMda raai tam buB tnai tam. 

CapailiOB Tlet'ry. BritaaBla'a dam ; 

Bring the todabla out, and aaeoatre tlwgig; 
Dink ud Bet, at TXif PO*^ — gnatd the ■*'i*— ■ 

Lad; ThieadMiedla, fooi'a la lake an of mjr *i^ 

So Dtf wv all marchet : I aunmti Biigadkr i t 

Hf wife and the infeutrr bring* np tha itar ; -. 

And in apjte of rbenmatle*, end ipaemii aad aai^ ' 
Rank and Sle ire nil dadiee amj tat the canip. 

Than va talk* tbaal ambaahea, ilji coanlcncafpa, 
And glBS to catdi Ftcnchmca like niain the ai^L 
Then we nwe ti lome recndta; I the wnd ^lu ta 

right wiDg, 
And glTaa 'on eome monef the foe tc amaaK, 
And I Uda >en to flght fbr thdr enmlTT and Uaf. 

Rank and Ue w* ell daahea mjta thecaa^ 

• Now, toKTi' nji I, 'joa dun m» jam Ihroa adM 

Fail Into the naki, *o alot and eo ^ad t 
For thdrnuthcT and ■iita' Ihof take nptiidr goaa, 
And to Atcr the paykiln (^ tbait hanif old dal.' 
Seal aeel tha dear boys on antral pradaim I 

Tbenw»goaaaalewaMtehip n«lng oBBri g «iB»Tt 
Hy wife and tha inthotry bri^l ap the reart 
Fotiattlag my ilwamaHtt, andqaaBa, andoa^i. 
And agjoylog the glarlooa dcUglita ctf the camp. 

And aqioylng the ^oclow deH^ta of the caav. 

Wht, with thy eednetin eti^ 

DidaC than, O lyre, my Mnus hue I 
SiiXB Pune 'e atUl lambent like tha lana. 

Nature and fete to my deaiic, 
Aad that my joya riionld DCTCT ta 
U lyre I 

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a Skakipnn, a bud ud ft po-rt or l^ma. Of «o-menllkn on-If th* 





Shoald brine >*>« pnbUc to m j book, 

And I shoold bi inunortaUx'd — 

Why, (ball Ftc KarcBly wUabMtt 
And I, la iplU of all 700 fwon. 

O what > devil of a lyn I 
Thou bad'rt me FaUy'a haonti binda, 

And meadtba aga. and inaka afoMl 
And what a ttnko'i job 1 mwlel 

Why, amad* 1 the ag« grew ten tiiDca won 
8wor*itthat;tfaoofHauli to frtcnda wonldit at 

If once 'gdnit lice t would coiu^ra ; 
And *o I lort Uu few I had J— 

AnH yoa aAhom'd ? yov nwatAnu iyre I 

Once, I a»lBB, than told'it me truth ; — 

Thimi^ thee, fbr aolaee of mf life, 
I wiute btr pratae In ouiy jmtk 

Who lODfi baa pror'd my eonatant wife : 
Bat tbes ttum nndatook'at to prore 

That I afottniie ahonld aeqolie 
To make me worthy ofhsr Ion— 

Waa eret ndi a Bhabby lyre I 
Tet are we fitendi. — If bard my lot, 

While itraggliDg with the wocld'i deaidte, 
Stai let me owo, thy bolta fbrgot, 

Thon'itgiv'nme, obi what met delight 1 
And might I Snd, deilT'd tarn thee, 

Fuel to fted dd age'a tre, 
ThoB'it Bad Uke bnth, and Uun dialt be 

Uy ofada, my haiiow'd lyre 1 


poet of (Mm, 

n Hhea only tbe pUa, 

yna mme atoogaide of your ttacj ; 
So, when I talk! of beauty and er'ry thing aweet. 
What name iiumld I tUnk td but Nancy. 

oe 'a atum'd when one tUnka npon BeD ; 
Paint and Patch ocnea athwart ou Idea* hi Doll, 

And fiah, wlien one thinka npoa Ndl ; 
TUaomehowaoBsdieattlaht Prue'aprim; Patty'* 

Bat yet er'ry one to Uudr fbaey ■ 
In my rimfde tbonghti, now, the onllcet name 

That menkl e^'ry tUng lardy la Nancy. 
I OBce of my mind hox'd the compaaa around. 

For k Ayme to the name ef my hna, 
Andftira kmg ipeii nanghthutjSuep Itbund, 

That my aptlim* of aoanda could a^rote. 

Atlait, ' ATBit bearing,' I cried, 'aoftand ilow| 
Her* '■ a flow'r, and tbey call it a pBntf, 

Bnt the true name, d'ye are. i> bearteoBe— and lO 
'Tli tbe beat rhyme that can be for Nancy.' 

Bla*ter Shakipaare'a a mncb bigger poet than I, 
For with wonder he Uyana all Aati | 

And bad it coiea otane la Ui fluiey 
To fed jnit aa I do, O what a iweet Bong 
He'd a gli'd no, and ail about Nancy t 


[WiMu dnrtnc lb* tlmt poc* In IWI.] 
Sinca united we aroi rae and all, hand and heart. 
And DDT onion nor French Jua the deril can part. 
Come on, jdagoefl of Ggypt,and lean kine of I^iaimcdif 
The Irioh ihdaly, Scotch Andrew ferara ; 
An WngH«ti oaktowd shall bodder your breath 
^nd a hug so palemal, 'twill hng yon to death. 
CoBieon,thidc aa toenita and swarms of muskatoe*) 
Shice we're ona band of brothaa and true to our 

And aa lansd pbyddaaa, kmg Ufe to Intaie 'e 
So, prcpar'd well to phyde thdr whole b 

Hua Jad KetA to ths t*ef, aa flm mob bo ha- 

We're in anas, little Booey; and m fbr the i«at, 
Foitl whenwe'iB bieanHt we're not ni'dtojest; 
Besldea, wen a bridge built Ihmi Calais to Dom, 
The derll a nanehman attre ahoald come 0Ter;— 

Or Oe Tcay Irat word that yon apnk fa yon last. 

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Swnt peace ! that Undlj abed* innmd 
Tbe boflom^i dnrest cftlm, 

To pour b heaHng bdm ; 

That kadi to nature'i jubQae 

The pleanma in Iti traiit ; 

WUle plenty, jar, aad indnitry. 

But when, Inglorimufrocdoin'aqaaiTtl, 

Wu- raiM) iU gigantic >nn, 
A leaf to plnck from hnuni'a tatud, 

The meanest Biiton KKmdi tlk' alaiiB. 
yftz, tor geeoiit}, (or dignity — 

Tar, that fur em wu may eeaw— 
Var, that depletes, wiUi iweet bmlgnity, 

TbsM t»T«ge« that puduae peace. 

Foic'd into war by I 

Vho Mature and her laws njeet, 
Saeh aaQ of hononr awella Isdlgnanl, 

The daring iDioJt to oorrect ; 
To fdlla* Qp with matehten brSTery 

Jut n«e, tin this Tile ran aball ecu 

miN OO BRAaH. 
Snrci'Eringolngli' iathe tongof Uuaod, 


And be patriot liitoe ottt boaat : 
Dnlted and tnot eaeb attempt to oppoae 

From allegiance oar mindi that would draw. 
Of dnty the friend, of ledltlon the toea, 

To ahaO honour iing ' Erin go bn)^' 

Than In Inland when ni 

!t tban ihow me the eonntry who can : 
■TU (ha ngfaw td wit, hoipitnlltT'B teat, 

And lot eoonge they'll fl^it ta ■ mu. 

>t aa hnllli bnedi (zoiacMceMpota dtm the (on, 

And the ditnuod exblUtt k Obw, 
Bt indnlgesce to iRiin ou heart* •&>!] be won, 

Whilt oldEoglV^ einga *Eita gobra^' 

Ye detadad, tom back. In a pioltgate cnw 
Who aeali mla'iy and ahame wlthoot end ; 
flhakeoJdtaaftetlon, to datj be trw^ 

And tba mrid ahall ting ' Erin go 

I'm what Ou world calla, Sir, a general lonr. 

Yet no torment* my boeom perplex ; 
And Of en captloe cannot eaQ me a rorir 

Pot I'm cooatant to all the whole lei, 
Wth me the word beautiful tignlfiea woman ; 

Thej are all deck'd In Venna'a ions ; 
And that *e may poaacaa ooi dear wlaha In 

The toada nerer let me alone: 
At Bath, now, laat aeaatm, three doien Uarlaa, 
Five ^Tiaa, nine Cbloea, and flftecn S49hiaa, 
A bnndki <tf TabUea, while each loyely ahe 

Wu wUUnc at my beck and call. 
Wen ev'ry dear deiU of 'em dying fbi mo, 

And I wu la lora with them aU. 
tnth nM, diadM ire nwi, taet^ t**>^ V^ %■ 

Snce one day I mut yield Dp my breath. 
So thdr Upa and thdr eyee their dear tongoea 
In motion, 

They ans welcome to talk me to death. 
NowatHargate, last nimmer, nine coople of DeHas, 
Six Margetles, twelve Gridelines, aenntaen CeUaa, 
Of Deborahs s doien, PhilUae* thne, 

Sim willing at my beck and call. 
Were er'ry dear devU of 'em dying fbr ma. 

And I wu In lore with than all. 

When Mahnmret'i tribe w 

a paradise glf'a, 

Thus Itey'N angela— tht place they inlMUt it 

And Ea^and's ahear'a upon earth. 
The prophet Is ri^it, and all else an deoehar* 

I'n BOdlt wfaaCns' ha laith ; 
Our idl^on li pleanua, we're Lore's true bflienra, 

And, lut me, I shall die In the bith. 
Why, laat BBtomn, at Brixton, a scoie tf Camilla*, 
Sli Rachels, twelre Clama, and nineteen UyitUlas, 
A large mob of Uaryt, lo kind and ao tree. 

All wi:^ at my beck and cell. 
Wen er'ry dear deril of 'an dying fbr me. 

And I WBi In lore with tbem alL 

f^iHi, Usten to a seaman's ditty,— 

Tom TaHna w«^ the bero'i naoM : 
Hlstale shall at«rt that tear of pity 

Hm brare and good from rirtw rlaim 



Hli Uoc tad conntrj to daltad ; 
Bat hnr la grM to Inva bcUnd Un 

A loTcljr wtft nd UtUU Mnd ? 
Kind hauti may dwifl iaboaom) taoOHlri 

Nothlnf can rlttaa'a ImpolM tbtA : 

Awl Mt Ua »U», br Ion dlMctel, 
la naa'a tfttaa Toa'i «t^ a W ead i 

Tkn mi ha Uoa'd, iriwa kaat wp«irtefli 
' With Ui dear irih kod bUUU frkol. 

Tnw pkamm in hr bo meiaactali 
A itona ■«■> aa ^iU anld mod ; 

Tore mete amj, itnta'd f'Tj porthole, 
And bOt'd tba *«eMi 'piaat a nxh. 

Tim the dear otjeda h* had dMibh'd, 

Ir TOB of B^tot BritoM epcali, 

8a, g( «D MIOBa, jpon «n leA 

And RoBBM, SazOBi, Danu, and PicU, 

A>d Namaa* «ke aleo, 



Iher pnr'd aot, tID he Made harnB, 
Ocitpleaihtil Pttaee of Wataa. 

Toa^ peradrcataue heard, irith Aorii 

That maaj hard; Hoanonth po<ri 
Had* Vmchnen eUp and praaee. 

Took prii'net the Frtndi lUi«. 
Whr«a>thel4, IpMrrga,WQa; 

Wbr tata'd tta Fnaeb Ihilr tiOiP 
I 'ata w t Flack Ednrd Wd th^ on, 

ne galleat Prinee of Wale*. 

That thaaiaadi made to fidd. 

But Heaiy, ai with lage he patn'd. 

Did ftU, and aleo Uf ; 
When DaTtd Oom ewae in, and tnn'd 

The Ibrtana J tlie tvf. 
nua ahcmld Uia Pictidi pat q> our pkiod. 

We're WB* of Daiid Oam i 
And thefH Sad thar mlgiit pmvoka at good 

lie tern and Ua tam. 
Tb«B alilke flu harp, and peat ^ atrial— 

The FreaaA ah«B tan their talb ! 
Fcr Ocotga, Got pleaa hw I la har Klat, 

And hai aoa la Prince of Walea. 


Ha pottnit grace Ua n«dc 1 
naa arm'd, ^ panti to JolB th* attai* ; 

She Bmlr Ud* Um go. 
And mn* Um BOOB to Mnf bar had: 

Swae tniptj ftcaa the Ibc 

Soond the tatd^et tond, &e. 
Aautlurc^a, 'HTlon'alntjaTl 

Oa,—<kBa and hoBoor bring ) 
FHn me thon hold'et th; ttb, dear boy, 

la tiaat to aerre tb J k^ : 
Yet, taiB the tMUw ala^Ml aoM, 

Thu dun the kmij Britlah dame 

To lateat ttmea be Vang i 
Grtai;, bme, and aoble, aa the finne 

And bcooor Kheaea ihe apcvog. 
TimM hmam parib ahaU awriia, 

Shan lore aad gloi; aban i 
And, togH^guidBd, ahaU darita 

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Wkm poiteri^oncs ihd be told 
To tha (xnd giwl al Tlct 17 iow Bilta« »ii»n 

Who theli bet beat again and again? 
Id an thdr giud bottlea viUi Frenchioeu and DoDi, 

Ccnild tbrj naater two miUlonB of luen ? 
Sound the trompetand dram I 
Lot 'am eomc, lot 'em come I 

[ElmaaDdil irtiat ■■ that >—thqr an certainly 
coming I O no t *tb onl; a divra t^ptg*.] 
Let them eome, let than oome, if the; dare : 
Wbilo our trompet* and dnuni deaTe the air, 

And itrlke them with mortal alarmi, 
How the mmaeeeti wliL tremble and (tare 

To fee a lAi^ nation in anna 1 
In a quarrel like tUa, eadi alort arttaan 

Shall aQ occi^tkia (brego, 
Aad of trade erery implBment toiBi to a man, 

Their tluead of editeoce iliall inlp. 

Bound the trumpet and dram 1 

Let 'em eome, let 'em eome [ 

[Eh, hark 1 hera tiiej eome — itaod to jrour 

■rmi I — Ho 1 'twai aalf the mail-coach.] 

Let them come, let tliem come. Ice. 

Eaeh age and omditioii the conflict ihall Join, 

well poateritj'a thanks ; 
Lorda, knighta, 'aqnircflj and tradeamen, 'galnat 
Piaaoeto combine, 
Shall manfnll)' foil la the lanki. 
Of jontb and of atrength er'rj aloew and nerve 

Shall be stralnM, hostile prqjceti to mar : 
WhUe those oM, Uke me, and unable to acrre. 
Strain thdr piirses, the fiDcm of war. 
Sound the tnunpet and dram I 
Let 'em come, let 'em eome I 
[What'* that?— Wen, then, BOW ther an cer- 
talalj comlag I — O do I damma 1 then wm 
In that.] 




inbseripdoii wu lh> grt|lB of that nob 

the XWi Jntr, IBM, that bOai tha ^ m which lh« 
■ nt pobUe mttaag fttt BraaollBE the hnBane eld*ct 
wuhald. It look place )b tha rosBtbeloeilnc la the 
BntKribn* to Llord'i. thee altuud onr a poinlsa of 
the laU SoTtl Eirhup-, which Wat toullir cDUBDid 
bTflr*i>ii[lieBlc>l(arfftdlHtdlf, Juurr 10, ISK. 
Tbt taaamiaw sdmtlHmciil fnUj "ri-'"< the gM«M 

' LlDTdX lAndoin, Jaly tB, [ML 
' Tb( KcrclKnti, Dnderwritns, and ether Snbaeri- 
twti la thli Hour, hailiw thb diT net fOr the pw 
pOH of HUlDi en (Ht a Oowral Sokaeriptlgn, no as 

rbiHc *bv BIT he einaied ia the deboee of the ciwd. 
Btt, apd wile may ndnr tn the eouinan eauae t and of 

ai a GrtM and ladap cadeat NaUea, Is K ilate. It 

which ih* nertlan af ear naUn iplrn, and theappil. 
culop at ear Bomrfat naooncs. Bay recrfra an ad. 
dUional Mladna, Otj baa lean to sabmli la iba 
Uberal ^onaldantlOD of IhHi (Mlow.aat|tKti tha tot. 
lewtB| KaHlnllaBa, which ban heia ■nanlaBBtlT 
paaad at tMa KeetlDf; and pnanna (0 hope thai ihe 
ehlKt af ibla SabaiAllsB wlu be ao piaaiatcd and 
•aaetlooed br Pablic Bedlae la nnBal-Tbr iba Hi^er 
Baahii and bpHeat Ctaaaea ortocMr— aad br ladU 
Tidaali of anrr daacflpttae, thai the mXU of tha ta. 
boonr, eoaiblalDf with tta manUeaat daaaUoa of iba 
Bobleaad the weaJthr.ahall ba tha beat pla^efonr 
BnaalBliT-abaU laipln onr seaaHn. sai HkianL ear 
eenntnipaa u latfo, wUh a walI<n»Dasd eoa^DCa 
■-■■•allberaUtf aadiralltadaaf EbaeoBBiiaUy, and 
'"— — ■ 't^ _i_j^^*__ '■-ibeippsiito 

, . ili>dt«tonr*BaBiiai_ 

emTtcUon, Ikal (A« mrviB a^IMt frti« A 

'"Tkatlaacoatanctu* whan th 
eor eeuntrr, when the pteoUar bkL_ 

oorhalovedSenitlnaadhapwCai ,_ 

oar aerial ataWiaceTnTQlTad la tfcalaaae of tta fceeaat 
haagMy prcan muU oa la iranaded ealr oa the preeent 
nnrertanstepoabloDaf tbeCeailDantal Mwarsi aad 
when ire hcb t« b* placed, for the aMauBt, aa tha 
laM barrla agilart the total nblKllon afBarepabr 

.i. v^_j__ ,_*. fcrt„„* P™nr- It k.K.»«..*l 

le rote of Oallle Drs- 

, ,_ — _„„» dtpaada, mder Ibc tane Pro- 

|«<<BfPawer, whether Ibla empire ahaU nanla, wtel 

aDdnsrili.ttai anertn of Ha own and Ibc CBarStBa 
of the llbertln o( maoklnd, the Buraa of IndaatiT, Iba 
proleclor of lb* arte and aelHicei, tha eunpla and 
admlratliia af Iht world— or wtaeibcr It ahall becema aa 
sbacqaloos tribntarr, aa toaUnd, a plaadcfed, and 
degraded depaitmaBt of a Fsrelfs aatloD. 

' " That lo etra maia affaet and aacrn le ihe laaa- 
•oni adopted bj OonnuBaat for the de<^ca of oar 
UbarUea, oar Una, and pm p er t ; — lo add weMt m 
J™* ^S*"*^ _eaertlon« wt are aU readUf dlipoaed 
lo eoatriboKb— It beboraa n to hold oat arari eocm. 
ni|CB*Bt I* oar Mlowaablccta, lAs mar ha la aae 
bla (ba, aad to prove to tham that wc aia raadr la 
oralB both em pmaaa and on vdaa In ibe neat eaaaa 
wUcfa Impvloaetr caUi on Bi la anlie ttie dnUaa af 
loialtT aad patriodav, wUh the alroHMt aflhils af 
peisraal aaatias. 

•■•Thaltoaidaiaba Ih* (Arte of oar deftDdoe br 
•aa aad laad. It la eapedlaiM to ralaa, by tha paoMlaai 

' "■ ■- « lari% a •ailable had tn their 

-n» the pnrpoat of ■naialaa the 
. __af IhalomefUmba— of 
mst rm ia af Ihe widow and Oka orphan 
. . .. the trow of aonvw be the till of theli 
J.-™. rdatlTca, th* pnpe of nhmpf Indlfaikc* m 
halpleu Bge-aad of fTanllBg peeanlarr Kwarda, « 

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'"Tlul ■ Bqbscrf ptton, eiiibnc1ng>U tht itbjKti La 
Ihi (Dregoliig BtKlutloD. ba noir opcstd; and u id 
u iiMmf\t In Ihn Pobllc Bodln UnoaillDllt thi llpl- 
tfd KJagdDin ud la Ptpendndn. udlii our ftllov- 
■nbJrcU of CVUT cLu« ftod dnoinlDAUDD, Ihmt, Lade* 
HDdcptlT of oar ladLvldiul canlribaUoDB. tbi nim at 

iMird Annidtlcif put of Uie funded propertf of Utta 
Soctel), ba mpprapitlltd U thia pnrpiiH." ' 

RnolDUoiu wtn (htn jkhhI for uppolollBB ■ Con. 
Dltue, Rrcrim ofanbKrinilsBithe.i ud,lBaUi. 

■"Tbii <al •umi, bowmr null. vUch ■!>■« bi 
oSf nd br tbe puttaUun of lb* peonr duNW of oar 
lUlaw.iuliiKU, itaill b> uctpud— tba cum alartlBC 
ngaiUTtbaUbstleiuid Una of pitMMOf anrrdco. 

Oda BMmorabte mcctliw. Na laaa 1 
or lima coBtriboHditlCmi neb baton 11 brake up. 
la tb* conraa afabaat ■ aoBlli, npwaidi of SlWfim 
bad bKD anlwitUd i and, al the tnd af about ill 

At a bhUbi of iba Sabaeribaii la iba Fi 
Abc. 34, im, 81c Fnnda BailB» Bart, b 
Itvaa BtaMd tbaldMBunnedHdapIo i 
iBclBdlai uHaetlona BlcbnitbM aod diapd 
nitrlbiulODa, kc. kc, anonaUd U ''~~ 

wblefa bad bees Isenaaad br I 

OB auck aold fnn amt to Hi 
Of tf4M,SS2. ICt. 7^ Tbt dl 


_, , ilMbio^ 

.), matnitUat^ napondid to w* U» >pp«l 
of' tba bsDiiolEUI orlflulon of Ibla aplcndld tanlrt- 

Ir the vatld ever M« ■ magnUecBt set, 

Thit tima mlgbt on aduunt write, 
SoDSofCommerea] 'tUyoan; — thit muikliid iball 

Oh 1 <tf thooundi Una pn^'r ihill be pvt if to 
Fot Oe gg&'roD* nbeetibcn at Uofd'i t 

. mii'ry begoUo ; 

P*in 'i appeu'd, ud calanitf amilea. 
In hla coimtrj'i defence tbongh he lUk Umb and 
He nneasT refleclion avddi ; 
Eoanr'd er'ry want of Ua children and nife 
By the gen'miu anbacriptioa at Llojd'i. 

Then Fiance 1 drunk irith rage, to thy deatiiij alartl 

For pbuder and riot gtmra mrm ; 
BenerolBnce' nice ihall appal ev'ry heart, 

And HDmBnity wither eacb aim. 
Though thy tartalent laadiff no bonnda can con-* 


By Uie ^oifcKK anbfcriptioa at Lloyd'i. 

Th< mOot la the ioldter'a Mend— 

The Hddier is the lailor'a ; 
Tbongh, jiut tot gig, tlma wltbant end, 

Tbey'n 'gaioat each other niler*. 
Bat let 'em moor 'hmg^da a foe 

Ib Freedom'! eaooe to mawl 'em, 
I eaily abimld be ^ad to know 

Which beat would onrhaol 'cm : 
For though they qiarUhe man aod wife 

And brother Sghts with biathar. 
Yet tbea of one muat take the life 

Bie they can bam the other. 
To have each other on the hip. 

Once, what a atorm wa> gath'iing. 
Jack iwoTC he would the lobatac t^ 

A little decent lath'ring. 
A tfnj MfOl'i one, to end thdr itriA, — 

The othei nerei rtandj on't. 
But onr jompg and aaTea hii Ufe, 

And 10 they both abo<di haada on't. 

And thn* they apar, && 
Oied Jad, ■ French treaeh'ry to repay 

Fata and the timea decree Itj 
England itaall aim In piood amy. 

And ^oclona 'Ua to aee It 1 
Bnt ghoQld thlf hamst come abodt, 

Thongh both bnTe the naae nouiinga, 
Vhy, we mnat keep a bad look-ont, 

Oi job'U bat thraah the ^oudngs.' 

And thna they apar, la 
How can theaethi«Tes themaehrea penude 

That they a acheme hafs hit on, 
A coaat ao ^oriou to invade, 

Where er'rT man'e a Brltonl 
They know onr deed*, fer all the world 

Still wonder a) they read 'em, 
When Engliih bannen are anfnri'd. 

And Britou fight fer tnedom. 
Then let them come ! Id Mendly itrlf a 

WUIe biothei Tiea with brother. 
Oar Ibaa of one ahall lake the life 

Ere they can haim Uw other. 

MoMtiioa, mon geaeral, int eomnl, 

I tUI not teU no lie i 
I come de Engliah Jirimny Bull 

And all hla ttick to ipy, 
Flnt, ven I get from aea-rick free, 

Jiut after Dorar cllir, 
I apy, vat I baTa never iee, 
Ona charmant place loebl/. 
Anita ton bnia 1 
Ck n'n paa, fa a'ha pa*— Ha fol, fa ik'in paa 

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Da li^ u oo Ml mlM 
U m^nmke i — fat vf hli blood, 

I iprde nun to boM ■iliunij, 

For hoioiir lUk hi* Uret ; 
And, T«t I lum ipj Id Fruice, 

Da feoMtt an good Tlfti. 

Ve i^ di ITigllili dog to i|nn 

Upoa mj ual h* Idti. 
Dat tO TOOT Kktoe lOl be fiimke, 

I know by T*t Pre ipled; 
So, a> JDQ "n Dot da Hod take. 

Ton mut not Mtl Mt hide. 

Ti n la, tt h, ftc 
Da} gtey ban Bot Boacke to awJt, 
Toot la eanlll^ hi Hiaat rix nd:, 

Der 'n ItartSed an paita t 
And, If jun Mme, yoall ban to xafc 

jl ,lU itf BagBih braito. 

Do*. KT nauniHtaB to MO, 

Om htirT««t MBy ^b» Ulb 

So, tf la nancB ha '• all go mad. 

If tak Ui Tit, ba nmld ba (lad 
Batte to ator at hone. 



AU.UT Raau^ Bad Bona 
Ha tiaaij maf , bf totn*, 
n* daeda of the eroua, bonuT, bra BcottU I 
m' Ui ma am eae abeen, 
Ai thajr i/Utta.'i in the eeni 
VbUe the eantr pipe laa pj 
Tlu said pfluni^ did jdaj— 

an aaw waa a Scot but waa Ine to U* C 
Ftaa Oaalan to Brace, 
The hn deed* to ;c«dnaa, 
Voald take noon J and moiuq a loB( bom to ii 
Fw adckle laete the balrdi 
bag Uv beta of SoottUb Uzdi, 
Vha, tbe iwaakie* la ana}^! 
ilhataa^^cadldptaf— ' 

«e aena wae a Soot bat mi tiH to Ui d 

WUla tba Aadmi PhRBia « 

' Tben nam «u a Soot bat wB* trna to Ut Cka.' 

Mato nd bjr SoetUih taada. 
The hntodUa Sfc^Mld* led, aw to a >BW ; 
For the ataadard Uwt tber bora 
Fram Hi keepo'a ^ifi «e tore. 



Cmua, CJsBa, CNb, CMfla, Cafla. 


iBr-4eI h«Afannnl,nrbBreT 
WUle tta bird* In the mtoda, 

VUI* BAo pe<^ ont of har dn, 
la U|» iplrit* Bad ^ee. 

See the battte i^» hlih, Bid hma MUr dant 
Aed toe ttsBfet. aooadkic iMd, fianca t^^M- 

Haikl batfc] the load daagow > 

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lie [«■« o( oech prtilot mniii ! 
WUlB, the toe itnidc viCta waoder, 
Dnmu* and trruDpotH' load thnndor 

Oar Baeclm ildiDf on hij ton, 

Ona morning took the air ; 
The Lom and Oraoel j<dn*a tht (hn, 

And Venn>, too, «*■ tiuf, 

WUli her tiddla llddla tUdls bMe Ma. 
And Mamm Jdnd the nolay crew, 

Not ear'd irim took offmee ; 
Bat foon aboat hla wit lie threw 

At m'ry god'i eipcue— 

He Vnlcan qnln'd, ha baUed Hata, 

Swan Tenu' ehaima wen bQ ■ Am, 
Anri erai laogli'd at Lore. 

With Ua tiddle, &«. 
HisDwhlla ther made, wltli ual deront. 

The iptrkBng aeetar loam ; 
no, Ihongb the; lober had aet Mrt, 
Thej tipaj all eaiao home, 

WHta thtir llddU, &e. 

Whiv DiTdea wrote, and Pmtell aiuig, 

'Britonal itrilie hoau 1' 
Ite patriot loiindi, le-echcdng, Tnng 

The nnltad dome. 
TO QeoTge, ■ Kddler aad a aalut, 

To oonaecrsta fala lay 
Tte poet pn}'d ; hU nomben prdat 

Ont pnycT td thl* da;. 
To Gtorgt, onr theme, a Briton born, 

No leea be honoora ^'n, 
Whoaa tbHodi rirtoee mli^t adoni 
The ragiiten of hear'n. 
Kee, aU who b 


B the King 1' 

Qdttnd Chora:— Boi n 
aSofaa Hevr'n int made BrititaDia eway 
Idf ober 

Ftom pow'i topoWr, the grtut belMrt 

Bj dna waa handed down. 
That hue and ^ory night lareai 

The (^Bsdid Hrltiih sown. 
Otar^ waa the boon bf Nature wlU'd, 

Now ■n'rdgn o( the ware*, 
Vho tha omAtioiu wen fUO^d— 

Britou ibonld se'er be alana I 

CAonw— RiM, aO who hear me, tas. 
Teftitmal bear In tcnl and i^nd 

The ^rloui term. 
And what fOnr anceeton esJobiM 

Do jo« eonirm; 

Steadyln I>^eedOBi''a ^lorfcMa onua. 

Doited heart and hand. 
Fighting tor honour and the hwi, 

Chaie ■lay'r} from the land. 
In Arthnr't reign their iwoida they dl«W, 

' HtBT'n and St. George, the word, — 
Ann! arrnl and be the word from yea 

• Vkt'iy, and Oeoigc the Third r 

CAenu-^IUH, all wtio bear me, &e. 

O L0TU.1 day 1 ah me [ tlie while 

Bawhanl,alMl tone 
Hiat Nature aliould ao aweeUy amQa 

On tU Iha worid but me I 
Bark 1 the gay tenant, rf the air, 
' B<rw gTBtefnlly they alng 1 
And haa by instinct, aa they pair. 
Hie harldngn of apting 1 

O lo*eIy day [ See. 
Aa twilight bring*, in atrcaka ao gay, 
Anrcn bright and clear, 


Satb the paraon of fhe partib, allroay 
' To Inoease and to Ddttfly (krfptme .»i™. • 
I ahaO take Ihla yoongdamad to hMeand toboM- 
She <a the loveBert larnhUn In aU my whole fold ; 
mth her tatune and Int'iert OMB added to Brine, 
I ahall aoon be a btahop— «h t^tare dhtoa I 
Of my kir^ IndooUon I limg for Qu day, 
Wldle the organ an anthem ao ewertly ahaU ^«y-' 
Ssyttte lord itfttie manor, ' No peadiing, d'yehearl 
For my own [«5«r apcM I h«™ tnmM oat till deer; 
Iiundodge farr aad watch ha from woodland 

to Held, 
Tm, panting aid tlt'd, to my many ahe yield : 

And m i^ndd pretwrtnn appear at the dnitcb. 
The hoands Ari 4be bonea in oedn ao gay, 

'dhom like tantivy ihaUpky.' 


Bar can pMat a ine, luge, aad kmg pedicree. 
Where hnr anceaten crew like the ponghi on ■ bee : 
Hnr to pleaaant GluoorRan will cany bar pride. 
And ma'll lUp Bke the eoata.end the kefelUFCslde ; 

Andbar'fltfng,«nd moteortr hnr 'li tame ftrwigh 

WUle thelkarpaand tbe dnldi 


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Uwi, Tha con- di.Uaiu ra-pot, laj jaai hands on ths glui. And 

^■J ^ 1, 1 . j:.^^ ^^ ^ 

Vi/J'^ ^ iP - P Mp 



'-y^ tf t \ T Mf . | ,,-Lr"r n 




WUle la briA drcikUoQ it gnUlT Bbm Botwtea taflMBluatkeflMdBnv]>*allartf 

ThroogliMch tlnkaaftluheutlBMI«p««ll, B*r ftml tnfB ailttair bMt It her «dr 

l^uvJng (ssiuu to mfUc In tha Tdu u it flow*, Ontha orcdvloaiMind to mUit* bwMlwaik, 

ThB ehUdrok of ■omw to fisd ; And tlw ^Ik irfUw hMrt ton to itll ; 

WUk It* Ubenl IsRoeDC*, to bonou so dnr, Umb waj wliw BhHg* t* poiMS, ud Mcb cM- 

Wltta neh t>l»f the iMut dun Impnw, Detaetod, Mhum'd, ud •lou, [k'mualfi 

At iflth Chtrilj's hud to >ip« off the ud tew Deipb'd bf the worid, and deipie'd by himael^ 

Ibat gUiteo* to nuk eat dirtnM i Br detfh te Ue enon ataoe. 

So loag o'er the mtnd nay Itt empire eitend, So Aall wise at the laM eOTe hsBaalty '■ ead. 

Id the fsBetDH bottle be •T'tyBn'ifriead. ABdtheBeB(raHbatUab»Bi''riB>aB'iM<ad. 

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lOTer, * Go I qnicklf rfl^gn 

He tor buntjr and m«tiia> aloni bu dswrt, 
Wbu nclwt deapbe*, vid (Kks heart fbr hiut : 
Wen mf Ldvb abrij^'d ttf fcrtoztf, ixaattdf m- 

Wlth Uaimeit mntud begnUiii( tbe trnj, 
VUktki itrnetln mnrnmn >o Tw«MT>>K"id ^af.' 
I'a mntii ■ *hide phnn ; 
Wlwt bU la kerwiti b«t wonU Tldd to tliBt nni? 
Her dmMi in bU turtle, and toi'mri, and irins ; 
Then nj gm», mj good DoDdns, that I may dine' 
Saja a mnioc, ' I tore the dear ereatnre, &b hr 

u death,' oled the doctor, ' her jmlie I ihaU 
B,' cried the Iiw;<r, ' ■he'Q rign and (he'll 

ildjourbngaia,' cried Ihepoet; ymcao'tbaTa 

Forme, to mhoHTcr Uud lot It ihonld Ul, 
Boron pay me, I'll dug both ttie>onf and the day, 
WUle the Lofca and the Oracea M iweetly ihall 

Coxa, all JoOy topcra, the toad a* ye paM, 
Who hare ewom to keep Baednu'i lam, 
na eondltkiDi repeat, lay you handa at the tfuii 

te wine and ft* caau, 
)oIoD(;aathe power of gvoerau wfau 

torulBaod rdhw, 

Ai gold iamea pare from the lire ; 
So long o'er the mind may ita empin extend. 
And the Bcaerooi bottle be er'iy man'a tdend. 
While In briak dicnlatlim tt genially glowa 

Throngh each ilnlee of the heart ta fUl apeed. 
Turning eoumeaa to mlU in the TBina aa it flowa. 

The children of aorrow to feed ; 
While Ita liberal Inflnenee, to hononr ao dear, 

With neh ^ty the heart ahall impreea, 
Aa with Chuity>a hand to wipe oS the a«d tan 

That gUitem to mark oat diatreaa ; 
So long o'er Uie mlud may ita enpire extend, 
And the gawroui bottle be er'ry man'i friend. 
Bat iriien in the glaii the aend EnTy ahall lark. 

Her foul ttiin w^Ung near at her call, 
On the irednlonl ndnd to achieve her hUwor^, 

Aad the ndk ef the heart torn to gidl j 

Than may wine change to (niion, 

Detected, aaham'd, and alone, 
Deipli'd by the worid, and deqifa't 

By death fbr hia erroca atone. 
So ahall wine to the laat ae 
And O* gaivou bottle be er'iy man** Mend. 

Eicii'ii with hb, in tatten. 

To lUght a aUpwiack'd tar. 
To PdU hia ooorse atral^ tUaiat 

He haateni on apace; 
Foot Jack can't get a hearing, — 

She never law Ua thee I 
From Mtg, Doll, Sne, and Kitty, 

Not me hai the leait pl^ 

TUa, idMni he thought hnt'i Medle, 
Kow Ul and mie'ry mocki ; 

That wuits to odl the bcwDa 
To aet him in the etodu ; 

CUed Jadi, • Thla ii hard doling [ 

Ha wage Ida tati and halla ma. 

Though a pum ihipwradc'd tar. 
'Twna (WthM km that brought him,— 

Oleaaonfbr mankind 1 
■ 'Ha one,' cried ihe, ' I tongfat him ; 

Pew on my coDatant mind 
Thy image dear wai gntren ; 

And, now, remor'd each bar, 
Hy armi ahall be the haien 

Fix my poor aUpwrecfc'd tar.' 
HeaTCn and my krve reward thee t 

I'm ahlpwieck'd, bnt I'm rich ;— 
All ahaU with pride regard thee ; 

ny lore ahall ao bewitch 
With wonder each ftmd bney. 

That children near and &r 
SbaU Hap the name of Nancy, 

Ikat aar'd her ahlpwieck'd tw. 

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ii Dott*r; 
tail uidhAiU me, 
Tbaogb ■ poar lUpwraek'd Ur. 

Fm ■ poor (Upvrack'i tw. 
Thk, whoM factboiiU lan'i aaedk 

NowUi wd mU'r} mocki | 
Tbat wBDti tB gall ^ b«*fi« 

QM Jack, ' Wall liud dMllog I 

Tkej qu'd 4 lUpwnck'd Ur ' 
Bat an tkdrtnmti ud btdw* 

• lb OBB.' erlEid lbs, • I tugbt U 
For on mT eonttuit mind 

Hi) lMa|B dMT WW glXB I 

And, noil, remm'd mA te, 
Mr anu ihaUb* tba Uien 
Fn nj poor jtdpwtcek'd t>r.' 

in iteU with piUa ragwd Um t 

Thy loTB ibill M> bewitch 

Wit3i wonder eaek fond ftaer, 

Ttet ddldren neu nndhr 

Shan Ikp the nana cf Kancr, 

nat uT'd har ihlpwnd'd Ur. 

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Tki TaQor's ftlr du^ta efow fKf town, 
AisbodrmiTMir, «*>*"*fl( 

ShB had Mt tht hMrt OB I lM«r ta ttovit 
Thongfa irf k)Tm 1b ploitT ■he'd bng : 
With her bUiCT*! whole iltopbiMid *be'd tof lad 

■P[a,inDehl' cried the unt, ■ Toa'n too ftfwud 

Y<n (kould nnar ateoanga halt one.* 
CrM ftDu, • Mr ^u Aut, M Hm9 rit In B tow , 

tu Kok ftmdei bnm* of t)idr titi i 
TlKir legt gracctnl bcodog an Cl^i Eroft-bow, 

And tbdr D«edla an « muT dxto : 
IHd Teniu tUl troop at Adcmim Me, 

TbaT*d all win her h me u a snn ; 

' Thntf I a« poUili'd Joe TUniUs, tb« Mit Tmuv 

Tim on Oooae, Snip, end Cabbage, irith ndU'rr 
DoM VIH Whlptttteh ao qtfUde and pun, 
~ii)B thk aat did I chooM oat bat ona f> 

OMaieAiiiit,<Dornthfaik,Baa, Tts not had 
Thov «a* HebMO th« naltk, and Ton Ooogh ; 

Sndda the htrtMr, and Bob at the Tan i 
Bat yoor ancle I lair, left tbeat all in the imA, 

And e'at itnea ban beta Goutaat to one.' 
Then cried Uh, < We'ie agnod, and TB aooB tcQ 


'LU<tiudJuirt>>BdSoa,o(ncwdlllT> ilu 

snUwriud(afli«,lbr' -'-•-■' ''-'--"- 


Ml hanH ae ' ni Pitot Im CoHn Utaattaerf.' 
ThtT mr* litHlid ■■ pntMtUna anlMt th* dipn. 
dukiBi sr ■ (lM« of badn nailed -rawnveUo-an,' 
or, man csmcUT, tboii^ !■■> clmicaliTi 'tp<l|F- 
•MlcJkm/ wboM (rafoi^KiWalM of tta SRni at 
Hut period, A)ilhepaT|ii>etoreBp|ilTla|th( nuieaea 
wtik 'mljrfti' frrr illMiflhiii. tud neud Terr l»'nl 
■iim arasDt <lM HrfaK. nMr vete Mi eautncted. 
Hut wbea ODca ilie Hd ma diieid. It wh h tmlf 
And kr i^nto In the laeid*, IhM II eoold ast be 
opeaad tUI the cofla liad been brakea ts pkces, Ilie 
dnrabUUf end anrleldlBt qoalln er Ow neW w«^ 
hewerer, en atdeeUan te Iheli Uiiptlaa : tai die per- 
•SD* wtia mie Intirled In die prolll* dertie* nam 

Each a|a lua boaatid enrioo* ulna. 

Praji gmt*, fbrbcar jma aeolBng — 

TbMt "■^* tho [^t<^t ^ Tt**" I 
nion toU the knelif— 


Ttnr labonre naj odrt Ihdr dtf , 

Bat hia than laet ta em. 

neDtoB, Ac 
Tet to take haed jn v>rt nat HI. 

Leat to th« gT«T« tkof bntj jaa, 
If Ton'n not dead m ■ docr.nall 

Beto* inn M than boiy yoo I 
Thoagh waUif bcM a lianea ^Ms la. 

Yob or, aad nre, and ahoat asatn, 
Can^ iUii; la om pateat (In, 

Tha worid ean't let jo« aot apln. 


Tanrmrit'rr'i foot, joai art'* 

SraveoDil no nMre ^laU T* laoMck 
The giBTe, «iUi feelIo(i calloiw ; 

Though on the Old Bailer ton'd roar b*^* 
Yoar only hope 'i the galknra. 

Then toll, (ke. 

Death-hunten I matea ahall ring mr Tene, 
The— ' ■ ■ 

Fv jor ihall M a aod^ng ; 

nii U enalKBlgntalhekeUtnWirwlckLuM, 
^T ■< Ae tat* qI Wewtew. la aUeb Ibe 
Satgesna t«nDertT met. 

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Ookj, WK1 

WUte gnTcs alull open tax the pniie 
Of tUi Friooe at CofBn-maJcen. 

Then ton, &«. 

Ukailt u the ■trwm thtX gtidta Iti vital mation, 

Be diBiali'd by ach gratefol British hmit 
Tha gnat ercnt that gSTC th« lardlr ocan 
To English taiB frcah Ituinls Id impart i 

Valnitiiie's Da; in imiles cams on, 

Lots tll'd the Haman'a aiudona mlnil, 

'Delighted *lth past •eenes lo iveet, 

Wbila udent hops kept er'rj pnUa allTe,— 

Sweet hope loine gloriou moment might aitln, 

To eerre the «Ue and Ung and fiiend b« Idt 

Whendar'alUiit dawn ptesented flrat the ahoie, 

Ve, aniiou, on the naiboard tack were rteeiing, 

WhDe eait-br-Doctti, elcht Ingnaa, Cape Viu- 

Nrar ten, propUiou boft eamo oa ; 
OiT aignal for B luge leat lew I 
When iutaot, with a pceai of aaU, 
Form'd in two Hnea, onward wa gailj atood [ 


FUtoeo oar aninber, and of nnaUer ilie : 
So tow'ilng (dqilianta look down on Ikma, 
Tm of tludi oowag* ther become Oe price : 

For >ow the trjlaf tumr eaaie on, 
That cad But act a gallant part ; 
iUe on one giand nuuuevTTe hing'd,— 
One ml^ity eln^, pron^ dangerooi, ud bold i 
Bnt what of Engliah taia the cooiagB can wl tUuld ? 
We btoki Ihdr abaggUng Bne, aear'd (T'ly heart. 
And Jack the tawny wUakcn ■iag'd 
Of the aatooldi'd Don. 
Hen ndght I dwdl on flila nnequall'd aelkm, 
nat Boavl bcTOnd exampk out of ei^t,— 
That gatn'd (but ehlp*,— that broke ■ duig*ron* 
taction I 
Bnt EngUah aeantB aenr brag— Oej l^kt. 

Thca let pcrtdou Fiwice come do. 
Aided br HoUaad and bj Spain, 
Id the deep a wafry gmve to m«t : 
Fair Ea^and prondlT with one Toice ihatl ting 
The worth and Tlrtuea of a patriot king i 
WUIe •oma each heroes had the ^orione itnin 
A* Jenria and his gallant fleet. 
That hnmbM tlw proud Don. 


curin* tm. Itf, IKI will eip^aJa tha vccnrnoci 
fCrnd 10 ui Ibli and the pjtctdlnf bohb.] 

I'll iall'd the ult seas pretty mnch. 

And roogfa'd it in alt weathoa, 
nw Frmch, the Spanish, and tha Dutch, 

To buckle to their tether* : 
And in these toyages I mnit need. 

Yon aee, haje known some sCrriee ; 
Bnt all r*a know'd, and all I're seed, 

la BOW mtdoDa by Jerria. 
Ton'n heard, I s'poae, the peo^ talk 

laklni sdnnUn af ■ dvk 1^1. a rrnh n](, ■»! a 
RroDi ait, be tat Id ■ Itc^b, catted the Infernal, 
in DrOK In taurn iha town f bet w Mmch open a reek 
bifon- ifae uiiied U Ihc place, sad the tnilnscTwss 
obU|(d lo Mt bcr an in ud rcucat. She at lentlh 
bitw np wHb (uEb sn uploalea as ihoak the irtwla 
ton like »D cartbqnalM^ oa»efed three bnadred 
bgotes, and did n«M mltchlcf foe Ihicf laaancn nuocL 
A capitu Efau weltfwd 3Mlbs. waa Ihnwn vpsa a 
hmist^ sod jerallHi It te ttae groaed > Ihe enter part 
ortba well lanrdi (be m Ml down, ud the Inhabit. 

■BuU DBBbtT gf tttasn mVU I 

Ttw ujlnn, bowtrer, look an 

mudad b) Adndnl do Cbms. Benbnw lDDtdiaM|r 
fonaed the Hoc, ud en engifnaeet enaucd j but he 
wuTRTiU-eKondadbf soAvvf Uacapialas. Nerer- 
U»l«>, the battle eontlnucd Ull nlfht, ud tai dMer. 
ulned tortnewlt the DcKIBwmlDf^ when hrpflrcFlTfd 
■U bim iMpi SI the dIMuct at Ibree at torn milts 
attend exctpt the Anbr, cooDsoded b; Cjtpt. WaJlon, 
wbDjolnHl hlM In plylni the ■□eaii with cbuc (no(. 
On Oh Sin, theee two sUpsenfwd the French wnamO. 
ran | and the Heby wia eo dlieUcd, that thi idmlTal 
wie oMIpd to aeod lur ta Jsmalca. Niit ds) Uie 

Ita^ittt ttttta i and tbe wind cbao^nR, the Bntmyliad 
the sdraougi of Ihe inatbEr •*(■. On the nrd, cbt 
admiral renewed (be battle wlih bli ilB^e ship, trn- 
SDflalHd by the mt or the Hoadron. On t)» 241b, 
hli lea was •hatuicd by s eha!n.ebot i noiwlihiuiid- 
Ing wbldi, ha RDBiDedon the qaarter-dKli Ins cradle, 
and nnliauad the aniegeaunl. One of the largesL 
iMpa oT tlie enemy lilnt llbe ■ w riib upon the water, 

Into her, eud then ru to leearard, wlthaui vaylnf anji 
Tff ard ID (be ainal for battle. Ttn Pnach tbeo iKer- 
Inidewn npoaBenhowwUhlhalT whale tbret.saiDncb 
erfp^ hiB that h* waa abilaed to He by to rebuwhll* 
Ih^ took Iheli disabled ship la taw. Dnrlag Ihls In- 
Ictrel, BtDbow called a cooncU of Ua eipulu. and 

obsened that the French were *a(y emag, and Dreed 
blm u deriit. He now pUaly sew that be waa be- 
Irnr'd. snd with the olaioal lelnelaaea retnrned to 
Jamilea g barliv sot odIj lost a ICK bat also leeelf ad 
a iinn wowid In the (see, and uotber la his kb, 
' -"—el. Ei- 

■aperated at Iha Keacbety or Ui 
aaecn to hald a Cout-Bsnlal, 

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or Anum, Pocock, Veniin, Havke, 
And maiiT more then golnp : 

All prcttj lads, and bnvc, and ram. 
That wed much nobis lenice ; 

But, Laid [ tbdr Dwrit'i all ahum, 
ImiralJcrvii I 

Now, ttmt '• Uie funooa nhietT-twa, 
That made to gnat a boitle, 

When Ou Ruing Smi ud her whole crt 
Wen an tent down by Rand :* 

A glorltnia ttght, I'n hittii than uj, 

Bnt not Hke that on Tatmtui-i Daj, 



Bold RodMT (Ud the kingdom thwk, 

Pot that brodt Id tba Weat Indies ; 



to pment ippUutluai 

if Uw ibip, br 

mi luinaJiate ■JKeevllDD, 

H Uwm. nt lui* pn. 
llMWHUrn porta, In ordlr 
t nmlulaii or ibdr no- 
il UMdotn csDiiKted with tliii 

nllinl Bub 
bolli, Ihin bi 
Englltb i»tl 

fUfmr Lt. Ai forUioH cowardlvcaptilDiirhadeHrtcd 
yoii,hui|lbtian|i; ftrr, by God I ^Uiey Uwei™ It. 

• On H>r IB, less, BoiHl, hiTlBg btea Jolatd b) 

wltb ■ ittt Bi olpttj-aiat ihlpi of the Line, bctldfo 
filgMH and h»-i)il|>a. Eul; the «il manilB( lit 
diMOTncd Iha ninn), coBBHiHltd bt M. ToarrlUf, 
■nd br ■'Rbt o'clock ibc lliw of bulls ni lonnod. 
The Pnnch iHt did ooi *ic*m1 aliitT.Uine iblpm at 
tb* lint I and, •■ tlUTiroDt towlodirantTaDrTllIt mlghl 
Ttty teiily ban amdcd u iDntumt ; but ht bul 
Rccind 3oiltl" otdm to Cghb on Iht (uppoalllen 
thai the DDtdi and Kifltoh Knaoraoa had not joined. 
Tbt FitBoh klnc waa, boamr, uprtKd of Uulr 
]naelloa b*(OrB they mn diaerlcd byhia admiral, lo 

tht battlti Toorrlltt, 

>n. Id Db«Uti>« to bk 

.«_~ -. - -.., glance. Bt fbogbl irllh 

inaltorTlllloiia o'clock, when bit riminf agd lajlt 
iOtx ceonldetablT damtgtd, kli ibIp, t&t Bliini Ban, 
whicb canltd IM niu, wai lond got of tha lln* In 
anal dittrtn. Kamthtlala tba tniagcnicot con. 

And PaAer, on tha Daeger-Baak, 
Tlie Dutdi beat off the hingea : 

That they're the Ukw of Jeni* I 
Howe nude Hie Frenduneo daaee a tune. 

An admiral great and glorioui ; 
Wtneu br that tha Brat of Jnne,— 

Lord I how he wat TJctoilona 1 
A noble tight ai e'er waa aeen. 

And did the eonntry serrks; 
Bnt twentr-aeren beat with fifteen 

None erer did but Jerrla I 
Aa for that mdu eqnnlltr. 

That thlj battle well «m fluted, 

llnwd tin ihrH, wh«n tb* IceU war* panod br a 
dcDH Jot. When thl. abated, tb* (Demy war* iit- 
catered Bring off to tha uoribmnl. and Hunrl made 
thailcDBlfDrcbulng. Put of ttae Beet oaue ap wllta 
Uiani aboBI ejabtla the tTtalng, ai>d engi^tbem 
h^ an honr. wGen Adailral Cart« «.. moTuIlr wouo. 
ded. Finding blBMeir la ertrnnltT. he eahaclrd bla 
captain Is Hfbt n loag aa bit ahip could iwlo, and ai- 
plred with great eompoiurB. At lennh Iba Frenah 

Neat mDmlni (bay were dlacorernl croirdlw awar to 
the wntnrd; and Ibe combined deeta chai^ wltb all 
Ihtaall tbcT cofdd earrf, aotll Ruaafll*! fore-topnaat 
came br tbe board. Tbangb ratardtd br tUa acrident, 
beallll coallnued Ihepunalt. Ou ibe^and. cirlr In 
■be """'"J' Py ^_«e Ftench diet wu ptrcdied 
drlTlDfiothataatirlUi tbeflood Ude. Bumlandlbt 


oat her maiti^ ran uhart near Charbonn 
a tumt [It wUI be obiecrtd ibat Lllbdfli 
■aent do-n'] bj Sir Halph UcIit>I, to- 
la Admliablc, another firvt-ralc, and tha 
of eiihlr anna. ElgbleeD other of tba 
, ran Into La Betm, whert they wen at- 
tacked by air Ceorit Baoke, who deatror^ ifatm and 
a great number of tniupona ladan with ammunition, 

tight of their camp, aii John Aibby. wllb bit own 
aquadToa and eome Dotch ablpa, punned the leat of 
tha French fleet, which eaeoped tbroDth tba Bace of 
Alderaar bj am* * danceroBa p aa ia a a, tbH the Engllih 

conld not attempt to IbUow them wluiDoteapDtingthclr 
■hlpi to tbe moat ImmlncDt danger. It wai aEeged, 

til the adeantagat that mlgbl ban been obliloed. Il 
waa aluj (tid that bla regard for Ibe lerTlct waa In a great 
meaiurt cooled br the dligraet of bla frlind, Ibe then 
Earl of Uarlbnrougta , that ha baled ifa* Earl of Not- 
tingham, Ibrougb whom be KaalTed bla ordcra j and 
that ba adhered to the letter rather than to the iplrlt, 

mallcloaa Imputation, and a verr nngralcfiu return for 
bla manifold lerTlect la tha nailon. He acted In Ibla 
wbol* aipedltlon with Iha gennlne apirlt of aBrlUih 

nry uanty wind, Uuwuta dangnooa aaada, Gontrary 
to tbe adTlce of til hk ullou i and by tU* boM act ef. 
fHtedajnneUoB af tbe ifferentaqoadrona. which otbar. 
wlat tba French woold baa* attacked alagly, and per- 

_ . .w..d Del hBBMd -■ 

with tbe Engllib.' TheQueaD(k 

d iM,m to ba dl 

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In England, Ugh and low degre* 

Arc eqiwUT delighted i 
■Hi In Va mcotlu of ill one mceti, 

AU pniM tU* ooble aerrice ; 
And baUad-^ngen In the ibteta 

ThcT aay that he '■becomes ford, 

At his Mijeatjr'a detdra ;— 

He always «a) a tia; ■■board,— 

How c«o they Hft him higher ? 

'Til noble, that molt be eonfua'd. 

And suite mch worthy eerTice j 

But the title hell be known by best 

Will be— Qallaat Admiral Jerris 1 

Td Thompsm let the bumbo paM, 

Grey, Parker, Walgrave, Caulder,— 
Ntlson, that took St. Nleholas,— 

My timberal how he manl'dherl 
Bnt we « freight of grog nJght itart, 

To drink all on that service ; 
Here '■ Ueiiings on each noble heart 

That (boght with vattant Jerria 1 
And bleu the king, and bleas the Queen, 

And iileai the bm'ly royal ; 
Let Prcnchtoen eome,— 'twill soon be Bnn 

That British hearta are loyal : 
Let Dutch and Spantarda Join tbeti htMts, — 

They'll see some putty aervice | 
Zoudil «ho'iab«ld,«ld)e England boaata 
Sneb ■dir'**'* » Jervia ? 

Tntw linee this is the day lore and nature inTite 

Males and females in wedloek to pair, 
Hay it hOK be the sonrea of anceailng ddight, 

Show'ringjoy on each youth and each Mr; 
'While the birds gay and )oeuad so i^eet swell 
their throata, 
Their kind matea to delight on the spray. 
To erealiOD may happiness thrill in their noto. 

To celebrate Valentine's Day. 
Hay each husband and «lfc,whlle <□ lore they exult, 

Strive to make of each other a friend ; 
And while motnallyprudeiice they eonrt 
Usy their happlneas be without end 
Thoogh pure inclination should pleani 

While Cu^ shall Hymen obey, 
luelination to cherish that springs from capilre, 

Would dishonour sweet Valeatlai's Day. 
Be but these, then, the tcrnu : may Id wedlock your 
With each bleasing terreatrial be crown'd ; 
Be youi girls good and lorrly, a eonfiut your boys 

For truth and ItSi honour renown'd : 
Mny the smllea in which each happy Ihce shall be 
Of the heart tte sweet transt>ort display. 
May the single be married I the married be Uess'dl— 
80 ell hail to sweet Valentine's Day 1 ^^^^^ 

jFtnm TUtiD TMc'f Sffli. 

itom commands u lo gii« 

And of those by the pBbUe who Hvs 

Is reqnir'd all they can giTc in icaaon, — 

For me, ]'d bestow er'ry good 
That can lUl on ehUd, woman, and man ;— 

But siDce I can't give what I would, 
Yoa'll permit me to give what I can ; 

And while your protection my mind nobly Hfts, 

Like HHeods let us gJTe and receive new year's gifla. 

If I eooSd, I'd to lovers bnpart 

That condition, so aweet and dcHdoua, 
That aa they hold honour at tieart, 

So might all thdr hopes be propitiiins •■ 
To IhoM who to merit are bUnd, 

Common aeose should recover the sight ; 
And in those who distress hnman kind, 

Remorse ihonld torn crime to delight : 
'Twas tbr this wholesome end, that the mind nobly 

Sprung the mstom to give and receive new year'a 

PnbHc speaten, a aound pair of lungs ; 

To guttlers, a choloe of rich dishes : 
To the ladles, the sweet gift (^ tongues ) 

And to placemen, the loaTes and the Oshea : 
I'd give prudence to thoee wlio to sail 

Down the torrent of tolly are bent ; 
And on tboae who at Providence rail 

I'd bcatow the sweet balm c€ content. 

Twaa for this, &e. 

Aa to ns, whUe discussion and wars 
By the roots we're effectually grubUng, 

Old England's brave soldiers and tare 
Shall the Spaniards and French give a dmbUng ; 
ud who knows, since In dlgidfied ire 
Our banners an nobly uafnrrd, 
e, befbre the new year shall expire. 
May give freedom and peace to the world. 


Thi same fidgety manners and wUnrieal tMla, 

The same AprO and changeable weather, 
Mark the bshioni In England, adopted In bMte, 

And that last not three hours together. 
The same ftrily 's eoconrag'd, frivolity prti'd. 

The rame Imposition proleeted ; 
The same sober advice la coolemn'd and despta'd. 

The same genloa and merit neglected :— 

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Tet 111 ontr in fboli an at* DOiuaiM kM bMh : 
! Bjr the KOTthj, Uie *lu, and the derer, 

Tlu lenoliu oApring of honour uid worth 
li M bcutilj choish'd u ctet. 
' Tlu MDo Bwei, dNu'dlmb-fuMoB, MOgfa, a|^ 

Of [h1«t and loia Id 
The Moe bemx, beroiid Aftj b; mas; a yMr. 

Will iM oam &t y«an of dlMnttoD. 
The ume dream (tfcilBteDceiGakLM flutdon and Ufi 

Pola the TOt'rin of ton In tlka T^ia&t* ; 
Tba Mm* pn&i for a noitnun, a hoiaa, or a nib 

Aia da% hdd out In tlu pqisn. 

Vet 'Ua onlj, &<. 
Yat a genial aiipean, whoae deurt nona can ndu 

And In lAaa DO CO*' * Jadgomt ' 1 BUtakan, 
Bj Prorldean ^n to no coBntrr bat lUi, 

Ai In NwtOB, 01 Shakqcan, i 




Nahir*, audoni tot En^and In mattcn of taita, 
Sat fouug Roadni* to reoofate acting. 

Tbna 'Hi onlj, &c 


Ai a HOor'i all oaa u a pl«ei of tlie iblp, 

SodtwUbIi aplicaof mTMU: 
We eat the tame bbenlt, partake ttie lame flip, 

And, wer't worlda, the ihoiUd keep all the pdf. 
AQ her wlihei aie mine ; ve hBTC only odo heart, 

Not oceana our lore for a moment can part, 

Fot I alwap am prewnt vltli Nancr. 
When leagneibr andwide, lormf comitartanduH 

If I want tn axamlne my cheat, 
What deUght to my heart doea the mnuiiage prodnce 

When I'm rock'd la my hammock to reit I 
The eofdiali and comforta, an tidily plac'd, 

Hani bcr taught to my heart and my bncy ; 
And Uu Dcedlea and haiuewife her fiogen have 

ttnell my Hml, UD I'm nothing bnt Naney. 
Than In caae that io battle I wounded ahonld be, 

Hers a ng, there a bandage, appaan. 
All mark'd with her hair, — and 'tit caiy to ace 

That gbewuh'd them, poor wall withfaertean. 
And ihoDld Iget tiDDndedlnlght,malm'd,arbllnd, 

What a dainty delight for my (Mcy 1 
The miifoitone wonld make lae, iirset km I iha'a 

More dear to the heart of my Nancy. 


inlcd Hul 

, . — nol tanKh ■ dignaai tajua- 

Utt the jWoT Out uIhiI ijl diuM la iitMd bla par- 
farmuwca, armch hrpeilNillcil ihipudiM ii tbteoa 
coDtaliKd la the Um abon. 

AH tna boneit tan hsra thdr doty at heart ; 

Tbcdr onatry and king they dd^; 
Theyapare baa, they lore hoooor, and Beverdepart 

Fhim tbalT poat aa a Britmi and Mead. 
Bat hnr, war* thdr eo«i«ge ao kept np by lore, 

They'd Indolge In tta fourow Iha^ I 
Itey'd flgU Ilka Ite Hon, (bcffra Bka the dove, 

If, bke ma, they'd a «ljh andi aa Nancy I 


SiKci dlu^flna'a the a trenge i t teri 

That tlei tiu auitlBl rinki, 
Attantioa be th« aoldiar'a word. 

To win hia eoontry'* thank*. 
Baeh cannot be a general, 

Nor lead the gloilcni nn: 
To ^ a hero, itand, or fall, 

JDepandaopon the man. 
Let all, then, In thdr itaHon ttand | 

Eaii print of dnty weigh 1 
Ramemb'ting tboie can beat ooniEaand, 

Who beat know to obey. 
In wide enatkm'i ibM*, the mite, 

Howenr kiw Ua birth, 
Wth Jaat regard te HeaTan'a right, 


With energy diTlne, 
Nor mora on gcn'rali at the head. 
Than prlTatei In the Una. 

Let all, then, & 

W er'ry worth ccmbbiia | 

Diirniei to CMli part 
That ardonr which the mind reHnci, 

Eipanda and meoda the heart ; 
Pot honour, glory, and the lawa, 

la native coinage gii'n i 
And he who Eghta hii conntry'i can 

Fighti In tba eaow of HeaT'n. 

Let all, then, & 
Thoa, made of parte, each grand ma 

In daty to their king. 
Move hi a colnmn cloae, compact. 
Their coatage the malnipring. 

Let all, then, & 

Tuioosu natnie Jort ihow me, my aoal, If yrm ea% 
Such a blenlng in lift as yonr good kind trf man ; 
Who, while ha the midway hi lUfc^ road alwap 

Stm ctaariahea moat the dear Mmd he abaiaa. 

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.'Ill tne, he's u nmlush u water lukcvum, 

AdU never daea good— but hs neTer doca hBTm ; 
So gea'rouii, he'U gi« jou— adrice by the huur i— 
At to niort,>ie has acither the will nor the pov'r: 
But dace no kind of friend eaa give more than 

Gi*eme, m; dear jewel, your good kind of mm. 
He ii often offiocnu, impertinent, rude ; 
And riaki as DtTeDCe,— bnt 'ti> all tor jour good ; 
And who now wonld be 00 batidlouB tod nice, 
An Ininlt to check that was meant for advice ? 
He'll thaw joQ to keep joiu tUse Mends at a dis- 

WUdi were all migbtr kind, if they had but exlit- 

Yet his friendlj aniietT blame tt yon ean : 

Not give me, my dm Jewel, yonr good kind of man. 

, All U* aensea an jour's, which weic all very well. 
If, like any one cite, he could aee, hear, ud smell ; 
But be amells out apkit none would dare to attempt. 
And he bean people talk rJ what no one e'er 

Then he aett nil the world Co his merits are blind, 
Plain aa cats in the night, or as piga b the wind ; 
And thai cantiously wam'd in no snan to be 

Ifyon won't be unhappy, it ia not hii hnlt. 
Ah 1 inch friendly aujdety blame if yon can : 
Nol glTeme,myde«jewel,yDnTgoodkindofniau. 
I confess, thoagh be bores you with eonnatt, thit elf 
' Is the last man on eartb to take counsel liimaelf ( 
' For though 'gainst friends and tbes all his aeandal 
la horl'd, 

s io pure, that liB baa not a fault in the worid. 
idea, since your good he h*s always in view, 
Were he black as the devil, pray what's that to yon ? 
I't you let bim go 00, and his nonsenge endure ? 
Does not Nature give pcdeons dlstempera to cure ? 
Tbaa nothing you've said, wbsn you've aald all 

you on, — 
Ahl give BS, my deujewel, your good kind or man. 

BiH Book and Kit C^patan, two whimdeal dogs, 
I Were sporting their gibes and their jecn. 
And pretty well handling the natiDD of &ogs, 
And all the whole race rd Mounscen. 
I ' Why their months be all alter'd tbiong^nt the 
whole year I 
Tbcu they count by ten daye I — I say, Kit, 
Juat tell a* the go of this calendar here — 
Yon jabben that Ungo a bit.' 
[' And a aweet lingo it is— why dcm't they talk 

Eu^ish, Uke other people ? — but they don't do 
anytbing like anybody else. Why can't tfccy 
reckon by the week, as we do ? I s^ they would 
go headlong to the devil when they left out Sun- 
day.'—' Yes, yea I the old genunan has got pretty 
fast hold ot (hem with his giappling-irona ; and 
so, to keep 'em Buie, he baa sent them one ctf Ma 
imps for sn Empcior .'] 

Yet tls pity anch millions to alav'iy to brin^- 
Poor devils 1 I wish Hiat, Uke na, they'd a king 1 

'Well about and concerning their months, — let 

Why, Nivoae is anowy, sod Pluvoise li rain, 

i^ Trim^ie is frost, Ventoae wind ; 
Germinal 'a about sowing of seed and of grain ; 
Fnictldore means aU fri^ts in thdr kind.' 
•Well, aa they bow, so they may reap ; bnt I 
hney, aow bow tbey irill, we ahall reav tbe frnlta 
of tbetr labonra.'— ' Why, damme I what ■ 1 ' 
and impodeat act tf monkeys they are, to thUK | 
the elements have nothing elae to do than to please , 
tbcir bndea i Honeet Englishmen be DOntcsted 
with what sort of weather 'tis the will of Pcovl- 
dence to send 'em ; but they am't aaUsfled wltli 
trying to capslxe all Europe — tbey vrant to '■■p'** 
the world.' — < Damme 1 let 'cm take caie ir« don't 
capsize them.'J Yet 'tis pity, &c. 

■ Well,Prairial'sgT«enlie1da,andThennidoT'sbeBt, ' 
And Headdor'a when tbey make hay { j 

And Florlsl's all about How'ra that smell aweet. 
When tbtdr froliea and gambols they plaj 1 

Then Bramaire means ■ fog, when the; can't steer : 

But tlie giapea win be aonr if they talla foul of we,— 
My glimal what a nation of apeal' 
[' Why, It puts mt In tnlnd of ■ thing in a atoir- 
book, where thcte la a sort of sn amphiUoua animal, 
that had somewhat of a monkey, and somewhat ot 
a cat,«ndsamewhati>f atiger, and somewhat itf ■ 1 
fbi { and with all these pretty innocent gifts, he ! 
managed to gain over the beaita well enough ; and ' 
thia, yon see, ao puffed op his pride, that be 
thou^t be could be a match toi the lion, and so 
he adihmted him. Lord help the poor shqild 
monster of a thing 1 the lion, just for the good ef 
the other beasts, only put bis paw upon him, and 
be lay atrctched in a moment. Now, yon see, the 
Uttle Coraican may play his monkey tricks npco 
the Continent, and frighten, and teaae, and coax, 
and threaten, as much as he pleases ; — only let 
hint take care of tlu Hon, that'a all 1 any. Wbjr 
'what Idioti these French bel'] 

Yet 'U* pity, &«. 

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T 'te TMDg'd o^er cnation, 
Eb^ ctimatA vnd nation. 
That knowlEdge to gleiun for wUdi tnndler* roun ; 
Yet I ftrand, by men'a aetions, 
Tboie manlj attnctJons 
: That Tint the world are In Eo^aiid at borne ; 
For Jewell and treaaure, 

I [ A itore beyoDd meuuie 

FNim all cornen of CI rth our vide commerce ihall 

I ; To proTc, vhils each blcadng 

I ; We thna are pouesaiag, 

I I No natioD like Britain the ran erer aaw. 

As to men, all Inherit 

Some mitable merit : 
In Germany idence ; In Italy parta ; 

In Portugal meelmew ; 

In Spain ftar and wcaknca* ; 
In France tbey haTC tongues ; and in England 
they 'ye hearts, 

And in manners aod featuria 

Heav'n's perfectest creatiua. 
Who lionoor okserre, and obey reason's law j 

Hey proclaim their own natian. 

Throughout an ereathn. 
Moat happy and great that the bob ever nw. 

As to women, sweet fuss 

And ezqoldte giaoea. 
To complete that dear race, in each country abound; 

But (heir heav'nly conuaunion, 

In tme peihct uidon, 
Nowliere in the world but In England is fbaod. 

Then be lice of all iiatioiu, 

Absorb'd in onr minda by truth's lenient law : 

go, onr r%ht thna awarded, 

Shall be England recorded 
The hap^est land that the son ever saw. 

Whih the soldiers bo gaily march Into a tuwn, 
Ths maiket-phice, hn'd with these lODS of renown, 
Ghea new life to the fidr, while och wondering down 

mth surprise and delight is struck dumb : 
The billets aie slgn'd ;' to tlidr quarters coniejr'd, 
They instantly set Dp the Ibngliiig trade ; 
horn roll-call at mondng and er'nin^ '■ parade, 

Till Go-to-bed Tom beats the drum. 

They attend the 'Sqntie'alady and aproce Mislieo 
And they TBcantly whistle and hmn g 

And they simper nnd leer, and they lounge and they 
For they all wear red coata, and ai 

"nie sergeants the chambcrmaida try to seduce ; 
Molly Bar wins the corp'rsl, so neat and bo spmce ; 
While the clowna'wiTcs and daughters, inclined to ■ 

Wllh the soldiers to paricy soon come ; 
Entertainments go fcrwsrd, joy lights npeadiface. 
For they march with a strut, and they dance with a 

Haitial law now acknowUdg'd throughout tlis 

whole i^aee. 
They to nothing attend but the drum. 

Now the rout is arriT'd, and the r^itnres an cease ; 
Fanners, glad to thdr souls they have got a release. 
Go, and carcfOlly tock np their dan^tcn and geoe, 

Wldle the fiimalea look ei'ry where glum ; 
Strange tows and qu^nt oaths ji^ the kind part- 
ing cap, 
While sighing and blnbb'ring are mii'd with each 

And tlie officers sprue 


I'Euriattra 1' lodf'rates r 

So a magpie near Wandsworth bawls out ; 
While the Emp'ror of France, and the Emp'rorof 

About pa^grec make tke same rout : 
For both are rank scrubs in their titles and names : 

Qarratt's milUoUB are TCrmla and fleas, 
And the Empereur des Gallea the Fimch langnago 

As the chief of a shabby diieaie. 


.im, noi 












of m grau, 'I np - poM I nut go and ba doek'dl' The aiir-gMDWull ' 

iVJ l J - f. ' - J ■ p— - \ — , —!S -j 


Dtppenind knife— for va ton nndentond In mte - fcrtuato hdp one ft • Bo-Hiar.' 

^^^^ J 7]ijj;^^4iffiffl4|dt 




Let the Fmuh, in thdr nfitDces tOTiplil sadngne, 
TU* BUKk emp'nir «lUi bononr* isml ; 

So the thievei, u Oaf phuider'd s honic ia the 
To Meb other cried mit— -' Vive la Pcstc I' 

But iriio ahall deny that the Contcan hero 

Haa Si audent a hooH as yonll see ! 
IXonyiina, CUlgola, Clandiaii, and Nera, 

Were all mcD of blood — so it he; 
And in mnrder and ploDder he'll itllltake the lead, 

lAe them, a Heree blood-honnd, (nil bred ; 
Onlj let him, while ufe In fond taticf , take heed, 

Leat he pull thla old home on Ui head. 

Let the Freneh. &c. 

The lly, 1»m to flntter about end expire, 

Boasts fram Phosbna' bright radiance be sprang; 
Bat the opstiit forgets, that, irtioe'ei was bis sire, 

He issued from carrion or dnng. 
Bo N^Hdeoa Is right to hi^h birth to pretend, — 

Lord knows who Ids great tather to call I 
Lot he, Hke Prince PrettymaD, prove. In the end, 

~1ie son of no father at alL 

Let the French, Sec. 

The lint hangman of France was a thtef nam'd 
BoontaD ; 

The worst stigma the state could inTent, 
' Twas decreed that the niims and theofice should go 

nirongh his laee In a tineal descent: 
Then let ail In whom malice and TnU^Mrf unite 

So shsB, e'en from this hour till the worid rinks n 
Ef'ry vllWn be called Bonaparte. 

Let the French, &e. 


FioH the gridiron ofloTB I'm come off piping hot, — 

' 'e'er so pepper'd was any fond lorei ; 
Cupid's darts so flew round me, like large red-hot 

So mord'ron* he look'd, as he plny'd la her eyes. 
That I thonght him the Conicou fniry — 

Devila bit I 'twas fonng Cnpid, bid snug b disguise 
In the twinUers of Mistress O'Leary. 

■ Oh I Mistress O'Leary I most heavenly bir 1' 
(Med I, ' ru be your'e from this hour ; 

For I'd not gtro a rep for your Idtctb that swear 
To do anytUng out of their pow'r : 

They most eat up a docodjle, swaUow the sea, 
B neat as a glass of Canary, 

And do each nneomat^le thing that can't be, 
"nr such a tweet Uiiitresa O'Leary ! ' 

Cried Mistress O'Leary, 'My heart wonld yon 

Ton must stick yon just kneeling before me ; 
And, while tortar'd, dcelan there's no plcasan 
like pain, 
And you did it beesae yon adore me.' 
' Devil fire yon I' cried 1 ; • would yon UH ne 

Sore, Ton're always at some new vagary: — 

En't I mad ail the day, and distmcted all nl^t, 

For the charms of sweet Hbtresi O'Leary?' 

Do you tUnk she was me] >~The devil s Ut I 

In baldness there's nothing fortddding ; 
She was pleas'd with my person, and diami'd 
with my wit. 
And we talk'd of the foast and the wedding. 
The cDlcannoQ went forward, fiie pipes and the 
And we dsnc'd till the brldemalds vreie weary ; 
And now, my dear jewel I to Mistress O'Frlsky 
ress O'Leary. 


Jack Jigger, a cnrioos and wUmileal lai — 

For a sort of a genns was Jack, 
One day with the French, in a bit of a ^ar. 

By a small shot was taken aback ; 
It swivel'd his Angers, and s|dinter'd the bODB, 

And the arm shout pretty wdl knock'd : 
' Now,' cried he, vrith a damme instead of a groBB, 

■ I auppose I must go and be dodi'd I' 
The surgeon witii feeling made Jack nndrastand 

That the arm most come off —■ Why then, brotho', 
Man the nippers and knife, — tor we tan understand 

In mlsjbrtunc to serve one another.* 
As he saw in his berth, in the codcplt below, 

llat blood which his messmates had spilt, 
Of the doctor poor Jack was vast curious to know 

In what manner a senmsn was bidlt 
The sorgeoD held forth about art'rics and veins. 

About musdea, and sinew*, and Umbs, 
While Jack all his lingo took in irith great pains, 

His mouth open, and staring his ^Ims ; 
And as be repUed to each cnrions demand, 

CoU'd the doctor a friend or a brother. 
And swore that all weothen all tars bear a hand, 

Just only to terre one another. 
' Why if tU* is the maxim, by oil that I sees, 

A man's built Just the same as a ship : 
From tha keel, the backbone, to the tops and 

To take In life's ocean a trip. 
A mnsde and slnnen, a brace and a stay ; — 

And as fbr siea's fnn and their hopes. 
They're the masts, and the fibres his bwne, that 

RoDolDg riggintt, and all the small n^e*. 

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And H *11 in tbdr ttatiaB In ftiU nsdmtand, 

■ teoMtt and (teHns, hi* Ungo nod wH, 
lie eomplcmint maka of Ui cnw ; 
And lUpa knock'd ■bout mivt oome In to icflt, 

Ml M 0B> u 1 DOW conu* tn yon. 
Tim H shipa by the irind, If s brcoa or m gale, 

Vcotne dthar Bar Me or for death, 
So B man thjougfh tbe ocean of life eonld not i^ 

Woe ha not kept afloat by hii brcatli : 
And M men who aaU undet Ma'am Fortune'i com- 

An all kind, hte a friend or a bnitlker, 
So fron cable) tu ralUaca the ropet lend a hand, 

Jaat OD^ to aene one Another. 
< The heart la tbe rudder, the boviprit the head ; 

Ship and man at thlr veathm rcjoko ; 
Han itnigglea throngk ttCe, joit tike beaTing the 

To Uie dngs Fate hai o^tled Ua can— 
Tlie lot of all TBudi, as well •» poor Jack— 

The abip fbanden, and ao doci thB man* 
Let caeh man, then, that aalla under BoiTeD'i 

Old QuDnu, irfth yet a eolt'i tooth. 

■ Yon're oboa'd,* <a(ed a rery kind frimid, — 

' Her treaeh'ry I law ftom my gantt ; 
AH yonr eamlbft and bope'i at an end — 

If yon won't beUeie me, aak the parrot. 
Cunning dnll I he knowi 'tli all truth | 

Why, blen yon I he law and heard all : — 
PoQ, did yon not hc a fine yonlh 

Id ttal* mOBi ;'—' BooD f« cockolda,' cried Poll. 

Thna, much miicUef aecampUih'd, the door 

Wai ecaree ihot on thii meddUog elf, 
ffheo Qalbui, to go iIdw and rare, 

Cried, ' I'D talk to tlw panot myielf :— 
Pretty Poll, wbeo 1 was away, 

Ud yon e'er eea my wlfk toy and kiu ?' 
Ha, ]ia,ba1' cried the parrot; 'Nay— n«y,— 

Dp yon tUnk I'm a— yo« know what ?'— ' Yea E' 

■AndlatbadoghandKme?'— Tea ['—■ Young ?' 

' Tea 1'—' Vt tniB he came here in a chariot V 
• Coadi Ibr Pidl 1'—' 'Twai a tBTen that aung I 

Shall I Ihen |dD my Wtb on a parrot ? 
Cnia'd Urd, and Ibnd Idiot 1 1 

Ere thui I my happlneaa thiawl. 
To tbe world'i furtbeit verge will I fly 

lb flod peace I'—' Room for enckolda [' cried FaU. 
The wife, rtmck with an eiecIlBnt thought. 

Thinking on a inre fboUng to go, 
To be eren with (Mbna. next tanght 

Meddling Poll to Bay nothing but ' No.' 
Cried he, < TU make one more eway : 

Tell me, devil, what i^ my blie wile 
When her ipark aik'd to Uaiher?' — 'No! 

Doei ihe Ion Um ?'- 
'Did ahe flout Urn?' 

' No 1'- 

-' Shut the portal, and bar It ?* 
rlfki now burst Into the room ; 
in, dr, to credit a parrot 1 

-.' Boom tbr eockolda 1' died PoU. 

la hyrtnies ihe now algh'd and eobb'd, 

And abed • fcw crocodile tan, 
Tm In ctmccrt old Qnlboa' heart throbb'd. 

And be bcgg'd bar to baoiib ber hare; 
Said her teata would but qioil ber aweet hco) 

Nanglit Ui heart of its plounre ehould choue i 
That ha'd kan raii a acaadalon* place. 

And Inatantly take a new houae. 
'TwM enry, and maUce, and a^te i 

And he'd now, to oirare Ui delight. 

Sue the nelgiibonn, and part with tbe pamt> 

He next, not to lengthen hli itay, 
Pack'd op wife, goodi, and ehatteli, aod all ; 

While in ftui,.M they took ber away 
To be «(dd— ' Boom tea cockokli [' erted PoL 


oa a IMury foSMinni (r 
Unx irlia ibeM f«ry qnaetl 
WR* at UHlr tmtAOL no « 

pnnnag, prmlded Uwy w 
bttaoDdal puceSlOcrUilaBrnkO 
A Jace-iab bad recdy'd a Urge nm 

At Uoyd'i, tbr a Taloroua deed ; 
Which, fummon'd by duty Ihna home, 

Wth Poll he entrosted to breed. 
She kept a email pothonae at Wqtphig,— 

For from trlflea we ftntnne be^ ) 
But Jack, on tbe Fortamoatb toad etopidBg, 
Fonnd ndl had act up a large inn. 

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For, JwA gone. Poll, detcn^'d to oldi It, 

And cut In tba world ■ Sm diah. 
Had pnrdtu'd & lottery ticket, 
lAt Pope'), nc«r the Rcr^l Exchange, doM to the 

And got K laigt prize vHh Jiek's cuh. 
A bimer in Yorkahin to rain 

Went, tplte of bla labonr and care ; 
For the (bol, itin ratir'i to be doing, 

Betted tdgli on the Tlionton* (Sair. 
The law ^d Ui property rifle ; 

But, one day, of a fdlow In need 
Soma papen lie bongfat for a trifle — 

For the beggar coidd not mite or read. 
Vhat he'd ioet by the faueet, tlie spigot, 

By thli chanee, had moat loekUy tOnnd ;— 
He hod porchai'd a lottery-tleket, 
[Sold at Hdi'i ottbUdk'd lottetT-oOce, No. 4, 

That tom'd i^> the ten tbonMnd pmndt 
A poor woman, with tears her eyea awimmiag, 

Tom with mli'ry, that worst of all •oraa, 
By her hnaband, who foUow'd bad women, 

Waa ahamcAilly tnmM out of doors. 
Oue mom, near the Serpeatiue ittajiug. 

She bad made np her mind lojnmp in : 
Bat 'twu ihallaw ; and gomelhiog wu playSng, 

That, bobbbig abont, hit lier eUn, 
Whote'er Fortune senda, alwaya nick It : 

The poor wretch, tearce believiog her eyes. 
Soon ftrand 'twas a lotteiy-tlcket, 
[Sold at Haiard'i and Co., under tlK plam of the 
Royal Exchange,] 

And it turo'd np a capital prize. 
ThiUi Bsleaa some adfcntare turpriiing 

Should fidl out, 'twill not merit yonr thauka g 
For If pnrchaa'dby fair ad*ertiaing, 

Lott'ry-tickets wlU aU turn np blanks ; 
Bat if , aa tlie monkey ia playing. 

They are almost deaboy'd by hla paw, — 
Or If flahermen, near the ahore atraying, 

Hud 'em hid in a crooodile'a maw, — 
Bail the chance I tor then snre shall ye niidi It ; 

Then the day of yonr tbrtnne ahall dawn ; 

For er'ry mch fbrtonata ticket, 

[Elthn boQgbt at RIchardaon and Qoodlnd's, or 

fimnacomb's, or Hodsoa'a, or Swift's, In 

the Ponltry, or any other of the Incfcy 

lattcry-offlces In London and Westniiuttr,] 

Wm turn 19 a prise as Bist drawn. 

Two flumers a riglil were detenntn'd to by 

Abont a (ew shecy tbit were mark'd, 
lUck here with an U, and thkk here with an I ; 

._ .. the wond 

n«-ksn(, Um pniperty of 

brsled Colond Tbomlon. 

They'd cmploy'd a poor fbul tlkat coold not iMl or 

Wlthont any marks, which were which ; — 
Bat ai dull aa their iluep, when they bleated out ba, 
Nan^t these taimera would aerre but they mun 

go to la. 
We werebronghtnp to' liie ,aadthe conned Ukdrriga 

And th«r fan did not lay on by halves ; 
And 10 ilDiple they look'd, with tludr cnUflowir 

The sheep teem'd to be tried by the cahrea. 
I were first aoai-eiamin'd,~« pretty good name. 

For cursed ill-natar'd tliey grew ; 
Bat, for all their fine laming, I tbou^t twere a 

That they could not And oat I bom U. 
Foolish neighbonrg I thought I, aa yoni sheep that 

To fatten audi cattle by going to la I 

Zo cried one, ■ Yoa know aheep, Sir, and things 

of that sort. 

And on tdl us about I and U 1' 

■Yes, I can, Sir; siid,ziDce I'tc been brought op 

I hsTe lani'd to know iheep and woItss too.' 
'Well, among all oorgownsin that toom that there 

Ooold yon one to particular hit?' 
' No, no I Uiita Couosd 1 for, 'twlit yon and I, 

Your gowns be'nt like sbeepskliu a l»t.' 
80 they laogh'd like » many sheep that cry ba, 
Thongh 'tis no langhtag matter whn (oiks go to la. 

At last, bdng told Oat tliey'd ewli of' em win. 

And the paities were boUi set agog ont, 
'Bout these tbetp, what fi>» jniy tlidr Terdlct 

Tliey ndttier aould mske hog or dog on't. 
Zo the hnners came home just as wise as they went. 
To take eate of the dltehea and fimeea ( 

To pay for the lawyas' expeaMa. 
And it oom'd a by-word,wIien the sheep cried out be. 
For friends to Hn quiet, and ne'er go to la. 


I WAS ipcdl'd by my mother In youth] 

Had a Tieioua old deiU of a tutor, — 
Who, however, had yet a high tooth. 

And 'twas pWn to mamma was a anltor. 
A shame to his cloth and bis age. 

He encoDTBg'd each ■ceodalons passioD, 
And did all lie could to engage 

My mind to tbe ikea in fhsbion. 

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Fbr iM<r motbfr, ha hiubuid ouw dead, 
Th* old lad had Mune bfliienci i^on tw ) — 

Bat my fkUiet, npcm hli dealli-bcd, 
Cried, 'Dear Tumi nna part with jonrhMunut' 

Pot nn to aQ maniur of tricki. 

Of thdr Tirttu the 1^ to bo bOklne, 
I (troU'd In Uw hnu, 'mongst the lioki, 

Aod aaw pretty Dolly ■ iidUiiig. 
She told raeh a pltlfal tala 

Ot her poor aged frieadi and lane brother, 
That 1 erled, < My dear |lrl, mind your pail, 

Aad gire tUa to yonr bthu and mothei.' 

No, I 

That I meanly and daitardly won her t 
'Twai my htbcr ujd, on hii death-bed, 

■Dear Toml never part with yonihoaonii' 
Scarcely oat of Ihli hobble I'd got, 

With a eomftnt lo piire and ao wianlng, 
When I peep'd in a neat little cot. 

And Hw comely Janny a qilunlng, 
Hy heart throbb'd ; but of Robin ahe talk'd, 

Aad true lore mix'd with tlgUng aod aobUog, 
That I oried, ttunigh coafbundedly balk'd, 

' Jeany, give theie fite gnlneai to RoUn.' 
And I felt notUuK like M dlamay'd 

Ae I ihoald had my Oattety won hv ; — 
For my bther, i^d hli death'bed, 

Cikd,'DearToDkl never part with your hoooiu I' 

The cota of Mog, Cicely, and Sne— 

For in beantie* ooi Tillage abounded— 
I entered ai tleh at a Jew, 

And came away poor and confinndBd. 
At length, my whole brtnne my own. 

Of my will having now no diapnta. 
Of taj conduct I alter'd the tone, 

Pli'd my mother, and tum'd off the tutor. 
A aweet pnident hdpmate I wed, — 

Kindnesa, truth, and fidelity won her ; — 
Thiu my fhthec'a wordi, on bla death-bed. 

Are abey'd, fOr I attU keep my honoiir. 

Has. RnDDlngton wore a wig, 

CootrJT'd to peep at a man, 
And every featnie to twig, 

Aa commode aa the atleki ofalhuf 
For the book of her labour andcara 

Kow drew pntty near the last pege ; 
And thl* twig had a taw grinty halia 

That eicap'd fram the ravage of age, 
Mr. DoddiDgtob— ah t anlcamaal 

Rather old, and a little a prig. 
Fell In ecrtaey, itark staring mad, 

With aweet Miatitaa Rnnnington's wig t 
Hr. Doddingtim wore a wig. 

To hide Ids poor head so craiy,-~ 
'Twaa neither too Uttle nor big. 

Nor 10 much a wig ai a Jasey : 

Bat he wheex'd pretty mneh with a cougb. 
And, being king sinet paat his prinM, 

He look'd, when the Jasey iru olf. 
Exactly the tgatt of 11ms. 

"' ~ "ngton (ell in Ih 


■ ■prig. 

He kiu'd her, the barEaln to strike, — 

For they both bad agreed on the match. 
When the wirework of her Vandyke 

Caught the buckle that futen'd his scratdi. 
In v^n they lioth stiu^led and grinn'd, — 

'Tvraa nselesa to labour and pull : 
Their nm>pera as tightly were plim'd 

Aa the dog at the nose of a bolL 
At length both the Ihbrici eraiy, 

By a resolute eftirt and trig, 
Down M Hr. Doddington's Jasey, 

And poor Mra. Roonington's wig. 
Now, as bald as my hand, or two cootr. 

They stood petrifled at the dlsartari 
But It soon Snish'd all their diapntes. 

And tied their ejection the hster. 
Each, admiring the other's good sense, 

Made the best of their dismal misearriagB, 
And aUeg'd, in their mntnal defence, 

Secrets e'er should be kept befbre marriage 
TWigh they look'd like two monkeys run eniy 

Wlule they laugh' d at tile frolicsomG rig. 
She restor'd Mr. Doddington's jsaey. 

And he Mrs. Riumlngton's wig. 


Wbili our minds are expanded, 

And the glass widely banded. 
No Gux on this day Ifat In imlks shall appear ; 

And dnce men, all related, 

Were brothen created. 
Let as wish aU creation a happy new jai, 


So fMien, so big^i, 
But of aweet love and friendship poascaaea some 

Thoae in deaeits ao burning. 

The night once returning. 
By the light of good (sllowihip wdeome the dark. 
Then otu pleaanres expanded, &«. 

An cBmates inherit 

Did reason illnmlne, 
Thdr atray'd minds, onr good w{ 
the Fiench. 
Then o«r pleunres 

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Tat lutirark itow'd with hammocks all, 

To uma had be«t the drum. 
To quarten {dp'd the boatimin'* call. 

The thnat'nlng danger come ; 
The hiodspean, tpaagcm, hammen, enmra, 

Lay veil airaiis'd about ; 
And, to annor old England'! toei, 

T>i« gmit gout wen ran out. 
VhUe all the ihip, firm In the canic, 

aient aa death <nia iQll, 

mplojed the awfal paiue 



■ I ban ft Mend, iriw to dlitreM 

Did ne'er la Uodneu bU ; 
Be wr'd my UA, gave half bii mess, 

And took me ont of gad ; — 
QlTe him thU watch :— when I wai ^k 

From hi* own handa It came ; ' 
And my, whene'tc I heard It tick, 

I thoD^t upon hia name. 
He'aeall'd WQlWoithy, IBenBneaiii 

My niiul bii merita All ; 
And 'tla ta noble heaiti Uke these 

Ttux tan thonld make their will,' 
' I bare • wifc ;'--thla plctiiie bra 

She hnng about my neck, 
And leard It with a paTttng tear, 

When Ibrc'd to knve the deck. 
Ten her the tie* with oiine to ttal, 

Saft atow'd tlU her last breath- 
Then give It to our little girl,' 

When ire are jdn'd In death ; — 
Thon'It And her— *he ■* eall'd oonataat Nan. 

Thii dnty theo hllll, 
And let tbe world say thon'rt tha man 

To guard a lallM'* wtU.' 
* I no relatiani have myself. 

Bat those that hoDoiir bring : 
So prlie-moDey, and all my peUj 

In tnut, I give tbe King 1 
Hla Mt^etty 1— God bica his heart I 

When my poor hulk '■ at rest, 
Witli Int'rest will each tar give part. 

Or iwdl the Chatham chest. 
My name 's Tom Loyal f and I koow 

Each dnty to foUU :— 
Where can I, tiira, so well bcatow, 

In trtut, my dying will?* 
A broadalde 's glv'a 1 — we hear no more ; 

And, HftJcM, *tRteh'd In dotted goic. 

Lie* many a pioad Don. 
Tbe vlc'try '* galn'd I the ean goes toand ; 

The strife no longer glow* ; 
And Engllih tars, now sa&and sound, 

HbH Meads, and succour foes. 
Bcn'e friend, Tom's King, and WUUam's wife, 

Yet do thdr bo«>ms flll i 

The; swear to liononi 'em throogb U£ 
And, dying. In tbdr wiU. 


The jolly ti 
As bUthe as bHthe can be, 

AH flddUsg, ^ping, daadng : 
A* (rid as Poles, and s« big as tons, 

Three grace* lead the revds ; 
Then devils taoke as lambs, and nous 

A* impudent sa devil*. 
[Convfnstiaa uaong the chuacteraj 
Thus leaving every care behind, 

lite pack, doll reason scorning, 
Chase pleasures of the night, to And 

The motley ciew 
As mad a* mad can be. 

See all eondllitms, bbih, yean, 

Dnite to keep the broe on ; 
A iwssiing Qnakei neit appeals. 
And next a drunken pareon. 
[OtaerfUlant from Uu cbancun.] 
Thn*, leaving ev'ry cart behind lit. 
See! see I Bcsl 

Tbeyrlot, ftisk, and reveli 
While, mad as mad can be, 

Tliey row and play the devQ : 
Beaux <^att'ring aonsense load in peals ; 

Bdlea (hmlsh'd well with elapper* ; 
Tumblen Md dancers without heels. 
And lawyer* without n^peis. 
[Cooftiacd eonrenulDn o( tbe chuuters.] 
Ihns, leaving ev'ry eare behind, Sw. 

Wriu truth upon his acCBnts hung, 
Tlie bard of Atoo sweetly sung 
~ .stsgei 

That sll tbe WDrid's 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


And, c'ai from Inlkncy'a Snt dawn 
To seveplf, when the gruTe Bhall fawn, 

Men Oct from age to age. 
Songl are epitamea of plap ; 
Aad equal merit, eqaaJ praiu. 

And, tku poulion made appear, 
No ulom eiet vu more dtar. 

That all tha wocld'a a aoog. 
From carlieit melody of birds, 
It needs but little atretdl of vordl 

Iti andeat claim to prove : 
Echo repeated to the pluna 
The Tariaiu ple&mra, varioni paicUi 

That aheplierdi (ongoflove; 
Love PerBian beaudea paiaia like loakei : 
Tha rose the foad Sicilian takea. 

To ahow hii paulon itmog ; 
At length appear'd the sacitd Nine ; 
And, whether Loie, war, hontlo^, wine, 

AU poetry wai song. 
To lldda of death when heroes come. 
The eknging tnimpet, rsttUDg dmm. 

The long eui tune and brace. — 
Can cheer the hound, and wind the horn, 
When Echo calls the roay mora 

To nrge the fleeting chase. 
ffloe has prodnc'd a wit more keen 
Than Helicon or Hippocrene I 

What can the time prolong i 
What lift mere mortal, plodding clodi. 
To emnlate the Joya of goda. 

Like a conniial toog I 
As eeolres broadly acatter rays, 
Henc* spreadiog In a thomand way>. 

Lottery-tickets, party jaxa, 

The pangs of love, or feati of tare. 

Employ the lyric pen. 
For me, inoffenglue mirth, 
True to the land that gave me birth — 

Sir, this jobaan 'b a hero 1 pray veo'rate his >e 
" nr no peace could we have if we did not have wi 
When he leads lo the battle hb glorious band. 
Death and Be are such friends that they walk hand 

in hand. 
He 'a the foremost in danger, and first in a scrape. 
For. yon know, death and tors no soul can escape; 
But It kilt, in the lar^ bed of honour he'll he, 
And tbr ever to live, ah I now who would not die ? 

Then put roosd the bottle, &c 
This bard, sir, 'a a bard to whom none can compare : 
In hig garret he lives, like chameleoni on air ; 
On bncifol nothing be guttles and doats, - 
The hone beating hollow that liv'd without oatt : 
~ith Apollo his fiiend, and the Muses his wives, 
at as parrots live cen'tiiea, or cats have nine 

His lame's np; and though BOppcriess hsgoe 

What vietims are lotera 1 some heavenly charm, 
Ukc Fate, still presides In each feature, 

That givea to the bosom some dang'rous alarm. 
And with cruelty aims the dear creature, 

China and lips, teeth and hair, cheeks, mouths 
noses, and ears 
Are an batt'iies well arm'd for surprise ; 

But (he aoorea woold yon know of you hopet and 

You have only to guard against eyea. 
Thence the enemy bii their artillery dar^ 

Rang'd in tactical bold evulution ; 
While that coward besi^er, the timorous heart, 

'eels the force of their whole eaecntion. 
Whole volleys of ogles and brosd^es of leers, 

I'ell aim'd, and pufd forward by righs. 
While spoEig'd, as recharged, by a sprinkling ol 


le batt'ries, their eyea. 

Oiva me leave, Mr, President, Bist to present 
A kind friend, who tends money at fifty per cent 
What then I 'tis no ugly resonn*, by my soul I 
Fdtl logidana explain a part's more than a wholt 
And though, what with large proflts of tradesmen 

that call, 
And high bt'reat, the borrower geta nothing at an, 
When poverty pnsses, and tiiends are but few. 
The best-hearted Christian you'll Bud Is a Jew. 
IlieD put round the bottle, to no creature foes. 
Lei OS pleasantly pictnr* the world as it goes. 

No. 50. 33 

The languishing eye through the eyelash that peeps; 

The eye downcast, that timidly glimmers ; 
The twinkler tliat laughs; or the blt'rer < 

For 'twas only acat's sleep, and, their power let fly. 

Trusting lovers fUl victims to eyes. 
The woidi of command are ' T* th' tight cock your 



H driU'd Id order, fiic N 


SluU tU« bB tnbmltted to !~Lotbt«, to na* t 

SaDy forth in & quarrel so glorlmu ; 
Yonr tama ihall nniih, tntMide toot ilumt, 

And tlia TonqnljA'd ihall looa ie Tlctoricnu ; 
While you Ann, yet sot bold, look tlie foe In tho Ikee, 

Itt nothing lUr hooonr diisnlu ; 
A BUTcader on both aides shall nobly tiliB placv, 

Hm mntnal oaaqimt of eyes. 


Ah Ignorant peuant, eill'd Unrdoch Haenum, 

To the wood* and the boga nng the ebamu of hli 

But Nonh, hard-heartad, repnlt'd eadi adTBnea, 

Audiworeilu'dne'arloTBbimtlllhe'dleHn'd to 

What eonld poor Hnrdodk do, of hli oomlbit 

He danoe l-4u knew not hii right foot from Ui left ; 
Bnt LoT«, mighty Lore, did hla ihet'rie w ply, 
Tbat beait-broken Hntdoeh determin'd to try. 
To the ^per he went, wlio, to touch tlie light key, 
Ai the impeteat tune, play'd np Wnlahla mn Cree ; 
Whkb Love's inipiratlim he knew must Impart, 
For Wolabla ma Cree means the pulse of my heart. 

While Murdoch stnmp'd on, half asham'd, half 

The more be peirietod, the wane wai lili plight. 
How the plagney left fbot to Bad ont from the rIghL 
A remedy quickly the piper applied ; 
A large wisp of atnw on the left fbot he lied. 
Which Soocan he eali'd; while Its tmmnSed 

Ho call'd Gad, that poor Hnrdoch might know 

one from t'other. To the piper. Sic. 

Now Qia^pet cried oot, aa he atomp'd on like mad, 
* Anab I rise upon Soocan, and sink i^ou Qad ;' 
What art, .nrgid by lore, will not nature And out ? 
Taoght by Cd^ and time, Mordodi cqicr'd about. 
Vo longer was beanUful Norab a jilt ; 
Twaa the lore of her chamu that tu^t Uurdoeh 

a lilt; 
TIU, her w hole timin of loren now kit In the lurch. 
They both In a Hit dane'd together to church. 

To the piper, tie. 


Who 'tempt the bidat'roiu m 

We kick about bU weathers, 

Btbtb battle, quicksand, etonn ; 
And buckle to our tetheia. 
If cUmes bum, fiLujL, or vann. 
Why, 'tis all a joke 
With hearts of oak I 
We dance and sing, 
And drink the King, 
Whaterer chance may come ; 
Bless'd with a Btora 
Of joys ashore. 
In Nancy and home, 
Tai me, an parts Vn sounded, 
Aa a tar would wish to see ; 
At Uinorea I was wonndcd. 
And Bhipwreck'd at Ooree. 
Bnt on Afric's coast if burning. 

Or nnmb'd with Qreenland's fHst, 

Of fame my pittance eaninK, 

No toQ my paltenoa eraas'd. 

Why, 'twas all a joke t 

True hearts of oak. 

And diink the King, 
Whaterer chance uigfat oooia : 

Of joys ashore. 
In Nancy and borne. 
Then, tar a dianec of dying, 

Why should a tw complain ? 
All smts of death are flying 

Asbore as on the main : 
Some strike to a conson^tion, 

Some an took back by a rope- 
To munnnr Is pnanmption ; — 
The best bower-anchor 's hope. 
Then, 'tis all a joke I 
True hearts (^ oak, 

Let ns dance and idng, tie. 

YoDKO Gnlllot, a poor simple iwain. 

Yet with some Uttla cunning at least. 
When bis consdonce no more would oontalo, 

To reUere It would hie to his priest. 
' Well, son, what d'ye care to confSsa ? 

These young dnoers are always In bam I' 
' Why, Sir, I'm in mighty distress— 

I ban pUfcr'd some eggs bom a farm.' 
' Oh 1 shamrfbl 1 and where were they laid I' 

' In the hen-house, upoo the high ihelf.' 
died the priest, ' I must stop this ille trade;' — 

So the next time took the ^gs for himself. 
When again to coufasrion he went — 

* Wdl, my BOD, what liaa happen'd afrsah?' 
' Why, yoQ know. Sir, we all ^ould repeat, 

When we're eanwl, and rii'n to the OMh :— 

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Unknown to bcr bthor I go) 

For I Idtc bcr — and, Sir, ihs lora nu. 
' And prST-ii abe huidMHiM?' — ' O, deu 

She 'a an ugel l~hu plentr of pdf 1* 
■ 1 chsrge yon, no more interfere ;' 

For, thongbt he, 


rrtit IhItt 


■ These dime* from jc 

Yop iinut prnnnce j 

What '■ her Igc ?' — ' i 

['11 have her to myielf. ' 
ir heart yon tnurt wean \ 
Erfarm, and let blcxid : — 
Ir, »h«'i jnataerooteen.' 
ingel i — that 'a good I 
O Jtn wldced yonng dog I ftir thii holt 

Abxdallon I aenr can give, 
Till to proper lepentBOce you're bnmglkt : — 

And, pnTi whenabonta does ihe Ure i' 
• A good }ake,' cried out Gillot, > Uegi I 

MMtcr Piiot, I'm not qidte loeh bb d( ; — 
Yon mnat e'en be contaiit with the egga, — 
For the pvUet Pll keep tat mjucO,' 


Tai Alax, a lifer, lenne and at peaee. 

That wluda ronnd pnud Locrie and Rhe^nm, in 

Oft bora the rich gafleyi with Irristi well itor'd, 
A* gay dty-baig» their bandi take on board. 
A Imcd, born in Rhe^mn, wariog hia qnill. 
One of Locris proTok'd to a trial of (kin : 
Cried the Lodan, 'T^boaatl that fromnnlty 

merrily lingi.' 
■ On that uore,' cried the challenger, ' need we no 
Come to Rh^nm, we mod ahall he both on > 

Ai the Phrygian, the Darian, Or Lydlan ddight 
Eocb mortal aActlon li mor'd by our etrlngi. 
Though no gllly grBiihapper merrily ttnge.' 

At this moment a 
That had IbUow'd the baid, pnmdty pereh'd o 

The priie ta obtaln'd by th« toixoai it bringi. 
And thiu natnie tbe gnohopper merrily atngi. 


OLn Cnnwell, the pilot, for many a year 

Had plenty ol Tesaels in charge ; 
AmA knew of each aandbank aDdeboaltOBteer cteai, 

Whether aatUng ckwe-hanl'd or at targe : 
At lait, aaAIymoor'd, with a welt-Umbcr'd pnrM, 

Heart and honte open'd wide to hIa friend. 

He hod booght a tnng berth at Qraveeend. 
From a kind of pODp-lantem,plBc' d over the Thamea, 

Where ha took with his menmatea hit giog. 
Bound ontward or bomewatd, the lUpa and their 

They >^ed •■ they guxiled thdr grog. 
Now eoddng Ihe tpy-glaaa, and clearing the Note, 

' Why, Jack 1 there they come without end I 
Theie '■ the Neptime, the Olory, and, further in 

tuBB and liberty making QraTcaend. 
' And aee when the rtnr in branchei diridei. 

Cot In two an the aame aa a tbric ; 
Howpronblytlw Commerce with indnatryridea, — 

Then the Blarney — O, ahe '■ bonud to CoA. 
There 'a the homeward-boiind fleet Irom tha 

So stor'd, thdr top-gnUnt maata bend ; < 

Tim '■ the SUkworm, the Beater, the Ant, and j 

the Bee, I 

And all atanding on Sir GisTeaend. | 

•Then'a the Fortitude yonder, at danger that 

The Nimble, that iidma like a tench i 
The bold Reaidutlon that iteera dear of rocka ; 

The Britannia, that Isagha at the French. 
Thna a magnet (dd Tliamea innlyholdt In hia numlb ' 

To which all aorta <rf merehandiae lend ; 
And tlH trade of all uaUona,weat, north, eait,M>d i 

TJV. the needle, pointa right to Grarcaend. 
' Let the PRBuh plant thdr liberty'a tne hcK and ' 

With thdr Sne gewgaw endgn nnftari'd ;— | 

Damme I we're a whole forctt, and plenty to spare. 

That our commerce conveya round the worid. 
And woold Q^slcan Boney bum tblly ftwake, 

Hii dream ctf hit tuue U an end, 
How the dear little monaterwonldtremUeand^nake 

As he connted the aUps at QiBTcaand.' I 

Digitized byGOOgIC 





'c [ i: i: rnr f n^r: n j^h 

boogbt ■ inog berth mt Qrsna-end— ba had bought a aong berOt at Otctm- 

*J. J- I 


,i>_i_,. 1 

. rfl 


_ 4 

* ' 11 - 

M5 — i~i 

+ [i^ 




i=pf ,.., 

r ^ 

■ 1 





H " 


FMm aUad ofpnnp -Untarn .plac'donrtlia Thanmi. 

Wkan hs took with hli maumataa hit pog, 
B«Bnd ontmrd or hoBtward, the ihlpi and thdr 

They aplad ai thsy sniiled their grog, [namas 
NoweocUiigthaapy-^aat, aad clearlDg the Nore, 

• Whj Jack 1 there thef come without end 1 
There'* the Neptnoe, the Qlorr, aud, [urther in 

Fame and Liberlr mahlng OraTeiead. [ihors, 
' And ace wbare the river ia braaehea diiidat, 

Cat iu two aU the •ame at ■ rork ; 
Howproudl; the CommerCB with iDdoitrr ridn, — 

Then the BlaroeT— U, ihe'a bonod to Cork. 
There'a the homewaid-booad fleet troa the 
Downi — only ice I 

So ttor'd their top-gallaat mait* bead ; 
There'a the StJkwoim, the BeaTer, the Ant, aud the 

Ajid all ■landlagoa (or Oraraaaad. [Bee; 

There'e the Fortitnda jovAa, at dancer that 

The Nimble, that awinu Ilka a teach ; [uockaf 
The bold RaMdutiaa, that iteera clear of rock* j 

llie Britannia, that laugh* at the French. 
Thoa a manet oldTtumaa flrmlT hoMi tn hli mcnth | 

To which oU aorta o( oarthandlae tend ; [aanth i 
And the trade of all aaUana, wait, north, aaat, and 

Like the needle, polnta ri^t to QraTaiend, 
' Let the French plant their libettj'a tree hare aad 

With thrir Sua gewpaw euaiga onfail'd ; — 
Danne 1 we're awhobforeat, and nlent; ta anaia 

That oar eonnecee eenTere roaod the world. 
And woald Corricu Boner ''^'^ M*! *"hke. 

Hie dream of blie Ihme at aaeod. 
How the dear little monater would trambteand qnaka 

At lie eonntad the ahlpa at GtSTFaead.' 



a b thi Ijn rf Hcnnuj, Ibrm'd from > tor- 

lUa Orpbeni' IjnbjKhich he fatch'd Emjiia 

And which huptr'd beui, Urns, mdres, sad ek- 

phanti to pniiee, 
Vhile, hand in bmd, the tna ind rodu JolD'd In 

tiK menr duce. Tol de rol, &e. 

TaUcrcnlM'twugiT%«henha ilew the Nenmn 

i ■fterwardi k present mode politely to Am- 

TUi IjK, hspoT'd with three atrisgi Bum, wm 

glf en to Tcrpaader, 
Together irith Ttmothena, «ho chinn'd gnat 

Bat Sparta, fearing rf it* pow'r, of fncfa Impron- 

ThU Ijra, when Alexander once was Btudi'd vitli 

wine Bod ire, 
So wi^it, he Mt, at Laii' iidt, Penepolis on Ere ; 
Bat poor Teipander rued the da; that thai ha had 

proTok'd him. 
For, gaping wide, a mg a fig threw down hit 

throat, ud chok'd Mm. Tol da rol, lu, 

AnacreoD, Limu, CUrra, Pindar, Joln'd the M- 

dent qoitea. 
And odea and dithTnuoUcawBre all ipread Iqr olbtr 

[ nil, swallowed In the gen'ral rain, never to r«- 


[YooWa heard of VenM?~Yei, yofl've heard 

cf Veona. She iprang from the lea — had a 

cockle-aheH for her cradle — manied old Vnkan 

— feU In lore with Adonia— ] 

Yon'n beard of Venu ? — how her charm* 

Among tiiB godi u play'd the deril. 
When Man waa taken In her arma. 

That made Olyinpu roar and tereL 
Tlda Tenu can no more compare. 

Nor with ttw nriona beantiea tidljr. 
Than thnna to nae* to in<r blr, — 
Sweet amirldsg Peg, otP^per AUer I 

the Ultla babhUng devils that say Yes, whta the; 

Yan*Telieard<rfe}ea, atock in the head, 

With bron luoonadoDS of a wrinkle, 
That lUli, from thdr humid bed, 

Dart death to loren in a twinkl 
Her eyes, like Phccbos' painted rap, 

That deal fell death at ev'ry eaUy, 
like Argns, look a hnndrcd ways,— 

O mord'rooi Peg, of Pepper Alley ! 

[You've heard nf mniic? — Music, you Icnow — 
the tanMe of the spheres — music of the Iwanda — 
warlike music, accompanied by cannons, drams, 
gtoana, and ilirieks — music of the niuaery — mnalo 
(tf thecals upon the pantiles i— there are a great 
many sorts of mnale, you know. Well—] 
You're beard of moiie, how Its might 

Can soften brutes, set rocks in action ; 
To men past hope convey delight. 

And drive the h^py to distraction. 
Let her melodious tongue once ran, ~ 
Whether she scold, or rail, or rally, 
Ita mnsle all the sense* stun, — 
UannoDlooa P^, of Pepper Alley I 
[You've beard of charms 7 — Charms, yoa know 
— &ot witches' charms, or '■>*»^"*" for the sgae or 
toothache ) but female eharma — aueh a* teeth, 
cheeks, noses, china, and elbom ; — well — ] 

You^ve heard of charms like steels snd flints, 

Tlat fire poor hearts in quick collision, 
Convey'd by grins, or leers, or squints, 

And lovers leave In sad condition. 
A fine grog-UosBom on her uosa 

Bids lovers not with danger dally ; — 
O, I shall never know repose 
WlthoBt sweet Peg, of Pepper Alley I 

Ths lover, wr^it in the fair he addresses. 
Her alftetloo bis empire, her wishes his throne. 

His heart, mind, and soul, and each good he pos- j 
assaes, , 

To ber wOl so gives up he has none of his own. 

The tail are mqeatlc, the dmnpUnga are pretty i 
The ireak claim eompassion, tlie strong fcoockn* < 

The sDent are |Kudent, the pattltn are witty ; 

Some morder with smiles, and some kill with a 
So love, love is deHghtfhl I 

Soeh pleasure, such raptaie, loeh bliss it Imparts, 
That, whether the otfjects are lovely or (Hghtfol, 

They some way or other can jOIer our hearts. 

The toper, reltas'd, has reconrae to his bottle. 
And sweara aeverblr shall attack him by stealth. 

Or else with the very first glass may be throttle, 
Tien fills to the brim his adorable's health ; 

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Akd, hinmtr relief in hli liqiiar he fimdea, 
And dedarea never beauty triamphaot ihall prat a, 

And die loagtr he tipplea Ou men he 's in love. 
So love. Sec 

Hut bachelor iwean that he liagle win tarrj. 
And the widower too— but the men will all flb ; 

For In one little month shall the bBchelor mattj, 
Jid the widower lead to the church B new rib. 

Hie soldier sweats glory, the prudent man riches, 
Shall engross thdr attentlaa, possess all tludr 

But what *■ there in giory or gold that bewitches. 
When no lorelj partners their Inflneace share > 
Thus love, ta. 


Hli wonldp, Jnsticfl Gander, swon newlj of the 

Resolv'd to set the nelghbonrs together by the 

Of the half-crowns and the shillings thdr pockets 
well to Seeee, 
Regardleai of the pablic, their praises or Uielr 

Uaater Matthew was hia clerk, a keen and ennning 
Studied Cunningham and Bum, for the law haa 
various meanlDgs : 
' Remember,' cried Ids worship, ' when I'm wrong 
to set me right, 
For you 're my repiesentaQTe, factotum, loenm 

Here, Matthew, bring the book.'—' Sir, 'da no- 
where to be found ;' 
< Zoanda I he'll repent — what shall we da ? the 
shiUiDg will be lost. 
Swear, damme 1 and pay xlipence— 1 taucj that's 

Thoae who can't get the harvest must set down 
with the glesnbgs ; 
How could you be so careless f yon dolt I jou stupid 


i rich lady 'i 


' Here, Matthew, make har mittimus, ne'er mind 
how she cajoles — ' 
*We must not. Sir, commit her — the law we can< 

And the nperlor courts would haul yonr wor- 
ship o'er the coals. 

' Yon 're not proper for your place, Sir, — you're ■ 
■ Your woiahip's represent! 

' You were yesterday my prisoner — to-day to you i 
I yield ;' 
She ran for life, while he pursued, and begg'd cf | 
her to atay. 
' ar, is this justice ? Ofor shamel'— "Tli Jaa- 
tlce, lovely thir — { 

For jDstiee on the bench and in love haa difTient [ 
meanings ; — i 

N^,itiiigglenotI' — ' If there no friend ? nohope)' 

'None;— Zounds I wbo'ithere?' ' 

' YourworBhip'grepresentative,bctotnm,tocam . 

' You hir'd 

to set you right wbcnerer you 

For once, then, justice practise, Sir, since jns- 

fflve me this pretty damsel — we've lov'd each 
othei long, — 
And ne'er oppress those honest hearts that 
merit yoDT defence.' 
Cried Gender, • Matthew, I'm tha goose, the ass, 
end have been blind ; 
I now ace law and equity have very dilFrent 

e poor ihaH blesa me ; and may each 
great man Snd 
Aaable,aa upright, and aa just a locum tenona.' 

Ooiii, pvy my botena — come, pay my bocldes. 
My cheweli, and rings, and dings, come pay i 
EVom te awonl of te pmve to Panu tat tcoldea, 
I have all sort de vare. 
To de needle of de fair. 
More aharp py liaf dan her rokista eye. 
Come all, to me, ye ladi and lasses, — 
1*11 show you te fay to lead happy Ufes, 
By le filty deBcea 
Before te day passes, 
Tat fifes ket hosebanda, and hosebaods ket fifes. 
Te plack, te prouwn, and te fetr, and te kray. 
To poy my fine valentines aU come afay. 
[Come to me, mine maids, mine fifes, and fee- 
daws. I kot sameting nt pleaw: yon ail : 1 kot 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


te ihaiii cf perahuioD Tat leat te lofn ^ont like 
to tame moukcT ; nuke him fetdi, esiry, lee^i o/er 
te aUck; make Um phiT, too, all manns itupit 
brick. Vat jtm pny ? tkI jon pny? I ktit te 
coetunettc te coot natnre — rat make tomebel off all 
te wrinkle ; make to old look Tonsg ; to ugly look 
pootifbl ; — nt yon \mj i Tat jaa jmj i Care yon 
dat naaty ghelluy, conet pad tiog In a baRj, dat 
tnellih erll ; make yoa look old, nj^. efei; ting 
T>t I« pad — rat yon pay ? Tat yon pay ?] 

Take afay Tat yon pleaae Tat ghall last till you He, 
I Dnleea peftire dat yon ihonld cut it In two, 
I IT te heart and te tait 

I Dat cause to make amart, 

I WhUa with art to Amde lofu lo fell play hli part. 
j [Sea te Ticket nke [ how he kned at herftetl 

swear, jnmp. kick i^ot, toll to conet lie Tat 
I make all to fimmen ao hiqipy, yon. Den he say to 

aheek pe rose, to lips pe roopy, to eye pe tlment, 
Deo she say, ' Indeed [ is It 

a late n: 

, Dob he swear tammy ; den she ploeha ; den radah 
ton leetol kiss ; den he prodnshe to (eddiag-ring, 

' Tat make her so happy, so eomfttrUple ; after 

] teece eoma Tat yon call to honey'-moon ; lu ko ; 

I te lofe and to teer be ko afty ; to toke and te cat 
eome to place; scold, scnteh, knock apont, poll 

A won Irish priest who conld TreD luut Us nook, 
'Hongst a throng at the barber's one day his post 

And cried Out, ta they gabbled their scandal and 

'What yoD ^T« me, good Ouistians, you'll none 

of youloaa; 
In diaiity'a game 'Hi the h>ser that irliu,— 
Betidea, dra't It eoTcr an oceaa of sins ? 

Than earn a thirteen* for the dear ]otb of he 
For the whim of tlie thing, they soon pat 

the hat, 
And a decent collection was gathered tor Pa 

His charity, hit 1 shall coat notl 
'Well, what is't yon want? i 

' What is It I want ?— Don't I wi 

!d, Tn Inhmd. I 

DiT not hr avrare thsl, prior 
c*p.7S,)tbeEnBll>b ibUIIni 

i Sir, for the dear Iots of 

The barber, this boldness resolred to repay. 
With amor all noteh'd on his ddnwork'd away; 
nil. pretty well flay'd, and half mad with the pain. 
Thought be. Master Priest, you'll not some here 

Next, on top of the hinue they all heard aach a 

'Whatthederil'B aU tt 

~' 0, 'Us nothing In 


I iiMO of plains. 

And nymphs and iwahis ; 

And walks and mazes, 

And pinks aad daisies i 

The milkmaid's pail. 

The thrasher's flail, 

The nut-brown ale, 

Tk nlghtingals j 

The chnrch-yard ye*, 

Themoniiug dew. 

The misty Tiew, 

The blithe enckoo ; 
Each Ulii dale, thing, and oeatora i 
From when Aurora 's ap and dresa'd. 
1111 Phcebna' beams point to the west. 
Streams Saw, 


I blow 

Herds low, 
Cocks crow. 
The ploughman wUstles, 
The asa cats thistles I— 
O the charms of nature 1 

Of nr^ns that woo, 
Aad doTCS that coo ; 
The sporttre kidUng, 
The cnrato fiddling; 
Bird, man. and brute 
And owls that hoot. 
And flowers and frnlt. 
And Strcpbon'i flnto ; 
The wiTlng com. 
The day new-bom 
The rosy mom. 
The mellow ham ; 
Bach hill, dale, thing, and creaton : 
From when Aurora irios bcr cap, 
Till Pbcebns ^nks in Thetis' t^. 
Birds aingt 
Wood* ling. 

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Biitn dlag, 
Thaupcn qnlTcn, 
Tht u^ ahlTcn ;— 
O ths cbuml irfaatnnl 
Oflouti thkt qnaf, 
And dowiu that Imigfa ; 
Froga >n eroikiag, 

FjwTi hill, dale, Uung, and cm 
From whiD AnrtH* showi I) 
m Pbeboi to tlw nl^t gt 


Tom Traiiom, > t*—*"! Mnind to tba hiiAhwie, 

With a heart lofal, flWdly, aiid tnu, 
Hairied one Peg of Dcrrer, iwwt, Ught, and nO- 

Lnd Bhe chooa'd blm from all the whole aw. 
p(f bronght Um thiee aoni, ThoUit'WlIlitm, and 
mien aihon that he daae'd on hi* knae ; 
And deUghtcd to tUnk, when with age taken bai^ 
How they'd all Krre tlwit countrf at lea. 

Tom, prettf well doek'd, onthe bookti 

HaTing lo*t a tpare daddle and leg t 
But a friend and a comfcfftflr pnnM er'ry bod. 

And a kind hand) none tnn'd ont Peg. 
'Well,' cried he, 'nBrermlnd : though the branehea 
are gone, 

Heart of oak li the mt of the tree ; 
Come, mj ladi, to reroDge du, to danger rruh on, 

And be true to jonr eonntry at uia.' 

Tom first went aboard— wag capsfi'd In a thought ; 

Win (hu'd the nme didorona tkte ; 
And while b) hi* biothen, like Uoni that fought. 

Poor Jack by * (hot loit hia pate. 
Old Tom, now laid np, when he heaid <t theit 

Cried, ' The Khig, Pag. win lake two of Owe t 
And now ] Ueii Fate, 81 1 dnw my laat bnaik, 

Pd three aona >cn'd tUr eonntry at tMu' 

Loan hdp Ton poor tnbbaa aihcie I 

How ibonld yon know the )oyi of Qia ncei 
We *ie the Ikdi nil the world o's aad o'er 

And keep np the popetoil motion ; 

Tbe moon and the etan. 
The dgU and tlu day, 
Bonnd and niand glide aw^ ; 
Tlie flip, the prog, 
Onr heads, and the gng. 
And the world turns lonnd. 
To keep up tbe penwtoal motloD. 
Yonr tiBT'leTS odd bode* wlD meet. 

Strange eight* to all cnrlon* behijdera : 
Men that walk on their heads, not their feet ; 

Men with nappers plac'd nnder their ihonldera. 
Bat tiavlers are glren to lie : 

Eieept drankardi, that reel to thdr beds, 
I nerer, betwixt ym and I, 
See'd people that walk'd on their heads. 

And what of thi* bat, &c 

Are all monkey*, aad beats at the tA^ : 

Were there ten globe* of earth 'itead ot one, 
Whaterer some people pretend, 
Why, then'* no soeh a thing to be done 

And irtiatorthl* here, &«. 

If we sink among Christians cv Moon, 

We're pf ck'd np by some tme-hearted brother ; 

Then another strange eonntry we see. 

When come home, and onr caret left bchlud ; 

For the lhahioni ao elter'd alt be, 
Tapey-toTTT Old England we find. 

And what i^ this here, && 






loutt, And la ejt ■ rj port Bnd B nencb ; Kick B - boat jntt t 


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*(■ - tlicrt > - floit or B - gnnmd, Try k - gido ihsll the lid« of the 



^ ^^ ^ 



YoiiT trtT'lin odd hiidai irill mset, 

Strange tigbta to >U cnrloiu beholdit* i 
If en that walk an thtir bodi, not thdr tart ; 

Mea with nappen plAe'd under their shoiilden. 
Bat tr«T'l«re »« gl»'n to Ue: 

Eiupt drnnkardi, that reel to their b«di, 
I nrrer, betwixt fom ud I, 

3ce*d people Uwt walk on their htadt. 

And what d( tUi here, Bte, 
Ai to lore, why, 'tii e^'ry whero known, 

B« th* dlmata warn or elia rlfld ; 
Aod lorera at tb* tonid looe 

An all monheyi, and bean at the frigid : 
And then, ae to BBdlDj a Mead, 

Wen tliere ten globei of earth 'eteadoTone, 
Whateret eome people pretend, 

Why, there'! no each a thing to be doae. 
And what otthii here, (kc 
If we aiok among ChrietiBni or Hoon, 

We're pick'd up by eome true-hearted brothM 
If DDt, ffiir time'i coma— io will jwm, 

Hlater landlubber, lome Ume or other. 
Then another (traoge eoontrir we eet. 

When come home, and onr caret left behind ; 
For the fuhlone n> alter'd all be, 

Topey-tari; Old En^and we Bnd. 

And what of thii hen, Ste. 



^nm Vrnftisianal Valmttm- 

rtn Uu prthce to tUli •otirUnntat, wbleb )■ cUHd 
Harcb 1, IHS. Dibdin MU ua that b* wu ladiiORl br 
to briw U out >ft« ha bid nroftiiidlT 
a Mill. HabadjpDUWM<l"nallurial 
una sf TBUbi lidai, aod kid prafadad a 

_ d'Tbarcmu^FrkiHL' So»a 

panlgalfrsaaaabof tiMfcwIlhHmMiaBfa that ba 
&id by bim. aad ■ Aw ihat i» nota Air lb* « 

ntlBft pcrfonMiK*. M MlWid 
l;aadbHii!alhaplceam dttl^ 

OD, UMbonc 
a Ihanlihti 

fmimil "- 

•MinnrelreiuiurtiiDeMi DIMId net < 
TanraUMDBiiaTwtalcbbad banncc .. . . . 

bat tbal tba conpUT mliht not to kway witboat 
aonaaatat, ba ofltrcd to pn I^bb ■■kIi portlooa of 

CoMi, aaaa away, onr rerdi join, 

And ia uub other tinut ; 
A band of bratben, m eomUiu, 

Onr canae and qnarrd Jnit, 
Of TotnntaeTa to ntiM a boat, 

F« lenka of tb« Mr: 
Thok, as we gall; pau the tout, 

Alleglanct let ni iwear. 

Wiu»»u, mleoma, at out call, 

A fanmt wiih that war ma^ eea«e 

Let er'rr boiom Are, 
lliat iprightlT aongi of lorelr pcaea 

Ifsf itiliig Britannla'a Ijn. 

Thodoh laid ap in port, I am not ontmrd bound I 

b mj nppat trorka then '■ notUng Blltng ; 
Myntdder and eonqan art both aafe and naai. 

And, ir ealt'd m, Fm raad; for wiling. 
I am deoentiT •lor'd with tha comforti of lift ; 

Hnt offriendijaatvhat nidnl>Br I tuicli 
And, what '• man, I't« a berth In Uw heart of mr 

Mr kRdr, my Tataahla Naoey 

I well koDir tliat weerUi and lala* pUy me pnnkB, 
At my eoat who an Bating and diinklng ) 

TUa nlbbla my Maenlt, that gnawi at my planki. 
And would fiy of at once were I einking ; 

Lwd help the poor tUngi I— tliey can't hurt my 

They may pilfer my nuney, may ii^ore my lUne, 

Bnl they nerci can rob ma of Nancy. 
Aa wdl may the French Uek sgdnat Dorer nek, 

That ke^a n'ry Uiteat at a distance i 
AH Mly I ^, at ilaiukr I mock. 

And I emry no one in aiiitenea. 
And when 1 am boaided Iiy grim Captain Death, 

No eoiniw iliBll tioaUe my ftnc^ ; 
rn atrika Ufca a man, and yldd op my lait breath. 

In a pnyt* to lb* h«allk of my Nancy. 

Tsa bodwi'i flr'd 1 tbe buy coait 

And to tliB eonHiet longa to go. 
■ Haik 1' oiea the gallant Tolontccr, 

' I eome, to oonqnar or to bll. 
For thcaa than Ufa I hold more dear, 

nim at impeiloni Hononr'i call 1 
'Dear to tlui heart ii filial lore ; 

Dor a gen'nnu Mend'* embiaee i 
Dear to know onr perila mora 

Teaia that dim a lovely Ikce : 
Yet eannot these the danger shield ; 

Fathv, IHend, wlft, dilldces—an 
Idnst to a manly ettoct yield. 

Hade at Impaioni Hononr'a enIL 
' Vlthovt this noble ieeUag fbimd. 

What an of men the bat deserts r 
CEhOdran are rebels. Mends »m«™i iHl, 

And lorers little merit hearts. 
Let ne tUa proBd diitlnetloa ptota 1 

Yoor sighs kt nw deaern them lil. 
And tear mysdf from tboaa I lore, 

Ebm at inq^arions Honour's calL 


-a (silty of dcf^Ddlw 

. , ,.Bflariiqn, While ■"- 

Of oJip>y> Dlbd]ii>i ntraordlUTT Hrcaatle paa 

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TUtI bonay, they'd call nettspridt of the iliip, 

^id my hornpipe hi note and ao friiiky ; 
TfaCD on Sotuday night, bit 1 I'd malie 'cm mch 

Oh t tha beat In the world eiczpt whiiky 1 
BiDg the pcjila oT tan, that Irad nch hA|q>y Utcs, 
Wld their fosi and their fiiaadi, and their nreet- 
hearta and «iiea I 

Ytm'dbe duum'd totlie life,« 

a it not for yoot 

To hear Iha aireet tdllowa >o Iwdder your can, 

>> they play a dnat irith the fiddle. 
TbsD, though ahot-holaa and teahi Uaia wide opea 
Death's doon. 

And the ehaoea agdnit yon ar« Tuhnu, 
Btonnt are all gig and fas— 4iat Ibr braalura and 

Fights are aafe— were Ibey not lo piecarlom. 
Sng the peril*, Ccc 

Wkj, one day, as I tumblad down phm^ ttom tbe 
Al neat a* a Uid or a fUiy, 
' Vbcie the de^ did yon coma from ?' eried ona — 
* from the clonda ?' 
'IHd I eome from ?— AmA, hitl Upperary.' 
Thqi that time whan ira aail'd vid the wind in 
our month. 
Old Borcaa to keep to Ua teflier. 
Fait I the compaialcmmln^ynail'd to the wnth, 
tbai WB alwaya i^ht aail In £ne weather. 
BIng the perlli, &e. 

'Tib allow'd, the world orer, the pride of an: live). 

Indeed, all the CantineDt now ape the Freueb. 
Yet lot audi innovations ooi wivea are too nice, — 
They ape sometimea the tolUee, but never the vice. 
Then cherish, ye Brltona, the beat joy of life,-' 
Fair, prudent, and gnod, is a trne British wih I 

Onr dear lovely oelghbonr, as harden'd aa ro<^, 
With tbe heart of a tiger, the mind of a fti^ 
The misehief of monheya, the eye of a lyni, 
The hyena'a pity, the gnUe of a ^hlni ; 
Who all oier Enrope d' 

It who knowi and legreta be c 

Forahe, if the war au^t tbat '• (bicjgn denies, 
FVom reionrcea at home tr'ij want well aiqtpUea i 
It silk ihe'a depriv'dof, ihe IcttM noalarmi. 
But in Uaschcater moalin aha deck* out bar 

Thna thor stnirid embai^ *s aa well let al 
We have good mannfactnreo enongh of out 
But the best manufactore, to charm na 

Is that made by Hettr'n- 

DeprlT'd of our Borgnudy, claret, and port, 
To our wives for some sabstitote aooD we resort ; 
. anght bat a ehuil at the difl'rcAec repine, 
eowBllp, and eunant, and gooaeben; ' 


llieae are wholesome I they'n 

ont no snare 1 
And, what 's better, they're m 


Tna whiten'd breakera lash'd the shore, 
When WUfiam did from JesK part ; 

And, as the surge heaved more and mote, 
So aweQ'd with grief her bursting heart. 

The er'ning held its peacefbl reign. 
Then gently melted into night g 

Soon did the sky shnt in the main. 
And William's sh^ wai ont of sii^ 

The vUsUing wind) Ihe billows jar ; 

Now William pnlls the yielding n^ ; 
No friendly moon, no twinkling stsr, 

To lend a tingle glimpse of hope : 
And DOW, a thousand lesgnea apart, 

For many a nummful morn and night 
Was tender Jesse tick at heart. 

That WlUiam'a ship was ont of tigU. 

The radiant ran diqieli'd the dew : — 

Two Ung'iing years had pass'd, and more. 
When Jeatie paid, to William tme. 

Her mondng visit to the shore. 
She saw a sMp, at random driv'n ; 

Sweet hope created new delight : 
And, as she pour'd her thanks to IIeaT<n, 

Her William's vessel hove hi tight I 

Thi shepherd wUstlea on Ua way ; 
The morning tmllea, aU mbm *s g«y I 
Soon, sngry donda 9y wOd and rode ; 
The monntains imoka ; Iha vile 's a fl 
The acatter'd Hocki no shelter find t 
The ^nipeat tides npon the wtaidt 
Tet sbaD the pelting storm sobaUs, 
When at hla amlling Brealda. 

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Hw nikir goo, hii boirt at «H, 
And takn in holUi >t cr'r} biccM : 
Theboatamlnpipea; 'Astfxml' '■ tin err 
Yet Jack dladiins to [dpe hU era : 
The Unuider roHs, the stonn coma on ; 
Huta, jvdi, and rigging, all an gone : 
Yet Jack alngB load, iwect hc^ hJj guide, 
One« mm to Tiew hli flndde. 
The mtDcr liiiki bowa^ the gtoQiMl, 
And like a moh (xplolro annnd ■ 
A aliaft tskes Brel in nfii vUrl 
Of flame and smoke lai^ Tolnma cnri 1 
He sinka, u ITin endlcsi night: 
Thsropeiapoll'd,— hBTtemthell^tl 
And, aa ths fean at death anbaide, 
Tbinki of liia.Bniiliiig flretide* . 
Iliiu doei the day of life come on 
To er'ning, froni It* imHiDg dawn ; 
For loau the world Out minds defomu. 
And we are caught in pasHon> atorma : 
Yat pilDt Honour ihall not &11 
To weather cr'ry daiig;'roaa gale ; 
And, to old age aa we aubslde, 
Delight onr gmlling fireaide. 

I Dearaonll thou vilt break ny poor heart I 

' I do know that glrla will be aatUng their capa, 

! In lore with thy iweet pretty faee; 

mth thcdr tiicki will tha men lead Uiee into tbdr 

I »»^». 

I And bring na aO Into dlagraee. 

I Then thy parentsge honour, and toniont amanl 

I And the beQa aliall lo meirilj, 

! Merrily, charily, 

I TeD an the rillage thon'rt married to Fan.* 

I ' I do thank thee, dear motlier,' cried Lnmkin ; 

I can tell thee I'm not mch an df i 
He muat early riw vf that 'i too conning Ibr I— 
I kaows how lo take care of myaalf. 
> Andaa to thaglrij, I feara them icait of all ;— 

They icare 1 1— that wonld be a etraagc thii^ 1 
' If the prcttieit wiUi Lnmkb inlore were to hll. 
Cod I I'd glie tbem ai good aa they bring. 
No! I'llmak«,likBDiylUhert)itt>igone,agood 

And the belli ihaU «o menily, 
Merrily, chenily, 
. Ten an the TlDage I'm married to Fan.' 
. Tbey patted : to town Lumkln haaten'd away ; 
I Fan and mother retlr'd in the dnmpa ; 
On the toad he eondder'd hia eatdj bow to play, 
And bow h* *boiiM manage hit ttomps. 

The ring -dnftpers, gamblers, the mtnea and aU, 

Did in Tain to entangle him try i* 
For though quizi'd, hoax'd, and bomm'd, in no 
nets did he M, 
But gare to each wherebire a why. 
Bo Lnmkin wrote wotd he'd tehav'd like a nan. 
And the bella ahonld so merrily. 
Merrily, cherrily, 
Weteome him home to he married to E^B. 
At last, to retom Lnmkin made his beat apeed : 
'Piatty aonl I how dost do?' cried old dame; 
* And where hast thee been, lad ? and what hast 

So they went to the chntch ^'the glad ncwi qukkly 

And the belli all M merrily, 
Merrily, chnrlly. 
Rang for the marriage of Lmuldn and Fan. 



poy, apo» 

The moolih all m 


I ay to er'ry one I meet, 
The rallar for the halt. 
Hie shoe-strings, shealiag-wai, 1 call,— 

Four, ail, eight— dat 'a too dear ; 
Well, twelve I so when they hate it aD, 
Eleren pence I clear. 
[So {mm my oadle I was a Jew ; and my 
grandfather, Shadrach, was a Jew ; and my 
giaadmotbet, Rebecca, waa a Jew ; and my nude, 
Zebuhin, and my aunt, Hethiheba, and mycon- 
aini, Absslom, and Nathan, and Jeroboam, and 
Eleaier, and QRMon.and Maaasaeh, and Joahna, 
was all Jew ; and alt teach mo to give np bther, 
mother, wift, couabi, and sell my Ufe, and pody, 
and soul — every ting in tbe world, and trick the 
very tevll himself, for the mouiah.} 
So a wry apt scholar 1 pretty well prove ; 

I ket bold of the eaah, and the tlmand and pcari. 
And peg, potrow, and iteal,— forthemonlsbl lore 
More pctter as any one ting In the worid. 
To cry old eloaah I go my rounds, 

I cheat 'am ali ao clean ; 
The coat what cost a touiand pounds, 

I pn; 'nm (or fifteen. 
I sell a yatch, for mnshe good deal, 

With Aae gay leal and chain ; 
IkEt a tief de vatch tc 


m pack again. 
Id be well for (faeni, If <n 

nd^ flnBi 

^ ! 



[Bo b; tUi time I coma on pretty ' 
tn the pawn, ud I get the liher m«: 
Dnke'a Pbce, and porn the gold lace J 

le ; sod 1 play the kumj, md I nreat tlia 
kinnj ; and I nuke hoki in the sUUing, and wy he 
■11 10 lucky ; and I maks Uttle tye lor the coin, and 
the vrater-msck tor the pauk-note ; bat 1 take 
caie nerer to be fboe out, — let vim will hang, I 
keep my neck ote de baiter. I kite palL I waa 
the Tery Jew my lord judge aay he will puni tor 
the gmniidi. I enppfiw be mean ko to the Uvil, 
but I don't care moehe for dat.] 

So trae to my lot'rest, I what yon call proye ; 

And peg, ponrow, and iteal, — lor the numish I love 
llorepetter a* any ana ting in the world. 
A criat man am*e, I take moeehe cere 

UpoD the moniah ipent ; 
On Stock Exchange the pnll and pear, 

What yield me cent pa oeut. 
1 kit my ilia, ent a taih, 

Crow pnne-pnmd, rich, and creat i 
To the pladi-leg I lead my caah, 

[So all my life I never link ot aayting but the 
nioniih. When I gold the roller, and the ihealing- 
ni, 1 vaa ket cent per cent ; when I have cry 
old doaah, I wu ket eent per cent ; when I hoax 
the spendthrift, lell the lottery- ticket, feed the 
gaming-table, the haxard, the fam — all theiie ttagg 
wu ket cent per cent ; and now I roll in loxory, 
cheat all the people, take in the flat, let ont my 
^etty ItH, my Uttle decoy-dock.— Ah, dli li the 

And aa to my Int'reat, ao conitant ahe prove, 
I kive her the caih, and the timand and pearl ; 

Hare petter aa any one ting in the world. 


An I Uiten to a h^leai atwy 

Of lovely Fan and manly Ben 1 
In goodneiB ahe bet aex'i glory, 

In hononr he the flnt of mes. 
So kind, BO good, so tender'heaited, 

Their lore from InAmey they bore i 
Yet wonld aha tear, if once they parted. 

That the ihonld neier ace ikim morel 
Hia eoantry aU her youth requiring. 

To flght her battle*, to a man, 
Ben's heart wai patriot, hope iniptiing | 

He loT'd hU conotry, lov'd bis Fan. 
Ohl inch a parting 1 snch sadlaeeal 

Fond tenor her lad bosom tore i 
Sht oied, while anak in his embraces, 

' Alas t I ne'er ibaD see thee more 1' 

That Ben was foremost la the ight ; 
That ^ory in the fteld he coarted. 

The amy's pride, hia Aieadi' dtUgfat '• 
Yet, dove-iikE, lUd sad Ifean sarcomd ber 

While fancied dangers she'd deplore | 
Her tde reply to Uioia aronnd her, — 

'Alaal I ne'erahailaee him monl' 
The fbe at ei'ry point waa ronted ; 

Of hero Ben had earned the name; 
England rejtdc'd—fhe people shonted — 

But where waa Be 
Hit friends did 
Her btal fean had told her tmly 

Fan sought bin duly — 

I TiATi oftentlmea thongbt it a wmdersome thing 

That landimen ihoold pity vs tan, 
And talk of the hardabips that horricanea bring, 

And quicksands, and tempeata, and wars : 
The idiots forget they're ai bad off as we ; 

That they run aa much danger, or more ; — 
In what lopcct atf er than «c are at sea, 

I'd ask, are your lubbers ashore P 
No, no : when Death comes, we shall all hear him 

Vhat then ? the aame Providence watchea for all. 

Mayn't a tile from a honae, or a tumble down stairs. 

Or a lall from a horse, or a blow, 
Or a nufdt, you know, take him back unaware*. 

More apedooa, when groggy or so ? 
Mayn't fem and aguen, and gont, and they things. 

Prove than battle* more worse, or as bad > 
We heartiefl at sea are as happy aa kings, — 

We've no ridmess ; — besides. If we bad. 
Death will come wben he wlU; what then? Let 

him call: 
The same gen'nms Providence watcbea Ibr all. 

'We all of grim Death shall some Hme make th 

He'll be sore to fiitch np onr lee viay ; 
And little it matters if life's long oi 

Wbetlier seveo years hence, or to-dap 
We are all bom to die ; there's no barm 

' Til be who dies best Is the thing i 
And I ai which is noblest — to die hi one's ' 

Or while fighting (or country «od king? 
Only just do your dnty,yoD'll find, should Death call 
The same merdfU I^vidoiee w 

ir short,— 

to be said; 

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^ m^F^ ^ ^m 




1 hara of-teatlmea thonfht It k woodenoBC tUsg That Undtmen ihovld pl-t; ui 




nr, mr - nrand ths gtj boudj With 




bUthe aod lo hap-py u we? From that ata - pie, the wool, bU 



■1^^ T- 

frec-dom le-mrei both to pek-unti and kings. It ■ frce-dom K-core* both to 


WhenblstkpliirclBgiriDttreamesoii wltbifrowa, 

FrottuidiDawcloggiDg hedge, ditcb.uul atjli. 
AnnojtDg nlika both tbi 'tqnin and the down, 

Wrapt in wodI, we look loaod ni *nd •mile. 
Did we slag odU pnim ftam er'alng till more, 

'Twonld oar gntitnde onlir loenue i 
The dying aid maa and the Intent new-born 

Are both kept sUtb bT the fleece. 
TbFn bow with the troth a fsir paee cmi we keep, 

No viordi are soScient, wbate'ei can be i 

To speak ont Ita luri ahind ; 
For it DBTCr forukea as, — nay aftai we're 

It famlsbeg cTen oar sbroud. 
Nar. more : If the iliecp, while it mngpee m 

For onr waott all theie comrorti mppHi 
FulChfal (till to the iHt, to the bnteber it 

And for our dally nanrlshment lUei. 
Thai, living or dead, ve Iti beneflti reap 
Then, ye ihrepihearen, alng yonr tine ft 
poor iberp I 

ir fields, 

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[I'hli Hmg. (Iltaonih sillm uid paMlibtd u )>iii 
connlatlbcDiiiiibfiafoibtr'innp.] ' ""^ ' "' 
Oi.n Volcu torgiog bolli Cot Jore, 
Aod poinllDg arroin Upp'i witt love, 

Wu in lEtiu'g smithy toIUng, 
Vhtn Us loTclT djune, 
SikM Venui, csme, 

With B iFcr Toluptnimi gmUiog. 
' Weii, n-hat nen now ? What eutlous farce i 
Wben'9 your AdouU and your Mus i 

What frolic on you after? 
I d»rs ny yon rtmcmbec yet. 
When BDug 1 caught yon in a net, 

Aud vut Dlympm rang with Innghter?' 
She aworB giie lor'd him as her life,— 
Uifl loyal aod obcdieat wife ; 

That AiarB, Adanls, and the rat, 

Ehr lov'i 

I for whim 

Iwayg had kiv'd best. 

' 1 did 1' cried she, ■ by this sweet k!a« ! 
' Aod what am 1 to do for thia i' 
Cried Huldber, ' bewItchlDg charmer I' 
■ I went,' cried ^e, > a polLihed armour, 
For Bweet Motta, Itnely boy 1 
Neit to my butband aU my }oy ? 
Come, do it neatly, — 

U look ai 


• Say Yes, now.' ' No T 
' Cruel, to bid me thua be gone I 
Kow, Bit, assist me, — 
Now resist mel 
See Venns wilh her cestui on t' 
' I'm off the hooks- 
How the Jade looki 1 
Wf mlodBhe^s wonnd to sudia^Ce^— 
I'm mnrder'd, ravlsh'd, flnng io a ditch I' 
Her fond careBBCs now confoimil him ; 
He cfiger calls the Cyclops round him : 
' By Styi, it ihall be doafr-nerer fear me t 
Ye one-eyed tbicbIs I don't you hear me !' 
Old TBultea >etDB now rebonnds ; 
Eciio the hoarse dedge-hrmiiuer sounds. 
Repeating ei'ry stroke and clang, 
As brawny Cyclops kndly bang. 

' Tliou'lt forge it daintily,' a^d she, 
' Trae to B tbonght ) now filve it me : 
Thus nm I arm'd I' Aod now we see 
HiDemtn the Queen of Love: 

The Kgia in her brilliant eyes i 
And In her hair while Cupids rove, 

She proudly bears away tbe prlie. 


Qua iheepshearlng orer, nuround the Ray board, 

With liearts full of ple&snn and ^ee I 
And whUe we partake of Its plentiful hoard. 

Who w> blitlw and so hi^py aa we ? 
Fnml that itaple, the wool, all onr conaeipieocs 
springs i— 

The Woolsack Is next to the Tbione ;* 
It a freedom Becares both to peasants and kings. 

Which In no other eODntry Is known ; 
It guards us awake, and presenes us asloep : — 
Night and day, then, thank Heaven, that gave na 
the sheep. 

When bleak iderdng winter comea on wltha frown. 

Froat ud snow clogging hedge, ditch, and atile, 
Annoying alike both the 'squire and the down, 

Wiapt In wool, we look round us and smile. 
md we sing of Its praises from ev'nlng tili morn, 

'Twould oar gratitude only increase : 
The dyiug old man and the lafiut new-born 

Are both kept alive by the fleece. 
Then how with tbe truth a fair pace can we keep. 
When In warmest expressloDB we apeak of tbe ihecp? 
No words are Buffldent, whate'er can be said. 

To speak mit its uses aloud; 
For It never forsakes us, — nay, after we're dead, 

It furnishes erea oar shroud. 
Nay, more; If the sheep, whileitranges our fldda. 

Fur oar wants all these comforts supplies, 
Faithful stil] to the last, to the butcher It yields. 

And for our dally nourishment dieiu 
Thus, living or dead, we its beneSCs reap ; — 
Then, ye aheepshearen, aing your true fHeud, the 


It blew great gnus, when gallant Tom 

Was taking in a saU ; 
And squalls came on in sight of home. 

That streogthen'd to ■ gale : 
Broad sheets of vivid H^tniog glar'd, 

Heflected by the main ; 
And even gallant Tom despair'd 

To see bis love again I 

The St 

! on I each rag aboard 

1 their awflU doom 

• We ut conEdmt Ihst onr mors inltlllgenl naden 
111 »C0I| aar tnrnrmlni IhoM w*o miy u« b* Bnn 
I (ha flcl, Ihit the Lord Uiuicellai, wlwae SHt la en 
le fTcotaue*, slwiyi aUnda an Ihe riglila( Lhe TVwk 

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Thsledcwustopp'dl the irisdi gisT duU ; 

Soldien and aaOora, where'er foud. 


Thia ia tho toaat,— Oken pot It ronnd. 

AdJ thetonnWp. slmort a hull, 

Hetc'a the King 1 and may hla ^ory 

U Uktj roch'd the dior.. 


WhOa truth and goodneaa U*e In itwy 1 

Tlu norm hwl n«>djn Yalnl 

Qui hearta' elector. 

And gvUant Tom, with true deUgbt, 

BshaU hli loyg igvln. 

And the Yeoman'i Friend. 

TheKlDgl Great Britaln-g pride and boaati 

Come, hcsrt and band, pot round the toaaL 


Now tot the Jors our bearti expud 




Taoo thhtk'it aioa -it mlgbty witty ; 

Roniid with the glut, and bo the tout 

But when such foola come on. 

Tlie navy and the aimj ; 

Sly anger', tura'd to inty. 

Nor, while we r«rlcH guard tlie eout. 

And aU my fury's gone. 

■ Ye fair I ihaU aught alarm ya. 

Uean thing., like thee, the lion. 

In aafetr to ptatttm yonr chanoi, 

A. I hare heard >em aay. 


Nobly dudaiuB to fly on. 

While commerce, conme, arta, ud tnu. 

But proudly walk. away. 

Huth forward lualliaoee.. 

So honat Tmy, to wound him | 

When yelping cue. auall. 
In acotnjnat h»ka around Urn, 

"*" . 

ffite Krnt Wat i «. tt»TM«M'i ^t{»Mft. 

Walka on, and wage hi. tidL 

prtTlaui ptMca, with ihi addliliHi of (no or tbnt new 

Liia other lubbera, itrock with dread, 

Tlur wcrt gcnenlly adtcted Iron •omtol hb optru ; 

n bin Uitnfiin iDtmduad Duly thoae that he wToie 

For I bad heard, and I had read, 

purpoKly rar Um Diecc.] ■ 

From riak no tar ia free. 

With vtaage grim. 

Gi.«i— HEALTHS. 

Death look, at him. 

U»« 'a « health to good Sir Thomaa,— 



On honea atanding, 

Who keepa all ca» and aonow from na ; 

Top<«iila handing. 

By all the county. 

Billowa rattling. 

For fail bounty, 

Call-d the Yeoman'i Friend. 

Yet Jack, adnndng. 

Bound wHh the bom 1 onr worthy boM 

Singing, d«>dng, 

In Ua own atlngo let na toast I 

Roaring, ranting, 

On eadk Hddlet and each >«unan 
Hay beattb attend) 

la alwayi panting 

To drub old En^and'. foes. 

«]io Oght the eauaa <d et'ry freemao, 

A friend had money got, and fame : 

■ Wouldat thou, my lad,' crM be. 

Of the nation. 

'Earn richu and ■ gloriona namel 

TheJoDy Yeoman'a Frtend. 

Jnat make a TOy'ge with me :— 

Soldien and aailon, where'er Grand, 

What though, ao grim. 

Thla U the toaat,~-theu pnt It ronnd. 

Death looks at htm, 

Here 'a the King I and may Ua ^017 

Aa the bold aaikn- goes > 
On horaea,' &c - 



While troth and guodueaa Uf e Id atoiyt 

I went aboard, to work tun'd to,- 1 

Oar hearU' elector, 

TenridimyMemlaBndwfCa, | 

The poor's protector, 

And now am foremoit o( the crew 

And the Yeoninn', Friend. 




What thon^, so grim, 
DesUi look* It Un, 

At moantiiii higti lu fotm 
Onhonu, &c. 

WiBow Walmil«f , >cwt« hsr hnibwid otli, 
A little won, and ntber old. 
But rollli^ in htr dcme'i gold, 

Wu opes to dealfDEn i 
Jba lint wetk, like Ui' EphMUo dame, 
Sba tank In grief; the next, the nme; 
The third, a tnmp of Imen came 

To touch Wliim Walnuler'i ihtnen. 
The ndghb'ring 'aqoire cbai'd her in Tleir, 
Whole Ibrtnse out et elbawt gmr ; 
And Iriah Jolmen, not a far. 

All sapp'd the tort like mtnan : 
They ogted, blaniied, MOag, and drew'd ; 
She nraUow'd er'iy tUiome Jeet ; 
TIU 'twm a bet, who flattered beat 

Would touch Widow Wahutej'e ehlnoa. 
A palattr knew what to be at : 
He drew ha Hiaincl ud Tom-cat, 
A CD)dd made her n^y brat — 

An adept 'moagst dealgnen ; 
QaTe to each wrinkle in her fiue 

Tnrn'd rtm^ to noootli at rr'ry trace, 
Td touch Widow Wolmdey'a ahlnen. 
VennllloD gnc'd her laDow cheek t 
On the canTaii, bnety, lUr, and aleek, 
A lirlng Venna wem'd to apeak ; 
TDl thia pattern of dcaignen. 
When he bad won the jolly daow, 
Uke hook-naa'd C«aar great fa fame, 
Wth hia leni, Ttdl, rid, came. 
And tooeh'd Widow Walmaley't shiner 

Cloien. Till na, lor I haTB nndentood 

That the adveat'iona sBilor'i life 
Be mortal full of wonndi and blood. 

And danger, peril, noise, and Mrifa. 
Sailirr. A ■aDor's toil's notqoite aoiweot 

Ai the atont labonrer's aihora : 
Yet ia hia pleaaore as complete 

A> yonrs can be, perhapi, and mora, 
Clom. Why] don't you Tentnra? don'tyonfi^! 

Don't daogei erery moment press ? 
Sailor, To do his king and eoontiy right, 

What honest Bilton wonM do leas i 
Both. No morbd la from danger free i 

Lift'* tweets and soma to all an gl^'n 1 
Wttefltar aahon or ont at sea, 

Onr Una an In the hands of Heat'n I 

CJowH. nthtt', this lumiRir watmt my heai 
I limg to go and see theae ilgbts ) 
We hare d (dcaaoK* but a part, — 
Bold ■alkn aeon to have ddighta. 

Sailor. Yet let me tonpt yon not to nam : 
Tree hapidness to all ia sent : 

CAWK. A nobler thooght my bosom warms,— 
I long of dssds of snaa to sing I 

SaUar. Well said, lad I glory hu Its chaims. 
And he dies well who aema hli King! 

BM. No mortal la IhiDi dangei (tee, &C. 

Tm pkngliman makei the fanows ; 

Tlie lower ipreadi the grain ; 
Wtiich grain the harrow borrtma. 

That It may spring again. 
The reaper's siclde reaps it, 

When yellow can appear | 
With flail the thraaher he^it it 

How many men mnst labonr ' 

Ere one man can be fed I 
Then sing the plooglmuui, and dng the aowci 

The harrower glTe hia dne ; 
The reaper, thrasher, and winnower nai 

And dnrty miller, too i 
Who could do noQiiBg without each otiier i 

Bnt when they "re all comUn'd, 
Uke EngUabmen, or 

Can tBceoor ail m 

NiaT Kdly the mQkmdd, in riiort-w«lited gown. 

All tlie airs of flie fssUon puts on, 
And emnjatea all Ibe fine ladies In town, 
Ai she flirts and coqnets it irith Jolm t 
Haatheaame Ta|dd stare, tiie same slide, the sa 
Ijob, ■ 
The same dgh wlthant heHng ot paadon | 
With the same rise and fan Uds her bosom to throb. 

They both have an equal regard : 
The lady owes only tea pounds ftir her etf, 

WhOe the milkmaid pays ten pence a yaid — 
So that, when at a distance, they'ie both Ite mud 

To eidte in the felloin a passltm ; 
The saiae Ibia dismay of bare necks andiedanni 
Both In Nell arid the lady of fashion. 



Tim* On pr u Tp b *■ renn'd : 'tw» the fanner 

And I b'tten the tUug't prettr neu right, 
A> mr Mt u Joui ms m good in the dark. 

Now Joan b u good In the Ugfat. 
So rd tuat Oe tat lidiea aboBt tkem to look, 

And to fed for themedTc* eonie eompunoo, 
Lert the benu Aonld mlitdu th£ perthcnuenuid 

For the notip^ w( 

HakkI lurk I 'til Qoodman Hartr'i knell 1 

The Tillage are In te>r> I 
Fhnn yonth Ide nf^boim lor'd Uni well, 

To a ripe length of jean. 
A> merer meek, and bee trooi gnOe 

E'en u hla fleecy fold, 
Hi* looki dlffos'd * gen'ial miUe, — 

Bnt now hla kneU li knoU'd. 
Awfdl and lolenin wu the call ; 

Yet shall it londly tell 
A lewon, grave, though iweet, to ad 

Who heard Will Heutr'a bull I 
• My Ule wu bffpj, hale, and atning ; 

Then da not wail or cry : 
The man who luowi he'i done no wrong, 

E'en with a emllc can die. 
My fnmB'i worn ont, yet I anrvive, — 

Vn that Death cumot kill ; 
Th' imnuirtal sonl shall erer Ure 

Theie were hie wisdi ; — hii ftlendi and wife 

These tmthi [cmcmber well, 
That not to death, bat to new life, 

Tfdl'd ont WUl Hearty'* kneU. 
Thia wn* the man tlkey lay in earth, — 

The flow'r of nutic pride, 
'Who lor'd hit Mend, lor'd hannlcai mirth; 

Conld lay bi* bond apon hii heart. 
And with dear eonadence ay, — 

•Obi Death I tbov hart for me no dart i 
lliou, grave L no vletoiy L' 

Thli wai the man once ev'ry year 
Of whom the pca*anla tdl, 

jThllB all the eoimtry flock to bear 

Jack TOW*d, M Es^asd left behind. 
To bold hi* Nancy dear bi mind ; 
Aul tUi Und raw did he 10 keep, 
He nigfatl; saw her In hla aleep : 
'Wdat io«ring thunder, raging leaa. 


lo held hi* Nancy to Ua heart : 

He wnka and fiNind 'twai but a dieam. 

Wak'd from hia dieau and Nancy'* ehamH 

By the hod dnim that beat to aims, 

Jttk nms'd from ao moch iweet ddi^t. 

And took hiaatatlDniiitheGglit. 

The French were tbiash'di night doa'd the m^n; 

iatk dream'd the battle o'er again : 

Then Fancy play'd her unal part, — 

He beld bis Nancy to hla heart: 

Alaa 1 things are not what they aeem 1 

He woke, and (band It bnt a dnam. 

One night, «. fool mafidons fiend, 
Jjke a nightmare, acroai hhn leaa'd, 
Stole Nancy'a inctare, and the diBnn 
That she had biac'd upon hi* arm ; 
Then, a* *he aeem'd to breathe bar bit, 
A frightful monster held her &*t, 
Threat'uing he ahonU from Nancy part. 
No more to pre** ber to bi* heart : 
Jack g»Te in agony a icream. 
Then smii'd, to find 'twas but a dream. 

Next mora a Tesicl hore In light ; 

An enemy 1— Hot grew th* fight 1 

She stnck, — n Inig of largeat alxe, — 

And Jack mnde England with the prize ; 

Reiieb'd home, where Nancy long had wept, 

And, sore Miga'i, tum'd In and slept : 

Bnt tnitb, aasumlng Fancy's part. 

He beld his Nancy to hi* heart ; 

Nor u at sea did theHs thlnga leem,— 

Ue woke, and found 'twaa not a dream. 

You hare all of yon beard abimt Bayi'a eclipse. 

Which, he saya, by inTariable b« 
Is perform'd by the mn, moon, and tailh, as each 

TBI they cha**te and pass varlons ways ; 
WUle the apheiea, ai their fiddler, atiike np a 

T)U they're all of them ■<«rir<ng the hay*. 
So Mlaa Dimple'a threa Iotctb laid claim to ha 

Cqptain Sqneak, Poet Scnwl, and Beaa Frill i 
Ecllpdng each other, Hiey each dane'd a part. 

To g^ the dear ereatnn'* good win. 
The captabi itow'd, awore, ^ek'd hb teeth, 
lonng'd, and loU'd; 

The bard cried her up In Us byi ; 
The bean her fine bead-diesa and aedilMe extoU'd ; 

Of affection all daudng the hayi. 

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Each eock-iort be ilionld make ha Ms farids. 
In thdt anoroiu fridica ahe let them go on, 

Let them promite, and Batter, and gaze ; 
nil, in total edipae, she elop'd irith big Jolm, 

And left tbem all dasdug the hajs. 

BalTAVHldt'B Tuuae, from age to age, 

Hu like her dSfh Mood f^t, 
And promlaes, in hiafrf't paga, 

la honour loog to last. 
Her uQon, mien of the lea, — 

Her ■oldiers, of that K^ 
On which th' indoitiions peuautrf , 

To giia it value, toil ;— 
AU, aU ahaU baU Britannla-i name, 
Bf glorj handed dovn to fame I 
Then aing our tare, vho boldly roam 

Onr ^Dry to inaan ; 
And ring onr addien, vho at home 

That glory well Kcnn ; 
And dng onr peasants, at a mird 

Who, of meokiad the friend, 
Wonld tnin each ploughshaiB to a gwoi 

Their conntry to dafcod. 

ti glory hands it dowi 


Tm dinner-party bow sfriTB; 

The dioner-hoor is fonr ; 
Tliey conrt'sy, bow ; tbe dock atrikei Stb ; 

The crowd growi more and more g 
The sweet Iffisi Ghaatly, Mr. Lsiiga, 

Hlsa Giggle, Mr. Sqneak, 
Begin to eierdse thai tongnta, 
And all together apeak. 
[DesDrlptlon oftlieeootenatlon before dinner.] 
Their mirth and thdr spirits are now all gone J 

To ehatter no longer they 're able ; 
Andjiut as they're ei'ry one yawning, John 
AoDonncea that lUimer '* on taUe. 
Now listen to the motley gronp : 

Some acddenta th^ pleasures cross, 

Ai wit and bnnipers fly, — 
VnsX Whiffle ipilla the lobater-sance 

Thns In health and good wlslies the lime steals (m. 

All taltlog and nobody thinking ; 
The gentlemen riae, — the ladles are gone ; 

And er'ry one acts into drinking. 

EIx bnmper toasb, with three ttmei three, 

Cheeqner the jovial song ; 
The sentiment, the catch, the glee, 

■mi qIhii the time prolong. 
Healths, apeeche*, politics, and ndse. 

Pervade tbe glorious sport ; 
And, as they boast, these jovial boya 

Pass Burgundy and port. 
[DeKriptlnn Df thi caaviiiuUoii after dinner.] 
Thus they drink and they revel, and riot and roart 

Till pretty near gone each blade la ; 
And when they have awntlow'd a few bnmpera 

They all ataggar la 

> the ladlea. 


[Althonrhthli HB^waslntfodiiMil Into thlienter- 

Sbakipetre. hdd at stniroid-upon Afon, an !1(bl. t, 
17CK, Diiderlhf anplcHiirDaildGurtcli. Tbe<nttnd. 
•d pageant wai, bowTTcr. In a great nauare (Vutnlnl 

Ctir any king be half so great, 

So kind, BO good, as I ? 
I give the hungry rbod to eat, 

And liquor to the dry. 
My labour 'a hard ; but atffl 'tis sweet, 

And easy to endure ; 
For, while I toD to thnuh the wheat, 

I comlbrt rich and poor. 

If tnm wheat flie bread it ban, 

Onr mlseites to cheer, 
'Ti» merry Sr John Barleycorn 

Supplies ua with the beer: 
Besides, whihi thus 1 thraah tbe com. 

Our pleasures to insure, 
1 for my nclghboura' good waa born 

A baker and a brewer ; 
For I bake, and I brew, as I swing round my flail. 
To provide them with bread and a mug of blown ale. 

'Tla tbr myaelf, iriien oU la aaid, 

1 work thus with such glee ; 
For if for others I make bread, 

My labour 'a bread to me. 
For othee mouth* I moat provide ; 

My chlldieu must be fed ; 
My wUe, and some sick friend beside, 

Who cannot earn hia bread. 
WQi these notions I nkcrrily swing round my Bai], 
Hy reward, when work '■ over, a mug pr brown ale. 

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And what, my mortal iu< neu rnn, 

All tiril ud libooi Tiln, 
A jollT thrasher, ibill mT kon 

Hli crarr dad mBlntnfai. 
Thm vUl I work, sod langbi and dag. 

And (t my thiuUng toll, 
Unlew I'm call'd OD by my Uog 

Td gaud my nattra Mil ; — 
Tten, aecuitoni'd to tliiwhing, 111 nrlng ronnd mf 

And tbraah the pro«d to, to aaaae my tmnn ale. 


Wi are all of ui lab'ien, and smack of the aoil, 
InUfe'ii Tiueyardby Pravidsnce dettla'd to toil; 
The iiS'itaee scarce more thou 'twixt tiro giaiiii 

We tare ploagti the ocean, while yon plough the 

For the prodoca of distant poswHton* m mam, — 
You 're coatent to ln:^>n>Te 

Onder iife'a lieaTy burden U any on* groans, 
Andwoold mntiiiy — Air in all Urea there are drones, 
n Ui llAi ont of ^ty, bnt torn ont the man, 
une bless'd comtltntion to flnd-^f he can; 
Bnt let na, wlui, ladutrlons, are wllUng to thrire, 

k fiu sweets d creatlOD, to nortnra tlu hhra g 
Hail irith m'lenee the earth aa our aatiiral motlur, 
That glrca us to eranftxt and cherisli eacli otiier. 

By iodiutrlon* exerUona we both of «« lln I 
We In England wtQi atorca of alLeoantiici arrlre ; 
Ton freiglit oa from En^and,onr talli are nnftirl'd, 
And we bear ou' own produce to clieiiih tba worid. 
Urns, wbetlier we labour at aea or ashore, 
JEv'ry man lenda Ua ndta to the general store ; 
And it Diacord's fell brata in the cmdle yoa'd 

Heart and hand be united, and clifirSah each other* 


I roaon what Sterne says In bis Ch^tcr of Noses, 
With laughter to m«ke oar ^des ache ; 

Bat I tUnk, Uke tsTnter, he ang'ring npposei 
Good or 111 from their shape and Iheb make. 

Qnt I'll let both alone, with eadi akit or reflectlos, 
Ae they spar or togefiur agree i 

And oplain the effect, In my «wn leeollaction. 

Cock'd-i^ noaes are part, ai 

A Sne atately nose may sometlmfs Ude ■ de*ll. 

And an angel may beam in a annb: 
The flat Doae, Uke n platter. Is searedy wortt 

The sharp ddsb is a pretty good sort ; 
The mnlherry nose, that HkeBardolpli'aialbinlng, 
Blakes one think of good claret and port. 

Yonr flneGredan nose,Bboatirtildi they so tease VM, 

For a nose dionld bebeantihl, if it wooldpleise DS, 

And the troe line of bisaty 's a Carre. 
The old Romans* hoolt'd noses wen guards la 

Tbey cnt all flwtr enemka down. 

Alter all, « good nose Is • genenna ftatnre, — 

To tike face gtni ui decant air i 
It lends ^aee to m^, la the type of good-n^n 

Pale, mby, dqness'd, or elate, 
Aa a raicff aa aharp, aa a faUlhook aa crook'd^ 
Nerer mind, lo the heart ia but atnlght. - 

FaoH the larii'a ptayfol notes in the morning. 

To the nightingale'* waiWe u ere, 
What charms are the coantry adorning I 

What joya we from Nature recdn I 
In her concert, flungh dmple yet glowtog. 

Bird and lM»t bear a prindpal put i 
While thdr harmony aweetly la flowing 

To er'ry rece« of the heart. 

Of the air, and of sliea, and thirds ; 
How madL richer oar mnsle, while walking 

To the air ot the field* and the Urds I 
Hoslc'i bnt Imitation of natore: 

What chanee, my (ace set to the weather, 

That if so be as I 
In Ub takes reogbs and smooUia togetba ? 

Ve all D(n* matt die. 

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Of how, or vlien, (a «lia« ? 
Tkco ^xnt tlw grog, and Im^ at rannr I 

Let er'rr bait b« (oand ; 
Kor can a rapift-aii, thoogh to-marow 

Wi all ut oatward baand. 

Jnit hear the chaidaia'a itorr, ^wisg 

With aO that'a good and wIm ; 
Ha nraba Us bovs, wUli tear* are ftawing— 

The icappcra an hla eyei. 
He talk) In tsma to melt a lubber ; 

n he'U pr 


lo DMifinff f one eouJd almoat Rubber ^— 
Bnt that ■■ all in hii wa;. 

Come, iport the grog, Ikn. 

That nld an grie*tag 1» a A% ; 

And 1^ beridaa, aara he, 
' That tar, thoagh ha ma; lore dndl atocki 

Ottttu, and (Ig, and ^ort, 
In 'a fcingi and irib, and friend who ^orlea, 

mn ind In beaT*n a port!' 

Then iport the giog, && 

And gaaping ahonld he lay, 
To vhinpo, or (Mm death to auttcb Urn, 

Piaj which It the beat way ? 
No I tada t in a^ts tf er'rr lailer. 

Who ancconn all he can 
Wm prare not on]; the beat tailor, 

Bat, 1 Bay, the bcrt man. 

Then iport the grog, ike 

llen<r !■ natnn In a tar. 

And beat becoma Hie bnlTC ; — 
He tl mah whoe death and dinger Jw, 

And eratqns bnt to tare. 
Tod'Q hear from er'ry one too meet 

The blow on Ftanee ora'n hnri'd )— 
They're dnibb'd ; we're oabb'd the Kudan fleet. 

And aav'd, pethapa, the world. 

Then apoit the grag, (kc 

IBM. Ttae tTtDti 

pardoned, particolvlr hy 

I ted to ita> lltbi Bf tbi 
_ Portsfal to Um Bmili, (Kw Ihil li 
by ' Ttw Prncmofffitt of this 0ra£iD^ 


their capllal oa Ui* Wlb el 

That the wmng'd F<stngueae wlQ thdr hononi re> 

Onoa mora the ally and Hw brother of Sp^n. 
We can cooqner a ftw, oar just righta to dcftnd; 
But we can do bettiT — can Koccoiir a friend. 
Thoa the trumpet of Fame ahall aovnd i«ect t» 

the brave ) 
For, though noble to Tanqniab, 'Ut nobln lo tin. 

fnjtcl fi>r bnmlltetlTif i 

37,«Mmen, unleF Jnnol. . 

Biyonac Rn Pomgal, in ord er to compel Uutpwer 

Ueh, the Prince 
11 Ibe'piBtB In bl( dmntalDaa (a ha 
I^U. On the 37th_af thaj 

ice lad Spain, i^ 

llmnudlalriy eater 

that eoantiTF r » 

conqiMal or Parlagal ) end oa Nor. Id, Napetegp da- 
clued that the Hooea of Bnt""^ 'ad Ak eicr eceacd 
to rel(n. The teUe eoniaiatnt «( Utban, aeatctd 
tiT France, and InlhBliIated by En^ead, ma fcerfU of 
Jeliiliif ilUiei at Ihna paim, wlw were aUe dle- 
•atltfled with lli ladecWoD. The Vraaeb amy, ondtr 
JoDol, at leaidi advanced late her tortHvy, end 
...._.. ._ iijniBllaa fteai the capitali 
Mat Mni InoiBBt of lie •]*■ 

'IMlralamlnf ilui- 

' ejT Bi Mily by 

qncace D( Ihli iDtelHgeaee vu, Uie_proJHTl«l Sight 

bla Ualeetf ■ FkiU 
-_ lo the Bigbt Ho 
ilalcaty'e Madpal Beonry of Stata Aw Foetta 

the PrlDce Refcntof Portaitl bee tAeled a 
uid tnamunlmoiia pnrpcee or ratlrlnf IWib a hi 
-'■■-'■>■ " — > looier lef-'- —■ — •»- 

Ihli day d^Hitcd Itom Uibea, ^-- ^- _--. 

wiy to the Bndli. nnrter aaeaeonofaBrttlibaeec. 

i dtcrae ma pabUtbed yeaierday. Id vhlch lb* 
Prlaea Rwnt aaBooneed bli iDteotton of nUjinf In 
lb* city of ttla Jaaelra nntU the condniloB ofi gnent 
peecit end af uipolndng a ngency to Kaiuact the 
(dmlnletrathni of (ainnmeBl at Lteboo daring hU 
royal hlgbncaa'a ahaa nc e from Enrope. 

TUt oanlnt the nirtntiHH len left the Tegiia, I 
had the boneor toeccoDpuy tbe Print* Id bli pMev* 
o*«rlheber. Tbe >eet esnriitedar cMitHllaf the 
Uh^ four large Mgatca, iennl umMlbflfi, iloope, 
•ad eorTettee.ud anoaber of BnuU ttdpit amoanttat, 

beUnii to Olny-.eiz tall In the irbolc. They paeeed 
hnsfh IhiBrllWi eqaadroBt and hla Ifajcaty'aablpi 
ilrcd a iahite of tirenty-one gam, wfatch waa letanwl 
■itb an eqnil nimber. A nnre Intereetliif eiHCIiICIa 
than that iStrUtA by tha JoDctioa of the ikd flceU bae 

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<Mr plebin tha bet ;—A, m^d sitloB of 

To Mr hoDoortnpMlii <» nr eoDitga dfpendi : 
We ty to tbdr nictaw I atiT Aag ia ooftiri'd. 
And m (old* a lAola pi^^a to hA m nnr 

Ob qnlWof Um PilBca BafMTi (Up, I npdnd on 
kHid Iki BArbI* I M(>«tBi»d ImuiUUI^ HcaB. 

Kiltd In Sir SIdiHT Sailtb, Irtuia I pCHcnud W th< 

wllh lb* BOH mwkwl Mid (rmclMa wnilnoiBilnB. 

1 l«n tlwwU U eipcdiait lo laM M Uiu 1b cs«- 
mBDlatlBC taMr Ulimft fonnnnttta l»pwUDt 
lDUIllt*Ma craMlaal Id OOt dnpudi. 

I ban Ik* howrlo b*. ftc. he. 

AdmliiHT (Ml«. DW' 31, 1807. 
Dttpatebat, of *wti]£h iba fOUowlu va cxtracta, 
•nra raerlnd u tbla oflc* oa SUuidsirlaat, by Cntmla 
rao, at Ui H^aitT'i lUigp llM ConAasia, ba Raar- 
Admknl Sir WUIlua Sldaar Sallh, addiwHd (a tha 
Baa. William WeU«l<T '"!*■ 

wtM aruu Tipia, DhTI, IW. 

Hr,— Id B tonar dopauli, datad lb* aod aad MUi 

Monabn. I narayad lo jtit, let tba laAnBHOoB di 

■r larda caninkBlman at tba AdMlnltr, Ika pioafl 

■ 'iDtbanrioaadaei ' ""^ 

■aof Uw Fottanfa 

aal, wUlc Iba^Bd 

(BBTdid. MlUta niriacta i 
d(UlB*d I Md ItlbMafM* b« 

tba FrtBck a(n,B*lob*na«qBtaaeadta«iUlBd»- 
maad* at rnD(aopantls(a|BlD*tOraM Britain. Tba 
diairlbuilM of tba Fottanfaa faiea wia mtOt wkaUy 
t iba^BddUa waa laft lauUT BB- 


Lard StiUfAiid acndOf irith BB IbBi baatlUtT dtould 
te mat bTbosUHtr, tka bladlada «M bMlllBta^ and 

laatlan Iba Int aU«4 adoptad by bla H^aatfi 
MTKuaaDt, Bt epaabt a i*(B(a fin tb* bald of A* 

paiFotBl BIBB ud basifBl iDtaanc* of tb* bbbbt, I 
tbsBfbtltBrAatr toadapt A* maau o«d inn, of 
aadcBTeaiiBctolBdDeatbfFttaeBBafBBiaf PortniBl 
Id neoDildBr hli Mdaloa, ■ to bbIIo bbnalf wUb^a 
aotmaatit or anrna.- and •» nceUaet ibat b* had paa. 
■ mal 1 B I OD Ibatof^martaa, Bfftadlaf bb bmIb balanca 
for BBT aamll** ha Bight auk* ban, and AVM irtUeb 
ka waald b* oMMbr (b« MtBMOtBuUlBainrfUe, 
Aa tcrmlBBtlaB of wtlih asBid ngl b* dktatad by tb* 
aamblDBtlaD of tk* ooatlBaBtBl pavan oi Xorn*. 

In Oili flav, Lord MrBOtfoid^kaTlDt raedicd as «c- 
ndaaaaBaa to Iba prapsaltlgD wUcb bad b**B mad* kT 
Bi, for Ui lorMilp Mland and aanlhr irttt tba FriDc* 
Batast OBdar Iba nuuil** of a la* of traae, I ftu- 
DlXad Ma kKddiln irith IbM eoBHiiBnea BBd aaenritir, 
bi ordar ikat kamUiflTB to tb* srisc* lk*l csDUasea 
BBllad wltb IkBt of a BrlUab tdaUral, ceauTaot Ul te 
lupli* towardi iBdadDB Ua totbI fcijfc— ■ to tbrow 
kimadf and bli A**t iDto tbi ansa afOiaM BriulB, Id 
partest raUaaa OB Iha Uh^ oraitosUDf B fcread act 
of appartnt bo«UUtT afBlut Ua da( BBd intiaclm BBd 
anaUlablBf Ui inBl tdfbnai*^ (oirBBBWDt Is U* 
vUramarlna pDmB*lani, a* oIiIdbIIt promlaad.' 

I bm BOW tb* baarlfklt aaMMtOB of BDbcmriag 
to TBD, ikat oBT bopm and aapadatlaBB kiva baav 
rHliMdl»tk*ntmait*Ktal. Ob lb* nor^Bf of Iba 
3Mb BldBta, tka Pmmhm daatcame artat IbaTBfa* 
irlik bU rml kl^sm* tk* Frine* or BraaU aBd tka 
vholB af tka ni|nl (UbUt of BniUM od board, 
(ontkar wltb tauij of bla (lUkAil eaaB**Uon Bad 
•UanBta, a* vail at otbar paraaaa anacked to Ua 
praaaat lim«B«. lUi daat sf dJAt tall of tb* Ub*^ 
few trimum, t« bil«a, and osa icbosBai, wltb b 
croird (tf larf* annad ib«i 
aadir Ika protaeUaB of lb 
Brlaf of ■ ra alp ro ta l mli 

■ tB*<etB*IB. 

J bMuld*r (aicapt tba FnBck anrr oB 
tb tba meat tiTalT ameHaB of (TBlltBL ta 
— . Ikat tkan Tat ailMd * pomriB lb* wocid 
mil a* Bllliu to pnlast tka appaaaaad. 


tamo OBI or Ik* TB(aa, irMek I mitm ftom tba 

Prt nd p* Boila to par BT iMt of mpact BBd aeofrata. 
laHoB lo Ml coial IdibMB Ika Priaea of Bi^l, rto 
<n> lobBibad Ib tkai aklp. 1 alMi aBda** tb* UM « 
tbaac teft btklBd. Tk* abMIC* of bat ob* af Ik* fOnr 

aba bttBf BBdar npalr I h*r fa* kBTa ktao —plarad 
lo arm Ik* PnllaaLM,B now akl&BBd ooa of Ihaaa 
vhlab ouB* oat wllk tb* prtn**. Ac olbai Ibna ira 
BKTB balka | ud tbn* ll alaa on* (blp bb tka aloA^ 
tb* Piladp* KffBBl*. bol aka la bdIt la fraaa*. 

Tlv prfae* aaM a**(T >klBt tkoi tk* maN aoidtal 
fMlBfa a( (ntlIDd* loinrda, aad eoBddiBC* 1b, Ub 
Hajaatr **d lb* Bridab BatloB, Blfbt b* nppo**d la 

1 kara by alfnal [fiirwtlumBootbKmadtafaaa. 
mnalntlBt la tbk wialbirl dlrnlad OaplalD Moon lo 
tb* Uaribanofh, «ltk Iba lAodOB, HaDarA, and 
Badtbid, ID aUrbrtbabodTof Ik* PortSfBaaa (Ml. 
and to reodac II arair aaalalaim: I baep Ib tka 
HlbarBla. elaa* to Ik* prlBc*^ (blp. 

I bara tka hcmnur to ba. ft*, ft*. 

W. SiBMBt >nn. 

llaboold ba Botlnd. tbU tka Praucb took p«H«lia 
of IiMhw «n Iba Ttrj day alUr Ika PiIbh Banal 
qalOadk, and tbat tb* PotUnfaa Ital aafdf aiittd 
tt Bio Jaaaln ob iba S7tk of Jamurr, UH. 

lliBB Iba klofdoa af PoRotal, ai mil ■ Aat af 
BpalB.BOK baeBBB vU^T aoSlacl U <k* wllli^Na. 
polaoB, wha mada iaBot it* ■dwwbb. Ib > Tair ■'"^ 
Uma, kaw*Tar,botb of Ibaaa Bathua grtw braitli) 


: apprsaaiao* 
latiaMWBt* I 

■a Bathua grtw baitu« tlrad 
IB iBtrUebtbarnnplacgd, 
kkb tbar kad lo aadma. Al 


ofScrUla hd^ ftnMrip di 

Ob tk* tmk of lb* *>■• BOBin a lonaldabl* laM*n« 

tloo of Iba PartBfBBBa Blaobiakaoat at OpaitOk hiadad 

saiB of lb* klBf 


br tha Uabap of am 
npliUaUii ' — 


B(BttBoaannd bpthanhtttf 
UOk br tba IpaBtanli aad tka 
dvtafuntd oa aaBdlBB oat bb 

- jlaUBcai BBdobtbalJIkofiatT 

absol HJWm*B, BBdar Ika ooBmand af [' 

JlHb«rWaUa*lai,(t — -^ -^^ 

to%] aataall Aob Cart, nd 

b* proocedcd to Opi 

iBfhaldMiletmoalao BaOdeBllp urou io d*t*[ lb* 
ta repel IktB, ll* mot OB to eoBlki wlib Adminl Sir 
Cbulia CotloB, who eommandtd off LhbOB, t( to Ika 
pmUoibUlCT BBd pindaoea at toralH O* antiiBta to 
theTagBi,iuul>U*ehlB«lkB«>nataaMilclal«r. Sir 
Aitkni hsB ncalTfd a lattar Itosi Obb. Spanev, vka 
ma tkao off Cadla wHb Aost «,0M b*b, amiiBc Oial 
tb* luilB of Serill* daellBBd t« mdn Ik* aid of lb* 
BilUah, aa tkcT Mt thmaalfM atroBf aaavh to ^pal 
tha aaamy wltkoat II. H< tberafU* ordartd C*a. 
Sp*iien aod bl* troop* la bdU* with Ua owb, and 
naoind oa altaiaDtln* tha total tipolatoB of tto 
A«atdlB|lT, kniflt mad* 



TbCDtnim Aithnr'araaDil table, k> tuuiu foril|hta, 
Let poitmtT ring of our tnic BriUih fcnl^U, — 
Wkat eqilalti thei'n psrfom'd, and vbU Ticto- 

teith ud WeDeder tlull »ult In Uia neocdi of 

And thtt p^aiD our nmalj ahall best pleue Uie 

Ib which HeiT'ii gt-n ni ikt'rj & people to hto. 


Au ]nn who hne Bgbt hecb, 

Diaee to the {dpe end tehw) 

At oimiti7 dsnca and at reeli 

IV; how wcO TDO c«n tabonr. 

tta Pnodi ■JUT, ha dateni^iHd on UuUflf U* ftfMO 

llnteUlnDC* fcoB lh« BrllUh cnmrnat AM 
itf(^ BMn, nnikrOnianl AnetnMbv, wh 

" — --.- ud Ihu U,0«l*wn,niid« 

■paidlto fUlow. The liwpa 

, . , J. ik» e Awm d gaatd, enihe 

Mh or AuuL mnvbid fonmd on <hi »d to lUwB. 
On the Ififc £• umr raKhid Ldili) ud an ib« IMh 
the adnsad nnd ewM 19 with a lotr of tb* 
Vlwih il OMoo^ end Aon Uu In. On the IMi 
IhemarhalUd, end thainunl dcKmlned on utiek- 
l*C Ifai a«T ■> B^atn •■ the (eUcwtnc dar- TIhIt 
Am ■BAnalad u iIbbC AMO ihi^ «< whom (boal 
« plwas If isnaoB. n^r 
«l Labodei and IbaB wh 

, 1^ WW imncid aeondlnftj. An eBgigi. 

BotaaoM^and tba eaenr wan ddinnd wHh ■ 1*M 
«r ebsat 1,M0 dhi, and Ihne ^aca* of caoniB. On 
ihalMh tbeBrldAaiBTBeTcdtoLonrinh^ uipi«. 
MM th* laadlu Bad «Kk( UwJbbmIod of Iha Impa 
iPDd> Gannnl InatraOa | after vfaldi they naDBkad 
tbili MDtt (onrdeUibaa. Jnaol, hadnc beee la- 
(braud a€ Iha lana rabiftanBnit Dpcclad undar 
Sir John Moan, daunnlnid to nOnek Iha BHtbh 
prior 10 Ht arrinll For thie pvpoai^ ha kft Uibei^ 
with niarli Iba whok of the Itorm nnder hli cob. 
BiBvLaadMllBwUbSltAilhwal Vhnelni on the 
OMmtng of Iha 31al, whan a haid-fhadii haltlt MBk 
nlBa.^nt I'leneh, wHh dwd bnwHU, aHacked Ow 
BilHah «1lh tbrir uual Impatudtr : thir "na alie 
bat with the baronet and ngonnalj rapabed, Thty 
r iBwred IbelT allacka scBln end eeeln waa* as lAen 
dftoa baek, and at Uatled hotatha^arB. In tfik 
battle ihe titaA loel thlMcea pleaan of eanoiin, 
lnklll«d,waandeit andm^tag. One (CDnl eaear 
wae UUaiL aad aaottur wounded ud uku pdaader. 
The BDfttiii loel aoHBnted, Id th* whole, to naailT 1 ,000 
mu. •aehmatbenaollDf IbebatllaofinBelra. 

After the dbaBaJUauair the battle had heeaewde, 
Ur H. Bantrd entied et the >c*De vt a^UgB, bat 


And tengh away nil sorrow; 
llnis with the mfantes flies, — 

Then cnre nnd bwtble buyi 
Tbongh wo abmld be merry and wlee, 

•tit iinmrttiniia wise to be nenry. 

To-monow's n d«w day. 

That may aome samnr be bilngfaig; 
Hen froUc and foot It nway, 

And spoid tUs In daadng and ■'-[|<^ 
Come, lads, we 'to nothing to do 
"nun to be blithe and jolly ;— 
Thimas shall foot it to Sne, 
• And Hodge shall cioaa over to Molly. 

Time with the mluata flies, &c 

army. On the XInd Sir Hew Dalrrmple, who had 
beeo called ftvm hi* alloatlaD of lieownaDt-coTvnor 
of OlbnUer la tab* the osBuand of all the BiiUeh 
tnwaa east out to PoRnt*], raachad dnua, Iha placa 
lowhkh the army had mond after tbebMU*. Wlbln 
a taw bonra aflir Ua bhItbI, ■ laf of Owe taue 
ftoa Jwwl, propoalat * aaaiallBa of beaiUldea, la 
«der thai ■ tmty ml(hl be eniand1nU,bi lAlch 
the n*BchshonM*ncaeten»te|aL The eeiatinud 
CmnntlBaar ClnBa was thu saeladad, by which 

BaHt, at lie own apeaaa, ahonld prorlde iraaiporia 
tor Ihe amiw an co Of Ih* whole U ana et Ihe |»ru 
betwoM KechaAnt and UOrienti and that Ih* French 
tioope, on being '■»"<**<, atuwld be ImnwdlalcJy em. 
pswRed again te esre egalaal tb* BriUdi. 

After Ib* eneelalloH wUeh had ban raiaed hy tb* 
Bawa of th* daAat et the French at Ihe balda et 
VliBcIra, ihla eonenUon waa In Ei^and eonsldand 
dlmeeiU In the annaBe. Vhdant dehata* on Um 
aoMtet iBoh plae* In betb hona*a at Farlleieani ; and 
and was the dl — HrtiMm cnsied thnogbeM iht 

le appo lnled by th* 
aecudvUhaohamUlaUBf alrsaty. Thaeoart ad at 
Chcalaaa on lb* 17th of Narenbae) and lb* rsalt wee 
that Sir Baw Valrymple «ae nprlauded. 
Mbdln wee ceftalidy nitlw ptaaaaBne, )■ ao Knn 

thla aoof ia an atroBgly dwmctailsed.Paitiiial was, lonw 
UsoaBwoidB.'dsaradfnnplRiee' bntfOraTaiyihan 
peitodi br en Uarah 19, IHI, It was aolB Inraded 
by (he Frsacb nnder Marahal Sooli: andlttook 'Bit 
Aitbat' Boof yaan of auaaab* labour and rlgllaaee, 
at the cipenae of.Bocb British blood end InaBore, 
ecala lo enil tbam. As U the 'nelantlon ' of the 
SnfaBSBa,I>lbdlnnanrUTSdtDBeelt*fhcted: iMteed, 
it did net hte pleea Ull Marly sann yeiie after hia 
death. Tba Port^naa* nyel fiaily did not qull the 
Knrila lUi the year till i and nenr art foot 
la Pami(al anhi nil the dih of JBly in ihat ysab 
when tbay landed et Lliben, aflaru BbeennefMBdr 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


ODES, k,, 


Mm B»K»vk or tbs NvmAti or tmi Psnci 

«l>p PaiHcui or WthMM. 

ttm In Apdl. I7», (nfrlk »tertali>wnt or Gnu 

JAh, or a lyfp to On Autpada.} 

Dwcin, ud couecrate, ;« natA tflns, 
Th« initial ritca of Osorge ud Cmdloel 
Nar«iiited,Qorinvok'd; but irlng jnor waj, 
Tonndna liuplr'd, nf BlgbtT tlnag t 'oboT. 
4ud lint, nnet PtdrhpimU, moM irfKnmd, 
nbrate thr lyn i ud while than ^read'it unud, 

Tky npt'rtnu lbs, n Kft, n thiflUng, 

Fa mel rale i^ nbm it t^ coDtnd I 

Stnln (bDowlag ibtbii, 

AgilB mod pt ■■■III I 

Come! with tk; mdodr oitnnee mj laiglBg hmI. 

In ^Uing nuMore divm to that 

Tbs plBjM njnph, TeqMkhan ) 

Wth MM, lad gnM^ tnd look ■ikknco, 

Hm pantliif bcwnn boning, 

At, twining, twisting, tnrnLaj;, 

FUie, Aekle love, ihall the deplon. 

Bid hsr bdidd, with glad nuprlH, 
Her mirtron In Lore's tender nrCii ; 

A piiDMM cornea to hlM ODT ide, 

WlMMa ftmihall e^tlnla an ejo. 
And lAoae enB|da iz all hearti I 
Bid her the tnooUbm tni to drr i 
To dlidp*te the det^-hear'd ri^ ; 

To Rnoath her low'rliig brow, and nnile. 
And jidn, acocmqiuiied bj Utee, 
Tha pl^fbl n7Vi[di, Teipilchare. 

Now dunie ttn itnin, and to thy (peQ 
Idiglitf Calliope eonqMl, 
PUldaflnf asiide hitt'i;*i page ; 
Bd her OnuilB bring. 


Bat hnric I vjfoa the eu what nulie itran 
Oeana the free air ?— "Ha gay Enterpe'i tr«o ; 
That i^nn bnn and >■— -ly triadf lend, 
mth honi, and flageolet, and eaten reed. 
And fltit, the bom, whose meDow kruhI 

Wakea Echo in the bollow rocka 
r iB^die the fcet MgadOBs hound. 
Where, to unearth the subtle tbx, 
Tba Ib^ealet alaU imitate 
The featWd aongatir, iir Ua mate 
SeqMstar'd is Oe oouadons grove, 
' " batLoti. 

And ncnr, ai the lorn nightingale 
Haorni HuQjr in the peaalre vale, 

Dar'a labour at an end, 
RnatiEs the winding due* aballiewl 
To (be eadotee of Euterpe's reed. 

Whose woes Ind no relief, 
Whoaa mind's best jo; *s the Bodal te 
Whose huOTT Is giisL 

Bnt let the torn 

Be hallow'd that iveet sympathr 

That mooms fbr othns' woe I 

Noi than, Thalia, gay and film, 
Skolk where bddnd thy made thoa't 

Crane forth, with froUc, wit, and whfan i 
Roue alnggard DnUneaa, as lie'a skefdi 

With boncat gibe and moral jetr, 
And hnmoor, houosT's cause utoming. 

Come, diadpata tbj slater's tor. 
As cheers (be snn so April morning. 

Say, as ba gtlef thon Ud'st hsr dry— 
Each passion '■ Tiitna In its laasoB— 

That, as 'tis Sdly load to cry, 
80, IsngUni kind li saB^boea rrasiia 


BcgDoe I dip«na Ska ,*fa( 

To bhw Olrmpiu fly] 

Tben, plac'd onhl^ 

ihe eelcitial*, In UibIc TMMte bow'Tt, 

FlsjwUli ttx «dUm, ud coont b daddoy 

Strike Uia kmd iphent, 

I^octaiiniiig CMoUna't nDCqntlTd pntael 
Harwladim let ftnncrT>ftu) 

Ood* In troopi rttwidlBg, 

WeUplu'dtronU^CHTnvubBAiBI ' 

WhOe iportin Ncnida gajlj gns 

Tb« tplodid Tsclit to Napfaua'i ww«. 

I baid (U Jam by Stji dsdva 

He se'ct MW nurtal half w fill ; 

VUle Jnmo omM he'd ne'er kncnrn atiilfc, 

Could ihe like Iter, h>Te prov'd ■ wife : 

Bfincrrm Wkd, fRtmd te eitol hCTt 

She'd ahnyi been her i^tcrt •elulai'i 

Again lur miiroi, and fSHt 

Venui tegnided, bnt In veiat 

Then nbb'd the nAce— 'twM not rigU,— 

And Ribb'd, and nibb'd. 

And rabb'd, and rnbb'd, — 
At lut ibe brake it, out ttf tfite. 
One caU'd for neetir— ' Ch> aod rip,' 
Cried Hdw, 'nectar from her Up;' 
Hh* proadly nld he •>« ■ nee 
Of (Btnn haoea in her bcc ; 
WUle roo^-bewn Meptnne, imlUiig, nma 
Ne'er h^ 1^ UDovi bcme, before, 
A toreBcr Veime ta a h^p^ dun ;— 
And tndr Ocean iwore I ecaroe emil'd the Mr, 
Ta (bank Old Neptone tor Ue tindon* fare, 
Bnt troop* ef barda bnnt forth in one fimd lay, — 
For H^ la ilgfat, and day m itfU caU day ; 
And aa the abriom truth Ml frou aaeh tongue. 
By eadi pnnid heart Inapir'd they folt and nng — 

Hall, lorely wander I htnKxir'i meed I 
Bale er'ry heart tbM lirtne priiei ; 

EcHpee each (hk, na etare nceda 
nben flnm old Oeaaa Vcnoi riiei. 

Harii with aaa«d luTa and tmth, 

Sea pletnrad in her focc her mind, 
Be^ity and goodnea* ne'er aaia^ 

Wldle Enry now, no longer blind, 
Qrawi idndnen, and nhotdei to ' 

Btroogeat (Dwlkw to e«h Britbh bent I 
Seatt* had tka Wnteei, on Uie peopM ibwd, 
Ad^r'd the beaoty of Mr Freadom'a land, 
Whoi in BUyeeHe grandenr etood nnai'd. 
Bright aa lu oeit, nAiigent ai lur lUdd, 
Britannia 1 with a tender aeal impreee'd. 

Still eoarted noM eoUdtoni dday, 
Tlieir loaglng eyea pnmi'd the epIeiuUd train, 
Vat hiat than till they leach'd 5dr Hymes'i Mie, 
WImd Oey addroi'd In brent prayer- 
Sacred Hymonl on tUa niglit 
Thy toidi with Ire celeitle] U^i 
And In 0iy amUing crown of flow'ii 
Symbol thla pair*! deUdoM boon. 

Uari for Ui lanrel next iniroke, 
And Uend it with the drie oak: 
So, Wei, bme, conataucy, ihall prare 
Tbrii iot beatow'd by thee and Lore. 

Sacred HyDHn, &e. 

And let ma panae, ye poWre ! or let me claim 
Than in^irallon amne aapcrior name : 
Oln nu to epeak be fence of er'ry giaee 
Fcifoctiim e'er beitav'd on fonn and Ihee; 
With all Ike gift* eanceolred In the mind, 
Whm god* Ihdr oaenoe hknd with hnman Vlnil. 
So my iMog leal iball diaqipolDt dopair ; 
So ihall I ring the worth of tUa Uloitrlona pair ; 
So ■'"I I ptfnt, in conflict toider, 

A* fkar and Joy altenuite itiove. 
That fbrm that liid her heart snirender, 

WUIa Inning lihuha specie her lore : 



Sipaior itrcogtli via nobler can. 
Nor ihall my Rowing ndnd tb ■rdonr coie, 
im, u I ptint, tkeb happiDcu iiuacMb 
la -wVpng DBBbcn. ua Ibm uno tlm Has, 
1 1^ fntoiltj ta ^ga *lew ; 
Aad, «rUl* a peopl* >oia In land Bulaim, 
T(£ ta IhB udnna tke praptucf at Fkua 1— 
Uws on thb ida thg tolar isf, 

B<aignMt«Ta of (kf'ring HnT*B, 
Shan btau, to cooMciata Uu dsf 

That uw > Bnmiwlck to ■ Bnmnrfck gtr-n, 
Swdl, ST'17 Toke l—4cat, ef'Tj heart r 
All tn thii gea'ral bUn boar paxt^ 
WUIe tlie IcFod tnLaywf ■ note* prodrioi 
Fate'i fiU bj tlia moiitli tt ttme. 
In oOor itata, nthlk wiQ and poVr, 
Tbat Mnt, tike pogaut tf an Immit, 
TreaaoD dcatny^ and tbu ahaoibi,— 
Like dieling ^imeti In thcdr diIm, 
Hen dull a b^ipr paople'i jojn 
BETolve in ime graad eqilpalaa ; 
WUle time and ifctDi AaU atdna. 

iftt* Sitfttt «ba& ; tt, t|( ^Bim Cnui 

^Ibdln imte ihEi UtiK ^Um In hwnr erf Um : 

Pctna sr Wlrlnnbirf, ut 

pcrfmBidlt uibttbeatnluUliHlerPUa. Habad 
aoadodHl bla oul huoo, bat n-spwid fOr tbc p«r- 
pnaorpnMnilncaiiiitHKaauaabUt. Handaad 
fall metaUiDiPt ot lb* MM<nh Iwom 

)o dear to er'ry British heart,— irho proTB 
To hanOBT dear, to goodncu, and to ton ; 
When Mij Mab, vlitne and truth hsr cue, 
Bkadng* to ihow'T npon the royal pair 
Etc morn ihcnild lanunM them to HyiMn'* tea. 
Thai ftom their hirkSag-placea eali'd her tratn. 
■ ElOii FUma, Utber trip— 
hmm Oott acrau, wbeaee je tip 
Drop* ef rich nectanona dew ; 
I.eai« thoae flov'r* of naeate hie. 
That blooni in yrai Imperrioiu glade, 
For lairy dn* to Ibrm a ihade. 
Where, thick &9 diat'ring bcea on wing, 
They litBnnind in myiOc ring, 
6tm ftaitbig on lome tiny beny, 
TUf'rlng, ftliUDg, maUng aierry. 

' Mota and Undva, come away, 

Tiam where you'Te kept liDoe break of day. 

Like aaidneta, yonr fUthfnl watch. 

From the wudng moon to catch 

Ckyetal dropa ot preooos nee. 

O'er mortal eyeUd) to diffose 

A itnpor dull and melendiallc ; 

While you play, and triik, and frcdie, 

Ihrougb ginilet*lb^ and crerlca peqdng. 

Her lat lieard, in crowda the biry band, 

like thoBglit(B'Bghtidng,eiuaBatlHreomniandf 

When tlnu hs TOftl train the quaK addnat'd i — 

OieatOeoigB ihaH yleUhls royal danglita*) daiDii < 
Bbj, lUrlet, what perteetloii ban ya wroagU ! 
What to add beaaly Mill to iMaaty tnM^tr' 
Tn bnnglit tiw petal* of a rate, 

TltB tMaHe'i down ao Mr ; 
To mabdi her ebeeka >o luamAl 1iii?ar, 

And these her illtar luir.* 
' 1 'n coral brought, in wUch to eat 

Thoee orient pearla, her teeth}' 
' And I a sprig of migidonette, 

■ One of throee qdiits, in my mad. 

' I of that sprite to eone ■< earth 

Tliat epreods dellgtit around, 
Han brought the More 1 tat ao •hoald wottii 

WKh hap^ness be mnni'd.' 

Can to what *s perfcet be pcribctlaB ^u f 
Nol an these giaeioaiAamsBidgtts, and Di 
~ - OodspRnldadhtrhiftMi 

IV Miy Hoanul—Wd, yon (kaddii« enb I 
What news with yoa^ and why, my marry mate 

' Batnm'd so lata ? rather, so soon ; — 
(Al lAataJRontl Why, rnbeentoOemooi 
I own I was tempted to oake ■ short stay, 
A syflabob M % at tha milky way : 
mUk tte mrgbi in the rigna 1 tf tan took a dish 
Bat mmpataaks of Os Boll, and drank lea with tbt 
[Away I want, qaaklag thnagh all Uu 1 
attflnttoDs; till, bdng alnuat orertlpp'd in the Ba- 
lance, having Hinted the Uon. daneid with the 
Bcv, Ueked up a riot in the Senn Slu«, tLi 
alarmed the Onat Dag by settjng flre to m Am 
romBorcalis— 1 

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ABd Ph)Ebu, M Matdr thmoi^ attar be nde, 
Ob tbs JotM aecariM wu nllkv tn oda ; 
nem u i|Mhal>Bdau mg Ilk uf can, 
Tin dosMa jotn'd br tha bad c( Uw tj^MM. 

_0h I fodi ■ oaah I fOQ hbtet' «nr nA fan In 
jmr Hftl Tlie FIiBd Btm wan n ihootiag 
about I tka Comsta iD^ggiiiff thdr taOi I aad >■ to 
i tlia Ptaneta, why tbaj vera all daadng tha hap, 
trTtng all fluT conUto ecfipH ona UkiIImi; and 
thai, fbi lbs Lona and the Oneaa — whjr, joa 
wimldbBTB aman tharwoc going toba manled 

' ■ Uttle at the d^it ] 

With UT BntAdl ^, and bit P^ot d^ 
Lika ■ dt on a Bandar 1 daah'd throo^ tlw ikka. 
ncA tlK Oodi on Cttrn^aa bow ther did carooaa t 
Han iwon ka'd protect thi nhutriaai haue ; 
Ob i41eb to amfcT aaend hdooon and km, 
Jo*c pnioiia'd Ua Ea^c, and Tanoa bar Dora. 
Hbtb, wUm, ]0T> and Reason vera all tbdr 

AadfcrBacdww lia Mrly got t^ he Joy 1 
[Bo I tod: a anp cf oactar with flum, to tha 
rftharajpil biUeaiidbrida- 

Lotdl ft ilka 

bat ai* I can td jo«, Oat an tka ntrar 

daHgUad apcn tha h^T oecadon. So, ha 

yoar daar Utile ihtffl pipa, and datmatnad ti 


VUh aar aatahaD gic, and u j poa^ Uaa, 

Rt a^tUta to daaalba th' anllad a 

Hbt m'lj bUaa attaod har !* 
OiMM 1 bilns tka daket fiote ; 

Tm Vsnni, and tha lai^hiag ]>na, 
Praiii her aoperiDr giaoe. 

Soiuid Hu trampet, & 

Sap* I Mag the aaeiad Ijxa I 

The cctfded magk) bring, 
Tte giacea that baa ndnd iaapiis 

So itij torat'i to abig: 


^^ iltfflghtfr of a King, 
Who boooar on ■ priace aaaiaa, 

Her wiAea Ua, Ua plaMWM han, 

Thdr mddad beota Iba aaaw. 
Bound tha tmn^iet hnd. 

Bid the mlnatnli plaj. 
While a wiObig people nnmd btt (towd, 

Aa thar vproad) Oe nnptlal bow'r, 

TnToUag each aiH[ridaa? pow'r 

Mar PbKbiu and the tuufiil Iflae 
ttlz Vladoo'i atttln upland. 

Soiond tha trampe 

lie aolanu aigan Mag t 
Aad, aa the atoaea wing their U^ 
To the Teatani of bUM alwra, 

fa mhtt and pleMare ihaP H waar wtart 
VUe barta aid vaioea In tha Ibt*1 ^nt 
ShaDjciB the mda of Oe fidrf coorL 
na ftdiT Bila, nltili tin; Tolce, 
8hiU raoae a peopta to nJcdH t 
Coaaaonl oomeon] with heart M)d *otc« 
Lat iBfal Briton* ttowi^oiee I 
Tb* mjTtb and Oa Unrel bring. 
And ^^e in the mTiUc rlngi 
WUch to tU* vaUog'B jojr ihan taad, 
Orcflng to iow and never end : 
HTTtlB and famd gailanda bring, 
VUk mBRT bdb ihaU aweeOr ring, 

la iball beat, and tniB^ete plar. 

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a ClrakfgaiBf. 


[BiU( Ilia til* uunalamoil of HM AauUav^lSOt.} 
Ths giatcftd tlianka that Brltmu pay, 


Now DdgUT Oacnp begfau, tbi* imj, 

Bl< Utteth Kgd Tcn. 
lUi lojul pndM itudl tatiat tImM 

Record, witk doa eoBMnt, 
That to the Thnne Almighty aUnbi 

TW tkOH b not tbB Ion or giln 

Smtdu'd, Oat Bribnu ring : 
The plnnn li, lint ndi a idgn 

Wu gmfd br xKh a King; 
And bkd our IBi bam more tibUuI, 

Ibn hard, cf gnater Ingtii, 
Wbac ^d bean found ■ UoglT mind 

So good, ■» of nidk itraiftta ? 
Ttai, of Mn hifflDMi (I* wa 

TbB an tte irarid peitwi'd : 
WhDa vs'va en Ida, and role the aca, 

nd othen lala Ik. nat, 
smthedd ' " ~ 


Uke an Imperial robe. 

Tlua let oi ou ana all abe;, 

Ai m to trath ■nhmlt I — 
He lAa OB Britain bowni lo-daf 

TUfl htniTlBiid ihooldqalti 

Bj lict'ry if mr 11^ '■ nnforl'd, 
What dinrl dan uk for aiore ? 

No : let ns ba« Uil> day to Heav'i 
Tluuiks^iiugi lond to ring ; 

Id msrcf that lUs laud has t^a 
A gnat, a Cbiutiaii Sii«. 

1 maj ke Utc to keal our iroat ; 
Lpngi long, beronil (Rdl natnre'a c 


Ana* bttttn tnint t|t Sntlef ■ £«iiniii 
in ;fxiMt. 

I ]UDi a promiaa to be trite, 

Bat 'twai a pramlae out t£ Maton; 
So modi 10, that rm nm he Dee 

Vha laii he ahnjn fidkiwi Beaeon. 
I (ODD grew tir'd cf Wladom'e dream, 

Fdl on the oiipaaite extreme : 
Bat I at laat gi«w tbed of FoOr- 

Altci, of omne, a little ittife, 
'Tni Kttkid, vitkont fnrtiter pother. 

One ehoQld be tiMtad ai a ««fc. 
And obIt aa a lalAreai fotiur. 




Bkcchiu kBBw Uh war to pkua. 

Hf lluk now broke, (ad ^U'd mf w: 
For Cnfld, Bmedaa' Jofi I q^: 

Tbe ojrik Ub the bd^tted Tina, 
And Lon, tiuB'd Fate, criM att—' 


Wi, OD tlw pmot bow rdirlng, 

TUnk Bot of ftttaia ooi of pait, 
Bnt Mitt each moneat ai 'tii Sring,— 

nriiapi tlie anrt may be oar lait I 
Pectai^ old aunm, In hli ••Aicaj, 

TUa mommt walti to Taft (U o's ;— 
Tiat charge row gtaaen, and be oairr. 

For tear ve na'sr ihoold diatge theai moic. 
\IWi faroT aaatcae, and head recttolug, 

Let emj, age, and haggard care 
Qnnr tonr, and, at ov joy rqdnlng 

Bluaa plEanma which they cannot ihare. 
Pat roond the gbwaea, and be joOti 

Ib iflte of aO and Idle itnff;— 
«b«tk«r til wlidom or 'da fidly, 

'TU pkaaare, buji ai>J Oat** •nngh I 

IH «tU o( aD thy THiOM Joy* 
Tha toagoa of Ame 10 NnWb mptoya, 
Dtdatthoabeatt wte aay, nighty Java, 
Tlw pan nmoU'd daH^ita cf hna ? 
Hot iMi Enn^;— there recoant 
Thoa boMly hadft to bratal fore* I 
Her wiihea toiA with thoa bo part,— 
She gave hat ptnon, not hir heart. 

Not with fl>«be«aleaBi Thdn daMw, 

a, bnt thon^ of Um. 
Not then, when, in a ^ttarfog ■how'r, 
Hum Tiilt'dat Danae b the bow'r : 
The gold prerail'd, 'tla tnu, and ihe 

inelded to Int'reit, not to Uwe. 

She, pmd one, ylcUed not to hfM, 

Bat to aaiUtioo, and to Jtm. 
No : 'twaa Hncnunyne, rmet <Ur I 
Ihyjoyi, Indeed, were peiftet there : 
Joyt hadit than not no bard had aoog f 
Vet thence th' Immoctal aliteii apnuig. 

DiTOTBD to Celia, and Ueea'd In her ami, 
Hdw I UnOl'd wWi difight a* I ran o'er bar oharma t 
When BMlhnug l it eei ladk gtaoe, aa I gw'd with 

pleaded her month and her eye* t 
Like conned tUe open'd, and t'other npHed, 
AppeaUi^ to me, aiOe judge, to dcelda. 
Heraontb, op'nbigiweetly, thoa nid with a eodle— 
" n* I who the bmneata of hneii begalk ; 
I can ipeak, I can ling, I can Te^ the fbnd ai^ 

n (rf pearia venalal Hpa iweetly hide. 

That ef aoulbla kneri it g( 
HonthimBySb; but wfcDe eyea ta a« heart are 
the guide. 

On yovi dlFreot eUmi Umd how 

Ciru'D be the aordtd wretidi of yon. 

Who from the bowdi of the earth 
Pfatt dnw crude he^w of lUnlngoie, 

Stamped flie nde man, and gave it woitti 
Ere yet di 

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And Bnt Oaj Hk, la rank isd poo'r, 

A tain from ^rj can viBmpt : 

VablM^I— amhittDD luti iti kow. 

Hot, nyMMtta h tke Md, 

Smowk, aad to b« grat h itarr:— 
I til mA bonU hoaonra TWd— 

Vo bnthar** blood ihidl bay mr gkt;. 
A nD^teoH pdaee, goiBMM* beard, 

A tndn cf IbDowDi, Hit Oaf Kan I 
roar fool I Ui soMb ntlr'd, tha had 

I> bat KiolitUT line 

U jnm bat pant n; tod derii*~ 
A hlaoidan hsartf w^*!^** K**jth ^ 
Mr Uandt, bt botds, Md bt ^ I 

SiTCH IvTt ai Itij hmnita baai 
n« ikiiae «h« t^ pat a; tkair prar'r, 
Aa low the teOar'd noe the air, 

Or epottt** flA a« •■»- 
Sad*«lBbna«lacf awapha iffiDj, 
Vhai OB fli' aipaBae of bea**!! thejr wlag, 
Tb gnet Oat Vmnr by wkon ther rinR.— 

Wbea mlMBu baana fat Wnfir Aow 

na lane-bat ann &ej n*— 
A* pkMoie Tooth, eoaifort Oe old, 
Tlitaa Oa good, or Ihu tbe bold, 
Aa haata the ileh, at mtiera pdd,— 


'CvriD,' arial TUmb, "HaMlMtr- 

■ Their fwipdwDfta la In tbakc daMandai 
Bat tboa woakM the lu out, in aootb. 

Had I Brtoeoa' hundred ban ill ' 

Crin OqU-' Dad, iritt bnr the trath ? 

The dull thou mak'tt ao bhut are tbond, 
Searee da I diaw my b(nr at men. 

■ Viltij 1 laTlabheva of dazta, 
Whldi while UuT gnaid their mU-n 

Old Mnldber begao the woife— 

Forg'd dait ttu Int— Onotb Lore, ' L«^* aael* 
Tb«D poli'd bU how, and wU ajedl 

He made bli ooi^ftuai on me. 
The atroke bad pow'r each rnrWac tiaea 

Of fbOr ftom my mind la •etei ; 
And now, I ftd, one loKty Ibce 

Haa fix'dKT irilling heart fer e<«r. 


Let'idriDkl_'Tlatanw: my Harowa paaa| 
New Joy* eiUtanta my aoal;— 

I bd afttad in e<r*rr tfaaa. 
And a kind ndttiaai tn the bmri. 


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I l l ^ I J I PTTi ^-hi^ 

i tl" J l lJLl ' i ,l^jV l r'J^^ 

= r^«- l Jr f nr -[i^j irni 






' A tu,* cried Tom, ' to peua * itnacn, 

■Fan FortDDe'i tmprit eata wid irtna.. 
No dogk BUNneat fru fn» duigar,— 

Hie USM u er'rr mm that Una : 
la toll aad firll ha hii put takei, 

Standi flia, and trarricana, and ahoti 
Ht haa hki qMlM, haadMbaa, h«Btt>*« 

And whsa*! the lablMr thai h>* aot F 

' The fold ha fata doaa good Id othara, 
noofh ha at raDdoaa lata It If ; 

For, a* naaUad an aU hU bntfasa, 
Ba M«p« K In the hndiT : 

Hatr-bnadth eaiapca each hoot ha wsMl 

No BociaDt he con oaQ Ui own ; 

And Ona an msD pnt to thdr tethcn. 

Up &OU the cottage to tha UmB*. 

' TU thtaf la thia ;— io *i 

We'nbor ■ 
And If jon Miike to eaih Tuatton, 

Good Hope'a tnie Cape Toa'll DarardovU*' 
Bat taka the good and eril eheerlr, 

And aom up creditor aad debtor )— 
I/lathU woid they Bte Ton qsearir, 

Ba honest, ajul'TM'U fad a betlar.' 

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VrttUk out J 

[la laM, DUmBb wu ani^b. — _--- 

•rite > HriM of Hat*. 10 Eatp np iha nalliiul (Mine 

SB«<h«FiMth. Ha BiaftbwtlBnnolDlbxa- 
MUnlltd BrMHH&rSMAiMfc ud MUMwd 

Ikn aDdR Um dUo of • AHNik Ifto- JMvb* n* 

Hiia aoodMid sf bM tf*, U* (OfifiaHt •■ 

dM mr U Una ladNod la Mb|IW to ■ flHl 

na aatasaalaMd of- 

No, I.— fUl ar QnquB'it Tuodr on Bnico'a AO- 
dma n tba Seala, Uh Worda W • faUaaaa, and 
UMM^BWDib(llii,uhaiUlaai tM ba an odIt 
atwo that ta aanafad th* Unite of Baria't Ml*- 
btaud pecB (or Ui (Ml aaa. 

No. 1— na BriUtlt Btnm. 

No. a.— J axv 4f AM*. 

No. *^nt J Bt i fl if V <M* ^Mtitm t . 

TW wocteof No.l. »• balu IHbdiD>i, cumot pro- 
parlrhanaplaaalBthtawaik. Mo. II., IV MM 
STMti «a kat* wtewd naonr tta aonfi «f BHtaxi 
dtrtt* a>aH,ptanalaKftoa^BaB(ltM prialadla 
Iht aalluif^ nMMwd koafe a( tta vMdi, Oat ba aaaf 
R 0* anay B^U «( wmmMMw I aid a* Mka ttra 

Pa acwiLL, than lUr dBr> than gnai aartb, udf* 

Than grim Elii|c/Tamn, than Bfc't gloomT (ba, 
Go, (rlghtan the eawBd ud iIbtc, — 

Oo,tnebtlMati>mnbki,Mltputl tntkaow, 
No tMTOn hut than Jot Oe bnTe. 


Nb Inra e'm tha vnd of m Dims ; 
Thon itilk'it UiB rmof bero — ■ gloriooi auik 1 

He bib In tba tdan of hla Buna. 
In the Add (tf pnmd hiHionT,oiir (wordi In onrhaadi, 

Ottz king and on Miiuitrj to Wtb, 
WhlM yUtarf aUsat od Uto'i Uat-«AUng Mndi, 

Obi vbo would not dia with tiiabnn? 

TmtnadMd ormtdon ■■ dtapUT'd : 

Ta Britona, jvai aO l» it ataka; 
nan Hoadly, ondcr lla ■hnda. 

Sb Mat t^u mf tUauMaati mmf <■!.— 

TbU biilg>ntai Oa «p1>(i «f B>r U I— 
la ■ word, that one deadi maf li^art 

TboaaJoTi peas* and Hbatf bring;— 
' I awMT— and axj He«t^ jadgo m) baait,— 

To S^tt nr ooimti7 and Ungf 


Shall gQd our Aitan booral* 
The ftn •dTana'dt— in bm amr 

SBrtttM to ttt ydi VtOt fliwakto, 

Lu>t'* U*a»Hir«, 

Dnkwa tHB YuH 1811— 18». 

I'm fbr Ton 'mkr'a goUan maxim, 

Wbo itadka HtB in n'lT itage : 
HaV t«l jvn iMatjiVjoa an Um, 

ContBBt'a m» Bfe'a bert mOer. 
I on Tom had tot UOa leaitfBg, 

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In Wl nd peril h« Ut part tdM, 
Standi fln, ud hmriiSBe, ndrikot 

He hu U« qohni, Ui hoada ~ 
Aad when '■ tlw tobber Hut bM Bot ? 

' Tbea blow, my (ood b 

cei let radilkcii to tfia 

And On* an ncB p< 


' Iltt Ung ii Udi ;— fa eVrr atatlDD 

We 'tb bora hr ploanm and (br tna 
And if rtni itriks to cdtTnaHim, 

Good Hope'i tiw O^ tou'D nna 
Bat taks the good and eril ehaerirt 

And (m Bp otdttor and diMor ;— 
If la Ob worid Out a«e JOB qocetlT, 

Be boneat, aad jonH >nd a better.' 

Wi e 

n noitiiie to aea ; 

When «f an Ufg'i Tagactaa we taite the (tan meaaare. 

And «LauilUiim coma oSbf the lee. 
Nmr laddBf the betan, we acaroe feel any motian I 

Now diHUiv Uka toA 'bn the wind ; 
Bat tfee pecDi and }op both an land and the ocean. 

Are Ob eatau and the atonal of the mjnd. 

i: thiOB^ theae aa 


Ta> oomage ti tnw Britbh Ian 

Oirea tbdr eoantiT a gintou naiM : 
If ther ioat, thej •!■ hmow la wan,— 

Tom wai plae'd on the top on a warcb — 

Nona to lock more canning than he. 
When a w»e gm the aUp a lee boA, 

Bat In TBin er*!; art did Oej jif,— 

'iwlndi aie Uie pi 

Jad UfAoat, bj cdc^t drawn, 

WatA'd iMt poor Tou'a nTiiBga ahoold ad t 
Vhen Tom, Ue apeot breath atauat gone. 

Bloat plteoadT look'd at Us Mead: 
The ^ance all Jack'e tfanbert uon ibook, 

And he cried, whOa he maek'd at the weathi 
\ 'Brhear'nl Tom, I tan't bear that look— 

Ttkon ihatt Bt«, or we'n periih together t' 

And Oie wind Ihnn the ibore kleka ea back, 
Bt genHe degreei, to get Into oat atatlou, 

We tr a r u ae and try on a tack. 


If > pferdng north-eatter at Chrietmaa Is todden, 

And cUDi De irith tenor and fear, 
Weward it aD off nith niwt-beef and plnm'piiddlng, 

And pleotT of goDeroni cheer. 
But *Aen gpting bringt OB n 

r, cold blaiti DC 

I WbUa the nOora ling oat, with true pride, 

' By iUa actloa ihall lira the BarfleiR I' 

I What more amdnuattntian ooolddiaw?— 

I Onthedetl, bj JackLifidMBtl^Hnrinnda; 

[The bUUe ot BuoM*. In oUdi Oencn] OnlMB m 
BBeh dlitinpiUitd talDitir, li puttcululT ■llnded ts 
InthiiHini. IiUKikpUagnlliatUigf HuehlSII, 
wtaH Uinhil Victor wu defteud. with the leM ft 
MM mm: Ihu of Iht BrlUili wu IISB in kUM end 

'WuT, Nelgbbonr Ha^leqnet I theae deedi of rc- 

And han better the thing andentood : 

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Made the Fnmch first oni ba;oaeta fed ; 
HIa wDcds mn, — " My liuli, tou your powder hut 

But M '«m han pteotr of lUd." ' 

* MMtfT Qockstdt m UH you : 1^ FMOiabn/aa, 

Woold fids nuke Oie worid nndiinlajid, 
That thoogh wi at sia provB a pretty tight be. 

Yet WB nercr can beat tbem on land. 
All the world knowi they're llan : to thii latt iflkir 

For the tnitli we may boldlr appeal, 
AndtiTOTe Britlih Innp*, tbon^ thdr powds they 

Can tmt 'em wtth plenty of ited. 

• Bidd WdBngtM flnleh'd wbat Graham begui, 

VhoH worda asd whoee actknis accord : 
He <ald he wDald eonqner I— and Onham'* a man 

That's alwaya ai good ai Mi word. 
So Wellington came, a man equally brave, 

ffii duty who nobly can ted ; 
Sayi he, " My good lada, yoD yoor powder may UTS, 


And who none bat an iUot heUerei, 
Id thia bnt'Deu a coadoet eo aaisge hare borne, 

They have proy'd they're a nation of tMerea i 
So wanton eicaa did the cowaidi forbear. 

Nor a apaik of humanity feel ; 
So onr Kddlen were ordoi'd Iheir powder to ip«re. 

But to biat them with ^enty of itaal. 
Then let Oem decamp, In a pantc-itnick flight,— 

We'n beat 'em ag^ and again ; 


And thabraie 

our Begent'i kind 

Who conpanhn ao aoUy can feel, — 
Let tiiem, tan^lhy onrtactlca thdrpowder toapare. 
But gb* the Preoek ^ty of itael I' 

Bwin Nancy Noiue and Jack Jlbboom 
Had long been man aad vtfB I 

And Enyy'i >elf oould Sod no room 
To blame thdr htfpj lift. 

Eadi tai who fdn woald wire, 
Theae words wonld alwaya bear In ndud, — 

> Nan '■ bitt^i-~b» Jack 'a BU*e I 
Ol* Pot, a lutowbig and lUse Masd, 

When Jack waa out it am. 
Laid aiege to Nancy to no end.— 

For a true wife wa« ahe : 

He teas'd her irUh each doubt and fear, 
That bia die anit migbt thrive ; 

Yet Hope aUl whliper'd in ber ear, 
' lis blM.-«>r Jack 'a aHn 1* 

He kept Jack'a letters back— (big'd news 

Herdrtoe to ensnare. 
And did her patient ear abuse. 

To dtlTe hD to despair : 
He awore Jack had fellen overboard. 

Twaa Jack I— be ehaa'd aD her alarms ; 

He klek'd Pest down the sMn t 
Thtt haisf ning to h« luglng arms, 

He banish'd an her cares I 
Hta dklldrcn to hla heart he press'd, 

Bid Joy again redve j 
White Nancy criad—' I'm truly Uoss'd,— 

Thank Hea.T'u I mj Jnck *s aUrs 1' 

Poll Pennant's Ikther was a tar ; 

Her nnde smoggled tea ; 
And ber rdatlona, near and br. 

Had bna'iHaa with the sea. 
Bbs married Jack, pride of the crev 

And 'mongst thtae sailors quickly knew 

To hand, and reef, and staer. 
That Jack was off, the ship nnmoor'd. 

She beard with silent Joy ; 
And cnuniD^y repair' d on board. 

Dress' d like a cabin-boy. 
Whene'^ tn danger he would rush, 

Jadi ttQl a helpmate feond g 
And were he hnrt in any teush. 

She kindly dress*d his wonnd. 
The eralse was oat; ttom her diagulss 

Fon now with pleaanre bniM, 
Then todi her passage in a prise. 

And to thdr htHue came <rsti 
Jack ehaa'd her soon ; In eager gate 

Dnkaded all Us joy. 
And presently enng oat the praise 

Of the kind Cabln.Boy^— 
How he had watdi'd him ; bow hia cure 

Had nicely dress'd bis progi 
How song him some dehghtful dr, 

As they U^'d off thdr grog ; 
■ Twas I,' cried PoU i • that mcsamate who 

In allyovr ttril took part I' 
' You ? my aweet Poll I' Jack cried out,—' 

Come to my hithfil heart." 

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Ooe Peit, I kooning ud ftlie Mend, 

When Jack wu out at lU, 
Laid liege to Naac; to do cod,— 

He teu'd ber with each donbt sad fear, 

That hii Tile init mlcht thri«e ; 
Yet hop* itlll wiaipiir'd la her ear, 

' 'Hi (Ui^— for Jack'i aliie t> 

He kept Jaek'g letten back— forg'd iwwi 

He iwore Jack had Cellea oreibotrd. 

And never irouid arriTc ; 
When B hoane Tolce like thiuder roar'd,-' 
• You lie, frieiid~^ftck'» alive 1' 

■ Twai Jack I— he cbot'd all her alarm* i 
He kick'd Pat down the atain ; 

Thea hait'nia^ to her laD[iog arm*, 
He baniih'd all her caie* : 

Uii ehUdien to hit heart he preia'd, 



CniM BBi na vriUni la tb> ■ 

AT period t^f^orj shall EngBihrneo iing, 

Tbdr ooimtrT to land, ukd to hoooor tbdr Kin; i 

What more noUe Oun thla, when, on e«cli cominf; 

Nev motlTes Ibr pniiid cmltBtloa are barn i 
Wh^ the omnon'e Ifmd Hmnd admlntloD bogntg, 
id the piw niOing tccmi vtdi GBiettea on Qs- 

Spreading widely the contrast, all enTj to qnendi, 
Twlit the gmemiu Britons and bariiaiiKU Picndi. 
lie giEat and the Tariona pnM]& that onr name 
Ev'17 da; ii dlAu'd on the broad vingi of Fame, 
Is to known and ■cknowledg'd, that one recent trait 

aseooe of aU our cxpiiJti maj ctRiTBf : 
The deqiatchei of BeieofOrd hold oat a gleam 
Which may arm to eipatlate wen on the theme ; 
Who, Dtt'ilng striHig troths, eaTy'i taneonr to 


iti the generou Britoni and barbaroni French. 
Aa one proof of ow brav'ry, he tclli you to note 
An act through the worid whldi fcr eror shall loit t 
The brave Utj-tenat 

ill In ranks, as Siey'd fin^t, their wonnds all 

So thematronsof OrMM owo'dtbelrnu aetad w«ll, 
H DO mark of dMiononr appear'd when Siey fen : 
And this senes to show, er'tj tarj to quench, 
Oar biaT'ry, eompar'd with the dastardly Preooh. 
Bat, to Bom 19 the praise onoor Talonr that ihow'n. 
Let mankind fairly look at their condoct and oort : 
When, panicstmek, tbey fromoor troops ran away. 
They madness committed, and scaMo'd dismay t 
While we the bless'd (eeliDg of clemency shar'd, 
I French liokmce Britons hi ]^t)> repalr-d ;— 
llib riiall hand to posterity, enry to qnench, 

iVwIiohifli^t stood the 



• Th> fbllowlog to 1 

Oh a dlscor'ry north abont 

For many yean had Tentar'd Jack j 
But no dlscoT'iiea ha Iband out 

Like thoae he made wlum he eonie back ; 
His wtft, when first he went to aea. 

Hung oat no lights the Oats to trap, 
Bnt neat and modest garments wore — 
Ronnd-robbta tucker and close cap* 
Eipoa'd no twauty bat her Ihce, 

80 cloeely all her togs were foHM : 
When he eame home, she'd not a grace 

Bat was eipoi'd to all the world ; 
Bat what 'bore er'ry thlog be^de 

Did Jack most fnrlonsi]; displease, — 
No pockets did the wear, to bide 

Her pin-ease, wife, and bnoch of keys. 
Thus hanun-aearam wonld she fling 
Bee gear at nndom, without role i 
Ba handkerchief eramm'd in a thing 

The women call a ridicale. 
As to the rldicnle. Jack said 

He wiih'd each glil who each things chose. 
Might hBTe the snidles in her head. 

No mncUngcr to Idow her nose. 
• I tell yoa what. Poll ;— FU be Und, 

If youll bat change yonreoane,' cried Jacki 
' When veasels wo'nt go 'fare flie wind, 

We make 'am try upon a tack ; 
Dooae yonr hUals, take up and nuaid. 

With all this stuff and nonsense pott ; 
So ey'ry one win be your (Head, 

And yoa'n aacaie a constant heart,' 
Pol] took the hint, recfd In her nils,— 

No Biodrat Quaker half so prim, — 
And with hn Jack weathcT'd life's galea. 

He tnu to ita — she tree to him | 
For (alUiftal kire gan vp her pranks. 

Soon set a bshlon not qnlts conunon, 

Oata'i of each wrathy wifb the Oanki, 

And Jack diacoriT'd— a good woman I 

Sax Splint, DIek Douse, Bai Ikaoe, Tbn Tow, 

Four lads of worth and merit, 
Were friends and massantia, who tha fba 

Would fight with spank and spirit 
Sail Snags, Poll Plump, Bet Bounce, Nan Neat, 

Were smart and handsome qalnea : 
For these ttey tbn^t, and O how sweet 

To bring 'em home the liizies i 

* TbDuirh th 

m SpanitAgaiian mttl beAndUar tc 




Longilde of SoathKS Common, 
Tbae j(^ nilDn married were, 

Each to hb hT'iite woman : 
Tber kept the honer-moan with ^ee i 

At last, with lengthen'd phlzzn, 
Tbe ■[goal glT'n, thrjr went to aea, 

Td get their wlrea tba ""<■- 
Id rv'rj dao^r did thej roam, 

Aod cheafujlj would risk it ; 
While, abort aUowane'd, the; ftt home 

Had Ddtber beef nor bijcnit. 
Where dang'nmi ihoali and locki abomid. 

I itonna and ihipwncki Ibnnd 

And when 



Heaotlnie eseh wfb, to tumooT troe, 

LabonrM in her TOcatioD, 
And roond the ti^ipy eottapi grvw 

Yoang tan to guard the uatioii : 
At taat tfui tide to turn begu,— 

Snceera each lailor biulei : 
Ther took an Acapnlco-man,* 

And bimght thdi wtves the Uadei. 
And now was erawn'd eacli i 

The foe had cried pcoaTi 
And all the wiTo, aame giria, aone boja. 

Had launch' d a growing navy :— * 
Their toboor done, thej dance and ling. 

And ihont, wltb imlUng phliua, 
'Huual mylads! God gave the King | 

Who freighta hii tan with tiziia.* 
Miu Arabdla Brilliant boaated baanty and good 

But ahe waa moat adndr'd bceanie her fortune wai 
She ent her Tarioni lovan ghort, aa they ware on 

Cried ahe — ' Explain what t prqponnd, or take 

TonnclTea a graaing : — ' 
What thing la that which amall bcglni, Hieo growl 

complete and round, 
Tben br degicn ahrinki and ncedes, and then do 

more b ftnmd? 
He lAo ataaU to Ita ftdl extent tUi riddle under- 

atand, [hand,' 

Shan be the kappy kncr. to ponsH taj heart and 
I aecrom drift,' cried HaiTjH^a) 'yonr riddle 

ia the Hood, 
That a mere noQiing abowa itulf, nod then en. 

targeeaoon; JUght, 

Then, at the All], bjr alow degree* It leuena onr de- 
ini, loring e'en the amalleat rsj, at length Ii oat 

' Pray ataod aaida,* cried ardent Ned : ' I aay the 

riddle's nre, 
That from a apnfc expandi ttsetf, and soon grow* 

TBI their exertkoa eaii)aerit,e'ento aspaA agato.' 
' You're wrong,* died she, ' both wrong ; nor c» 

my emmlng drift explain i 
'TIs not the Moon, nor Is It Fbe — yoo'd better 

gneai again, 
Yonr moon's I' tbe wane, yotn fire 's gime Ont, nor 

have ynn yet dlriu'd [mind.' 

The tnitfa that fondly qieaka itadf in my eipeetii^ 
■Sweetl' cried Will Worthy, 'I'll bebDOodyomr 

meaning well to prove i 
That thing that eonua, incnaaei, and fiien dlca 

away, Is Lore \ 
Death only can eitlngtdah It — say, do Innderstand?' 
■ Yon 1 yon I' cried she, ' and only yon ; thm take 


8wOTtBaw'ra,warUlngblidi,BDd dear ilyideta, try 
To ngak er'r? heart and deUgfat er'ry eye. 
But the cot of OH cota, Hut gives joy to B>e heart. 
Where Nature '* bat Httle Indebted to art,— 
Por the ear, eye, and mind, where all pleaswe* an 

11 the bnntihil cottage of lavelj Nanlne. 
The dwelBng of Unah, where each rustic dot 
With his UHa and Ua ehantcra coliveu tbt aod, 
Where the rivulet gurgle* tbe pebblea among. 
And the sweet ftather' d warblen all joIniB the son*. 
Where Pat,TcagnB,and D(nDot,thdr partnen taica 

And neatly and handily foot It about, 
Haa its pleuure* and pastimes ; bnt better are aeea 
At the bomtifol cottage irf lovely Nanine. 
Thns of pleasures tUr Kathline andUnah lake part: 
Bnt Nanlns has a Patrick, and Pat hat a heart; 
And the viOagers aay that they all understand. 
The next May-daymon^ngflhe give* him her hand. 
Then hey for the wedding, Tcague,Deimot,and Pat, 
There '11 bo pleasnre in olenty— Wt 1 yon may aay 



Tbi gallant soldier Joyly coma, 
'Midst ^erdng fiiea and rattling dmms, 
His helmet grac'd with nodding plumes, 

Deck'd like aoother Man : 
Hla trembUng love, snnk in alarms. 
And vell'd in foar her pallid ebarros. 
He presses in his wilUng arms, 

And lumte* to the war*. 

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A Cham 'gainit death tluy taks uid gin, 
That tluy maf eVry itript Biirvivi, — 
■Hi hope I In which thef tow Io Utc, 

A&d et'ry fear bspille i 
8w«et bops I that aoothca the coiutant hoart, 

Bku'd with a gnaidlau pow'r Uke thta, 
Ther fondly tncc each future bUu, 
Reniemb'riDg er'iy partli^ kin. 

And eonqa'iiiig all alatm*. 
Ilia battle o'er, he learea the plain,— 
He comes to baniah n'ry p^n ; 
Thef meet in nniln, and loan again 

7ita Stria <if Ten So»gt. 

Taw rawhiiin bjr Mtaie to mortala were glrea, 

Each tamper'd with aains base alloy t 
And tlten do w« emDlate angdi in beaTaii, 

When we time to leflne them employ. 
Lorel lint ofthePauionBigiTcapleaiace or pain, 

Ai Ha influence we Tactaody pron ; 
'Ttt tbeeonrotofdeSglit, or of comfort the ban*, 

As we wiwly at boliihly lonu 
'TIa a bev'rage dcHdons, to pcdaon that tniu ; 

A demos, a god that appean ; 
A lame that Snt wanna, and then acordiei and 

A gardm that 'i water*d with teati :— 
Bat let prndeoce and truth on oui wiiliea bat imilc, 

'TIa the Joy ofcdertiali above i 
And our euenoe to hold itwere Ksrcely worth wbae, 

Unlaw duriih'd and nortnr'd by Lore 1 

FaoM Mirth, that (cema a harmlcM tUng, 
The wont of hnmaa llli may iprlni- ; 
Deep angniah, wretehedaesi, and care. 
The gloomy race of wan despair. 

And tannt and aciim at man'i dlitteai, 
nom MKae fbnl demon takes its Urth, 
And Pony lead! Ihi train of Hlith. 
But when, to bnth and goodnca dear, 
Mirth'a smile can itart the gen'rom tear, — 
When prond in conidmu goodnea grown, 
We make onr ndghbwir'a joy onr own. 
The knideat mirth no pain deridet. 
And Laughter than may hold Ui aides ; 
Tlun Pleasnre ban the stamp of worth, 
And Wisdom leads tlw ti^ c( Mlrlh I 

Oirx ma the hoo greatly brave, 
Who ililu Ibi bme a ginioiu grare t 
Who, Ibr achievements nobly bom. 

Who, UoQ-mettled, seeks tlie Beld, 
To cnuh Ihc fbe, hnt ne'er to yield ; 
PomdDg for Fame a daathleai atory. 
Well to adorn tlie page of Olory. 

But let tUa weU-eara'd Glory be 
Meiriy allied to Clemeaey [ 
Nor let a drop of hnman blood 
Be apfU'd, but for hii coontry's good : 
That thns a never-ending bms 
May grnee and dignity his name. 
And Qemeney record the story 
That bntt to pr^ae nnsnUted Olory I 


Olobv and Coonge hsvs a claim 
To honour and a deathless name ; 
Both eatn'd, that atOry may pmcliim 

In place their lailoua deeds afhr: 
Out ^ory dies if kept nuknown ; 
Courage may, humble and alone. 
Find In good hearts a gloiloiu thron^- 

Mtoess the meanest British tar. 
The BriUih tar undaunted goes 
Throng India's heat, or Lapland's snows, 
T^ ^Ttj'FiiJiifff his connby's foes. 

Where elements namly jar i 
Bat he can pivate woes redress ; 
Can gen'ronaly relieve diitreas ; 
And timi each ftellng heart aliall bless 

nw Coor^e of the Biidsh tar I 


K all dear;— 

I hosoorln placen 
The aadeats erected a tem[de to Fear, 
That when any lovl action that Reason condrmuM, 
That Justice derided, or Goodness contemn'd. 
Took poasssslaa, a waip'd ttam its dntj tSm bohI, 
The Deity such vile deiiras might control : 
Thus, to deprecate evils, an altar they'd rear. 
And, trembling, some sacriflcs offer to Fear. 

From motives so juat that we never depart, 
Let ns each a temple erect In the heart ; 
l^iat bold in Ur hope, and in confidence strong. 
We're annoy'dbyno Fear but tha tear to do wrong. 
Let ui ihun all thsf a sland'rona, malevolent, vUe ; 
Let OS conrt no man's ftown, aod deaore each 




LoTKLT Hope 1 tlic ddU of Plnrai* I 

That well can budah eVry ear* i 
The dek mui'B lualth, tbe poor nun'a tnmai 

That mod» at grief, and kills despair ; 
Come t vitb }oT KIT rntod poucsriBg, 

Teach >ie wlUi mbcrr to eofa, 
To fed that BT'rr Ucsaing 

Lin irithto the pov'r of Hope. 
Yet let DU not A) ID to oOert, 

Edtj dsert, or eont pelf: 
With mind eontent, aD men are brotlna, 

And aerrlng them, I awra mjaelf j— 
But let me nther thy protaetloa 

Worthily eodrt through Reasn'i aeope; 


A« toQ ana bUgoe inake the body htert, 
So tbe mind panta for paitime, ita earaa to dlrert i 
And pleasDin moat fTOUeaome ne'er van do hanq, 
While Rnaoo Btanda bj, Fdly'a daiti to (Hnrm. 
Let tbe tinw teem vith dioerAilneaa, wantoa, and 

And the bol phanlmi Sorrow be dHTis mmy ; 
Let the heart free and playfully frolic and ^ort 
Pus tlu bottle ; the^ ipratiTdy fbllow tba diase, 
And let ar'ry delist be fndolg'd hi It* pUux ( 
Let eaeh honr paia on bciikly, be Diirth om employ, 
FtiDofcweleaaUlailty, pleuore, and joy. 
With thia Bpedal commiMioe,— ^ on a tSgkt nub, 
Whenever onr paitimea may honour dlabnib ; — 
Thus the mind ahall relsi,yett«eelve, for support, 
An IneeutlTS to worth, ax we frolic and iport. 


SoKOw and joy, the mlnd'i relief. 

Prom folly may have birth ; 
Tears are Dot always signs of grief. 

Nor laughter proof of mirth : 
Bnt a Joat harmony betweeo 

Can dearly care beguile, 
And Cheeifulneai holds out that mean 

In tbe benignant smile. 
One sage at flic world'* lUly cried. 

By gen'rons |dty mor'd ; 
Another Iniigh'd, yet Inward algh'd. 

While FoDy ha reproT'd ;— 
Thus, to be happy, steer between, 

Nor laugh nor cry tbe while ; 
And Cheerfulness luildi out that mean 

la the beuiguant smite. 

Tiiira may be all change* nag. 

In nundier beyond meaanre I 
Bnt when we're eit'ry pasaioa sug, 

Ita gen'ral name la nensvre. 
Hiith may tarn sadDesa, Hope deapalTi 

Fear brings ■ joy delidoas ; 
Onr task 's tt separate, with care, 

The good from the peiniciotta. 
Love, Hope, and Bfbtii, tbe m 

Or the Ttiiona pastas sueh Joys that impart, 
Sweet Friendship moat wortbUy Int'mt* the luart I 
Love's flams never eqnal, bnt wnv'ring boms ; 
Lon often eaprlcdons and tnrbnjent turns ; 
Ndtlier Fear nor yet Hope a delidons dream, 
Ndther (onnded in reaaon, nor built on esteem i 
Bnt on Friendsl^ so many perfections attoidf 
That the nUonal comfort of life ia a Fitmd. 
Each joy and eoBtant to tta aU it can caH ) 
Beat of pasdons I or ratlkathe eseowsttftf i 
It eaa Fear turn to Hope, and to ffila* ooavett Care, 
Uls'ry tn Pkaanre, and banish Deqiaii t 

It can e'en to tiaaqnlUity regilate Love j 

Nor can wedlock's delighta in disgust eva and. 

When husband and wife add tbe title of Friend. 

untittni fn Vnmiftttt Itakpt. 


K, ilnate ilzniMi It the Kmtbera 
on of Nipln. fOrmi the satrifct 
fOuiht on July *, leKi tAtn 
utneru Sit Jann Btnart, with fiOWt Britlih troopi. aftir 
■ dnpvntfl randlct, totally dvfBattd Gencnl B«aler» 
who coDouuKted 8000 FtMiih.] 
Ths gloriona plaina of CaUiria I stag: 

Rejoice 1 brother aoldlera, r^otoe 1 
Thni' the land let each mass-room with joy loadly 

While the haait we all blend with Ois vcdcc t 
Sound tbe fife and tbe dram I 
That tbe French we 'vs o'enoma 
Shall be handed by Fuub to eadi age t 
Tliat those who would view 
What our eoldlcn can do 
Hay tnro to tills gloiious page. 
This vlct'iy, ao brilliant, can acaree be bellev'd, — 

Transcendent It well may be term'd ; 
For in Egypt what great Abercromhie neluev'd. 
In Calabria great Stuart confiim'd. 

Sound the fife, Ac. 



The n«Bch iin(«,«haii>ri tindd thtfa loyoMt ffed, 

Wa ghonld shudder ; bat, i^ at tlkdr uta, 
ThB EogHiti han pnn'd, tlxR^lh 'Ita mads of good 

Soiud tbs Ub, && 
TbnraglKnit the wluda woiLd thef luiTa made It 
The Impudent bragga rti I th«t m, 
Thile we tmnble ud qmke at ttadi tenibl* boat. 
Can only ba coaq'Tora at us. 

Somkd tke Us, &a. 

Bat the traphr m l^'d on Cal^iia'i plaba 

Fiiim theworid lutiag prdM itaaU eommand ; 
And glT* this report, wUehthrj'Teiata'dwiUi neh 

Tbe mmderiDg world, when oar Nelaan ws loat, 

InTaahin pronoonE^d at an end { 
ThaFieach,in their eonsdenoea let down and enm'd, 

For if at a Atfanee wt Ona maid imprint 
OnUidrmindi iBch a leaaoa aem. 

Let them now, firom Uda victorr, jaat take a Iiiat, 
How we'd wotli tbcm if onea ther came here I 
Souul the Ofe, &0. 

Ba the great twenty .trst of October neorded, 

In the mem'ralile year rigbtcen hundred and ilv« ; 
Hay eaehhcro that Ml Idi traepniie be awatded, 
WliOe one liaii^ oak on this i^ shall aoniTe I 
Mellon bd the gallant van ; 

Nelson Pnacc and Spain deledt 
Nelson spiAt— the Ogfat began | 
Nelson, nutddeu h« I died! 
Commemorate tidi Bret of mai I 

Hang laorels on Ac eypreaa-boagfa I 
Eadi Briton did Us dnty then,— 
Let Britons do thelf daty sow I 

The bidd Royal Sor'rdgn, wiA bert aatlAetlon, 

Tbe ada^ring fleet saw all oUkps oststrip ; 

Oied onr Iwro, • How |;aI1antly flnt into action 

That fine fdlow, CoDlngwood, canies liii ihlp t' 

And now the Spanish line was broke i 

DestrnetlDn all annnd was hnil'd ] 

The Viet'ry'e in tnTolv'd in auoke 

The larsert iblp*ln aU Oe worid. 

The British Hon left hla den ; 

And trcHn the taiMl to the prow 
Ench Briton did hia doty tiien,— 
Let Brltona do Oeir doty now I 

At length a dood InroWd the day 1 — 

A dond that might to ail Impart 
Dread liear, miald Britons know dlamay, — 

A bnllet reach'd onr hero'i heart I 
And now the battle rag'd again i 

RerengB was seated on eacbbfovi 
Each Briton did hk duty Vbat/— 

Let Britons do their dnty now I 

Fterae nge and noble vengeance each boaom In- 

And now, from friends and conntry t 
Great Ndson's spirit tskcs la ws] 
On wings of fame and ^ory borne 

Ht hther and Humphrey Ham wen like brothen ; 

And when fether departed this KfC, 
To keep np the hicndship, I chose, 'fore allotheii, 

HtUD'a danf^hter, sweet Margery, to idfe. 
To pay the flrst risit I made no ditey | 

Bat aueh people did ne'er mortal aec 1 
Homphrey'sneckwasawry; hliwifehadahare-llp i 
Debsquinted; TomitBttor'd; Mog rose in the hip I 
What a whimdcal, strange, odd, qneec, out-of-tlw- 


Setoffrigbtiweie this comical ton ilyl 

or some dltferent Uqnor did eT*ry one goiale : 
HnmiAiey, hot-pot ; hla wills, with a gnee, 
ToBs'd oil eherry-bonnee till she (bam'd at the 

With brown (taut Deb gtew black in the fbce ; 
Tom a Ane foaming tankard of ale did display) 
Sweet Margery drank nothing bat tea I 

ChcrTT-bouDOe, and three-threads, and kxriud >!• 

As this whimsical, strange, odd, queer, ont-of-tbe- 
Thin quiiidcBl comind fiimlM 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


N«t w« talk'd ibort tmd« !— on* propowd Whlik 

And iM^au to lUde, ilraflle, and nt : 

And -twa. pronoone'd an tqaal bat 

Ther cheated Uk> derOs, or gunblem, or nbbei* 

Who'd aee the other out 

Some at Cribb>g<!, and othen at Pat. 

The .trife wai »dl kept up, and long,- 

To be mlgbtT asreeable, 1 vu to play 

He fought, (he «crutch'd--bnt she'd a tongno. 

IptoT'dnt Pope Joan, Cribbage, Put, and AD Fob™, 

And poor Tmi kiek'd the bneket 

WhSit, Commerce, Piquet, Beat the KuM <nt of 



Thi «^1 of giria wai Piggy Taylor : 

TU> quizxkal oomkd AunilT. 

Her Jabbering-tacks war. always loow ( 

Deariy as lift she lot'd a saUar, 

Nert the wnqanyeach hli own»oog mnslbealng- 

And hii name wa» Kit Cabouae. 


AH bands to sea, thn gold was parted 1 

ThS» Bunffled, that iqaeak-d, f other aqoaU'd ; 

P^, in the dismals, pip'd her aye ; 

One haUoo'd tlU erecy glm began ringing. 

While Sboek howl'd, a* ao Imdlj lie bavl'd. 

And (wore for her he'd live and die. 

1 vai aak'd for my Bong, >o deUghtftd and gfty, 

Now aee tiic fbm ofbsd example: 

Or to join in a cmtdi or a glee : 

The (hip was order-d up the Straiti 1 

So I ton'd up ' R^ide Boreaa," Tom Stitch,"Orain- 

And ne'er of gig waa ancb a (ample 


' Btony Batter," ThsDai^,' ■ OTeenFeai,"Lui- 

They daih'd away— the shiners sported, 


And steer'd for vice on ei'ry tack t 

To keep toieirith thl. qiwer, itnnge, odd, ont^- 

And, ea all sorta of girts they courted. 

Thit qnixdcal eomiod badly. 

■niey phiy'd the dnil and tum'd up Jack. 

At last, 'twM aD aetded that I the oat motalng 

Chaa'd pleaaun with a Sowing (an t 

Should marry thli elegant bride ; 

ra Kit one nig*t, poor, groggy, wounded, 

Was taken up and sent to gaol. 

There fbrc'd. in grief, to Ute the bridla 

Home to dinner we ome, aU M blithe and lO gay, 

Upon a cold and flinty bed. 

Aa many ai meny could be : 

Rnmour, that'a not a moment idle, 

We ate, dane'd, and drank, till the etocktag to 

Inform'd Urn that poor Peg waa dead. 


One ni^t. without health, food, or riggingi 

And qaite na'd to the qneer tricki and todei Pm 

Upon the gtD>uDd, to eomfbit loat. 


Ha tiiought his woud'ring eyea wen twigginf 

Either the deril, or P<«gy'( ghoat ■ 


His GonragB gone, each whiapar fearing, 

TUiqidnicalcnnieal bmily. 

He saw, and gaye a dismal cry 1 

A flgure to his mind appearing 


At kast ser'n teet di inches high I 
Kit aimk in fear of what might folkiw. 




Then, with a (Diemn Toice and hollow, 

The (pectre cried, ' Oh 1 Kit 1 Kit 1 Kit t 

From Crimea like Ihiaemen ehonld tnkewandogl 

Your wicked deeds brought this diagiaoi ; 

And 1, before to-morrow morning, 


Wili anabdi yon to another pLaoe 1' 

TuiOTHT ToDQB had dercn wivei, 

> Then I am loat-oh I day of cvU r 

And buried 'em e»'iT one 1 

Cried Kit, and oa hia kueea he gEta : 

Hard wen their lots, and brief thdr Urei-^ 

' Why 1' cried the (prite, ' I'm not the deiil !— 

Tim (aid 'twBi glorione fun I 

But Peggy, eome to pay your debts.' 

Kitty Clack, to cleren mntea 

' Peggy 1 and has your heart rHented ? 

Vlbo'd laaiTicd been, like hfai. 

Can yon torgiTc ?'— • Ye* ! ttat r CM r 

And Kit tum'd out an honest man. 




Thna alugganl ions of leisure, 

Aj thil apptan *l an culler lUg* or uTbdJn'i irrlUni* 

Who tfaue by dulineia trace, 

Know nothing of a pleasure 

•nluit II Into Ibe »ii« tbmt foUawi.] 
Pa a from strife and love's alormi, 

Now quickly enda our trouble,- 

With jovial heart, and mind at oue. 
Tune vrai, when, ^tb resistless charnu, 

Baccboi knew the wajr to pleiM ; 
When, «hUe the menj glee went ronnd, 

Nor ever bad I beard a Kniod 

He's hooted to the toil; 

No longer he can double. 
And measore btei. the >oU. 

Be talnte, be panU, no mo» can push, 
Sxbausted quite his breath ; 

TLo hounds are ahnost at his brush, 

Like the (weet tlakliiig of the glass : 
Toast, song, and bumper, my delight. 

The Ivy did my brovrs entwine,— 

And apnm'd the myrtla lor the Ttne. 

And now he yieldi to death. 
Then home we go to ling and qvafr- 

The ipoDa are proudly worn 1 
While mimio weU the vacant lau^ 

The echo and the horo. 
Thui if vik varmin to dnCroy, 

Far (hnu tboae who iobi the roar 

That annoy the human roco. 

Where B«!cbiu' «nu are loth to part, 

U manly, then no nreet employ 

The reml ront now please no more. 

bUke the manly ehawil 

And Copid's joys pomess my heut : 

The flute TueoeedB the timbrtl'i anuid,— 

Hanh ebioglng cymbals do but jar ; 

TERS. , 

Jo^ •» only In the h««tboj fonnd. 

The tinkHng harp, or .pruee gntlar. 

Slgb, loD, and ogle, my delight. 


The Joys ot love are only mine ; — 

And be led, that aa how be Iift'd I ; 

I wishaad eigi the livelonj ni^t. 

Zo led ho, ' My Ttnne lad, thou hast nothing to do 

And for the myrtle ipom the vine 1 

But their different tempera to try.* 

Zo I went without makbg a pother , 


Sue were daodng, Bet zioging away; but fbr Nan, 

Ea> yet the day is dawning, 
While sons of sktii are yawning, 

She ware tending upon her rick mother. 
< I can ten bee,' «>d I, ' farmer, that's Bgood idgn i 
I do lomehow or other think Nan wlU be mrdne.- 

Their senses scarce awake, 

They leem'd all of 'em atroiviag to master my 

We mount onr atteds so steady. 


They annfl the breezing air; 

Bet and Sue were dress'd out— Nan were tolght 1 

Han, hotae, and dog, all ready, 

For itaittog we prepare. 

Nan did makef • Cried the brmer, ' Thoa'rt 

Then off we go; the woods resound, 


' And wake the raddy mora— 

Nerf tetoie vor flw purpose my stDcktng I toare ; 

The ccncsrt iweet 'twlit deep-ton'd honnd, 

Zo U TcD out inst aa 1 bitended 1 

The echo, and the boTO. 

No OMdle bad Bet, Sue no thread, but a stoare 

Each object io creation 

Sndlei in the spoitsnun'* bse. 

Zo I Kd to the farmer, • That daughter of thotne. 

Nor U there recreatioD 

Zweet Nan, I do verily think, wm be mojse.' 

So manly Mthachaaa. 

Then 1 made to the la^ a (ort cf a apaech <- 

We aoon unearth the subtle fox. 

•Sual thou dancert with spirit and Idfii; 

And now be takes the plain; 

Now ctimba ahnost imperrloos racks. 


And DOW ha skulks agun. 

But 1 want, do you lee, giris— a inrffc : 

A hoond gives tongue that nothing shnn* — 

Now, thof I like dancing, and zinging, and incb. 

The woods the note resound; 

And alwayi good stoare jet by beauty. 

The loud fUU cry folnt Echo stuns. 

And Renard now is found : 

Qood housewirry, prudence, and duty. 

Then eager at full speed we go, 

Zo.NaDl if thou canst to my humour tndolne. 

An toU and danger icon ; 

ril make a good hoabaod, and thonsbaltbe mcdM 1' 

■Twixt Echo and ttae horn. 











i/ [ r^r!t i W[ f [[j i fJI^ 




1 nU*d Id }0Ti Uka thai iwUl*,— 
Ptdki ttt and dmt nna'd d> 
m, wo* !■ nel 
The pmiguig ouBS ud praw'd mh 
Bow Guold I ill tliue pluiUTct ]£n*. 

Ho* with nr vhcnr put ? 

I nerer lo took as to gr'sra, — 

It wning mj nrj heart: 

Bnt when oa board. 

TbcT ESTc U» word 

To fonign part* to go, 

I rued tbc nocrxcot 1 wai bom. 

That cTcr I ihonld thai be lorn 

From my PoUaod my putuDJocI 

I dd my duty manfally 
While an thtbiUowi rolllDg, 
And, night or day, 
Could tiod my way 
BUndfold to the msin-top bowling : 
11in>, an the daogtn of tha mdn, 
Qnlduanda, and gale* of wind, 
I bnv'd. In hope* to tuta agtia 

Tlwjoya I Ifft behind: 
la clime* afar. 
Hid hotteat war, 
PoDT'd hroadildea on the foe. 
In hope* the** petti* to relate, 
Ai by By tide attentlre ante 
If jpoll and my partner Jus. 

At laat it pleai'd hti Uijoty 
Ta ghn peace to the DaUoD, 
And honest heart* 
From fOralpi paria 
Came home (or eoaaotatloD. 
Like llghtniog— Ibr I felt new llfB I 

Nd« aafe from ell alarmi — 
I nuh'd, and fonnd my Mend and wiA 
Loek'd in each othar'a arm* r 
Yet fancy not 

Tame, like a lubber j—Nol 

For, aeeing I wat finely ttich'd, 
Plamp to the dcTll I Mrly kick'd 

My Poll and my partnei Joe. 



cnrilttn tar Varfaui AttMioni, 


Miss Swiid, Mm Oobblt, and pretty Uisa Prim, 

Laid ^ge to my heart pnttj BtrDDj{ ; 
Tlksjr Bttack'd me with siDgTog Uiig little Freaeh 

With oU their I>eat powers of Hmg : — 
■ Dew enid Capld I like b bee 
That liDTa'gt on the wing, 
ReuTTC thy honer all for me, 
And talu away thy eting.' 
'BraTOI' cried I; ' 1 am conqner'd— I yldd I 
Ha'am I yon beat Catalaal quite ont of the Held.' 
niiit,'M<s9 SwlTel — her eyes were Dot Eairty a p^r — 

One Bspir'd, while the other look'd down ; 

What was meant for ao ogle waa only a itare, 

That coDtiacted her brow to a frown.. 

Dear cruel Cnpid I &c. 
HtuQabblCiWlthlioandcr-like moatii, anng K qneer, 

And bnriMqn'd what wat meant for pred^n ; 
Not let ont on a lease, but just from yeat to year, — 
Not a month, hot a kind of Indaloa. 

Dear cruel Cnpid t &c. 
The month of Bliaa Prim, ai she Bung, pnre'd up grew, 

As it Derro had been hardeu'd to gristle ; 
Her imall pnckiT'd Up*, like a alere filter'd through, 
Not a tone, bat a ttiod of a whistle. 

Dear crael Cupid 1 tie. 

CoHi, come, my lads 1 the war b o'er ; 

The gliipa all off are paying : 
Sheets, cablet, hanlyards, ns'd do mon 

Are ap in OTd^n'ry laying. 
The fearful dangers d the main 


way to 


The boatswaiD.who so shrilly pipes. 

No lODger are we hearing : 
In dock he toeiea olf liis giripea. 

At landlord boaiaely swearing. 
Tlie battle wan not, nor the main, 

Eacept while, o'er onr ^ataea, 
We count our dangers once sgain, 

To pkaie onr pretty Uski. 


I sliow we're intiiects loyal. 
And wlien the dutlei of the nmtn 

Demand ns fhjm our glaiies, 
We'll si^, as we prcpen, again. 

To leaTB our fnltj laues I 

No. 64. 

B> others' the nngradons task 

Ofjndging my too thoughtleae sex, 
By Enry dress'd in Candonr's mask, 

Tiat even Virtne's self inapects. 
Ulne be the better, kinder part. 

While I examine weU my own, 
To pity and forgive tlie heart 

Thtt has tiansgresa'd from lore alone. 
Stem Jnstiee, with unshaken hand. 

Sprung from neeesslty and time, 
That bwi be kept which rale mankind, 

To Ox Uie ftiTfUt-prtcc oferirae. 
But judges irfa softer kind 

Frail error well has reason glr'a j 
Pity — perfteUon of the mind I 

And Uercy— (hr'rile diild of Heav'n 1 


Look round rhe earth, nor think it atranga 
To doubt of you when aH things change ; 
The branehlng tree— the blooming Iiow'i~- 

Tlkeir form and bne change er'ry lioni : 

WUlst all around anch change 1 see, 
Alaa I my heart must fear for thee. 

Blighted and chill'd by crnel fratt. 
Their ylgonr droopi— thdr beauty 'a lost ; 

My che e k may change by yonr disdain 

To change my heart all pnw'r la vain : 
Look roond the earth I— Each How'r you see 
To Nature true as I to thee. 

Look np to heav'n, nor think It strange 
To donbt of you when all things change ; 
Snn, moon, and ata»— those forms so bright 
Areehangfngeven to the sight:— 
While in the hear'na anch change I see, 
Alas I my heart most ttai (tar thee. 

Oooded or bright, the moon and sun 
Arc constant to the ooone they ran ; 
So, gay or aad, my heart as true 
Riaea and sets to love and yon : 
Look in the heav'ns— each star yon see 
True to its orb a* I to thre. 

[Repeated togelher.] 

TuBono B all anr hearts, phlbisaphers have taught, 

A subtle vapour flies i— 
Wann'd In the vdns, it kindles quick as thought. 

And sparkles En the evea. 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Be mm'd, ye fidr, nail retlie ; 
Fly ftom the Buh, 
Yooll repent If jron'te nih 
Ohl nereiplBTVitliBnl 
n youth cornea vlQi ■ grace and ■ M 
like Fhoebiu deck'd Im rap, 
lea to yonr hesrti (he fiery atoou th 

vith hooovr tad bnth. 

Bat Bhoold tlie f ontli 

Fly not (onr kirer's raya ; 

Hti heert la a Unine, let your'i 
And make ■ matoal blase 1 

From him «e need not retire,— 


Drawl vealth from the meanest ilanei 
TlieE Ues Ktn,i iiitt hia predoai prey, 

No paasiou bla prodence tonn. 
Vild yonth, pouion, and troth, 


Oh 1 the deHght 
To be an errant knight ; 
O'b moimtaln, hill, and rodt, 
In rain, and wind, and inoir, 
SbiT'rliiK and Bbakln(, 
All danger he moat mock, 
And miut with pleasare go, 
QuiT'ring and qnaUng. 

Horrid i^tet, 

lioni roaring. 
Caetlei tombtlag. 
Oh I the de%ht 
To be an errant knight, 

Masten snoring. 
Thunder gmmblliig, 

Damieb tqoeaking, 

Detile ihcieking, 

Cluba and gianta 

Hurl defiance ; 

Bed of Btonee, 
Broken bonei, 
CHil the delight to be an errant knifcht 

Bt my fiilth and wand, 
Gradog now my band, 
I'm at yonr comaund, 

For ever and for aye. 
Heart within my breast 
Never can iuiTe reat. 
Till of yonr'i poasesa'd, 

Heigho, alackaday 1 
Do yoD want a knight, 
Ready, brisk, and tiglit. 
Foes and fiends to fight, 

For ever and for aye ; 
If yon want a slava, 
Whom yon will not save, 


-When SlbdlD «u KlIiDraS aU his comporit' 
[psmwry lo his ning lolnilla, lie dls|»«d of 
Willie H>pE, which he lays artslilT dcand lbs 
tsr £300. lot MO (ulDcu-l 

I WAS, d'ye see, a water m an. 

As tight and ■pmee as any ; 

'Twiit Richmond town 

And Hofselydown 

I earn'd an honcat penny ; 

None eonld ctf Fortvne'i &tqiui brag 

More than conid Incky I, — 
My cot was anng, well fill'd my cag. 
My gmnter In the sty : 
With wheiry tlgbt. 
And bosom light, 
I cheerfully did row ; 
And, to completa tUj princdy lift, 
Son never man had Mend and wife 
like my Poll and my paitaer Joe I . 

TUl, woe la me 1 
So lubberly, 
The pressgang came and prcss'd m 
How could I all these ^easnres leave 

How with my wherry part ? 

I nerer so took on to grieve,— 

It wrung my very heart: 

But when on board. 

They gave the word 

To (ordgn parts to go, 

I ru'd the moment I was born. 

That ever I should Ihna b« ton* 

From mT Pan and mr paitoer Joe I 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


J £d mj dn^ nuufnUr 
VUla on the Ullnra roUInf , 
And, idght or day, 
Coold fnd la J »i.T 
Blindfold to tlie bowUngi 
Thiu, all tlie dsi>g™ "f the mala, 
Qulckgand), and galea of wind, 
I braT'd, in hopia to tuts again 
Tha iaj» I Idt behind : 
In dhnea aflv, 
Mid hottest mr, 
Pom'd brosdsldea on the Ibe, 
In hopM these perCi to relate, 
A* b; mr dde ottentlTe ut 
Hy Poll uid mf paitaa Joe. 
At lut it pteu'd hti M^tT 
To give peace to the nalioD, 
And honeat heoHa 
Frocn torrign parti 
Came home for coniolatlon : 
LIks li^tning— tor I folt new lift 1 

Not* ufe from ill oUnna — 
I nuh'd, and fbnnd my friend and w 
Lock'd in each other** arm* I 
Yet fancy not 
I bore my lot 
Tame, Bke a labber r— no 1 
For, leeing I was flnety trlek'd, 
Plmnp to the deril 1 Mtiy Uck'd 
My Poll and mj partner Joe. 


rru* \t «M St tba grtalaat and Beat InpertaM 

aanl Tklorln na ncord. 1%* BrlUah leM, nader Itae 

Immoru] NtlHO, ennWed oT (waatT'^HnB atf 1 of Um 

line, tbm MgaUfl, and two KhpOHn, curylDf 2380 

or tUrty.llm* ■Up* of th< Uae, igTeB trigtUm, aad 
thm camtui, and orrttd 3M0 kud*. NlscUea uU 
il the Una gf the laiur w«n taken or deMmytd ; bat 
Um Mnmph wai alloiped by tba loai of Uu fallul 
NelKn.wbo, Id Um pglcnasl (riif of U> couDtiynen, 
wo M1M at tn* moDnt of TtcMrr- Tba lait Hfiu] 

tbu ba aeat moad tbt liat, rrloi t- 

ment of Ibe battle, ■M—'KatlABd n. 
maawUl da tail dDtyl' Tba moK pniTed 

ralo*Tal«nnmaiUlcrthalmnEniUml*t_ , 

Ha wail bon on tt* 3ttb st Septo^iar, I7M. and Ml 
■bortly aft-- ^' ^"^ -»--»—' *»'- — -* '^■- 

~aipn*^,'oa J»n. 9. l«J^ 
CoMi, meismalea, njdcel Ibr oldEn^and, so 

We've often o'er BTe, nine, deren, been vktoriona, 

But DOW ve bore taken nineteen : 
Yet 'twaa eain'd by a wound tliat Ibt yean will 
want heaHng — 

A wound 1 that on len or on s1uk« 
Bv'ry Briton ehaH moan, with one heart and one 

Our hero, jpvat Nclmn, 'a no more I 

I lail'd wltb him often In pretty bard >ervice, — 
Mote than once saw him wonndcd*, and smile : 

1 was there when he gain* d Hoch renown nnder JcTTis, 
And he peppcr'd the French on tbe NUe. 

I heard hi* last words, that so grier'd eadi by- 
stander — 
Vords •ounfng lo moamftal and aweei,— 

'Twaa hi* ' Lore and farewell' — Damme 1 there 't 

' To each bother tar in tbe Seet.' 
tnl be 's gone I and so nobly ths Amcb and tb* 

We%e lost — why, the 'count 'i irithout end 1 — 
Tbe King a great mbject, each aallor a toother, 

Aikd erery Briton a friend 1 
Not that one of our leaders tobononrwantspresalDti 

For whercTET our jack is nnftarl'd, 
'TIs on an hands allow'd, a* Uds eountry's bert 

En^and's tan are the pride of the worid. 
See Ha dilTrenee in men 1 — Kelson, niaoly and 
li monru'd throng the land by each voice ; — 
Had the shot been coauntsiian'd to itiike Bony- 
Oh, how ev'ry land would rejoice ! 


AB.ha^l the signal* round the coast 

Proclaim tbe great etent 
That gave all hearts to griBTi and boaat. 

To joy and to lament : 
Great Nelson's cdtm antrei in sight, 

Vlctorioni e'en in deathl 
Vho, Hring, did his cannb7 rigtat, 

Who, dying, gaie her Intmlh. 
For did not Fame the Udiogs tell 

That laid him on his bier. 
The foe, whom notlklng could repel, 

Had ventnr'd lo come here : 
But now may peace, that balm derout, 

Be laid to ei'ry breast ; 
Km mlgbty deed* have fear and doubt 

Foe ever set at rest 1 

■t tht ligiil or bt> ilgbt e)v i 
ESild'ofTtiwrlfff. irh.n h* 

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Blow, Boreu, bbnr t thy snilj vindi 

Maj make the trillom fiuin and mat ; — 
TluKi brced'st no feu la nUut mlndi. 

For, ipita ol th«, we'll Bod a shore I 
Then chccT, m; hoita I and be not aw'd, 

Bat keep the gnn-Rwm deal : 
Though (U the deriU roar abroad. 

We 'ra Ha-ioom, boj^ and never ftar. 

Fee how ihe toaseiiqt t boirhrl 

The DKNmdng topnuist tonch'd a itai I 

The meteon blai'd u thnmgfa the doad* St cnne, 

Aod, salamander.Uke, we Bt« in Bamel 

See I lee 1 we go 

To the deepert ihadca below t 

Alas ! whne are we now ? 

Obt whocsntdl! 

Sure, 'Us the iownt room La hell. 

Or wbre the sea-godi dwell 1— 
With them we'D tira and Teiga, 
mth them we'D drink and uog, and dance am^n. 
But iee 1 Me I see 1 we motmt again 1 
Still, tbongh flaabee <rf Hghtntng and tempeata at ' 

Do tereely contend which ahall conqner the tit, 

Thongh the captain Us praj'r 

Doth IdsIUt nrear. 
And the KU are on Are by the flendi of the air, 

We drink and de^ 

The mad aptiita (hat 6j 

Troia the deep to the sky. 
And slog, thongh loud thnnder ahotdd bellow I 

For Fate will stlU h&ve 

A rleh berth br the bran. 

And ne'er make his giaTe 

Thi Joys of the vine, and its 'drtnea, I sing,— 
To bardi more inspbing than Hdloon'* aprlng ; 
No poet that 's lobtr good veree ever writ — 
'1^ the juke of the grape that enlirens his wit I 
Atoms first ncl'd Into order, we *re told ; 
'Twa* the docbino of lage Bpiconu of old ; 
And hence the whole sect of that staggering ichool 
The muim obserre, and adhere to the role. 
Let Hacnles boast of bii oonqueata In v^n— 
Qt Hydraa dtatroy'd, and ot Amaions slain : 
Man moDStart the joice of the giapehss o'erthrown , 
Idoc* Hydn* laid low than great Japiter'i son. 
No lOBgir shall dree r^olce in her ipella,— 
Onr magical battle her bottles excels ; 

ts of dmgi and of jokes. 

Whea wine glTCa fiie animal ipltits to Bow, 
The dance ia a wit, aod the alovEn 's a bemi ; 
The cobbler 's a king, and the drab Is a queen [ 
The lawyer 's a Jndge, and the oirate a dean. 
'Tls said, when as drmik and aa gnat as a Ung 
It by chance yoa shooM ldll,,wl>ea yoa'ie Mba i 

yDo'l) swing:— 
Tbea taks the adriee tiiat I soberly gfre, 
And be drank, if jon'm wise, all the day* that yea 

Thy orglea, boon Bacdmi, some monaith obtaii 
And long has thy wide celebistUm (ditwn'd : 
AH states and all natloo* snbmit to thy sway. 
And reel from their centre, and totter awny. 
Then let all wlu are tiienda to the giafK-loiIag god 

What mortal rzisting his inHaence desks ? 
Then driok a fall glass Ibr each minute that Sica I 


[Snnc mt Vlnih.!!.] 

'Otinr tiqdag and topen thoaewlse ones inveigh 

Who time by sobiiety measure; 
Bat when tbey hsrs s^ all they aa have to ny, 

1 ddy *om to prora 'Us not pleanre. 
Bards sit ap to itody, and patriots to talk, 

Projectors to plan and to think, 
SUll balk'd ot their object-^nit nothing can balk 

Oar ol^ieet, when gayly we drink I 
Then pot rouid the bowl or the bottle with spank, 

Whetlier pooch, claret, bnmbo, ot oaffij : 
It may makena all mad, noisy, bDlafrans, or drank, 

What are gods withoni nectar ?— A jolly red bee 
Uakei thdr godahlps more f^'d and ador'd i 

Uars Bghts snd Jove thonders with ten timeauofc 
When they've t^en thdr nectar aboard : 

By the very same rale, what are tars vrlthont fl^ ? 
'Gainst Its paw'r wind* and waves can't pre- 

•Tla a regular nmiim, ' Hote gajrly the ahip 
Ooes, when nnder a flowing wet salL' 

Thm pot ronnd Uie boiri, &e. 
On thdr legs rhetoridans thdr th 

And 01 


We the nu»t wit and doqnence ahrays display 

When, well in fbr 't, we 'vb no legs at aU. 
'71s tme, we next morning have psioB In the head 

That bad liqnon will always impart ; 
Bnl how maay sly eodgen sneak sober to bed 

Who next moinlag have palni in the heart I 
Then pat ronod the bowl, lice. 
His fiunOiar old Socratn always call'd in, 

To InsidR him with notions divine ; 
To be wise and more knowing would topers begia, 

They invoke thdr tamitiar, good wine. 

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Thus, doU tarlh-boninwrtala an mere plodding 
Bom to labour, to fidget, and Uduk ; 
Bnttlu bottiapnt round, Chej 'n translated to goda, 
And blDUHtal the mament tlier drink t 

Then put round tike bovl, &C. 


. wu t-boal thn period when tbe milLUrr 
' — •■'■longhDultlw iutlDii,lud 


u hlghMl 

PaouD houonr and atsn &te eomUning-, 

The aotdier to tlie battle goesj 
HU codbItj'i h(ro(9 noblr joining, 

V avcDse and anecoDr homaa wtMi i 
Nor till the publie niety greet Mm,— 

Safety the wond'ring vorld ^rprorea, 
8w«ct VemiB* ffemllr ahaD meet him,— 

The amlles, the graces, and the Lores. 
The war's begun 1 the Britlih &lr, 

AD weakness oreTComa, 
The harp and Irre beneath theli cue, 

Nov but ttaa aprlghtlf drum. 
Like Sparta'i matrons, nobly great, 

Wives, mothen, danghten, lia 
Vho most shall hEroea animate 

To conqiur or to die. 
Sound the trumpet loud I 

Bid the minstrel jtriu 
The pray'r of yonder kirely erawd 

For OUT sons of bmr, In sounds divine. 
Invoking each anspidoni name 

Id battle to defnid them, — 
' Hail I ' they exclaim. 

Rending the air i 
' Oh, listen to our fervent jnay'r,— 

Hay victray attend them I ' 
See with deUgfat aome lordy bir 

Her parttng hero dedi I 
A laurel'Vrteath adorn hla hair. 

Her portidt grace his neck : 
Thniarm'd, he pants to ]adn th' attack ; 

She firmly Uds him go. 

Some trophy from the foe. 

Sound the tnunpet [ond, && 
A moflker erlea— ' Uy love's first Joy 1 

Go I — hme and bo&oui bring ) 
Prom me ttkou bold'it thy Hlis, dear boy. 

In tnut, to serve thy Ung 1 
Yet tram the reeking slaughter come. 

Whatever chance bedda. 
In safety bring thy father home. 

Or peiish by hli aide I ' 

Sound the trumpet loud, &c. 
Thus shall the lovely British dame 

To latest timet be mng ; 
Great, brave, and noble, as the feme 

And honour whence she spmng. 

Thns heroes perils shall survive ; 

Shall love and glory share ; 
And, angel-goarded, sluU dcrivO 

Protection from the fUr. 

Sound the tnunpet knid, Ik. 

SiMCB variety sweetens oni Uvea, 

And fills of cilstCDoe the measure ; 
Hnce each sweet fixim some Utter derives, 

And who nevar felt pain teals not pleasnre ; 
Since all the ea}oyments we know 

Are csns'd by betwixts and betweens. 
What mmtal so lidi can you show. 

As ha whose estate 's mys and means ? 
In bH wB ei^ and are taught. 

No podliTB good has existence ; 
Each meatsure, set, deed, word, and thouj^t. 

Like motion 's kept up by leaistance. 
To aamencas Ufe's thread's slowly drawn, 

When no Mendly care Litervcnes ; 
Nor could even the nation go on, 

Were It not (or the state's ways and means. 
As to US who an put to oar shifts, 

EVryJoy Is enhanc'd by some sorrow ; 
And the mln of to-day only lifts 

Flntt'ring hope ha some sunshine to-morrow : 
From hankering tor other men's pelf, 

Reflection the ndnd kindly weant ; 
If content with enough fer yourself. 

You've the worid, and may find ways andneans. 
With Tldsutodes, then, let as spart,— 

You'll be happy, and nothing can mil It; 
The hearladie ii felt In a court. 

And delight may reside in a ganet. 
He is bkes'd who life's iiarvest bean off. 

So la he bat the leAns who gleans : 
Then Bt eaie and Its crew lean to seolt, — 

The mind wHI siqiply ways and means. 


[WrlLUa cxpmly (at the Oennu TbcAlre. u 
moghTMrnnerTrtdtrtc-"-'-' •~-— ■ « — 

•c July 22. leU, 1 

I say, Jack, Up and 

coumsDdcd by Aflmlril 
cmptuml two iblpv of tli 
Wht, they've got iti 
Aa the devO got hold of the agne : 
I told yoD, mounseers, thoogh you're enrsedlyihy. 
We <nie day or other ihimld plague yon. 
Hurrah 1 hurrah I hnmh I 
Poor Boney 1 not even the devQ, his crony, 
Can save him— his pride must come down ; 
We'll, In spite of his 1h^ 
From the devil and the Pope, 
Take a touch nt his iron crown. 

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IM nf u* faowittuppea'd : — from Tonton , Ukc mad, 

They uil'd, with theit usoiil branuloc* ; 
Swon tbcT 'A plqnder Jamaica, capsiie Trlaldad, 
And at la>t iwallov up poor Barbadoea. 

Hnmb, humli, &c. 
Wdl, vlut did they do i Ther arrirM In foil >dl, 

Victoiiona, to thdr w>t o( tUukins 1 
Dot the Dane of bold Vtimm kwd made'em ton 
60 boote tbej cwne, er'iy one altrlnVbig. 
Hurrah, hnrrah, AlCm 
'Abcnit ihlp,* oied NdHm, 'if that's T^^^'dealr?;* 
60 Uie maiter tsisk'd Dcat, Bud close hanl'd ha; 
Till out ot the fiying-pu into the fite, 
Tbef all (rf 'em tell la with Caldcr. 

Then hurrah, Btc. 
TlieT tried at a port till they got 'em in liew ; 

And, Jolt aa BMunan sbonM oook'nn. 
Like the jollf dd Roman,* wlky. what did he da? 
He com'd, and be aau'd, and he took 'em I 
Then bnmh, Su:. 
Hie thing la thla here: Maiter Boney, an laud. 

Has a ptetty shrewd bit of a notion } 
Bat the dear Uttle Coraican can't nndentand 
How we aiMDMge the thing iHi the oceean. 
Then hunab, &c. 
Then here'e to the Xing, and here'a to the Queen, 

And here's to the Family Royal; 
We 'vc beaits sound as biscnita. 

And ev'ry man 'a honat and loyal. 

TIUD huirah. lu. 

[Soat by Un. Enmsdj. la (be ■Couedyof 

SratT not to those distant scenes,— 

FVom thy comfort do not rove ; 
Tarry in these peaceful glens, — 

Titad the quiet paths of Love. 
Is not this sqguestcr'd abade 

Quieter than the proud alcove ! 
Tairy In this peacefiil sfaade— 

Tany here, with me and Lo>e, 
Usten to the woodlark's note, 

Listen to the coding dove 
Hark 1 the thniah's meUow note ; 

All, onltiiig, carol lore. 
See the limpid brooks around 

Winding tbrongh the Tnricil j^vc ; 
This la pssrfon'a fairy ground, — 

TaiTy hoc, with me and Lovt. 

• 11 will be Db*Tld thai Dlbdln here 1 

Gat Bacchns, and Mcrc'ry, and I, 

One ev'niag a atrange frolic took, 
And left the queer dons of the sky, 

To take at queer mortals a kwk : 
But oni viall ne'er alter'd the scene ; 

We still (bund ; and 'tia this mortals mun. 
When they tell us of besTea upon earth. 

We jdn'd a conrlvial crew, 

Who push'd round the darrt with spunk ; 
Baccbos swon It was nectni, and grew 

Like a lord or a tinker soon drunk. 
To their concerts, that tortur'd my ears, 

>'olse and discard so lairly gave birth, 
That 1 thought 'twas a crash of the spherea) 

And thus music ia beav'u upou eaith. 

it Faro* we punted and cack'd. 

Beauty, honour, esteem, private wocdi. 
Politely give place to etim eon ; 
And thus loTC la hcav'n upon eaitb. 

Aa to me, my poor portion of wit 

In two mlDQtes was knoek'd out of joint. 

By pan, jeu^'esprtt, lucky hit. 

And quibble, canandrum, and pcJnt. 

TTinsbdow they act o'er the same scene 
We play here, the sa 


When tbey teU ns of he 


Wht, Tom, tboo 'rt a seaman ; and may er'ry wind 

That thy wiabea can prosper and favonr 
Btm sit in thy sold, tbat each port thon mayst find 

While hoDOUT Shalt guide thy behivlonr ; 
While goad, true, and hearty, the stays of thy mibd 

Are steadily brac'd by thy duty, — 
While toking, wife,BndMBnd, thou ait constant and 

And thon driest up the sorrows of beauty. 

Hot may all Ihy tulka, grown rotten, gite way ; 

Thy Teasel— may leaks Mrly BH ha ; 
Thy timbon all S[rilnter'd, no rope to belay, 

Broke Chy compass, and shatter'd thy tiller. , 

When ahook Id the winds an Uie BSils of thy brnrt. 

And tbou'rt false to tUne honoor and dniy : ; 

When from king, wife, and friend, thou wouldst 
basely depart, 1 

And thou moek'at at the sorrows of beauty. 

• Thi anialtialed rewler la Informed DisI Utrt, !• ■ , 

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^ •«■ -^ 5: 3: :? ./ ^ 

Bat EHT all tky tuklei, frown rotten, glie wit ) 

TbT raid— m>T itAi Mrl; BU her ; 
Thj timber* all Bpliater'd, no rope to belsT, 

Broke thy eompiui. Bud ihntlcr'd tby tlQer, 
When shook ia the wbdi are the ulli ot th^ heart, 

And thou'rthlM to thine honour Mtd dutf; 
When from king, wif^, and frieod, thoa wonldit buelj depart. 

And thoa mock'it at the lorrDwe ot beantj. 

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The boimda «en sU out, and anajt'd the air, 

And tcara: had reach'd til' appointed apot. 

1 nn to MS with hwTy beait, 

Yet ft™ my Ihonghta did M-er dep«t 


Bat plew'd, they plainly beard a laic i 
And preMutly drew on the slot. 

•Tiraa ^oiioua aport, Ac 

Stonui knr'd, wbtcs niUM, ind Hghtnlny Hew, 

And now o'er yonder plain he fleets 1 


The deep-mooth'd honndi begin to bawl, 

Sau wUHng, ft»r roy heut WM Irw, 

And echo note for note lepeata. 


WUle Bfri^tlybonu resonnd a caD. 

1 TheflratlKiid,vbnioDED|^gniimd, 


1 Iq»ke.«ul»TAlMDUU!| 

Aod Mon npoQ inqnbr fbnDd- 

And while 'War-hannchl' the huntaman crlaa, 


Ell boaom sweUi, teara wet Ua bee t 

She Wd»r»nth, before th. wind 

He p«>la, be stmg^, and he dieal 


■Twaa ^oiiona .port, &c 

'AnMI'diedl; "twcn now too kind 

To forget tad to foc^Ts.' 


Wliile of these thonghti my mtnd wM (oD,— 

I >(( DMdeto maidiea Hara descend. 

■While sdYeree hopes end fciirs, 

Jnrtlce in jigi hir scales nupend. 

Uln wlDde, did tile «nd th»t my pall,— 

Magldana in g«Tots portend. 


And fiiri«' hl«* wigs bPiatla [ 

Don vent my eolotm, and I swon 

To prestos PeUns' Kgls blue. 

For her Unae I 'd Hie 1 

Snakn twiat to foguea a thoasand ways. 

rom'i her, end prooiii'd o'er ud o'er 

And Joie whole towns irith lightning ran. 


At sound of the prompter'a whiatk. 

I 've made a sun of poliab'd tin. 

Dragons of wood, with gbastiy grin, 

A cuTus sea, the which within 


Udlother dolphins caper; 

[DIbdIn .et to niulc ■ Hope, Herengt, nd CbHrAil- 

BiM/ fnm CdUIu^ Ode lo Uh PuXou , «id wraU 

Mad£ aheep and oien dance with wire; 

And hnTe dertray'd with painted fire 

Ni«B > etreun, u imootUy florlng. 

Grand temples of cartildgc-papet.' 

Th' ezpuded ether mms to flcat; 

Svedty blondi h« nen note. 
Her Hly hand her cheek snpportln^. 

[ 've made a swain, his Ian ailecp, 
CUde warbling Urds and blcaUoB sheep ; 

While he himself did bawHng keep, 
Like boatman at a ftrry: 

Add! giM to bci oekstlel mien. 

1 'le racks m«ie that no blood coold spill. 
Fool pmson that eonM do no in, 
And daggcTB qneens and pilncea kill. 

Wbo are aliie and merry. 



Where jorlal hearts carouM and dng ?— 

QiTi rwmd the wcrf— ' DLimonnt 1 iOsmaaiit I ' 

Hamit than grots, explore these cells ; 

While, eclio'd by the iprigfatly ho™. 


The toOi ud pleuorei we reeonut 

^rightly DditblnhaUti bere. 

Of flii. ew«l hedth JnipiiliW morn. 

And }oy that knows no listlMs panse; 

'TwM gloriooi iport I lUM e'er <»d leg. 

For how sbonld we doU sorrow fear, 

Nor djrew amin, nor m«de > .tnnd ; 

Who sqoare onr Utbs by pleaiare's laws i 

Bat 111 as Brmly kept thdr pace 

What's fbrtune ?— la It chance or worth ? 

A) had AclMW been the atag. 

Peasant and Prince thdr nee mnst mn : 

A>d ta bad hnnted by eommud 

nor is there that pocr spot on earth 

Of the goddeu of the chaw. 

Bufs eherish'd hy the genial san. 



WutM last from the atnits wb had hirly cut 
I nat bonnj Kitty to h«U, 
With quiatablu itor^d^^for our Yoya^ wu a 

ind bnu nev «u ererr uil : 
But I knew well eumgh, bow with wordi imet M 

Tbcf trick ni poor tan of our gold ; 
And when the si; gypeles have fingei'd tbe moncf , 
The bag the; poor Jack give to hold. 
I So I cfaaa'd her, d'ye see, my lodi, under false eo- 

Swore mf riches wen bJI at an end, 
That I'd sported awaf all my good-lookiug dollani, 
I And bonow'd my tag^ of a friesd : 
Oh thea had you seea her I no longer, ' My honey 1 ' 

*Twaa — ■ Varlet ! andadoos and bold, 
Begone from my dght I — Now jou 'tc spent all 
your money. 
For Kitty the bag yon may bdd,' 
With that I took out double handluli of ihiniin, 

And BcomfoUy bid bef good-by! — 
'TwDuld haTC done your heart good had you seen 
her fine ^rs, 
How she'd leer, and she'd aob, and she'd sigh: 
Bat I stood well the broaddde,— while ' Jewel ' and 

She call'd me, I pot op the gold ; 
Aad bearing awky as I sack'd all the noney, 
Lett the bag tbi Ma'am Kitty to hold I 

I THOUGHT we were fiddle and bow, 

So well we in eoncert kept time ; 
Not to strike up a part baas and hnr, 

Withoat either rouoo or rhyme : 
Wliat a natural was I. so soon 

With pleason to qniTcr away t 
For Tm humm'd, 1 think, now, to some tun 

She lias left me the ]^per to pay. 
I plainly perceiie she's in glee, 

And thinks I shall be sueh a flat 
As to shake ; but she 's hi a wrong key, — 

For she nerer shall catch me at that. 
Whoe'er to the crochets of love 

Lets his heart dance a jig in his breast, 
'Twill a bar to his bapiriness prore, 

And shaU surely deprive him of rest. 

Lua a very gallant will I eomplimeat all; 
I I'll leer at and ogle the pretty, 
I TelltheBhort<mesthey'reneat,themajesticthey'r( 
And call an the homely ones witty. 

Thus, agreeable falsebood still paadng f«' truth, 

I shall tickle thdr vanity snugly ; 
Talk of pradence to age, and of pleasure to yontb, 

And eonsole with a fortnoe the ugly. 
To the pale I'll on delicate lilies begin ; 

To the Sorid I'll hold forth on roses ; 
Call squinting a leer, find a smile in a grin, 

And propoiHon where china Idss with noses : 
Thus, BginablB blsehood itill paadng Ibr truth, 

m their vaidty tiekle ao snugly. 
That I'll please tall and short, M and lean, ^« 
and youth. 

And ncondle evm tha ngly. 

If tars of their money are lavish, 

I say, brother, take this wipe from me, — 
*Tia because we 're not muckworms, nor slavish. 

Like lubbers who ne'er go to sea i 
What's yonr running, and SDch quivicatlon, 

And them sly manoniTres, to we ? — 
To be roguish b nO vahiation 

To tlie hearties who plough the salt sea. 
As fbr cheating, light weights, and short measoies. 

And corruption and biibeiy, d'ye see. 
These never embitter the pleasures 

Of good fellows who plough the salt sea : 
Yon 've ashore, actions, writs, eesserarlea, 

And a regiment of counsel to fee ; 
Jack knows not of inch Uke vagaries— 

We never tnut lawyers at sea. 
'Tib said that, with grog and oui lassea. 

snder like ai 

That money w 

Which like horses we eam'd when at sea 
But let them say this, that, or t'other, 

In one thing they 'refbrc'dto egree,— 
Honest hearts find a Mend and a brother 

In each worthy that ploughs the salt sea. 


To a sli^t common wound It is some diminutloo. 
Diverting its throbbing, to smile at the smart ; 

On the Ace to wear smiles when the wound's 
hi the heart? 

The wand'ringa and errors of foOy are tnasop. 
And should be eondemn'd as disloyal to love ; 

Which, though they 'n 


Then pray cease to jest; were my griefs siiperHdal, 
Unconcem'd, Uke yourself, Sir, I merry might be i 

But such cruel jests enn bnt prove prejudicial, 
And, tho' pastime to you, may be mortal to me,— 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Yet let me not imng joa 1)y aaj rude mentkin, 
Omonl that tlieAlniesi of candonr might blot; 

Bat, gtstifullT joat, ma; klooe the intsntkm 
Iq hit mem'rj be cheriih'd— the action fOrgot 1 


No!.KOiTa I C17 1 mi, tbongli little jaa pa;, 

TlieT 're socli u yon muiDt get eTery day. 

Who 'II bay ? who '11 bay ?— 'ti* noa^ayi I cry. 

Who 'U boy } who '11 bny ? — 'tis nosegays I cry. 

Each minciDg, ambling, tisplng blade, 

j Who gmlles, and talks of blisses 

He Defer felt. Is hen poortray'd 

Nuegsya I ery, &e. 
Statesmen, Uke Indians, who adore 

The SI 

■a thai likeness more 
Than la tiis hnmble snnflov'r. 

Nosegays I ay, &e. 
Poets I 'Te hue, In sprigs of bays 1 

De<rils-ln.the-bush an Mm ; 
Mettlea are critics, vrho damnplayi) 
And satiriali m biien. 

Ncaegaya I ciy, &e. 


WiLSB BillAD. 

I paAT yoQ, nhen your sweethesit pouts. 

And fleers and flonts. 

And gfanin and ^nts. 

Ne'er mind the punlDg (tf bei prow, 

Put pant akain, I pray you, now : 

Is It not true, that females lex, 

Plague Budpeqilox 

The cither sex 

With whimdes In thdr beads that crow, 

And fitntaaics — I pray yon, now ? 
Tack poor men's poweli, praiuB, and hearts ; 
Do not their aits, 
And wbisu and starta, 
Ptne Uffles In their heads that crow. 
And jealouBies,— I pray you, now? 

Then mind not noDscnsa of the fair, 

Put change your air. 

And shake off care ) 

Nor to their titclu and tMndes pow. 

Pot let them ko, I pray you, now. 

Ir, my hearty, you'd not like a hibber appear, 
Yoo must very well know how to hand, leef, am) 

Yet a b^ter maaonnre 'mongst seamen b fonnd,— 
'TIs the tight little maxim, to kaav how to sound, 
Which B sailor can tell bem a bay to a shoal ; — 
But the best aort of touDillng Is aoimdlng the bowl 1 

I 'tc sounded on land, and I *n smnded at sea ; 
I 'tc bounded a.-weather, and 1 'tb sounded a-leej 

I 'tc sounded my quine at the randiToo house. 
And I 'VB sounded my pane without finding a souse: 
What then? We'n abrotbet in each honBtsoul; 
And sailors can ne'a want ibr soonding the bowL 
All men try tor sonndogs, wherever they steer : 
Your nabobs fbr soonding strive hard in Cape Clear ; 
And there is not a aoul, bam the devil to the pope, 
That could lire, but ba ioaadlug the Cape of Good 

No fear then, nor danger, our hearb shall eo 
Thangh at sea, we 'nln sounding* while ae 

the bowl 1 


[TTilnrss wriltenftr the Bjutander, a llten... — 
celtaUT, nblcb IllMlnpuMisbedliiwctklFnambai, lU 

II wnguntHl Lg a qomrtD «inni..l 
Look hlrly all the world around. 

And a* yjn truth delirer, 
Tell me what character li tbond 

A realiatin'rvien; 
Who truly merits sober ftune 

None can detect life's ftnudlbl game 
So well as the Bystander. 

ThB loTvr cogs, and pahns, and sUpa, 
The easy fair to boiSe; 

And still to irin that stake, her lips. 
Will deal, and cat, and shofHe: 

If absent the Bystander. 

Prrferment Is a bowling-grrcn, 
Where plne'd la each position. 

Bowls jostUng In and out are seen. 
To reach the Jack, Ambidon : 

The bins inter'st sBll they try, 
Twist, turn, and well meander; 


Are known to tlis Bystander. 
The hiw's a game at whist, wherdu 

The parties nlue, are both In, 
Where tricks alone the game can win. 

And honours go fbr notlung : 
And while they, a sure game to idck. 

Their clients' money squander, 
Fait many mare than one odd Crick 

IHscoTcrs the Bystander. 
The coicomb plays at shuttlecock, 

The wit commands and questions. 
Tie carping dts to commerce dock, — 

Each fbllows Ms suggestians : 
Yet he alone who merits feme, 

Who blunb the shafts of slander. 
And on the square life's motley game 

Best plays. Is the Bystander. 

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[WirilMB (Or Sidlcr^ W»lli.] 
COTCHII.IK ut an abuie, 

Devil & »iil beside her, 
Wlule fKim TaMj, vho wai gooe, 

OccBu did dMde her. 
His pipa, which ibe'd been u'd to hear, 

Careleu left behind him, 
She tiionght she *d try, her vdcs to cheer. 

Tin once again ihe'd find him. 
It wm not do, fou loodle-loo ; 

Arrah I now be aesr ■. 
Tad was born, wHh ^ief to make 

Colchdiiinin crazy. 
She takes Hum op, and lays them down ; 

And now her boaom's panting, 
And DOW she'd dgli, and now she'd frown, — 

'Caze why? — Dere's something wanting. 
And now she plays the fdpea again, 

TbB pipa of her dear Taddy, 
And makes them tone hii fav'rite strain, 

ArrabI be aoy, Paddy ; 
Ahl 'twin not do yon, loodle-loo ; 

Airahl now be any : 
Tad was horn, with fpid to make 

Wbtre he'd kmg been a-Bat'ning, 
Now Kke lightning bttii did mah, 

Hia eyw wib phamce gUat'nii^: 
Saatdlngi^ hit p^i he play'd, 

Ponrfng out his pleaanre ; 
While half ddighled, half afraid, 

Pat flu tim« did measure. 
Ahl wdl win do this loodle-loo; 

Arrah 1 now be aesy : 
Tad was bom with Joy to make 

[Written ss s trllntt or respsd ti 
Charles Bannbler, sad introdoced I 
Mr lyre 1 ones ag^n Uie sad note. 

The tribute of gratitade lend 1 
' Poor Tom' on my brother I wrote, — 

' Poor Chaiiea* I now write on my friend. 
I first bitroduc'd Um to bmt — 

Pride prompted the friendly design ; 
For If 1 BstabUshAd his name, 

lie set threw ahisln on mine. 
Vsln the pr^se I how the sonnds can I mfttdi, 

Somdlow, that fUl from Us tongue? 
These words his fine cadence should cntdi, — 

These nctents he ought to tuve song I 
And did this inadequate song 

Tlie pr^se of some other import, 
The eS^ his sweet TOiee would prolong. 

Pta^iaps, sober prudence dlindsa'd. 

High tq>planse on his judgment might k 
Alas I Where's the heart ean resist 

Bnt stumld an) one, jmndlc'd and bltn 
Dare to blame, tell the canlcerons dl 

His merits delisted mankind, 
His orors lectnl'd on himself. 

Poor Cliailes 1 many worthier muse. 

Less worthy than thou wert, has we 
Ahl let not thy shade, then, rdiue 

This tribute of tmth to accept. 
A brother, a friend among men, 

IKd I once fitting honours decree; 
Be this eHbrt tineere of my pen, 

A memorlai of &iendship to Uiee I 


CoHi, Britannia, shake thy tance ; 

Plume thyself In martial pride ; 
Haste ! thy ^orlous shield adTanec ; 

Take again thy gallant stride. 
Think I oh think on sll thy noUe atory I 
Rouse thee I roose thee to thy andent gtaty I 

Hastcul hasten 1 hence away; 

All thy martial ardonr show ; 
dad in terrible arrf y. 

Thou Shalt Tanquish ei'ry foe. 

Tbinkl obtUnk, &0. 


Ibe nbost Inlrepld coQdnrE, toUlly destTofed la 
sf Uu Uat^tofslher with soma or the bsncrid 

I BAT, you Jad 1 this here laat bmah 

Is just Hke an the rest; 
That ^'d the French, to make a push 

When they were sats at Brest ? 
IXd they not linow out orders ran 

To bnm, destroy, and nnk ? 
And when, dnee first the world began, 

IHd tars their orders hHnk? 
No, no 1 TC^itance Is In Tain 1 
Tlien sing onr tars, nod Lord 

Out fleet's their ftte,— at U Ihey look 
With danger and with dread ; 

At sea they *d er'ry one been took, 
And hionght In to Splthesd : 

But tbey preferr'd to sUnk and iknlk, — 
One of their coward modes ; 

And sunk tl 


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't cone to OS, and flgU 

Like men, and danger item, 
Bnt, *Biig in port, Uy ont d rigU, 

Why we moiC go to them. 
ThE thing it thii I the devil they kttc, 

Well plew'd at their nndblog, 
Deedi'd them, aa they neU deserve. 

d Inr'd th 


•Hi pUln that France hu gone to pot,— 

Slke'll neyer aave her bacOD ; 
Her >Ups mnit liiy in port and rot. 

Or be destroy'd or taken. 
Then let not atrih or dlKontent 

mth giant ibides advuice; 
Nor let ui Brlbnu e'er lament, 

While wc ran laugh it France. 


■an I am, my good nuEten I my name '« Teddy 
My cattle an *(nnd, and I diira to an inch ; 
From Hyde PaA to Whiteehiqiel 1 veil know the 

And nuny'a the time I'm took np and ictdoini: 
In •hart, inthe Bills,* I '11 bebmmd DHt 't, thai '■ DOt 
A yonth, who, Uke Teddy, ran tip the kmg trat. 
OhI UtenoHoniirfllfe thtt laeefrommylioil 
While lata ef all Idndi coma about me In Sodu ; 
The aot, vhom I drire home to sleep ont the day, 
na Idnd one, vrho pliea tor a bra at the play, 
Or your genia of the lav, there, irho, fbor In a lot, 
To Weetmlnrter Hall 1 oft tip the long trot. 
Hy eoscb recxivea all, like the gaUowi and aca,— 
So Ibmcbbat my bre, you knoir.'a all one to me : 
The men ot the gown, and the men of the Fword, 
m'am, oi ■ gambler, a rogoe, or a lord : 
wherever yon 're going I well know the epot. 
And, io you tip a tlizy, I '11 tip the long trot. 

Your handtplkes poise, 
And gjve one general bozia I 
Yet, lightng, aa yon pnll away. 
For the tears ashore that Bow, 
To the windlnsi let O! go, 

With Yeo heave hoi 
* That li. In (he dlitrlet eomprlacd la 

The anchor ccmiiDg now a-peck, 

Leat tiu ahlp, striving. 

Be on it drWag, 
That m the tap'rlng-yards must seek, 

And baek the ktt top-aail, well we kno' 
A (ftariog dnty I from aloft 
We faintly see thou cbaime, when oft. 

When returning, 

Wkhpassioa bnmlDg, 
We fondly gaie oa eyes that aeon. 
Id parting, irith Ug lean to Btmm. 
Bnt como 1 lest oars aa hst shoold flow, 
To the windlaaa once more go. 
With Yeo heave ho 1 

The prtaa'd tiian^ cracks the stay. 

So taught to haol the sheet, we know. 
And now in trim we gaily sail,— 
The massy beam tecdves the gale ; 
While, freed from duty. 
To his beauty. 
Left on the less'niag shore abr, 
A fervent dgh heaves ev>y tar. 
To thank those lean fcr him that flow. 
That ftom his tme love he sbonld go. 
With Yeo heave ha 1 


At the sound of the bom 

We rise In the mom. 
And waken tlie woods as we thnnder along : 

Yoli, YrfjLl tally-ho! 

After Reunrd we go. 
While edm on echo redonhlea the song. 

Not the steeds of the sun 

Oar bnto coarsen outrun 1 
0*er the mound, bone and honnd, see na bound. 
In Aill cry. 

Like Phcebns, wn rise 

To the bdghts of the skies. 
And, raidesa at danger, in ban we defy. 

At eve, m, ■m rash, 

And an dose to lui brush I 
Already he dies 1— See him panting far breath '. 

Eadi (eat and defeat 

We renew and repeat. 
Regardless of bfe, so we 'n in at the death I 

With a bottle, at night. 
We prolong the delight ; 
HochTrimbasbwepraise, and the deeds thK' were 

With Phabus to end, u 

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Am oootcntwttlkthefiitc I'l 
And tf for Uic htdie ou Iota an oil cut, 

Wc mlglil Oiae Anil a cnrw, vben v« bop'd 
A» a biding. 

Wc ahall koon it too uaa il 'tk any Tdstiaii ; 
U'lu good foctime, |ric>Bim's a little too rare 

To rob onndva at it fa j anticipUlon. 
Then rariooiljr leek not tbo RiTat'ria of Fate 

To explore, b; ■ nia Idle piuiioB directed : 
The knowledge of ill onnot leuen It* might, 

And jo; Is moet welcome when leait 'tii eipected. 
WhBt'e hid in tlie atari, Ik. , 

BIiu Wialirher lOTentall'dAret oftbe t^ri 

The pride olber heart wu oiled Deputy Dent ; 
She ■dnir'd Ui nnnd teetli, he her <ne head of 

He talk'd about nunlage— she gave her consent- 
It bappto'd, nnlocUly, both in a fanath 

Made a tow, sober, serious, without fun or gig — 
She DBTci to marry a man with false t«th. 

And ho any woman that sported a wig. 
Now SlUa ^n«^ a ferer liad had in her yoath 

That coiqletely bad left her dear head without 

One day at ha txdlet, ha hnoek'd at the door. 
She bardkeaded: cried Betlr, • WeU, bere'e a 
' What to do,' died ABu ^igley, ' I dtm't know. 

He most not, at all cnnta. End oat the wig. 
' Bless my sool I la there nothing? Indl what shall 

IliBTelt—« good thought I I don't cat* a ps;* 
So ondtr the tirikt her cuon she thnw, 

And msaflilly eried ont, > ^, yon may come In.' 
H* started, drew back, gaTB a kind of a boot I 

Did tbnd hner ere inch an accident twig ? 
She bridled and cortsled, as bald ai a coot, 

]n her Sutler fbrgtttiDg her head had no wigr 
With gravity he was no longer endued ; 

Hts riiiUe mosclas unmaslerable grew ; 
And while a loud volley of laughter ensued, 

Hlsjawihesoitittsh'd, that oat ev'rytoothflewl 
Uitress on distress I what will these lorers do ? 

Though ndthcr eonld laugh, they both nlish'd 
the tig, 
And aomewhatconsd'd, while caeh vow' d to betnie. 

She ^ck'd up bis teeth, and be search'd tot her 

Ldti'i an April's donbthl day i 

Awhile we see the tempcat kmt. 
Anon the radlaiit heav'n lurrEy, 

And qdte forget the flitting show'r. 
Th« flow'is that hung thdr languid heads 

An bnmisb'd by the tnoiicnt r^ai ; 
The vines thdr waated tendrils ipnad. 

And douhle giadnesa Blis the plains. 

LoTc'a an April's diHkbIM day, &e. 
The sprightly bh^, that droop'd no less 

Beneath the poo'r of rain and wind. 
In ev'ry nptui'd note eipreia 

The joy 1 fed when thou art kind ! 

Love's an April's doubtfld day, he. 


BaoTHia BtddienI drink abont; 

And let us toast the nem so gloriona. 
That sets at rest all further doubt. 

That when the French an three to on*. 
The bayonet can make them ruo, 
Dilmay'd, tana Brltlib anus rictorloui. 
That England is from danger tree, 
Is tcnder'd aura 
By gallant Uoon, — 
Fallen 1 fallen 1 fhllen ! in the araia of victory I 
The battle at Comnna fnij^t 

Shall henceforth make the Frenchmen tiemhta 
At Britons, by experknce taught 

That they can never make a stand 

'Gainst nt, by either sea or ^ind, 

Howe'er the braggarts may dissemble. 

That England, &c. 
PorteDtoiu was the fearftal chaiice, — 

Tremendoni was the mighty danger I 
To ice three times our force advance, 

'Gainst troops exbaastcd, tir'd, snbdu'd,— 
Yet sahms for thdr country's good. 
Who, to a man, bdd tat a itnager. 

That Ea^BBd, taf. 

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Yet -when thdr Icmder wi 
Oricf ill thdr Mdeat i 
Oni moment oliij,-~lcir the f« 

With doable vengnnce fait each tzm : 
TlwT Bed In for uid dnad alum, 
And tttotk the ungniae conflict eoded- 

That Eogtaitd, Sec 

No eooner h&d malignant ehioca 

Of Moan and gallant Balrd* bereft ni, 
Bnt an wan eager to adiaoee: 

Out Taliant goi'tali led the wa}, 
Ai hnngrj hoiu aeek fhdr pre; ; 
For Ueai'n w*« kind, and Hope had Mt ni I 
That England, Eic 


Jut tmn and hlfUr dl 


sOdd dnpitch tn 

■n MMUBtarthebaltl*, boRhlaM 
dTcd hli vonnd (orrathtr nw* thu 
dM April lath, ie». Hlid< 

ut-GcDcnl sir 

» BrttUb uoaj 

tcia ■ •bort tlmt 

UciiUn or tlHaelh . 

cnnmttd. to Uw In d n n d report 

Hope, who (DcnedMl lo th« eommaod of 
uif to whoH atillllt uul Hvttaai, tn the d 

apt la Uw poflLUon th«7 occajiied 
il abdut twD o'clock In Ihe afUit^ 

iprllcd me u qnll the 

r Lardihip far the per- 
il loDi ud otatlnaulr 
of Ueuleuant-OHdi] 

■ \::u 


Th( Rt. Hoa. Lord VUconn „— 

llr John Hop* If aUuded u bf DUdlB, In >ii 

' Forjltana KU Wad, and Bm hid Irft sa 

■Ith them, Ibongh U< 

tdidto the dtl* 

r Conuina. Jao. 18, ISDI. 
[h tb< dnln nnUlxKi la 
aitj, I anU mficlr or the 

w actloa which look plu* 
<!th limut. 

Now to thawghniow chiefa oa hlab 

The bero'e ipirit la aacending,— 
That hero who wlih'd thna to die, 

Wah'd In his couutrr'a caoae to &11,— 
WoUt, AbeimmiblB, Ndaon, all 
Who died Oieit BiitaiD'* lighta defanding. 
TbU Eu^Bod, Ik. 

Then In thankagiiing let oa bend, 

That Pnnideoee nnchiaf' d to hear iu ; 
That donbta and fean are at an end ; 
That ibonld the tjrant nntnre here, 
'TwiU prore the end orbia nnear; 
Wb&e wood'iing woridi ahall loTS and (ear w 
That England, &c. 

dlipealtlon, (fell br . . 
— *- -i| anicqulBled ^th (he Ifirpml 

, italnad, were not dlamayed 1 bat 

Iha mart delmnlnad bnnrr not oolr >*P*ll>d en., 
ntleoipt of the enemT to eala gnond, hat ■etaall* 
loTTriblm lo ntlin, BltbDUfli he had brought up fcceh 
iToopi to lupport of thai* otWaalljr cngeced. 

■ Th> Fnrmy Boding hiBiidr fldbd h> cmr attempt 
to fOice the right oT our poallloo, endeavoored h; bbu. 
ben to tarn It. A Jodldoiuandiwll HoKdmorement, 
which waa made bjr UaJor.Oenenit PlgO, with at 

aupport of the rlaht of the armT» by a vlgoruiu atlicli 
denwed Ibli IntinMon. Tha Mi^or-Genenl ha<riDg 
n»h«l forward the Wih (rile mrpi), ud Ih* Drat . 

Um, and In U> rapM and jodldooi adTioce, (hreal- 
«ud Hm left of the enemf i poeldon. Thli rfrmm- ; 
nance, with Ihe poktlao of UnUDUit-0«*ra) Fraacr^ 
dMdea [ealeulaled 10 glTaetlll nirlhir leciiril) to tha , 
T%hta(IbeUn*), hidocHl the enem) to relax bli elKins 

the centre, where thcr w« 

bf Ihe btliad* aaibr lUor-OcBenI Maairiaahua, I 
ftnalnc the riefatof ToardlTlaiaa, and a part o( thai 
oadB Major-Oeiwral Lielth, formliw tha right of the | 
dlrUon nmler mj onlera. DpontheMI,the*iiein---* 

tiling OB the rig 

which, bowenr, In nnai 
Pladlng, howerar, lue cf 

upon Ihe Itft more ._ , 

talnlng powMlon of the Tllleg* (hioiith whkh iha | 
great road to Hadrid paMW, and whldi waa altaaled , 
(n ftoBtoflhat part oflhe line. From Ihl* poet, how- 1 
erer, he wai aoon eipeUid wHh comldarBble kai, l» ■ 
gallaal attack at aomeconpaalca or tlw Ind battalloB I 
orihelMin^ai(iit,BndeTLleBlenaBt<:ido<>elNlcbolla. < 
Belhra flre In the enalnf , wabadnoloBlTancceaeMlT . 
repelled ertrr attack madaapoa the potltlod, bat bed 
gilned gToand lo ilinoal aA polnti, aad occnplnl i 
more fSrward (tr- •■■ ■ -*■ • -' •'■- 

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What Diua tliDM vuhfnl looki and sighs ? 

A Uttle fiirtlieT off, I pray ! 
I cannot beer thoae tell-tale eyas, — 

It b too toon to nam 



Tbe iwalns begin to Ungh and meer; 
Before they 'i )>■« o" think of men. 

They Ud nw mit another year. 
Han patienee till next coming May, 

Nor 111 taj head with love too uon ; 
I win go tnm tbe new.movn hay,-' 

Yon keep yonr Soclu from Kordiinf a 
In village carea I '11 pau the time-- 

Vou need no spiteful rival fear ; 



J6th. for the purpose of tEDbu-katlon; th« pnTlcnii 
amngvmeDU for which had ainuly bKn made by hU 

poition .boul un .[ night. i.'lh"i''dEgr« of ord'e? 
vhlt'b did ihr^i credit. 'I'he yrH-ie oflhc mriMlfrr ihii 

tnxtu SaHnweii In the order prcBcribed. and invched 
to their rniwctlve points of coibarliAIIon la th* lotro 
and ntlKhbaiirhoDd DfCuninnt. Tlitplqutls remained 

wbea Ihty wrie also wUhdnum wHh ilnillmi uiden, 


■ By the nnmnitied enrtloni ol Captains the Hnn. 

! DIcby. CiAleii. aiid'Maelieniie, of (he Hoyal Navyl 

■The brl)|ide -1 MiJor.Gtnenl Bereihird. vUch 

T»r.g<i«rd coold be forced, .nd fh. dlspn.lllnn ol the 


. The •nprrlor nuixl-n 

'Twere shame, while hardly inlta hnd. 

To phiek the ro9e throngh too mnch hail 
Tbe lipen'd vine alcine is good. 

To cool tbe Uiint and please the taste : 
And kire la like the growing' fiow'r. 

Nor alionld be cropp'd tlU in its bloom, 
And like the grape ihould wait its hour, 

For balmy simBliiae yet to come. 

Then totse nia, Damon, tkni no more, — 

Forwben 1 ought, I will be kind : 
Come to me when a twelvemonth's o'er, 

Dniess en that yon change yoor n^d. 
I now mnat go my matea among, — 

Nay, keep me ikot — I can't stay hare : — 
It then yon think me not too yonng, 

I will be yoni's another year, 

tartcKii portion of thf enemy, not less Ihai 

inite people aUo affudtd (he i 

cnmfttanen produced the neeeully of npid and 
hmruslng muchea. which haddlcnldlshed the Dtiinbera, 

the army, NutwithuaadlDg all IhcK dlsadwilign, 
iDd ibi»e more ImnwdletelT auaehwl to a defrnstn 
pojSIion, whkh the ImperloQS necessity of corerlnf 
the htrhonr of Conidnm tot a dme had rendered lodls- 
pensalitc iDBisQine.1faeaatl*eaadnndaDnlednlaar of 
British troops wss never more coniplcnoua. anil must 
hsve exceeded what'cecn your own experienn of that 


Sir John Hope then wsrmly mmni.ndi lb. condnet 
of the ofBcen and troops who had been tsgafeili 

■lies for not being able to prtseol a relnni oflh* 

respect lh> asms' of a* BHiIsS soldier. Uke'ihs 

MUiy period of a life apeal Inhci serrlcet lllia Wolfe, 
111! last momeBls wcie Rllded by the prMpecl of sne* 
m. and cheered by (be aciKainatlau of ektory ; Ilk* 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Tlun on a long diniion aoai— 


'Twill set the nudieni^e in a rati 1 

twmim fcr Uw imrpoK Df deriding th. Ilillu. 

N™ get Into « flat key, 

imiKn of the time, »huie rarloui •lylo were linluud 

And now have done with tbat kef i 

Now ^re >u that once mote, 

You mmt begin pompoao, 

And take It • note lower,— 

Then incline to th' •ffatuoWi 

Tie flutes obllgato, 


The Addles ^iziaito: 




Then to the rabjeet eome again. 


And after tlte motiTo be Bore repeat tbat hum agrin. 

Of ha, and he, 

And la, and ml. 

SotUtfarreliera . 

And rink, and b[«ak. 

Yoa ha, and he. 

And trtD, and shake 1 

, And in, and ml. 

Then you must go low, 

! Andslnk.udbrok, 

That the boms may hare ■ goto; i 


Then on a long, &c, 

jum will ■peedllr bs mlorcd In the Hrrlif of yaut 

«n«n„pn« of which there are Kne thouauHl. on 

b-l-d the >hlp. of war, Several Iran.porU, throogh 

IhM rtinoTOl you from ynar lUUon In Ibe ield, und 

Ihrei. the momeutory reminiinii \nlo fir lelt Jible 

(o baTe ab.ndoned them; two being brought out by 

'" 'jo'h'n"hopb, Lleut..Q*o.- 

■ Tu Uwt-Oen. Sir D^rid Bilrd.' 

A more detallHl narratlT* of the ralTerlDga and 

The (UlUiwlDC are eitncu from tb> dcapatctao or 

herole death of Btr John Moor, baring bean given by 

Col. Napier. In hi. Hi.lory of We Peninsular W«. 

we glre the folloirtnir paiiagei therefrem :— 

1 be lhH.«ht I«t0[«tlu(. 

of the fight .bout the riliage of PIflna. m tlrucli 

on the lelt breaat by . eannon.ahol ; the (hock threw . 

' ■ In Ibe mdnilyof Comnni, Itac enemy hiw pushed 

blm from hia horse with violence , he roM again In ■ , 

apon Uh BrIUih lu gieit (ore*. The emtiarlKlion of 

•llltng potdr., hi. eoonlenuce onch.nged, and hIa : 

tiie ti>:k,'ibe esTnlry, and th* itorei, went on. The 

enemy prepmd fur tUMcH. At three, r. h., nn action 

ened, and he .uffered hlmKlf to be taken to the rnir. , 

Then wai leen the dreadful n.nre of hla hurl: th. 

. bill of Inferior height, and nearer the loim. 

byapleccof itin. Iherlb. the brarl broken and ■ 
tared of fle.h, .nd Ihe muse)» of Me breaat torn inlo ; 

■ Th« eminiy wu drireo b«cV wlih great ■Hughtn- ; 

bnl nry •oriy am [ to add, that the HrlUih, Ibouih 

, the dragging of the .hot. A. the loldlei. placed 

■ Moors rrMlTfd a mortal wound, of which he died at 

him In a blanket, bli .word got enlaagled. Md the 

■■ oSixn 'and m'any'iain hlTeWn kUed'^and wmindrd ; 

biit entered the wound. Captain (now Sir Henry) 

Hiirdlngc. aitoff offiier. iriio wat hear, atleoipted to 

and tbat the ahlp. of war han recelred all tuch of tht 

' i^lla>lll.i I hud talhrril.huuW go ouloi 

Ibe held with n>e :■ and In that m.nner, .n becoming a 

auldler, Moon WM borne trooi the fight. ••• Tba 

Mood Bowed faat, and the urtun nl hi. wound In. 

gnard are tmbarked 1 eoiuielloi, perhapa, al the 
', prmnt moment, of t-o IhouaanJ III hundred n»D, 

mtnd, tiat th«e about him. jud^ng from the reaolu- 

blr .t the town. Ihe boat, ban been ordered to aaandy 

then laid. ■ No 1 1 feel that to be Impoaallile.' Sereral 

bescb. nenr the llght-hon»> , and It \. hoped that the 

rouui, Ihu'he mlg'ht behold the Sel^oT'bat^, aiS 
when the filing inSlcattd the advance of the Brtttih, 

greater part. If not all. will Itill be fmb'riied, the 

ihiM of wai baling dropped out to fadlluie the em. 

■ Tbe embarkation of the troop. ha.dn'g''^c''u^ed^'he 

hearen to proceed. Being brouabl to hla lodging., 
Ihe uirgeoni einmlued hiiw^und; but tbere wai no 

greater p.rt of hut night, it hai not been hi my power 

hope: Ihe pain inciea. d. and be .poke with great 

difficulty. At Inlemd. he allied If (h* Frericn were 

Bintche^) before tbli day « and il It with anllafuUon i 

twalen , and, atldnailng hi. old friend Cul. Anderson, 

■m able to add, that In conKqnence of the good order 

he Bald, ' You know that 1 alwaya wl.hed to die thl. 

way.' Ag.ln be aiked If the enemy were defeated; 
ai.d being told they were, ob«rved, ' f t i. . gre.I aati.. 

1 irf the Sriti.b n.vy, the agtnu. aa well aa th. boat.- 
er*«i, m.ny of whom Be™ for l»0 d.yi willioot food 

Auction to m. to know we have beaten the French.' 

the lait man, and thr ahipl are now In the oiling, pre- 
paratory to 1 leering for England. The groat bodyof 

came' ultated, ' He Inquired after the lafely of hi. 

friend., «.d the offlcei. of hi. .talf, uid h. did not. 

merit had glyen them claim, to promotion. Hia , 




:m bnpdl'd bj mj tbitnne new noridi to tx 
hsQ cbcertaU J kan tb« itimlnlnhlng abate. 

How DoUf a gcnCRRU poblii: vu ktul ; 
Howfrcelr UuTll give to their Uod wiiha MopE, 
A> gsjlT I donbic the C^ of Good Hope. 

Wlien from perOi of danseroua NeptonB ttt (ne, 
Tnde-«liub and moiiHoiii left behind me it sea, 
I make njalu and nabob* la harnunr chime. 
And pj palanqidiia mmh ia regnlar lime ; 
Thnnigh tkeoiihei to which yon ihall then ^re > 

I ihiU doulile with a 

I PoitoDe'a C^e of Good 

When b} dint of m; ero tcheti , my I 
I have chaag'd cnrrent aotei Into i 
Bi^ilngrtill forthatpow'r ■ 

no longer impell'd by a motive to roam ; 
I ihall BtUl to my lining giatefnl belingi giTC 

That thna|h joa I Ant doubled the Cape of Good 

opa Um pcopli or Bn(Und will b« HUiAcd : 1 
DTcoiinlTT will do in* jDitlcr.' The toltlB wu 
«ly eaded, whFQ hVt corpse, wrapprd In m mlUtuy 

el of Corunnii. Thr gam at th> tntmj paid U> 

Nol ■ IDldlrr dllchfeTfKl hk fairawcll ihot 
O'er th« ffrvre whnv oar hero wm barled. 

We butlKl bloi darkiT M dud sT nliht, 
IlLF tDdi wllb oar bayoiKU curflfnc, 

By tllf itrnfgUa^ moDnbam'i mllty Uftat, 
And Ibe laattm dlnly burning. 

But tn ileadfuUir' B*ud an th( h« that wu d«d. 
And wt UCUrlT thougbt of tbe morrow. 

We tliDiitht, u n bollowed lili nimw bwl. 
And .mooUi'd down nil lonilT ptUoir. 

LlfbtlT Iher '11 talk or ibt ap'rit ibai'i gam. 

And o'er hia rnld HhH upbnJd htm.— 
Bat IllUf h> II rack, ir Ibay IM blm aletp on 


Ta jobbefj, nnderwriten, y« tribee rf pen a^ ink, 

WmytalBldtra,dBlatalanIa, _^_ 

■WhoooteA]^«g«y parterre ywirte* and eolfc* 

Vtd my ta W ^ ra, de laia laia U ; 

KattHngnpyoorydkrw-boya, comeUtli^atmy vO* 

Fmpnyer, andl'mabeOa, and I can ihare yoa all, 



Te palb, ye pean, ya lama doefca, and iS ye bd- 
dljng new, Vld my h fad. &t- 

H 'twaa notfbr v* amoa ehea . I don't know bt 
yoB 'd do 1 Vld my h lal, &c 

'Ha fre dat Utei aheearitiei, 'Ua tie d*t ing koot 

Onr frtenti tey lend te monlah, bat tm tey ihun- 
tima bOa. Vid my fit W, Sie. 

If noblemen abonU Ihnt mdeaaa, and all tate 
monlali apent, ^Td my fc ial, &e. 

Uy bewt RskoU, 1 tiaw te pout, and lend for 
(bent per abent; Vidmyhlal,&c 

Or if a Uh you foot enahnn: tat'* ott and OHhy 

Tec by* and meana I'll let yon know, to get tee 
tnu'noi tone. nd my b lal, &e. 

Bnl hair of mt bearr taak waa done, 
Wbrn tbe cloi-k atrock tbr honr for icHiInf ; 

-mat the roe waa ludllenl; flrlot. 
Blnwl; and aad we laid blm down. 
Pram the Beld oThla rame fnab andforyi 

Bnl we left talm alone with hlagloryl 

Aa already Btated,the above la tbe production of the 
Ber. C. Wolfe : U found iu way M tbe ptcaa wllhgol 

redled by a friend tnnllinc lowaida tbi north of In- 
land, who waaai>DachilRiAwlttalt,lba>bB rav****"' 

Siwired In the Wewrv Waraph, with Uu Inltlala of 
> antboi'i name. From Ibal It waa co 

and aobaeonenUj II appeared, with aome confdsrabh 
erron. In the Edinburgh AniHtat F 


'oia. In the £dlnturf*dniiva(mfiiHr.wnieD can- 
ned tbe namtlre that bat kladledttiepaet'ahttlnn 
L, Ibe anblect, and anpplied the malerlafa to hli mbul. 

uld not lalie th* palna 

nuEf Rtrtltcr, iiuii.u n. • 
Ur. W^ aa lo glre blrtb 

'Sir John Uoore bad onen taia, tnai ii ne wvrv 
killed la batUe, he wlahed in be buried where he (til. 
Tbe body waa remand at mldnlfbl to Ibe dladal of 
Coronna. A gran waa dug (Or Sim od the rampart 
there, by a party of the 81b rejimeol, (be lida de- 
camp atlendlag by luma. MocoAn could be prornred, 
and the oOcen of hla ataff wtapped Iba body, drrawd 
aall wu, InamUlUry doakandblankela. Thelnler. 
neat waa haiMaed i Ibr about elabt tn Ibt monilng, 
aome gflt^ waa beani, and the oOiHi ftared tbal If • 

1 read by Ib< chaplain i i 
th earth.' 

Digitized byGOOgIC 


Y« opUimioul je colooela, jre eholntcr'd Adows all, 

Vid mj b lal, &C. 
tolittls hue come fen tout shtoeka b^n to &]|; 

Vid 1117 & lal, &c 
irdarebepoalilbllUU) for you. I'll raise tc tiut, 
But ten jDD most eicuw me if I ghcrre mif«dl te 

flnt. Vid my ta hd, &c 

YepanonsfitkootUTliig*, jecourtlenfltkootplBiCe, 

Via my &.la], &c. 
Adflcel'll klTcyoakrBtiih, ondtiEilciipoiiyourcasc; 

Vid ray fa lal, fix. 
To Uief Moabet and te prophets te churcli will not 

And courtien, aD te forld knowi, an Uttle elah 
dan chews. Vid my fa lal, &c. 

I kive adltea to er'tj tribe but phyne and te law, 

BBttcyonUlt te chnn temtdva, for bill at stgfat 
tey tea*. Vid my fa lal, &c 

Pee, (Kd fee lend te moniah, nm some riik, to 'til 
but ehmall, 

But Uj take 1 


Ulgi. Whit lieait ait thoB, my good riandHard- 

Wolf. 1 am a Wolf, Sir, at your aairice. 
17Ibi. Poor deiil 1 
Woif. Piay, Mend, bow act 

Sim; I am a pmrer devil than than ait ? 
Ulg'. rmamanl 

Waff. WUch thou art vain of. 

Ulyt. Wbyl ti't a matter to complain of? 

TUnk'it thou, vile biped, with thy reaion— 
Or fblly rather — than ahalt not ibnop head. 
Truckle, and bow to me, a cjaadmpcd ? 
Ulfii. But thii is matter tf loggtation. 

What man wait thoo ?— Aiuwor that qnes- 

Wa^. Wbj, Sir, I was a man-deatroyer. 

Ulj/i. Ah] Whatl ageneial! 

tFolf. Nol a lawyer. 

I kept a coach— UtM in a palace — - 

UJgi. What conldrtthon Iter, then, wolf? 

iVo{f. The gallowi. 

Lawyer or .wolf, 1 do not alter— 
But Iiere hanga no impending hatter ; 
For membeia of the wotf eonunnniCy 
Ranrack the fold, Hr, with tmpnnity. 

Ub/t. Suppose, with powcTfortheaeoace,lwtab you 
To become man — 

Woff. m not jota iaaue. 

To consdeDce or remorse a atrancer. 
Here will 1 ^Hage out of danger. 

Br rognerr, 'tis true, 
I opolcnt grew. 
Just like any othei professional sinner : 
An orphan, d'ye see. 
Would just wash down my tea, 
And a poor tHeadleaa widow would senc 1 

i was, to be sore, 

Of the helpless and poor 
A guardian (^palntBl, to manage the pelf; 

And I maoag'd it well — 

'BaChow?'— say you; ' tdl.' 
Why, I let them aD stanre, to take can of n 

mtb these tricks I went in, 

Till, 'lUtb, Sir, anoD, 
A parcel of stnidd, mean-spirited aODls, 

As they narrowly walch'd me, 

800a at m) tricks coteh'd me. 

erthcooab. . 

In tlie pUI'ty— that fote I 

For rogoea, soon or late — | 
I stood, (br the sport of a dissolute mob ; 

Till my neck Mailer Ketch I 

Was so eager to streteb, ] 

lliat I gave tke thing up as a dongcroos juli. 1 

Now a wolf, from their dams i 

1 steal plenty of lambs, 
Pomper'd high and well fed—an insaUable glutton ; > 

In much the sanu spbcrc, 

ftlake and break laws at pleasure, an 
Then linee, for thdr sport. 
No one here mores the court, 

Nor am 1 amenable to an employer, 
I sball ever prefer. 


X divine thon sure mnst be, 
nothing caitMy equals tbee I 
eoTcn'i sake, O favour me, 
□ only lives to lore Ihec I 
lods one thing pecoliar have, 
n none whom they can save : 
their takes suppoit a slave, 
a only lives to love thee ! 
nit I 00 claim can make, 
lat I love, and Ibr tby soke ; 
man can name I'll undertake, 
Irarly do I Inve tbce ! 

kin mj 01 



My psadon, eonitant u the son, 
Flumes Htnmger stiU, will dc^bt 1i&v« done 
TUl F>ta m; thread of liA have apiui. 

With bnathing out I'll love thee. 
Like beea, that mck the momiBg dew 
Fram flow'n of sweetest scent or hoe, 
Sae wad I dwell upo' the num', 

And gan the Oods mry me. 
S» lODgs I had the use of light, 
I'd cm ttij beauties feast my right, 
' S jne in soft wUspers waste the ni^it, 

I'd tdl bOTT much I loi'd thee. 
lime's on the wing, nad will not stay, — 
In sUi^ youth let's make our hay 1 
Since lore admits of nae delay, 

O let oaa scorsuido thee; 
While Lore does at thy sltsi stand, 
Hae there's my heart, gie me thy band ; 
And with ilk smile thou ihilt eomDwnd 

The will of hlro who loves thee. 


Vi nymphs aadye shepherds, attend my complaint ; 
Sohaidlsmy lot,ltwonldTeIc'eaa>^nt:— 
'The ^A I adore Is as handsome aa Slay, 
Gaod-aani'd, and witty, and easy all day 1 - 
But with my own wishes I ttti to comply. 
For, alas I the deal cmtnre has got bnt one eye 1 
er fbrdiead is seldom disgms'd by a frown, 
nd her cheeks are more blooming than ever was 

mocedditate (brmyontl ne'er see in the street; 

is's charming to fcdlow ; — but, ah me 1 to meet I 
Then each soft Intcatloa must wither and die, 
For the dear lovely ereatare has got bat one eye ! 
Bat itml most gin the dear ereatuie her dae : 
With one eye she can see more than many with two 1 
« aitd so bright, and so langniihing sweet, 
That she seeogi with one eye most divinely com- 

Yet, hang it 1 ye only i 

And to ask your i 

I'lle'en pkase myself, rinee my passion's so high. 

And mairy the lass, though ahe has bnt one eye I 

Shodld old aeqnaintanee be (brgot, 

Though they return with tears? 
These are the noble hero'* lot, 

Obtaln'd in glorious wars. 

Welcome, my Varro, to my bnoet 1 

Thy arms aboat me twine ; 
And make me once again as blesi'd 

As I was aold lang syne. 

Uethinks around us, on eaeh bough, 

A thonsand Ct^tids play ; 
Whilst through the groves I walk with you, 

Each object makes me gay. 
Hnce yoa return, the sua and moon 

Vith brighter glory shine ; 
Streams murmur soft notes while they nm. 

As they did auld Jang syne. 

Despise the court and din of state ; 

Let that to their share fall 
Wbo can esteem Biich slav'iy gnat, 

WhUc boonded like a balL 
Bat sunk in love upon my arms. 

Let yonr brave bead recline \ 
We'll please onrselves with nntoal charms. 

As we did auld lang syne. 

The hero, pkaa'd with tbe sweet aii 

And signs of gen'nms love 
Which had been uttec'd by the fidr, 

Bow'd to the pow'rs above. 
With ^ad consent and haste, next day 

They knelt before the shrine ; 
And now the bonrs pass smooth away. 

Th*t all the worid are up In arms. 
And talk of naught but CcUb's charma ; 
That crowds of lovers, near and &r. 
Come all to see this blazing star, 

Is true — who has not heard on't ? 
But that she all at distance keeps, 
And that her virtue never sleeps — 

I don't believe a word on't ! 

That tbr one krver had ahe ten, — 
Jn short, did she from all the moi 
Her homage due each day recdve, 
She has good sense, and, I believe. 

Would never grow sbsnrd on't ; 
But for kM dalliance she'd ref^ise 
Some fhvourita fhnn flie crowd to diDOse — 

1 don'l believe a word on't ! 

That In the &ce of stsndera by 
She's modeffy itself, 's no lie : 
That then were men rnde things to any 
'TwouJd anger her— O, I would lay 

A bottle and a bird on't; 
But to her bedchamber, d'ye see, 
lliat Betty has no private key— 

I don't believe a word on't I 




CPtrlupi tfw evrnti Iq modrrn tlmn btn CKrilrd 

Ugulon wUEb took bim In Pclmuir. IW*. In wblcli 
CoL Wudla ind Hn. CUrki wm inch prouLanil 
chiruUn,— <b« Bnl u Iht actutr of Ui< 111* Dnlit 
af Tork, ud tta> nUur u Um piiDdpil iillncH igilDil 
him. «• • nH ••n^mlon hu Ipnint op tlnr* lli« 
ft f^ pullcdan nlH 

B Lloyd 


&f tilt Cornbh bdnugfa* i 

>cRini Act. TboSfh comniDiiij uicu '..uun.'-i nu- 
dli, bt held no rank to lh> TtfoUr txmj • it bul bHn, 
La tb* but of oar fKollccUon, the colonfl ol on of tbt 
rQlontHr CDTH of put dayv. Hn. CLattc dtfccndtd 
pyomparcnLi In K vcTT hmnbk nallon La Uft: abfiru 
th* dauf bier or a Jounwraua prlnrvr {■ conpoallcT) of 

cootlaue loLtrc tonthfr; ^^ oonHqunc 
nj, of bli 111 nugr of Ixr. Un. CLvIn vi 
r ■ HTT UniT dlapnltlDD, lod ponCHcd mi 

Hh* (Fuluill; obuli 
le mLiia of the ro]^ dc 

to thdr lepkntlon. GaL Wudl*, paDdag for pupiu 
tullT, ind IWTlDi bwd lOnM naosti of pmnaClou 
bavlnff been lupnptrlf contend, acUcd wltb atldltf 
Ibc opponanltT wlucb wo* pov pnunicd of grmiitf- 
ln| bit Ihint, ud look ererr meam of IngrHlular 
blDiflf with Mn. ClBkc, •■ Iba uhi cffeetaal mcini 
oricconpllihiDc bli object Be tbrrefiir* inillBited 
prnMedlngi In Ihe Rbow of ConinioH (galnat the 

rram the coDmiid o* the omiTi Hn. Clukr appeu- 

bur nBDHn, iHi gMt ■elfvpoMinrioii, aad the ability 
mhedliplmrrd la aoawerlaf ue qpollDTii put ic her by 

that a irrj lerfe mijorllv of 


bl (0 Hciil 1> tl 

nkleof Julr*,180»;— •■jCcourtofQoaen'aMeocbTea- 
tecdaT eihlUled the enraor^DarT ipecude of Mr. 
WenUeendFeTosrlni tadlHredll Un. Clark*, ud Sir 
Vlcary Olbbe dettadrDi ber. Ttaln xmc w« dliplayed 
apoa Ibe trial afu leUon aniist kfr. Waidlc, bmnibt 

by Mr. Wrliht, an nobolatcre- ■ ■-- — — — 

furnliin*. (Or the ladji't honi 

M bar or tbe H°utc ol 
rli'a cue. and Mr. Wu 

nilit Id BtibllihlDg bit cbarii agalnit the Ooke of 
tare of thit strufe l*d^ home. In Waalbanma Place. 

mllg. I™ In the Ho™rof ' 

1 did errTTIblng la hli poi 

nlldue Mr*. CUrkc-i tcMliDDoy. Soch wtr 

It hublu of Ihll f.mfd iKly. [hM, not 

id that be then did ei 

re gardpo waa carpeted all 

M» d«r Milter Wsrfle, what U It jon'rt afler ? 

layonraaitiaEai joaars cao^ht oat, after nil I 

Daa't JOB know th&t the folki art all iptStUnK with 

Aod eniiely piDnanDet thl> lut blow }oiu- dawn- 
After nylDg. so grave, jon'i no eommnaleatlon 
WIUi the fun'd Misbeu Clwke, but tlie good of 

Yon aloae had in Tie«, yoa lUll kept io the dark 
That jaa fomiih'.d a houief or tbii Harj ADnClorkc. 
WhT, what d'ye expect that your Mand* will »ay ? 
— Fsith! man, 
Yon have got theoi In acrapa that they'll never 
TbcT all miut ilng email— Harrey Combe and 
great Weithman, 
Cobbett, Whitbread, and Tooke, and Sir Fran- 

Wben they spoke and made ipeechee, and common 

They all mnat hive known of the homa yon had 

Yon could not have kept inch kind f riendi In tbedark, 
• Mn. aarke had thoaeo mmt Tnrkey carpM", H>» 
palWraa of which wen lilue and while i but Colootl 
ff^^ile obt«l*d lotb*n.M ^' ,r«"T ?"/"•« •";- 
let and brume. Thoogb thli did notialiun. uatara 



Yob miut gi*e back thdr freedonu, each box and 

They mart maaj thdr thankj, and vitbdnv all 

And amfeu, wUli the warld, that you're bIriT 

dons vp. 
At>lltbeirtowii-halI>,attlieirdtDiicra indmcetingi, 
N^U and groaiu miut go round, 'itead erf touti 

and of giectiDga — 
Tlidr only aeaae, ' TIwt wen kqit in the darii 
That fou'd (hrniih'd a houie for aveet iltrj Ann 

Then u for nnnge, and your threatlag of peijiU7, 

All bodder and game I ariab, let it aJone ; 
'Stead of prating 'boot ointdence of thii tamoiu 

Mjdear Utiter Wardtel take care of your own. 
To begin to eonelnde, then: all young wary, 
Leat yon'n brought to aad ihaoie by aome in- 

fUnona Maryj 
And,'boTeall,Dever kHpyunrUnd friendi in thu dark. 
Not fnmlili a bouse (or aome Uary Ann ClarkB. 

Wirrnii n>B Tua D ■>■■«■. 

[Uaq^tr*! kaLldpg aod iplDBLna at a cottag* dtwr, 
BlmplflD and Bthar VllUpn catirwTlfa bukfUorfroU.] 
Sin. I can't for ny li/a guentbe cuue of thisfnaa : 

Why, thcre'a [dpen and fiddlen; while Robin and 

And Oodpole and Roger, and ten more of ui, 
Hare poll'd aa much froit aa -we're able to carry. 

JV ST.— Why, nnmskall t tb«t'anotldng;herlady- 
ahip's wtae, 
All orer the lOlnge, rana jnat Bke « fbontaln ; 

And Ibeard the folks say , er'ry diah,when they dine, 
WiU be ewhnmlng wtth Claret, Madeira, and 

Would certainly braed in the viUagc a famine. 
Chunu, — What the meaning can be 

We ahall preaently aee, 
For yonder'a old Huaaet, who certainly knowij 
But be what it will, 
Onr wiah aholl be, itill, 
ly and health to the IhieheaagWheieTer ibe goca I 
■((.•befiTi myi Bbtntiag, Itaat » Coloail Wardic 



»s>^( by Mr. Wrigbl. 

BmrLiciTT 1 blcai'd Natore'a ehlld I 

In numbera awcetly atrong. 
That warblest tonea ao true, yet wild. 

With all the pow'ra of song ; 

Thy datera by thy aide. 
Gay fancy, pkeasnre, native truth. 

Each thy unerring guide t 
Self-taught, yet Tera'd in er'ry art 

That to petftetion leada. 
When edenee Alls to win the hea^^ 

Simplidty aocceedi. 
Come, then, and prove thy Tyrian star ; 

That, when from tmth astray, 
Tby ehetring raya may baam Bfiu, 

To b^t ue on the way 1 

Lit thoa* who wnuld wiah to hear rewon. 

Attend to the Icaaon I give i — 
As to-day ia ibc plcaaute the aeaaoa, 

O adxe the dear momenta, and Ura. 
'Tia a pnrvErh we all mnst remember, — 

' While the ann ahinea, be anre to make hay ; 
Wbieh remlnda na, from June to December, 

That we ought to make moch of to-day. 
Away, tha, with care and with aomnr. 

And with all which may bordeo the mind : 
He who mirth can put off till to-momw 

Loaea tJtat which be wlslies to And. 
The present for mirth la the hour, 

The preaent's the time to be gay ;^- 
With haale let aa take, then, theflow'r 

WUch can ooly be gatber'd to-day. 
Our condition ai quickly may vary 

Aa the tide, or the whid, or ttu-moon ; 
Our schemes and our projecta miacarry ; — 

Nay, e'en Death may o'ertake us as loOD. 
Then since life is no more than a bubble, 

Eiijoy all its fifts while you may ; 
To-morrow mny enter with trouble, — 

O at leaat be aecure of to-day I 
We muat own that all human refleetfoa 

la shallow, and so out of date ; 
To my counsel, then, make no otgection. 

But leave afl the future to Fate : 
How absurd must be thdr disposlUou 

Who seek fame which may never decay ; 
Bnt ) own I have no audi amtriHon, — 

'TIs entragh, If I pleaae yon to-d»T I 

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Repeat Itt Sym. 

Wbea monotaiiu bigb tha warci that swell Wben tbtcs 'gainat rtKlu uid qnkknads nwr, 

Tw vcik] rndel]' btw. You ne'er hear him repine j 

Now inking in a kiillow dell, Freezing near Greenlind's icy (bare, 

Now qaiT'ring in the ^— Or bunung near the line<-* 

Bold Jieic, &t. Bold Jack, &c 

If to engage tfaef gitt tbe nord. 

To quarter* all repair. 
While ipllnler'd maits go by tbe board. 

And sbot* liog thiou^hjbe nlr— 

Bold Jack, be. 

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Id hap - leu hour mrc doom'd to put. 

^ftr^ \ iU U- ^ ^ 



A tTMeb'roa* Meafi, wko canld oat bro 

That k>r which nil Ion Impirti, 
In ctU binur advutagc took 

To Hiw dtHodoB in thdr heuti ;~ 
£D|lDe* noplOT'd, kept apia In ptT, 

CoDJcctQn* rab'd, ud falichooib to 
To proie that each had eii'D t.inj, 

To riTal* hue, the bn&ea Kold. 
At laat. whcD fcan elapi'd, they met, 

Hoih'd ey'ry tear, dead all alRnna; 
Baniab'd each larro* and regret. 

The; nuh'd iota each othet'a arai* 
While to the foad ainbraee they flev, 

Which loie ut uniliag to behold, 
In token th(t their hsarti were trtie, 

They (ondlji joio'd the broken gold 

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[Tel. I. Page 169] 




la Uka « tron • bkd ■«>, Wlien, halm «.wn.UMr or t-Iea, Wbere, 

iui ivn ^^^ ^ii^M-!^- 







but Loia oD bowd, Oai hurt* *1U> plea.nin ator'd, Our 


m^=f^3^^^=^ iEid^^m 



lilt.. 1* like ■ tran - bled «>, Wb«i*, belm a-wu.Uut or B-Ice, When, 

if'iiii i ru ^^ ^HHg^?^ 



dtJTw, df ct' - IT roek in ttai, ot «t' - ry rode in 


tea-— ^ K i .-— 

■tea-di-ljr; Bnt, Jntt u For - tnne't wind ma; blav, 'nx 








V^ 313191 anil most pipulnr of l!)e iVUIoOits, 









By tlie completion of this volume, the comprehensive Edition of tiie Songs 
of Charles Dibdin first published in 18^ under the PBtronage of His Royal 
Highness Prince Albert, is republished, with the important addition of the 
Music of 60 Songs, with Piano-Forte Accompaniments, — thus extending 
the Songs ^von with the Music to 185 ; and an improved arrangement has 
been adopted, by which the Music of each Song is placed as near to the 
Entertainment for which it was written, as circumstances have permitted. 

From its first appearance, independentiy of its being the only collection 
of Dibdin's Songs having any just pretensions to completeness, thiR work 
contained the Music of a greater number of them than any Music Publisher 
had previously thought it prudent or necessary to issue. With the numerous 
additions now made to this departmentj it is trusted that the admirers of 
Dibdin will find every thing in these volumes that they can consider of im- 
portance ; although, as Dibdin composed Music to everySoog which he wrote, 
there is much of his Music extant which might have been introduced, had 
it been considered desirable further to extend the work. Therefore, some 
Songs, ^ich were scarcely attractive enough to justify their republication 
at the present day, with Pianoforte Accompaniments, have been transferred 
to the pages of " Davidson's Universal Melodist;" a work got up as a Com* 
panion to this, and printed and bound in all respects uniformly with it; and 
that Subscribers to the two works may not have anything in duplicate, tlie 
Songs of Charles Dibdin which have been given in the one have not been 
allowed to appear in the other. 

The Publisher has been fortunate enough to possess himself of the 
Manuscripts of some Songs of Charles Dibdin which have never been 
published, either in his own time or since; and these, with a few of his 
choice humorous effusions, wilt appear, from time to time, in "The Mu- 
sicfd Treasury." 

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pi=^-i n f^^^ ^^ip 

|g4 = ^ aj=g.:^:ig=^Efes^g -^ 


Wb>t If tha ul - lor bold - I7 bom, To dia 




bavnd — BreTCi viadi Iron c*'. rj IK>int that blom Tbo i* - ry-ing 




Thtu, «t'i7 daager Ute eadiirea, 

M>j to o'erwhalia him come, — 
Tronbb at ■«■ odIt innim 

Plcuarc Oat nits at home : 
BibraTH theitocm, that calm to prore 

Propitiooi Fortaoc undi g 
Aa the media trac to and Ua Ioti, 

Hi* countTTi and hit (rieadf. 





fcS3^= g|pi^^^ #»E^§i§^ 

I up la port, And not oatword bonnd, In my ap-pervorkithere'aiio-ttdng 




B)l ■ lug; Mf nid.i 

■pui mr« both »fe tad loimd. And, if 



■^i :i d: :i 



eaU'd OD, I'm rea'd; toi Mil-lsg. I un d Mnit-Ir ■lor'd vithtta 

nu - cj ; Aad what'a moic, !>■ a tNutli la thi bnrt of mf Tift, — And what'i 



-rj e 


more, I'Tca twrtii Id tbc haut of mf vife,— M; lon.lri mr Tk-ln-B-bto 

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I wbU know tbtt waerlls ind nti pUy me pnnks, 

At mjr coit who an eating uiil drlnkliiig ; 
Thii nibble* mr bUcoit, tLat gum at my ^aslu, 

Ajid would fly off at once wsre 1 ilakiag ; 
Lord help the poor thlsgi 1 — tbey can't hurt my good ni 

Let them pUeh, then, away to thdrbncyi 
Tbey may pUfer my moaey, may liyare ny tame. 

But they WTCr can rob me of Nann. 

At weU may the French Uck agalnit Dorei rock, 

That keepe er'iy threat at a dlitonce i 
All lolly 1 pity, at ilandai I mock. 

And when I am boarded by grin Captain Deatb, 

No KIIT01I ihall tniDbls my hney ; 
III itrikc like a man, and yield np my lost breath. 

Id a pnyer tor the health of my Nancy. 

on, l>, Peter-i HIU, Docton 

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